204 Questions to Ask a New Friend (Light and Fun)

Are you having a great time socially? Looks like you’re making new friends.

Do you feel as though you know them inside and out? There must still be a lot that is concealed! Stuff that can jazz up your friendship more!

What do you say we liven things up a bit? Here are 200+ questions to ask a new friend, ensuring lively conversation and the assured acquisition of fresh knowledge.

As you can see, romantic partnerships are not the whole story. Relationships with friends are equally important.

Therefore, continue friendship-building with the help of our top questions to ask friends.

Best Questions to Ask a New Friend

If you want to know some foolproof questions, this list of questions to ask a new friend will definitely satisfy you! Check these out!

1. Hey, how have you been?

2. Have you done anything interesting lately?

3. How are your studies/work going?

4. The weather is perfect today, what do you think?

5. What constitutes a good day for you?

6. What is keeping you busy these days?

7. How is your dog/puppy/cat doing?

8. Do you ever look at a person and immediately think, “We couldn’t be friends”?

9. The last time we met, you said you were going to work on ABC. How is that going?

10. Are you into music?

11. If you were to describe yourself with one word, what word would it be?

12. What has been the highlight of your week/day?

13. What is the most interesting conspiracy theory you have ever heard?

14. How has your day been so far?

15. Did you change your hairstyle? You look great.

16. Do you enjoy outdoor activities?

17. That’s a nice jacket/top. Where did you get it?

18. Do you have house plants?

19. Do you consider yourself an early riser?

20. What do you look forward to?

21. What never fails to make you smile?

22. If you could domesticate any animal, which one would you have as a pet?

23. How long does it usually take you to get off the bed once you wake up?

24. Have you ever tried smoking cigarettes?

25. How do you pick your clothes for the day or an occasion?

26. What is your favorite takeout spot?

27. Do you enjoy listening to people’s life stories or watching documentaries?

28. What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

29. Ever got a great deal bidding on an auction item?

30. What do you prefer between summer and winter?

31. What is your favorite color?

32. Do you consider yourself as someone who is easily offended?

33. What do you prefer between driving and being driven around?

34. When did you last have a homemade meal?

35. What is your favorite quote?

36. Do you like working out in the gym, or do you prefer hikes and runs?

37. What is your biggest pet peeve?

38. What is your favorite midnight snack?

39. Do you prefer shopping IRL or online?

40. What’s your happy place?

41. What is your favorite dish to make at home?

42. What makes you happy between receiving and giving gifts?

43. What is the one thing you do every day without fail?

44. Of all your teachers at school, who was your favorite?

45. Before making a telephone call, do you ever rehearse what you will say?

Fun Questions to Ask a New Friend

A little fun doesn’t harm anyone, in fact, it oomphs up the dullest of moments! So these funny questions to ask a new friend will become your favorite way to interact!

1. What’s one thing that you think is largely underrated?

2. If you were to open a store, what would you sell?

3. What’s one thing you usually have a hard time deciding on?

4. You’re out on the river in a one-person boat. Do you wear a life jacket?

5. What are you the most thankful for?

6. Do you think media piracy should be a crime?

7. If you could change one thing about society, what would it be?

8. Do you have a “type” of person that you go for?

9. What belief of yours are you most confident in?

10. Ever feel like you’re in Groundhog Day?

11. What are the most important traits you look for when considering dating someone?

12. What’s one thing that’s best done spontaneously?

13. What’s the most plausible conspiracy theory you know?

14. What do you think about [a music artist’s] new album?

15. What was the biggest mess you’ve ever made in the kitchen?

16. Has anyone ever taken credit for your efforts?

17. Do you take care to leave a public toilet in the same state it was when you entered it?

18. How good are you at following recipes when cooking?

19. What’s one thing you wish that you could unsee?

20. What is your most marketable skill?

21. If you had to follow just one person on social media, who would it be?

22. What DIY project have you done that you’re most proud of?

23. Are you afraid of mice?

24. Have you ever dreamed of living in an unusual place, like an evermoving railroad wagon or in some kind of underwater house?

25. Could you ever get a tattoo as a joke?

26. What’s the best part of any trip?

27. What’s the worst case of Catch-22 you have ever experienced in your life (e.g., you need experience to get the job, but you need the job to get the experience)?

28. If you were a game character, what game would you be in?

29. What do you think is the worst-looking insect?

30. Are there any bad things you’ve done that you totally don’t regret?

31. Do you have any unusual habits?

32. What’s the most soda you ever drank in a day?

33. Have you ever gone bar-hopping?

34. What is your favorite swear word?

35. What’s the stupidest way to spend one’s time?

37. Do you cut your sandwiches diagonally or straight?

38. Do you have a word that really annoys you?

39. What’s the stupidest take on something that you’ve ever heard?

40. What are your thoughts on dining and dashing? Would you consider doing it?

41. Would you rather spend more time hunting for a good deal on something, or just buy it for its regular price and save some time?

42. What’s the longest time it ever took you to get off the bed after waking up?

43. If you were to make a movie/sitcom/series of your life, what would the theme song be?

44. Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?

45. Do you enjoy keeping your social media profiles up-to-date?

46. What’s the most expensive purchase you’ve ever made that you didn’t really need, just because it was something “cool”?

47. Would you rather get rich or marry “happily ever after”?

Deep Questions to Ask a New Friend

The nicest part of having true friends is being able to express your honest emotions to them. You might find that you have a lot in common with their responses, which will only strengthen your bond with them.

1. What’s more important for living a happy life: having friends or having a partner?

2. Do you ever enjoy negative emotions?

3. Could you be friends with a criminal?

4. What kind of change are you hoping for in society?

5. What pronouns do you use?

6. When were you at your happiest?

7. Is getting into a street fight ever worth it?

8. Are you in a relationship?

9. Have you ever questioned your sexuality?

10. If you died and got turned into a ghost, do you think you would place the same value on human life?

11. What career path are you pursuing, and is it something you have always wanted to do?

12. How do you feel about cultural appropriation?

13. Have you ever felt like life is too overwhelming?

14. What is one thing that people joke about that you find offensive?

15. Do you like driving or being driven around?

16. What would you say to the 5-year-old you?

17. What is your dream car?

18. Who was the first person who taught you to drive?

19. What’s your favorite music genre?

20. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

21. How would you describe your fashion taste?

22. Would you consider adopting a cat/dog?

23. How many languages do you speak?

24. What was your very first pet?

25. Are you religious?

26. Is there a song or a movie that always makes you cry?

27. Do you listen to podcasts? If you do, which one is your current favorite?

28. Have you ever had serious health problems?

29. Do you currently have a pet?

30. Was it mutual the first time you fell in love?

31. Do you ever try to hide from your emotions?

32. What makes you feel alive?

33. What’s a trait you appreciate in yourself?

34. Did you ever have to rebuild a friendship from the ground up?

35. Do you have an idea of how you might want to die?

36. Was there a lot of bullying in your school?

Questions to Ask a New Friend about Hobbies and Interests

Everyone has hobbies and you must surely be interested in knowing about your friend’s favorite activities. Find something in common and enjoy it together! Check out this list!

1. What is your all-time favorite hobby?

2. How often do you upgrade your PC?

3. How would you describe your perfect weekend?

4. Do you like retro stuff?

5. Have you ever tried fasting?

6. What is one thing you were scared to try at first, but you realized that you enjoyed it after trying it?

7. Do you prefer your friends to have the same interests as you, or is it not that important?

8. What’s the most difficult book you’ve ever read?

9. As a child, what was your favorite thing to do when you were not at school?

10. How do you usually discover new music?

11. What’s your favorite decade of fashion?

12. What is the one social thing you do because of social pressure that you don’t really enjoy?

13. Do you like flea markets?

14. If you could time travel, which decade would you go to and why?

15. What’s a hobby you’d like to pick up but probably never will?

16. Do you like attending events or staying in?

17. Which trends do you follow?

18. Do you get the appeal of skateboarding?

19. If money was no object and you were to get into collecting something, what would you go for?

20. What’s the most mainstream thing you like?

21. Is there a hobby you’re not getting into because it’s too expensive?

22. Which activity is the most reliably fun for you?

23. What’s the longest time you’ve spent searching for one particular thing on the internet?

Questions to Ask a New Friend about Family

Families are an integral part of our lives. Asking a new friend about family might get weird and sneaky which is why we are here to help you with phrasing your answers correctly!

1. Are you more like your mother or like your father?

2. Do you have any family members who push their outdated worldview on you?

3. Who’s the funniest person in your family?

4. What do you enjoy doing the most with your parents?

5. Do family members often get you good gifts?

6. Do you have any siblings?

7. Do you ever get embarrassed by your family members’ behavior?

8. What personality traits do you have in common with your family members?

9. Do you get along with your siblings?

10. Do you think being a grandparent would be fun?

11. Would you like to get married?

12. Do you have a family member who you’d consider a close friend?

13. Do you have anything to talk about with your grandparents, or do you struggle to keep even a basic conversation going?

14. Would you consider having children? If so, how many?

15. Was there ever a family member you avoided for any reason?

16. What kind of relationships are more important to you than family?

17. What are your thoughts on adoption and fostering?

18. Do you find it easy to pick presents for close family members?

19. Would you say you have a happy family?

20. Under what circumstances (if any) would you consider cutting ties with your family?

21. Do you have that one family member who can never shut up at family gatherings?

22. How would you describe the ideal family environment for a child?

23. What is your favorite family tradition?

24. In your family, who do you think knows you best?

25. Do you know much about your family lineage?

26. What is the one family tradition you would like to start with your family should you decide to have children?

27. What are your thoughts on parents expecting their children (over 18 years) to pay rent?

28. Does your family still live in the same house you lived in as a child?

29. Do you think parents should punish children? If so, how?

30. At what age do you think children should move out?

31. How would you describe an ideal distribution of chores in a house?

Questions to Ask a New Friend about Career

A career is important and as a friend, one should exchange thoughts on this part of human life! With this list of questions, you will be able to ask questions related to your career without sounding bored!

1. What is your current career path?

2. What’s the biggest amount of work you’ve ever lost by forgetting to save a file?

3. At what age did you get your first job?

4. Does perfectionistic thinking ever hold you back?

5. If you won the lottery today and have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life, would you still work?

6. Are you pursuing your dream job?

7. Do you have any career-related regrets?

8. As a child, what was your dream job?

9. Would you consider working in the same field your whole life?

10. What is the most difficult part of a project for you?

11. How would you describe your perfect day at work?

12. If you were to choose, would you prefer to work from home or go to the office?

13. Do you need someone to control your work for you to stay productive?

14. At what age would you like to retire?

15. How do you create a productive environment when working from home?

16. Would you leave a field you’re passionate about to flip burgers for the rest of your life if flipping burgers magically paid ten times more for some reason?

17. Do you ever consider changing your profession?

18. Do you feel like working is a burden?

19. How often do you check your work messages?

20. If you were in charge of hiring, would you ever hire someone with a felony conviction on their criminal record?

21. Do you often feel like you know exactly what you’re doing?

22. How would you feel about working a night shift?

Final Thoughts

You’ll have a lot clearer understanding of the person you’re speaking to after getting the answers to some of these questions, which should make for some fruitful conversation.

Using questions as a catalyst is the whole goal of asking them.

It’s just the beginning. You want the discussion to flow naturally and organically.

If you want a real conversation, not just a superficial one you need to be cool and calm while using these questions to ask a new friend. Got it?

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