504 Best This or That Questions for Couples to Learn about Each Other

Are you seeking for the best this or that questions for couples or just something to add to your couple bucket list? The solution lies in these this or that couple questions.

The best part is that there are really no right or incorrect answers to these questions, which makes them not too difficult. Whether you’re doing it with your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, or spouse, this is a surefire technique to get closer.

A “this or that” question offers a choice between two distinct and engaging options, allowing respondents to learn more about one another and themselves.

When you’re done binge-watching a TV, spend an evening responding to these this or that questions for couples with each other. Check which questions you both answered the same way on and which ones you didn’t; who knows, you two might even discover something about one another!

Best This or That Questions for Couples

Questions let couples get to know one another better. Additionally, by asking this or that, partners in a relationship can better understand one another’s thoughts and reasoning. Check out this list of best this or that questions for couples to choose from.

1. Painful truth or comforting lie?

2. Phone call or text message?

3. Singing or dancing?

4. Bath or shower?

5. Paypal or Venmo?

6. Eat in bed, or food banished from bed?

7. Phone in the bathroom or no phone in the bathroom?

8. Sleep on back / front or sleep on side?

9. Sleep with a slit of light or sleep in complete darkness?

10. Socks or slippers?

11. Zip up hoodie or pull over hoodie?

12. Sauce on the side or sauce on top?

13. Take-away or meal in a restaurant?

14. Instagram or Facebook?

15. TikTok or Youtube?

16. Photos or videos?

17. No TV or no social media?

18. Pepsi or coke?

19. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

20. Sausage or bacon?

21. Board games or card games?

22. Split the bill or take turns paying?

23. Share food or each have your own food?

24. Clean up as you cook or clean up at the end?

25. Thin crust or thick crust on pizza?

26. Sweet or savoury?

27. Fruit or veg?

28. McDonalds or Burger King?

29. Smoothies or milkshakes?

30. Movies or books?

31. Reality shows or documentaries?

32. Laugh again or never be able to smile again?

33. Ugliest person in the world or smell the worst?

34. Worry about germs or be terrified of a monster under your bed?

35. Walk through mud or walk through a pool?

36. Call first thing in the morning or call in the middle of the night?

37. Board games or video games?

38. Give a ride or hitch a ride?

39. Social media message or text message?

40. Take a friend on your family vacation or join a friend on their family vacation?

41. Group hangout or one-on-one hangout?

42. French fries or onion rings?

43. Share food or don’t share food?

Random This or That Questions for Couples

One of the most significant relationship aspects is getting to know your partner. By approaching these this or that couple questions in a fun manner, couples can get a rather deep glimpse into one another’s thought process.

1. Run or gym?

2. Weights or cardio?

3. Countryside or city?

4. Letter or emails?

5. Sunset or sunrise?

6. Hogwarts or Narnia?

7. Swim in the pool or swim in the sea?

8. Short hair or long hair?

9. Straight hair or curly hair?

10. Piercings or tattoos?

11. Lend money or borrow money?

12. Growth or security?

13. Muffins or cupcakes?

14. Tea or coffee?

15. Hot drinks or cold drinks?

16. Wine or cocktails?

17. Pub or bar?

18. Summer or Spring?

19. Morning or night?

20. Be skilled or popular?

21. Smart or sporty?

22. Snowball fight or water balloon fight?

23. Being too hot or too cold?

24. Snowball fight or sledding?

25. Money or love?

26. Make lots of money or make a huge impact on the word?

27. Marriage or career?

28. Career or travel?

29. See the future or change the past?

30. Be financially bankrupt or emotionally bankrupt?

31. Ice cream or ice lolly?

32. Ice cream in a cone or in a cup?

33. Be able to play every musical instrument or master every type of sport?

34. Be a vegetarian or only able to eat meat?

35. Have no friends but be rich or have lots of friends but be dirt poor?

36. Eat dinner alone or have to take showers at a public gym?

37. Die before your spouse or after?

38. Get stranded on Antarctica or in the desert?

39. Instagram or Twitter?

40. Shopping online or shopping in-store?

41. Tattoos or piercings?

42. Store-bought or homemade?

43. Plans or surprises?

44. Pizza or Chinese food?

45. Books or movies?

46. Roller coasters or water slides?

47. Souvenirs or postcards?

Funny This or That Questions for Couples

Games could be a fun method for couples to get to know one another better. What better method to accomplish this than by asking couples some funny this or that questions for couples? Use these lighthearted and humorous questions to get to know your companion a little better.

1. Phone in bathroom or no phone in bathroom?

2. Sort by price or by rating?

3. Never age physically or never age mentally?

4. Crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter?

5. Zombies or vampires?

6. Funny story or one-liner?

7. Bad breath or body odor?

8. Working hard or hardly working?

9. Bad haircut or bad dye job?

10. Pineapple pizza or candy corn?

11. Talking pets or talking babies?

12. Winning the lottery or finding your soulmate?

13. Misquoted movies or mistaken lyrics?

14. Test the waters or dive in the deep end?

15. Glass half full or glass half empty?

16. Ketchup or ranch?

17. Sneezing or coughing?

18. Air guitar or air drums?

19. Robots or dinosaurs?

20. Guacamole or salsa?

21. Boxers or briefs?

22. Fainting or spit take?

23. Speeding ticket or parking ticket?

24. Comedian in serious film or serious actor in comedy film?

25. Silly hats or silly socks?

26. Instagram famous or infomercial famous?

27. A store where every item is free or a restaurant where every dish is calorie free?

28. Passwords or secret handshakes?

29. Loud neighbors or nosey neighbors?

30. Babies dressed as animals or animals dressed as humans?

31. Give up brushing your teeth or brushing your hair?

32. Win the lottery or live in good health to be 200 years old?

Fun This or That Questions for Couples

Have fun, laugh, and don’t take yourself too seriously when you answer these fun this or that questions for couples, but keep in mind that they reveal aspects of you that you might not even be aware of. Also, try them out to know about your partner on a deeper level.

1. Be embarrassed or be afraid?

2. City or countryside?

3. Smartphone or tablet?

4. Wine or Beer?

5. Camping or glamping?

6. Cooking or being cooked for?

7. Play or standup show?

8. Roommates or live alone?

9. Attend a party or host a party?

10. Lose sleep or skip a meal?

11. Vacation or staycation?

12. Netflix or Hulu?

13. Night or morning?

14. Rich and famous or rich and unknown?

15. Passenger or driver?

16. Art museum or history museum?

17. Car or bike?

18. Train or airplane?

19. Owe money or owe a favor?

20. Coffee or tea?

21. Hang out with little kids or old folks?

22. Sweating or shivering?

23. Ambition or comfort?

24. Sneakers or dress shoes?

25. Fiction or nonfiction?

26. Cash or credit?

27. Espresso or drip coffee?

28. Hot coffee or iced coffee?

29. Patterned or plain?

30. DC or Marvel?

31. Red wine or white wine?

32. Salad or sandwich?

33. Couldn’t remember your family’s names or get lost trying to go to your mother’s house?

34. Ride donkeys or preferred to milk goats?

35. Wears a straw hat or chews on a toothpick?

36. Sound like parakeet when laughing or coughs like a bull when snorting?

37. Android or iPhone?

38. Brand name or generic?

39. Bargain or top-shelf?

40. Loud or quiet?

41. Protagonist or sidekick?

42. Girl friends or guy friends?

43. Animals or people?

44. Disney or HBO?

45. Day or night?

46. Watch sports or play sports?

47. Driving fast or driving slow?

48. Instagram or snapchat?

Romantic This or That Questions for Couples

You don’t know everything about your partner, whether you’ve been dating for a short while or have been together for a long. However, asking these romantic this or that questions for couples is the best approach to learn more about someone. Try them out!

1. Smartest person in the world or richest person in the world?

2. Save 100 strangers or one loved one?

3. A white lie or be told an embarrassing truth that really hurts in front of everyone?

4. Time machine or magic wand?

5. Sight or sound?

6. Logic or emotion?

7. Words or actions?

8. Passion or stability?

9. Predictability or excitement?

10. Be the owner or the boss?

11. Seek advice from me or find solutions for yourself?

12. Success or happiness?

13. Apathy or obsession?

14. Skill or popularity?

15. Poor and happy or rich and miserable?

16. Cherished or respected?

17. Intense pain for ten minutes or dull pain for one day?

18. Misunderstood after death or forgotten after death?

19. Hero or antihero?

20. Happy endings or sad endings?

21. Overly optimistic or overly pessimistic?

22. False hope or unnecessary anxiety?

23. Massive success by accident or modest success on purpose?

24. Rekindled friendship or rekindled romance?

25. Regret or doubt?

26. Underestimated or overestimated?

27. No company or bad company?

28. Play video games or play physical games?

29. Pause time or rewind time?

30. Free travel for one year or free lodging for five years?

31. Second chance at love or second chance for your career?

Dirty This or That Questions for Couples

You can spice up your romantic life by asking one of these dirty this or that questions for couples. After learning each other’s responses, some of the questions will teach you more about your partner, and you might even wish to try them out. You may have some fun coming up with creative ways to liven up the bedroom by using these dirty this or that questions.

1. Wash dishes immediately or wait until the sink is full?

2. Clothes on the floor or clothes in the hamper?

3. Sweeping or vacuuming?

4. Laundry or dishes?

5. Mowing the yard or weeding the garden?

6. Clutter in the closet or clutter under the bed?

7. Spend all day or all night together?

8. Never have food again or never have sex again?

9. Go swimming in the sea or sunbathing?

10. Have breakfast in bed or a midnight snack?

11. Have s#x inside or outside?

12. Be with a quiet or passionate lover?

13. Have a sexy shower or a sexy bath?

14. A long kiss or a short pec?

15. Play-fight or role play?

16. Dirty bathroom or dirty kitchen?

17. Muddy floor or dusty floor?

18. Load the dishwasher or unload the dishwasher?

19. Clean a litter box or walk a dog?

20. Wear a sports bra forever or never wear a bra again?

21. Hand soap or hand sanitizer?

22. Rake or shovel?

23. Sponge or paper towel?

24. Bar soap or body wash?

25. Showers or baths?

26. Subtly stained clothes or obviously wrinkled clothes?

27. Have s#x with Gossip Girl or Friends?

28. Have a s#x playlist with only Lady Gaga on it or only Elvis Presley?

29. Join the mile-high club or have a threesome?

30. Kiss someone with cherry-flavored Chapstick or cake batter-flavored Chapstick?

31. Give or receive a lap dance?

32. Make out with your ex’s new partner or your new partner’s ex?

33. Moon or flash your best friend’s partner?

34. Skinny dip in a lake or the ocean?

Naughty This or That Questions for Couples

You will be thinking about scenarios that are a combination of cute, awkward, or perhaps downright disgusting after answering these naughty this or that questions for couples. Stroll down this list of naughty this or that questions and use it whenever you want to spice up your conversations.

1. Know how long you’ll be with a partner or never know?

2. Have your dream job or dream partner?

3. Live forever without a partner or live for less time with your partner?

4. Have good friends or the best partner?

5. Be with a loud partner or an overly shy partner?

6. Your parent’s approval of your partner or your friends’ approval?

7. Have lots of children or lots of pets?

8. Be told the truth at all times or sometimes be lied to?

9. Be in one committed relationship or have several partners?

10. Date someone who dates/ has dated men and women, or just men/women?

11. Cut ties with your ex or be friends with them?

12. Get never-get-married or get married?

13. Be with someone who has had lots of partners or no partners before you?

14. Be with someone you can’t trust or someone you do trust but don’t love?

15. Never fall in love or never have children?

16. Have s#x without love or love without s#x?

17. Commando or supported?

18. Skinny dipping or streaking?

19. Bedroom light on or off?

20. Adult time in the shower or jacuzzi?

21. Mile high club or middle of the ocean?

22. Kisses on the neck or forehead?

23. Hook up with your ex or never hook up again?

24. Couples photoshoot or solo shoot?

25. S#xy music or candlelit?

26. Lingerie or nothing?

27. More communication or more physical touch?

28. Do an adult video or be an escort?

29. Get a lap dance or strip yourself?

30. Suck your neck or your fingers?

31. Watch porn together or make porn together?

32. Bring in a friend for a threesome or a random person?

33. Watch me make out with someone else or have me watch you?

34. Nipple clamps or choking?

Relationship This or That Questions for Couples

These questions can greatly help you understand how your partner thinks about your relationship. The focus of these this or that relationship questions is on the two of you and your approach to relationships in general.

1. Dogs or cats?

2. Big family or small family?

3. Big wedding or small wedding?

4. Messy or tidy?

5. Planning or winging it?

6. Arrive early or arrive late?

7. Night out or night in?

8. Food truck or restaurant?

9. Fast food or health food?

10. Dine in or order delivery?

11. Coffee date or cocktail date?

12. Concert or sports game?

13. Funny movie or dramatic movie?

14. Calling or texting?

15. Never drink water or never have s#x?

16. Family or friends?

17. Expensive gift or homemade gift?

18. Sleeping with the bedroom door closed or open?

19. Vegetarian or meat-eating?

20. Couch potato or fitness fiend?

21. Eggs or pancakes?

22. Toilet paper over or under?

23. Talking or listening?

24. Walk slow or walk fast?

25. Looks or personality?

26. Clean as you cook or clean up at the end?

27. Kiss a stranger of your same or opposite gender?

28. Starve food or s#x for a week?

29. Have wild s#x with good looking strangers or find true love?

30. Laugh or cry while having s#x?

31. Striptease for your best friend’s boyfriend or for a stranger?

32. Never kiss or never have ice cream all your life?

33. Never lie or never steal anything?

Flirty This or That Questions for Couples

The this or that questions are an amazing way to better know each other. Open the lines of communication by posing these flirty this or that questions for couples now and see where the conversation leads you! We guarantee you’ll find something new about your partner.

1. Plan a holiday month in advance or get a flight last minute?

2. Star in a romantic comedy or a horror movie?

3. Date someone who fancied you more or who you fancied more?

4. Pay for a meal or have someone pay for you?

5. Be really similar to a partner or completely different?

6. Live in a city or in the countryside?

7. Book a table or find a restaurant depending on how you feel?

8. Spend all day at home or all day out of the house?

9. Date for a long time or get into a relationship as soon as possible?

10. Go to a bar or a restaurant?

11. Have a dessert, main or starter?

12. Share food or have separate meals?

13. Get drunk or be sober?

14. Never drink alcohol again or never smoke again?

15. Sleep under the stars or stay in a hotel?

16. Go to the beach or go to bungee jumping?

17. Receive flowers or send them?

18. Hug or handhold?

19. Be told where you are going on a date or be surprised?

20. Receive presents or experiences for your birthday?

21. Have a chocolate fondue or strawberries and cream?

22. Get matching tattoos or piercings?

23. Go dancing or singing at a karaoke bar?

24. Read someone’s mind or change someone’s mind?

25. Let me shave your hair off or eyebrows?

26. Text or all night or talk on the phone?

27. Be with someone funny or attractive?

28. Sleep with your dad’s best friend or your arch enemy?

29. Go a year without television or a year without music?

30. Remember all your dreams or never remember your dreams?

31. Go on a date with a fictional tv show character or a book character, who?

Hard This or That Questions for Couples

Were they too simple? Let’s take it a pull off and put your companion in a dilemma. Here are some of the best hard this or that questions for couples that are difficult to provide an immediate response to. The aim of these questions is to get them to think more carefully.

1. Mini golf or bowling?

2. Christmas or birthdays?

3. New Years Eve or Valentines Day?

4. Experiences or physical presents?

5. Cute card or funny card?

6. Diet soda or regular soda?

7. Mild or spicy?

8. Sweet candy or sour candy?

9. Lunch or dinner?

10. Breakfast or no breakfast?

11. Happy songs or sad songs?

12. Save money or spend money?

13. Modern or antique?

14. Introvert or extrovert?

15. Give or receive?

16. Play it safe or take risks?

17. Skydive or bungee jump?

18. Loose the ability to see or to hear?

19. Be invisible or able to read minds?

20. Be a hero or a villain?

21. Have an adult’s mind in a child’s body or a child’s mind in an adult’s body?

22. Be born in the future or the past?

23. Be famous or an average person?

24. Famous online or in real life?

25. Money or free time?

26. Cremation or burial?

27. Personal chef or personal trainer?

28. Change personality or change looks?

29. Have perfect teeth or perfect hair?

30. Cheat on someone or be cheated on?

31. Be friend zoned or ghosted?

32. Cuddle in the morning or cuddle at night?

Personal This or That Questions for Couples

Do you and your partner wish to have an enjoyable conversation? Try posing some of these personal this or that questions for couples to one another. Add some flavor with these simple questions that encourage discussion of your choices. These in-depth personal inquiries probe a person’s views in a new way.

1. Live music or live comedy?

2. Online shopping or in store shopping?

3. Working as a team or working alone?

4. Flat-mates or live alone?

5. Volunteer at a nursery or a retirement home?

6. Have the ability to talk to animals or become an animal?

7. Cats or fish?

8. Fake Christmas tree or real Christmas tree?

9. Newspaper or online news?

10. Computer games or video games?

11. Bad breath or body odour?

12. Coughing or sneezing?

13. Being crazy tall or crazy short?

14. Adopt a puppy or adopt a baby?

15. Five children or no children?

16. Dream car or dream wedding?

17. Stay at home parent or breadwinner?

18. Fireplace or fire pit?

19. Planned trips or spontaneous trips?

20. Zoo or aquarium?

21. Weekends or holidays?

22. Night in or night out?

23. Cruise or travel by plane?

24. Train or bus?

25. Convertible or mini van?

26. Work in the office or work from home?

27. Finish work early or start work late?

28. Theme park or water park?

This or That Questions for Couples about Travel

When you want to spice up a discussion next time you’re on a road trip, give these travel this or that questions a try. We’ve included a list of creative this or that questions that you and your partner can use to make each other laugh.

1. Road Trip or fly somewhere?

2. Chill vacay or full of activities?

3. Beach or mountains?

4. All inclusive or diy?

5. Water activities or land?

6. Hotel or airbnb?

7. Famous restaurant or hole in the wall?

8. Stay in and order room service or explore the town?

9. Skydiving or bungee jumping?

10. Shark cage diving or sailing?

11. Winter or Summer?

12. A flying car or an amphibious vehicle?

13. Country or city?

14. Travel agent or book yourself?

15. Two weeks or weekend trip?

16. Slow travel or fast travel?

17. Europe or South America?

18. The ability to travel through time, or be able to become anyone?

19. Travel in a tiny house or a camper van?

20. Book a pre-made travel tour or build your own itinerary from scratch?

21. Spend the majority of your money on materialistic things, or spend most of your income on fun experiences such as traveling the world?

22. Unlimited free food at any restaurant for the rest of your life, or unlimited free flights anywhere for the rest of your life?

23. Spend 10 minutes on the moon or 2 weeks paid vacation in Europe?

24. Travel on a flying carpet or a dragon’s back?

25. Able to fly or teleport?

26. A vacation in China or India?

27. Drive or fly across the country?

28. Travel alone or live alone?

29. A working flying carpet or a working rabbit’s foot (for luck)?

30. Buy a beautiful cozy home to live with your soulmate or travel the world with your soulmate?

31. An unlimited international first class ticket or never have to pay for food at restaurants?

32. Be able to work from home or travel the world for work?

33. Live in a mansion but be forced to stay inside, or live in a tiny house and be able to travel anywhere you want?

34. A vacation to Italy or Hawaii?

35. Explore space or the ocean?

36. Tent or rent a cabin?

37. Never have internet access again or never be able to take an airplane again?

This or That Questions for Couples about Food and Entertainment

Theses food and entertainment this or that questions can improve communication between a couple and strengthen their relationship by knowing each other’s food and entertainment choices. Playing this game will guarantee you have a fantastic time while learning intriguing facts about each other whether you are a new couple or have been dating for a while.

1. Flip hamburgers or make pizzas?

2. Haggis or a century egg?

3. Apple pie or blueberry pie?

4. Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande?

5. Watch movies starring the rock or watch movies starring Leonardo Dicaprio?

6. Win an oscar or present an oscar?

7. Host Saturday night live or be the bachelor/bachelorette?

8. Eat chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla ice cream?

9. Hamburgers or pizza?

10. Be vegetarian or not be?

11. Garlic or onions?

12. Grow tomatoes or cucumbers?

13. Rich or never have ice cream again in your life?

14. Have sweet potato fries or regular fries?

15. Meet oprah or dr. Phil?

16. Be a famous rapper or a famous singer?

17. Be a famous songwriter or a famous drummer?

18. Takeaway restaurant or home-cooked meals?

19. Bread or chocolate?

20. Cheesecake or pizza?

21. American idol or American ninja warrior?

22. Tour with a famous band or tour with a famous comedian?

23. Hollywood or Bollywood?

24. Chocolate or a vanilla birthday cake?

25. Eat canned food or frozen foods every day for a million dollars?

26. Super bowl halftime show or super bowl

27. Bananas or berries?

28. Broccoli or brussel sprouts?

29. Snails in garlic butter or fish head soup?

30. Chocolate eggs at easter or candy at halloween?

31. Friends or The big bang theory?

32. Game of thrones or Vikings?

This or That Questions for Couples about Pets and Animals

Talking about pets and animals is an excellent approach to start a conversation between couples as everyone has different perspectives. Some people adore animals and enjoy having pets, while others have no interest in them at all. Below you will find some pets and animals this or that questions to ask your partner.

1. Have a pet dog or a pet cat?

2. Go to the aquarium, the zoo, or an animal petting farm?

3. Have one pet cat or fifteen?

4. Ride a camel or an ostrich?

5. Go to school on the school bus or on a pony every day?

6. A pet rat or a pet hamster?

7. A pet rabbit or a pet chicken?

8. Milk a goat or a cow?

9. Nurse an injured bird or an injured cheetah cub back to health?

10. Take a dachshund or a rottweiler for a walk?

11. Swim in a tank of cockroaches or a tank of snakes?

12. Go swimming with dolphins or whales?

13. Cuddle a koala or a raccoon?

14. Get spat on by a camel or sprayed by a skunk?

15. Eat a fried tarantula or a snake skewer for a million dollars?

16. Have lice or fleas for the rest of your life?

17. Get a pet dog from a pet store or from a shelter?

18. Fight a bear or a puma?

19. Ride an ostrich or a camel?

20. Hug a koala bear or a panda?

21. Stroke a tarantula or a snake?

22. Fight a tiger or a bear?

23. Have a dinosaur or a dolphin as a pet?

24. Milk a cow or shear a sheep?

25. Put your head in a lion’s mouth or waterski over a shark tank?

26. Own a cat or a dog?

27. Be able to climb a tree like a squirrel or dig burrows like a mole?

28. Be kept awake at night by a dog barking or be woken up early by a cock crowing?

5 Tips for Choosing This or That Questions for Couples

The this or that questions for couples are fantastic discussion starters for couples. They’re enjoyable and lighthearted, but they also genuinely help you get to know your partner better, regardless of how long you’ve been dating. Take turns and ask them whenever you feel like it. You can even ask them when you’re cuddled up. Here are 5 tips to choose best this or that couple questions.

1. Consider the nature of your partner before choosing your questions. When seeking for humorous this or that couple edition to ask from your partner, ensure that they are well acquainted to their nature and will not irritate them.

2. We can only have our own life experiences. Each individual has a unique sense of taste and smell, which is a result of their individual experiences. Because of this, asking questions that allow us to fully comprehend another person may also enable us to sympathize with them. Pick the inquiries that center on our perceptions of one another and our values.

3. Create a wide range of questions; make them serious, romantic, hard, and humorous. Spend some time coming up with humorous questions that require respondents to give significant thought to their answers. Also ensure the surprise element in your questions and make sure that your partner does not know the questions in advance as well.

No further time should be given to your partner to deliberate over his / her responses or even to discuss it with other people. The game’s ultimate goal is to know about your partner in a fun way.

4. Consider why you are asking these questions. Think about the kind of answer you want to get. Consider your preference for advice, a factual response, or a different person’s perspective.

5. To ensure that your this or that questions for couples game runs well, try to avoid asking too many questions. Boredom can set in for your mates. You must carefully choose your questions and order them as well.

Final Thoughts on This or That Questions for Couples

It is wonderful to be in a relationship. However, the core of that relationship is getting to know someone better, and learning everything about a possible partner can be challenging.

It’s not as if everyone has a built-in biography you can look up to learn more about them. Instead, you should ask these this or that questions for couples. You can get to know someone in this way. It’s not just entertaining but it work also.

The this or that questions for couples are a lighthearted approach to engage with others, share thoughts, and laugh together. You can discover a lot about your partner and yourself if you don’t take them too seriously.

So, after reading these this or that couple edition, have you discovered anything new about your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner? Did the dirty questions prompt you to add any new items to your sex-related bucket list? We certainly hope you enjoyed answering them, if nothing else.

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