101 Video Game Trivia Questions (and Answers)

Many of us enjoyed playing video games as children. With these video game trivia questions and answers, draw on your earliest memories to assist you.

Some popular video game characters are featured in our trivia. You’ll discover fascinating historical information about organizations like Nintendo and PlayStation.

Are you prepared to put your gaming expertise to the test?

Try out our entertaining video game trivia questions.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Best Video Game Trivia Questions

Check out this wonderful article if you’re seeking the best video game trivia questions to assess your friend’s understanding of video game history!

1. What is the highest grossing game of all time?

Answer: ‘Pokémon’.

2. Who is the most famous video game character of all time?

Answer: Mario.

3. When was the first ‘Call Of Duty’ video game released?

Answer: 2003.

4. What was the first video game in the world called?

Answer: ‘Pong’.

5. In the ‘Pac-Man’ video game, What’s the name of the orange ghost?

Answer: Clyde.

6. Piemonte Calcio represents which real life club in the ‘FIFA 20’ video game?

Answer: Juventus.

7. Which game was published by GT Interactive in 1996?

Answer: ‘Quake’.

8. Which French video game company is publishing the ‘Far Cry’ series?

Answer: Ubisoft.

9. What is the original first person video shooter game?

Answer: ‘Wolfenstein 3D’.

10. When was ‘Super Smash Bros.’ released?

Answer: 13 September 2014.

11. What 2014 game gives you the name, Douchebag?

Answer: ‘South Park: The Stick Of Truth’.

12. ‘Kingdom Of Hyrule’ is the main setting for which classic video game franchise?

Answer: ‘The Legend Of Zelda’.

13. In which game do players compete in the future version of soccer with cars?

Answer: ‘Rocket League’.

14. The most popular sports video game of all time is named after which former professional coach?

Answer: John Madden.

15. Which game developer has released four ‘Game of The Year’ games?

Answer: Todd Howard.

16. What is the canonical name of the protagonist in the ‘Persona 4’ game?

Answer: Yu Narukami.

17. What’s the best selling video game console of all time?

Answer: PlayStation 2.

18. Alongside Universal Interactive Studios, who else developed ‘Crash Bandicoot’, the video game?

Answer: Naughty Dog.

19. What was the predecessor game to NBA Jam?

Answer: Arch Rivals.

20. What was Mario’s first job?

Answer: Carpenter.

21. Which company released the first flight simulator game?

Answer: Microsoft.

22. What is Pearl’s signature colour in ‘Splatoon 2’?

Answer: Pink.

23. What is the name of the final course of all ‘Mario Kart’ video games?

Answer: Rainbow Road.

24. Which famous video game franchise is the game ‘V-Bucks’ from?

Answer: ‘Fortnite’.

Easy Video Game Trivia Questions

You’re not a video game lover until you pass this game trivia gamer test successfully. Do not worry, this is the easiest category and a noob can get through it too!

1. What type of video game is Astro Boy?

Answer: Action.

2. GTA is an acronym for what?

Answer: Grand Theft Auto.

3. Which video game franchise is best known to Blizzard Entertainment?

Answer: World Of Warcraft.

4. What was the best-selling video game in December 2017?

Answer: Call of Duty: WWII.

5. What is the name of the first video game to be played in space?

Answer: Tetris.

6. What video game franchise features Solid Snake as its hero?

Answer: The Metal Gear.

7. What was the first Nintendo console to support optical discs?

Answer: The GameCube.

8. Where was the first headquarters of Nintendo located?

Answer: Kyoto.

9. Where’s the best place to meet wild Pokémon?

Answer: In tall grass.

10. Which football coach has a popular video game named after him?

Answer: Madden, the game named after John Madden, has sold 3.9 million copies.

11. Which gaming console had the first internal memory?

Answer: The SEGA Saturn shipped with 1 MB of internal memory.

12. How do you make obsidian?

Answer: Mix water and lava.

13. Who is the Siren character in “Borderlands?

Answer: Lillith.

14. What type of Pokémon is the Sand Shrew?

Answer: Ground type.

15. For their show “Red vs. Blue,” Rooster Teeth uses what video game franchise?

Answer: Halo.

16. What is the name of the circular object used to collect Pokémon?

Answer: Poke ball.

17. How long did it take Markus Persson to make the first version of ‘Minecraft’

Answer: One week.

18. When was ‘Minecraft’ first released?

Answer: 7 October 2011.

19. What’s a Charged Creeper?

Answer: A creeper that’s been struck by lightning.

20. What year was the PlayStation 1 released?

Answer: 1995.

Hard Video Game Trivia Questions

It’s time to ask the most important trivia questions if you believe you are the best game quiz player. Watch alert, even the most seasoned game trivia player quiz specialists will be confused by this gaming quiz!

1. Due to Morphine use in the game, what country refused to give Fallout 3 a rating?

Answer: Australia.

2. Who invented the video game?

Answer: Physicist William Higinbotham.

3. What is the name of the fictional world that ‘Super Mario Bros’ is set in?

Answer: The Mushroom Kingdom.

4. What’s the name of the planet that hosts the ‘Gears Of War’ game?

Answer: Sera.

5. The reference to the “stolen sweet troll” was a running joke with which game developer?

Answer: Bethesda Software: ‘Elder Scrolls’ and ‘Skyrim’.

6. What was the first gaming console to have in-house memory?

Answer: ‘The SEGA’ Saturn had one MB of internal memory.

7. In the video game industry, what market generates the most revenue?

Answer: China.

8. What was the original name of the gene bank in the game ‘Bioshock?’

Answer: Plasmi-Quick Response.

9. In what game did the character Sonic appear for the first time?

Answer: Sonic first appeared as an air freshener in the 1991 Sega release, ‘Red Mobile.’

10. What was almost a ‘Gears Of War’ weapon choice that was abandoned over creative differences?

Answer: The Gun of Chainsaw.

11. In the game “Bioshock,” what was the original name for the gene bank?

Answer: Plasmi-Quick.

12. Who played the fictional character in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Answer: John Martson.

13. The reference to a “stolen sweettroll” has been a running gag with what game developer?

Answer: Bethesda Software: Edler Scrolls and Skyrim”

14. What American car manufacturer inspired the cars in Fallout 3?

Answer: Ford Motor Company’s nuclear power concept.

15. In what game did the Obama campaign pay for in-game advertising?

Answer: Burnout Paradise.

16. What was weapon choice nearly cut from “Gears of War” over creative differences?

Answer: The Chainsaw Gun.

17. What game did the character Sonic first appear in?

Answer: Sonic first appeared as an air freshener in the 1991 Sega release, “Red Mobile.”

18. What organization on Twitch organized a bi-annual charity event involving speed runs on popular video games?

Answer: Games Done Quick.

19. What band has made more sales off of its Guitar Hero album than any of its actual recorded albums?

Answer: Arrowsmith.

20. In the original “Legend of Zelda” game, why was the maximum amount of Rupees set at 255?

Answer: Capacity restraints of integer values in an 8-bit system.

History of Video Games Trivia Questions

Sure you love playing video games but that is not enough! You cannot be regarded as a true video game enthusiast until you nail this history of video games trivia quiz!

1. What product did Nintendo first release before taking on the world of video games?

Answer: Playing Cards.

2. What year was Nintendo founded?

Answer: 1889.

3. What was the first commercially successful video game?

Answer: Pong.

4. What video game company collaborated with SONY on the Playstation?

Answer: Nintendo.

5. What does the name Nintendo mean?

Answer: “Leave luck to heaven”.

6. What is the best selling videogame of all time?

Answer: Minecraft.

7. Which popular dining franchise is Atari’s founder responsible for?

Answer: Chuck E Cheese.

8. What position did the creator of the Game Boy have at Nintendo?

Answer: A janitor.

9. The United States Air Force used what gaming console to create a cluster supercomputer?

Answer: The Playstation 3 (PS3).

10. What year was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) released?

Answer: 1991.

11. How much did a virtual reality device cost in the ’80s?

Answer: $49,000.

12. What is the best-selling handheld gaming system to date?

Answer: Nintendo DS.

13. What’s the most expensive video game ever made?

Answer: ‘Grand Auto V Theft’.

14. What kind of food was the character Pac Man modelled on?

Answer: Pizza.

15. In what year was the first virtual reality headset created?

Answer: 1995.

16. What’s the name of the ’30s science fiction writer who predicted virtual reality?

Answer: Stanley Weinbaum.

17. What was the name of the character that would later be known as Mario in the original arcade version of ‘Donkey Kong’?

Answer: Jumpman.

18. Which crowdsource funding platform is responsible for the success of the ‘Oculus Rift’?

Answer: A Kickstarter campaign raised $250,000 for the once-dead technology.

90s Video Game Trivia Questions

The 1990s produced some of the best video games. It was the only point in gaming history when creators had to come up with something fresh every day to compete and win the console war. How well can you handle 90s video game trivia questions and answers?

1. Sony developed the “Cell” microprocessor with Toshiba and what other company?

Answer: IBM.

2. In the 1990s, what was the last Super Mario game to be released?

Answer: Super Mario 64.

3. One of the first car racing games on the Playstaion was ported by Namco. The game was made available in the U.S. and Europe in 1995. Can you recall the name of this game?

Answer: Ridge Racer.

4. PlayStation, a subsidiary of Sony, was developed in what country?

Answer: Japan.

5. What popular 90’s fighting game eventually became a movie?

Answer: Mortal Kombat.

6. The PS1 was first released in Japan on December 3, 1994. How many bits did the PS1 have?

Answer: 32.

7. Originally released in 1996, who is the main villain in Tomb Raider?

Answer: Jacqueline Natla.

8. What N64 popular game featuring a bear with a red bird was released in 1998?

Answer: Banjo-Kazooie.

9. What 1998 game pit humans against the Protoss the Zerg?

Answer: StarCraft.

10. In Japan, what 1996 horror game is known as Biohazard?

Answer: Resident Evil.

11. Known as one of the most popular online RPGs, what franchise was created by Blizzard in 1994?

Answer: Warcraft.

12. What console was Sonic The Hedgehog released for in 1991?

Answer: Sega Genesis.

13. Which year was Sonic the Hedgehog released?

Answer: 1991.

14. Nina Williams is a character in which fighting video game franchise?

Answer: Tekken.

15. What year was the first appearance of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider?

Answer: 1996.

16. In the Pokémon world, what is the name of the first region?

Answer: Kanto.

Final Thoughts

Did you put your knowledge to the test with some video game trivia if you’re one of the many so-called gamers?

These video game trivia questions and answers must have improved your know-how a lot!

A new era of entertainment has emerged as a result of social media and the simplicity of content generation.

Gamers have created their own channels for news about the business and entertainment, ranging from “Rooster Teeth”-style entertainment channels to well-known streamers on social media gaming sites.

So tell us how well-versed are you in video games knowledge?

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