157 Best Art Trivia Questions (with Answers)

As the great Pablo Picasso famously said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

We may have all grown up but luckily art can never be fully forgotten – it just takes different forms.

Are you ready to take a good trip down memory lane and dive into the wonderful world of art?

Our list of 150+ best trivia questions and answers about art will help transport you back in time as you test your knowledge on some of the greatest artists?

Whether you’re brushing up for an upcoming quiz or just looking to expand your horizons when it comes to artistic history and theory – these art trivia questions are sure to delight!

Easy Art Trivia Questions

While some people may have an encyclopedic knowledge of art history, others might find themselves a bit stumped when it comes to art trivia questions. But luckily, we’ve gathered some easy art trivia questions and answers that can help you flex your artistic knowledge without feeling overwhelmed. Try them!

1. In which city can you find the British Museum?

Answer: London.

2. What type of art is art deco – painting, sculpture or architecture?

Answer: Architecture.

3. In which museum can you find the Mona Lisa?

Answer: Le Louvre, Paris, France.

4. Which 20th century Mexican artist contracted polio as a child?

Answer: Frida Kahlo.

5. Which surrealist artist is known for painting melting clocks?

Answer: Salvador Dalí.

6. Which of the four artist-named Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wears a blue bandana?

Answer: Leonardo.

7. One of Da Vinci’s most famous works was called the Last what?

Answer: Supper.

8. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Answer: Michelangelo.

9. Which eccentric artist believed he was a reincarnation of his dead brother?

Answer: Dali.

10. What body part does not lie, according to a 2005 Shakira hit, featuring Wyclef Jean?

Answer: Hips.

11. Which country is Claude Monet from?

Answer: France.

12. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is in which US city?

Answer: New York.

13. Which 16th century Italian artist painted ‘St George and the Dragon’?

Answer: Tintoretto.

14. Who painted ‘The Starry Night’?

Answer: Vincent van Gogh

15. In which city can you find the Manneken Pis?

Answer: Brussels, Belgium.

16. Which famous female pharaoh bust was sculpted by Thutmose?

Answer: Nefertiti.

17. Which type of flower features heavily in the work of Claude Monet?

Answer: Water Lillies.

18. In which country can you find the Terracota warriors?

Answer: China.

19. What musical artist performed at the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show with a “Firework” finale?

Answer: Katy Perry.

20. Which American painter is famous for his paintings depicting the rural American Midwest including ‘American Gothic’?

Answer: Grant Wood.

21. Early Dutch painter Jan van Eyck was active in which century?

Answer: 15th.

22. In which city can you find David by Michelangelo?

Answer: Florence.

23. What color of clothing is the woman wearing in painting ‘Whistler’s Mother’?

Answer: Black.

24. Which art movement came first – Impressionism or Cubism?

Answer: Impressionism.

Medium Art Trivia Questions

Are you a fan of art and love a good challenge? Well, strap in and get ready for some medium level art trivia questions and answers! These questions will test your knowledge on art and who knows, you might just learn a thing or two along the way!

1. In which UK city is the Kelvingrove art gallery and museum?

Answer: Glasgow.

2. The Starry Night Over The Rhone’ was painted in 1888 by which artist?

Answer: Van Gogh.

3. The Dessert: Harmony in Red’ is by which French artist?

Answer: Matisse.

4. A work hanging in the Louvre by which artist is also known as ‘La Gioconda’?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci.

5. Which artist was born in 1632 and lived all his life in Delft in the Netherlands?

Answer: Vermeer.

6. Who painted ‘The Hay Wain’, ‘Dedham Vale’ and ‘Wivenhoe Park’?

Answer: Constable.

7. Roots’, by which Latin American artist, set an auction record?

Answer: Frida Kahlo.

8. Mexican artist Frida Kahlo suffered from which illness as a child?

Answer: Polio.

9. What is the name of the art technique of making paintings from lots of little dots?

Answer: Pointillism.

10. In which county would you find ‘Constable Country’, most associated with the artist of the same name?

Answer: Suffolk.

11. Kirk Douglas starred in the 1956 biopic ‘Lust for Life’ about which artist?

Answer: Van Gogh.

12. The Splash’, by which famous artist, sold for £23.1 million in February 2020?

Answer: David Hockney.

13. What was the first name of Spanish 17th century artist Velazquez?

Answer: Diego.

14. Which Dutch artist is known for his colorful paintings featuring geometric shapes?

Answer: Mondrian.

15. Rembrandt was a leading painter of the Golden Age in which country?

Answer: Netherlands.

16. Which French artist is famous for painting Japanese bridges and water lillies?

Answer: Monet.

17. How many figures appear in the Grant Wood painting ‘American Gothic’?

Answer: 2.

18. Which artist painted ‘Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird’?

Answer: Frida Kahlo.

19. Which artist painted ‘A Sunday on La Grande Jatte’?

Answer: Seurat.

20. A famous Japanese painting is called the great what off Kanagawa?

Answer: Wave.

21. Which football team did artist LS Lowry support?

Answer: Manchester City.

22. Which French artist spent the latter part of his life in French Polynesia?

Answer: Gauguin.

Hard Art Trivia Questions

Are you a die-hard art enthusiast? Well, this one’s for you. Get ready to test your knowledge with these hard quiz questions and answers about art. So, get your thinking cap on, and let’s see how much you really know about art.

1. In what year was the Thomas P. Anshutz piece ‘A Rose’ completed?

Answer: 1907.

2. Buonarroti was the surname of which artist?

Answer: Michaelangelo.

3. In what year was the Thomas Lawrence piece ‘Portrait of George IV’ completed?

Answer: 1840.

4. In which city could you see Van Gogh’s painting ‘The Starry Night’?

Answer: New York.

5. Which 20th century artist was born Markus Rothkowitz?

Answer: Mark Rothko.

6. Jean Paul Sarte died in what year?

Answer: 1980.

7. Which artist painted ‘Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer’?

Answer: Gustav Klimt.

8. In which year was Augustus Leopold Egg’s studio sale first held at Christie’s?

Answer: 1863.

9. Salvador Dali kept which type of big cat as a pet?

Answer: Ocelot.

10. Which Italian artist’s real name was Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi?

Answer: Botticelli.

11. What was the first name of the artist Holbein the Younger?

Answer: Hans.

12. The Venus de Milo is a sculpture of which mythological person?

Answer: Aphrodite.

13. What was the first name of Dutch painter Vermeer?

Answer: Johannes.

14. In which century was painter Joseph Turner born?

Answer: 18th.

15. Modern artist Joan Miro was born in which country?

Answer: Spain.

16. The Night Watch’ is one of the most famous works by which artist?

Answer: Rembrandt.

17. In which year did the Tate Gallery acquire Constantin Brancusi’s 1926 ‘Fish’ sculpture?

Answer: 1996.

18. The ‘Old Guitarist’ is a 1903 work by which major 20th century artist?

Answer: Picasso.

19. Late 18th and 19th century painter Goya was from which country?

Answer: Spain.

20. In what year was the Winslow Homer piece ‘Boys in a Dory’ completed?

Answer: 1873.

21. In what year was the Walter Westley Russell piece ‘Studland Beach’ completed?

Answer: 1943.

22. Artist Hieronymus Bosch was born near which city in around 1474?

Answer: Antwerp.

23. The Potato Eaters’ is a famous work by which artist?

Answer: Van Gogh.

Fun Art Trivia Questions

Art can be a very serious business, but it can also be hilarious. So if you’re tired of pondering the meaning of life through paintings and sculptures, give this fun art trivia a try. You won’t regret it, we promise.

1. Who is responsible for stealing the Mona Lisa from Paris and bringing it to Florence?

Answer: Vincenzo Peruggia.

2. What object did Picasso paint the most?

Answer: Guitars.

3. Which female artist is referred to as the “Grandmother of Performance Art”?

Answer: Marina Abramović.

4. La Danse was created by which French sculptor and artist?

Answer: Henri Matisse.

5. In Greek mythology, who is the god of theatrical arts?

Answer: Dionysius.

6. Which artist is responsible for the creation of the painting “Broadway Boogie Woogie?”

Answer: Piet Mondrian.

7. What is the word for the Japanese art of flower arrangement?

Answer: Ikebana.

8. What is the earliest known human artwork?

Answer: The Pigs in Ochre.

9. What does the Deco in Art Deco stand for?

Answer: Decorative.

10. How old is the first known human work of art?

Answer: About 100,00 years old.

11. How many times has the Mona Lisa been stolen?

Answer: Less than 5 times.

12. What female American painter, known for her paintings of enlarged flowers, is called the “Mother of American Modernism”?

Answer: Georgia O’Keeffe.

13. What is the word for the Japanese art of paper folding?

Answer: Origami.

14. Which European city is referred to as the city of art?

Answer: Athens, Greece.

15. Which Dutch painter is commonly credited with having invented oil paintings?

Answer: Jan van Eyck.

16. Who is regarded as the leader of the French Romantic School of art?

Answer: Eugène Delacroix.

17. What is the appropriate art term for color?

Answer: Hue.

18. What is the name of the point in an artwork towards which all lines converge?

Answer: The vanishing point.

19. Which French sculptor created “The Waltz” and “The Mature Age”?

Answer: Camille Claudel.

20. Which artist is the subject of the movie “At Eternity’s Gate” starring Willem Dafoe?

Answer: Vincent Van Gogh.

21. Which artist made a famous acrylic painting comprising only of soup cans?

Answer: Andy Warhol.

22. Pablo Picasso’s daughter, Paloma Picasso, is known for making jewelry designs for which company?

Answer: Tiffany & Co.

Famous Art Trivia Questions

Are you an art buff looking to flex your knowledge muscles? Well, we’ve got some tricky famous art quiz questions that will put your expertise to the test. Check them out!

1. Who designed the Guggenheim Museum?

Answer: Frank Lloyd Wright.

2. Who painted The Sleeping Gypsy?

Answer: Henri Rousseau.

3. Who painted The Scream?

Answer: Edvard Munch.

4. Which Spanish painter is referred to as the last of the old masters?

Answer: Francisco Goya.

5. Who painted Nighthawks?

Answer: Edward Hopper.

6. Which painting is Johannes Vermeer’s best-known piece?

Answer: Girl with a Pearl Earring.

7. Who is credited as the designer of the Eiffel Tower?

Answer: Alexander Gustave Eiffel.

8. Who painted Dürer’s Rhinoceros?

Answer: Albrecht Dürer.

9. Who painted The Birth of Venus?

Answer: Sandro Botticelli.

10. What sculpture is Auguste Rodin known for?

Answer: The Thinker.

11. Where is The Last Supper currently located?

Answer: Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy.

12. Who designed The Lotus Temple?

Answer: Fariborz Sahba.

13. Who painted Whistler’s Mother?

Answer: James Abbott McNeill Whistler.

14. What contemporary American artist is known for sculpting balloon animals with stainless steel?

Answer: Jeff Koons.

15. What is Gustav Klimt’s most famous painting?

Answer: The Kiss.

16. What is the most read and most translated book in the world?

Answer: The Bible.

17. Who painted Liberty Leading the People?

Answer: Eugène Delacroix.

18. Who painted The Third of May 1808?

Answer: Francisco Goya.

19. Which Pop Artist made parodies inspired by comic strips?

Answer: Roy Lichtenstein.

20. Who sculpted Venus de Milo?

Answer: Alexandros of Antioch.

21. Which two mechanical media were invented in the era of modern art?

Answer: Photography and motion pictures/film.

22. Where was the Venus of Willendorf sculpture found?

Answer: Austria (Willendorf).

Art Trivia Questions about History

Trust us, this art history quiz isn’t for the faint of heart. But, if you think you’ve got what it takes, gather your art-loving friends (virtually or safely in person) and let the game begin!

1. In what century did Mannerism end?

Answer: The 16th century.

2. How long did the Cubism period last?

Answer: Seven years (1907-1914).

3. What period came before the Gothic Era?

Answer: Romanesque.

4. Which style of art is characterized by rich and deep colors, along with intense light and dark shadows?

Answer: Baroque.

5. What art movement is associated with Pablo Picasso?

Answer: Cubism.

6. What year did Pablo Picasso paint Guernica?

Answer: 1937.

7. Who painted the painting “The Girl With The Pearl Earring”?

Answer: Johannes Vermeer

8. Which centuries was the Renaissance in?

Answer: From the 14th to the 17th century.

9. When did Leonardo da Vinci draw Vitruvian Man?

Answer: 1490.

10. What art movement is associated with Andy Warhol?

Answer: Pop Art.

11. What year did Vincent van Gogh paint Café Terrace at Night?

Answer: 1888.

12. Who made the work of art “Saturn Devouring His Son”?

Answer: Francisco Goya.

13. Which period had a focus on individualism and moved away from the traditions of the Enlightenment?

Answer: Romanticism.

14. What was the period during which art competitions were part of the Olympics?

Answer: 1912 and 1948.

15. What did Wassily Kandinsky do in 1913?

Answer: Kandinsky produced the first abstract art.

16. What year did Claude Monet paint Impression, Sunrise?

Answer: 1872.

17. During which world event did modern art enter America?

Answer: World War 1.

18. Which art era focused on unblended color and accurate depictions of natural light?

Answer: Impressionism.

19. In the week of April 21, 2018, what artist had the top two songs on the Billboard Hot 100?

Answer: Drake.

20. Which English artist and sculptor wrote the poem “The Tyga”?

Answer: William Blake.

21. Which art style focuses on the emotions or responses of a person?

Answer: Expressionism.

22. American Gothic, a painting by Grant Wood, depicts a man and a woman. What is the relationship between these individuals?

Answer: A farmer and his daughter.

Art Trivia Questions for Kids

This art trivia for kids can be a great way to get kids interested in art and spark their creativity. Who knows, maybe your child will become the next great artist because of their newfound love of art!

1. What’s value in art?

Answer: The lightness or darkness of a color.

2. What does genre mean in art?

Answer: The type of art.

3. What are the three primary colors?

Answer: Red, yellow, and blue.

4. Art created on a digital platform is referred to as…?

Answer: Digital art.

5. How do you get a secondary color?

Answer: Mix two primary colors.

6. Interested in motion and movement, French artist Edgar Degas often painted what?

Answer: Dancers.

7. What’s scale in art?

Answer: The size of an object in relation to another.

8. What’s abstract art?

Answer: Art that’s not based on reality.

9. In which year did the Louvre Museum in Paris first open its collections to public view?

Answer: 1793.

10. The earliest surviving man-made sculptures are made of what?

Answer: Stone.

11. What is unusual about Gauguin’s “The Yellow Christ”?

Answer: Setting Is The French Countryside.

12. What’s composition in art?

Answer: How elements in a work of art are arranged.

13. In Fred William’s 1965 gouache painting “Upwey”, what was he trying to depict?

Answer: Bush Fires In The Dandenong Ranges.

14. Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” features a goddess floating in the ocean on what?

Answer: A Seashell.

15. What’s color temperature?

Answer: The warmth or coolness of a color.

16. What’s the foreground?

Answer: The part in a piece that’s closest to the viewer.

17. What are highlights in art?

Answer: The brightest parts of the artwork.

18. The artist Rembrandt had what type of pet? He often painted it into his artwork.

Answer: A monkey.

19. What’s a doodle?

Answer: Something you draw out of boredom.

20. Which painting is said to have hung in Sigmund Freud’s office?

Answer: “The Nightmare”.

21. What animal did Salvador Dali use to carry around with him for inspiration?

Answer: An Anteater.

22. What’s a focal point in art?

Answer: The part of an artwork created to catch the most attention.

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of our collection of fun art trivia questions and answers.

We hope that you found one or two gems that will test your friends at your next gathering or quiz night.

Remember, though, the best way to become familiar with artworks is to spend time viewing them in a gallery or a museum; nothing substitutes the real thing! 

Whether it’s for educational or entertainment purposes, there is still much more to discover about this vast and varied artistic landscape.

So stay tuned for more engaging content from us!

Please comment in the comments section below about this post – we love hearing feedback from our readers!

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