153 Embarrassing Dares to Spice Up Your Game

Ready for some fun? Check out our list of 150+ embarrassing dares to spice up your truth or dare game.

These dares are sure to get you laughing, and they’re perfect for parties, get-togethers, and more.

From doing an embarrassing dance move to kissing someone on the cheek, these dares are sure to keep your friends entertained and laughing.

So, if you’re feeling adventurous, try one of these dares and see what happens!

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and take a look!

Funny and Embarrassing Dares

It’s time to spice up your game night with our embarrassing dares list! These dares are sure to get everyone laughing and feeling a little bit of embarrassment.

1. Call your mom and tell her you can’t find a girlfriend in a very panicked voice.

2. Take a selfie with the toilet and post it online.

3. Draw on your face with permanent marker.

4. Go on Facebook Live and read the back of a shampoo bottle.

5. Take an embarrassing selfie and post it as your profile picture.

6. Call a Chinese restaurant and ask if they have sushi.

7. Rub your armpits and then smell your fingers.

8. Call a car dealership and ask if they have any horse buggies in stock.

9. Stick a Hot Cheeto in your nose, and leave it there for five minutes.

10. Call McDonald’s and ask if they sell Whoppers.

11. Sniff everyone’s feet and rank them in order of freshest to stinkiest.

12. Stand in the backyard and yell at the top of your lungs, “Nooooo! I was adopted!”

13. Call a random number and sing “Happy Birthday.”

14. Go outside in the driveway and do the disco without music.

15. Call the library and ask if they carry a dictionary that translates British to American.

16. Call a pizza shop and ask if you can return a pizza.

17. Open your front door and loudly sing “Hallelujah!”

18. Call Target and ask them if they deliver popcorn.

19. Sniff the armpit of the person next to you, and describe what it smells like to the entire group.

20. Go outside and hug a mailbox until at least three passersby have seen you.

21. Send a Snapchat of you pretending to cry because you just found out you were adopted.

22. Walk like a crab for the rest of the game.

23. Call the last person you texted and just “meow” into the phone.

24. Go outside and pretend you’re cutting the grass with an invisible mower.

25. Make a silly face and keep it that way until the next round.

26. Sing instead of speaking for the next two rounds of the game.

Hard and Embarrassing Dares

These dares are so embarrassing, you’ll be blushing in no time. But that’s the fun of it, right? Pushing your boundaries and seeing how far you can go. Ready to get started with list of embarrassing dares?

1. Eat a whole piece of paper.

2. Allow someone to pour ice down your shirt and pants.

3. Dip your sock-covered feet in the toilet, and don’t dry them off for the rest of the game.

4. Soak a shirt in water, put it in the fridge for 20 minutes, and then wear it.

5. Go outside and pick exactly 40 blades of grass with a pair of tweezers.

6. Eat a spoonful of mustard.

7. Walk down the street in your underwear.

8. Let someone wax your back.

9. Suck your big toe.

10. Let each person in the group slap you as hard as they can on your butt.

11. Lift up the couch cushions, and if there is anything under them, you need to put it in your mouth for 10 seconds.

12. Lick a car tire.

13. Dip your finger in the toilet, and then kiss that finger.

14. Make your ear touch your shoulder for the rest of the game.

15. Mix orange juice and milk and drink it.

16. Write a letter to your doctor describing an embarrassing rash you have, and post it on Facebook.

17. Drink water straight from a running faucet for a whole minute.

18. Act like a cow, a pig, and a dog for the amount of time your friends suggest.

19. Chew a whole A4 size piece of paper. Fill your mouth with juice, and try not to laugh as everyone in the group tells a joke.

20. Let the person next to you wax you wherever they want.

21. Act like a mouse and get slapped by everyone.

22. Spin around 10 times and try to walk straight.

23. Eat a mouthful of raw pasta.

24. Shampoo your hair and don’t rinse it out. Sit like that for the rest of the game.

25. Call up your one of your friend and say in a very serious tone that you love his girlfriend and that you had made love to her in the past.

26. Peel an unwashed potato with your teeth and drink a glass of water after that.

Crazy and Embarrassing Dares

Are you looking for a dare that will really spice up your game? Look no further! We have compiled a list of crazy and embarrassing dares to make your party or night out even more exciting.

1. Write your name on the floor with your tongue.

2. Lick the bottom of your shoe.

3. Let a person in the group put a leash on you and walk you down the street.

4. Remove your socks with your teeth.

5. Run around outside yelling, “I have lice!”

6. Wrap toilet paper around your body like a mummy.

7. Open your front door and howl like a wolf for 30 seconds.

8. Video call your partner and pick your nose the entire time you are on the call.

9. Let the group choose an item for you to brush your teeth with.

10. Jump into a dumpster.

11. Cover your whole face in blush.

12. Stop a car that is going down the street and tell them that their wheels are turning.

13. Hold your nose while talking for the next 10 minutes.

14. Let the person to your right put duct tape on any part of your body they choose and rip it off.

15. Cry like a baby for one full minute.

16. Take a plate of leftovers over to your neighbor, knock on their door, and say, “Welcome to the neighborhood” as if you’ve never met them before.

17. Pick the nose of the person next to you.

18. Put a bunch of honey on your nose and coat it with flour.

19. Make a diaper out of a dishtowel.

20. Call a drugstore and ask them which laxative is the most effective. After they answer, ask how many they have.

21. Make a hand puppet by drawing a face on your hand, and use your hand to say what you want to say.

22. Make a face mask using wet toilet paper.

23. Coat your hands in food coloring, and don’t wash them off for 10 minutes.

24. Let everyone look through your search history for two minutes.

25. Lick mayonnaise off of someone’s toe.

26. Eat a piece of dog or cat food.

Dirty and Embarrassing Dares

Ready to up the stakes in your game of Truth or Dare? For those looking for something a little naughty, here are some ideas that’ll turn up the heat!

1. Imitate the sounds of both sides of your most recent romantic encounter.

2. Make out with a tree or furniture for 3 minutes.

3. Close your eyes and open your mouth.

4. You have to keep your hand on the very inner thigh of the person next to you for the next round.

5. Dirty talk to your pillow.

6. Take a naked selfie and send it to your partner.

7. Leave an R-rated voicemail for an ex.

8. Go into the bathroom and braid your pubes.

9. Do your best sexy crawl.

10. Eat a strawberry in the most sensual way possible.

11. Pick up a random book and read it in the most seductive voice you can manage.

12. Do your best fake “O” while looking the person to the left of you in the eye.

13. Put someone else’s underwear on your head.

14. Write a one-paragraph dirty story to be read later.

15. Change your Facebook status to “I’m coming … I’m coming … ” Then, one minute later, change it to “I just came.”

16. Text your SO or crush with a dirty emoji pick-up line.

17. Put on sexy music and vacuum with no pants on.

18. Take off your underwear and give them to a cute stranger.

19. Cook two bags of popcorn. Eat all of it as fast as you can, but in the sexiest way possible.

20. Go outside and serenade your single neighbor or call an SO and sing them a dirty song.

21. You have to leave an R-rated voicemail for an ex.

22. Grab a broom and do your sexiest dance with it.

23. Let draw a dick picture on your arm.

24. Call a random number and try to talk dirty with the person who answers.

Embarrassing Dares for Guys

So, what kind of embarrassing dares can you give to the guys in your group? While everyone loves a good laugh, it’s important to make sure that the challenge is something they’re willing to do.

1. Shave off all the hair on one leg.

2. Color one of your front teeth black.

3. Put ice cubes down your pants and try to shake them out.

4. Wear lipstick for the rest of the game.

5. Make out with your hand.

6. Take a picture of yourself next to a bra and post it on Instagram.

7. Put all of your clothes on backward.

8. Call a random guy and flirt with him in a girly voice.

9. Choose a guy in the group and he will do a funny makeup on your face with lipstick.

10. Call up a friend of a guy in the group who is likely to be gay and start an adult chat with him.

11. Tie your shirt up to expose your midriff and twerk.

12. Write on Facebook: “I’m a size 36 C.”

13. Take off your trousers and put on a girl’s short skirt and sit like that for the rest of the game.

14. Wear women’s clothing and walk down the street. Then, take a selfie and post it to your social media accounts.

15. Knock on your neighbor’s door and ask if they have a spare condom.

16. Write a Facebook status with the name of an unknown girl and say that if she does not accept your proposal, you will commit suicide.

17. Do a sensual dance with striptease for 3 minutes or sit in your boxer only for the rest of the game.

18. Kiss a guy of your choice on the lips for 30 seconds or put an ice cube in underwear.

19. Choose a girl and lick her toes like you are giving her a foot massage.

20. Kiss a willing girl in the group and get slapped hard from other girls.

21. Put on a high heel and do some ramp walk and keep doing it unless everyone you can stop.

22. Pick up something from the trash and hold it in your hands for the rest of the game.

23. Go outside the house in boxer and say in loudest voice ” I am a loser”.

24. Reveal the color of your boxers.

25. Walk up to someone with a kid on the street and tell them their kid is ugly.

Embarrassing Dares for Girls

Are you looking for some entertaining but embarrassing dares for girls? I’ve got you covered. Try asking your friend to put on a blindfold and spin around.

1. Take your bra off under your shirt, and don’t put it back on until the end of the game.

2. Tweet or update your Facebook status to “I think eggplants are sexy.”

3. Take your bra off under your shirt and toss it out the window.

4. Talk without closing your mouth.

5. Stuff ice inside your bra and leave it there for 60 seconds.

6. Lick a doorknob.

7. Use three items in the fridge as lotion.

8. Remove one item of clothing.

9. Show everyone your unshaved legs.

10. Run around the house with a pair of underwear on your head.

11. Text your parents that you’re pregnant, again!

12. Get into a debate with a wall.

13. Close your eyes, sit on someone’s lap, and guess who the person is.

14. Post an embarrassing photo on social media account and keep it for an hour.

15. Let everyone kiss your ear.

16. Hiccup in between each word.

17. Flirt with the first neighbor we see outside.

18. Stick a gum to the ends of your hair.

19. Write a Facebook post about your feelings and make it super long and dramatic.

20. Pole dance without the pole.

21. Striptease for thirty whole seconds.

22. Try doing a split and go as far as you can.

23. Set your crush’s picture as your FB profile picture.

24. Remove one item of clothing and give it to a stranger.

25. Choose the person in the group you’d most like to kiss.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – 150+ embarrassing dares for your next game!

But keep in mind that playing truth or dare game should always be done with caution.

Make sure everyone’s comfortable, and if anyone isn’t feeling it, do something else – or at least modify the rules of the game to make sure everyone’s having fun.

It’s easy to get carried away, but ultimately, it’s you as the host and organizer who will set the tone.

So think of these ideas as a base, and feel free to add your own special twist. Be creative and have fun!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these embarrassing dares. Let us know in the comments below what you think – or which ones we missed!

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