467 Best Newlywed Game Questions to Get Guests Laughing

Would you like to try your own version of the ’60s game show, The Newlywed Game? These fun newlywed game questions are right for you. 

Newlywed game questions, such as those about the couple’s “firsts” are fun ways to celebrate the couple and get to know them even better.

With some of the spicier topics, newlywed game questions can get absolutely unhinged and turn everyone’s cheeks a solid shade of tomato-red.

These questions are lighthearted, fun, and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. These newlywed questions can be used as a guide to formulate your own, or you can use them as a starting point! Get started with these questions!

How to Play the Newlywed Game?

You can play the Newlywed Game in a few different ways. For example, you could ask the couple questions and let them come up with answers on the spot. It is difficult and slow to use this approach since the couple will have to think about it for a while. Here are some tips for playing the Newlywed Game:

  • Ask the couple newlywed questions about each other. You should ask them to e-mail you their responses separately without discussing them! Until the big event, you can hold on to the answers.
  • Introduce the game and explain how it works. To begin, read each question on your list and ask each couple to guess what their partner has answered. For example, they should guess what their spouse said about them when asked “Describe what you first thought of them in one word.”
  • Each coupling member gets a point for every correct answer. As you go, you will need to write them down. It is the player who knows their partner the best who wins the game at the end!

Best Newlywed Game Questions

Let’s take it for a spin, shall we? You don’t need to scratch your head if you don’t know what questions to ask. Here are some of thebest newlywed game questions.

1. Who puts more effort in the relationship?

2. What will always make your partner laugh?

3. Who listens better?

4. Who enjoys cuddling more?

5. Who is the better kisser?

6. Which physical feature of your partner do you find sexiest?

7. Who spends more time in the shower?

8. Who spends money the most?

9. Who cannot stay in a long-distance relationship?

10. What do you call your partner, with love?

11. Who is the boss at home?

12. What was the biggest challenge in your marriage?

13. Who initiated the ‘seal the deal’ first?

14. Who confessed their love first?

15. Who always buys the right gift for their partner?

16. Cutest feature about your partner?

17. The cutest gesture your partner has ever done to make you smile?

18. How long were you dating before marriage?

19. How often do you both say “I love you” in a day?

20. Who was the most emotional at the wedding?

21. Best gift your spouse ever gave you?

22. Who went ring shopping first?

23. Who decided to live together first?

24. Which was the last movie you both saw together?

25. Who cooks the best birthday dinners?

26. Who plans great gestures the best?

27. Who is the more intelligent one?

28. What is your partner’s native name?

29. What can make your partner angry quickly?

30. Who always overshops during grocery shopping?

31. What is your partner’s favorite scent?

32. Who is the better planner?

33. How many people have your partner dated before you?

34. Who is street smart?

35. Who is the better storyteller?

36. What is your partner’s go-to jam song?

37. Who did the planning for the honeymoon?

Funny Newlywed Game Questions

The best way to kick off a bachelorette party is with an icebreaker that’s fun and friendly! The funny newlywed game questionsthat will make your guests laugh are just what you need!

1. Who falls asleep first?

2. Who takes better selfies?

3. Who apologizes first after your fights?

4. Who would win in a burger-eating competition?

5. Who usually wins an argument?

6. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?

7. What was the most terrifying moment for your partner?

8. Whose mom is cooler?

9. Who is the ‘better catch’?

10. Who is most likely to cry?

11. Who is more fashionable?

12. Does your partner enjoy Netflix and chill?

13. What do you argue about the most?

14. Who has more “pet peeves”?

15. Who has the longest nighttime routine?

16. Who is the worst at holding their liquor?

17. If you could describe your spouse in one word, what word would it be?

18. Imitate how your spouse behaves when they get angry.

19. If your spouse had a superhero power, what would it be?

20. Your partner’s favorite yogurt topping?

21. Which of you is smarter? Which of you has the highest IQ?

22. Who usually gets their way?

23. What animal would your spouse choose to be?

24. If your spouse could wear one of your clothing items, what would it be?

25. Which of you controls the TV remote?

26. Which of you spends more time on the computer? Doing what?

27. What is the strangest gift your spouse ever bought for you?

28. If your spouse were a character from the sitcom ‘Friends’, who would they be?

29. Who takes longer to get dressed, you or your spouse?

30. Who snoozes the alarm the most?

31. Which cartoon character would your spouse choose to be?

32. Who prefers soda over juice?

33. Who wears the same pair of jeans for a month?

34. Does your partner snore at night?

35. What funny or embarrassing thing about your spouse that everyone knows that your spouse thinks no one knows?

Easy Newlywed Game Questions

With our easy Newlywed Game questions and guide, you’ll be able to play this beloved bachelorette party game like a pro. It’s just a matter of adding Champagne! So, let’s start this game!

1. Who can stay without food easily?

2. Who is the better driver?

3. Who is more organized?

4. Who takes more time to get ready before a party?

5. Who proposed first?

6. Which TV show is your partner currently binging on?

7. Who trusts people easily?

8. Does your partner love forehead kisses?

9. What is your partner’s favorite cake flavor?

10. Who is the better tipper?

11. Who is more fun at a night out?

12. Who can never go wrong in the kitchen?

13. Who is always indecisive at restaurants?

14. Who is the stricter one?

15. Who is the bigger packrat?

16. Who is your partner’s best friend?

17. Your favorite outfit for your partner?

18. Who is the first one to post on social media?

19. Who is a bigger fan of attending live concerts?

20. Your partner’s go-to skincare product?

21. Who is always doubtful?

22. What is your partner’s pant size?

23. Who caves in easily?

24. Who is the stubborn one?

25. Who follows politics the most?

26. Does your partner enjoy stand-up comedy?

27. What does your partner never tolerate?

28. Who is more expressive?

29. Does your partner have tattoos?

30. What is your partner’s zodiac sign?

31. What is your spouse’s favorite junk food?

32. Who owns the greatest number of bank accounts?

33. Your spouse’s favorite ice cream?

34. What is your spouse’s favorite movie snack?

Hard Newlywed Game Questions

Many people are familiar with the Newlywed Game from watching the show! Getting to know your new spouse better through a game is a great way to test your knowledge. Use these hard newlywed game questions!

1. Would you reveal a deep, dark secret about your spouse for a million dollars?

2. What was the last book your spouse read?

3. Partner’s favorite podcast?

4. Can you name all of the places your spouse has lived?

5. What are the three things your partner will carry to a deserted island?

6. What is the most different about you and your spouse?

7. What did your partner do with their first income?

8. Who will talk about kids first?

9. Who does your partner trust the most (except you)?

10. Whose family has more dramatic folks?

11. What is your partner’s first nickname?

12. If you and your spouse could be in a fiction movie as the main leads, which one would you choose?

13. What was your partner’s dream job as a child?

14. Which celebrity does your partner loathe?

15. What frightens your spouse in marriage/relationships?

16. How do you resolve arguments?

17. Who are your partner’s close friends to attend the wedding?

18. What will your partner do with a million dollars?

19. On a scale from 1 to 10, how would your partner rate your first date?

20. What is the best advice you have ever received as a couple?

21. Has your partner ever cheated for money?

22. What would your spouse say are your worst personality characteristics?

23. Who would your partner love to trade places with for a day?

24. Which possession do you both treasure the most?

25. Has your partner ever cheated on someone before dating you?

26. What is your partner’s favorite sports team?

27. Would your partner rather spend money on experiences or possessions?

28. Who is your partner’s biggest financial influence?

29. How would your partner choose to become famous?

30. If your partner won the lottery, what’s the first thing they would buy?

Good Newlywed Game Questions

The Newlywed Game is the world’s greatest couples game show, now available in your living room! Check out our unique list of good Newlywed Game questions below! It’s going to be a night you won’t soon forget!

1. Who is your partner’s inspiration?

2. Who maintains a diary or journal amongst you both?

3. Which one of you is the more emotional one?

4. Who is more likely to know their partner better?

5. Is your spouse more like their father or mother?

6. What is your partner’s biggest fear?

7. Was your partner ever scared of commitment?

8. What can make your partner cry?

9. What would you call your spouse, pessimist, optimistic or realistic?

10. Who can cook for a romantic date better?

11. Where does your partner want to be in life?

12. What is your partner’s comfort food of choice?

13. Who makes better life choices?

14. What would your partner want to change about you?

15. Who is the more competitive one?

16. What did your spouse first think about you?

17. What is the one way your partner wastes time?

18. What is your spouse’s favorite free time activity?

19. What restaurant do they like the most?

20. Who was your partner’s mentor in life?

21. When does your partner not realize who is being dishonest?

22. What pet name do you use for them the most?

23. Who has the final say in important matters?

24. Who was your partner’s favorite teacher?

25. How many times a week do you go on a date?

26. What do you do for them on Valentine’s Day?

27. Will your partner lie if it helps them?

28. Who brought up the topic of marriage first?

29. Which of you is the better communicator?

30. Who does the most housework?

Dirty Newlywed Game Questions

Before asking dirty newlywed game questions, first you have to make sure the couple are comfortable with them, then get ready to handle coming embarrassments.

1. Who was more excited after your first night?

2. How long does the session last for you both?

3. Who is horny at the time?

4. What is the most random place you’ve made love at?

5. What was the most shocking thing your partner did on your first night?

6. What do you want your partner to wear on the bed?

7. Who knows how to explore in bed better?

8. Who is more adventurous in bed?

9. Which body part of your partner is the most appealing?

10. Do you both sleep naked together?

11. Do you both keep a wish list for things to try in bed?

12. What is your partner’s favorite position?

13. What is your sexual schedule?

14. Who keeps sending surprise nude pics?

15. Who likes giving massages?

16. Who is more dominating in the bedroom?

17. Who would your spouse say was the “better catch” out of the two of you?

18. Would your partner enjoy roleplay?

19. Who is the bigger spoon?

20. Who enjoys sexting more?

21. Where did you both make out for the first time?

22. When was the first time you got intimate with your partner?

23. Which song turns on your partner?

24. Which is the weirdest place where both of you got jiggy?

25. Have you ever kissed in public?

26. Which pair of clothing of your partner is the sexiest?

27. Have you ever imitated an act of porn on the bed?

28. Does your partner enjoy the foreplay or he/she like the main action?

29. Give 3 words to define your wedding night?

30. How would you like to dress up for the night?

31. What does your partner like you to wear while you make out?

32. How often you feel you should make out?

33. Who dominates the love act between the two of you?

34. What time of the day would you like to make out?

Racy Newlywed Game Questions

You can also impose penalties for incorrect answers, such as shots, dares, or booby prizes, to increase the stakes. Choosing racy Newlywed Game questions that aren’t too serious is important.

1. What color are your partner’s eyes?

2. Does your partner crib about having less money?

3. Have you both ever fought over finances?

4. Will your partner choose to wake up early for a move?

5. Who plans the better surprises?

6. Your partner’s most cringe moment?

7. Who can hide the truth better?

8. Has your partner ever stuck to a monthly budget?

9. Who is always aware of discounts?

10. Who plans the best for Valentine’s?

11. Do you both ever want to act in a play?

12. Who is responsible for tracking household expenses?

13. Is your partner not happy with their job?

14. Who enjoys road trips more?

15. Who is more likely to win a horse race?

16. Has your partner ever bargained?

17. Who gets control of the tv remote?

18. Who can never sleep on a flight?

19. What does your spouse spend most on?

20. Who enjoys swimming more?

21. Which cartoon character would your spouse be?

22. What is your official dating anniversary?

23. Who has a better eye for design?

24. What is your partner’s biggest financial influence?

25. Who is your spouse’s hero?

26. Who is more likely to initiate intimacy?

27. Who is more likely to apologize?

28. Do you believe in charity yourself?

29. Has your partner ever donated money?

30. Who was more likely hungover on their wedding day?

31. How do you keep the spark alive?

Newlywed Game Questions for Friends

To test how well your friend knows about his or her spouse and have fun, ask them these newlywed game questions for friends! It’ll surely bring a lot of laughter.

1. Who is most likely to sleep on the sofa?

2. Who is most likely to get abducted?

3. How and when did you two end up on a date?

4. Who is most likely to text the wrong person?

5. Who is not a fan of remote work?

6. What was the first impression you had when you first met your spouse?

7. Who is most likely to forget to do household chores?

8. Who looks better in white?

9. Who is most likely to win a game show?

10. Who is most likely to cry during a movie?

11. Who is most likely to sleep through an alarm?

12. Who is most likely to drop their phone on their face?

13. What was the worst date that you had to go with your spouse?

14. What is one single thing about your spouse that you can’t help but feel irritated about?

15. What is the best food that your spouse cooked?

16. What would you say frightens your spouse the most?

17. With a single word, how would you describe your spouse’s family?

18. Who is most likely to do volunteering?

19. What was the last date that both of you went together?

20. Who is most likely to become a vegan?

21. Who is most likely to go a week without showering?

22. What is the one thing that you’re sure that your spouse will never support?

23. Who enjoys driving the most?

24. Who is most likely to play pranks?

25. What is the one word you’d use to depict your spouse’s artistic disposition?

26. Who always chooses home food over junk food?

27. Who loves pets more?

28. Who is most likely to win a dance battle?

29. Who has the worst taste in movies?

30. Who is most likely to go skydiving?

Newlywed Game Questions for Families

Play this fun ice-breaker newlywed game questions for families to put you on the spot, get to know each other better, and have a few laughs! Get ready to learn some surprising and amusing facts.

1. Who is most likely to hold a long grudge?

2. Who can never say no to family dinners?

3. Who is most likely to decorate during Christmas?

4. Who has the better in-laws?

5. If you could send your in-laws on a trip to get rid of them, who would it be and why?

6. Did your spouse have any pets growing up?

7. Who is most likely to forget a birthday?

8. Who’ll be the fun parent?

9. Does your partner have any superstitions?

10. Who was your spouse’s best friend in high school?

11. Which of your in-laws is the most annoying?

12. Who is most likely to forget the house keys?

13. When is your father-in-laws birthdays?

14. What friend of your spouse’s do you think is the best looking?

15. What holiday is your spouse’s family’s favorite?

16. Who is the weirdest family member you’ve met?

17. Who is likely to call 911 by mistake?

18. Out of your in-laws, who would you rather be stuck on an island with?

19. Which family member is your spouse most excited to see over the holidays?

20. When is your mother-in-law’s birthday?

21. What’s the most trouble your spouse got into as a kid?

22. How did your family react when you told them you were getting married?

Newlywed Game Questions for Couples

It’s time for the couple’s round! We prefer that the husband and wife sit together when answering these next Newlywed game questions for couples. Either you get it right or you don’t get points!

1. How do you know your spouse is in the mood?

2. How should couples make decisions together?

3. Have you both ever made out in the movie theatre?

4. Who likes to play around more?

5. What superpower would you want as a couple?

6. Is your partner a teaser?

7. What has been the blessing in your love?

8. Who has a more loving/close-knit family?

9. What is the funniest photo you both ever took?

10. Have you both ever danced in the rain together?

11. Which song is your couple song?

12. Do you think you could have found someone better?

13. Who usually picks the date location?

14. Who forgets to flush the toilet?

15. Who has a better taste in gift cards?

16. Who is the elected one to switch off the light?

17. If you both could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

18. Who is always late?

19. Do you like it when your partner wears makeup?

20. Who panics first?

21. Who is the one to pick the tab after dinner?

22. One thing you both will never agree on?

23. Who is more patient?

24. Who controls the radio in the car?

25. Who would you both love to go on a double date with?

26. Who is more health-conscious?

27. Who has a louder voice?

28. Who is the last-minute shopper?

29. Who is most likely to go viral on Instagram?

30. Who is most likely to get fired at work?

31. Up till when do you guys think your love will last the same?

Newlywed Game Questions for Coworkers

During this game, key decision makers and managers were able to identify how out of alignment they were regarding a range of facts, figures, and terminology. Have a look at the list of newlywed game questions for coworkers!

1. Who can handle responsibilities better?

2. Who is the entertainer?

3. Who is a bathroom singer?

4. Was your partner ever a nerd?

5. Who has no chill when it comes to work?

6. What’s your partner’s favorite movie?

7. How tall is your spouse?

8. Who is more likely to re-gift?

9. Your partner’s favorite pizza topping?

10. Who would be the first one to retire?

11. What was your partner’s high school mascot?

12. What is your partner’s favorite spot for a date night?

13. Who always enjoys long drives?

14. Who is the creative and innovative one?

15. Who hates wrapping gifts?

16. Who is better at poker?

17. Who is a candy lover?

18. What is your partner’s silliest quirk?

19. Who is the one to win at bowling?

20. Who is most likely to end up in jail?

21. Who is better with kids?

22. Who always keeps their phones on silent?

23. Who is the more impulsive one?

24. Which cousin is your partner’s favorite?

25. What is your partner’s shoe size?

26. What is your partner’s favorite clothing brand?

27. Who gets sick easily?

28. How many pairs of shoes does your partner have?

29. How many cousins does your partner have?

30. When did your partner have their first kiss?

Newlywed Game Questions for Bridal Shower

You can play these newlywed game questions for bridal showerwith the girls, as well as at your bachelorette party. Write down the answers of the husband before quizzing the bride so you can find out how well she knows her husband without the awkwardness of him being around.

1. What are the 5 things your partner will save if your house was on fire?

2. How many shots can your partner have in one go?

3. Name of your partner’s first crush?

4. Who is on your partner’s speed dial?

5. What is your partner’s favorite cuss word?

6. What is the one thing you would do-over in your wedding?

7. Who will get the last slice of pizza?

8. What scares the shit out of your partner?

9. What is the most important day in your partner’s life?

10. Is your partner judgemental at times?

11. What does your partner always have for breakfast?

12. Did your partner ever fail a test?

13. Was your partner popular in high school?

14. What is your partner’s hidden talent?

15. Who can bake a better cake?

16. Who is your partner’s most ancient friend?

17. Which instrument can your partner play?

18. Can your partner go a week without their phone?

19. Who enjoys celebrating festivals the most?

20. Who absolutely enjoys meal prepping?

21. Which one of you finished a meal first?

22. Who is the bigger procrastinator?

23. Is your partner a bookworm?

24. Who does the dishes better?

25. Which sports were your partner’s favorite in school?

26. What is your partner’s favorite color?

27. Which watch brand is your partner’s favorite?

28. Which indoor game does your partner love?

29. What is your partner’s hobby?

30. Which is the one thing your partner can’t stay without?

Newlywed Game Questions for Bachelorette Party

A series of questions are asked about each partner’s loved one and relationship during the bachelorette party. Even though the Newlywed Game has ended, it still lives on! Let’s enjoy these newlywed game questions for bachelorette party!

1. Who can never stay angry for very long?

2. Who misses the work train more often?

3. What international countries has your partner been to?

4. Who has a higher emotional quotient?

5. Who finds it difficult to say ‘no’?

6. Who is always the excited one?

7. Who is the caring one?

8. How many languages can your partner write in?

9. Who is a gamer?

10. Who is the risk-taker?

11. Who always makes bad decisions when it comes to binge-watching?

12. Who is the concerned one?

13. Who had a better GPA in school?

14. Who has a better social quotient?

15. Who has been a rebellious teenager?

16. Do you worry when someone else finds your partner attractive?

17. Who is scared of hospitals?

18. How often does your spouse share their thoughts with you?

19. How do you feel about your future together?

20. Your spouse’s favorite tv shows which they force you to watch?

21. What is the secret recipe to a successful relationship in the modern world?

22. Does your spouse still make you feel giddy?

23. Who has a better investment plan?

24. Is your spouse more of a texter or a caller?

25. Have you ever kept a secret from your partner?

26. Who saves more?

27. What stresses out your partner the most?

28. What would your spouse choose as their last meal?

29. Who is a better stock trader?

30. Who owns the greatest number of cards?

Newlywed Game Questions about “Firsts”

It can be difficult to remember relationship firsts, especially if opinions were involved. There will surely be some interesting and contradictory answers to this category. Let’s explore newlywed game questions!

1. Who made the first move?

2. What did your partner wear on your first date?

3. When did you both have your first fight?

4. Who said “I love you” first?

5. When did you see your partner cry for the first time?

6. Where did you both first meet?

7. When did your partner say ‘I miss you’ for the first time?

8. Who owned a car first?

9. When was the first time you both didn’t meet for a month?

10. When did you tell your parents about your partner for the first time?

11. Who posted first on social media about your relationship?

12. Where did you both travel to for the first time together?

13. Who was the first one to initiate intimacy?

14. When did you both first kiss under mistletoe?

15. Who had the better first impression?

16. Who was the shy one during your first kiss?

17. Which was the first song you both danced together on?

18. The first time you both cried together?

19. What did your spouse get you for your first Christmas together?

20. What was the first thing your spouse said after the proposal?

21. Where did you get your first picture clicked together?

22. Who was your partner’s first ex?

23. The first time you both discussed a fight to sort it out?

24. Who was your partner’s first lover?

25. The first time you both shared a bed together?

26. What did you both dress up as on your first Halloween?

27. What was your first fight and what was it about?

28. How would you describe your spouse on your first date?

29. Who farted first in front of the other?

30. What is your first memory of your spouse?

31. What was your first big purchase together?

32. Who was first to know you two were officially a couple?

Newlywed Game Questions about Personality and Habits

Some of the simplest questions can be difficult for your spouse to answer, despite it being easy to remember one’s spouse’s personality and habits. Must try the following newlywed game questions!

1. Who is more punctual?

2. Who is the forgetful one?

3. Who is the messiest?

4. Who always keeps the room messy?

5. Who is the more adventurous one?

6. Who has a higher pain tolerance?

7. Who is the careless one?

8. Who prefers to stay in on weekends?

9. Who likes to travel more?

10. Who can never say no to food?

11. Who has the most laundry to do?

12. Who is the better singer?

13. Who is horrible at keeping secrets?

14. Who always delays cleaning the house?

15. Do you ever make any sacrifices for your bond?

16. In the morning, who gets up first?

17. Who is more likely to forget a birthday or anniversary?

18. Who is more likely to go vegetarian or vegan?

19. Which of your spouse’s housekeeping habits drive you the most crazy?

20. Who is more likely to streak in a public place?

21. Your partner’s most irritating habit?

22. Who is more likely to tell off a co-worker?

23. Who hogs the bed covers?

24. What is their worst bedtime habit?

25. Who takes longer showers?

26. Does your partner buy generic or name brand products?

27. What is your partner’s favorite time of day?

28. What is one thing that your other half nags about the most?

29. Is your partner a better listener than you?

30. What is your lover’s biggest shopping addiction?

31. What is your spouse’s guilty pleasure?

Final Thoughts on Newlywed Game Questions

If you’re searching for the best wedding games for your reception, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to help you incorporate these lists into your game night or, at the very least, to inspire your ownNewlywed Game questions for the night.

With one couple, the newlywed questions work well. Alternatively, it can be played as a team game with two or more couples. There will be a prize for the couple with the most correct answers. A night out gift card is a great prize. No matter what the age of your “newlyweds,” we guarantee our selection of questions will provide insight and fun for all involved. 

It would be impossible to pick out one of the best games to play with a couple (or even with an unmarried couple) in your life than the Newlywed Game! Share your reviews regarding this guide of newlywed game questionsfor married couples!

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