527 Best Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers to Make the Game Exciting

If you’re throwing a teenage friend’s night party, make sure to include truth or dare questions for teenagers to make the evening memorable.

We all know that nights out are reserved for the best or closest friends, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions.

Perhaps you can use truth or dare questions for teenagers to pick your crush’s brain and learn more about them and have that specific person gain a stronger connection with you?

The best part about truth or dare questions for teens is that you can learn so many dark secrets about your friends, and who knows, you might be surprised by one of them.

Prepare a few questions and dares to use in a game of Truth or Dare. It’s never fun to be stuck in the middle of a game because you can’t think of anything, so here are some truth or dare for teens for your get-together.

Best Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

Let us tell you about some of the best truth or dare questions for teenagers. For example, with whom would you go on a date in a heartbeat? And no, celebrities do not qualify.

1. Who would you go out on a date within heartbeat?

2. Have you ever had a crush on a friend but you just can’t tell them?

3. Of all the people you know, who has the most beautiful eyes?

4. Did you ever share your close friend’s secret with others?

5. How many times have you been punished and sent to the principal’s office?

6. How many times did you kiss yourself in a mirror?

7. What is the first thing that comes to your mind about the person on your left?

8. Which celebrity would you go out with?

9. Did you ever skip school by telling a lie and lie about it to your parents?

10. Did you ever mock a teacher or classmate behind their back?

11. If you want to change a few things about your body, what would those be?

12. Have you ever been kissed?

13. Who was your first kiss? How was it?

14. Who are you jealous of?

15. Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s boyfriend?

16. If you had to dance with a boy, who would it be?

17. Who was your first kiss? Did you like it?

18. Have you ever flirted with your best friend’s siblings?

19. If you could be born again, what would you choose to be born as?

20. You have to give up one makeup item for the rest of your life. What is it?

21. If you had just 24 hr to live, how would you spend your day?

22. If you had the chance to live on your own right now, would you take it?

23. What would be the perfect setting for the first kiss for you?

24. Whose eyes are the most beautiful for you?

25. What is the one thing you would change in your life if you had the option?

26. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

27. Describe the perfect date for you?

28. If you knew that the world was going to end soon, what would you do?

29. If you were a superhero, what would your power be?

30. Have you ever had an awkward moment during a date? How was it?

31. What is the most embarrassing thing you did to get someone’s attention?

32. Who is the most attractive person for you in school?

33. Are you going out with someone at the moment?

34. Would you rather be a princess or a mermaid?

35. What would you do if you were the Queen of England?

36. Would you like to go out with me?

37. Have you ever tried to date someone you met online?

38. Would you become a boy (or girl) for a day, if you had the choice? Why?

Funny Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

When you begin to feel that the night is becoming monotonous, come up with truth or dare funny questions for teenagers. For example, how would you rate everyone’s lips in this room from most kissable to least kissable?

1. Your crush asked to eat one item which you do not like at all, do you eat?

2. Have you ever tried using a soap as shampoo or shampoo as soap?

3. Do you lick your plate?

4. Who’s the most boring person here and in your life?

5. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

6. Did you ever steel fruits or flowers from your neighbor’s trees?

7. What was your most embarrassing moment in public?

8. What do you think about when you are sitting on the toilet?

9. What is the worst habit that you are happy to do?

10. Has anyone ever walked in on you when going #2 in the bathroom?

11. What animal most closely resembles your style?

12. Have you ever worn your underwear backward?

13. What was the last time you looked for something naughty?

14. When you go swimming, do you pee in the pool?

15. If you could be reincarnated into anyone’s body, who would you want to become?

16. Did you ever poop in your pants?

17. What is the most embarrassing picture of you?

18. Have you ever eaten food that you dropped on the floor?

19. Do you like to smell someone’s feet or their armpits?

20. Have you ever urinated in bed? When was the last time you did something like this?

21. Would you share a toothbrush with your best friend?

22. Have you ever cried during a movie? If so, which one?

23. Who has a big nose here?

24. How long do you last?

25. Have you ever slept in the loo while sitting on the toilet?          

26. Would you rather loudly fart in the classroom and take the blame or tell your whole class you had a crush on the teacher?

Interesting Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

Teens are notorious for omitting the truth for their convenience. They frequently avoid the truth because they believe it is embarrassing or silly. What about interesting truth or dare questions for teenagers? Would you forego a lunch date with your buddy to go on a date?

1. Why did you cry for the last time?

2. If you had the ability to turn invisible whenever you wanted, what would you do first?

3. Do you sing in the shower?

4. Have you had a bad life experience that you didn’t share with anyone?

5. Who is your favorite parent, and why?

6. Are there any weird foods you like but other people hate? What are they?

7. What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done on a dare?

8. Do you regret dating someone in the past?

9. What was the biggest lie you ever told?

10. What is the most disgusting thing that you have ever done in your life?

11. What is one thing you will never stop doing, even as an adult?

12. What is your biggest insecurity?

13. Have you lied about being friends with someone in the past, and why?

14. How would you act around an ex you didn’t like?

15. What is the worst food you’ve had on a date?

16. If you had the power to fire a teacher in your school, who would it be and why?

17. When did you feel like the dumbest person in front of a bunch of people?

18. What would you do if you found out your ex liked someone else?

19. Do you ever talk to yourself in the mirror?

20. If you were a food, which food would that be and why?

21. How do you envision your proposal turning out?

22. Have you ever started a disgusting or silly rumor about somebody close to you?

23. Have you had a crush on someone and never told them about it?

24. What personality traits do you think an attractive person has?

25. If you had access to a celebrity, who would that be, and what would you do with them?

26. What would you do if the person you hate the most would be standing right in front of you?

27. What is the cruelest thing that you have ever done?

28. What would be in your web history that you do not want anybody to see?

29. What is the most embarrassing nickname given to you?

30. What is the silliest or embarrassing thing in your possession that you are attached to?

31. Which was the worst day of your life and why?

32. Have you ever drunk and drive?

33. Who would you take to a remote island for a secret vacation?

34. Do you have any disturbing truths to share?

35. Which must-have app would you delete from your phone if forced to?

36. What secret can you tell us now (something you never said to anyone before)

37. If you could go back in time, what moment will you change?

38. If you have suddenly become invisible, what would you do?

39. Who is your first crush?

40. What is the biggest misconception about you?

Random Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

If you come up with random truth or dare questions for teens, people may start glancing at you. For example, if you could be reborn as anyone in this room, who would you choose?

1. When was the last time you cried?

2. How many kids do you want when you grow up?

3. What is your most terrible habit?

4. What will you do if tomorrow is your last day on earth?

5. What is one thing you do when you are home by yourself?

6. Have you ever started a stupid argument with a friend?

7. Do you walk in your sleep?

8. Have you ever convinced someone to believe in a lie?

9. Which teacher would you replace in your school and why?

10. What are you most excited about going to college?

11. What song do you want to be played at your funeral?

12. Have you ever snuck out of the house before? and why?

13. If life was to change, would you still want to be in the family you are in?

14. Do you have a favorite sibling, and if so, why are they your favorite?

15. What was the last thing you have searched for on your mobile?

16. Have you ever failed a subject? Which one?

17. Who is the funniest person here?

18. Which is the most boring class you had to attend?

19. What is the first thing you do after school every day?

20. Did you ever wet your bed?

21. Who would you like to spend most of your time with?

22. If you were to bring back a person you lost, who would that be and why?

23. True or false? You have a crush on him/her.

24. What is the worst grade you got in school? What was your reaction?

25. Have you ever fallen asleep in class? How did you wake up?

26. Has someone ever betrayed you? How did you handle the betrayal?

27. What names would you give your baby girl and boy?

28. Have you ever done anything illegal?

29. Did you pretend to be sick so you can skip class or avoid a test?

30. Would you take an exam for your best friend?

31. Do you have a hidden talent?

32. Have you broken any law?

33. What is one thing you have kept to yourself?

34. What would you do if you won a million dollars in a lottery?

35. What’s the biggest turn-on in your life?

36. Have you ever ignored a friend’s text? Why did you do it?

37. What do you believe is the best trait you have?

38. What you would do first if you woke up one day as the opposite gender?

39. Whom do you think the worst dressed person?

40. Have you ever told a secret you were told to keep?

Clean Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

The truth and dare game do not have to include dirty questions. For instance, what is the silliest thing you’ve ever done on a dare? An excellent example of a clean truth or dare question for teenagers.

1. Do you have a crush on someone in this room? Whom?

2. How would you break up with someone, through messaging or in person?

3. Are you scared of the dark?

4. Do you write in a diary?

5. Who is your secret crush?

6. Do you think she/he is cute?

7. If you could marry a celebrity, who would it be?

8. Which female celebrity do you follow?

9. Have you ever got caught doing something you shouldn’t?

10. What is the most embarrassing thing within three feet of you right now?

11. How does your dream boy or girl look like?

12. Do you own any adult toys?

13. Who is the last person you texted for?

14. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend now?

15. When was the last time you lied?

16. Do you think you will get married to your current girlfriend/boyfriend?

17. What is the best feature of the nearest person, and who is it?

18. What color are the eyes of the person who asked you this question?

19. Pick three people present now to spend the rest of your life on an island with. Why them?

20. Do you have a crush on someone in school?

21. How many selfies do you take in a day?

22. What is something that no one else knows about you?

23. Who would you pick to go to the prom with?

24. Who do you hate the most?

25. Did you ever sing loudly in the classroom?

26. Do you talk in your sleep?

27. What is the strangest game you used to play as a kid?

28. How many kids do you want to have in the future?

29. Would you let your best friend cheat on a test?

30. Is there anything about your life you would want to change?

31. If you missed by address in a new city, what would you do?

32. Have you ever cried because you missed your parents so much?

33. If you had to eat something within two feet of where you’re sitting or standing, what would you choose?

34. Would you rather be a guy than a girl? Why?

35. What is your biggest regret?

36. Do you cover your eyes during a scary part in a movie?

37. What would you name your children?

38. What was the last thing you photographed with your phone?

39. Have you ever pretended to like a gift?

40. Have you ever lied to your close friend?

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

There is no game without dirty truth or dare questions for teens. It tends to liven up both the mood and the game. As an example, what is the most significant age difference between you and your sexual partners?

1. Would you ever try to make out with your best friend’s brother or sister?

2. Who would you like to kiss right now?

3. When was the last time you covered for your best friend?

4. Could you describe what your best kiss was like?

5. How often do you get complimented after the action for being so good?

6. Would you like to make out with a teacher in your school? If yes, with whom?

7. Who do you most want to sleep with, out of everyone here?

8. Have you ever had s#x with someone you just met?

9. Have you ever sent provocative texts to anyone?

10. Have you ever been interested in trying out tying each other up?

11. Have you ever filmed a s#x tape?

12. What excites you the most?

13. What is your most embarrassing make-out memory?

14. Have you ever done anything s#xual on a video call?

15. Have you ever watched porn?

16. Have you ever played strip poker?

17. Have you ever been to a s#x party?

18. When was the last time you masturbated?

19. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

20. Have you ever caught your friends having s#x?

21. Have you ever been caught in action? If so, by who?

22. Have you ever dated someone you actually hate?

23. Do you have any spicy pictures or videos saved on your phone?

24. Rank everyone’s lips in this room as the most kissable to the least kissable?

25. If you meet your ex all of a sudden how do you think you would react?

26. Have you ever hooked up in a club?

27. Do you have any fetishes?

28. What’s the best kind of underwear?

29. What’s your favorite feature on someone of the opposite s#x?

30. Describe what you like and what you don’t like about your body?

31. Describe your married s#x life in the future using only three words.

32. Have you ever been in a friend’s with benefits situation?

33. What’s your biggest unfulfilled naughty fantasy you want to do someday?

34. Would you ever make out in school?

35. When was the first time you watched porn?

36. Have you ever fantasized about a teacher?

37. If you had the chance to sleep with a celebrity, who would you pick?

38. Have you ever talked to yourself in the mirror and given yourself a pep talk?

39. Have you ever received a nude photo from someone you knew but weren’t interested in?

40. What is the weirdest line that someone has ever tried on you?

41. Would you make out with your crush even if he/she were in a relationship?

42. Have you ever practiced kissing on a pillow?

43. What is the weirdest thing your partner told you?

Juicy Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

Juicy questions for truth or dare can change the game and also relive a boring party. The thing is to ask juicy questions for truth or dare. As an example, what do you wish your mother didn’t know about you?

1. Have you ever sent a s#xy selfie to anyone?

2. Who would you pick if you got a chance to kiss a celebrity?

3. Who do you think is the s#xiest person you’ve ever kissed?

4. Would you kiss your crush even if they were in a relationship with someone else?

5. How was your most awkward date, and what happened?

6. What turns you on the most?

7. What is the s#xiest piece of clothing you own and why?

8. Have you ever cheated on your ex-boyfriends?

9. Do you have an erotic guilty pleasure, and what is it?

10. Do you have a secret crush?

11. Do you have a funny, intimate experience, and if so, what happened?

12. What have you ever done that you would never want to be caught doing again?

13. Do you have a specific outfit you would wear to meet your crush? Describe it?

14. Have you ever been adored by the boyfriend of a friend?

15. Have you ever canceled a date with a friend in order to see a boy?

16. Do you have a crush on any of us here right now?

17. How many people have you kissed in your life?

18. What is the craziest thing you have done for love in the past?

19. What is your favorite thing about boys you wish you had?

20. What color of underwear are you wearing now?

21. If you were to change anything about this relationship, what would that be?

22. Have you had a crush on more than one boy in the past?

23. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done with your partner?

24. Have you ever experienced a s#xy dream about a specific person? If so, who is it?

25. Has a crush ever rejected you when you made the first move?

26. Have you had a crush on the hottest teacher in school?

27. Would you consider signing up on a dating site?

28. Would you kiss your best friend’s sister or brother?

29. What attracts you the most to the opposite s#x and why?

30. Is there anyone you would like to kiss here and who?

31. Is this relationship your best relationship yet?

32. Have you been to an adult toys shop?

Flirty Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

Ask your crush some flirty truth and dare questions for teens to figure out how to impress her or him. For example, what is your favorite body part about yourself?

1. How do you impress your boyfriend /girlfriend?

2. Do you have a name for your special places?

3. What’s something that you always wanted to say to me but couldn’t?

4. What’s your main romantic fantasy?

5. Have you ever practice kissing?

6. When did you act the most childish in your life?

7. How will you praise your crush?

8. Which movie star do you think is the hottest?

9. Describe your last dream you had.

10. Have you ever stalked someone on social media?

11. If I could take you out right now, where would you want to go?

12. Would you binge-watch a series with me?

13. How would you rate my looks on a scale of 1 to 10?

14. What did you gift your friend to impress?

15. What’s a weird trait that you find attractive about me?

16. Do you sleep without your clothes?

17. Have you ever cried because of me?

18. Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?

19. Do you believe in the idea of a soulmate?

20. Who here are you most jealous of?

21. Who can do the best dance moves?

22. Who is the one person you most regret kissing?

23. Have you ever had an exciting dream about me?

24. Who do you think is the best flirt here?

25. Do you love me? How much?

26. What’s something I did that you didn’t expect?

27. What would you buy me if I gave you 50 dollars?

28. Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s girlfriend?

29. What do you love about me the most?

30. What’s something you find s#xy that you think most other people don’t?

31. What did you think of me when you first met me?

32. What dress do you wear during bed?

33. If I went through your room, what would I be shocked to find?

34. What makes you feel happiest?

35. What’s the best way to charm you?

36. What’s worst flirting you’ve experienced?

37. Have you skinny-dipped in a pool?

38. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

39. Rate my flirting so far out of 10?

40. Has anyone accidentally seen you naked?

41. If I asked you out, would you say yes?

42. What one thing would you change about me if you could?

43. Who makes you laugh most often?

44. Have you ever been in love?

45. If I kissed you, would you kiss me back?

Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

Embarrassing truth or dare questions for teenagers can cause you to turn your head all the time, but the person asking enjoys it. For example, what questions do you not want anyone in this group to ask you?

1. Have you ever told a lie during a game of Truth or Dare? What was it and why?

2. If your parents went out of town for a week and you had the house to yourself, what would you do?

3. What was the worst day of your life and why?

4. Have you ever dozed off sitting on the toilet?

5. Have you worn a piece of clothing more than once?

6. Have you ever had a crush on anyone here?

7. List five disgusting/annoying habits you have?

8. Have you ever given someone an embarrassing name, and what was it?

9. Have you ever fallen in front of people?

10. What is your weight?

11. Have you ever stolen something?

12. Have you ever laughed loud at a joke while everyone else was silent?

13. Have you ever farted loud in public?

14. How many times have you gone out without a shower?

15. Did you let someone else take the fall for something you did?

16. Has someone ever caught you speaking to yourself?

17. Have you had a mismatched outfit out in public?

18. What was your childhood nickname?

19. What is the most embarrassing thing that your parents caught you do?

20. Have you failed at dance moves in front of people?

21. Have you had an embarrassing moment in front of the school?

22. How long have you gone without brushing your teeth?

23. What was the stupidest thing you ever did?

24. Has someone told your worst grade to their friends?

25. Has someone shared an unflattering picture of you in the past?

26. How long have you gone without showering/shaving?

27. Which person here knows something about you that you wouldn’t want revealed?

28. Did you ever pee in the swimming pool, while swimming?

29. Did you ever spread a nasty rumor about someone else?

30. Have you ever sung and danced in the grocery store?

31. What’s the weirdest thing you did when you were alone, in front of a mirror?

32. What kind of pajamas do you wear to bed?

33. What is the silliest thing that you are attached to and still possess (if it were a thing)?

34. What book are you embarrassed to have read?

35. Did you ever watch an adult film and lie to your parents about it?

36. What was the biggest lie you told without getting caught?

37. What do you eat when you can choose anything and no one is around to see?

38. Who is the one person you hate most in the world?

39. What do you do when you are alone at home?

40. Have you ever answered a question confidently, only to realize it was the wrong answer?

Good Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

We don’t always understand what to do with our pals; we still want to hang out and have fun. Good truth or dare questions for teens can be useful. For example, which song do you not feel proud of liking?

1. Have you ever ghosted a friend?

2. What is your least favorite book, and why?

3. What do you consider to be your least favorite physical feature?

4. Are you scared of getting old?

5. Have you ever faked sickness to stay out of school?

6. Do you believe in aliens?

7. Do you believe in any superstitions? If so, which ones?

8. Do you have a work spouse?

9. Have you had a bad grade and hid it from your parents?

10. Have you ever snuck out of a boring class?

11. Do you still have feelings for any of your exes?

12. Do you think cheating can ever be justified? How?

13. Would you like to have children in the future, and how many?

14. Have you ever accidentally hit something (or someone!) with your car?

15. Have you ever been arrested?

16. Have you ever been caught checking someone out?

17. Have you ever broken something and blamed someone for it?

18. Have you peeked at presents early?

19. Would you switch places with someone? Who and why?

20. What would you like to be when you grow up?

21. Do you still enjoy kid’s TV shows and movies?

22. What is one thing you hate about your sibling?

23. Did you bite your nails as a kid?

24. Have you gone shopping for bras alone?

25. Have you ever been in a fight?

26. Would you date yourself if you were of the opposite gender?

27. Do you drool in your sleep?

28. Have you ever compromised your morals for money? How?

29. Have you ever considered cheating on a partner?

30. If you were given $1,000, what would you do with it?

31. Have you received a gift you didn’t like and what was it?

32. What kind of person would you be if you woke up in college tomorrow?

33. What is the nicest thing you have done for someone?

34. What would you do if you were invisible for 24 hours?

Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers about Relationships

Each gathering of companions has a couple of secondary school darlings. Attempt to ask truth or dare questions about relationships. For illustration, who, aside from your companion, would’ve been your dream relationship?

1. Whom do you find as the most beautiful/handsome in your school or college?

2. When and with whom have you had your perfect date?

3. Have you been kissed yet?

4. If you would have to choose somebody to go to prom with amongst your friend circle, whom would you choose to go with?

5. Do you have a boyfriend?

6. How many boyfriends have you had?

7. What is your wildest fantasy?

8. Was your heart ever broken by your boyfriend/girlfriend?

9. If you are stranded on a remote island, who would you choose for company?

10. If you had to go out on a date with one of us in the room, who would it be?

11. What is one personality trait you find really attractive?

12. Of all the people you have dated, who has the most beautiful eyes?

13. Tell us about your most embarrassing date?

14. Would you rather get married at 20 or not be married until 50?

15. If you had to pick one of us to go on a prom date, who would it be?

16. Are you obsessed with a celebrity?

17. What’s the most important thing you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend?

18. Would you break up with someone by sending them a text?

19. What is the idea about marriage in your head?

20. Are you jealous of someone because of who they date?

21. How would you want the love of your life to propose to you?

22. With whom do you feel you had your best kiss?

23. What kind of a person would you want to be married to in the future?

24. Have you ever fallen in love with someone at first sight?

25. When was your first heartbreak, and by whom?

26. Is there somebody who you like but cannot date?

27. What is the idea of a perfect partner for you?

28. Have you ever acted flirtatious around the cousins of your best friends/friends?

29. What was the most awkward moment of yours on a date?

Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers about Dreams and Ambitions

You’ve probably overheard your friends discussing their life ambitions. There is truth or dare questions about dreams and ambitions for them. For example, who do you consider to be your greatest inspiration?

1. What is your dream job?

2. What is the first thing that you would do with your first salary?

3. What would you do if you cannot get into the college of your choice?

4. If not here, where would you be and what would you be doing at this moment?

5. Who is your role model and why?

6. Which college are you planning to go to?

7. What are the things you would do if you became invisible for a whole day?

8. If you could invent something, what would it be?

9. Who’s your role model and why?

10. What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?

11. What would you do if you would become the President for a day?

12. What’s your career ambition?

13. How confident are you about achieving your dreams?

14. What is the one thing that you would invent if you get a chance?

15. If you were asked to do something by getting out of your comfort zone for fulfilling your dreams, would you do it?

16. If you want to run a business in the future, what kind of a business would it be?

17. Which is the one TV show that you find motivational?

Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers about Friendship

We all know that life is nearly impossible without friends. These individuals should be posed with truth or dare questions about friendship. For example, who would you choose if you could be a fictional character for a day?

1. When did you lie to your best friend for the first time?

2. Did you make them do something for you by lying?

3. What were your first impressions about “best friend’s name”?

4. Would you lie or cheat for a friend?

5. What was the reason behind you lying to your best friend for the first time?

6. Name one quality that you do not like in your friend.

7. What do you like most about your best friend?

8. Do you think that your friends have ever lied to you?

9. What are the three most important qualities you look for in a friend?

10. Who was the worst friend you have had and why?

11. What do you love the most about your best friend?

12. Have you ever shared your best friend’s secrets with anyone else?

13. Can you go for weeks or even months without talking to your bestie?

14. How long can you go without talking to your best friend?

15. Did a friend ever betray you?

16. What qualities do you value the most in friendships?

17. Did you have an imaginary friend? What was his or her name?

18. Who do you like the most in the group of your friends?

19. What is the one thing that you dislike about your best friend?

20. Who do you think is the dumbest in the group of friends that you have?

21. Would you backstab your friends or your best friend for the sake of a crush?

22. Would you or have you ever let out the secrets your best friend shared with you?

23. What would be your actions if you get a crush on your friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend?

24. Would you ditch a dinner date to go out with your friend?

25. Would you ever cheat or ditch on your best friend for someone else?

26. Why and when did you cry for the first time for your best bud or any friend?

27. When is the first time you got angry with your best friend?

Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers at Party

Do you want to spend an evening with new people and get to know them? You can start the game of truth or dare questions for teenage party. For example, what do you consider to be your best quality?

1. When was the last time you were caught lying?

2. What unpleasant odor do you genuinely like?

3. What’s the strangest item you have in your bag right now?

4. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?

5. If you were in a movie, what character would you play?

6. Have you had a crush on a boy we know?

7. Have you ever experienced a supernatural encounter?

8. How many lip balms do you have?

9. Have you ever painted your toenails with crayons?

10. What was the most recent film that made you cry?

11. What do you like most about boys you wish girls had?

12. What question don’t you want anyone to ask you?

13. If you were to meet a celebrity while dating, who would you give your “hall pass” to?

14. What was the last item you looked up on Google?

15. What has been the most fortunate event that has ever happened to you?

16. What area of the body do you find appealing in an unexpected way?

17. Have you lied about your age before?

18. What is one thing you have kept away from your parents about boys?

19. Which would you prefer if you had to be overdressed or underdressed all of the time?

20. Would you choose to never have to sleep again if you had the option?

21. In life, what do you want to be remembered for the most?

22. Have you had a kiss you did not see coming?

23. Can you speak a foreign language?

24. Is there a boy you hate and why?

25. Would you go out with me if I was the last person left on earth?

26. What is the sexiest thing about someone in this room? (Choose one person)

27. Would you go out on a blind date?

28. Have you ever given a gift to someone else? What was it, exactly?

29. What is the most flirtatious thing you have done in the past?

30. What is the last song you listened to on your phone?

31. What would you get if you had to get a tattoo right now?

32. Have you ever flirted with a sibling of a close friend?

33. What is something you would never do, even if you were offered $1 million for it?

34. In ten years, where do you see yourself?

35. Who do you wish was at this party and is not?

36. Who is the last person you texted?

37. In a film version of your life, who would you cast as yourself?

38. What famous musician do you secretly hate?

39. Have you snuck in alcohol at a teenage party?

40. Have you been to a trampoline slumber party?

41. Do you have multiple crushes at this party?

42. Choose your favorite karaoke song.

43. Who would you meet if you could travel back in time and meet only one person?

Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers Over Text

Have you ever tried truth or dare questions over text for teenagers? Believe us and give it a shot. For example, describe a time when you were rejected in detail for at least five minutes!

1. Who is your crush right now?

2. How many people have you kissed in the past?

3. What celebrity do you think is overrated?

4. What do you think happens when you die?

5. How old were you when you stopped sleeping with lights on?

6. Do you believe ghosts exist and why?

7. What do you do first thing after school every day?

8. What is your all-time favorite school activity?

9. Do you like going to the gym?

10. Have you ever ghosted someone you were talking to, and why?

11. Have you been rejected before? If so, how did it go?

12. Which of your professors is your favorite, and why?

13. What is the meanest thing someone had done to you?

14. What is one gross habit you have that nobody knows about?

15. Have you ever made a joke behind someone’s back about a teacher or a classmate?

16. What is one thing your friend does that you hate?

17. What is the biggest lie you have ever told and got away with?

18. What nasty rumor have you heard about yourself?

19. Have you ever snooped on someone’s phone messages?

20. What is your crush’s personality like?

21. Why do you think you would make a perfect kisser?

22. Who would make the best president at school and why?

23. What is the grossest thing you’ve seen someone do?

24. What is the longest you’ve ever slept?

25. What is the craziest pick-up line you’ve ever used? And did it work?

26. Who do you wish was still in your life?

27. Have you copied an exam from your friend?

28. Have you lied about being someone’s friend in school?

29. Have you had to repeat an exam after failing terribly?

30. When was that time you felt embarrassed for someone else’s behavior?

5 Tips for Making Truth or Dare Game More Fun

People also have a habit of asking the same old questions or daring each other. Here are some pointers to make this game more enjoyable:

Audience-Specific Questions

If the majority of the guests are teenagers, make sure there are more truth or dare questions for teens rather than questions for the elderly. It could be a huge no-no, and the game could be completely ruined.

Print Out Your List of Questions and Dares Beforehand

You can divide the list of questions and dares into separate containers and assign one to each player. You could also let each person pick a new question or a dare from the list you printed.

Space for Comfort

To ensure everyone’s comfort, decide as well as cooperate on the questions and dares for teenagers. To select players, go around in a circle or use the ‘spin the bottle’ method. Keep the dares acceptable, safe, and suitable for all participants.


A player should be allowed to avoid answering a question if they truly feel uncomfortable doing so. All else being equal, they may choose to challenge or carry out a predefined punishment. The punishment should be some sort of task, such as collecting everyone’s tidbits or beverages until the end of the game.

Questions That Are Spicy and Juicy

Remember that the game is truth or dare for teens, so keep track of the ongoing patterns in teens. Your questions should be about parties, connections, drugs, and getting high. These kinds of questions can fully take the party to the next level.

These hints can truly assist you and your companions in making the reality or dare game seriously entertaining.

If you find yourself in a situation where the game has begun and is becoming monotonous, these tips can assist you in saving the game.

Final Thoughts on Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

Hopefully, you’ve found some great truth or dare questions for teenagers that you can use at your next party or sleepover.

Print out your truth or dare for teens list ahead of time so that the game runs smoothly. Use truth or dare questions for teenagers as a weapon to learn the secrets of people you care about or to learn more about your crush.

Even so, don’t get too caught up in the game if you or another member of the group does not want to respond or do anything.

To proceed with the game, ask that individual another truth question or dare.

With the truth or dare questions for teens listed above, you will undoubtedly make your gatherings skeptical.

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