364 Best GK Questions for Kids with Answers

This article is a list of GK questions for kids, covering a wide range of subject areas. A general knowledge quiz for kids will assist in developing their intellectual talents and provide them the capacity to speak out when it is important to do so.

A child’s education is incomplete without the foundation of GK questions for kids since it assists them in acquiring information and makes them aware of what is occurring in other parts of the world.

A child’s level of thinking and intellect can be significantly improved by learning GK questions for kids. In addition to this, it will aid in developing social awareness and will encourage the mental growth of youngsters, as well as their civil talents and civic senses.

All children ranging in age from 4 to 12 years old and other students may acquire information from these general knowledge questions for kids covering a variety of subjects.

Best GK Questions for Kids

Start on this initial set of general knowledge questions for your children, which they will most likely like, and see where it takes you. These are the best GK questions for kids to answer. You will be able to discover helpful answers to these questions and utilize them with your children.

1. What do you call the person who brings a letter to your home from the post office?

Answer: Postman.

2. How many days are there in a year?

Answer: 365.

3. What type of whale is the biggest animal in the world?

Answer: Blue Whale.

4. How do you relate to your maternal grandfather?

Answer: Mother’s father.

5. Which is the biggest sea animal?

Answer: Blue Whale.

6. What colour symbolizes peace?

Answer: White.

7. Which insect has colorful wings?

Answer: Butterfly.

8. How many colors are there in a rainbow?


9. Who is the inventor of the Radio?

Answer: Guglielmo Marconi.

10. Which is the largest fish in the world?

Answer: Whale shark.

11. Which is the largest plateau in the world?

Answer: Tibetan plateau.

12 Which is the hardest substance available on earth?

Answer: Diamond.

13. Australia lies between which two oceans?

Answer: Indian Ocean to the west and Pacific Ocean in the east.

14. A figure with 8 sides is called?

Answer: Octagon.

15. What is a baby frog called?

Answer: Tadpole.

16. How many straight edges does a cube have?

Answer: 12.

17. How many layers are there in Earth’s atmosphere?

Answer: 7.

18. Which is the longest river in the world?

Answer: Nile.

19. Which first electrical item did Thomas Edison invent?

Answer: Lightbulb.

20. In which direction does the sunrise?

Answer: The east.

21. Which bird cannot fly?

Answer: Ostrich.

22. Which is the tallest waterfall in the world?

Answer: Angel Falls.

23. Which is the smallest bird?

Answer: The bee hummingbird.

24. Who is the inventor of Television?

Answer: J.L Beard.

25. How many colours are there in India’s National Flag?

Answer: 3.

26. Which continent is known as the Dark continent?

Answer: Africa.

27. What is the hottest continent on Earth?

Answer: Africa.

28. Who invented the Computer?

Answer: Charles Babbage.

29. At which festival do we play with colours?

Answer: Holi.

Easy GK Questions for Kids

The more basic the questions on general knowledge are, the more your child will be interested in answering them. Please see below all of the easy quiz questions for kids. You must go through these easy questions for kids if you are a teacher in a primary or secondary school.

1. Who is Sachin Tendulkar?

Answer: Indian cricket player.

2. How many Letters are in the English Alphabet?

Answer: 26.

3. How many Hours are there in a week?

Answer: 168.

4. Which is the Tallest Animal on earth?

Answer: Giraffe.

5. How many planets are there in our solar system?

Answer: 8.

6. How many sides does Triangle have?

Answer: 3.

7. What is the Yellow of the Egg called?

Answer: Egg yolk.

8. How many Months have 31 days?

Answer: 7.

9. How many Vowels are there?

Answer: 5.

10. Which animal is called the king of the jungle?

Answer: Lion.

11. What is the Square of 10?

Answer: 100.

12. What is the Capital of India?

Answer: Delhi.

13. What is 2+2?

Answer: 4.

14. What are the colours of a rainbow?

Answer: Answer: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

15. Which animal has a hump on its back?

Answer: Camel.

16. Which day comes after Friday?

Answer: Saturday.

17. Natural numbers start from?

Answer: 1.

18. Which number comes after 6?

Answer: 7.

19. How many consonants the English language have?

Answer: 21.

20. What are your ears for?

Answer: Listening/hearing.

21. What is the color of the Sky?

Answer: Blue.

22. What is the color of milk?

Answer: White.

23. How many seconds are there in a minute?

Answer: 60.

24. Which planet rotates anticlockwise?

Answer: All the planets in the solar system rotate anticlockwise, except one. Venus.

25. Which planet has the longest day?

Answer: Venus.

26. What is the capital of Canada?

Answer: Ottawa.

27. What are the colors of the five Olympic rings?

Answer: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black.

28. How many holes are there in a standard ten pin bowling ball?

Answer: 3.

Simple GK Questions for Kids

Being straightforward with your children and asking them questions that are easy to comprehend may do wonders for their development. Reading through these simple GK questions and answers for kids will be a delightful experience for you. Put them down on paper for your kid to look at.

1. How many bones does an Adult Human Being have?

Answer: 206.

2. How many players play in the Cricket Field?

Answer: 11.

3. What is the capital of Russia?

Answer: Moscow.

4. What is the Formula of Water?

Answer: H2O.

5. Who discovered India?

Answer: Vasco de Gama.

6. Who was the First Human to step on the moon?

Answer: Neil Armstrong.

7. What is the capital city of the Philippines?

Answer: Manila.

8. How many Continents are there in the world?

Answer: 7.

9. What is the capital city of China?

Answer: Beijing.

10. When is Children’s Day celebrated?

Answer: 14 November.

11. How many fingers do you have in your hands?

Answer: 10.

12. What is used to measure Atmospheric Pressure.

Answer: Barometer.

13. How many weeks are in a Year?

Answer: 52.

14. What is your nationality?

Answer: Indian.

15. Which planet is Known as Red Planet?

Answer: Mars.

16. Which animal has the biggest heart?

Answer: Blue Whale.

17. Which planet has the most moons?

Answer: Jupiter.

18. Which is the tallest building in the world?

Answer: Burj Khalifa.

19. Which is the fastest animal on the land?

Answer: Cheetah.

20. If you sleep at 10 PM and get up at 8 AM the next day, how long have you slept?

Answer: 10 hours.

21. Who was the first President of America?

Answer: George Washington.

22. If you sleep at 10 PM on Sunday and get up at 8 AM the next day, what will be the day you wake up?

Answer: Monday.

23. If A=1, B=2, then U=?

Answer: 21.

24. What name is given for a shape with ten sides?

Answer: Decagon.

25. What is the largest continent?

Answer: Asia.

26. What is the only number with the same amount of letters to write in English?

Answer: Four has 4 letters.

27. Name the primary colours?

Answer: Red, Yellow, and Blue.

Basic GK Questions for Kids

There are certain fundamental topics of basic general knowledge questions that we ought to be familiar with. If you want to test your child’s general knowledge, the best starting point is with these basic GK quiz questions and answers for kids.

1. How many days are there in a Leap year?

Answer: 366.

2. Who is the founder of Google?

Answer: Larry Page.

3. Which animal is known as the ‘Ship of the Desert?’

Answer: Camel.

4. Which Planet is closest to the Sun?

Answer: Mercury.

5. How many zeros are there in 1 Million?

Answer: 6.

6. Which organ purifies our blood?

Answer: Kidney.

7. Tsunami is a word in which language?

Answer: Japanese.

8. How many edges are in a Hexagon?

Answer: 6.

9. What is a series of connected railway carriages or wagons moved by a locomotive or by integral motors?

Answer: A Train.

10. Which bird lays the largest Egg?

Answer: Ostrich.

11. Which planet is nearest to Earth?

Answer: Mercury.

12. Which month has the least number of days?

Answer: February.

13. What type of tree do dates grow on?

Answer: Palm Tree.

14. Which is the Largest Organ in the human body?

Answer: The skin.

15. What makes up (approx.) 80% of our brain’s volume?

Answer: Water.

16. Which is the largest freshwater lake in the world?

Answer: Lake Superior.

17. Which country lies to the south of India?

Answer: Srilanka.

18. Which is the most sensitive organ in our body?

Answer: Skin.

19. Which is the tallest mountain in the world?

Answer: Mount Everest.

20. How many years are in a Decade?

Answer: 10 years.

21. Which Gas does Humans breath out?

Answer: Carbon dioxide.

22. How many Legs does a Spider have?

Answer: 8.

23. Who is the first Woman to Climb Mount Everest?

Answer: Bachendri Pal.

24. Which is the largest planet in our Solar system?

Answer: Jupiter.

25. Which is the smallest month of the year?

Answer: February.

26. Which metal is the most magnetic?

Answer: Holmium.

27. What is the largest brass instrument in an orchestra?

Answer: The Tuba.

Common GK Questions for Kids

The following are some common knowledge questions known by individuals from all around the globe. You should teach your kid the answers to all of these basic questions on general knowledge. These are all the questions that need common knowledge.

1. How many Strings does a Guitar have?

Answer: 6.

2. How many days are in February on a Leap Year?

Answer: 29.

3. Who is known as England’s National Poet?

Answer: William Shakespeare.

4. What is the Full Form of A.D?

Answer: Anno Domini.

5. What does AM in 9 AM means?

Answer: Ante Meridiem.

6. Which Liquid is used in Thermometer?

Answer: Mercury.

7. Which instrument is used in measuring the Speed of a Vehicle?

Answer: Speedometer.

8. Which Gas is found abundantly in our planet’s atmosphere?

Answer: Nitrogen.

9. How many Teeth do Adults have?

Answer: 32.

10. Who is the founder of Microsoft?

Answer: Bill Gates.

11. What did “Lamborghini” sell before making cars?

Answer: Tractors.

12. When was the first World War held?

Answer: 28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918.

13. How many Faces does a Rubiks Cube have?

Answer: 6 faces.

14. What is the colour of Octopus blood?

Answer: Blue.

15. What is another word for Lexicon?

Answer: Dictionary.

16. What is the name of the Atomic Bomb dropped by the United States on Japan?

Answer: Little Boy.

17. Who is Known as “Master Blaster”?

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar.

18. How many cards are there in a complete pack of cards?

Answer: 52.

19. What is the building called in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited?

Answer: Museums.

20. Where are Pyramids found?

Answer: Egypt.

21. Where does the president of the United States of America live?

Answer: At the White House.

22. Which planet has the longest rotation period on its own axix?

Answer: Venus (243 Earth days).

23. Which planet has the longest year?

Answer: Neptune (164.8 earth years).

24. How much time does it take to drive to space?

Answer: One hour.

25. What is the largest city in the world?

Answer: Tokyo.

26. What is the deepest as well as the largest ocean?

Answer: Pacific Ocean.

Funny GK Questions for Kids

There is always an entertaining aspect to any topic. We have compiled a list of some funny general knowledge questions and answers that you may discuss with your children. These hilarious questions and answers based on common knowledge will make you laugh out loud.

1. What is in middle of Paris?

Answer: Yes, correct, it is ‘R'(PA ‘R’ IS).

2. What does a scale measure?

Answer: Weight.

3. What sound does an angry bear make?

Answer: Raaaarr.

4. How many minutes are there in a day?

Answer: 1440.

5. Is a dolphin a fish or a mammal?

Answer: A mammal.

6. Do fish have ears?

Answer: Yes, but they’re not on the outside of their heads like human ears.

7. What sound does a pesky mosquito make?

Answer: bzzzzzzzzz- bzzzzzzz.

8. Which word is spelt wrong in every dictionary?

Answer: Wrong, what else could it be.

9. Which big, orange squash goes in a Thanksgiving pie?

Answer: Pumpkin.

10. What is a hungry bunny’s favorite food?

Answer: Carrots.

11. In which Italian city was pizza invented?

Answer: Naples.

12. How many Toy Story movies are there?

Answer: Four.

13. How many legs does a giant, hairy spider have?

Answer: Eight.

14. What is the name of a certain famous European leaning tower?

Answer: The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

15. Is the Statue of Liberty holding up a torch or an ice-cream cone?

Answer: A torch.

16. Who was the first cartoon character to ever talk?

Answer: Mickey Mouse.

17. What were Mickey Mouse’s first words in the 1929 Disney’s The Karnival Kid short film?

Answer: “Hot dogs.”

18. What is the Italian word for “pie”?

Answer: Pizza.

19. What is Harry Potter’s middle name?

Answer: James.

20. In the nursery rhyme, who sat on the wall and had a great fall?

Answer: Humpty Dumpty.

21. What is a baby goat called?

Answer: A kid.

22. What colour is the M in the McDonalds symbol?

Answer: Yellow.

23. Which fairy tale character had really, really, really, long hair?

Answer: Rapunzel.

24. What does water become when you freeze it?

Answer: Ice.

25. Who is Batman’s crime fighting partner?

Answer: Robin.

Interesting GK Questions for Kids

This collection of interesting GK questions will be helpful to you if one of your goals is to increase your child’s interest in general knowledge. The sum of general knowledge for kids can be determined using this collection of questions.

1. How many Olympic Gold Medals does Michael Phelps have?

Answer: 23.

2. Name the house made of ice?

Answer: Igloo.

3. How many lungs does the human body have?

Answer: 2.

4. Name the place known as the Roof of the World?

Answer: Central Asia’s Tibetan Plateau.

5. When was the first Olympic Games held?

Answer: 6 April 1896.

6. How many years are there in one Millenium?

Answer: 1000.

7. Who invented Watch?

Answer: Peter Henlein.

8. How many zeros are there in one hundred thousand?

Answer: 5.

9. Which is the principal source of energy for the Earth?

Answer: The energy of the sun.

10. What type of gas is absorbed by plants?

Answer: Carbon dioxide.

11. If you start traveling 10 at night on 30th April and reach your destination 4 hours later, what will be the date then?

Answer: 1st May.

12. Name the National game of the USA?

Answer: Baseball.

13. The densest jungle in the world?

Answer: The Amazon rainforest.

14. Name the smallest continent?

Answer: Australia.

15. Can you lick your own elbow?

Answer: No.

16. Who invented electricity?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin.

17. Which is the world’s largest flower?

Answer: Rafflesia.

18. Name the largest ‘Democracy’ of the world?

Answer: India.

19. How many millimetres are there in a centimetre?

Answer: 10.

20. Name a natural satellite of Earth?

Answer: Moon.

21. Which is the smallest bone in the human body?

Answer: The Stapes.

22. Who gave the universal law of gravitation?

Answer: Isaac Newton.

23. Who gave the theory of Relativity?

Answer: Albert Einstein.

24. Who discovered the X-rays first?

Answer: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen’s.

25. Name the country known as the Land of the Rising Sun?

Answer: Japan.

GK Questions for Kids about India

Since India is a nation known all over the globe, the majority of children worldwide should have some fundamental understanding of India. Your child will benefit from answering these general knowledge questions about India, which will help them learn more about the country.

1. Which Indian state has the smallest coastline?

Answer: West Bengal.

2. Which city is known as the Blue City of India?

Answer: Jodhpur.

3. Which animal is the national bird of India?

Answer: Peacock.

4. Which is the national sport of India?

Answer: Hockey.

5. What is the national heritage animal of India?

Answer: Elephant.

6. How many states are there in India?

Answer: 29.

7. Which city is known as the Pink City of India?

Answer: Jaipur.

8. What is the professional Twenty20 cricket league in India called?

Answer: IPL.

9. What is the Hindi name of India?

Answer: Bharat.

10. What is India’s national flower?

Answer: Lotus.

11. Who is known as the Flying Sikh of India?

Answer: Milkha Singh.

12. How many union territories are there in India?

Answer: 7.

13. What is the National Currency of India?

Answer: Rupee.

14. Which is the smallest state in India?

Answer: Goa.

15. Which state in India has the highest population?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh.

16. Which is the largest union territory of India?

Answer: Andaman & Nicobar Island.

17. What is the official language of India?

Answer: Hindi is the first official language, and English is the second official language.

18. Which animal is the national animal of India?

Answer: Tiger.

19. What is the total area of India?

Answer: 3,287,263 square kilometres.

20. Which is the biggest Indian state?

Answer: Rajasthan.

21. Which is the hottest place in India?

Answer: Rajasthan.

22. Who was India’s first president?

Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

23. Which is the longest river in India?

Answer: Ganga, according to distance covered within India. Bramhaputra is longer overall, flowing through Tibet, Bangladesh and India.

24. Who is the father of the nation (India)?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi.

25. What is the national anthem of India?

Answer: Jana Gana Mana.

26. What is the Name of Desert in India?

Answer: Thar Desert.

27. Which monument in Agra is one of the wonders of the world?

Answer: The Taj Mahal.

28. Which state is known as ‘Scotland of the East’ in India?

Answer: Shillong.

GK Questions for Kids of Class 1 to 4

If you wish to improve your child’s general knowledge, you can check at some appropriate general knowledge GK questions for class 1 to 4. If you are seeking for some simple general knowledge questions, going through these English questions for kids is something you should consider doing.

1. What is the 11th letter of the alphabet?

Answer: K.

2. What is the 15th letter of the English alphabet?

Answer: O.

3. Which colour starts with the letter “G”?

Answer: Green.

4. Where does a pig live?

Answer: Sty.

5. What is 1*2?

Answer: 2.

6. How many zeros are there in one Thousand?

Answer: 3.

7. Which flower rhymes with nose?

Answer: Rose.

8. What comes after the number 5?

Answer: 6.

9. How many eyes you have?

Answer: 2.

10. We walk with the help of _?

Answer: Legs.

11. Which is the first letter of English alphabet?

Answer: A.

12. During which festival does Santa come to visit?

Answer: Christmas.

13. What is 5-3?

Answer: 2.

14. Which fruit has Custard in its name?

Answer: Custard Apple.

15. What is the name of our country?

Answer: India.

16. Which tool we use to cut the paper?

Answer: Scissors.

17. What do you drink that comes from a cow?

Answer: Milk.

18. How many sides does a rectangle have?

Answer: 4.

19. Name 3 root vegetables?

Answer: Answer: Beets, Radishes and Carrots.

GK Questions for Kids of Class 5

Every kid’s fifth-grade year is important since it marks the beginning of the child’s transition from elementary school to the secondary level of education. It might be beneficial for your kid to answer some of these general knowledge questions for class 5 if you wish to do so.

1. Wankhede Stadium is located in?

Answer: Mumbai.

2. What is the next number in the following sequence– 7, 14, 21, 28?

Answer: 35.

3. How many hours are there in two days?

Answer: 48.

4. What’s the number of bones there in a newborn baby?

Answer: 300.

5. What fuel do we fill in cars?

Answer: Petrol/Diesel.

6. The Eiffel Tower was gifted to France by what country?

Answer: America.

7. Which bird can run very fast?

Answer: The ostrich.

8. Where do we find zebra crossing?

Answer: On Roads.

9. What colours appear on the Japanese flag?

Answer: Red & White.

10. Which two parts of the body continue to grow for your entire life?

Answer: Nose & Ears.

11. Name the Brain of a computer.

Answer: CPU.

12. Who invented Penicillin?

Answer: Alexander Fleming.

13. What is Zumba?

Answer: A dance workout.

14. Facebook was founded by?

Answer: Mark Zuckerberg.

15. How many players are there on each side of hockey?


16. Which animal carries the baby in its pouch?

Answer: Kangaroo.

17. Olympic games started in which year & country?

Answer: Greece (1896).

18. A person who goes to the space is called?

Answer: Astronaut.

19. LBW is related to which sports?

Answer: Cricket.

20. How many days are there in fortnight?

Answer: 14.

GK Questions for Kids between Age 4-7 Years

Even if your child is just four years old, you should start teaching them basic information about their environment as early as you can. It will be beneficial to develop their interest in GK quiz for kids. Here are some GK questions for kids between 4-7 years.

1. What is the colour of Apple?

Answer: Red.

2. Which day comes before Monday?

Answer: Sunday.

3. Where do wild animals live?

Answer: Jungle.

4. How many legs do you have?

Answer: 2.

5. What color starts with ‘R’?

Answer: Red.

6. What is the shape of a cricket ball?

Answer: Sphere.

7. What comes before 8?

Answer: 7.

8. When is it time for bed?

Answer: Night time.

9. How many hands do you have?

Answer: 2.

10. Which body part you have used to eat food?

Answer: Mouth.

11. The hard parts inside your body are called?

Answer: Bones.

12. Which flower faces the sun?

Answer: Sunflower.

13. Name a season in which leaves fall from trees?

Answer: Autumn.

14. What is the colour of chocolate?

Answer: Brown.

15. What do you do with your nose?

Answer: I smell with my nose.

16. Where does an aeroplane fly?

Answer: Sky.

GK Questions for Kids between Age 8-10 Years

If you are seeking for interesting GK questions for kids between 8-10 years, then have a look at this collection of general knowledge questions. Your child’s mental capacity will increase after answering quiz questions for children.

1. Earth is layered and surrounded collectively with gases which is known as —?

Answer: Atmosphere.

2. A land which is always soft and wet is called?

Answer: Swamp.

3. Who is called the magician of hockey?

Answer: Major Dhyan Chand.

4. Which part of the body has all the sense organs?

Answer: Brain.

5. Which is the fastest means of transport?

Answer: Air transport.

6. Which country is called the father of the Chess game?

Answer: India.

7. Which is the Biggest Desert in the World?

Answer: Sahara.

8. What is the Largest Joint in the Human Body?

Answer: Knee.

9. Saina Nehwal is famously known with which sports?

Answer: Badminton.

10. Which animal gives us wool?

Answer: Sheep.

11. How many wings do birds have?


12. Which flower grows in water?

Answer: Lotus.

13. Which Country Gifted The Statue of Liberty to the United States?

Answer: France.

14. Which bird sleep in the day and awakes at night?

Answer: Owl.

15. Where is the tower of silence situated?

Answer: India.

16. Which is the farthest planet from earth?

Answer: Saturn.

17. How many moons does the earth have?

Answer: 1.

GK Questions for Kids between Age 10-12 Years

You will need to put in a lot of effort if you want to expand your child’s general knowledge as they become older. If you are seeking for GK questions for kids between 10-12 years, then we have made your life simpler by gathering all of the children’s quiz questions that are appropriate for this age range.

1. What country is at the top in robotics?

Answer: Japan.

2. Is the temperature of the moon higher or lower during the day?

Answer: Higher during the day.

3. What is the most popular sport throughout the world?

Answer: Soccer.

4. Which instrument is used for measuring wind speed?

Answer: Anemometer.

5. Who was George Washington?

Answer: First president of the United States.

6. What is the highest temperature that mercury thermometers can measure?

Answer: 360-degree celsius.

7. How many kilometers are there in a light-year?

Answer: 9.5 trillion kilometres.

8. Who designed the periodic table?

Answer: Dmitri Mendeleev.

9. Can you name the country from where Parmesan cheese comes?

Answer: Italy.

10. What is the square root of 144?

Answer: 12.

11. Which gas is also known as laughing gas?

Answer: Nitrous Oxide.

12. What is used for artificially ripening fruit?

Answer: Calcium Carbide.

13. During which year did World War I begin?

Answer: 1914.

14. Which element is a diamond made of?

Answer: Carbon.

15. Which metal is used to make the filament of the electric bulb?

Answer: Tungsten.

16. Which is the smallest country in the world?

Answer: The Vatican City.

True or False GK Questions for Kids

The game of true or false is the most effective technique to broaden your child’s knowledge base. If you are searching for GK questions with answers for kids, you should read through all of these questions. The following is a list of all of the true or false GK questions for kids.

1. Caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Answer: True.

2. An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.

Answer: True.

3. Watermelons are originally from Australia.

Answer: False.

4. Sparrow is a bird known for its intelligence.

Answer: False.

5. Adults have a total of 34 teeth.

Answer: False.

6. Spinach originally comes from Iran.

Answer: True.

7. A jellyfish is 95% water.

Answer: True.

8. There are 30 days in May.

Answer: True.

9. Black Forest cake has the same colors as the traditional dress of the inhabitants of the Black Forest in Germany.

Answer: True.

10. Plants give us oxygen.

Answer: True.

11. Adult dogs and adult humans have the same number of teeth.

Answer: False.

12. New York is the capital of America.

Answer: False.

13. Electrons are larger than molecules.

Answer: False.

14. Bubble gum contains rubber.

Answer: True.

15. There are over 330 different dog breeds in the world.

Answer: True.

16. Cinderella’s carriage turns into a potato.

Answer: False.

17. Thunderstorms have particular sound frequencies that can hurt a dog’s ears.

Answer: True.

18. 8 o’clock in the evening is written as 8 am.

Answer: False.

19. Half of 250 is 125.

Answer: True.

20. Bacon was part of the first meal eaten on the Moon.

Answer: True.

21. Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to go into space.

Answer: True.

22. William Shakespeare is a scientist.

Answer: False.

23. Chemical formulae of Hydrochloric acid is HCl.

Answer: True.

24. Plants absorbs Oxygen?

Answer: False.

25. Metre per second is the unit of Speed.

Answer: True.

26. There are 11 players in a cricket team.

Answer: True.

27. Denmark’s capital and most populous city is Copenhagen.

Answer: True.

28. Europe is the second smallest continent and the third most populous continent.

Answer: True.

29. With the help of Photosynthesis plants make their own food.

Answer: True.

30. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s largest city and capital is Sarajevo.

Answer: True.

Sports GK Questions for Kids

This list is for you if your child is in sports. You are welcome to use these kids quiz with answers. Because sports is such a broad topic, it can be challenging to come up with appropriate questions to ask; thus, utilize the following sports quiz questions for kids to improve their sports knowledge.

1. Who won the first T20 World Cup?

Answer: India.

2. How many players are there in a basketball team?

Answer: 12.

3. What is the object hit by the players in ice hockey called?

Answer: A puck.

4. From what country does Lego come?

Answer: Denmark.

5. What is the shape of the cricket field?

Answer: Circular.

6. Which British rower won gold medals at five consecutive Olympic games?

Answer: Sir Steve Redgrave.

7. Which of the following is the national sport of England?

Answer: Cricket.

8. Crawl, backstroke and butterfly are different methods in which sport?

Answer: Swimming.

9. The number of player on each side in Water polo is.

Answer: Seven players.

10. Which sport takes place in a velodrome?

Answer: Track racing.

11. Which country has won the Cricket World Cup three times in a row?

Answer: Australia.

12. Which chess piece can only move diagonally?

Answer: The Bishop.

13. How many holes are there on a standard golf course?

Answer: 18.

14. What is the highest number that we can get on throwing a dice?

Answer: 6.

15. Which game is played in autumn using the fruit of the horse chestnut tree?

Answer: Conkers.

16. What colour belt are martial arts experts entitled to wear?

Answer: Black.

17. In netball, for what does WA stand?

Answer: Wing Attack.

18. Which country has won the maximum number of medals in the all time history of Commonwealth Games?

Answer: Australia.

19. How many pieces does a player have in Ludo?

Answer: Four.

20. How many players are there in a baseball team?

Answer: Nine.

21. Ping-pong is an alternative name for which sport?

Answer: Table Tennis.

22. After whose name is the Uber Cup named?

Answer: Betty Uber

23. What term is used in tennis for 40-40?

Answer: Deuce.

24. How many bases are there on a baseball field?

Answer: 4.

25. Where are the headquarters of FIFA situated?

Answer: Zurich.

26. What color are the goal posts in football?

Answer: Yellow.

27. In what sport would you find a pommel horse?

Answer: Gymnastics.

28. What color flag is waved in motor racing to indicate the winner?

Answer: Checkered flag.

29. In what game is “love” a score?

Answer: Tennis.

30. What sport is Bela Karolyi known for coaching?

Answer: Women’s gymnastics.

Final Thoughts on GK Questions for Kids

You can assist your children in learning new things and expanding their knowledge by asking them GK questions for kids about common topics. This is one of the most effective methods to teach and educate your children.

General knowledge is such a huge and endless topic; narrowing it down to just a few GK questions for kids can be an extremely challenging task. Higher-level students may find some of the general knowledge questions to be too easy.

Still, reviewing what you already know is always beneficial before adding new material to your knowledge base. Because the globe is becoming more competitive daily, you must ensure that your children are always up to speed on what is occurring in other parts of the world.

In addition, having a hand in shaping the minds of future “Einsteins” via quiz games for kids is an incredible opportunity. Therefore, pique children’s interests in GK questions for kids with answers by encouraging them to study more.

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