167 Best Canada Trivia Questions (with Answers)

With its natural beauty, unique culture and friendly people, it’s no wonder that this Canada is so popular among tourists and locals alike.

“Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity.” said Marshall McLuhan, a renowned Canadian philosopher.

If you consider yourself an expert on the great white north or just want to challenge your knowledge about Canada, then these 150+ best Canada trivia questions with answers are sure to pique your curiosity.

These are sure to serve as the perfect source material for your next Canadian trivia quiz.

So grab a Canadian beer and start testing your knowledge now!

General Canada Trivia Questions

From natural wonders to cultural staples, Canada has so much to offer. So, how did you do on these general Canada trivia questions and answers? Time to brush up and learn more about this amazing country!

1. Who discovered the Northwest Passage?

Answer: Amundsen.

2. How often is a census taken in Canada?

Answer: 5 years.

3. Which birthday did the Canadian flag celebrate in 2015?

Answer: 50th.

4. Canada’s maple leaf flag was adopted in which decade?

Answer: 1960s.

5. In which decade did Pierre Trudeau first become Canadian Prime Minister?

Answer: 1960s.

6. Which city hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010?

Answer: Vancouver.

7. A bridge linking Prince Edward Island with which other province opened in 1997?

Answer: New Brunswick.

8. Gold was discovered on a tributary of which river in 1896?

Answer: Klondike.

9. Which city did Halifax replace as the capital of Nova Scotia?

Answer: Annapolis Royal.

10. What was Dominion Day renamed as in 1981?

Answer: Canada Day.

11. How long did Oliver Mowat spend as the leader of Ontario?

Answer: 24 years.

12. John Cabot, an early explorer of Canada, was from which country?

Answer: Italy.

13. Which province did Joey Smallwood serve as premier?

Answer: Newfoundland.

14. People from which First Nation attacked Lachine in 1689?

Answer: Iroquois.

15. Which singer faced assault charges in 2014?

Answer: Justin Bieber,

16. Which game did Scott Abbott invent in 1979?

Answer: Trivial Pursuit.

17. Justin Trudeau is what number Prime Minister of Canada?

Answer: 23rd.

18. Pierre Berton made his name in which field?

Answer: Writing.

19. Pauline Marois became the first female premier of which province in 2012?

Answer: Quebec.

20. Wayne Gretzky made his name in which sport?

Answer: Ice Hockey.

21. Marc Garneau had which occupation before entering politics?

Answer: Astronaut.

22. Which Canadian province first gave voting rights to women?

Answer: Manitoba.

23. Which Royals toured Canada in 2011?

Answer: William and Kate.

24. Cirque Du Soleil was established in which Canadian province?

Answer: Quebec.

Easy Canada Trivia Questions

How well do you know the Great White North? Test out your knowledge with this easy Canada trivia! You might discover some interesting facts about Canada that you never knew before.

1. Charles Edward Saunders developed what type of revolutionary type of crop in 1907?

Answer: Wheat.

2. What state is Toronto in?

Answer: Ontario.

3. In which month do Canadians celebrate Canada Day?

Answer: July.

4. What is the capital of Quebec Canada?

Answer: Quebec City.

5. The Canadian Space Agency was established in which decade?

Answer: 1980s.

6. Linda Evangelista made her name in which field?

Answer: Modeling.

7. The Famous Five were a group of women’s rights activists from which province?

Answer: Alberta.

8. Native Canadian chief Obwandiyag was called what by the British?

Answer: Pontiac.

9. What is the second largest country by land mass?

Answer: Canada.

10. Chief Tecumseh was the head of which nation?

Answer: Shawnee.

11. In which year was Justin Trudeau born?

Answer: 1971.

12. What’s the Canadian national anthem?

Answer: “O Canada”.

13. What leaf is on the Canadian flag?

Answer: Maple Leaf.

14. What is the official language of the Canadian province Quebec?

Answer: French.

15. When does Canada Day occur?

Answer: July 1.

16. What’s Canada’s national sport

Answer: Hockey.

17. Canada produces 85% of the world’s supply of what food item?

Answer: Maple Syrup.

18. In what year did Canada become a country?

Answer: 1867.

19. What color is the sand on Prince Edward Island?

Answer: Red.

20. What city is the capital of Canada?

Answer: Ottawa.

21. How wide is lake Ontario?

Answer: 85 km.

22. What is Canada’s national animal?

Answer: Beaver.

23. What is the capital city of Canada’s Yukon territory?

Answer: Whitehorse.

24. What is Canada’s national sport?

Answer: Lacrosse.

Medium Canada Trivia Questions

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to put your thinking caps on. This Canada trivia isn’t for the faint of heart. So buckle up and let’s get started!

1. In which decade was Ben Johnson exposed as an athletics drug cheat?

Answer: 1980s.

2. Which became the 10th Canadian province in 1949?

Answer: Newfoundland.

3. Which city hosted the Olympics in 1976?

Answer: Montreal.

4. The Red River Resistance resulted in the creation of which province?

Answer: Manitoba.

5. Nunavut was created out of which province in the 1980s?

Answer: Northwest Territory.

6. Sir James Douglas was the founder of which province of Canada?

Answer: British Columbia.

7. In which decade did Alberta and Saskatchewan become part of Canada?

Answer: 1900s.

8. In which month of 2010 did Canada host the Olympics?

Answer: February.

9. How many people lost their jobs with the end of cod fishing in the 1990s?

Answer: 38,000.

10. Which was the first province of Canada to embrace democratic government?

Answer: Nova Scotia.

11. How many people were killed in a sea collision near Halifax in 1917?

Answer: 1,600.

12. The Social Credit Party was founded in which province in the 1930s?

Answer: Alberta.

13. Who succeeded George VI as Head of State in Canada in 1952?

Answer: Elizabeth II.

14. The CN Tower was built in which city in the 1970s?

Answer: Toronto.

15. In which year did British Columbia join Canada?

Answer: 1871.

16. Timothy Eaton started which sort of business in the 19th century?

Answer: Department Store.

17. Frederick Banting and Charles Best received the Nobel Prize for work on which disease?

Answer: Diabetes.

18. Quebec was split into how many colonies in 1972?

Answer: 2.

19. Canada’s largest mall opened near which city in 1981?

Answer: Edmonton.

20. In which decade did the US and Britain sign the Oregon Boundary Treaty?

Answer: 1840s.

21. What anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic was commemorated in 2012?

Answer: 100th.

22. Which Canadian broke the 100m record in 1997?

Answer: Donovan Bailey.

23. The Progressive Conservatives merged with which party in 2003?

Answer: Canadian Alliance.

Hard Canada Trivia Questions

Get ready to put your knowledge of Canada to the ultimate test! We’re talking about hard Canada quiz that’ll make you scratch your head in confusion. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through the great white north!

1. Which group of Europeans first reached Canada 1000 years ago?

Answer: Vikings.

2. How long after Britain and France did Canada declare war on Germany in 1939?

Answer: 7.

3. In the 1790s, Alexander Mackenzie traveled overland to reach which body of water?

Answer: Pacific Ocean.

4. The Great Depression hit Canada in which decade?

Answer: 1930s.

5. John Graves Simcoe passed an Act against which practice in 1793?

Answer: Slavery.

6. Jacques Cartier claimed some Canadian land for the king of which country in 1534?

Answer: France.

7. How many Iroquois attacked the village of Lachine in 1689?

Answer: 1,500.

8. Wildfires in which state required the evacuation of 33,000 in 2017?

Answer: British Columbia.

9. Expo ’86 World Fair was held in which Canadian city?

Answer: Vancouver.

10. Samuel de Champlain formed a colony on behalf of which nation in 1608?

Answer: France.

11. Which beach was stormed by Canadian troops during the D-Day landings?

Answer: Juno.

12. In which year was minister Pierre Laporte kidnapped by terrorists?

Answer: 1970s.

13. What disaster near McBride in 2016 killed five people on snowmobiles?

Answer: Avalanche.

14. In which decade did the St. Lawrence Seaway open?

Answer: 1950s.

15. Maurice Duplessis was premier of which province?

Answer: Quebec.

16. What is the largest freshwater lake in Canada?

Answer: Lake Superior.

17. What did Champlain discover in 1615?

Answer: Great Lakes.

18. The 1871 Treaty of Washington gave Americans the right to do what in Canadian territory?

Answer: Fish.

19. In which decade was the Canadian Pacific Railway completed?

Answer: 1880s.

20. What was the three-letter abbreviation of the terrorist group in Quebec in the 1960s?

Answer: FLQ.

21. Which city is home to the largest natural history museum in Canada?

Answer: Winnipeg.

22. Who did Justin Trudeau replace as Canadian prime minister?

Answer: Stephen Harper.

23. Brad Wall announced that he was retiring from which field in 2017?

Answer: Politics.

24. Which city is known as the “City of Champions” for its sports achievements?

Answer: Edmonton.

Interesting Canada Trivia Questions

From the iconic maple leaf flag to the country’s multicultural population, Canada is a fascinating country with a rich history and culture. Dive into the funny Canadian trivia and see how many questions you can answer correctly.

1. Which Canadian city is known as the “Windy City”?

Answer: Lethbridge, Alberta.

2. Canada’s highest mountain is located in which province or territory?

Answer: Yukon.

3. Which Canadian city has the largest population?

Answer: Toronto.

4. What’s Canada’s only official bilingual province?

Answer: New Brunswick.

5. What is the most visited tourist attraction in Canada?

Answer: Niagara Falls.

6. Originally from Quebec, what food comes from the local french slang word for a “mess”?

Answer: Poutine.

7. What is the most popular type of cheese in Canada?

Answer: Cheddar.

8. Which Canadian city is known as the “City of Festivals”?

Answer: Montreal.

9. What is the only Canadian province without a natural border?

Answer: Saskatchewan.

10. Canada is made up of how many provinces?

Answer: 10.

11. What is the longest river in Canada?

Answer: Mackenzie River.

12. What is the national flower of Canada?

Answer: Maple leaf.

13. In what major Canadian city would you find the Lord Stanley’s Gift Monument?

Answer: Ottawa.

14. What is the smallest province in Canada by land area?

Answer: Prince Edward Island.

15. What is the name of Canada’s largest island?

Answer: Baffin Island.

16. What is the name of the national park in Canada that is home to the famous natural hot springs?

Answer: Banff National Park.

17. What day is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada?

Answer: The second Monday of October.

18. Which Canadian city is known as the “Gateway to the North”

Answer: Edmonton.

19. What is Canada’s second-longest river?

Answer: St. Lawrence River.

20. What is the highest tides in the world and where is it located in Canada?

Answer: Bay of Fundy.

21. How many time zones are in Canada?

Answer: Six.

22. What is Canada’s national tree?

Answer: Maple tree.

23. What is Canada’s longest river?

Answer: Mackenzie River.

24. What is the Canadian territory that is closest to Russia?

Answer: Yukon.

Canada Trivia Questions about History

Are you ready to test your knowledge on Canadian history? Get ready to flex those brain cells with these Canada history trivia questions and answers! Let’s see how much you know about the Great White North’s past!

1. In which century did the British start settling in Canada?

Answer: 17th.

2. Edward Cornwallis founded which settlement in 1749?

Answer: Halifax.

3. How long did Conrad Black spend in prison for fraud in 2005?

Answer: 6 years.

4. In which year did Canada replace 1 dollar bills with coins?

Answer: 1989.

5. What was found at Leduc, Alberta in 1947?

Answer: Oil.

6. In which decade was Tim Horton’s founded?

Answer: 1960s.

7. Gaspar de Corte-Real first sailed around which part of Canada?

Answer: Newfoundland.

8. 6 people were shot outside a mosque in which city in 2017?

Answer: Quebec.

9. Canada boycotted the Olympics in which country in 1980?

Answer: Soviet Union.

10. The Marquis de Montcalm faced General Wolfe at which battle?

Answer: Plains of Abraham.

11. The Expo 67 World Fair was held in which city in 1967?

Answer: Montreal.

12. Which city hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988?

Answer: Calgary.

13. What was the name of Canada’s first female Prime Minister?

Answer: Kim Campbell.

14. Which new Canadian territory was created in 1999?

Answer: Nunavut.

15. In which decade was Cirque Du Soleil established?

Answer: 1980s.

16. Sir Guy Carleton was an early British governor of which part of Canada?

Answer: Quebec.

17. The Klondike Gold Rush took place in which part of Canada?

Answer: Yukon.

18. Which coin was discontinued in Canada in 2013?

Answer: Penny.

19. Which province joined Canada in 1949?

Answer: Newfoundland.

20. Louis Riel was hanged for treason at a jail in which city in 1885?

Answer: Regina.

21. Which country invaded Canada in 1812?

Answer: United States.

22. Sidney Altman won the 1989 Nobel Prize in which field?

Answer: Chemistry.

23. In which century was the first Canadian census taken?

Answer: 19th.

24. A ban on catching which fish came into effect in 1992?

Answer: Cod.

Canada Trivia Questions about Geography

Do you think you know Canada like the back of your hand? Test your geography knowledge with this fun and challenging Canadian Geography Trivia.

1. The first Tim Horton’s opened in what city?

Answer: Hamilton.

2. Which Canadian province does not adopt Daylight Saving Time?

Answer: Saskatchewan.

3. The border between Alberta and Saskatchewan follows which line of longitude?

Answer: 110W.

4. What is the capital of British Columbia?

Answer: Victoria.

5. Where is Iqaluit?

Answer: Nunavut.

6. Environment Canada requires a blizzard to have sustained wind speeds of at least:

Answer: 40 km/hr.

7. The glacial feature in northwestern Manitoba is a:

Answer: Esker.

8. A tower in which city replaced the CN Tower as the world’s tallest building?

Answer: Dubai.

9. The boundary between the US and Canada was fixed at which parallel?

Answer: 49th.

10. What province was the cocktail drink the “Caesar” invented in?

Answer: Alberta.

11. What is the name of the deepest lake in Canada?

Answer: Great Slave Lake.

12. The towns of Corner Brook, Gander and Happy Valley-Goose Bay are found in which province?

Answer: Newfoundland and Labrador.

13. The St Lawrence Seaway linked which Great Lake with the Atlantic?

Answer: Ontario.

14. Where is Surrey?

Answer: British Columbia.

15. If I’m touring Thunder Bay, London and Kingston, in which Canadian province am I?

Answer: Ontario.

16. What continent is Canada located in?

Answer: North America.

17. The cities of Fort McMurray, Medicine Hat, and Red Deer are where in Canada?

Answer: Alberta.

18. Why is the province of Prince Edward Island nicknamed “Spud Island”?

Answer: It’s famous for its potatoes, also known as “spuds”.

19. In which ocean are Canada’s lobster fisheries located?

Answer: Atlantic Ocean.

20. Where is Kelowna?

Answer: British Columbia.

21. Where is Red Deer?

Answer: Alberta.

22. What is the most western province?

Answer: British Columbia.

23. How many provinces and territories does Canada have in total?

Answer: 13.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re Canadian yourself and looking to test your knowledge, or you just want to learn a few fun facts about Canada for trivia night, these 150+ best Canada trivia questions and answers are bound to entertain.

One thing is for certain – you’ll be sure to impress your friends and family with these trivia questions about Canada that you now know! 

With that in mind, we invite you to explore more of what this great country has to offer!

Please comment in the comments section below about this post.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and who knows, maybe even share some of your favorite Canadian trivia facts with us!

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