84 Goodnight Love Poems for Your Sweetheart

A goodnight love poem is a beautiful way to express your feelings for your sweetheart and let them know that they are always in your thoughts.

Love poems have been used for centuries to convey powerful emotions of love, passion, and tenderness.

In this article, we will explore some of the most beautiful and romantic goodnight love poems that you can share with your loved one.

Whether you are looking for something short and sweet or long and meaningful, these goodnight love poems are sure to touch your sweetheart’s heart and leave them with a smile as they drift off to sleep.

Let’s delve into some of the categories of goodnight love poems.

Famous Goodnight Love Poems

Some of the most beautiful love poems have been penned by famous poets and writers throughout history. In this category, we will explore some of the most famous goodnight love poems and the enduring power of their words.

1. The Day Is Over

       by Catherine Pulsifer

The day is over you’ve done your best
Now is the time for you to rest
You can’t change the events of the day
You can’t change the things others say

Tomorrow is an opportunity to begin
New opportunities to take in
A good night sleep will help you decide
The best opportunities to provide

Sleep well this night
Turn out the lights
Thank God for the day
And find sleep will be on the way.

2. Good Night

       by Bernhart Paul Holst

Good night! Fade the parting rays of light;
Now the daily labors end,
Rest comes to the busy hand,
Until the morning wakens bright,
Good night!

Go to rest!
Close your eyes with feelings best.
For the birds have hushed the song
They were chirping all day long,
And the night makes this request:
Go to rest!

Close your eyes!
Dream of a happy Paradise,
Life is not always what it seems,
But sleep requites with happy dreams
Recompense for him who tries.
Close your eyes!

Good night!
Slumber on ’till morning light.
Sleep until the new tomorrow
Comes with its own toil and sorrow;
Until the morning wakens bright,
Good night!

3. At Night

       by Lillian E Curtis

Time, when the world with its weary cares and insidious snares,
With its smiles and frowns, and ups and downs,
With its harsh words cold, and stares so bold,
With its many a mansion, and lovers of fashion,
With its hovels and huts, and scornful cuts,
With its few generous hands, to reach where Worth stands,
With its tired brains, its losses and gains,
With its aching hearts, its cruel darts,
With its steam of prosperity, its wheels of adversity,
Time, when the weary world, by Fate’s finger twirled,
Bars its factory door for the rich and the poor,
From the Squire to the Clerk, all rest from their work,
And the world is shut in by a door whose hinges are light,
And the name of this door is the beautiful Night.

4. Night

       by Douglas Malloch

The arms of night enfold the tired day,
The heavens light their million little lamps,
And, where the sun beheld the world’s affray,
The gentle moon reviews its sleeping camps.

Thank God for night; thank God that men must sleep;
Thank God that men must pause in toil for gain —
For, did they not, their eyes must ever weep.
For, did they not, their hearts must ever pain.

Thank God for sleep; thank God for night and rest;
I take the balm and press it to my eyes.
Here I shall slumber, head upon my breast.
And here, refreshed, behold the new day rise.

5. Good Night

       by Nixon Waterman

The gold is fading from the west,
The peaceful worlds is wrapped in rest
The little stars their candles light.
Now from the busy day’s sojourn
And all its welcome tasks we turn,
Bidding the world, fondly good night.

The wind is sleeping in the tree,
And in her golden hive the bee
Is resting till the mourning
The flowers, as they drowse and dream
Amid the fragrant meadows, seem
Bidding the world, fondly good night.

Now stilled are songs of lark and thrush,
Yet on the evening’s tranquil hush
Come sound our spirits to invite
The curfew bells in beauty tool
As o’er the fields their echoes roll,
Bidding the world, fondly good night.

6. What Is Life?

       by Anonymous

A little crib beside the bed;
A little face upon the spread;
A little shoe upon the floor;
A little frock behind the door;
A little lad with curly hair;
A little blue-eyed face and fair;
A little lane that leads to school;
A little pencil, slate, and rule;
A little winsome, blithesome maid;
A little hand within his laid;
A little family gathering round;
A little turf -heaped, tear-dewed mound;
A little cottage, acres four;
A little old-time household store;
A little added to his soil;
A little rest from hardest toil;
A little silver in his hair;
A little stool and an easy chair;
A little night of earth-lit gloom;
A little cortege to the tomb.
We say “Good day” at early dawn;
We smile when little baby’s born;
We laugh all through the sunshine bright;
When life is done, we say, “Good night.”

7. Bid Me Good Morning

       by A. L. Barbauld

Life! we’ve been long together
Through pleasant and through cloudy weather,
‘Tis hard to part when friends are dear, –
Perhaps ’twill cost a sigh, a tear;
Then steal away, give little warning.
Choose thine own time;
Say not Good Night, – but in some brighter clime
Bid me Good Morning.

8. Good-Night

       by Percy Bysshk Shell

Good-night? No, love! the night is ill
Which severs those it should unite;
Let us remain together still,
Then it will be good night.

How were the night without thee good,
Though thy sweet wishes wing its flight?
Be it not said, thought, understood, –
Then it will be good night.

The hearts that on each other beat
From evening close to morning light
Have nights as good as they are sweet,
But never say “Good-night.”

9. Do not Go Gentle into That Good Night

       by Dylan Thomas

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on that sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Beautiful Goodnight Love Poems

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what better way to express your love than with a beautiful poem? In this category, we will explore some of the most beautiful goodnight love poems that are sure to take your sweetheart’s breath away.

1. Wishing You

       by Kate Summers

Wishing you a peaceful sleep
From you, we will hear not a peep
Tired from a hard day’s work
Sleep should come without a shirk.

May you have sweet dreams tonight
And in the morning awake so bright
May the angels watch over you
Keep you safe until the morning dew.

Tomorrow is a brand new day
But tonight sleep is needed I must say
Love you today but tomorrow more
Life has much for you in-store.

The night has become so quiet now
Close your eyes and take a bow
You did your best the day is done
Awake in the morning with the sun.

2. Night

       by Norma Beard

The sky is lit with a million stars,
The moon is shining bright –
The best part of the glorious day
Is when it turns to night.

The river’s water ripples soft
In the pale moonlight:
It seems to sing a happy song,
A song of great delight.

The leaves on the trees are dancing
To a fairy tune;
They whirl around, twirl around,
And seem to touch the moon.

And then the shadowy figures
Of a hundred cherry trees
Are lifting their arms up to the sky
And are laughing in the breeze.

Of course the bird
On its outspread wing
Homeward safely flies –
And to think I can see it all
With my own two eyes.

3. Good-Night

       by Laura E. Richards

Good-night, Sun! go to bed!
Take your crown from your shining head.
Now put on your gray night-cap,
And shut your eyes for a good long nap.
Good-night, Sky, bright and blue!
Not a wink of sleep for you.
You must watch us all the night,
With your twinkling eyes so bright.
Good-night, flowers! now shut up
Every swinging bell and cup.
Take your sleeping-draught of dew:
Pleasant dreams to all of you!
Good-night, birds, that sweetly sing!
Little head ‘neath little wing!
Every leaf upon the tree
Soft shall sing your lullaby.
Last to you, little child,
Sleep is coming soft and mild.
Now he shuts your blue eyes bright:
Little Baby dear, good-night!

4. Night Blessing

       by Anonymous

May the God of heaven’s vault bless you
May the God of shimmering moonlight love you
May the God of sparkling stars lead you
May the God of haunting songs cheer you.

May the God of strange shadows calm your nerves
May the God of straight roads bring you home
May God be watching from a familiar window
And hand in hand with Him may you wait for dawn

5. Colors Through My Mind

       by Anonymous

A rainbow of us appeared in the sky
And whispered to my night
It told me the sun lived in my bed
And it looked just like you
It reminded me that love had a colour
But so does home and us
So does the feeling in my mind.
Colors that looked like you

And in tonight I lay blue
Wishing these colours will paint I and you
So we find our sky
So we love till we die.

6. A Night with Love Conceived

       by Anonymous

When our loved is viewed on a screen
It will tell night tales
Beginning from new beginnings and a kiss
And how I and you make moments of bliss.
Our night will be sweet icing
Like cake chewed with chocolate
It will be love on a cloud of feelings.
We will cuddle into tomorrows and make memories
Sinking and drowning in beautiful emotions.
A night conceived is you and love
Birthed into this tales written with our hearts.
Goodnight my Angel. May dreams carry your sweet soul.

7. Goodnight Little Houseplant

       by Shel Silverstein

Goodnight little houseplant asleep on the sill
I’ll pull the shades so you don’t catch a chill
And tomorrow in the morning don’t be breaskfast for two
We’ll have ham and eggs for me and nitrogen for you
Goodnight little houseplant tucked in your clay pot
Maske sure you don’t catch Huntington’s Rot
Remember little houseplant stay away from them bees
I’ve heard they may carry a social disease
Goodnight little houseplant goodnight
Here’s your glass of water should I leave on the light
Tomorrow we’ll talk of the things that we did
I love you little house plant who needs women and kids

8. A Wave of Good Night

       by Anonymous

A wave of goodnight is in my eyes
Like dying flames of a candle
For I won’t see you till the light comes
And such a wave of good night
Scares my mind to sleep.

A wave of good night comes with tears
And flickers off like fireflies
Resting for the day in cold on grass.
I miss you like so, don’t argue it

A wave of good night is a sour song
Lullabies of loneliness piercing my ears
My mind is unstable, watch the flame
As you say I love you, I want you more.

Romantic Goodnight Love Poems

When it comes to expressing love, few things are as powerful as romance. In this portion, we will explore some of the most romantic goodnight love poems that capture the passion and tenderness of true love.

1. A Poem for the Night

       by Anonymous

I hear the flapping of birds grow silent
With whispering crickets of love
My heart drums more vigorous
With steps your heart understand.

I hear the winds across the roof
Roaring pain of alone
Looking for the sun to report the moon
And say how it makes the sky looks new.

These words are clamouring for how I feel
To say you’re greatly missed
Your face I want, to touch and feel
To tell how much of my love.

2. Goodnight Kisses

       by Anonymous

You are my sunshine
You are my moonlight
The one that lights up my beaten-up body.
That the stars in your eyes
Are forever a guide
To my wandering heart.
If you don’t mind, beautiful,
Receive my goodnight kiss to you
With bursts of joy
For me, darling.

3. Hush Babe Hush

       by Anonymous

Hush my muscle man
Sleep in the quiet of my love.
Go gently into the night
Travel light with just my love
Let it carry you like wings
And take you into a dreamland
Where love overflows
With kisses coming from my heart.

Hush my darling angel
Let your halo dim its light
Rest in my waiting arms
So I sleep in peace.

4. Flow in Me

       by Anonymous

Like a river missing its bed
Flow in me baby
Like a wind missing its home
Flow in me
Like clouds pregnant with rain
Flow in me

Flow in me
Like butterflies hawking in my belly
Flow in me
Like blood surging through my veins
Flow in me
Like essence of love on such night
So I sleep in peace, knowing my heart is yours.

5. I Blow You a Kiss

       by William Stanley Braithwaite

I blow you a kiss on the evening wind
My dear, wherever you be;
Up in the north or down in the south,
Or over the rolling sea.
I blow you a kiss, but after the kiss
Do you know what follows, my dear?
Something the wind cannot bring to you—
Only a little tear.

6. I Wish We Were Together Tonight

       by Anonymous

We can face time, We can talk all night
But all I want is to hug you and let you know,
That you mean the world to me.
We can tweet or talk on Facebook,
But I wish I could give you endless kisses.
We could Instagram and we could text,
But more than anything, I wish we could cuddle
And snuggle all night with no shred of worry.
Goodnight, princess.

7. But at Night

       by Sam Fickinsen

Each day I wish you a good day
But at night I must say
I love you see you in the morn
And let you know you I adore

Each day with you is a special one
We always laugh and have some fun
But night brings and end to the day
It brings us peace in every way.

So as we lay down our heads
And cover up all snug in bed
I wish you a good night
And can’t wait to see you at first light.

8. Up Without Light in My Sky

       by Anonymous

How can I ever explain the glow?
The thunder in my belly
Whenever your thoughts
The cloud above my mind.

I see you in the glimmering night of my dreams
Holding the veil holding my legs
Whenever you lift them high
I feel like a star in the sky.

You light up the dark places of my love
And make a world I didn’t see to exist.
For tonight I exult your presence with a kiss
As you lay beside me, so this night is bliss.

Heart Touching Goodnight Love Poems

Here, we will explore some of the most touching goodnight love poems that are sure to tug at your sweetheart’s heartstrings.

1. Rains of the Night

       by Anonymous

The rain pours with my tears
My thoughts flow with the stream
It wets the bed which I lie
I fancy how it accelerates and wipes my eye bags.

The rain carries thunder and lightning
Striking the night to be fearful.
While I think of you, tears visit
And sit beside me and my aching heart.

I miss you most especially in the rain
In this dark fearful night, I want you.
Reach out to me with songs of us
So we dance in the rain, for we’re in love.

2. What I Offer in the Dark

       by Anonymous

What I offer in the dark can still the night
It can break the moon into a thousand stars
I offer what wine has not tasted
And only a powerful man can drink such.

You are worth everything new from earth
You are worth the definition of gentle
Gently take me into your soft arms
So I become a baby deep in your dreams.

3. I Need to Know Your Thoughts

       by Anonymous

Let them open before my eyes
To my heart, I want to feel it close and open
I want to know how much I mean to you
My dear Unicorn

I need to know what lines you ride on
The moods for the words that turn you on
So I leave you happy as you do me.
I want you all over me

I need your thoughts bare
I want to touch them when I sleep
So when a night comes like this
I will sleep with no thoughts in cobwebs.

4. Nerving of the Night

       by Anonymous

You have become a sweet poison of the night
One I want to take and dream of day
For you are sweet in all sense of the word
My king and soldier, the one for me.
I feel the nerves in me without you
It is like soundtracks echoing into eardrums
While the stars fall in our hearts.
I love you, my dear, I love what we are.

5. It Will All Be Yours

       by Anonymous

My heart belongs to you
In the wake and sleep of day
So long you do not carelessly play with it.
I will all be yours

My lips are for you
To whisper your name when I feel alone
To kiss your neck and deep below.
I am yours close to your heart.

My words still lie in the night
Breaking the wind that lays still.
Listen to what it says-familiar words
I love you, baby, even tonight.

6. A Point of Love

       by Anonymous

Pains travel with the last light
Carried by the setting sun
When your lips bid farewell
I feel like a thousand struck arrows

I am laying helplessly in doubts
If you think of me like I do.
My love for you roars like thunder
Don’t ever doubt it even at night.

7. Breaking the Night

       by Anonymous

The night doesn’t like us comfortable
As we miss each other
It is like a cloud of thunder
When my dreams shiver.

Breaking night wakes the day
And brings you into my thoughts.
You are like a halo above my head
When my head rests the pillow.

I want you so much for my night
So I don’t get used to becoming alone.
Let the fun carry both of us
So we sing lullabies of love.

8. Entering the Depth of Dark

       by Anonymous

I have seen dark nights carry sour taste
With blue moons and warm water
I have seen dark nights become so stale
For loneliness is a stench one has to remove.

Entering the dark needs me and you
It needs the touch and kiss of love.
I want your emotions filled in my brim
So I outpour into passions and seat in sleep.

Short Goodnight Love Poems

Now, we will explore some of the best short goodnight love poems that you can use to express your love in a concise and impactful way.

1. A Wish

       by Theodore W. Higginsworth

A wish for a good night
And a sleep that is just right.
Pray that tomorrow you will awake
And it will be a day you can make
One more step to make dreams come true
And you will find success in all you do!

2. Hopeful night

       by Anonymous

Wishing you a lovely night,
Wait for tomorrow for day so bright,
See pleasant dreams for another day,
As on your bed you lay,
Wait for a new dawn,
a new day,
Don’t forget to say your pray,
Good night and sleep tight!

3. Two Dials

       by Ruby Archer

You came, and it was morning;
You went, and it was night.
A dial measured in my heart
One little day’s delight.
The dial in my garden
Of passion-flowers and rue
Takes note of only sunny hours,—
My heart—of those with you.

4. Good Night

       by Victor Hugo

Good night! Good night!
Far flies the light;
But still God’s love
Shall flame above,
Making all bright.
Good night! Good night!

5. Johnny Speaks

       by Paul Laurence Dunbar

The sand–man he’s a jolly old fellow,
His face is kind and his voice is mellow,
But he makes your eyelids as heavy as lead,
And then you got to go off to bed;
I don’t think I like the sand–man.

But I’ve been playing this livelong day;
It does make a fellow so tired to play!
Oh, my, I’m a–yawning right here before ma,
I’m the sleepiest fellow that ever you saw.
I think I do like the sand–man.

6. Good Night

       by Max Ehrmann

Good night, thou sweet, old world, good night;
Enfold me in the gentle light
Of other days, when gleams
Of dewy meadows held my dreams;
And quiet walks, as day sank low,
Dispelled each touch of woe.
Let me forget these joys be gone,
But feel them coming on
From out the past, with laughter’s cries
And dream-enamored skies
Of old. One hand let me hold tight.
Good night, thou sweet, old world, good night.

7. A Very Good Night

       by Anonymous

Still moon rays,
soothing everyone in this world,
Letting worries to rest than swirl.
Giving the sea its tides so high,
Allowing the birds to gather their strength,
To fly high and touch the sky.
Forever have been these nights,
Given respite to all sights.
Let yourself rest now,
And say a very good night.

8. Remember Good Things Only

       by Anonymous

Forget about all the bad things that happened today
Remember all the nice ones
Forget all the nasty stuff people had to say
Just think of all the fun
Remember the times when you did a good deed
Forget all the wrongs and rights
Tuck yourself for a long night’s sleep
Just bidding you a sweet good night

Long Goodnight Love Poems

Here, we will explore some of the most beautiful and meaningful long goodnight love poems that will leave your loved one feeling cherished and adored.

1. Goodbye to the Day

       by Anonymous

A silent breeze that just went by,
Those numerous stars in the sky.
Are giving you a message.
A message to bid goodbye,
To the day just passed,
And let your consciousness fly,
In your dreams for some time,
Away from this hot and dry.
Let the cozy sleep be a sweet visitor,
That slowly makes you enter,
The world called wonderland,
Resting your mind and your hands,
That worked and worked the whole day,
Keeping your worries at a bay.
It is getting too dark now,
It is the perfect time to say,
Good night and dream sweet,
And calmly lay,
In the arms of your bed.
In a tight sleep when you lie,
a silent breeze that just went by,
Those numerous stars in the sky.
Are giving you a message.
A message to bid good bye,
To the day just passed,
And let your consciousness fly.
good night

2. Good Night My Angel

       by Anonymous

Good Night My angel
How I wish I was next to you
All I can see
Is you in my dreams

Though being miles apart
Before I go to sleep and when I wake up
You are always in my thoughts
Goodnight my angel

I miss you a lot
Every day, I pray to be with you
I want to be wishing you a goodnight
When you are in my arms

Goodnight, my angel
Just want you to know
Wherever you may go
I will always be near you

You are the queen on my heart
You make my heart miss a beat
You are the one who holds my heart
Goodnight, my angel

It’s time to sleep
I can’t finish what I have to say
All I can wish you
Are sweet dreams
Goodnight, my angel

3. Embrace of Night

       by Anonymous

My darling, my dear, my truest love,
I lament that the day must end.
For more joyous time with you,
I wish to spend.

Fret not as the blankets cover you,
or when your eyes drift to a close.
Your night is only going to get better and better,
as you lay there, dreaming of us here together.

The moon will keep its watchful gaze on you,
and the starlight will proceed to glimmer.
I hope you feel the love I have for you,
its warmth continuing to linger.

The bump in the night,
the obscurity of the dark,
both things you should never fear,
for I will make sure that the embrace of night will disappear.

4. A Ma Future

       by Edwin Arnold

Where waitest thou.
Lady I am to love? Thou comest not,
Thou knowest of my sad and lonely lot —
I looked for thee ere now.

It is the May,
And each sweet sister soul hath found its brother;
Only we two seek fondly each the other,
And, seeking, still delay.

Where art thou, sweet?
I long for thee as thirsty lips for streams;
Oh, gentle promised angel of my dreams.

Why do we never meet?
Thou art as I —
Thy soul doth wait for mine, as mine for thee:
We cannot live apart — must meeting be

Never before we die?
Dear soul, not so!
For time doth keep for us some happy years,
And God hath portioned us our smiles and tears;
Thou knowest, and I know.

Yes, we shall meet;
And therefore let our searching be the stronger;
Dark ways of life shall not divide us longer,
Nor doubt, nor danger, sweet.

Therefore I bear
This winter-tide as bravely as I may,
Patiently waiting for the bright spring day
That Cometh with thee, dear.

‘Tis the May light
That crimsons all the quiet college gloom;
May it shine softly in thy sleeping-room —
And so, dear wife, good-night!

5. Right Here

       by Anonymous

You can now rest your eyes,
please allow me to draw close.
Betwixt the mattress and covers you lay,
a restful and peaceful night to impose.
I know you’re afraid to drift off,
the fear you hold, I understand.
You fear having nobody when you awaken,
alone and desolate in this land.
But no matter what demands my attention,
no being, no man nor beast,
could ever make me abandon you,
or cause my love to cease.
We can face what lies ahead together,
I will never leave your side.
The course, the plan, the direction in life,
I will help you decide.
So when the moon gives way to the sun,
or when the stars are shielded by clouds,
you will have nothing to fear.
For no matter what becomes of us,
I will be right here.

6. While You Sleep

       by Anonymous

Your adorable snores fill the air,
I hope your dreams are soft and pleasant
Don’t mind me, continue to rest,
for the night was dark and deep.
There are many things I need to do,
all while you sleep.

I hope you don’t notice me gone,
I’m just in the kitchen, slaving over the stove,
making your favorite meal.
I hope the sweet aroma awakes you,
but don’t wake just yet.
The tea still needs to steep,
and I have many things I need to do,
all while you sleep.

I have to run to the store,
and shop for your gift.
You deserve to be spoiled,
you’ve been doing so well these past few weeks.
I hope this present I have for you,
will give your spirits a lift.

I’m back home now.
Don’t worry, I won’t make a peep,
but I’m so excited for you to see
all that awaits you, while you sleep.

7. A Thousand Tomorrows

       by Anonymous

If I could wake up beside you
And watch you as you sleep.
Your grateful midnight soldier,
A watchman on his keep.
Your lovely face in quiet repose
Your hair spread out
In waves and rows.
If I could wake beside you
And watch you as you sleep.
If I could reach out and touch your face
And give myself to you,
I’d wrap myself around you and
And hold you in my arms.
I’d kiss you deep and tenderly and
Delight in all your charms.
But tonight I’m here without you,
As you peacefully sleep alone.
I’m here by myself in the midnight hour
My longing goes unknown.
But tomorrow, tomorrow, and for a thousand
Tomorrows to come, when we shall meet again,
I’ll hold you in my arms once more and
Claim you as my own.

8. Reminiscent Nights

       by Anonymous

It is that time again
Where the cricket wakes to its morning
And the butterflies slowly disappear.

It is that time again
Where the clouds become same with darkness
And the waters warm with my love.

It is that time again
When my arms longs for you
My lips are hungry to feed into yours.

It is that time again
When my love grows deeper
To break boundaries.

It is that time again
When my memories remember only you
When my thoughts are with a sun of you.

It is that time again
When I say what I always say
But from the heart.
I love you baby, even tonight.

Goodnight Love Poems That Rhyme

Rhyming poems can be a joy to read and recite, and they can add an extra element of fun and whimsy to your goodnight love poem. Here we will explore some of the best goodnight love poems that rhyme.

1. Our Nights Will Be

       by Anonymous

Goodnight and sweet dreams, I whisper in your ear
Goodnight and sweet dreams, as you sleep so near
Goodnight and sweet dreams, and wish you could hear
Goodnight and sweet dreams, my love so dear
You fall asleep, so safe and sound
You fall asleep, with love abound
You fall asleep, so happy and free
You fall asleep, right beside me

2. Door Slam

       by Anonymous

Walk out of your house and slam the door.
Get into your car, and please make it roar.
Drive as fast as you can – you can’t stop to pee.
You must come here now and fall asleep with me.

3. A Good Night

       by Francis Quarles

Close now thine eyes and rest secure;
Thy soul is safe enough, thy body sure;
He that loves thee, He that keeps
And guards thee, never slumbers, never sleeps.
The smiling conscience in a sleeping breast
Has only peace, has only rest;
The music and the mirth of kings
Are all but very discords, when she sings;
Then close thine eyes and rest secure;
No sleep so sweet as thine, no rest so sure.

4. Just Relax

       by Anonymous

It’s bedtime for both of us, it’s time to get snuggled up,
So let’s get all tucked in under the covers,
Let’s get together all closeup,
Now it’s time for us to rest, after another long day of fun together,
You really are the best, I look forward to being with you forever,
So let’s relax, chill and sleep,
No more thoughts or worries are needed just relax,
So let’s drift into a sleep so deep,
As if floating on the soundwaves of my sax.

5. Just Like the Moon

       by Anonymous

Just like the moon is bright
You become what is of light.
You came to show me to love right
These are moments I will always write.

Just like the moon you rule with ease
Bringing me freedom, love and peace
And a heart with emotions that never cease.
I love how we love and also tease.

Just like the moon the white ruler and Queen
I will love you and be your King
I swear by the finger with the ring
My love has just my heart for you to sing.

6. Don’t Fall Asleep

       by Anonymous

Please don’t fall asleep my dear.
Stay awake and whisper in my ear.
Tell me the secrets of your heart,
And how we will never be apart.

Goodnight Love Poems for Him

Men love to feel loved and appreciated, and a goodnight love poem can be the perfect way to show your man how much you care. In this portion, we will explore some of the best goodnight poems for boyfriend that are sure to make him feel special.

1. Love of the Night Flows

       by Anonymous

Love does flow like words
It mutates on this page
But still, cannot hold all of my feelings.
No matter how I try to construct it
It doesn’t fit in just here.

Although, the night comes with a flavour
One that carries the charisma of love
So it showers it on you like rain in Harmattan
And leave you in awe, in the wonder of its showers.

You have swept me off my feet
With your unending love
Drowned me in the pool of everlasting gorgeousness
I love how you tell me you love me at night
It flows into my heart like an unguided river.

2. Guarding of the Night

       by Anonymous

The one guarding my love
Tonight we ride in ecstasy
Taking journeys to different pleasures.
Leaving me weakened to love alone.

Guardian of my beauty
The handsome flower by my door
Unpluck my inners
So I will feel light and humbled.

Love of the very beginning
This night was made for our lips
To talk and lead us down below
So we become a unit of itself-love.

3. My Need of You Tonight

       by Anonymous

I keep burning passionately inside
And wetting the covers of my heart
You are the reason for such feeling
Especially as the night has brought darkness.
Many thoughts exist and you are part of it.

My soul needs you here
To touch me with those strong hands
To protect me from cold
To whisper love into my ears
Let us be old in love
And be pure with the emotions
Especially in dark lonely nights
Where you are my King alone.
Good night.

4. Forthwith the Night

       by Anonymous

A perfect song is one of us
How you lurked in my mind as a king
You owned my stage and my page
When my heart flips through its book.

Forth the night brings memories
Of you fondling softly – my body.
I cannot wait for night with such tales
So you become a river that eats my land.

Soul can be empty when loneliness knocks
I want you here, so I do not answer.
As the bearer of our future torch
I love you much tonight.

5. All of My Life

       by Anonymous

Yes! My love for you knows no boundaries
It can travel through time
Through the whispers of my night.
For I waited for you
All of my Life.

My dream come true
Is a Knight of love
He reads this with a smile
Covering his face
For all of my Life
I have waited for you

I waited with the sun
I waited with the winds
I waited with the stars
While tears made love to my pillows
I came along with love
And you found me.

6. No Random Nights

       by Anonymous

Not a single drop of night comes with a good sound
Except for the rhythm of my heart
The pain of waking to be alone.
I would wish so much for you
To see my smile at night
I want my eyes to fall in you
And my body breathe upon yours
Make me sweat for pleasure
In tonight’s arms
I give myself not as a random thought
But as the truest form of feeling
So your heart can hug tonight.
As my king and man
As the one always meant for me.

7. Some Stars Always Shine

       by Anonymous

Some stars are brighter at night
Some clouds are softer at night
Some darkness can elude light
Some night does not have light.

Some thoughts are always real
Some tears will pay no bill
I want you so I can heal
Only love has such a feel.

Some stars’ shine but you shine brighter
Some clouds are soft but not like your heart
Some darkness can steal but not like your heart
Some night may be long but only when I’m lonely.

8. Lead Me into Warmth

       by Anonymous

Lead my heart to where yours breathe
So tonight I sleep in peace.
I know you are like moon
Bringing light to my night.

Lead my love into you
So we burn passionately
Letting the petals welcome such night
As we behold a time of our lives.

Lead my body into pleasures
In tonight tales of us
Let me unwind and bloom
And you will make me smile all through.

Goodnight Love Poems for Her

In this category, we will explore some of the most beautiful goodnight love poems for girlfriend for her that are sure to make her heart flutter.

1. Good Night, Empress

       by Anonymous

Listen to the coordinated sound of my heartbeat
Written boldly in letters meant for your eyes alone.
I miss you and that settles it
For I will be right there by your side
Before the breaking of the dawn.
Good night, empress.

2. Goodnight, My Princess

       by Lark Train

Goodnight, my Princess.
Goodnight, my every hue.
Goodnight, my moon and stars above.
Goodnight, my darling, true.
Goodnight, my universe,
My everything and more.
Goodnight, my trusted faithful,
And hark to hear the score.
Goodnight, my Beautiful,
And trust my words are true
For lest the sun rise suddenly,
I’ll start to write of you.

Goodnight, my single only,
For it is to you whom I have swore
Never to lie, never to cheat,
Never to late return.
Goodnight, my dearest sunshine,
Till dawn shall bring us to,
And dream of me, my Princess,
As I shall dream of you.

3. Dusk

       by Anonymous

As the night skies keep the stars in sigh
My soul has become with yours a romantic light
To think of you is a curtain in my wind
When on my mind is you I find.
To be with you is always a desire
So I love and feel as I try to retire.
The moon is just a phase to rid me your face
I know its radiance will heal this solace.
The easiness of this feeling makes me smile
And how I want this to last longer than a while.
This cool breeze brings thoughts so lovely
Knitted in my mind to look beautiful.
To this night that homes my silent night
Know that I want you to have a goodnight.

4. Serenade

       by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Stars of the summer night!
Far in yon azure deeps,
Hide, hide your golden light!
She sleeps!
My lady sleeps!
Moon of the summer night!
Far down yon western steeps,
Sink, sink in silver light!
She sleeps!
My lady sleeps!
Wind of the summer night!
Where yonder woodbine creeps,
Fold, fold thy pinions light!
She sleeps!
My lady sleeps!
Dreams of the summer night!
Tell her, her lover keeps
Watch! While in slumbers light
She sleeps!
My lady sleeps!

5. You Are Only Mine

       by Anonymous

Mine forever, that’s true.
You and no other, that too.
I don’t mind giving my everything to you.
To secure and protect you, girl.
You are always on my mind.
Even when there’s no cloud left in the night.
Oh girl! You are only mine.
Goodnight, my baby.

6. Lock Me

       by Anonymous

Lock me away in the prison of your heart
Keep me held without any ransom within the confines of your soul
Make me yearn always for a taste of your body
Punish me all you can
But that makes me love you intensely like a crazy man.
Good night, beauty.

7. To the Glowing Moon

       by Anonymous

I have given my whispers to the wind
To wish you a good night with love.
I miss the beginning of today
When our lips talked with one another.

To the glowing moon
I see a reflection of your beauty
A soft teary eyes hosts your image
And wish my hands would touch you.

To the glowing moon
I say it how my heart prays for it
For your arms to envelope into mine.
For our hearts to beat and lie side by side.

Meaningful Goodnight Love Poems

If you are looking for a love poem that is both beautiful and meaningful, you are in the right place. In this portion, we will explore some of the most meaningful goodnight love poems that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your loved one.

1. Reaching Stars

       by Anonymous

I stretched my hands to reach you
As far as the stars
I stretched my hands for moon
So I drag it into my eyes

You are an evolving stream of shade
Covering the sky at night
To guide the way, it holds the light
That flickers up as stars.

Galaxies away I sought after you
So we become a present and a future.
Tonight I pray your face crack a smile
So I dose into dreams caring with you.

2. Cold of Loneliness

       by Anonymous

Please come, bring me warmth
Yes, you with the heart of the sun.
I want to smile endlessly
As you always make me inside out with joy.
This cold is much with loneliness
So I seek you my Sun
Come and make me whole with love
So I fall into sleep with dreams of us.

May the night bring showers of love
And ease my eyes to see you here.
May my arms open to hold you
So a good night is complete, with you.

3. Wide Awake

       by Anonymous

Wide laid my heart
Open to see its thoughts.
You come so easy
As soft as clouds in the sky.

Sleep eludes me in this dark
But you are always a sunshine.
As bright as stars
You are such a moon.

Wide awake I lay to wait
If your whispers would find me
So I sleep in peace
And have cosy thoughts of you.

4. Be Safe

       by Anonymous

We are counting in hours
Before the night pushes its heavy self
Into the face of the earth.
Be safe for me, my love.
It’s just a goodnight,
And never goodbye.

5. Easy Songs for the Night

       by Anonymous

The heart has solo songs of hurt
For you are not close to shake with love.
I fear what dreams may find its eyes
While the night covers your space.

Dear Honey, please come sweet
Come into my ears, heart and make it quick
I want to hear that voice that says it all
I love you into the night and into more nights.

6. The Sorrowful Night Without Love

       by Anonymous

The Night becomes a tale of horror
Whenever you don’t warm my heart with kisses.
My love weighs more than gold
Whenever your thoughts shine like the sun.

Sometimes I pray to stay up to watch you
As you take turns in trying to sleep
So easy I want to slip into you
So I am filled with you, my lover.

7. Awake into the Night

       by Anonymous

Steady your heart
Race into this course
Look deep within
I still love you

Awake may steal your eyes
I want to be in your heart
Not as shadows but true
So I lay with you tonight

Humble the moon
So it finds my home
Call me like stars
And I will light your path

Follow my trail
Learn love’s way
Lead us into forever
Forever ever after.

Sweet Goodnight Love Poems

These poems can help you convey your sweet feelings of love and affection, and make your sweetheart feel special and cherished.

1. Love like Midnight Stars

       by Anonymous

That was how we grew in emotions
Loving each other to death.
I still know how you beat on my heart
Making me drive into craziness.

The night glitters with you on my mind
And makes me want to love you so full
How are you not here with me?
To bring these explosions to the brim.

2. Good Night

       by Anonymous

Sleep sweetly in this quiet room,
O thou, whoe’er thou art,
And let no mournful yesterdays
Disturb thy peaceful heart.

Nor let tomorrow scare thy rest
With thoughts of coming ill;
Thy Maker is thy changeless friend,
His love surrounds thee still.

Forget thyself and all the world;
Put out each feverish light.
The stars are watching overhead.
Sleep sweetly then. Good night.

3. Good Night Sweet One

       by Anonymous

Close your eyes and think about the new day ahead
We know it will be the best one yet because we have each other
Each day, we get a new opportunity to prove everyone wrong and achieve the best we could be in this life
It’s time to close your eyes, my love
Drift off into the world of all impossibilities
And think about us the whole time
Goodnight, sweet one.

4. A Late Good Night

       by Robert Fuller Murray

My lamp is out, my task is done,
And up the stair with lingering feet
I climb. The staircase clock strikes one.
Good night, my love! good night, my sweet!

My solitary room I gain.
A single star makes incomplete
The blackness of the window pane.
Good night, my love! good night, my sweet!

Dim and more dim its sparkle grows,
And ere my head the pillows meet,
My lids are fain themselves to close.
Good night, my love! good night, my sweet!

My lips no other words can say,
But still they murmur and repeat
To you, who slumber far away,
Good night, my love! good night, my sweet!

5. Good-Night

       by Paul Laurence Dunbar

The lark is silent in his nest,
The breeze is sighing in its flight,
Sleep, Love, and peaceful be thy rest.
Good-night, my love, good-night, good-night.

Sweet dreams attend thee in thy sleep,
To soothe thy rest till morning’s light,
And angels round thee vigil keep.
Good-night, my love, good-night, good-night.

Sleep well, my love, on night’s dark breast,
And ease thy soul with slumber bright;
Be joy but thine and I am blest.
Good-night, my love, good-night, good-night.

6. Good Night My Sweet Love

       by Anonymous

Alone in the night, I realize
In your absence, who can disguise?
Or replace you in my eyes?
None! Don’t be surprised!
Good night my sweet love!

7. Fortnight Without You

       by Anonymous

Shall I stop to count
Like the stars in the sky?
Shall I beg to see
With the moon up high?

Do you miss me so
While these nights always come?
Will I see you soon
Like how this loneliness comes?

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, expressing your love with a goodnight love poem can be a simple yet effective way to deepen the bond with your partner.

The power of words can help you convey your deepest feelings and emotions, and leave a lasting impression on your loved one.

Whether you choose a famous poem or craft your own heartfelt words, a goodnight love poem can create a special moment and help you end your day on a romantic note.

We hope that our collection of goodnight love poems has inspired you to express your love in a meaningful way.

Please feel free to share your favorite goodnight love poems in the comment section below.

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