65 Teamwork Poems to Learn to Work Together

Teamwork is an essential aspect of achieving success in any task or project.

It involves individuals coming together, combining their strengths, and working towards a common goal.

To inspire and motivate teams to work together, many teamwork poems highlight the importance of collaboration, communication, and unity.

These poems can be a source of encouragement and inspiration for team members, helping them develop a shared sense of purpose and vision.

This article will explore different types of teamwork poems, including famous, funny, inspirational, short, long, rhyming, and specifically designed for children.

We will also look at poems on teamwork that focus on different aspects of teamwork, such as working together, leadership, and team spirit.

Famous Teamwork Poems

There are numerous famous poems about teamwork that stress the value of cooperation and teamwork. People are motivated to collaborate to achieve a common objective through these poems.

1. Team Work

       by Richa Pitliya

Teamwork is the key to getting things done cooperatively
Sharing ideas and listening too
Nothing is possible single, like
A cycle can’t ride on a single tyre
A bird can fly with single Feather
A human can’t clap with a single hand
You work with me and I will work with you
When we all work together we get things done.

2. Birds in Harmony

       by Wayne Smith

Of the countless mass of birds in the air,
There is more than enough space without warfare.
Birds have the option to walk, run, and fly as their mode of transportation.
There is harmony and teamwork as they fly in perfect formation.

If only we consider how the sky is free of tyranny.
How the Hawk, the owl, and the eagle all share the sky in tranquility.
A bird with a helmet and rifle has never been seen.
They all share the sky in peace over mountains high and valley green.

3. Make a Difference

       by Freda Francisca Noronha

If you divide and multiply
The tasks which are laid
Working side by side
Judging skill and talent slide…

Collaboration and teamwork
Makes achieving success
Strength laid by uniting
Results will be access…

Believing in each other
Commitment to foster
Obstacles we’ll overpower
With our common vision…

Inspiration and cooperation
Will help more than competition
Credit we inputting
Zestfully we’ll make a difference…

4. Find a Team

       by Denny Writings

Living alone isn’t a gift it is a curse
I thought it is great
But it is like internal bleeding
It hurts but can’t be seen by anyone
God was right
I have to depend on people
I can’t make it on my own
I have to find a team to work
Or I can create one
If God allows it, I will for sure.

5. Teamwork

       by Pavan Walvekar

Humans are, well, humans
Most have them understood
They can do most of the things
But they don’t all end up being good.
Leaders have us realised,
It’s okay not to be best in everything.
So, we must nurture others who
Will compliment us with their own zing.
When the enthusiasm is greater than ego,
When the view of success is paramount,
Leaders call upon other leaders,
And promote their ingenious clout.

6. We Band of Brothers

       by Henry V

This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember’d;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.

7. Matching Bands of Gold

       by Paula Swanson

Along with matching bands of gold
and the blessings of their Lord,
Two hearts begin a journey,
their hearts, were destined to unfold.

And the blessings of their Lord,
will see them through hard times.
Their hearts were destined to unfold,
entwining as flowers on the vine.

Will see them through hard times,
the respect they afford each other.
Entwining as flowers on the vine,
teamwork will keep them together.

The respect they afford each other,
as the honeymoon grows cold,
teamwork will keep them together.
Their faith will see them through.

As the honeymoon grows cold,
two hearts begin a journey.
Their faith will see them through,
along with matching bands of gold.

Funny Teamwork Poems

Humor can be a great way to lighten the mood and bring people together. Funny poems about teamwork can help to break the ice and encourage team members to work together in a lighthearted and enjoyable way.

1. Put These Facts Together

       by Ashley Daly

Put these facts together
And solve the crime at hand
If I collect the clues,
Will you piece the puzzle?
Our teamwork is terrific
But I’m terrible on my own
Say you’ll never leave
Me with just myself

2. The Sewing Circle

       by Evander A. Crewson

Sewing, sewing, busy sewing;
Hear the scissors rattle, rattle;
Everybody’s tongue agoing—
Tittle-tattle, tittle-tattle.
Good intentions, glorious cause—
Willing angels in life’s battle;
Picking out the little flaws—
Tittle-tattle, tittle-tattle.
Making some poor mother clothes;
Helping buy the baby’s rattle;
Hitting friends and hitting foes—
Tittle-tattle, tittle-tattle.
Willing hearts and willing hands:
Generals all in life’s battle;
Laying bare each other’s plans—
Tittle-tattle, tittle-tattle.

3. Fo’csle Comradeship

       by Harry Kemp

There’s not much in the fo’csle of a ship
But old sea boots and chests that stand in rows
While up above a smoky lantern glows,
And hanging from a peg the oilskins drip,

Sometimes in storms the water rushes in;
Sometimes we stifle for a breath of air;
Yet somehow comradeship gets being there
And common hardship makes the stranger kin . . .

Blood-brothers we become, but not in peace, –
Still ready to exchange the lie and blow;
Just like the sea our quarrels rise and cease:
We’ve never a dull moment down below . . .

But set upon us in a tavern brawl
You’ll find that you will have to fight us all.

4. Team Spirit

       by John Kazadi

Tick, lick, suck
Team, dream, win
One wants all
All wants one

5. Who Killed the Plan?

       by Amos Russel Wells

Who killed the Plan?
“I,” said the Critic,
“I knew how to hit it,
I killed the Plan.”
Who killed the Plan?
“I,” the Bore said,
“I talked it dead,
I killed the Plan.”
Who killed the Plan?
“I,” said the Sloth,
“I lagged and was loth.
And I killed the Plan.”
Who killed the Plan?
“I,” said Ambition,
“With my selfish vision
I killed the Plan.”
Who killed the Plan?
“I,” said the Crank,
“With my nonsense rank
I killed the Plan.”

6. De Vose Dilemma

       by Rico Leffanta

George Washington could not tell a lie
“Honest Abe” was too honest to die
Donald Trump ad-libs
Incredible fibs
Leaving schoolchildren to wonder why

Our Potus is really a jerk
His tweets are a childish smug smirk
To Trump’s lasting shame
His management’s lame
Its teamwork that makes the team work!

7. Teamwork

       by Dezearea Nichole Parisi

See loudness but be silented
hearing things not needed
pencils and pens scribbling
teacher constant speaking
smell of freshness
yet sight of trashness

Inspirational Teamwork Poems

Inspirational poems about teamwork can help to motivate and encourage individuals to work together towards a shared goal. These poems often focus on the power of unity and collaboration, highlighting how much can be achieved when people come together.

1. Teamwork

       by Creative Joy

Trust is the key for a team
Opening the locks for the success of every dream,
Supporting each other’s vision
Making a collaborated decision.

Working as one
Sharing all the problems and fun,
Enhancing our strength
Improving at every depth and length.

Individually we are a drop
Together, we are an ocean filled to the top,
Following each other to a hill
Enjoying the sudden rush of thrill.

Fighting every failure
Hard work and teamwork is our saviour,
Moving forward together
In every condition and weather.

2. Open Hearts

       by Caren Krutsinger

love fest
welcome here
our community
open hearts and open palms
expressing and receiving other’s feelings

Universality will be possible only when we focus
on human qualities that unite us. Respect, politeness,
cooperation, friendship, inclusion, teamwork. This stems
from the ability to listen to, and most importantly hear
other’s ideas, that are not necessarily our own, and allow
them to flourish also.

3. Teamwork

       by Sushma Tiwari

Between my heart
And my eyes
Eyes met at first sight,
Heart got love feels
Hearts goes restless,
Eyes have deep dreams
Glaze in the eyes,
Heart stuck there
Heart got pain,
Eyes hold the tear
What eyes see,
Heart goes to believe.
Both are in teamwork,  
What they want,
They achieve.

4. To See What I See

       by JB or Koos Van Rensburg

My wish, for all seven and a half billion of us:
is to forget words like “yours” and “mine”.
I wish for the world to see what I see:
that happiness, like the Sun, belongs to all of us.

I wish we could all realize, our unlimited capacity:
to accomplish things together, not by ourselves.
I wish to share the truth of teamwork, with all the world;
for the truth is that peace, is not a dream, it is a choice.

5. Teamwork

       by Aniket Nikhade

Let’s think about it
Discuss it out
In a team of more than two
Always it has remained important to take views of all.

Let each and everyone get a moment or two
Once thought and decided upon something
Then it’s time to take a proper line of action.

Between probablity and priority
Between the two of them
Priority will get the upper hand
Priority will get an advantage

Hence always decide upon something definite
In one way or other,
Some sort of solution to the existing problem will definitely come out
While working as a team it has always remained important to put the right efforts in the right direction.

6. Pig in a Poke

       by Brian Johnston

Although gay women are attractive,
Can their love be counted on,?
A chemistry that’s non-reactive,
Oligarchs of Amazon?

They face perhaps same traps that we do
Think of men as only drone,
An inverse baby kind of voodoo
Makes weak labeled sex to groan.

Where all good jobs are matriarchal
Confident they know what’s best,
A standing joke the patriarchal,
Litmus test for world unrest.

The thought’s out there this might be right on
Most know men have lost the race
Is ‘Women Better’ just a long con,
Bankrupt hyssop’s sexist’s face?

Misogynistic choices kill love
‘Death to men’ no better prayer,
While teamwork puts the hand in glove,
Seems to matter both are there.
Are women victim’s of man’s error?
Most men raised by woman’s side?
Small boys ignoring all their terror,  
Little men, their country’s pride.

Men seem to rule, but die in battle
Block what festers deep inside
Then led to slaughter just like cattle
‘Free’ state purchased with their hide.

A girl I loved once had obsession
Wanted more to be like man
A mom at war with her depression,
Made this seem a better plan.

I can’t report she had much luck though
One girlfriend would beat her up
A flower dressed in man’s tuxedo
Life remained a half-filled cup.

But is it nature, is it nurture
Leads us to our confused art?
Heed dying gasp of cloaked John Bircher
Even Bible plays its part!
If life for others is what you choose
This can’t guarantee you’ll win
For life in faith means you could still lose
Doing good can still be sin!

A pig, a poke, that’s all you get,
Some joy, calamity, and yet
If God is dead, get real, get hip,
There’s sure release in death’s strong grip

As poet, I see humor in
This tale I spin, the life of men
God’s presence in man’s history
And Grace that spices mystery

For human love I know exists,
In spite of pain, it still resists
The certain coming of death’s call,
Though life be short, it is your all!

Short Teamwork Poems

Short poetries about teamwork are a great way to provide a quick burst of motivation and inspiration. These poems are concise and easy to remember, making them a great tool for team leaders.

1. Teamwork

       by Scott Simmerman

Teamwork could happen.
Challenge to get ahead now.
Expect some to crash.

2. Strategy

       by Randy Steele

The lions’ wait
Seals the fate of
A late straggler

Quickly surround
Without sound they
Expound teamwork

Bellies content
Hunger spent, the
Pride went to sleep

3. Connected

       by Roseleen Ahmed

Lonely notes, Lying isolated
Scattered all over the place
Connected by some dotted lines
Crisscrossing over plains and hills
A fitted jigsaw, like sides of a Rubik

4. Teamwork

       by Bernard F. Asuncion

To attain a group’s aspired triumph,
Member’s help is quite important.
As each and everyone works,
The whole unit succeeds,
accomplishing things.
The uphill task
turns into

5. Winning Team Members

       by Paul W. Bryant

Winning team members need to know five things:
Tell me what you expect from me.
Give me an opportunity to perform.
Let me know how I’m getting along.
Give me guidance where I need it.
Reward me according to my contribution.

6. Progress

       by Samuel B. Rogers

Around the thick oak
I fail to wrap my arms
But maybe the two of us
Can resolve
Hand in Hand
And conquer
The old, rooted beast

7. Ahead-v2

       by Sabian Finogwar

As we are here-nay, even dead,
all worthy shall be in our stead.
With all that we master, we guide others faster.
United, we travel ahead

Long Teamwork Poems

Long poetries about teamwork can provide a more in-depth exploration of the importance of collaboration and team spirit. These poems may tell a story or provide a detailed explanation of how teamwork can lead to success.

1. If

       by Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or, being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;
If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with triumph and disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
And stoop and build ‘em up with worn-out tools;
If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on”;
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings – nor lose the common touch;
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run –
Yours is the earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more – you’ll be a man my son!

2. Teamwork Solves the Problem

       by Anonymous

They say “two minds are better than one.”

Nothing could be truer.

As I watched a friend and his relative, patiently, take apart and fix a broke appliance.

I relaxed and observed.

The two had the item repaired and figured out quicker than one whose questions are the parts in which the other can answer when there, with him, aiding in the battle of winning the war to piece together a needed tool , that needs mending.

Through answered questions from a partner well answering problems, the other had faced,

piecing together the problem, through help and sweet and strong reliance.

Upon another to help in rougher times.

I remarked on such, the phrase, as they smiled.

In agreement…it wa voted unanimously.

That:” two minds are better than one”

Simultaneously…. we all nodded.

It was a new motto on which we have started to have styled…

Even more so, even a “ton” of minds wishing to achieve the same goal – to fix a broken moment…

or even a city that is in disrepair.

such, through unity, the item was finished and the conversation had ended….

It is alike war and conflicts…… ….

Having people, ready with you, voluntarily by your side…

Is better than being too tall for one’s own good…or even better motives…

If he fails to see that “one is not an island…”

“Nor is one an army…”

Common Sense tells him to ask for “brother’s in arms”

which overrides any strong form of blind pride..

3. Teamwork’s Best

       by Dr John Celes

Let’s learn from birds what team-work is about!
Let birds teach us the advantages brought;
Let’s forge ahead in ‘We’s’ and not in ‘I’s’!
Let’s fly like birds together in life’s skies!

The leader bears the brunt along the way;
It has to fly ahead on, come what may;
It keeps the direction for birds behind;
The strong air-resistance, it does not mind!

The ‘V’ formation lessens air friction;
It helps all birds in ease of flight-action;
The wing-beating of birds is lessened much;
Their movement gains a sturdy, gentle touch.

’Tis best to fly in groups in harmony;
The single bird that flies looks so funny;
Your mind is stronger when friends are with you;
Encouragement comes, seeing others do.

The flock does better than a single bird;
The single bird is not as good as herd;
Some stay behind to help, in case it needs;
Good friends are blessing indeed for good deeds!

By working as a team, more work is done;
The work is done with ease and looks like fun;
The problems faced alone are quite galore;
Alone, you cannot for long, keep the fore.

United, we can accomplish more things;
Together, we do not feel life’s worst stings!
Our goals are easier to reach as a team;
Reality comes even to a dream!

And if the leader cannot stay ahead,
Give way to others, to youngsters to head;
Just take your position in lower rungs;
You’ve flown enough for long with your dear lungs!

Good leaders must be humble to others;
You utilize the talents of brothers;
Resources must be pooled to achieve goals;
In life, we ought to take up newer roles!

Life’s problems can be tackled together;
Flock together, birds of the same feather;
We gain right attitude from all around;
We keep the direction, whither we’re bound!

Progress comes faster working as good teams;
Successes come like light from star that gleams;
Whole team is benefited even more;
Life is not monotonous and a bore!

Alone in life, ’tis tough to live always;
Alone on earth, we cannot spend our days;
Teamwork involves sinking differences;
Teamwork means forgetting preferences.

If success be our goal in life’s domain,
Togetherness is boon and not a bane;
The bond of selflessness must rule our life;
We must help others whenever in strife!

Teamwork is best for everything on earth;
Our Mother Nature tells this right from birth;
Why singly struggle when union is strength;
Why waste our precious time, God-given breath!

4. The Moon’s Realization

       by Aastha Parakh

The moon went high, the moon went low
Because of the sun, it decided when to show
It degraded itself, by becoming a follower of the sun
But always remember nothing ever grows in the comfort zone

He shined with the stars in the night
and thought that everything which was going on was perfectly right
But little did he know
That in a crowded farm there is no place to sow

He became a disciple, he became a follower
But he never figured out the art of becoming a leader
He knew that it was easy to shine in the night
but the real deal lied in shining even in the light

After gaining a lot of experience,
After seeing most of the world
After talking to the elders
Suddenly his thoughts lit like embers

He figured out the art,
and thus knew how to start
He decided to share the secret with you,
In the hope that it changes it you too:

You have to collaborate, you have to work in a herd
Then only will you always be remembered
You need to stand in the front, you need to fight
Then only will you be able to glow even in the light

5. Adherent Group

       by Cyrene Suresh

People move beyond gender
Indeed whoever be the founder.
God is are common creator
Favour and love in matter
Search a unlikely person who is a tuitor
The one helps in learning process as teacher

Who helps?
Who succeeds?
Who wins?
Who secure championship?
Who supports?
The colleagues
Join together
Hand in hand
Work together
Stand firm in thoughts
Care together

Under the custody,
We can win any anxiety,
Can capture all curiosity,
When you have people of…

Unity be the union
Loyal in all
Truth brings triumph
Working with security
Live with harmony
Assignment with awesomeness
Goodness and Sweetness comes
As way of technology
But still whatever may be
Working experience with experiments!!!!

6. Difference of Opinion Is Part of Teamwork

       by Aniket Nikhade

Over a period of time difference of opinion leads to debate following which mutual understanding might take place.
Somewhere down the line,
something might click,
then signs of mutual understanding will be there in offing.

Mutual understanding will bring the much needed change,
a change that’s desired,
since it also fulfills the need of hour.

If mutual understanding takes place, then nothing like that since it moves in the direction of drawing a line of conclusion, which is the only reason because of which the debate commenced.
If mutual understanding is still a viable option,
yet far away,
then it’s time to keep negotiation apart and away from been a part of the debate.

Finally difference of opinion can lead to something positive and healthy, if the debate that is ensued following a difference of opinion is in the right direction,
in right spirit,
focus remaining on point of concern,
substance with regards to what’s going on in mind is not disturbed in anyway,
most importantly the debate is held on proper grounds.

Difference of opinion is also a sign for something constructive, if the mind is determined to make sure that the odds which are going to come along the way will not only be handled and tackled, but also taken out and taken away from the way of getting things done.

Finally it’s difference of opinion that makes team work interesting, if it is taken in the right spirit at the given moment in time.

Teamwork Poems That Rhyme

Poems about teamwork with rhyming words can be a fun and engaging way to convey a message about teamwork. Rhyme and rhythm can help to make the message more memorable and enjoyable for team members.

1. Teamwork

       by Brenda Buckley

Teamwork is essential to complete the task at hand,
we work closely together to meet the demand

Each person has thier own important part,
to deliver our service, straight from the heart.

The empathy we express, the willingness we share,
can turn around a customer from pulling out thier hair.

We have a few teams both offline and on,
we do this so we don’t miss anything wrong.

We support each other every single day,
ensuring everything is covered, nothing left astray.

We work with pride and respect one another,
we are indeed genuine; it is not a cover.

A team requires co-operation and communication between all,
and when everyone participates, there is no way to fall.

I am proud of our team, and those that lead,
always willing and ready to help those in need.

2. The Two Kinds of People

       by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

There are two kinds of people on earth to-day;
Just two kinds of people, no more, I say.
Not the sinner and saint, for it’s well understood,
The good are half bad and the bad are half good.
Not the rich and the poor, for to rate a man’s wealth,
You must first know the state of his conscience and health.
Not the humble and proud, for in life’s little span,
Who puts on vain airs is not counted a man.
Not the happy and sad, for the swift flying years
Bring each man his laughter and each man his tears.
No; the two kinds of people on earth I mean,
Are the people who lift and the people who lean.
Wherever you go, you will find the earth’s masses
Are always divided in just these two classes.
And, oddly enough, you will find, too, I ween,
There’s only one lifter to twenty who lean.
In which class are you? Are you easing the load
Of overtaxed lifters, who toil down the road?
Or are you a leaner, who lets others share
Your portion of labor, and worry and care?

3. Between the Night

       by Sarah

I wonder if my life would be alright
If I turned into a cat between the night

The main mission of my day of slumber
Is to find the most comfortable place to lumber

In solitude I would thrive
Teamwork still Would be nice

All I know is cats dream of mice
Sometimes I think that would be nice.

4. It’s a Struggle

       by Milady Mar

it’s the last day of May
Covid still has its way
do masks and distance pay?
yes, officials do say

pandemics raise the bar
escapee from afar
vaccines become the star
bringing life up to par

we the people struggle
life we try to juggle
no more can we huggle
wish we could still snuggle

mentally takes a toll
at times out of control
sanity still our goal
while keeping ourselves whole

hang on tight, don’t let go
we’ll make it through this throe
one at a time plateau
we are the commando

we must strengthen the hive
put minds in overdrive
pull up from this nosedive
together we’ll survive

5. Fables

       by Julie Grenness

What are our millennium fables?
Women keep giving each other labels,
No harmony for our ecology,
An alliance should be our synergy,
No accountability for the economy,
No wise leaders to steer us to unity,
Century’s getting older, folks!
Any teamwork to cast off these yokes?
Symbiosis should aim at harmony,
Let’s pray for millennium synergy!

Teamwork Poems for Children

Teamwork poems for kids can help to introduce these concepts in a fun and engaging way, making it easier for them to understand and embrace the value of collaboration.

1. My Kindergarten Teacher

       by Mike Dailey

My kindergarten teacher and I’d guess probably yours
Taught me all I need to know to open all the doors
She taught me all my letters and how to write them out
She taught me about indoor voice and there is no need to shout
She read to me for hours; she taught me 2 + 2
She said “in learning there is power and I’m giving that to you”
She taught me how to make friends and how friends help friends get by
She taught me how to make amends when I made others cry
She taught me that in sharing I get more than I give
She taught me that in caring a better life I’d live
She taught me about teamwork and how to be discerning
But most of all she taught me a life-long love of learning

My kindergarten teacher passed away some time ago
I never got to thank her but I’d hope somehow she’d know
A kindergarten teacher is an angel in disguise
Leading – loving – learned – intelligent and wise

If not for kindergarten teachers who knows where we would be
Thank your kindergarten teacher, once for you and once for me

2. Strength in Unity

       by Caren Krutsinger

We thought we were strong
Something happened to change that.
We simply were wrong.

Angel with magical cat
Sent us unexpected love
We were truly glad of that

Sensing they came from above
The love they brought was honest and true,
Unconditional joy, practically unheard of.

They returned to heaven, when they were due.
Inspired unity first, brought us together as one.
They had converted us, stronger and true.

Thanks to a lot of teamwork and a bit of fun,
All of us together, much stronger as one.

3. The Wild Kratts Kids

       by Noel Villarosa

Turning on the TV
Wonders how they do it
Why they need to flee
Is a matter you know your mother wit

When the world is calm
Somewhere out there needs your help
Who could hear them, and make becalm
Someone watched them like a wolf’s whelp

They are brothers to save wild fauna
With their special creature power suits
Gaining animal powers, saving them from trauma
Transport them in a specific route

Helping rebuild habitat’s life chain
Pio as Chris, Malka as Aviva
JD as Martin, Joakim as Gavin
Teamwork with a brilliant idea

Dolphin’s dive, frogfish’s camouflage
It feels great with these powers
With the strength of rhino charge
Basilisk lizard walking on water

4. Teamwork

       by Minati Pradhan

They say, ‘’Together we grow”.
Helping and being each other’s shadow.
We all work together.
As a team, we’ll go far.
All for one and one for all.

May it be sickness and health.
Poverty or wealth.
Abundance or hunger.
Festive season or disaster.
All for one and one for all.

When humans hold hands together.
The difficult roads seem easier.
Storms will come, would also be gone.
But will fail to shake us, as we ain’t alone.
All for one and one for all.

Teamwork begins by building trust.
When it’s shared, success is best.
Be it winning or losing
In a team, it becomes easy everything.
All for one and one for all.

Teamwork Poems about Working Together

Poems that focus on the importance of working together can help to reinforce this message, highlighting the benefits of combining individual strengths and skills to achieve a common goal.

1. If We Work Together

       by Kara Koehn

“Oh help!” Cried the zebra.
“Please don’t let it bite!
The lion will get me
And I cannot fight.”

“Please, Mr. Giraffe,
Will you give me a ride?
I don’t mean to be rude,
But we’re on the same side.”

“The lions are viscous.
If we ban together,
I’m sure that it all
Will come out for the better.”

2. Teamwork

       by Little Red

Teamwork makes the dream work!
Anything is possible when you work together!
You can do much better when you’re not alone!

Is what they say
What a bunch of lies
Don’t make me laugh
No world exists like that
That world’s nothing but a fantasy
In reality
It’s every man for themselves

3. Lefty

       by Rip Lazybones

I was never one to pick one over the other
They used to function together as well as brothers
As time passes, their relationship sours
One works hard and focuses for hours
The other struggles to relay to the main tower
Dripping with blood is this brother
Dripping with liquid salt in worry is the other
Together they used to form pictures in the clouds
Now one peers through a fog stitched shroud
Teamwork is a thing of the past
The rift between them is filling with fog, fast
They still both serve under the same mast
But one is absorbing as much sun as he still last

4. Words

       by Jane EB Smith

I’ve written words since I found out that those graphite sticks
could form them and wrote my name
on the top of a kleenex box
when I was four.
I’ve written words since I learned that each one
held a meaning I could hear in my head.
I’ve written words since I realized that writing
releases them from my mind,
so that I can hear myself think.
I’ve written words because numbers run away from me,
just out of grasp, teasing me with
their teamwork and rigid cooperation
and parenthetical expressions.
I’ve written words never read by anyone,
words which embarrass with their frankness
words which I’ve burned thinking they would die.
I’ve written words which I longed to share
because they fit together better than numbers
and made my skin crawl with their

5. Africa Rise Up

       by Tashatha

Sometimes its a shame to be black
We claim we’re in it together
But the unity we lack

We belittle each other
Even though we all came
From the same father

Our ancestors fought to bring us to where are now
But how we choose to separate each other is foul

Light skins and dark skins
Doesn’t matter we still have black skin
We need to begin
To listen

Build our race
So that every black person is safe
Racism is still real
And I cannot begin to explain how I feel

The black race is still frowned upon
Because our values are lost and gone

Let us begin to better each other
Build each other
Help one another
To get farther

Teamwork is essential
We have to realise our potential

It is a shame
How we let each other suffer
It breaks my heart
To see hungry child lost by a mother
When we have rich people
Who are greedy
In their fast cars speeding
Having no conscience or feelings
Because they won’t even give to the needy
Lord Jesus I’m screaming
Please change the world
Make everyone start believing
That africa can rise
If we stop ignoring the cries
Of the poor
Revitalise the land
Before it dies
I know we can
If we keep our eyes on the prize

We can build africa
Make africa a staple
If only we work together
Bring something bigger to the table

We were blessed to be born on this beautiful land
So let us join hands
And make africa
As big as we can

Teamwork Poems for Friends

Poems about teamwork for friends that focus on teamwork among friends can help to reinforce these ideas, highlighting the importance of trust, cooperation, and mutual support.

1. Birth of a Friendship

       by Anonymous

it’s our laughter that
bound us;
the moment of camaraderie
new friendship being born
unsure whether this’ll be thorn
or storm
and i sat there, torn
unsure where to go from here
a welcoming clasp
palm on palm, fingers
coiled around one another
a peace treaty, a clap of agreement
a silent pact between us
” i gotchu”
a ” thank you”
a smile here
a couple more there
am offer for selfless help
and pride in me
pride in you
that forged out friendship
and i thank you
for all your help
all of it.

2. Interesting Homework

       by Asghar Nazeer

Interesting homework!
Coloring artwork,
Friends’ teamwork,
Amazing brushwork,
Interesting homework!

3. Once More Dear Friends

       by John Anderson

Come sail with me once more dear friends,
to ply the winds to comply.
To hoist the sails, pull on the sheets,
to steer the yacht driving through waves.
Together, we make a great team,
tackling and taming riled wild seas.

4. Wish You All the Best

       by Christopher Goss

I wish you all the best
Even if it kills me inside
Our union was never meant to last
Here between shadows and light
I wish we had more time
You could have been my best friend
The person I told everything
Our teamwork made others blush
Because we were brilliant
But for every sunrise
There is to be a sunset
Even if it kills me inside
I wish you all the best

5. Sonnet Tribute Sundry – Seventy-Five – Tom Daley

       by Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza

At least with Solemn Differences sing
Honoring Friends of Great Cheer celebrate
Your arm on her lap; The other on him
And with a Flash these Blue Knights consecrate
Jolly, so Potent turn Tan into Red
That pleasant alarm Blue Oracles see
And guess which Debate your Incarnate fed
Whether you are or whether not to be
Ready for Cause to the Next Big Event
Telling yourself to Inspiration run
Foresaw this Scope: Friendship and Teamwork’s meant
But all of this time it was just for Fun.
Seriousness Adore, someone licks the Tip
In your Patron; Which was really your lip.

6. School

       by Shanyla Johnson

School is Not for me
It is boring and useless
But I have my friends
They are fun and help me through
Like teamwork on homework too!

7. Thwart War

       by Waynejent

With espousal per Uranus bestowed
channel permitted, thus plenum assured,
Hera anxious aft pending conflict told,
nor ambush onwards, Apollo’s word
naught obscure from refulgence, he showed.

Poseidon proscribe calmness of seas
Aeolus gladly prorogue, such godly friend,
conservancy of power lend futurity needs,
unbeknownst battle be lost or gods win,
Hermes had brought forth evil creeds.

Accompanying weapons of Hephaestus
relinquish Hades inconceivable death
promote by the efficacious Zeus
Ares alongside, embattled for quest,
ne’er earlier this beaucoup power let lose.

Teamwork Poems about Leadership

Effective leadership is a key aspect of successful teamwork. Poems about leadership and teamwork that focus on leadership can help to inspire and motivate team leaders, highlighting the importance of leading.

1. A Great Leader

       by Oscar-Ramos

I am a commander, a leader in a group of great noble beings.
I am the worst; I am a follower- I just follow the best people.
And that is why I am a commander, a leader,
because I know there are better people out there
I know there are leaders greater than I
But people look up to me, guard me, protect me, love me whole.
The reason?
There is no need for one.

2. The Oil to Effective Leadership

       by Leo Thomas

Cars run on gas,
Our bodies run on food and water,
Software runs on hardware,
Leadership runs on relationships.

A leader without the relationships to get things done,
is like a ship without a propellor,
software without a computer,
or a jet plane without the engines.

Relationships are built
One at a time, person by person, over time,
By being authentic, caring, open-minded, and honest with people.

Some leaders prefer to lead without relationships,
Choosing instead to use enticement, pressure or authority.
These techniques are the least effective, least lasting, and least respected.
The work falls apart when the pressure goes away.

Other leaders lead primarily through relationships.
They bring people to a problem, and ask for help,
Connect interested people to the work, deeply listen
Offer support, act when needed, and get out of the way.
This works great, but requires being open-minded to the outcome.

The work of a leader is to plant seeds, to guide, and to engage.
Without relationships, none of this is possible.
Relationships are truly the oil to effective leadership…

3. Together, We Persevere

       by Leo Thomas

And so, it was…
We reflect back together,
we celebrate our successes,
we feel the stings of our failures,
we learn from our mistakes.
Together, we persevere.

And so, it is…
We join hands and minds,
We work toward collective goals,
We strive and we struggle to be better.
Together, we persevere.

And so, it can be…
We will create our own future.
We will arrive at our hard-earned successes.
We will make new mistakes, and learn from them.
We will continue to grow.
Together, we will persevere.

Join me.
Let’s you and I, become we.
Reflect with me.
Work alongside of me.
Suffer setback and failure with me.
Learn from mistakes with me.
I will stand by your side
if you will stand by mine.
Together, we can walk through the fire of any adversity.
For, Together, we persevere.

Stand with me,
stand as WE,
For WE can withstand,
whatever hand is dealt us.
Together, we have, we will.
Together, we persevere.
Yesterday, this day, and yet another…

4. Leadership

       by Robert L. Hinshaw

Leadership is an in-born trait? Oh, I’m not so sure of that.
Though many leaders have the genes, when they were pressed fell flat!
Many are the leaders whose mettle during stress was ceded,
And men of lesser rank stepped forward and succeeded!

A successful leader if he is astute and very wise,
Will surround himself with sage folks to counsel and advise.
He will ever be trusted by those with whom he serves,
And in doing so will earn the respect he so well deserves!

He will heed the needs and aspirations of others,
And develop a team spirit among his sisters and brothers.
He will lead with integrity, concern and fortitude,
And for a job well done will always express his gratitude!

He’ll be the first on the job at dawn – at night the last to leave.
He will mentor and encourage others to strive their best to achieve!
A leader will ever be loyal to those above and below,
And accept responsibility no matter from whence it flow!

A sense of humor is essential to soothe when tensions rise.
When company policies change he will hasten his people to apprise!
A leader will honestly demure when he is heaped with praise,
Saying, “Sir, these outstanding people of mine deserve the raise!”

Teamwork Poems about Team Spirit

Poems that focus on team spirit can help to encourage and inspire team members, highlighting the importance of unity, trust, and mutual support.

1. Team Spirit

       by Anmol Dhaliwal

Teamwork is the best work
When you engross the spirit of workmanship
When you work for the team
Irrespective of your selfish needs
You realize the importance of how happy
You have been
Through this single act of changing priorities
When you priorities the profit over happiness, of others.

It is then you realize the real happiness is
In being with others
Getting along with your colleagues
Is something good for your well-being
Because you stay away from negative judgments
And work together as a force.

2. Team Fantastic

       by G. Lars

One teammate leader,
After we clashed in a meeting,
Talked to his upper uber-boss,
Butt monkey then emailed me so nice,
‘Twas a groveling note and ‘twas so obvious.

I grudgingly admired my adversaries, for their spirit!

He did not know what to do,
Nor how to apologize for his rudeness,
Because I was completely and technically right,
All the engineering reviews showed it,
Up and down the command-chain everyone knew it.

He was hastily un-prepared, and he knew it!

Oh the plan,
Should be the best one,
Egos aside,
And with no technology religion,
Even if ‘tis a deal with a deadly devilish competitor.

My boss’ boss’ boss finally heard me,
And we finally did what I first said!

3. Oh What a Season

       by David Brown

Last year I wrote of a Red Sox team
The fans did not exactly scream
They could not swing, field or hit
Last place was theirs, that was it.

But John Henry said ENOUGH of that
I will not let this team go splat
So he fired a guy named Bobby V
And from The Jays did Farrell bring.

He traded away the vaunted three guys
To Gonzo, Beckett and Crawford bye bye!
He said the losing days are through
Saved a quarter billion dollars too.

The off season came on us soon
He got Napoli, Dempster and Victorino too.
Though no one gave the team a chance
The season came and they took off fast.

They started winning many games
And found themselves in first place.
In the dust they left yanks, birds and jays.
Kept winning through the summer days.

Now the season is poised to end
The team is looking great again
From worst to first, oh what a season
Team spirit and drive is the reason.

The playoffs loom, the team looks ready
Hitting and pitching very steady.
Fresh off a recent Yankees sweep.
This team looks like it can’t be beat

To Fenway do the playoffs come
They’ll take on all comers, everyone
For when all the opponents have been beaten
We’ll win the Series, Oh what a season!!

4. Team Spirit

       by John Williams

I asked the cricket coach
If I could play on the First Grade team,
He said that couldn’t happen,
It was only in my dream.

I said, what about if the whole team got sick,
Would I stand a chance then?
He shook his head from side to side,
And crossed my name off with a pen.

Well, I guess, I better tell you coach,
Ah, you know that stew that I brought in,
I suggest the team don’t eat it,
If they want a chance to win.

But alas, the warning came too late,
The team had already tuckered down,
They got a lot of runs that day,
Just not on the cricket ground.

5. Bird of Love and Loyalty

       by V. Muthu Manickam

Stork flights in unison
To teach unity to every person

Holding the neck extended
Aligning the body as if amended

With legs pushed behind
To cope with blowing wind

With wide wingspan like the glider
In a well-defined order

Hover with one, as leader
Of course, watching is a wonder

With the flame of foresight,
Stork sets own nest on height

Bears young ones into the wing
Benevolently while growing

With wings, provides shade to the young chick
So that they could learn to pick

Causes to clatter to communicate
About the impending threat, to indicate

Maintains link with the group
To get the team spirit, recoup

Revisits the old-aged mother
To attend to issues that may bother

Cares the mother, with fresh feed
As the aged mother may need

Mother’s blessing accounts
For a peaceful life, it counts

Stork is a bird of highest spirituality
In Hebrew, stork means love and loyalty!

6. Isolated

       by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu

In the evening I looked around
no one I could see with me
yet we climbed altitude together
a team of ten without team spirit
the strong cold wind enter my eyes
vampires and anacondas
move near. I hear their footsteps
I try to shout loud, loud
but my echoes answer me rudely
I place my hands on the chin
Is this mountain climbing a fuss?
Am I sacrificed for the wild?
my temple developed rings
but this was not the answer
a spark of light combed my eyes
this too was not reply
Complete serenity left me
and ghosts of intrigue whispered
“Honest trekked across the rivers
each one has reared a wolf as pet
in the parlor of life.”

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, teamwork poems can be a powerful tool for inspiring and motivating individuals to work together towards a shared goal.

By sharing these teamwork poems with your team, you can help to create a shared sense of purpose and vision, building stronger relationships and achieving greater success.

We hope this article has inspired you to explore the world of teamwork poems and discover the many ways they can help to improve your team’s performance.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Have you used teamwork poems to inspire your team?

Do you have favorite poems for teamwork that speak to the power of collaboration? Please share your comments below.

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