511 Best This or That Questions That Help to Bond with Friends

We’ve chosen the best this or that questions on this list to encourage interaction. This or That, as it is often called, is a fun game in which players must select their favorite from two options.

Utilizing this or that questions is a terrific virtual team development exercise that can be both hilarious and stupid at the same time. Even taking the this or that quiz is not that difficult.

You need at least two players, and you can even play over text messages! Zoom calls and Slack chats are two other methods to play. It works well as an icebreaker at work and in the classroom and may also be used as a round of rapid fire questions.

Best This or That Questions

This or that questions are excellent ways to learn more about someone or a fun way to kill some time. If you’re seeking for the best this or that questions, you can browse this list and merely ask questions to one another.

1. Physical planners or digital planners?

2. Save as you go, or save at the end?

3. USB backup or Cloud storage?

4. Home school or classroom learning?

5. Field trips or field days?

6. Television series or movie?

7. Delivery or sit-down restaurant?

8. Board games or card games?

9. Video games or books?

10. Car or motorbike?

11. Bus or plane?

12. Paperback book or eBook?

13. Summer or Winter?

14. Country or city?

15. Broccoli or green beans?

16. Beach or mountains?

17. Soda or juice?

18. Pepperoni pizza or cheese pizza?

19. The toilet paper goes over or under?

20. Pancakes or waffles?

21. Morning or night?

22. Baseball or volleyball?

23. Credit or cash?

24. Tacos or wings?

25. Shopping in-store or online?

26. Shower or bath?

27. Football or basketball?

28. Sneakers or boots?

29. Cake or ice-cream?

30. Ice cream in a cone or dish?

31. Audio call or video call?

32. Sausage or bacon?

33. Cats or no pet?

34. Instagram or Facebook?

35. New phone or a new laptop?

36. Spend your money or save your money?

37. Work or school?

38. High heels or flats?

39. Eggs or bagels?

40. Rock or hip hop?

Funny This or That Questions

Whether you’re organizing a party or just want to play a simple game with your friends, funny this or that questions are a great way to kill time and get to know people better. You’ll laugh at the answers to these questions, which will lighten the mood and cause laughing.

1. Ketchup or ranch?

2. Phone in bathroom or no phone in bathroom?

3. Sort by price or by rating?

4. Sauce on the side or sauce on top?

5. Crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter?

6. Zombies or vampires?

7. Funny story or one-liner?

8. Bad breath or body odor?

9. Working hard or hardly working?

10. Sneezing or coughing?

11. Air guitar or air drums?

12. Bad haircut or bad dye job?

13. Pineapple pizza or candy corn?

14. Talking pets or talking babies?

15. Winning the lottery or finding your soulmate?

16. Misquoted movies or mistaken lyrics?

17. Test the waters or dive in the deep end?

18. Glass half full or glass half empty?

19. Robots or dinosaurs?

20. Guacamole or salsa?

21. Boxers or briefs?

22. Fainting or spit take?

23. Speeding ticket or parking ticket?

24. Comedian in serious film or serious actor in comedy film?

25. Silly hats or silly socks?

26. Instagram famous or infomercial famous?

27. A store where every item is free or a restaurant where every dish is calorie free?

28. Passwords or secret handshakes?

29. Loud neighbors or nosey neighbors?

30. Babies dressed as animals or animals dressed as humans?

Deep This or That Questions

Let your deepest thoughts emerge in response to these deep this or that questions. They’ll make it easier than ever for you to get to know the other person. Check them out!

1. Orange slices or orange juice?

2. Butter or jam?

3. Glasses or contacts?

4. Cuffing your jeans or keeping them long?

5. Keychain or carabiner?

6. Middle part or side part?

7. AirPods or wire headphones?

8. Maximalism or minimalism?

9. Cutting bangs in the bathroom or going to the salon?

10. Notebook or Notes app?

11. Free wi-fi or free oat milk?

12. Being on time or being late?

13. Blow drying or air drying?

14. Crop tops or oversized tops?

15. Friends from high school or friends from Twitter?

16. Tinder or Hinge?

17. Texting or calling?

18. Beach or forest?

19. Chokers or long chains?

20. Lipstick or chapstick?

21. Long socks or no show socks?

22. General admission or assigned seats?

23. Bus or train?

24. Short hair or long hair?

25. Black coffee or milky coffee?

26. Reading or Writing?

27. East coast or West coast?

28. Rue or Jules?

29. Perfume or scented body wash?

30. Scrunchie or headband?

31. Bike shorts or Bermuda shorts?

32. Park hang or beach hang?

33. Prom or afterparty?

34. Ice water or room temperature water?

35. Swimming or laying by the pool?

Hard This or That Questions

By including several challenging questions, you can spice up the game. The game will be more engaging if you make awkward inquiries while playing with others! Check out this list of some hard this or that questions to choose from.

1. Words or actions?

2. Passion or stability?

3. Predictability or excitement?

4. Growth or security?

5. Money or love?

6. Success or happiness?

7. Apathy or obsession?

8. Skill or popularity?

9. Poor and happy or rich and miserable?

10. Smartest person in the world or richest person in the world?

11. Save 100 strangers or one loved one?

12. See the future or change the past?

13. Time machine or magic wand?

14. Sight or sound?

15. Logic or emotion?

16. Cherished or respected?

17. Intense pain for ten minutes or dull pain for one day?

18. Misunderstood after death or forgotten after death?

19. Hero or antihero?

20. Happy endings or sad endings?

21. Overly optimistic or overly pessimistic?

22. False hope or unnecessary anxiety?

23. Massive success by accident or modest success on purpose?

24. Rekindled friendship or rekindled romance?

25. Regret or doubt?

26. Underestimated or overestimated?

27. No company or bad company?

28. Painful truth or comforting lie?

29. Pause time or rewind time?

30. Free travel for one year or free lodging for five years?

31. Second chance at love or second chance for your career?

Good This or That Questions

The majority of you are aware that the goal of a good question is to provoke interesting discussion. Although it might sound simple, it can be challenging to discover the correct questions to ask in order to pull it off. To simplify the process, we have gathered here some good this or that questions for you.

1. Tattoos or piercings?

2. Concert T-shirt or concert tote bag?

3. Wearing all gold/all silver jewelry or mixing metals?

4. Folklore or Evermore?

5. Thanksgiving pies or holiday cookies?

6. Iced coffee on a snowy day or hot coffee in a heatwave?

7. The book or the movie adaptation?

8. Shopping online or in-store?

9. Window seat or aisle seat?

10. Pretty Little Liars original or reboot?

11. Getting your period or stubbing your toe?

12. Waiting in the merch line or seeing the opener?

13. Jumpsuits or two-piece matching sets?

14. Sleeping late or sleeping early?

15. Big art or gallery wall?

16. Scented candles or candlesticks?

17. Eddie Munson or Steve Harrington?

18. Sparkling water or still water?

19. Minimalist jewelry or chunky jewelry?

20. Long nails or short nails?

21. Plants or pets?

22. Cooking or take-out?

23. Sandals or crocs?

24. Jean shorts or denim skirts?

25. Phoebe Bridgers or HAIM?

26. Camp Rock era Jonas Brothers or Happiness Begins era Jonas Brothers?

27. Outdoor dining or indoor dining?

28. ALL CAPS or lower case?

29. Bright colors or neutrals?

30. Walking or biking?

31. Cottagecore or coastal grandma?

32. Singing or dancing?

33. Encanto or Turning Red?

34. Crochet or knitting?

35. Tote bag or crossbody?

Dirty This or That Questions

Allowing people to choose makes them actually think about your question, which improves the answers significantly. Use the amazing dirty this or that questions from the list below to spice up your conversation.

1. Clutter in the closet or clutter under the bed?

2. Dirty bathroom or dirty kitchen?

3. Muddy floor or dusty floor?

4. Load the dishwasher or unload the dishwasher?

5. Clean a litter box or walk a dog?

6. Wash dishes immediately or wait until the sink is full?

7. Clothes on the floor or clothes in the hamper?

8. Sweeping or vacuuming?

9. Laundry or dishes?

10. Mowing the yard or weeding the garden?

11. Bath or shower?

12. Hand soap or hand sanitizer?

13. Rake or shovel?

14. Sponge or paper towel?

15. Bar soap or body wash?

16. Showers or no shower?

17. Subtly stained clothes or obviously wrinkled clothes?

18. Strawberry flavor or banana flavor?

19. Big boobs or small boobs?

20. Size matters or size doesn’t matter?

21. Banana or peach?

22. Night club or stripper club?

23. Slow or fast?

24. Hard core or so core?

25. Solo or Gangbang?

26. Playboy or play girl?

27. Video or magazine?

28. Messy or dirty?

Flirty This or That Questions

Whether you’re using it to make new friends or when sitting around with your day-ones, playing the “this or that” game always reveals interesting things you had never even considered, Find some flirty this or that questions below to use to learn more about your friends.

1. Bar soap or shower gel?

2. Convertible or coupe?

3. Car or bicycle?

4. Left side or right side of bed?

5. Past or future?

6. Flats or heels?

7. Hair up or hair down?

8. Lipstick or lip gloss?

9. Sparkle or matte?

10. Influencers or celebrities?

11. Call or text?

12. Ocean or lake?

13. Jog or hike?

14. Pen or pencil?

15. Spend it or save it?

16. Cards or crossword puzzles?

17. Teamwork or solo project?

18. Laptop or PC?

19. Sneakers or polished shoes?

20. Hat or headband?

21. Permanent tattoos or temporary tattoo?

22. Jeans or sweats?

23. Roses or tulips?

24. Biology class or Chemistry class?

25. Book smarts or street smarts?

26. Snap or TikTok?

27. Pedicure or manicure?

28. Chess or checkers?

29. Skiing or snowboarding?

30. Yoga or CrossFit?

31. Golf or bowling?

32. Cuddle or kiss?

33. Big spoon or small spoon?

34. Holding hands or cuddle?

Interesting This or That Questions

In order to start a conversation, this or that questions are the best spot to employ them. These questions have the advantage of being short but chock-full of thought-provoking concepts. Stroll down this list of few this or that interesting questions.

1. Clothes or accessories?

2. Leggings or shorts?

3. Soy sauce or sesame oil?

4. Milk tea or fruit tea?

5. Studs or hoop earrings?

6. Doc Martens or New Balances?

7. Vans or Converse?

8. Fairy lights or colored LED lights?

9. IG Story or IG Live?

10. Rainy weather or clear skies?

11. Checking your watch or checking the time on your phone?

12. BookTok or PlantTok?

13. Skinny French fries or thick-cut wedges?

14. For here or to go?

15. Bright white sneakers or worn out sneakers?

16. Planning or spontaneity?

17. Bangs or no bangs?

18. Baseball cap or beanie?

19. Concert tote bag or museum tote bag?

20. The Devil Wears Prada or The Bold Type?

21. Emma Chamberlain or Addison Rae?

22. The Kardashians or the D’Amelios?

23. A great playlist or a great book?

24. Simple skincare routine or 7+ step skincare routine?

25. Podcast or audiobook?

26. Laces or slip-ons?

27. Twitch or YouTube?

28. HBO Max or Hulu?

29. Breakfast burrito or Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich?

30. Prints or solids?

31. Rare Beauty or Kylie Cosmetics?

32. The Harry Potter trio or the Stranger Things kids?

33. Posting on main or posting on Close Friends?

34. Radio or television?

This or That Questions for Couples

Helping your partner open up to you in new ways is the finest approach to learn new things about your better half. Without directly questioning them, you can learn more about their preferences and gain a deeper understanding of them by playing the This or That game with them. Below are the best this or that questions for couples.

1. Arrive early or arrive late?

2. Night out or night in?

3. Food truck or restaurant?

4. Fast food or health food?

5. Dine in or order delivery?

6. Coffee date or cocktail date?

7. Concert or sports game?

8. Funny movie or dramatic movie?

9. Calling or texting?

10. Dogs or no pet?

11. Big family or small family?

12. Big wedding or small wedding?

13. Messy or tidy?

14. Couch potato or fitness fiend?

15. Eggs or pancakes?

16. Toilet paper over or under?

17. Planning or winging it?

18. Split the bill or take turns paying?

19. Family or friends?

20. Expensive gift or homemade gift?

21. Sleeping with the bedroom door closed or open?

22. Vegetarian or meat-eating?

23. Talking or listening?

24. Walk slow or walk fast?

25. Looks or personality?

26. Clean as you cook or clean up at the end?

27. Chocolate or vanilla?

28. Cookies or brownies?

29. Pizza or tacos?

30. Winter or spring?

31. Puppies or kittens?

32. Dragons or unicorns?

33. Outer space or the bottom of the sea?

34. Running or walking?

This or That Questions for Adults

The game of “This or That” questions is not only enjoyable, but it’s also a fantastic method to get to know your friends’ preferences, personalities, and tastes better. Check out this list of some this or that questions for adults to choose from.

1. Car or bike?

2. Train or airplane?

3. Owe money or owe a favor?

4. Hot coffee or cold coffee?

5. Be embarrassed or be afraid?

6. Rural or Urban?

7. Smartphone or tablet?

8. Wine or Beer?

9. Vacation or staycation?

10. Netflix or Hulu?

11. Night or morning?

12. Rich and famous or rich and unknown?

13. Passenger or driver?

14. Art museum or history museum?

15. Ambition or comfort?

16. Sneakers or dress shoes?

17. Fiction or nonfiction?

18. Cash or credit?

19. Espresso or drip coffee?

20. Camping or glamping?

21. Cooking or being cooked for?

22. Play or standup show?

23. Roommates or live alone?

24. Attend a party or host a party?

25. Lose sleep or skip a meal?

26. Hang out with little kids or old folks?

27. Sweating or shivering?

28. Hot coffee or iced coffee?

29. Patterned or plain?

30. Reality shows or documentaries?

31. Red wine or white wine?

32. Salad or sandwich?

This or That Questions for Friends

If you’re researching for the ideal game to play with your friends and have a great time, this or that questions is the greatest way to go about it. Walk over this list of this or that questions for your friends whenever you need it.

1. Share food or don’t share food?

2. Books or movies?

3. Roller coasters or water slides?

4. Souvenirs or postcards?

5. Letter or emails?

6. Android or iPhone?

7. Brand name or generic?

8. Bargain or top-shelf?

9. Give a ride or hitch a ride?

10. Paypal or Venmo?

11. Instagram or Twitter?

12. Shopping online or shopping in-store?

13. Piercings or no piercings?

14. Store-bought or homemade?

15. Plans or surprises?

16. Pizza or Chinese food?

17. Call first thing in the morning or call in the middle of the night?

18. Board games or video games?

19. Photos or videos?

20. Social media message or text message?

21. Take a friend on your family vacation or join a friend on their family vacation?

22. Group hangout or one-on-one hangout?

23. French fries or onion rings?

24. Loud or quiet?

25. Protagonist or sidekick?

26. Girl friends or guy friends?

27. Animals or people?

28. Weekends or holidays?

29. Day or night?

30. Watch sports or play sports?

31. Driving fast or driving slow?

This or That Questions to Ask a Guy

When you’re still getting to know someone, such as on a first, second, or third date with a boy, and you’re trying to learn a little more about him, these this or that questions to ask a guy are extremely fantastic to ask. Try them out!

1. Blue or Green?

2. Money or Free Time?

3. Amusement Park or Day at the Beach?

4. At a movie: Candy or Popcorn?

5. Pen & Pencil or Typing?

6. Toilet paper: Over or Under?

7. Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down?

8. Honey pancake or chocolate waffle?

9. Ninjas or Pirates?

10. TV Shows or Movies?

11. Coke or Pepsi?

12. Coffee Cup or Thermos?

13. Blinds or Curtain?

14. Train or Plane?

15. Phone or Phablet?

16. Iced tea or hot tea?

17. Meat or Vegetables?

18. International Vacation or a New TV?

19. Save or Spend?

20. Honesty or Other’s Feelings?

21. Coffee or Tea?

22. TV or Book?

23. Movie at Home or Movie at the Theater?

24. Ocean or Mountains?

25. Horror Movie or Comedy Movie?

26. City or Countryside?

27. Winter or autumn?

28. Mac or PC?

29. Console Gaming or PC Gaming?

30. Soup or Sandwich?

31. Card Game or Board Game?

32. Classical Art or Modern Art?

33. Beer or Wine?

34. Camping or Binge Watching Shows at Home?

35. Working Alone or Working in a Team?

36. Dine In or Delivery?

37. Sweater or Hoodie?

38. Comic Book or Comic Strips?

39. Motorcycle or Bicycle?

40. Book or eBook?

41. When sleeping: Fan or No Fan?

This or That Questions for Boyfriend

Want to know someone all the way? Or, how well you know your spouse or boyfriend? Use these this or that questions for boyfriend to start a discussion on your next date or at a party.

1. With me or with friends??

2. Netflix or YouTube?

3. Phone Call or Text massage?

4. Boobs or ass?

5. Cardio or Weights?

6. Facebook or Twitter?

7. Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?

8. Mobile Games or Console Games?

9. While walking: Music or Podcasts?

10. iOS or Android?

11. Form or Function?

12. Pop or Indie?

13. Cake or Pie?

14. Swimming or Sunbathing?

15. High-tech or Low-tech?

16. Big Party or Small Gathering?

17. New Clothes or New Phone?

18. Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?

19. Football or Cricket?

20. Work Hard or Play Hard?

21. Nice Car or Nice Home Interior?

22. What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes?

23. Jogging or Hiking?

24. Cold bath or hot bath?

25. White sneakers or colorful sneakers?

26. Glasses or no glasses?

27. Hamburger or Taco?

28. Couch or Recliner?

29. Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store?

30. Receive: Email or Letter?

31. Solo or group tour?

32. Tablet or Computer?

33. Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny?

34. Car or Truck?

35. Blue or Red?

This or That Questions for Instagram

There are more options besides just uploading a fresh image or story every day to interact with your Instagram followers. To keep your audience entertained, it may be vital to get inventive with what you’ve been doing frequently. Use these this or that questions for Instagram to increase engagement.

1. Twitter or Facebook?

2. Windows or Linux?

3. Musical theater or live concert?

4. Theme park or botanical garden?

5. Roller coasters or bumper cars?

6. Reality TV shows or scripted programs?

7. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

8. Orange juice or apple juice?

9. Hot dog or hamburger?

10. Sour cream or guacamole?

11. Pie or peas?

12. Iced tea or iced coffee?

13. Pancakes or French toast?

14. Ice cream sandwich or popsicle?

15. Chicken nuggets or chicken strips?

16. Tacos or burrito?

17. Pepsi or Coke?

18. Bagels or donuts?

19. Cardio or weight lifting?

20. Amazon or local shops?

21. McDonald’s or Taco Bell?

22. Milkshakes or smoothies?

23. Pasta or pizza?

24. Potato chips or pretzels?

25. Ramen or pho?

26. Cereal or oatmeal?

27. Breakfast or brunch?

28. Sweet or salty?

29. Comedy or drama?

30. Xbox or PlayStation?

31. Small group or big party?

32. Board game or multi-player video game?

33. Truth or dare?

34. Short nails or long nails?

35. Long hair or short hair?

This or That Questions As Icebreakers

Whether you need conversation starters or a fun party game, this collection of this or that icebreaker questions is a great approach to break the ice and get to know people better. No props needed, just this list will have to do.

1. Memes or gifs?

2. Pinterest or Etsy?

3. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?

4. Madonna or Cher?

5. Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift?

6. Kylie or Kendall?

7. Read a book or watch a movie?

8. Netflix or HBOmax?

9. Friends or Seinfeld?

10. Road trip or direct flight?

11. Cabana or cabin?

12. Carpet or hardwood floors?

13. Red or Pink?

14. Summer or Spring?

15. Halloween or Valentine’s Day?

16. Football or Baseball?

17. Cheerleading or dance?

18. Dogs or cats?

19. Superman or Batman?

20. Bungee jumping or skydiving?

21. Scary movie or rom-com?

22. Marvel or DC comics?

23. Disney or Pixar?

24. Gold or silver?

25. Sunrise or sunset?

26. Introvert or extrovert?

27. Shower or swimming?

28. Silence or chatter?

29. ’80s or ’90s?

30. City or village?

31. North coast or south coast?

32. Neutral or colorful?

33. Sleep in or stay up?

34. Sand or snow?

35. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

5 Tips for Choosing This or That Questions

Youngsters and adults can play the theoretical this or that quiz alike in which they have to pick one of two options for an action or circumstance. Would you want to play this fun game or keep looking for more?

Because it may be played by both adults and teenagers, this or that questions game has a huge range of applications. These this or that questions work whether you want to amuse someone, get to know your coworkers or family member, and know about your closest friend. Here are the 5 tips to choose this or that questions:

1. Craft your questions as simple as you can because it will help you and the other person to know one another better. Simple questions give better understanding and make it convenient to answer it in a better way.

2. These questions can be hilarious, but they can also be a little ridiculous. To get the most out of these questions, discuss the answers with your friends in order to obtain the best results from them, write on a paper and use them in your next interactive session.

3. This is a game meant to be played for pleasure, to talk about your favorite things, and to discover your friends’ or family members’ preferences. Additionally, playing this game is a fantastic approach to establish a rapport and learn more about your loved ones.

4. The game can be played in a variety of ways and with a variety of modifications. You only require good company and a good mood. Nothing else! This game is best played in a group or by two people. The bare minimum required is two players.

5. In the game “this or that,” you give your opponent exactly two choices that are as diametrically opposed as you can. They must then select their preferred option. Through play, you will learn a little more about the other person. These questions are simple to respond to, and they are also a lot of fun!

Final Thoughts on This or That Questions

These were the greatest this or that questions on our list. Playing this game is a great way to have fun and get to know your family members and friends better. It is ideal for gatherings such as sleepovers, game nights, and parties.

With either adults or students, you can rapidly discover crucial details about a person or group by asking these this or that questions. These questions can also start more in-depth, thought-provoking, and occasionally humorous conversations.

Love our collection of This or That questions? We are confident that after a little game, you will learn more about the other person. When playing with a larger group, it is simple to split your team up into smaller groups.

The group enjoys and laughs while playing this or that quiz, which brightens the atmosphere. However, you should constantly watch out to avoid offending someone. And if you are offended, don’t be afraid to tell your people. Say it out loud. Go ahead and enjoy yourselves!

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