256 ‘The Office’ Trivia Questions to Make You a Total Know-It-All

Let us assume you’ve been watching the prime-time show, The Office trivia questions can be amusing to watch and help fix. The Office was one of the most well-known television shows.

The Office series aired 201 episodes throughout nine seasons. If you have not already, start watching it right now. In the meantime, check out our The Office trivia quiz to aid you in better comprehending the story.

These questions are going to be very helpful if you are sitting in gatherings and you need to get some quick details on your tips. All you need to is go through these questions and you will be well-versed!

Here’s a list of The Office trivia questions so you can know it all and also to help you convince other show audiences you come across. We bet you will find these questions very interesting as we have covered almost every category of questions in this article!

Random The Office Trivia Questions

The following The Office trivia questions and answers focus on the main characters of the series. It also consisted of questions related to how the company was and how things were going.

1. What is the worst thing about prison, according to Prison Mike?

Answer: The Dementors.

2. Who was the first person to be cast?

Answer: B.J. Novak.

3. How many episodes in total are there?

Answer: 201.

4. What does Pam steal in the first season?

Answer: Post-It notes.

5. What’s the name of the actor who plays Jim Halpert?

Answer: John Krasinski.

6. What date did the pilot episode air?

Answer: March 24th, 2005.

7. Which Grammy nominee played Andy’s brother Walter?

Answer: Josh Groban.

8. What’s Pam’s favorite flavor of yogurt?

Answer: Mixed berry.

9. Who adapted the show for the United States?

Answer: Greg Daniels.

10. What season did Steve Carell leave The Office?

Answer: 7th season.

11. During most of the third season, which actor had to wear a wig because they had to cut their hair for the movie Leatherheads?

Answer: John Krasinski.

12. What did Kevin buy for his secret Santa?

Answer: A footbath.

13. What’s the name of the second episode of the first season?

Answer: “Diversity Day”.

14. Who dates Pam’s mother?

Answer: Michael.

15. The character of Robert California is portrayed by which actor?

Answer: James Spader.

16. How does Stanley take his iced tea?

Answer: Three sugars and five creams.

17. What season is Andry first introduced in?

Answer: 3rd season.

18. What was the name of Pam’s first fiance?

Answer: Roy Anderson.

19. Where does Jim propose to Pam?

Answer: A gas station.

20. What’s the name of the company The Office employees work for?

Answer: Dunder Mifflin.

21. What is Kelly’s middle name?

Answer: Rajnigandha.

22. Who won “Hottest in the Office” at Michael’s last Dundies?

Answer: Danny Cordray.

23. Where does Jim tell Pam about his feelings?

Answer: The office parking lot.

24. What’s the name of the episode where Michael Scott accidentally burns his foot on the George Foreman Grill?

Answer: “The Injury”.

25. “The Office” is based on a British series starring which comedian?

Answer: Ricky Gervais.

26. How many year’s salary does Michael spend on his engagement ring for Holly?

Answer: Three.

27. Based on where he eats most often, what is Michael Scott’s favourite restaurant?

Answer: Chili’s.

28. NBC passed a pilot for a spin-off called “The Farm.” Who was it about?

Answer: Dwight Schrute.

29. Which of Angela’s cats does Dwight freeze?

Answer: Sprinkles.

30. What song does Michael dance down the aisle to during Pam and Jim’s wedding?

Answer: Forever by Chris Brown.

31. Pam convinces which coworker that he’s being recruited by the CIA?

Answer: Dwight.

32. Who are the 3 main members of the Party Planning Committee?

Answer: Pam, Angela, and Phylis.

General The Office Trivia Questions

The Office trivia with answers can propel you to the next level because it increases everyone’s motivation and dedication to their work. If you’re a prick at work, you should try it.

1. Who runs the warehouse?

Answer: Darryl.

2. What’s the name of the episode where Angela Kinsy kicked Karen out of the Party Planning Committee?

Answer: “A Benihana Christmas”.

3. What present does Michael give Ryan, which makes everyone feel awkward and embarrassed for pretty much everything during the episode “Christmas Party”?

Answer: A $400 iPod (with the price tag still attached, though).

4. In the episode “Gossip”, which character questions their sexuality?

Answer: Andy Bernard.

5. Throughout all seasons, how many parties were there?

Answer: 17 Dunder Mifflin birthday parties.

6. What was unique about this sitcom’s auditioning process?

Answer: The actors didn’t read scripts – instead, they were interviewed while playing the characters they auditioned for.

7. Why does Andy call Jim “Big Tuna”?

Answer: He saw Jim eating a tuna fish sandwich on his first day at the new branch.

8. In the season 3 finale, Andy Bernad called Jim ______ instead of Big Tuna.

Answer: Big Haircut.

9. What username does Michael pick for an online dating service in the episode “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”?

Answer: Little Kid Lover.

10. Who played Jim’s love interest during his Stamford transfer days?

Answer: Rashida Jones.

11. What does Dwight always keep an extra set of in his car for special occasions?

Answer: Birkenstocks.

12. Michael and Dwight tried to steal clients from which local competing business?

Answer: Prince Family Paper.

13. What’s the episode when Andy finds out his girlfriend is in high school?

Answer: “Product Recall”.

14. In the episode “Golden Ticket” who does Michael blame the ensuing discounts on?

Answer: Dwight.

15. Which character started as “the temp”?

Answer: Ryan.

16. What’s the company’s annual award ceremony called?

Answer: The Dundies.

17. Who does Michael hit with a car?

Answer: Meredith.

18. When is Michael’s birthday?

Answer: March 15.

19. At Jim and Pam’s wedding in the “Niagara” episode, what was Kevin wearing on his feet?

Answer: Tissue.

20. What is the name of Pam, Oscar and Toby’s club?

Answer: The Finer Things Club.

21. What is the name of the unseen serial criminal in Scranton?

Answer: The Scranton Strangler.

22. Who does Michael wear on his head during diversity day?

Answer: Martin Luther King, Jr.

23. What is the number one rated Country and Western station in Scranton, Pennsylvania?

Answer: Froggy 101.

24. Which character does tons of crosswords during the many meetings?

Answer: Stanley Hudson.

25. What is Creed’s 2011 New Year’s resolution?

Answer: To do one perfect cartwheel.

26. Dwight’s grandparents left him a large collection of what?

Answer: Armoires.

27. In the episode “The Client”, the employees were reading Michael’s movie script. Which employee read the part of Golden-face?

Answer: Oscar.

28. John Krasinski, Mindy Kaling, and who else were all, at one point, interns at Late Night With Conan O’Brien?

Answer: Angela Kinsey.

29. What color does Dwight paint Michael’s office when he thinks he’s taking over?

Answer: Black.

30. Who did the casting team originally want to audition for the role of Dwight?

Answer: John Krasinski.

Fun The Office Trivia Questions

In addition to providing entertainment, The Office fun trivia can be resourceful and productive as well. You can learn about the most light-hearted events that took place throughout nine seasons.

1. What does Kevin wear on his feet to Jim and Pam’s wedding?

Answer: Tissue boxes.

2. Finish Dwight’s security code: “The tea in Nepal is very hot…”

Answer: But the coffee in Peru is much hotter.

3. Who did Kevin get for his secret Santa?

Answer: Himself.

4. Pam and Jim’s first kiss took place where?

Answer: Chili’s.

5. In the absence of ice cream, what does Michael eat?

Answer: Mayo and black olives.

6. Who came up with Suck It?

Answer: David Wallace.

7. What food is Kevin forced to eat?

Answer: Broccoli.

8. What is the title of Michael’s movie?

Answer: Threat Level Midnight.

9. What nickname does Andy give Jim?

Answer: Big Tuna.

10. According to Michael, what was Phyllis’ nickname in high school?

Answer: Easy Rider.

11. What cause does Michael use for the fun run?

Answer: Rabies.

12. Who calls Jim by the nicknames “Tuna” or “Big Tuna”?

Answer: Andy.

13. Ryan’s son Drake Howard is allergic to what fruit?

Answer: Strawberries.

14. While playing who would you do in the office, Michael says he’d have s#x with which coworker?

Answer: Ryan.

15. What is the name of Dwight’s porcupine?

Answer: Henrietta.

16. What is Michael’s real order at Hooters?

Answer: A gourmet hot dog.

17. What does Stanley give to Phyllis when he returns from retirement?

Answer: A wood carving of a bird that looks like her.

18. What kind of sandwich does Michael have a dream about when he’s the head of Michael Scott Paper Company?

Answer: Peanut butter and tuna fish.

19. What does Michael pretend to fire Pam over in season one?

Answer: Stealing Post-It notes.

20. Why is Michael afraid to move to Colorado?

Answer: The television channels will be in the wrong order.

21. What breakfast does Michael make on the first day of the Michael Scott Paper Company?

Answer: French toast (a ton of it).

22. What does Dwight say is the scariest animal?

Answer: Box Jellyfish.

23. Who bought Michael’s “World’s Best Boss” mug?

Answer: Michael.

24. What item of clothing does Michael always have dry cleaned?

Answer: His jeans.

Easy The Office Trivia Questions

The easy The Office quiz begins to feel, the better you understand the show. Try answering our few questions in this category to see where you stand on watching the show.

1. The casting team initially wanted John Krasinski to audition for which role in The Office?

Answer: Dwight Schrute.

2. Who stole all of Michael’s blue jeans when he was a kid?

Answer: His family’s foreign exchange student.

3. The actress Angela Kinsey plays which character in the show?

Answer: Angela Martin.

4. What’s in Michael’s thermos during morning deliveries for Michael Scott Paper Company?

Answer: Milk and sugar.

5. What does Stanley typically do during meetings?

Answer: Crossword puzzles.

6. How many brothers does Jim Halpert have?

Answer: Two.

7. Mindy Kaling, who played Kelly Kapoor in the sitcom, also served as a writer, director, and _______ on the show.

Answer: An executive producer.

8. How does Michael burn his foot?

Answer: On a George Foreman Grill.

9. Who does Stanley’s daughter flirt with on, Take Your Daughter To Work Day?

Answer: Ryan.

10. What’s the name of the podcast Fischer and Kinsey launched in real life?

Answer: Office Ladies.

11. What was the name of Stanley Hudson’s mistress?

Answer: Cynthia.

12. What is the name of Kevin, Kelly, Erin and Meredith’s trivia team?

Answer: The Einsteins.

13. Kelly gave out what as party favors at her America’s Got Talent finale party?

Answer: Coffee mugs.

14. What season did Michael leave The Office?

Answer: Season 7.

15. Carol, one of Michael Scott’s girlfriends, is his wife in real life. What’s her real name?

Answer: Nancy Carell.

16. How much does Bob Vance bid on a hug from his wife Phyllis?

Answer: $1,000.

17. What is Erin Hannon’s real name?

Answer: Kelly.

18. Dwight brought who as his date to Michael and Jan’s dinner party?

Answer: His former babysitter.

19. What colour does Angela find “whore-ish?”

Answer: Green.

20. Schrute boys must learn how many rules before the age of 5?

Answer: 40.

21. What is the secret symbol Dwight and Michael use?

Answer: Licking their lips.

22. What kind of car does Dwight drive?

Answer: A Trans Am.

23. When are we introduced to temp Office member Ryan Howard?

Answer: Pilot episode, 1.

24. Who is Henrietta?

Answer: Dwight’s porcupine.

25. Who described a wine as having an “oaky afterbirth?”

Answer: Michael.

26. When do we meet David Wallasey?

Answer: Season 2, Episode 16.

27. Who tells Michael, “Nobody likes that stuff but you,” and what are they talking about?

Answer: Stanley and white chocolate bark.

28. How many nominations has the show received for a Primetime Emmy Award?

Answer: 42.

29. In what season does Jim finally propose to Pam?

Answer: 5; this was apparently the most expensive scene ever filmed for the show.

30. Angela Kingsley, AKA Angela Martin, was turned down for what Office role due to coming across as ‘too feisty’?

Answer: Pam Beesley.

Hard The Office Trivia Questions

If you’ve been watching the show regularly, you won’t have any trouble with The Office hard trivia questions. Consider yourself a true fan if you can answer the questions below.

1. Who does Angela name her son after?

Answer: Her cat.

2. How long were Roy and Pam engaged?

Answer: 2 years.

3. What does Angela use instead of a rape whistle?

Answer: A “rape flute.”

4. What is the name of the security guard?

Answer: Hank.

5. Which three co-workers blow off the “fun run” to go out to eat?

Answer: Oscar, Stanley, and Creed.

6. What name did Pam and Angela fight over for their babies?

Answer: Phillip.

7. Who does Michael buy drugs from to frame Toby?

Answer: Vance Refrigeration delivery men.

8. Which one of Angela’s cats does Dwight kill by accident?

Answer: Sprinkles.

9. What was Plop’s actual name?

Answer: Pete.

10. Whose car is hit with a watermelon?

Answer: Stanley.

11. Michael likes waking up to the smell of what in the morning?

Answer: Bacon.

12. Who did Michael end up taking to Jamaica?

Answer: Jan.

13. Where does Kelly find out she’ll be moving after getting engaged to a doctor?

Answer: Ohio.

14. How long was Andy carrying an engagement ring in his wallet before proposing to Angela?

Answer: 6 Years.

15. Ryan caused the fire at the office warming up what?

Answer: A cheese pita.

16. Who defeats Kevin in poker in the episode “Casino Night”?

Answer: Phyllis.

17. What was the name of Andy’s a cappella group at Cornell?

Answer: Here Comes Treble.

18. What is the name of Kevin Malone’s band?

Answer: Scrantonicity.

19. Meredith has a Ph.D. in what?

Answer: School Psychology.

20. Jim bought Pam’s engagement ring how long after they started dating?

Answer: One week.

21. Who came in first place in the Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure?

Answer: Toby Flenderson.

22. Since Michael can’t pay for his tots’ college education, what does he offer them instead?

Answer: Lithium batteries.

23. What is Dwight’s all-time favorite movie?

Answer: The Crow.

24. Who was the regional manager of the Stamford branch?

Answer: Josh Porter.

25. What was the name of Michael’s former boss who was decapitated?

Answer: Ed Truck.

26. What county in Pennsylvania is Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch located?

Answer: Lackawanna County.

27. What contract did Angela and Dwight sign?

Answer: A contract to have a baby together.

28. What brand of women’s suit does Michael accidentally wear?

Answer: MISSterious.

29. During his embarrassing Dundie award presentation, who is Michael Scott presenting a Dundie award to when he sings along to “You Sexy Thing” by ’70s British funk band Hot Chocolate?

Answer: Ryan.

Hardest The Office Trivia Questions

Our hardest The Office quiz contains numerous perplexing questions. You can try to solve it with your friends, or even better, your fellow employees, to simulate an actual workplace environment.

1. What tattoo does Andy get after losing a bet?

Answer: A nard dog.

2. What role did Rainn Wilson originally audition for instead of Dwight Schrute?

Answer: Michael Scott.

3. What’s the name of the company that buys Dunder Mifflin?

Answer: Sabre.

4. What is the last name of the person responsible for Diversity Day training?

Answer: Brown.

5. What movie is everyone watching when Jan walks into the office?

Answer: Varsity Blues.

6. Where does Jim hide Dwight’s stapler?

Answer: In a mold of Jell-O.

7. Which restaurant was Pam banned from?

Answer: Chili’s.

8. Michael claims to be part Native American; how much Indian?

Answer: 2/15.

9. Which character received the “Don’t go in there after me” Dundie?

Answer: Kevin

10. What is Michael’s favorite flavor of cake?

Answer: Mint chocolate chip.

11. How many people get their arms cut in the baler per year?

Answer: 10.

12. Who is Michael Scott’s favorite actress?

Answer: Meryl Streep.

13. How much does Michael donate to Oscar’s nephew’s walkathon?

Answer: $25.

14. What is the female warehouse workers name.

Answer: Madge.

15. What is the name of Michael Scott’s book?

Answer: Somehow I Manage.

16. What’s Jim’s favorite food?

Answer: Soft-shell crab.

17. Who was Pam engaged to before Jim?

Answer: Roy.

18. What are the names of Jim and Pam Halpert’s kids?

Answer: Cecelia “Cece” and Phillip.

19. What’s Dwight’s middle name?

Answer: Kurt.

20. Which of these is NOT the name of one of Angela’s cats?

Answer: Mr. Snuggles.

21. Which Harry Potter book did Dwight say he’d take to a desert island?

Answer: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

22. What does Pam study at the Pratt Institute?

Answer: Graphic Design.

23. What does Meredith admit to doing during the company’s ethics training?

Answer: Sleeping with a Hammermill rep for lower paper prices and Outback Steakhouse gift cards.

24. What is Dwight’s favorite TV show?

Answer: Battlestar Galactica.

25. When Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman grill, what does he want Pam to rub on it?

Answer: Country Crock butter.

26. What kind of shower does Michael say he threw for Jan after she had a baby?

Answer: A golden shower.

27. What gift does Kevin get for himself when he draws his own name for Secret Santa?

Answer: A foot bath.

28. What game does Michael say he plays every night before bed?

Answer: “Who Would You Do?”

Difficult The Office Trivia Questions

We’ll put your knowledge to the test with a slew of difficult The Office trivia questions that only the most die-hard fans of the show will be able to respond to. 

1. Who almost didn’t work in The Office because he was committed to another NBC show called Come to Papa?

Answer: Steve Carell.

2. Which NFL quarterback appeared in the ninth season of “The Office”?

Answer: Aaron Rodgers.

3. Who shot the footage of Scranton featured in the opening sequence?

Answer: John Krasinski shot the footage as part of his research after landing the role.

4. In what series does Andy Bernard join The Office?

Answer: 3.

5. Which character lives with many cats?

Answer: Angela.

6. What sauce does Kevin request to go with his New Year’s resolution broccoli?

Answer: Hollandaise.

7. What university is Andy a proud alum of?

Answer: Cornell.

8. In what season does Erin Hannon take over as receptionist?

Answer: 5.

9. What was the name of Jan Levinson’s assistant at corporate?

Answer: Hunter.

10. In season 9 of “The Office”, Andy quits in order to pursue a career as what?

Answer: Actor.

11. In the “Diversity Day” episode, what famous comedian’s stand up routine does Michael imitate?

Answer: Chris Rock.

12. Who served on the jury for the Scranton Strangler case?

Answer: Toby.

13. Scrantonicity is a band that which Office character is a part of?

Answer: Kevin Malone.

14. Who has a porcupine named Henrietta?

Answer: Dwight Shrute.

15. Who will be seen doing crosswords during the many, many meetings?

Answer: Stanley.

16. There is a version of The Office in France. What’s it called?

Answer: Le Bureau.

17. In “The Office”, Stanley expresses a desire to own what kind of building that can “shoot into space”?

Answer: Lighthouse.

18. Who was married to Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration?

Answer: Phylis Vance nee Lapin.

19. Steve Carell’s role in “The Office” was originally offered to what star of the “John Adams” mini-series?

Answer: Paul Giamatti.

20. What is Michael Scott’s middle name?

Answer: Gary.

21. Who was the foreman of the warehouse?

Answer: Darryl Philbin.

22. What substance does Jim put Dwight’s office supplies into?

Answer: Jello.

23. What is Phyllis’s maiden name?

Answer: Lapin.

24. How much did Jim spend on Dwight’s impersonating outfit?

Answer: $11.

25. In the episode “The Coup,” the Stamford branch members play what video game with each other?

Answer: Call of Duty.

26. Erin rated Holly a _____ out of 40

Answer: 16.

The Office Trivia Questions Multiple Choice

For those who get confused with the characters and their roles, the Office trivia questions multiple choice is a game changer. This will make it easier for them to respond to the inquiries.

1. What type of farm does Dwight own?

A. Bear Farm

B. Carrot Farm

C. Beet Farm

Answer: C.

2. Which of Angela’s cats does Dwight freeze?

A. Bandit

B. Sprinkles

C. Fluffy 

Answer: B.

3. What tattoo is Andy forced to get?

A. A wolf

B. A nard dog

C. A naked man

Answer: B.

4. What was plan A for Jim’s wedding?

A. Marrying her a long time ago, pretty much the day he met he

B. Vegas

C. Marrying her after the baby was born

Answer: A.

5. 5. Who ruined Pam’s pregnancy secret during her wedding weekend?

A. Jim

B. Andy

C. Holly

Answer: A.

6. Which office employee did Michael hit with his car?

A. Angela

B. Kelly

C. Meredith

Answer: C.

7. In the pilot episode, who started their first day?

A. Toby

B. Ryan

C. Dwight

Answer: B.

8. Who does Toby have a major crush on in the series?

A. Erin

B. Kelly

C. Pam

Answer: C.

9. Why did Brian, boom microphone crew member get fired during season 9?

A. Fighting one of the warehouse workers

B. Having an affair with Pam

C. Getting in a fight with Jim

Answer: A.

10. What is Michael’s username for the online dating website?

A. Looking for woman

B. Little kid lover

C. Ready for marriage

Answer: B.

11. What is the name of the company that bought out Dunder Mifflin?

A. Office Max

B. Staples

C. Sabre 

Answer: C.

12. What is Holly’s boyfriends name?

A. Rob

B. Albert

C. Danny 

Answer: B.

13. Which strain of marijuana does Creed identify?

A. Northern Lights

B. Bubba Kush

C. Sour Diesel

Answer: A.

14. Who does Kelly run out on at Dwight and Angela’s wedding? 

A. Ravi

B. Darrell

C. Plop

Answer: A.

15. What is Scranton’s nickname?

A. The Electric City

B. The Green City

C. The Big Apple

Answer: A.

16. Who won the bronze medal during the office Olympics?

A. Michael

B. Jim

C. Kevin

Answer: B.

The Office Trivia Questions about Michael Scott

As the show’s central character, Michael Scott clearly needs his own segment in this quiz article. Don’t forget to look through all our Michael Scott The Office trivia questions and answers first.

1. How many minutes did Michael Scott work at the office?

Answer: 9,986,000 minutes.

2. Where does Michael Scott move to start his new life with Holly?

Answer: Boulder, Colorado.

3. What type of training workshop does Michael lead?

Answer: Sensitivity training.

4. Who was hired as Michael Scott’s replacement before he moved?

Answer: Deangelo Vickers.

5. Which popular actor guest stars as Michael’s nephew in season 7’s ‘Nepotism’?

Answer: Evan Peters.

6. How does Michael remember his benihana date in the office Christmas party?

Answer: He marks her.

7. Who does Michael fire because of office downsizing in the first season?

Answer: Devon.

8. What does Michael add to his diet coke?

Answer: Sugar.

9. When Michael is roasting the office he compares Angela to a?

Answer: Grain of rice.

10. Who was the last person Michael met before leaving to Colorado?

Answer: Pam.

11. Michael’s pin code is named after what popular song?

Answer: YMCA.

12. How did Michael insult Oscar during his roast of the office in ‘Stress Relief part 2’?

Answer: ‘Oscar you’re gay’.

13. Michael tells Pam her breasts are ticking ——

Answer: Time bags.

14. This was the name of Michael’s southern persona in the episode ‘Murder’.

Answer: Caleb Crawdad.

15. What’s the full name of Michael’s fun run a marathon?

Answer: Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer memorial celebrity rabies awareness fun run pro-am for the cure.

16. Michael instead of saying philanthropher says —— in Casino night.

Answer: Philanderer.

17. What was the internet sensation of 2004 that caused Michael and Dwight to jump around in the office?

Answer: Parkour.

18. How many vasectomies did Jan make Michael get?

Answer: 3.

19. What is the HR representative’s name with whom we finally see Michael fall deeply in love in season 7?

Answer: Holly Flax.

The Office Trivia Questions about Dwight Schrute

He is well-known for his lack of social skills. Martial arts is his passion. Has a ridiculous haircut. Has a plethora of exotic pets. Dwight Schrute The Office trivia questions and answers can help you learn more about him.

1. Who did Dwight take as a partner to Michael and Jan’s dinner party?

Answer: His old babysitter.

2. What public service department did Dwight used to volunteer for?

Answer: Sheriff.

3. When Dwight Schrute finds out about the Print in All Colors Initiative, who does he field as an applicant?

Answer: Kelly.

4. What operation did Dwight say he performed on himself as a child?

Answer: His own circumcision.

5. What was Dwight’s made-up role in the office?

Answer: Assistant to the regional manager.

6. In what substance does Jim encase Dwight Schrute’s stapler?

Answer: Jell-O.

7. What is the name of Dwight’s brother who lived with him on the farm?

Answer: Mose.

8. What did Dwight do to help Michael prepare for Fatherhood?

Answer: Pretend to give birth.

9. In the episode’ Casino,’ what does Dwight wear?

Answer: The tuxedo his Grandfather was buried in.

10. What form of martial arts does Dwight often showcase in the office?

Answer: Goju-Ryu karate.

11. What does Dwight Schrute choose in the game of Yankee Swap?

Answer: Teapot

12. What does Dwight Schrute farm?

Answer: Beets.

13. How many acres is Dwight Schrute’s farm?

Answer: 60.

14. What did Dwight wear, belonging to the dummy, in the episode’ Stress Relief’?

Answer: The dummy’s face.

15. Dwight Schrute is led to believe Jim’s barbecue is a surprise party for whom?

Answer: Michael.

16. When Dwight Schrute is fired by Michael, what office supply giant does he work for instead?

Answer: Staples.

17. With Pam and Jim out of town on their honeymoon, what does Dwight Schrute build out of their desks?

Answer: Megadesk.

18. Dwight Schrute hides a listening device inside of what gift object?

Answer: Mallard.

19. On orders from Future Dwight, out of whose hand does Dwight Schrute slap coffee?

Answer: Stanley.

20. Dwight Schrute is asked to steer the Booze Cruise by whom?

Answer: Captain Jack.

Final Thoughts on The Office Trivia Questions

In general, organizing a The Office trivia questions event can be a wild ride for both you as the coordinator and your representatives as participants. It is one of the most endearing sitcoms to ever air on television.

Were you looking for a The Office trivia quiz you could complete? We will tell you the truth: The Office is a respectable show. While it certainly made us laugh, we frequently regretted it afterward.

But we can certainly say that it was those spot on jokes and commendable acting which kept us hooked.

Michael Scott was a good-hearted idiot. Dwight Schrute was serious, but don’t we all work with someone who is? Take The Office quiz questions if you can relate to any of them.

Share these amazing questions with your friends and family who have seen the show, or create your own The Office trivia questions to solve with your loved ones after you have finished watching the show.

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