205 Truth or Dare Questions for Boyfriend to Have Fun

If you have the right type of truth or dare questions for boyfriend, you may have a lot of fun with him.

Listen Girls! It is a method of increasing romance in a relationship so do try them.

Although forcing a guy to expose more about him might be difficult for some, appropriate truth or dare questions for boyfriend can help you learn some truths about him.

You can also ask him to go for a dare if he feels uneasy in answering some questions.

Let’s get going, shall we?

How to Play Truth or Dare Game with Boyfriend?

1. One of the participants (the girlfriend) begins the game and gives the option to her boyfriend of either telling the truth (answering a question) or daring others (doing a task).

2. If he selects truth questions, he must respond to a question posed by her.

3. If he chooses a dare, the girlfriend challenges him to do a job.

4. When he has finished answering a question or doing an action, it is time for the boyfriend to post a truth or dare question.

5. This cycle continues as long as you want.

Truth or Dare Questions for Boyfriend | Truths

Truth questions for boyfriend might help you better grasp your boyfriend’s inner thoughts and feelings and improve your bond. Here are some questions you can use:

1. What is the longest time you have stayed in the bathroom?

2. Do you sleep naked?

3. Have you ever been in a “friends with benefits” relationship?

4. Would you go for a month without your phone if it meant you could date the person of your dreams?

5. You are going to be on a deserted island, but you can bring five things. List them.

6. If you could only have one hairstyle forever, would you choose straight hair or curly hair?

7. Show us the most unflattering childhood picture of you.

8. The world ends next Wednesday, and you can do whatever you want – even illegal stuff). What would you do?

9. Would you wear your clothes inside out for an entire day if someone paid you a hundred dollars?

10. What is one childish thing that you do?

11. How far are you willing to go for the girl of your dreams?

12. Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of a crush?

13. Have you ever been a library member?

14. Name one person you pretend to like, but in reality, don’t?

15. What children’s movie can you watch over and over again?

16. Do you have foot odor?

17. If you were reborn, what decade would you want to be born in?

18. If you could go back in time in erase one thing you said or did, what would it be?

19. Has your girlfriend (me) ever embarrassed you in public?

20. Have you ever considered cheating on your partner?

21. Have you ever checked someone out even while committed?

22. Do you have any funny nicknames?

23. How many pancakes can you eat in a single sitting?

24. Have you ever hit something with your car accidentally?

25. Have you ever cried because you were missing your parents?

26. Describe the weirdest dream you have ever had. Did you like it?

27. Have you ever posted something on Facebook that you regret?

28. What is your biggest fear?

29. Have you ever peed in the shower?

30. Have you ever ditched someone?

31. If you get to make out with a Disney character, who would you choose?

32. Have you ever watched a video you knew you shouldn’t?

33. What app do you spend the most time on?

34. Have you ever pretended to be ill to get out of a get-together? If so, when was it?

35. Have you ever asked someone’s number?

36. Have you ever had a crush on a much older guy/girl than you?

37. Who was the worst kisser you have ever kissed?

38. When was your first kiss?

39. Do you prefer thongs or granny panties?

40. Do you ever just admire yourself in the mirror?

41. Have you ever been ditched on a date?

42. Do you secretly like Twilight?

43. Did you ever want to be a cheerleader?

44. Dumbledore, Hagrid, or Dobby – who is the hottest?

45. If you could marry a celebrity, who would it be?

46. What do you do when you want to get ‘sexy’?

47. Who is your present crush?

48. What haircut have you always wanted, but never been brave enough to try?

49. What is the most embarrassing thing you have done in front of someone you have a crush on?

50. If you could change one thing about your face, what would it be?

51. Who was your first love?

52. If you get to make out with any boy at school, who would it be?

53. Have you ever flashed anyone?

54. Would you consider going to a nude beach?

55. If you had the opportunity, would you ever get copies of Playboy?

56. Name the people who have seen you without clothes on?

57. Have you ever gone through a naughty magazine?

58. Name a person you are jealous of.

59. Would you get intimate with a guy on the first date?

60. Who are the top 10 cutest guys in school? Rank them.

61. How many children do you want to have in the future?

62. Who do you detest the most?

63. If you were stranded on an island, who would you want to be stranded with?

64. Do you have a special blankie?

65. Have you ever eaten something directly off the floor?

66. Have you ever butt-dialed anyone?

67. Have you ever flirted with your bestie’s brother?

68. Have you ever been broken up with? What was the reason?

69. Do you prefer jock, intellectuals, nerd, or bad girls?

70. Who is your first choice for prom?

71. What is the sexiest thing about a boy/girl?

72. What is one physical feature that you would change in your body if you could?

73. Would you rather be a guy or a girl? Why?

74. What is your dream career?

75. If you could eat one thing without getting fat, what would that food be?

76. Have you ever used fairness creams?

77. Describe your favorite pajamas.

78. Do you like spending time with your parents?

79. Have you ever got caught red-handed doing something that you shouldn’t have been doing?

80. Which part of your body do you hate, and which part do you love?

81. Have you ever had lice?

82. What was the last B-rated movie you watched?

83. Do you lick your plate after finishing a meal?

84. Do you have a diary you write in?

85. What is the largest amount of food you have eaten in a single sitting?

86. Do you do silly things when you are by yourself?

87. Do you own a pair of blue pajamas?

88. Are you afraid of the dark?

89. Describe the worst date you have ever been on.

90. Have you ever had a little something for a friend’s girlfriend before getting committed?

91. Do you take bubble baths?

92. If you were left at home by yourself all day, what would you do?

93. How many selfies do you take in a day?

94. What is something stupid you have done to try to be ‘cooler’?

95. Do you ever skip brushing your teeth?

96. Have you ever sent a nude to anyone? Who did you send it to?

97. Have you ever searched for dirty stuff on the internet?

98. How many people have you kissed or made out with?

99. Have you ever been attracted to members of the same sex?

100. Would you date an older woman? How old is too old for you?

Truth or Dare Questions for Boyfriend | Dares

Shake up things with these dares for boyfriend! These dares will undoubtedly test your lover and add spice to your relationship. Don’t be frightened to try it!

1. Call a random person and tell them you love them.

2. Take an item of food from the refrigerator and kiss it passionately for 60 seconds.

3. Talk in a fake accent for the rest of the game.

4. Crossdress and set it as a profile pic.

5. Change your FB name with your ex’s name.

6. Talk for 3 minutes straight.

7. Give someone a lap dance in a tone of a nursery rhyme.

8. Tell a story the first time you got dumped.

9. Give an acceptance speech like you won an Oscar.

10. Do a pole dance with a human pole.

11. Give a foot massage to any willing participant.

12. Give me a romantic nickname.

13. Reveal a picture of a person that turns you on.

14. Close your eyes and sit on someone’s lap and try to guess who that person is.

15. Let someone style your hair.

16. Lick or bite your lips in a more seductive way.

17. Do the worm.

18. Write a status on Facebook praising me.

19. Convince me to make out with you today.

20. Play a song using your buttcheeks as a drum and have someone guess it.

21. Show someone your favorite underwear.

22. Share a story about your fail attempts to talk to your crush.

23. Tell me 10 things about your crush and let us guess who it is.

24. Tell a story about your messiest breakup.

25. Tell a story about your cheesiest romantic gesture.

26. Demonstrate how you want to be kissed.

27. Narrate a fake romantic and intimate story about a date with your celebrity crush.

28. Describe your ideal romantic partner.

29. Tell me the most romantic name someone has ever called you.

30. Fill your mouth with cotton.

31. Wear something I would pick from your closet.

32. Slow dance with someone while listening to a fast song.

33. Show your best O-face.

34. Give someone a hickey.

35. Get a Hickey from someone.

36. Pretend to be a cat.

37. Perform a 3-minute standup comedy act.

38. Hold someone’s hand for the rest of the game.

39. Give everyone a Pet Name.

40. Twerk with a Beegees song.

41. Kiss a Pillow for 1 minute.

42. Be someone’s pet.

43. Give someone your phone and let them send a text to anyone in your contacts.

44. Write a 10-line romantic story and share it with your friends on your Snapchat story.

45. Change your Facebook profile photo to an ugly selfie.

46. Call an old friend and talk gibberish.

47. In the living room, land your imaginary spacecraft and talk like an alien.

48. Read the newspaper in a romantic style.

49. Re-enact your favorite romantic scene.

50. Eat a cookie without using your hands.

51. Sing a lullaby beatboxing.

52. Wear only a trash bag as your clothes and walk like you are on a runway.

53. Touch your nose with your tongue. If you are unable to do this you must touch another player’s nose with your tongue.

54. Drink water like a dog from someone’s palm

55. Kiss the person to your left.

56. Make out with an Ice Cube.

57. Say your cheesiest pickup line to everyone in the room as seriously as you can without breaking character.

58. Screenshot of your browser history.

59. Whisper one of your darkest secrets.

60. Open and shut the fridge 16 times, in 16 stylish ways.

61. Change the status of your Facebook profile to “feeling sad”.

62. Imitate any five emojis.

63. Act like a crying toddler for 2 minutes.

64. Reveal what is inside your bag. Every small detail.

65. Screenshot of your last chat/message from your crush.

66. Have someone put makeup on your face while blindfolded.

67. Copy the latest TikTok Dance.

68. Show your most embarrassing profile picture.

69. Give 10 sincere compliments.

70. Talk like a flirtatious casanova.

71. Pick an unknown photo online and post it on your Facebook as your girlfriend.

72. Unwrap a candy with just your teeth.

73. Belly dance with something from the kitchen as a prop.

74. Allow being tickled when you are blindfolded.

75. Draw the alphabet in the air with your lips.

76. Send a dirty text using only emojis to your best friend.

77. Eat a cupcake in the most seductive way possible.

78. Narrate a fake romantic and intimate story about a date with your celebrity crush.

79. Twerk to a boring song, till the music stops.

80. Stand on the kitchen counter and hula hoop for a minute.

81. Dance on an imaginary pole.

82. Write a love letter and upload it on Facebook.

83. Sing your favorite song and send it to your friends saying you are dedicating it to me.

84. Call someone and ask for money to buy me a flower.

85. Go shirtless and pound like a gorilla on your chest, for one whole minute.

86. Open your Instagram or Facebook and like the last 10 posts of your ex.

87. Dress up like a pop star and sing a romantic song dedicated to our relationship.

88. Get down on one knee and propose to me with a joke.

89. Say I love you while doing 50 jumping jacks.

90. Plank for 30 seconds and while doing it say one thing you love about me.

91. Stuff your mouth with marshmallows and describe why you love me. (Careful, don’t choke yourself)

92. Blindfold and make me a sandwich.

93. Freestyle rap about our relationship.

94. Stand on one leg and say any two things that you hate about someone.

95. Go live on any social media account and declare your love for me.

96. Give me a relaxing foot massage.

97. Express your love in sign language. If you don’t know sign language make some up!

98. Write a poem about our love story and sing it.

99. Do the best couple yoga pose.

100. Recreate the wedding photos.

101. Balance a balloon in between the both of you!

102. Whisper the nicest thing into my ear.

103. Try flirting with the wall and pretend it responds.

104. Flirt with a piece of fruit and eat it after.

105. Try on someone else’s clothes.

Final Thoughts

Truth or dare questions to ask your boyfriend provide you with the best opportunity to get to know your boyfriend.

He will be made to reveal some secrets that he hasn’t shared with you before.

These questions will also add some fun and romance to your relationship.

If nothing else, these truth and dare questions will provide you with some amazing memories!

And if you have some better question, please let us know in the comment section below. Have fun!

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