500 Dirty Dares Over Text to Spice Things Up

Are you looking for a fun way to play dirty dares over text? I’ve got the best dirty dares for you to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Long-distance relationships can benefit greatly from this type of activity.

You are going to have so much fun, get embarrassed, and have a lot of trouble doing these dirty dare questions over text. Despite their hilarious nature, these daring questions are sure to make you laugh.

Dares will also include participating in other activities, going outside, and using social media. These are embarrassing but harmless, things you could do.

You can take a look at these dirty dares over text and see what you prefer. You may want to continue reading if the questions are too much for you because I have somedirty dares over text messages that are safer to use.

Best Dirty Dares Over Text for Truth or Dare Game

You can make flirting twice as fun by sending dirty dares over text when you have been texting non-stop with the person you like. So, let’s start with dirty dares!

1. Do a happy dance to a nasty song.

2. Go to your closet and put on the hottest outfit you own.

3. Name a celebrity that you have fantasized about.

4. Send me your most sexy and seductive face.

5. Eat a pudding cup using only your mouth.

6. Write a love poem.

7. Sing your favorite love-making song.

8. List all of your ex’s in alphabetical order.

9. Tell me your entire roster of who you’ve smashed.

10. Call the most recent person in your call log and make moaning noises.

11. Take your shirt off.

12. Tell me the most flexible thing you could do.

13. Name your ugliest ex.

14. Tell me your best pick-up line.

15. Do a sit-up for every sexual position you know.

16. Change your Facebook status to “looking for a hookup.”

17. Send a video of you picking your nose.

18. I dare you to send a dirty emoji.

19. Send a message about your sexual feelings for me to your best friend.

20. Say “I’m sleepy” while having a serious conversation with your best friend.

21. Video call me and do something embarrassing in front of your parents.

22. Tell a dirty joke to your best friend and record their reaction.

23. Describe yourself only using dirty talk.

24. Lick a tootsie pop for the rest of the game. And count how many licks it takes to get to the center.

25. Twerk while singing your ABCs.

26. Perform the most flexible thing you could do with your body.

27. Do the WAP Dance and post it to Tik Tok.

28. Go to a bar and order a “leg spreader” and record the bartender’s reaction.

29. Read the lyrics My Neck My Back by Khia out loud to your parents.

30. Change your Instagram username to something dirty and post a selfie. And leave it for 30 mins before you change it back.

Good Dirty Dares Over Text

Try a few dares, and remember to document them for some good laughs. You will play this game crying with these good dirty dares over text. Don’t take it seriously, just laugh!

1. Pretend you are making sweet love to the couch for the next two minutes. Make it as real as possible.

2. Pick up a random kids’ book and read it out loud in the most seductive voice.

3. Go take your clothes off and perform a whole set of different somersaults.

4. Using your hands, demonstrate a vivid description of your favorite sexual technique.

5. Pick a banana or a carrot and take a video of you trying to put a condom on it.

6. Show the least sexy part of your body through a video, describing why you dislike it.

7. Go to the bathroom and take a voice recording of you making loud annoying grunting sounds.

8. Make out with any of your body parts to any sensual song and take a short clip.

9. Send me the nastiest text you could think of.

10. Send a sexy selfie while naked.

11. Walk to the fridge and pick any two different items then use them to portray a sexual act.

12. I dare you to stay in your underwear for the remaining part of the game.

13. Put on a winter jacket and take a video of you telling a dirty joke.

14. Take a short clip of yourself outside shouting “Someone come sleep with me!”

15. Continue the rest of the game with your worst pair of underwear on your head.

16. Sing me a song while half-naked and send me proof of it.

17. Leave an R-rated audio note for me, assuming we were married.

18. Walk outside and flirt with the first person you spot, regardless of the gender. And send a video of the same.

19. Post a video on your favorite social media page, of you making out with the air in front of you.

20. Put on all the pants you have and send a picture.

21. Take a short clip of yourself presenting a talk about s#x technique as you would in a TED talk.

22. Assuming you were a vampire, send a picture of you sucking the blood out of anyone around you.

23. Go to your closet and change to the hottest outfit you have.

24. Get someone close to you and touch tongues with you.

25. Take a sexy crawl and make it look as sexy as possible.

26. Put on your sister’s panties on your head and walk around the house shouting my name.

27. Hold on to a broom assuming it’s a strip pole and do your sexiest dance with it.

28. Send me the last dirty text you sent on your phone.

Sexual and Dirty Dares Over Text

Each list has unique sexual dares over text that are intriguing and worth exploring. So without wasting the time, take a closer look at some sexy dirty dares questions over text.

1. Act your favorite s#x move.

2. Sleep in your favorite s#x position.

3. Record a video explaining your views on using s#x toys.

4. Tell me about any three s#x toys you have used to date.

5. Describe your last intercourse in details

6. Act like you are doing the foreplay you like the most.

7. Send me the picture of your dream place to have sexual intimacy.

8. Send me your favorite porn video.

9. Call your partner and turn him/ her on.

10. Send a video of you masturbating to your partner.

11. Send a photo of you naked with just shoes and and hat on.

12. Call your partner and have them quiz you on basic math or trivia for a minute while you watch porn. Let’s see how good you do!

13. Recreate a famous romance scene from a movie and send a video.

14. Read a hot excerpt online or from a book aloud over a call or send a video.

15. Have your partner pick random songs that you have to dirty dance to no matter what they are!

16. Draw a photo of your partner and post it on social media with a sappy caption.

17. Send a video of you attempting a popular dance move.

18. Do a pole dance with a human pole.

19. Give a foot massage to any willing participant.

20. Reveal your sexiest dream.

21. Talk in a seductive voice for 1 hour.

22. Perform a 3-minute standup comedy act.

23. Hold someone’s hand for the rest of the game.

24. Give everyone a Pet Name.

25. Twerk with a Bee gees song.

26. Kiss a Pillow for 1 minute.

27. Sell yourself to someone in your group.

28. Dress up in something your partner would find sexy.

29. Turn on your partner by sexily sucking on their finger.

30. Have your partner lay down and kiss them upside down the best you can.

31. Give your partner a lesson on giving head to them with an object from the kitchen.

32. Have your partner spank you as hard as they can.

33. Whisper a sexy name in my ear that you’ve never called me but have thought about trying.

34. Use a s#x toy to try and get your partner in the mood.

35. Have your partner blindfold you and touch you with a part of their body. If you guess

36. What part of their body they’re touching you with, you get a special reward.

37. Seduce your partner in a room where you have never had s#x before.

Funny Dirty Dares Over Text

It is really dangerous to play the game funny dares over text. This gives you the opportunity to discover something about the other person you are playing with. Imagine the following scenario:

1. Fake your best orgasm in front of the group.

2. Do a naked lap around the neighborhood.

3. Sexily lick the food of your choice off the finger of the person to your left.

4. Kiss someone in the room that you’re attracted to.

5. Leave a sexy voicemail for your ex to listen to.

6. Pick a position and imitate it with the person to your right.

7. Find a position online that you’ve never tried and act it out on furniture that’s in the room.

8. Prank call someone and pretend to be a s#x ad.

9. Trace the lips of someone here and whisper something sexy.

10. Do a mini strip tease by taking off some of your clothing in front of the group.

11. For the next round, you have to keep your hand on the inner thigh of the person to your left.

12. Message something bold to someone hot you’ve been wanting to get to know.

13. Post something raunchy on your preferred social media app and you can’t remove it until the next round is over.

14. Give someone else in the group a sexy massage while talking dirty.

15. If there’s water nearby, it’s time to go skinny dipping!

16. Time to play spin the bottle! Kiss whoever the bottle lands on.

17. Close your eyes while a few members of the group stand across from you. Walk with your hands open until you touch one of them, then kiss them wherever your hand touched.

18. Give the person to your left an eskimo kiss.

19. You’ve been naughty, time to be put in time out on someone’s lap for the next round.

20. Pick something small to sexily feed someone else in the group.

21. Leave the room while everyone in the group pours a shot. When you come back, pick a shot to take. Whoever poured that shot, you have to kiss.

22. Talk in a raunchy accent until your next turn.

23. Scroll blindly through your contacts and whoever you land on, say one sexy thing about them.

24. Give your best impression of a naughty cop who’s trying to arrest someone for being too sexy.

25. Give the person to your right a butterfly kiss.

26. Wink and do your best sexy face for the group.

27. Pretend to have awful s#x with the person to your right.

28. Send bold, dirty message to someone you’ve hooked up with before.

29. Call a phone s#x line and pretend to have an odd fetish.

30. Take a pen and paper and draw your penis or vagina.

31. FaceTime an old hookup. If they pick up, say something raunchy before hanging up.

32. Fake a blowjob on a bottle.

33. Describe your favorite position in detail but without saying what it is. See if the group can guess it!

34. Perform a motorboat on someone. If you’re a girl, have someone do it to you.

Naughty and Dirty Dares Over Text

Sometimes, a little spice is good for a conversation through some naughty dare questions over text. So, to spice things up, I’m here to help you. I have created a list of naughty dares over text.

1. Bend your partner over your knee and spank them while telling them they’re a bad boy/girl.

2. Send an up close and personal video of every part of you naked.

3. Send a video of you singing in the shower.

4. Post how you’re currently feeling on social media and don’t take it down until your next turn.

5. Send me the naughtiest text that comes to mind.

6. Go to the bathroom and make intense moans and grunts and send me a video for proof!

7. Send me a dirty text in emoji’s that I have to figure out.

8. Send photos of you acting out 5 dirty emoji’s.

9. Write a sexy haiku and send it to me.

10. Send me the ugliest selfie you have on your phone.

11. Send whichever photo is 5 photos back in your camera roll.

12. Send me the most recent text you sent to your best friend.

13. Write me a quick naughty story and send it my way.

14. Send a random emoji to the first person in your contacts with no explanation.

15. Every time you receive a notification not from me, you have to remove an article of clothing.

16. Send a video of you sexily licking something off your finger.

17. Send a photo of you sexily sucking on something.

18. Send a video of you trying to make out with your hand.

19. Send a photo of what you think the least sexy part of your body is.

20. Send a photo of what you think the sexiest part of your body is.

21. Send me a photo of your sexiest pair of underwear.

22. Go outside with no clothes on and send a photo for proof!

23. Send a video of you trying to do a sexy dance move.

24. Send a video of you giving a chair a lap dance.

25. Draw a photo of me and send a picture of it to me.

26. Imitate 12 swimsuit calendar poses and send them my way.

27. Send me a sexy selfie with only your face.

28. Let your partner pick what profile picture you get to have for the remainder of the evening.

29. Demonstrate how you masturbate on an object in your room.

30. Give a tutorial on your best sexual technique on something in your room.

31. Slap yourself somewhere hot.

32. Do a naked cartwheel and send a video.

33. Order your partner something to eat and they have to try whatever it is.

34. Change into the hottest outfit you have and pose in it like a model.

35. Send a video of you pretending your butt is the one talking.

36. Sing a song sexily into the camera.

37. Cut off a little bit of your hair.

38. Draw something on your face with marker.

39. Try being sexy while holding your tongue and talking.

40. Pick two things from your kitchen and use them to act out your favorite s#x position.

Flirty and Dirty Dares Over Text

The sensation of getting kinky and dirty dares to send over text messages is probably one of the most unappreciated sensations of our time. Let’s start the flirty dares over textwith your boyfriend.

1. Be someone’s pet.

2. Give someone a hickey.

3. Get a Hickey from someone.

4. Blindfold and make me a sandwich.

5. Pretend to be a cat.

6. Send a dirty text using only emojis to your best friend.

7. Eat a cupcake in the most seductive way possible.

8. Describe what you would do to me if you saw me in something sexy.

9. Describe the parts of a girl/boy that get you turned on.

10. Try to do a split.

11. Tell me your wildest sexual fantasies.

12. Send your ex an “I miss you” message.

13. Send me a voice message telling me about anything.

14. Tell me five things you don’t like about me.

15. Send me a picture of you without a shirt.

16. Walk around with your zip open for the whole day.

17. Mention five porn sites you have visited recently.

18. Send a Facebook status praising me.

19. Put your underwear in a freezer for an hour and wear it.

20. Drop an ice cube in your pants.

21. Wear underwear over your trousers and go outside for five minutes.

22. Update your Facebook status saying “I am coming,” then after a one-minute post, “I just came.”

23. Play a song by slapping your butt cheeks until I guess the song.

24. Write a short love poem and send it to me.

25. Dance with a broom for five minutes.

26. Drag your butt on the carpet like a dog from one end of the room to the next.

27. Call your crush and flirt sleazily with them.

28. Take an item of food from the refrigerator and kiss it passionately for 60 seconds.

29. Cross-dress and set it as a profile pic.

30. Talk like a flirtatious Casanova.

31. Fill your mouth with cotton.

32. Slow dance with someone while listening to a fast song.

33. Show your best O-face.

34. Give someone a lap dance in a tone of a nursery rhyme.

35. Give someone horseback and gallop for a minute while on all fours.

Sexy and Dirty Dares Over Text

The first few times you start sexy dares over textcan seem awkward, but try it anyway. Eventually, your partner will thank you. Get over that hesitation and start dare questions to play over text. 

1. Give over your phone to your partner and let them decide on a sex toy you two can try together.

2. Have your partner read through your browsing history in a sexy voice.

3. Make a sexy song playlist with your partner.

4. Sexily wash your partner’s feet.

5. Be blindfolded and tickled or lightly touched for one minute.

6. Have your partner close their eyes and try to turn them on only using sounds.

7. Try to turn on your partner by blowing on the back of their neck, alternating between cold and hot.

8. Place a hand in your partner’s underwear for the next round and try to arouse them.

9. Draw something on your partner’s back. If they guess correctly, they get a special favor of their choosing, if not, you get one.

10. Your partner gets to dress you up in their clothes and take a photo.

11. Call the parents of your partner and express to them how much you adore your partner.

12. Give your partner a hot lap dance.

13. Whisper something not sexy into your partner’s ear but try to make it sound hot.

14. Describe your partner’s naked body in intense, erotic detail.

15. Wear handcuffs or have your hands tied for a few turns.

16. Trade clothes with your partner.

17. Take a body shot off your partner.

18. Show your partner your go-to porn video.

19. Give your partner a sexy full-body massage.

20. Give your phone to your partner and let them order something hot for you to wear.

21. Turn on your partner by only touching their arms and hands.

22. Lick something yummy off your partner’s body part of choice.

23. Take off a piece of your partner’s clothing, only using your teeth.

24. Trace your partner’s body with an ice cube that’s being held in your mouth.

25. Beg your partner to do naughty things to you. It better be convincing!

26. Give your partner head with their clothes on.

27. Do whatever your partner says for one minute.

28. Put on the hottest song you know and try to seduce your partner with it.

29. Make your best orgasm face and let your partner take a photo of it. This is your lock screen for the next 24 hours.

30. Become a sexy chef while teaching your partner how to make a fun late night snack while just wearing an apron.

31. Find an old photograph and try to recreate it together.

32. Have your partner ask 3 questions about themselves that you should know the answers to. If you get them right, you get a reward. If you get them wrong, you get punished.

33. Have your partner take a picture of you looking naughty.

34. Give your partner a massage without using your hands.

35. Act out how you remember your first date in 30 seconds.

36. Lick your partner’s feet for 15 seconds.

37. Set a timer and try to make your partner orgasm in 5 minutes.

38. Set a timer for 2 minutes and try not to get turned on by whatever your partner decides to do to you.

39. Watch porn together and try to imitate what you see on the screen.

40. Perform a strip tease for your partner.

41. Lick your partner’s nipples.

42. Kiss your partner in the sexiest place and sexiest way possible.

43. Undress your partner with one hand.

44. Suck on your partner’s finger like you’re giving those head.

45. Send a naughty text message to your partner.

46. Become a sexy chef and spank your partner sexily with an item from the kitchen.

47. Arouse your partner by only using your tongue.

48. Attempt to make a s#x tape with your partner.

49. Let your partner blindfold you and do what they want to you for a minute.

50. Sexily perform good foreplay on your partner’s ear to get them aroused.

Freaky and Dirty Dares Over Text

There are a lot of ways to make an absurd truth or dare, but did you know that you could make them with freaky dares over text? I have created a list of dare questions to ask over text!

1. Pretend to have an orgasm while maintaining eye contact with someone in this room.

2. Choose someone from this room to go skinny dipping in a pool.

3. Go to your roof and haul like a wild wolf for five minutes.

4. Call your best friend and laugh like a ghost.

5. Record the sound while you masturbate and send it to me.

6. Spank your partner.

7. Call someone and make him/ her feel horny.

8. Make out with your partner like a porn video.

9. Moan pretending you are having the most satisfying orgasm.

10. Teach someone the anatomy of a human.

11. Imitate your favorite teacher and make a video of it.

12. Imitate the person you hate and make a video of it.

13.  Eat the food you hate for the rest of this day.

14. Sit on the floor for the whole day.

15. Sleep on the couch of your home for a week.

16. Do a prank on your mother.

17. Call your best friend from an unknown number and prank him/ her.

18. Call your partner from an unknown number and try to flirt with him/ her with a different voice.

19. Talk to the person you dislike for five minutes.

20. Give your savings for this month to your parents.

21. Gift a s#x toy to your partner.

22. Make a video of doing something naughty and send it to me.

23. Blindfold yourself and kiss the first person you can touch.

24. Choose someone in this room to lick whipped cream from your finger.

25. Share with us the last voicemail you have sent to your ex.

26. Do lap dance on someone in this room.

27. Talk dirty to your hand in front of everyone.

28. Let everyone in this room check your browser history.

29. Lie down on the floor and let someone draw an outline of your body.

30. Go to a dating site and try to find a match for yourself.

31. Let everyone in this room make some surprise drink for you and choose any five and drink.

32. Post a Facebook status saying ‘I am coming’.

33. Put on some swimsuits and ask someone to rub some sunscreen on your back.

34. Give someone in this room a full body massage.

35. Whisper something seductively in someone’s ear in this room.

36. Convince your partner to let you give him/ her a makeover.

37. Write about your stupidest experience till now and post it on your social media.

38. Text your crush and then apologize saying it was a mistake.

39. Send a voicemail to your crush.

40. Get dressed like your partner and send him/ her a photo of yourself.

41. Demonstrate a sexual position with your pillow.

42. Turn off the light and hug the first person you can touch.

43. Make a video of working out and send it to your crush.

44. Ask someone in this room to give you a full body massage.

45. Give your partner a head massage.

Hot and Dirty Dares Over Text

Hot dares to do over textmessages are a great way to keep the fire burning in a relationship, whether it’s new or old. A list of dare questions over text is sure to provide you with hours of fun.

1. Send your ex a message saying you miss them.

2. Make eye contact with the person to your right and moan for 10 seconds.

3. Ask a stranger for advice on a strange rash you’ve recently developed.

4. Make your orgasm face at the next stranger you see until they make eye contact with you.

5. Seductively eat a banana whilst locking eyes with the person to your left.

6. Send one of your parents a sext and don’t reply to them for one hour.

7. Pass your phone to the person on your left and let them post a sexual status to your Facebook.

8. Perform a seductive dance in front of the group.

9. Pick up the nearest object to you and demonstrate how to put on protection.

10. Close your eyes, pick a random phone contact and leave them a dirty voicemail.

11. Ask your partner to buy you a s#x toy.

12. Google the dirtiest thing you can think of and show it to the person next to you.

13. FaceTime your most recent contact, burp, then hang up.

14. Smell everyone’s armpits and rank them from best to worst.

15. Pretend to sleep in your favorite s#x position.

16. Send a seductive message to your crush.

17. Kiss someone from the same gender.

18. Send the link to your favorite porn site to your partner.

19. Call your partner and try to seduce him/ her.

20. Tell us your darkest sexual desire.

21. Show us your favorite s#x position.

22. Tell us your favorite pick up line.

23. Pretend to be a stripper for a few minutes.

24. Pretend to seduce someone from this group.

25. Send your partner a nude picture of yours.

26. Tell us what you would like to do at your bachelor party.

27. Call your crush and try to turn him/ her on.

28. Record a video explaining your thoughts about having s#x with some random stranger.

29. Make a kinky video of yourself and send it to your partner.

30. Show us your favorite porn video.

31. Pretend to have the foreplay you like the most.

32. Ask your partner to send you a video of him/ her masturbating.

33. Show us the last conversation you had with your partner.

Crazy and Dirty Dares Over Text

In case you are a little hesitant to start with dirty dares, then ask some crazy dares over text. You can find some examples below of the dirty dares through text. I hope these are useful.

1. Shave your underarms on video chat.

2. Take a blindfolded selfie of yourself and post it on your timeline.

3. Wear wet clothes and walk outside with them.

4. Call a drug store and ask if they sell adult diapers.

5. Act like your favorite animal.

6. I dare you to pole dance with an imaginary pole.

7. Can you dare to make a sandwich blindfolded?

8. Describe your ideal b#tt size and shape.

9. Go through your partner’s call register without saying a word.

10. Describe your ideal b#oty shape and size.

11. Tell us the one bedtime secret no one knows about you.

12. Whisper to the person next to you the one secret you will rather die than let someone else know about it.

13. Write an erotic story of what you want to do to someone in case you get a chance to.

14. Describe your best bedroom experience in detail.

15. Go through your partner’s message without saying a word.

16. Describe our worst bedroom experience ever.

17. Tell us what going down on a man or woman is like.

18. Tell us the one s#x position you will never repeat in your life again.

19. Say loud the one s#x position that you feel is largely overrated.

20. Tell us one s#x position that you strongly feel is largely underrated.

21. Call a random restaurant or any other place in your mind and tell the person who receives your call a dirty joke or story.

22. Drink two torts of your favorite drink on your body.

Dirty Dares Over Text for Him

What dirty dares over text messages for him? This section below features a list of dirty dares over text for a guy that I’ve compiled in a list. Let’s have a look!

1. Drop an ice cube inside your partner’s underwear for 30 seconds.

2. Run an ice cube block all over your partner’s body until it melts.

3. Give 3 pecs to your partner’s privates.

4. Switch underwear with your partner for the rest of the game.

5. Allow your partner to touch your most sensitive parts for 2 minutes and don’t get hard.

6. Act as a s#x slave and record the video.

7. Search your favorite p#rn site and category and show it to all players.

8. Retrieve your favorite p#rn video and watch it with all players.

9. Give the person closest to you (opposite sex) a back rub.

10. Take off your partner’s underwear with your teeth.

11. Take off your partner’s bra using your teeth.

12. Make love with your partner for exactly 2 minutes (120 seconds) and STOP!

13. Kiss your favorite part in your partner’s body.

14. Kiss your partner’s nipples 2 times if you like dirty dares for adults.

15. Node your head without saying a word if you’d like to play dirty dares for adults again.

16. Smile without saying a word if you think dirty dares for adults is one of your best games ever.

17. Read to me the dirtiest poem you have ever come across.

18. Play the dirtiest music you will not wish your kids to ever find or listen to in the future.

19. Tell us the nastiest thing you have ever thought of doing that you currently find embarrassing.

20. Sing the most romantic and dirty song you have in mind.

21. Compose the dirtiest poem and read it aloud for everyone to hear.

22. Look me in the eye and say the dirtiest thoughts that come to your mind.

23. Update your Whatsapp status with, “I AM FEELING H#RNY” for an hour.

24. Write down your best bedroom experience and give it to the next person to read it aloud.

25. Describe your last bedroom experience in detail.

26. Demonstrate to e how you will love to be cuddled.

27. Describe how you will prefer someone to make love to you.

28. Wink twice in a more seductive way possible.

29. Demonstrate how you love to be massaged.

30. Try convincing me to make out with you right now.

31. Try a hot lap dance on me right now.

32. Tell us the best pickup lines that someone has ever used on you and you fell for them.

33. Tell us the worst pickup lines ever that someone has ever used on you.

34. Do a dirty sexy dance, record it, and send it over to my phone.

35. Go to the bathroom, take a selfie and show it to everyone 4 seconds at a time then delete it.

36. Change into a night robe with nothing inside show your naked body to your partner for a few seconds and record how they react.

37. Wear your partner’s underwear and take a selfie with it.

38. Act shyly like a ten crush and record it using your phone.

Dirty Dares Over Text for Her

Whenever girls are too hot, they can’t compromise on their sexual desires. For their ease, I’ve created a list of dirty dares over text messages for her. Take a closer look!

1. Take off your bra but leave your shirt on.

2. Let me have a glimpse of your p#ssy.

3. Touch tongues with someone.

4. Demonstrate your best technique for you-know-what on your finger.

5. Do your best sexy crawl.

6. Read the most romantic or dirtiest text still on your phone right now.

7. Tell us your scariest s#xual experience.

8. Propose to your partner something you think might not be welcome for your bedroom moments.

9. Prank your partner about breaking up and moving in with someone he might be suspecting the most.

10. Prank your partner about being pregnant but not for them or something that will scare them off.

11. Tell us the worst things you do or say to get someone to lay with you.

12. Tell us your one dirty bedroom secret.

13. Try your best to make your partner org#sm in less than 5 minutes.

14. Show your partner a p#rn video you want to act right now.

15. Turn your partner on without touching any place below their waist.

16. Send your partner the dirtiest text that first pops into your mind.

17. Choose between dirty dares for adults vs. cards against humanity.

18. Rate this sexual dirty dares for adults game out of 10.

19. Remain silent and frozen for the next 60 seconds.

20. Twerk in your underwear.

21. With your clothes on, go on to your partner and ride them crazy.

22. Lick and suck the nipples of your partner for a minute.

23. Kiss your partner all around down there for 60 seconds.

24. Nibble your partner’s booty twice.

25. Do the wort impression you have ever seen of someone org#sm.

26. Seduce your partner and see how far you will go in 3 minutes.

27. Put whipped cream on the part of your partner’s body you want to lick and lick it all.

28. Touch yourself until you climax while your partner is watching.

29. Stay naked to the end of the game.

30. Open the front door while completely naked.

31. Sing a 2 minutes video about your partner.

32. Bite your partner’s bottom lip.

33. Whisper a few words to your spouse’s ear that will automatically turn them on.

34. Do an impression of your partner when they are climaxing.

35. Give your perfect hand job for exactly 3 minutes.

Dirty Dares Over Text for a Guy

Not sure what dirty dares for guys over text will make their ache for you? Let me show you how. I put together a list of dirty things to dare a guy over text.

1. Send a nude picture snapped anywhere…except in bedroom or the bathroom.

2. Put ice cubes in your underwear and dance for 5 minutes with it.

3. Perform a sexy erotic dance with a pole.

4. Let me have a glimpse of your d#ck.

5. Turn me on in 60 seconds.

6. Send a picture of best “seduction face.”

7. Strip down your underwear and stay without one for the rest of the game.

8. Have the most seductive pose you can and hold in the position for 20 seconds.

9. Guess who among us is most likely not to have underwear right now.

10. Take a nude selfie in the bathroom and show it to everyone for 3 seconds.

11. Take off your shirts with just one hand.

12. Lick your lips in a sexy seductive way.

13. Text a random friend something really dirty and apologize.

14. Text your ex 3 dirty dares for adults “accidentally”.

15. Send everyone here a different dirty dare for adults’ text you can ever think of.

16. Accidentally sext your ex.

17. Accidentally send a nasty text to one of your parents.

18. Get a mature content video, watch it and narrate it to everyone here.

Dirty Dares Over Text for a Girl

We all know how girls are, so make sure you test the waters first with a few mild dirty dares over text for girls. Most girls will not open up to you right away.

1. Put a shock in your underwear and pretend to be a guy for five minutes.

2. Give a PowerPoint presentation on sexual intimacy.

3. Take off your underwear without showing anyone.

4. Style yourself with your boyfriend’s shirt and send him a picture.

5. Draw two eyes just above your belly button and pretend it is a character.

6. Copy the style of your favorite celebrity and make a video.

7. Shoot a get ready with me video for your social media.

8. Give away one outfit from your wardrobe to someone from this room.

9. Call your partner and prank them by saying you are pregnant.

10. Call your crush and ask him/ her out for a date.

11. Tell us your planning for your wedding in detail.

12. Dress up yourself using anything you get from the kitchen.

13. Grab a comb and pretend to be a superstar.

14. Dress up as your favorite celebrity and try to mimic him/ her.

15. Dress up as a Disney princess and do a seductive dance.

16. All your best friends and prank her/ him saying you are getting married.

17. Do a sexy crawl and make a video of it.

18. Touch someone else’s tongue with yours.

19. Shave your arms and click a picture.

20. Grab a broom and do a seductive dance with it.

21. Do some dance movies while folding your washed clothes.

22. Pretend to be a celebrity and give a long speech.

23. Let someone in this room give you a new hairstyle.

24. Confess something to your partner that you were hiding for a long time.

25. Draw faces on the top of your fingers and talk to them for a few minutes.

Dirty Dares Over Text for Friends

If you want to play with a friend or someone you like, this game would be perfect. Take a look at some of the dirty dares over text for friends along with their short descriptions.

1. Describe your ideal b##bs in detail.

2. Describe your ideal size, shape and any other traits of your ideal d#ck.

3. Tell us the one thing you love the most in men’s or women’s bodies.

4. Do a lap dance and striptease to all opposite-sex persons in this game.

5. Recreate the scene on your first interaction when you first met.

6. Recreate a demo of the first time when you tried doing it.

7. Send a voice message of your best s#x moans.

8. Send a video of you trying to put on every piece of underwear you own.

9. Send a video of you using your favorite s#x toy.

10. Send a video of you doing a strip tease.

11. Order something sexy to wear when you see the other person.

12. Drink water like a dog from someone’s palm

13. Kiss the person to your left.

14. Play a song using your butt cheeks as a drum and have someone guess it.

15. Show someone your favorite underwear.

16. Flirt with a piece of fruit and eat it after.

17. Lick or bite your lips in a more seductive way.

18. Send a video of you pleasuring yourself.

19. Send a voice message of your best dirty talk.

20. Wear your underwear on your head for five minutes.

21. Seductively eat a banana.

22. Twerk for a minute.

23. Send a sexy text to the 20th person in your contact list.

5 Tips for Playing Dirty Dares Over Text

It might be fun to play dirty dares over text with friends or your spouse. However, this type of game is not suitable for everyone. Don’t worry, I’ve designed the 5 suggestions that will help you to play!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Let’s begin with a teasing joke and see where it goes from there. It’s best not to appear weirder, so be cautious. Let’s wait and see how things go before moving forward.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Be clear in advance that questions of any type are allowed, and that there is the possibility that someone will overstep their bounds. Play with close friends or your spouse before starting so that there are no lingering doubts.

A Seductive Response Awaits the Person

Once the person responding to the introductory text responds positively, it’s time to start the game. As you become aware that the individual is also interested in filthy texting or sexy messages, you may begin to increase the sexiness of your texts – but not too much. 

Be patient as your messages are answered. Taking too long might make you more tired, and you should wait until a different time.

Think Outside the Box

Depending on how much you enjoy dirty dare questions over text, you may continue until either you lightly caress each other or you decide to meet in person. Keep the other person interested in your message regardless of what happens.

When Responded Favorably, Increase the Stake

You should think about making your chat more detailed if the person you are messaging likes sexy texts, as meeting the person may be a good idea. Make your chat more interesting.

I hope you enjoy the above-mentioned tips that may help you to start a dirty conversation with your loved one or a close friend.

Final Thoughts on Dirty Dares Over Text

Having fun is an essential part of a healthy relationship. It can also bring some much-needed excitement to your friendship or romance when you make dirty dares over text.

Let’s play dirty dare questions over text together and have fun. Make the game more exciting by using these dirty dares! Try to have fun. Even though it might seem like a dull game to play via text, with this list of dares, you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

You can use the above dirty dares over text as suggestions. The next time you play this exciting texting game, you can also devise other dirty dares over text messages that you can throw at your partner.

Which category of the dirty dares do you like the most? Tell us in the comment section!

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