500 Best NBA Trivia Questions to Have a Fun Night with Friends

Searching for NBA trivia questions? There’s no need to wait until March to get addicted to NBA trivia! NBA trivia questions belong to the holy trinity of sports trivia questions, alongside football and baseball questions.

NBA games have always been entertaining to watch. Increasing social media and athleticism have made the association more popular than ever. There have been many changes in the league’s history, including an increase in entertainment value, game speed, and exciting personalities.

Sports trivia makes for some of the best icebreaker questions around because so many people are passionate about them. You won’t find a better list of NBA quiz questions and answers than this awesome list for your next pub trivia night or house get-together!

Best NBA Trivia Questions

Are you interested in learning more about the league? Take a look at this list of the best NBA trivia questions and answers. When your team completes this collection of questions, you’ll be an NBA expert.

1. What player has the highest career 3-pt FG percentage?

Answer: Steve Kerr (.454).

2. What player appeared in the most career NBA games?

Answer: Robert Parish (1,611).

3. Name one of the two teams in the West to have never made the Western Conference Finals since 2000.

Answer: New Orleans, Pelicans.

4. Who has the most career points in the playoffs?

Answer: Michael Jordan (5,987).

5. Who won the most NBA Finals MVP’s?

Answer: Michael Jordan (6).

6. What is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s birth name?

Answer: Lew Alcindor.

7. Most coaching titles?

Answer: Phil Jackson (11).

8. Who was the #1 draft pick in 2003?

Answer: LeBron James.

9. What team drafted Kobe Bryant?

Answer: Charlotte Hornets.

10. Who is the tallest everyday point guard of all time?

Answer: Magic Johnson (6′ 9′).

11. What team has the 4th most NBA championships?

Answer: San Antonio Spurs (4).

12. What team has the most playoff appearances?

Answer: Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers (58).

13. Who is the shortest player of all-time?

Answer: Tyrone ‘Muggsy’ Bogues (5′ 3′).

14. Who is the lowest seeded team to win the NBA title?

Answer: 1994-95 Houston Rockets (6).

15. What player has the most career points?

Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387).

16. What team has the best record in one season?

Answer: Golden State Warriors.

17. What player has the most assists in one game?

Answer: Scott Skiles (30).

18. Who is the lowest seeded team to make it to the NBA Finals?

Answer: 1998-99 New York Knicks (8).

19. Who has the most career rebounds?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain (23,924).

20. What year did the Seattle Supersonics win the NBA championship?

Answer: 1978-79.

21. What player scored the most points in one game?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain (100).

22. What player has the most career assists?

Answer: John Stockton.

23. What player has the highest career FT percentage?

Answer: Steve Nash (.9043).

24. What player has the highest career PPG?

Answer: Michael Jordan (30.12).

25. What team has the most NBA Finals appearances?

Answer: Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers (31).

26. What team holds the record for the most consecutive NBA titles?

Answer: Boston Celtics (8).

27. What team has had the most Hall of Fame players on their roster?

Answer: Boston Celtics (25).

28. Who is the first player to be drafted #1 without playing college or high school basketball in the U.S.?

Answer: Yao Ming.

29. Who is the only player to win 2 NBA championships as a player-coach?

Answer: Bill Russell.

30. Who was the tallest player of all-time?

Answer: Gheorghe Muresan (7′ 7′-5/8)

31. What team has the worst record in one season?

Answer: 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats.

32. What team won the first NBA championship?

Answer: 1946-47 Philadelphia Warriors.

33. What player won the most regular season MVP’s?

Answer: Lew Alcindor/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (6).

34. What coach holds the record for the most consecutive years coaching a team with a .500 record or better?

Answer: Phil Jackson (20).

Random NBA Trivia Questions

With this list of random NBA trivia questions, you’ll find learn lots of NBA trivia facts. There have been many changes in American basketball since it began decades ago, adding rules and regulations as the league saw fit, and forming the stellar teams that are competing this year.

1. On what occasion will there be overtime?

Answer: An overtime will be played if there is a tie at the end of a regulation period.

2. How long does an overtime period last?

Answer: Overtime lasts for as long as it takes for a team to win with more points than the other.

3. Who can call a timeout according to NBA rules?

Answer: Either a player in court or the head coach can call a time out and stop the game clock.

4. NBA player ‘Magic Johnson’ played from which team?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers.

5. How many basketball players from the whole roster will be allowed on the court at a time?

Answer: Only five from one team will be allowed in court at a time, so in total there will be ten people in the court at any given time.

6. In basketball terms, what is a ‘starting five’?

Answer: ‘The Starting Five’ is the first five players who have been chosen to open any game a particular squad plays. These are usually the best players.

7. What is the role of a point guard in a basketball game?

Answer: Also called ‘the one’, the point guard is supposed to facilitate the scores or dunks for the rest of the team, or for himself.

8. How long does each contest in an NBA match last?

Answer: An NBA match lasts for 48 minutes, making it one of the lengthiest durations ever.

9. How long does a collegiate basketball match run for?

Answer: A collegiate basketball contest would usually last for just 40 minutes.

10. What is the length of a quarter in an NBA game?

Answer: In an NBA game, a quarter lasts for 12 minutes.

11. Who is the winner of 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

Answer: Zach LaVine.

12. How many players does an NBA team have in its roster?

Answer: 15.

13. How many players of the 15 players in a roster are active?

Answer: 13.

14. Who was the first NBA MVP?

Answer: Bob Pettit (1955-56).

15. What player holds the record for most consecutive double-doubles in one season since the NBA/ABA merger?

Answer: Kevin Love (53).

16. What team drafted Ray Allen?

Answer: Minnesota Timberwolves.

18. Who was the first team to sweep an NBA finals series?

Answer: 1958-59 Boston Celtics.

19. What current team has the worst franchise W-L percentage?

Answer: Minnesota Timberwolves (.391).

20. Who won the most career NBA championships as player?

Answer: Bill Russell.

21. Which one of the team has the most NBA Finals appearances?

Answer: Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers.

22.  Which team won the 2017 NBA game?

Answer: The Golden State Warriors.

23. Who is the winner of 2018 NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

Answer: Donovan Mitchell.

24. Who is the favourite superhero of Shaquille O’Neal?

Answer: Superman.

25. What was the name of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar first book?

Answer: Giant Steps.

26. Who is the winner of 2004 NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

Answer: Fred Jones.

27. What is the real name of Kareem Abdul Jabbar?

Answer: Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr.

28. Which team has won the most NBA titles?

Answer: The Boston Celtics.

29. How many seasons did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar play before he retired?

Answer: 20 seasons.

30. Who was the 2015-16 NBA Rookie of the year?

Answer: Karl-Anthony Towns.

Fun NBA Trivia Questions

Even though NBA fans and players may take the game seriously, there are still some hilarious moments – as shown by these funny questions. So, why not try these fun movie trivia questions?

1. When was the Nike Air Jordan shoes first released?

Answer: 1985.

2. Who is the only NBA player of the modern era who made it to every NBA All Star game during a period that was actively playing the game?

Answer: Yao Ming.

3. What is Kevin Durant’s career high?

Answer: Surprisingly, only 54 points.

4. Which player was drafted by Orlando Magic but was later traded for Penny Hardaway?

Answer: Chris Webber.

5. Kobe Bryant was No. 13 in the NBA Draft for which year?

Answer: 1996.

6. Which team had both the tallest and shortest players in NBA history playing for them at the same time?

Answer: The Washington Bullets.

7. How many NBA players go broke after just five years of retirement, according to a study done by Sports Illustrated in 2009?

Answer: Around 60% of NBA players go broke after five years. This is due to the luxurious lifestyle they get used to while they are playing ball at the NBA.

8. What is Kobe Bryant’s middle name?

Answer: His middle name is ‘Bean’, after his father Joe Jelly Bean Bryant.

9. Which NBA player performed the role of the Grandfather in the Pacific Northwest Ballet performance of the Nutcracker?

Answer: Vladimir Radmanovic from the Seattle Supersonics.

10. Which player was well known for picking up his captain, Meadowlark Lemon, off the ground, throwing him up in the air and catching him?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

11. There was a certain fine that players had to pay if they wore Air Jordans in court. How much was the fine?

Answer: Players, including Michael Jordan, was fined $5000 for each game he played wearing Air Jordans. Nike paid all the fines so that he could keep playing in his shoes.

12. This player’s parents had to co-sign his NBA contract because he was a legal minor at the time. Who is it?

Answer: Kobe Bryant.

13. Who is the shortest person to play in the NBA?

Answer: Muggsy Bogues, who stood at 5’3.

14. Who is the tallest person to play NBA?

Answer: Manute Bol, who was 7’7.

15. Where did the three-point shot originally come from?

Answer: The three-point shot was a new rule the NBA adopted in the 1979-1980 season. Before that, it started in the ABA.

16. Tim Duncan has this Disney character famously tattooed on his skin. Who is it?

Answer: Merlin.

17. Which player met his wife at the set of a rap video?

Answer: Kobe Bryant.

18. What basketball technique did God Shammgod, a New York NBA legend, pioneer?

Answer: The Shammgod Crossover.

19. Who has had the most rebounds in a game?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain pulled down 55 boards against the Boston Celtics.

20. Which player is called His Airness and is considered to be the greatest player of all time by many?

Answer: Michael Jordan.

21. Where did the first ever All Star Game take place?

Answer: The Boston Garden was chosen to be the location for the first ever All Star Game in 1951.

22. Who was the MVP in the first all star game?

Answer: Ed Macauley.

23. What is Shaquille O’Neal’s rap hit called?

Answer: ‘What’s Up Doc’.

24. After which player is the Twitter Logo named after?

Answer: The blue bird on Twitter’s Logo is named after Larry Bird.

25. How many games did God Shammgod finish before he went overseas to have a successful career?

Answer: 20, with the Washington Wizards.

26. Who is the only coach to win championships both as a college and professional coach at the same time?

Answer: Larry Brown.

27. Which player had the nickname ‘The Pink Panther’?

Answer: Toni Kukoc.

28. Which are the only teams to have never moved since the inception of the NBA?

Answer: The Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks.

29. Which team retired Wilt Chamberlain’s jersey in 2000?

Answer: The Harlem Globetrotters.

30. Who is widely considered to be the best NBA free-throw shooter?

Answer: Mark Price with 90.4%.

31. Who is the only player who had an entire season of Triple-Doubles?

Answer: Oscar Robertson.

Current NBA Trivia Questions

Are you interested in playing NBA trivia? Do you consider yourself an expert on sports and basketball? So, while checking your knowledge, I’ve created a list of current NBA trivia questions!

1. What is the real first name of Magic Johnson?

Answer: Earvin.

2. In a single game, which NBA player scored 100 points?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

3. The first NBA (then called BAA) game took place in November 1946. Which teams played this game?

Answer: The New York Knicks and the Toronto Huskies. The Knicks won 68–66.

4. Before merging with the National Basketball League in 1949, the NBA was known as the BAA. What did BAA stand for?

Answer: Basketball Association of America.

6. Who was the first player in NBA history to successfully play 1000 straight games?

Answer: A. C. Green, he reached this epic milestone in March 1999 while playing for the Dallas Mavericks.

7. In which year did the NBA introduce the 3-point shot?

Answer: 1979.

8. In which country was Rick Fox born?

Answer: Canada.

9. One NBA player took a break from basketball in 1993 to play minor league baseball, but then returned again in 1995. Which player was this?

Answer: Michael Jordan.

10. In 2004 an altercation occurred mid-game between two teams in an incident that became known as ‘Malice at the Palace’. Which two teams were involved?

Answer: Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons.

11. Which was the NBA championship winning team in the 2000 – 01 season?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers.

12.  Of the 30 teams in the NBA, 29 are based in the United States. What is the name of the team based in another country?

Answer: Toronto Raptors, who are based in Toronto, Canada. There was a second Canadian team, the Vancouver Grizzlies, however they moved to Memphis in the 2001-02 season.

13. Which player managed to win the NBA Finals MVP Award, even though they were on the losing team?

Answer: Jerry West, while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in 1969.

14. California is the only state to have 4 teams in the NBA. Which state has 3 teams?

Answer: Texas. The Dallas Mavericks, The Houston Rockets and The San Antonio Spurs.

15. Which was the first team to make it to the NBA finals ten years running? Boston _____?

Answer: Celtics.

16.  The NBA draft a lot of fresh talent. Who was the youngest player to be drafted?

Answer: Andrew Bynum, who was 17 years old when the Los Angeles Lakers selected him. His debut at 18 years old also made him the youngest person to play in the NBA.

17. In the name New York Knicks, Knicks is short for what word?

Answer: Knickerbockers.

18. Which NBA team was the first to win 70 or more games in a single season?

Answer: The Chicago Bulls in the 1995-96 season.

19. Larry Bird stayed on with the same team for his whole NBA career. Which team was this?

Answer: The Boston Celtics.

20. Which city are the Golden State Warriors based in?

Answer: San Francisco.

21. Who do you think was better – Jordan or LeBron?

Answer: LeBron James, who was 33 years and 24 days when he reached this milestone.

22. There is only one NBA player who has had 3 sons go on to play in the league. Which player is this?

Answer: Rick Barry, his sons are Brent, Drew and John.

23. The first NBA all-star game was held at the Boston Madison Square Garden Club in which year?

Answer: 1951.

24. Which player was the first to win a second MVP award?

Answer: Willis Reed, he received his first in 1970 and his second in 1973.

25. In the original naming contest of NBA team Miami Heat, which name came in second place?

Answer: Miami Vice.

26. What Canadian cities have ever had an NBA team?

Answer: Toronto (Raptors) and Vancouver.

27. What are the most points a player has scored in an NBA game?

Answer: 100 (Wilt Chamberlain).

28. Who has scored the most points in NBA history?

Answer: Kareem Abdul Jabar.

29. What are the full names of the two teams in New York City?

Answer: New York Knickerbockers & Brooklyn Nets.

30. How many fouls can a player commit before being ejected?

Answer: 6.

31. Which team’s logo is shaped like a musical note?

Answer: Utah Jazz.

32. What team plays in Washington?

Answer: The Washington Wizards.

33. How many NBA teams are there today?

Answer: 30.

Easy NBA Trivia Questions

Make sure you don’t use only difficult trivia questions whenever you host a trivia night. You can get everyone involved and have a good time by mixing in some easy NBA trivia questions.

1. Hubie Brown won NBA Coach of the Year for which team in 1977?

Answer: Atlanta Hawks.

2. How long is a regular-season NBA game?

Answer: 48-minutes long.

3. Who scored 89 points with the New York Knicks in their first three starts in early 2012?

Answer: Jeremy Lin.

4. Who has been awarded the NBA Finals MVP six times in a row while being on a losing team?

Answer: Michael Jordan.

5. How many championships do the Los Angeles Lakers hold?

Answer: 17 NBA championships.

6. Which player has the second-highest total scored points in a single game?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

7. Which NBA player is the highest paid as of 2021?

Answer: LeBron James.

8. Which three all-star NBA players helped the Chicago Bulls won multiple championships in the 1990s?

Answer: Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, and Dennis Rodman.

9. Which NBA team won six championships in the 1990s?

Answer: The Chicago Bulls.

10. Who is the current owner of the Golden State Warriors?

Answer: Peter Guber.

11. What year did the Golden State Warriors get started?

Answer: 1946.

12. What player has averaged a triple-double for an entire season?

Answer: Russell Westbrook.

13. Who is the current owner of the Boston Celtics?

Answer: Wyc Grousbeck.

14. Who won the first NBA finals MVP award?

Answer: Jerry West.

15. Who was the tallest player in NBA history?

Answer: Manute Bol at 7′ 7″.

16. Who was the shortest player in NBA history?

Answer: Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues at 5′ 3″.

17. Who was the highest-paid player in NBA history?

Answer: LeBron James at $343 million.

18. Who holds the records for most “slam dunks” in the NBA?

Answer: Dwight Howard.

19. What is the highest-scoring basketball game in history?

Answer: A triple-overtime game between Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets in 1983. Combined they scored 370 points.

20. How many NBA Championships do the Chicago Bulls hold?

Answer: 6.

21. How many points do you earn when you make a basket from the free-throw line?

Answer: 2-points.

22. What year was the Atlanta Hawks founded?

Answer: 1946.

23. Which team does Lebron James play for in 2021?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers.

24. Ricky Rubio made his NBA debut in which year?

Answer: 2011.

25. Michael Jordan made his NBA debut in which year?

Answer: 1984.

26. What was the original name of the Los Angeles Lakers?

Answer: The Minneapolis Lakers.

27. A jump shot is worth how many points?

Answer: 3-points.

28. Who was the first team to join the NBA?

Answer: The Sacramento Kings.

29. What is Joe Fulks best known for doing in one game?

Answer: A two-handed to one-handed shot.

30. Shaquille O’Neal currently holds his doctorate. True or false?

Answer: True.

31. The NBA released their list of the 50 greatest players in what year?

Answer: 1996.

32. Who is the youngest player to play in the NBA?

Answer: James Wiseman.

Hard NBA Trivia Questions

During a game of trivia, when it gets down to the end, the gloves must be taken off: Here are the best hard NBA trivia questions you can think of! Have a look!

1. Which player tore his ACL twice but won the NBA MVP award in the 2010-2011 season?

Answer: Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls).

2. After the 2015 Olympics, which player had been on the U.S. team a record number of times?

Answer: Carmelo Anthony (2016, 2012, 2008, 2004).

3. Which team blew a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA finals?

Answer: Golden State Warriors (lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers).

4. Who won the first NBA finals MVP award, despite being on the losing team?

Answer: Jerry West (Los Angeles Lakers).

5. Which team was the first organization to win three straight NBA championships?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers.

6. Which team won six titles in the 1990s?

Answer: Chicago Bulls.

7. Which year was Michael Jordan’s signature shoe first released?

Answer: 1984.

8. Which NBA player was nicknamed “Chocolate Thunder”?

Answer: Darryl Dawkins.

9. Who is the first NBA player to win multiple finals MVP awards?

Answer: Willis Reed (1970, 1973).

10. Which teams played in the 2011 NBA finals?

Answer: Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks.

11. Which team won the NBA championship in 1995?

Answer: Houston Rockets.

12. Which all-star suffered a knee injury in the first game of the 2015 finals, which caused him to miss the series’ remainder?

Answer: Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers).

13.  Which team was the first organization to appear in two consecutive NBA finals?

Answer: Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers.

14. Who was the NBA finals MVP in 2002?

Answer: Shaquille O’Neal (Los Angeles Lakers).

15. Which NBA player is known for the “Shot Heard Round the World” in the NBA finals?

Answer: Gar Heard.

16. Which expansion team was the first to win the NBA finals?

Answer: Baltimore Bullets.

17. What is the first team to lose three straight NBA finals?

Answer: New York Knicks.

18. Which two teams participated in the 2004 “Malice at the Palace”?

Answer: Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers.

19. NBA all-star Jermain O’Neal spent most of his career with the Indiana Pacers, but which team drafted him in 1996?

Answer: Portland Trailblazers.

20. Dwyane Wade spent most of his career with the Miami Heat. What is the first team he signed with when he left briefly?

Answer: Chicago bulls.

21. Which musical artist sold his ownership share in the Brooklyn Nets in 2013?

Answer: Michel Jordan.

22. The 1996 Bulls set the regular season win total record of 72. Which team broke this record?

Answer: Golden State Warriors (2016).

23. Who was the first foreign player to be drafted #1 overall?

Answer: Mychal Thompson (Bahamas).

24. Which NBA team sent four players to the all-star game in 2015?

Answer: Atlanta Hawks (Al Horford, Paul Millsap, Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver).

25. What rookie played an instrumental role in the Houston Rockets title run in 1994?

Answer: Sam Cassell.

26. Who is the only player in NBA history to have three sons play in the league?

Answer: Rick Barry (Brent, John, and Drew).

27. Who is the first player in NBA history to play in 1000 straight games successfully?

Answer: A.C. Green.

28. NBA champion Kyrie Irving was born in which country?

Answer: Australia.

29. Which two players shared Rookie of the Year honors in 1999-2000?

Answer: Steve Francis and Elton Brand.

30. Who was the 1st overall pick in the 1983 NBA draft?

Answer: Ralph Sampson.

31. Which Argentinian NBA star led his country to a gold medal in 2004?

Answer: Luis Scola.

General NBA Trivia Questions

Try this trivia question game to see how big of a fan you are. Take your friends out for pizza or wings, and challenge them to beat these general NBA trivia questions.

1. Which team won the NBA championship in 1999, ending a decade of dominance by the Chicago Bulls?

Answer: San Antonio Spurs.

2. Which team won the championship in 2000?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers.

3. Which team was the 1988 NBA Eastern Conference champions?

Answer: Detroit Pistons.

4. Which team was the first to make it to the NBA finals ten straight times?

Answer: Boston Celtics.

5. Which two teams played in the 2009 NBA finals?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic.

6. Who was the 2008 NBA finals MVP?

Answer: Paul Pierce.

7. Which team was the first to sweep the NBA finals?

Answer: Boston Celtics (1959).

8. How many timeouts is an NBA team allowed per half?

Answer: Per half, an NBA team can claim up to six full minutes and one 20 second time out.

9. How many NBA stadiums are there?

Answer: 29.

10. At any level of the game, how long do players inbounding the ball have to pass the ball into play?

Answer: They have five seconds as soon as the referee hands the ball to the player.

11. What is the standard floor dimensions for a North American basketball court?

Answer: 94 feet long by 50 feet wide.

12. What is the length of the three-point line in NBA?

Answer: The three point shot is the longest in the NBA, with shots from the top of the arc being 23 feet, 9 inches from the rim.

13. What are the three parts of a hoop?

Answer: The hoop has three basic pieces; the rim, the net and the backboard.

14. How many referee teams are used in the NBA?

Answer: The NBA always has three-man referee teams.

15. Which is the only period in history that did not have a single franchise winning at least four NBA titles?

Answer: This happened between the 1970s and 2010s.

16. When did the ABA merge with the NBA?

Answer: The ABA was a temporary rival to the NBA and merged with the NBA in 1976.

17. Where was the league founded in 1946?

Answer: New York City.

18. Which is the national governing body for basketball in the United States?

Answer: The USAB.

19. Who is the most recent NBA championship winner, for the 17th title?

Answer: The Los Angeles Lakers.

20. Who was the first black player to actually play in an NBA match?

Answer: Earl Lloyd.

21. When did the iconic NBA logo featuring the silhouette of Jerry West officially debut?

Answer: 1971, although changes to the typeface were made in 2017.

22. Who is the first guard to be drafted right out of high school by the NBA?

Answer: Kobe Bryant.

23. Which NBA player is ambidextrous and shoots with his non-dominant hand?

Answer: Lebron James is left-handed. He writes and eats with his left hand, but shoots with his right to emulate his idols, Michael Jordan and Penny Hardaway.

24.Who are the only four players in NBA history to have a quadruple-double?

Answer: Nate Thurmond, Alvin Robertson, Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson.

25. Which player got a note from Shaquille O’Neal after he outscored Shaq in every department in 1995?

Answer: Hakeem Olajuwon.

26. How many shots has the shortest player in NBA history blocked?

Answer: 39.

27. Which player got stabbed eleven times in his face, neck and back while trying to break up a club fight, but returned to the court three days later?

Answer: Paul Pierce. He also started 83 games that season for the Boston Celtics.

28. Which NBA player went to medical school before he came to the court?

Answer: Pau Gasol.

29. Who knocked the Boston Celtics out of the 2018 NBA Playoffs?

Answer: Cleveland Cavs.

30. Rapper Drake is often seen courtside at which team’s games?

Answer: Toronto Raptors.

31. There have only been five “quadruple-doubles” achieved in the NBA during the 20th century. Which player is responsible for two of them?

Answer: Hakeem Olajuwon.

NBA Trivia Questions about Its Players

Throughout its history, the NBA has produced many transcendent talents. We have put together these challengingNBA player trivia questions to make the league more entertaining to watch. Let’s start!

1. Who wore the number 32 for the Utah Jazz and was teammates with John Stockton?

Answer: Karl Malone.

2. Which country was Steve Nash born in?

Answer: South Africa.

3. What college did Michael Jordan attend?

Answer: University of North Carolina.

4. What was the most famous nickname for Sam Perkins?

Answer: Big Smooth.

5. What player spent his entire career with the Pistons, scored over 16,000 points, and recorded over 1,300 steals?

Answer: Joe Dumars.

6. NBA players Boris Diaw, Nicolas Batum, and Dominique Wilkins were all born in which country?

Answer: France.

7. Which player started with the Milwaukee Bucks and then played his final 14 seasons with the L.A. Lakers?

8. Which player was drafted out of St. Johns in 1999, is known for earning numerous technical fouls, and is an excellent defender at the forward position?

Answer: Ron Artest.

9. Who was the NBA’s all-time leading scorer at the end of the 2001 season?

Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

10. Which player did the Los Angeles Lakers give up for Kobe Bryant?

Answer: Vlade Divac.

11. What city is the famous Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki from?

Answer: Wurzburg, Germany.

12. Which member of Michigan’s “Fab Five” spent his first two seasons with Denver and eventually made his way to the Indiana Pacers?

Answer: Jalen Rose.

13. Which player holds the record for career regular-season scoring and playoff scoring average?

Answer: Michael Jordan, with a 30.12 PPG for regular season scoring average and 33.45 for playoff record average.

14. Who was the all-time NBA leader in assists at the end of the 2001 season?

Answer: John Stockton.

15. Which player is over 7 feet tall and won championships with both the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat?

Answer: Shaquille O’Neal.

16. Who is the only athlete ever to become a billionaire?

Answer: Michael Jordan. It was initially Tiger Woods, but due to his cheating scandal, he lost many sponsors, bequeathing the title to Michael Jordan.

17. Jeff Hornacek was a reliable shooting guard who helped the Jazz reach two NBA finals in the 1990s, but which team did he begin with?

Answer: Phoenix Suns.

18. Which player won eight NBA championships with the Boston Celtics and was drafted in 1956?

Answer: Tom Heinsohn.

19. Which player almost quit basketball to become a garbage man, but went on to win three NBA championships and MVPs?

Answer: Larry Bird.

20. Which player joined the Timberwolves in the 1990s and was the first player in 20 years to get drafted straight from high school?

Answer: LKevin Garnett

21. The rivalry between these two players during the 1980s helped NBA grow into a widely watched televised program and helped the association cut highly profitable TV deals. Who are they?

Answer: Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

22. The NBA began as a way for NHL owners to make profits on the days when the NHL teams were not playing. True or False?

Answer: True. This is why the first five teams were all in the cities which already had NHL Teams. For example, Boston, Toronto, New York, Detroit, Chicago.

23. Who was the first African American player to get signed for a contract by a team?

Answer: Harold Hunter. He was cut from the team during his time at the training camp and never played for the team.

24. Which player officially broke the NBA’s color barrier and became the first non-white player in NBA history?

Answer: Japanese American Wataru Misaka in 1947-48.

25. Which player’s decision to switch teams, from Cleveland Cavaliers to Miami Heat, had a whole show on ESPN called ‘The Decision’?

Answer: Lebron James.

26. When did Lebron James finally bring the NBA title to Cleveland Cavaliers after he returned in 2014?

Answer: 2016.

27. Which NBA player was awarded the Double Helix Medal for his work in the field of raising awareness for cancer research?

Answer: Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who has been leading with Leukemia since 2009.

28. Who is the youngest player to be drafted by the NBA number one?

Answer: Lebron James.

29. After this player shattered the hoop and the backboard very often, the NBA had to turn, breaking the basket ring into a technical foul. Who is this?

Answer: Shaquille O Neal.

30. ESPN voted this player to be the greatest center of all time, and the second-best player in NBA history after Michael Jordan. Who is he?

Answer: Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

31. Which NBA player had trained under Bruce Lee and appeared in the film ‘Game of Death’?

Answer: Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

NBA Trivia Questions about Its History

As the league has grown over the years, it has evolved. With increased speed, athletic players, and an increased focus on entertainment, the game has become more thrilling. Below are some interestingNBA history triviaquestions.

1. Who was the #1 overall pick in the 1996 NBA draft?

Answer: Allen Iverson.

2. Who won the NBA Coach of the Year award in 1993?

Answer: Pat Riley.

3. Who was the very first winner of the Most Improved Player of the Year award?

Answer: Alvin Robertson.

4. Who played every position in an NBA finals game in his rookie year?

Answer: Magic Johnson.

5. Who is the first player to put up a triple-double average for an entire season?

Answer: Oscar Robertson (1962).

6. How many championships did the Boston Celtics win from 1957 to 1969?

Answer: The Boston Celtics won a whopping 11 championships in 13 seasons.

7. What city were the Golden State Warriors initially from?

Answer: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

8. Who holds the single-game record for assists in an NBA finals game at 21?

Answer: Magic Johnson.

9. Which player was the 13th overall pick in the 1996 NBA draft?

Answer: Kobe Bryant.

10. Which NBA player was nicknamed the “Iceman”?

Answer: George Gervin.

11. In which era did we see the Minneapolis Lakers making a comeback?

Answer: They won 5 titles in the 2000s, making their comeback well established.

12. Who was the first player to score at least 20 points in 50 straight playoff games?

Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

13. Who is the first high school player to go straight to the league and get drafted 1st overall?

Answer: Kwame Brown (2001).

14. Which year was the 24-second shot clock introduced?

Answer: 1954.

15. What year did the Miami Heat join the NBA?

Answer: 1988.

16. What were the Detroit Pistons called initially?

Answer: Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons.

17. Who holds the postseason record for most steals in a single game?

Answer: Allen Iverson (10).

18. Which team won the first-ever NBA finals?

Answer: Minneapolis Lakers.

19. Who was the youngest player to reach 10,000 points in 2003?

Answer: Kobe Bryant.

20. Where was the first NBA all-star game held in 1951?

Answer: Boston Madison Square Garden Club (Boston, MA).

21. Who is awarded with the title of inventing basketball?

Answer: Dr. Naismith.

22. How many rules did basketball originally have?

Answer: Basketball originally had just 13 rules.

23. When was basketball created?

Answer: 1892.

24. Who invented the shot clock, which ended up bringing life back into the world of American basketball?

Answer: Danny Biasone.

25. When was the shot clock introduced and first used in an NBA match?

Answer: 1954-55.

26. When did the National Basketball Association get its official start?

Answer: 1948.

27. The NBA was originally called by another name. What was it?

Answer: The Basketball Association of America.

28. How many teams did the BAA start out with?

Answer: The BAA started out with only 11 teams, and lost four of them after the first season.

29. The owner of Fort Wayne Pistons is credited for keeping the NBA financially afloat during its initial financial crises. What is his name?

Answer: Frank Zollner.

30. How many teams did the NBA have in 1955?

Answer: The NBA only had 8 teams in 1955.

31. Which team is officially acknowledged as the first expansion team?

Answer: The Chicago Bulls have an official expansion draft, even though they joined after the Washington Wizards.

NBA Trivia Questions about Its Teams

Millions of Americans tune in each year to watch their favorite teams compete against each other. The NBA quiz would be easy if we didn’t include fun facts about the various teams that participate in the championships each year. Find out more abouttheNBA teams quiz by reading on.

1. Which team holds the record for NBA’s longest winning streak?

Answer: With 33 straight games between 1971-72, the Los Angeles Lakers hold this record.

2. From where do the Denver Nuggets get their name?

Answer: The Denver Nuggets are named after the 19th century mining boom, where many people rushed to Colorado to mine gold and silver nuggets.

3. What is the original name of the New York Knicks?

Answer: The New York Knicks were originally called New York Knickerbockers.

4. Where is the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame located?

Answer: The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is located in Springfield Massachusetts, and is dedicated to promoting and preserving the history of basketball.

5. Which team dominated the early decades of the NBA?

Answer: The early years of the NBA was when the Minneapolis Lakers had their golden era, led by their star George Mikan.

6. This team has reached five consecutive NBA finals and won three of them in the past decade. Which team is it?

Answer: The Golden State Warriors.

7. Which two teams have won the most titles in NBA history?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics have won 17 titles each.

8. Which team signed the first African American man in NBA history?

Answer: Washington Capitols.

9. How many players have the Class of 2019, Hall of Fame, officially inducted?

Answer: 401.

10. Which team had in its roster a three-term senator from New Jersey?

Answer: The New York Knicks had Bill Bradley in their roster.  He won two championships, made one all-star game team, and was a former Democratic presidential candidate.

11. Which two teams played in the game with the largest margin of victory in NBA history?

Answer: Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, on 17 December, 1991.

12. When did the Oklahoma City Thunder win an NBA championship?

Answer: In 1979, when they were playing as the Seattle Supersonics with the coach Lenny Wilkins, against the Washington Bullets.

13. While playing for this team, Isiah Thomas scored 16 points in 94 seconds and still lost. Which team is it?

Answer: Detroit Pistons, who were playing against the New York Knicks.

14. Who was the first to score 2000 points in a season, and for what team?

Answer: George Yardley scored 2001 points for the Detroit Falcons in 1957-58.

15. Which is the only team to win both the Dunk Contest and the Shootout?

Answer: Miami Heat.

16. From where do the Indiana Pacers get their name?

Answer: The Indiana Pacers get their team name from the Indianapolis 500 automobile race as well as Indianapolis’ long history with harness racing.

17. How many NBA championship have the team Indiana Pacers won?

Answer: Three, in 1970, 1972, and 1963.

18. Which team’s nickname is the Pistons?

Answer: Detroit.

19. How many BAA titles do the Golden State Warriors hold?

Answer: One.

20. Which team had 10-game winning and losing streaks in the same season?

Answer: The Phoenix Suns.

21. What team plays at the Target Center?

Answer: Minnesota Timberwolves.

22. Who led the Lakers in rebounds during the 2000-01 season?

Answer: Shaq O’Neal.

23. Red, black, purple is worn by what team?

Answer: Toronto Raptors.

24. Which team’s nickname is the Bulls?

Answer: Chicago.

25. They were formed in 1946. They are the Boston _________?

Answer: Celtics.

26. Which team lost to the San Antonio Spurs for the NBA championship in the 98-99 season?

Answer: New York Knicks.

27. Who was the leading scorer of the Los Angeles Clippers during the 2000-01 season?

Answer: Lamar Odom.

28. What team wears blue, black, white?

Answer: Orlando Magic.

29. Michael “Air” Jordan made this team very famous. Michael won six championships while playing where?

Answer: Chicago Bulls.

30. Which of these teams played in Los Angeles from 1984?

Answer: Clippers.

31. Which team drafted Vince Carter?

Answer: Golden State Warriors.

32. Which player did the Clippers select with the 1st overall pick in the 1998 NBA draft?

Answer: Michael Olowakandi.

33. Purple, orange, grey, silver, and white is worn by which team?

Answer: Phoenix Suns.

NBA Trivia Questions to Ask

If you’re an NBA fan, you’re sure to know some basketball trivia questions and answers. That’s why I’ve curated a list of NBA questions to ask its fans just to test their knowledge!

1. The Philadelphia Warriors was a basketball team in the NBA. True or false?

Answer: True.

2. Who was the first African American professional basketball player?

Answer: Charles Henry “Chuck” Cooper.

3. Kobe Bryant holds the record for what?

Answer: All-star games played at 14. And a career-high of 81 points scored.

4. The first NBA championship was played in what year?

Answer: 1950.

5. Who is the player who scored more points in the playoffs than any other player?

Answer: Stephen Curry.

6. What does “NBA” stand for?

Answer: National Basketball Association.

7. How is the tallest defensive player in the NBA?

Answer: Tacko Fall at 7′ 5″.

8. San Antonio has an NBA team named what?

Answer: The San Antonio Spurs.

9. How many players are currently on the roster for each NBA team?

Answer: 15 players.

10. Who is the first player in NBA history to be elected as the league MVP?

Answer: Lebron James.

11. Which NBA team has won the most championships?

Answer: The Los Angeles Lakers.

12. Which NBA player has had the longest career in the NBA?

Answer: Vince Carter with 22 seasons.

13. What was the proposed alternative name for the Cleveland Cavaliers (in 1980-1983)?

Answer: Ohio Cavaliers.

14. If a player fails to dribble while moving what will happen?

Answer: Possession is given to the opposing team.

15. Who was the Phoenix Suns head coach in 1995?

Answer: Paul Westphal.

16. Which NBA player holds a creative writing degree?

Answer: Zion Williamson.

17. How many NBA championships has the Miami Heat won?

Answer: 3.

18. Which NBA team has the most consecutive NBA title wins?

Answer: The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.

19. Who was the first unanimous Most Valuable Player?

Answer: Stephen Curry.

20. Lamar Odom won the Sixth Man of the Year award while playing for which team?

Answer: The Los Angeles Lakers.

21. Which team has the most amount of wins in a single season?

Answer: The Chicago Bulls.

22. What year was the first NBA game held?

Answer: 1946.

23. What season does the NBA draft normally take place?

Answer: At the end of June.

24. Who is the oldest basketball player?

Answer: Nat Hickey played at 45 years old.

25. What former NBA player was the inspiration for the NBA logo?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

26. The player scored a point means what?

Answer: A basket.

27. The famous basketball player Dr. J original name is what?

Answer: Julius Erving.

28. In 2000’s who was the first player to record back to back 50 points games?

Answer: Antawn Jamison

29. Who was the first player to win 8 NBA scoring titles?

Answer: Michael Jordan.

30. “The Red Oxen” in China means what?

Answer: The Chicago Bulls.

31. The number of players in a court from 1 team?

Answer: 5 players in a court.

32. Red Auerbach was the coach of which team between 1950 to 1966?

Answer: Boston Celtics.

33. The first African American to play NBA games was?

Answer: Earl Lloyd.

34. Players contact allowed or not during basketball match?

Answer: No.

NBA Trivia Questions to Ask Friends

As for easier trivia, NBA trivia for your friends should be just as challenging as it is for adults – but be sure to focus on recent events instead of older ones. So start NBA questions to ask friends!

1. Which player has most steals in a single season?

Answer: Alvin Robertson 301.

2. Which team has scored more points in one season?

Answer: Denver Nuggets from 1981 to 1982 scored 10371 points.

3. Which team has the worst record in one season?

Answer: Charlotte Bobcats in the 2011-2012 season.

4. Which team won most consecutive NBA titles?

Answer: Boston Celtics won 8 times NBA title consecutively.

5. The maximum assist in one game is 30, who make this record

Answer: Scott Skiles.

6. What player wins 2 NBA championship as a player-coach?

Answer: Bill Russel.

7. Tallest basketball player in the history was?

Answer: Gheorghe Muresan his height is 7 feet 7 inch.

8. Which team won the first NBA championship?

Answer: Philadelphia Warriors.

9. The franchise name of the team from New York, a foundation member of the NBA, is New York _______.

Answer: Knickerbockers.

10. Which player holds the record of most personal fouls?

Answer: Kaleem Abdul-Jabbar total number of fouls were 4657.

11. How many substitutions are allowed in a basketball game?

Answer: Unlimited.

12. What is the diameter of basketball?

Answer: 24 cm.

13. What is the distance between ground and basket?

Answer: 10 feet.

14. 3 different variety of shots in basketball are what?

Answer: Lay-up, Jump shot and Dunk.

15. What is a dribbling violation in basketball?

Answer: When a player touches a ball twice before the ball hits the ground, without an opposing player having an intervening touch of the ball.

16. Power forward the key position mostly covered by which player?

Answer: Tallest and strongest player.

17. In 1891 which Canadian American teacher invented basketball?

Answer: James Naismith.

18. What is the most famous basketball league?

Answer: NBA (National Basketball Association).

19. The NBA founded on which date?

Answer: June 6, 1946.

20. The total number of teams in the NBA?

Answer: 30 teams.

21. Which team won 2018 NBA championship?

Answer: Golden State Warriors.

22. A successful shot beyond the three-point arc 6.75 meters bring how many points?

Answer: 3 points.

23. What is the size of three-point arc in NBA?

Answer: 7.24 meters.

24. In NBA each quarter consist of how many minutes?

Answer: 12 minutes.

25. How many quarters in 1 game of basketball?

Answer: 4 quarters.

26. A coach requested time-out allowed. What is the time limit of the break in the NBA?

Answer: 100 seconds.

27. What is the basketball court size in the NBA?

Answer: 94×50 fee.

28. Basketball court mostly constructed of which type of wood?

Answer: Maple Planks.

29. What will be the official basketball size for women?

Answer: 72 cm in circumference.

30. What is traveling in basketball?

Answer: While holding ball moves 2 steps without hitting the ball on the ground.

31. Who moved from Kansas City to Sacramento?

Answer: Kings

32. Who beat the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the playoffs in the 01-02 season?

Answer: Boston Celtics.

33. Which former Lakers center has won 3 championships with 3 different teams, including the 1999-2000 LA Lakers?

Answer: John Salley.

34. Which team wears black, yellow, red, and white?

Answer: Atlanta Hawks.

35. Which team’s nickname is the Heat?

Answer: Miami.

NBA Trivia Questions to Test Your Knowledge

In the history of the NBA, there have been some strange and funny moments. Let’s lighten up the tone of this NBA basketball quiz by taking a look at some NBA knowledge quiz!

1. Which player has most career rebounds?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain total 23924 rebounds.

2. Most valuable player (MVP) award in the NBA start on which year?

Answer: In 1955 – 1956 season.

3. MVP got which trophy?

Answer: Maurice Podoloff trophy.

4. Which player got the very first MVP trophy?

Answer: Bob Pettit.

5. Which player got the MVP award 2015-2016?

Answer: Stephen Curry.

6. Which team won the NBA season 2017?

Answer: Golden State Warriors.

7. The runner-up team in NBA 2018 was?

Answer: Cleveland Cavaliers.

8. MVP of 2018 NBA final was?

Answer: Kevin Durant belongs from Golden State Warriors.

9. Who was the coach of Golden State Warriors in 2018 NBA season?

Answer: Steve Kerr.

10. In NBA season 2017 – 2018 who was the most valuable player?

Answer: James Harden.

11. Tyronn Lue was the coach of which team in 2017 NBA season?

Answer: Cleveland Cavaliers.

12. Top scorer of NBA season 2016-2017?

Answer: Russel Westbrook.

13. Western runner-up team of NBA season 2016-2017?

Answer: San Antonio Spurs.

14. Which player holds the record for winning the most NBA Championships?

Answer: Bill Russell

15. Which NBA team has the most players in the Hall of Fame?

Answer: Boston Celtics.

16. Which player is in second place for most Championship wins?

Answer: Sam Jones.

17. Which NBA player is known by their nickname “Magic”?

Answer: Earvin Johnson.

18. What nickname did Kobe Bryant give to himself?

Answer: The Black Mamba.

19. Which team was the first to join the NBA?

Answer: Toronto Huskies.

20. Which team won the first-ever NBA game?

Answer: New York Knicks.

21. Who is the smallest NBA player of all time?

Answer: Muggsy Bogues.

22. What was the first NBA team that John Salley played for?

Answer: Detroit Pistons.

23. In which year did the NBA Finals have the highest viewership at 35.89 million viewers?

Answer: 1998.

24. How many basketballs are sent to each NBA team to use during their whole season?

Answer: 72.

25. In what year was the NBA founded?

Answer: 1946.

26. Which team in the Pacific Division is the only team in that division not based in California?

Answer: The Phoenix Suns.

27. Who founded the NBA?

Answer: Walter A. Brown.

28. How many teams did the NBA originally have?

Answer: 11.

29. Where did the first NBA game take place?

Answer: Toronto, Canada.

30. Which NBA team has a condor as their mascot?

Answer: Los Angeles Clippers.

31. During the first NBA game, the Toronto Huskies played against which team?

Answer: New York Knicks.

32. During which NBA season did “Blocked Shots” become an official statistic?

Answer: 1973-74

33. In 2016, the Cleveland Cavaliers won their first NBA Championship, giving them their first major sports title since when?

Answer: 1964.

NBA Trivia Questions Multiple Choice

Are you looking for today’s hardestNBA trivia questions multiple choice? This is the right place for you. You can challenge your knowledge of the National Basketball Association here.

1. Who is the oldest player to ever play in the NBA?

a) Kyle Lowry

b) Nat Hickey

c) Klay Thompson

d) David Robinson

Answer: b).

2. Which San Antonio Spurs legend was nicknamed “The Admiral”?

a) Karl Malone

b) David Robinson

c) Mark Eaton

d) Kyrie Irving

Answer: b).

3. Which Warrior was suspended by the team for a game in November 2018?

a) Karl Malone

b) Joe Dumars

c) Steve Nash

d) Draymond Green

Answer: d).

4. How many technical fouls did Rasheed Wallace log during the 2000-2001 regular season?

a) 41

b) 42

c) 45

d) 50

Answer: a).

5. Which player has the most blocked shots in one season?

a) Boris Diaw

b) Nicolas Batum

c) Mark Eaton

d) Dominique Wilkins

Answer: c).

6. Which team won the 3-1 series lead in the 2016 NBA finals?

a) The Denver Nuggets

b) Cleveland Cavaliers

c) Los Angeles Lakers

Answer: b).

7. Who is the only player to win two NBA championships as a player-coach?

a) Mark Eaton

b) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

c) Bill Russell

d) Vlade Divac

Answer: c).

8. Which player was the first pick of the 2011 NBA Draft?

a) Kyrie Irving

b) Shaquille O’Neal

c) John Stockton

d) Wilt Chamberlain

Answer: a).

9. Who was the 2004 NBA finals MVP?

a) John Stockton

b) Nicolas Batum

c) Chauncey Billups

d) LeBron James

Answer: c).

10. Which Utah Jazz player broke the all-time record for career assists and career steals?

a) Karl Malone

b) Joe Dumars

c) Steve Nash

d) John Stockton

Answer: d).

11. Who is the tallest NBA point guard of all time?

a) Stephen Curry

b) Magic Johnson

c) Michel Jordan

d) Detroit Pistons

Answer: b).

12. Which team won the most titles in the 1990s?

a) New York Knicks

b) Washington Capitols

c) Chicago Bulls

d) The Golden State Warriors.

Answer: c).

13. Which NBA player got the most votes for the 2010 NBA All-Star Game?

a) LeBron James

b) Nicolas Batum

c) Mark Eaton

d) Dominique Wilkins

Answer: a).

14. Which team won the inaugural NBA championship in 1950 to become the first team to repeat as champions?

a) The Lakers

b) The Denver Nuggets

c) Cleveland Cavaliers

Answer: a).

15. Which player did ten 3-point shots in the game against Memphis Grizzlies on December 30, 2017?

a) John Stockton

b) Nicolas Batum

c) Stephen Curry

d) Jerry West

Answer: c).

16. Who is the first NBA player to record ten steals in a single game?

a) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

b) Jerry West

c) Kobe Bryant

d) Kevin Johnson

Answer: b).

17. As of 2021, which NBA player missed the most 3-point shots in his entire career?

a) Wilt Chamberlain

b) James Harden

c) Jeremy Lin.

d) Kobe Bryant

Answer: d).

18.  Who was the fourth winner of the Most Improved Player of the Year award in NBA history?

a) James Harden

b) Kevin Johnson

c) Jeremy Lin.

d) Kobe Bryant

Answer: b).

19. Who was drafted 2nd right after Anthony Davis in the 2012 NBA draft?

a) Darryl Dawkins

b) Nicolas Batum

c) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

d) Derrick Rose

Answer: c).

20. How old was Steve Nash when he won MVP?

a) 31 years old

b) 35 years old

c) 39 years old

d) 41 years old

Answer: a).

21. Which player runs second among the top NBA scoring leaders?

a) Pat Riley

b) Kyle Lowry

c) Karl Malone

d) Allen Iverson

Answer: c).

22. Which player has scored at least 70 points multiple times in several NBA games?

a) Wilt Chamberlain

b) Klay Thompson

c) Paul Westphal.

d) Allen Iverson

Answer: a).

23. Who is the all-time NBA leader in assists?

a) John Stockton

b) Nate Robinson

c) Wilt Chamberlain

d) LeBron James

Answer: a).

24. Who was the MVP and top scorer in the 2017-18 NBA season?

a) James Harden

b) George Mikan

c) Yao Ming.

d) Kyle Lowry

Answer: a).

NBA Trivia Questions and Answers

Would you like to play more trivia games? With our creations, you can have a fun night with your family, friends, colleagues, and more. Find out the NBA trivia questions and answers below!

1. There are two NBA teams tied for most Championships won, the Los Angeles Lakers and who else?

Answer: The Boston Celtics.

2. Which NBA player holds the record for the most regular season wins?

Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

3. What number is not allowed to be used on a jersey in the NBA?

Answer: 69.

4. Which NBA player has sold the most jerseys?

Answer: LeBron James.

5. Who is the coach that is considered the best NBA coach of all time?

6. How many referees are there during an NBA game?

Answer: 4.

7. Who was the first player inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame?

Answer: George Mikan.

8. Which NBA coach led the Boson Celtics to win 9 titles?

Answer: Red Auerbach.

9. Which NBA player has won the most MVP awards?

Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

10. Which NBA player was the first to win the MVP award?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

11. Which NBA team holds the record for the longest winning streak of all time?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers.

12. As of 2021, which NBA team is the most valuable franchise?

Answer: New York Knicks.

13. Which team’s nickname is the Rockets?

Answer: Houston.

14. Which player has won the NBA Slam Dunk contest a record-setting three times?

 Answer: Nate Robinson.

15. Who was voted the MVP for the 2014-15 season?

Answer: Stephen Curry.

16. Who is the current Commissioner of the NBA?

Answer: Adam Silver.

17. What two teams have won the most NBA titles?

Answer: Boston Celtics & Los Angeles Lakers.

18. What league did the NBA merge with in 1976?

Answer: The ABA (American Basketball Association).

19. What NBA legend was commonly referred to as The Round Mound of Rebound?

Answer: Charles Barkley.

20. How many divisions does the NBA have?

Answer: 6.

21. What company has made official NBA balls for over 40 years?

Answer: Spalding.

22. What year were NBA players officially allowed to compete in the Olympics?

Answer: 1992.

23. What NBA superstars were nicknamed Superman?

Answer: Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard.

24. This team was from the ABA. They won their fourth championship in 2007. They were the first team from the ABA to win an NBA championship. They did that in 1999. Who is this team?

Answer: San Antonio Spurs.

25. Who is the shortest player to ever win a scoring title?

Answer: Allen Iverson (6ft).

26. In the 2015 NBA All-Star Game, who were the only two new starter players brought to the stage?

Answer: Kyle Lowry and Klay Thompson.

27. Which Laker was married to actress Vanessa Williams?

Answer: Rick Fox.

28. Green, blue, silver, and black is worn by what team?

Answer: Minnesota Timberwolves.

Final Thoughts on NBA Trivia Questions

We have come to the end of this round of NBA trivia questions! Make your own pub trivia night with sports questions. It doesn’t matter what you choose, you and your friends will be entertained for weeks to come with these fun NBA trivia quiz questions.

It’s always fun to ask NBA quiz questions to your friends and family, especially if they’re related to sports. With this intriguing list of basketball trivia, you can learn more about the NBA!

Can you tell us how you did on our selected NBA trivia questions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Please let us know if you see any mistakes, and we will make sure they are fixed. It is our goal to become the best place on the web for trivia questions and facts!

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