256 Questions to Ask a Girl You Like (Fun and Flirty)

There are actually certain questions that girls enjoy hearing.

However, don’t spend too much time preparing your questions.

The conversation will flow easily, just like when speaking with anyone else, and frequently the best topics will arise out of nowhere.

Having said that, we were able to reduce some of the early stress associated with intelligent questions to ask a girl by compiling enough questions to spark hundreds of chats.

In the end, a simple conversation is the finest approach to getting to know someone.

Here are some questions to ask a girl you like.

Questions to Ask a Girl You Like to Break the Ice

It might be challenging to come up with things to ask girls when trying to strike up a conversation with someone you could imagine yourself dating. This list of questions to ask a girl you like will surely be an icebreaker.

1. What did you ask Santa for last Christmas?

2. What achievement are you most proud of?

3. What annoys you?

4. What book has had a significant impact on you?

5. What book or movie character are you most like?

6. What country or place in the world would you most/least like to visit?

7. What famous person either dead or alive would you most want to meet?

8. What food did you hate as a child but enjoy now?

9. If you were given $100,000 to redecorate or remodel your house or apartment, what changes would you make?

10. Is it ever right to tell a lie? Explain your answer.

11. Where were you born and how many places have you lived?

12. What is strange or unusual about you?

13. What is the best advice anyone ever gave you? Who gave it to you?

14. What is your favorite flower/kind of candy?

15. What is the best and worst thing about being female?

16. Where is the last place you would ever want to visit?

17. Do your follow your horoscope?

18. What food or snack do you crave most?

19. What food would you be willing to eat for every meal for the rest of your life?

20. What historical event would you like to know the truth about?

21. Do you prefer to dress casually or in formal attire?

22. What is considered socially acceptable that you do not approve of?

23. What is something unusual you recommend everyone try at least once?

24. What item have you lost recently? Did you find it?

25. What is something you have recently learned that surprised you?

26. What is something you wish you could do better?

27. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

28. Do you prefer mental or physical exercise?

29. How would you live your life if you found out you only had a year to live?

30. If you were extremely wealthy, what changes would you make in your life or the world?

31. If you could have any animal as a tame pet, which would you choose?

32. If you were able to live forever, would you want to do so? Why?

33. Which one world problem would you choose to solve and why?

34. Who has had the biggest impact on your life?

35. Who or what are you most grateful for?

Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl You Like

Sometimes all it takes to get things going is a good question. There are countless possibilities, which is utterly overwhelming. We have made it easy for you by including these cute questions.

1. Would you prefer to read a book or watch a movie?

2. What is the name of the last book you read?

3. Are you afraid of heights?

4. Can you play an instrument?

5. What is your favorite hobby?

6. What do you do when you can’t sleep?

7. Do you have any pets?

8. What is your favorite animal?

9. What is your favorite flower?

10. What do you want to have a career in?

11. Who is your best friend?

12. What is your biggest pet peeve?

13. How would you spend your money if you won the lottery?

14. What is your favorite place that you have visited?

15. What countries have you visited?

16. What is your favorite holiday/celebration day and why?

17. Do you have a nickname?

18. Winning the lottery or true Love?

19. What would you do extra if there were 25 hours in a day?

20. How should a perfect weekend start?

21. What could you never forgive?

22. What are you proud of at the moment?

23. What is your best childhood memory?

24. What is the best thing about your life right now?

25. What is the most stupid thing you have ever done?

26. If you could change something in your past, what would it be?

Romantic Questions to Ask a Girl You Like

These are some juicy questions to ask a girl you like. This may serve as a basis for the future romance between you two. If everything goes well, you might actually build a strong bond with her.

1. Which person never fails to put a smile on your face?

2. What does commitment mean to you?

3. What does forever mean to you?

4. What’s the most romantic date you can think of?

5. What is the kindest thing a partner has ever done for you?

6. What’s your biggest turn-on?

7. Do you believe in soulmates?

8. Have you ever been in love? How many times?

9. Do you believe in love at first sight?

10. What does vulnerability mean to you?

11. Do you know your love language?

12. What is the most romantic proposal story you have ever heard?

13. What is one thing you absolutely won’t compromise for a relationship?

14. What do you want emotionally from a partner?

15. What would make you leave someone you love?

16. Is there anything about our relationship that makes you feel lonely or unloved?

17. Which romantic gesture do you believe is overrated?

18. What’s your biggest relationship red flag?

19. When was the last time you gave someone a second chance?

20. Do you consider yourself a romantic or a skeptic?

21. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?

22. What song would you love to hear on your wedding day?

23. Do you believe that love can make people overcome their differences?

24. What about me first attracted you?

25. What is something you wish more people knew about you?

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl You Like

Flirting can spark up even the dullest of conversations. You can ask these flirty questions from the girl you are interested in and charm her into liking you back. These questions can voice your attraction towards her.

1. Do you believe in soul mates?

2. If you give me the pet name? What would it be?

3. Can you see us being in a relationship in the future?

4. Do you want to go to dinner together soon?

5. Did you miss me when I wasn’t there?

6. What is your idea of a perfect date?

7. What do you hate about dating the most?

8. What is the best date you have ever been on?

9. What is the most ridiculous date you have been on?

10. Do you thank that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

11. Are you a jealous person?

12. Can a guy and a girl be friends without falling in love?

13. How would you describe me in 3 words?

14. Can you keep a secret?

15. What do you think when you look at me?

16. What was the first thought you had when you first saw me?

17. What’s the weirdest compliment you’ve ever received?

18. Do you believe in destiny?

19. What are your plans today/tomorrow, etc.? Do you want to go on a date together?

20. An endless supply of money or eternal love?

21. What do you find most attractive in a boy or girl?

22. If you could marry a fictional character, who would it be?

23. What is the one quality you appreciate the most in a person?

24. What is your favorite thing about my body?

25. If you could describe me using three words, what words would you choose?

26. What is your biggest turn off?

27. What would you do if you became a boy/girl for a day?

28. Do you maintain friendships with an ex?

Deep Questions to Ask a Girl You Like

Get to know her on a deeper level with this list of deep questions. Delve deep into her ideas and thoughts on different aspects of life and relationships to start a meaningful conversation.

1. What is your favorite dream?

2. What is the craziest thing you would like to try?

3. Were you a good boy/girl or bad boy/girl at school/college?

4. Do you have many friends?

5. Do you think it is possible to have many friends?

6. When was the last time you laughed so hard you couldn’t stop?

7. What kind of humor do you like best? (dark, sarcasm, parodic, anecdotal, etc.)

8. Things you think you and I have in common?

9. How do you see yourself in five years’ time?

10. Do you prefer living in the countryside or in a big city?

11. What is your dream job?

12. Do you believe in omens? Why?

13. When you’re feeling sad, what makes you feel happy?

14. What do you do when you’re sad?

15. Have you spent much time abroad? If so, where?

16. Is there anything you have dreamed of doing for a long time? If so, why you haven’t done it?

17. Is it true that even if we have a lot of friends, we only have a few real friends?

18. What is the main quality you think makes a good friend?

19. What is the main quality you would be seeking for in a person?

20. What’s the hardest decision you’ve ever made?

21. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

22. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

23. Are you an owl or a lark?

24. Are you easily offended?

25. What personality trait of yours is your favorite?

26. What would you like to change in your life?

Personal Questions to Ask a Girl You Like

If you are interested in knowing her personally then you should consider asking personal questions but make sure you she knows you beforehand because otherwise, it may appear too intrusive.

1. Do you easily accept compliments?

2. What’s the last thing that REALLY embarrassed you?

3. What were you like as a kid?

4. What’s one of the first memories you can recall?

5. What is the most bizarre dream you remember having recently?

6. What’s one thing that’s happened to you that made you feel weak?

7. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

8. What’s one thing you’re scared to ask a guy, but really want to?

9. Have you ever broken any laws? If yes, did you get caught?

10. Do you want kids of your own?

11. What is your favorite memory?

12. Are you a spender or a saver?

13. If you could choose to never do one single chore again for the rest of your life with no consequences, which would you choose?

14. What is one thing you feel your life is missing?

15. How seriously do you take horoscopes?

16. What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself?

17. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

18. Do you have any regrets? What’s your biggest one?

19. Who do you wish you could trade lives with?

20. Is having a big ego a negative or positive trait?

21. If you could go back to any age or time of your life, what age or time would it be?

22. What’s something you believe in that not everyone else does?

23. What was one time you really stepped out of your comfort zone?

24. What did you think was silly until you tried it?

25. If the world was ending, what would you do today?

Funny Questions to Ask a Girl You Like

Everyone likes a funny guy and a little laughter cannot hurt anyone. So pose these funny questions to her in order to make her giggle and open her heart to you.

1. Are you more of a romantic comedy or action-packed blockbuster type of person?

2. What childhood cartoon do you still like to watch?

3. Would you rather be fluent in all languages or be a master at every instrument?

4. Did you have a favorite fairy tale growing up?

5. If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why?

6. If you worked at a circus, what job would you like to have?

7. If Hogwarts existed and your child received a letter, would you let them go?

8. Where do you stand in the pineapple-on-pizza debate?

9. What’s one show, movie, or book, you’re embarrassed to admit you enjoy?

10. Which emojis do you use the most?

11. If animals were to make documentaries about humans, what are some of the weird things they’d show?

12. Which song lyric speaks to you the most?

13. What’s the worst time period that you could possibly travel back to?

14. What television or movie character do you feel a close connection with?

15. If past lives existed, what do you think yours was?

16. What color pen do you prefer writing in?

17. If you lost your speech and could only choose an animal sound to communicate, what animal would it be?

18. How does our hair know when to stop growing?

19. What does your dog think about you?

20. What’s the weirdest app you have on your phone?

21. Would you rather explore space or the deep sea?

22. If you had to choose between having a horn or tail, what would you choose?

23. Would you rather live in a world full of magic or a world full of superheroes and villains?

24. Would you rather have your farts smell like roses or spoiled milk?

25. If you could pick a new first name, what would you choose?

26. Which food would you rather smell like for the rest of your life?

Questions to Ask a Girl You Like to Know Her Better

You can get to know her better by asking the questions given below. Choose and rephrase them wisely to get the conversation in a desirable direction.

1. If you could invite anyone in the world as a guest, whom would you like to have?

2. Who is your hero?

3. What are you scared of the most?

4. What is/was your favorite subject at school/college?

5. If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

6. What type of music do you like listening to?

7. Are you a good dancer?

8. Which genre of dance do you prefer?

9. Who is your favorite Hollywood actor? Actress?

10. Do you prefer comfort or speed while driving a car?

11. Do you like to walk?

12. Where would your ideal vacation be?

13. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

14. Do you have any brothers and sisters?

15. What is your favorite time of the year? Why?

16. What’s your favorite dessert?

17. What’s your favorite day of the week? Why?

18. Do you like to cook?

19. Do you like to drive a car?

20. What sports do you play?

21. What is your favorite television show?

22. What is your favorite movie?

23. What is your favorite book?

24. Would you like to be famous? If so, in what way?

25. Who is your favorite teacher at school/college?

26. Who knows you best out of all your friends?

27. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

28. What is your favorite color?

29. What is your proudest achievement?

30. What is your favorite food?

Questions to Ask a Girl You Like Over Text

These sweet questions will surely make her fall for you. If you are still in the texting phase or she just lives far away, you can use texting to know and understand her.

1. How many boyfriends have you had before?

2. What do you think about open relationships?

3. What do you think is my most attractive feature?

4. What did you think when you first saw me?

5. What is the strangest habit you have?

6. What movie made you cry the most?

7. What is the most embarrassing thing you own?

8. What do you hope you grow out of?

9. What is the healthiest and unhealthiest thing you do regularly?

10. How much do you judge a person by their appearance?

11. What was one of the happiest moments of your childhood?

12. What was the worst date that you’ve been on?

13. What’s your favorite vacation memory from when you were a child?

14. What are your plans for this weekend?

15. What was the highlight of your day?

16. What’s your schedule like today?

17. Did you watch the last episode of (relevant TV show)?

18. What did you eat today?

19. What is something funny that happened to you today?

20. Are you going to (party, bar, etc.) this weekend?

21. Working on anything exciting?

22. What was the highlight of your week?

23. Having fun?

24. Have you been to (restaurant, store, etc.) yet?

25. What’s your new year’s resolution?

26. Are you going home for the holidays?

27. What’s your ideal Sunday?

28. Where do you want to be right now?

29. Would you rather go out for sushi or for pizza?

30. When can I see you again?

31. Looking for an adventure?

32. When are you free?

33. What three things would you bring on a desert island?

Final Thoughts

It’s not always simple to talk to girls.

You can feel apprehensive, tongue-tied, and unsure of how to lead the discussion.

With the help of these questions to ask a girl you like, you may look for shared interests and begin introducing yourself to the person you want to get to know.

These aren’t your typical, everyday questions, and some of them can actually be pretty profound or just plain dumb and absurd.

Using these 250+ questions will undoubtedly spark a lively discussion. You can ask them all at once or simply pick the ones you want to.

Wish you the best of luck!

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