161 Best Soccer Trivia Questions (with Answers)

Score a goal for your soccer knowledge as you explore our collection of over 150 captivating soccer trivia questions with answers.

Whether you’re a passionate fan or a casual enthusiast, these questions span the spectrum of soccer, from iconic moments to legendary players.

Immerse yourself in a world of soccer expertise, and challenge your understanding of the beautiful game with these trivia questions about soccer.

Get ready to test your wits, broaden your horizons, and discover fascinating facts that will deepen your appreciation for soccer’s global impact.

Easy Soccer Trivia Questions

Embark on a journey through the world of soccer with our collection of easy football trivia questions. Perfect for soccer lovers of all levels, these questions offer an enjoyable exploration of the sport’s history, players, and memorable moments.

1. Who won the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

Answer: France.

2. In what year was the inaugural tournament?

Answer: 1930.

3. FIFA world cup 2014 champion was?

Answer: Germany.

4. Which nation has won the most World Cups?

Answer: Brazil (5 times so far).

5. Which country hosted the 2014 world cup?

Answer: Brazil.

6. How often is the World Cup held?

Answer: Every 4 years.

7. Which 2 years did the scheduled tournaments not go ahead due to WWII?

Answer: 1942 & 1946.

8. In 2017 Scottish Cup final which player initiate the scoring?

Answer: Jonny Hayes.

9. What was the first World Cup trophy called?

Answer: Jules Rimet Trophy.

10. Which club won the title of champion in 2016/17 Highland league?

Answer: Buckie Thistle.

11. Which Scottish player was the top scorer of 2016/17 season?

Answer: Stuart Armstrong.

12. In 2017 which Scottish premiership manager resigned from his post?

Answer: Mark Warburton.

13. Which 3 countries will host the 2026 tournament?

Answer: USA, Canada & Mexico.

14. Brazuca is the name of what?

Answer: Football name used in 2014 FIFA world cup.

15. Who scored for England in the 1966 final against West Germany?

Answer: Martin Peters & Geoff Hurst.

16. How many times have North Korea qualified for the tournament?

Answer: Twice (in 1966 and 2010).

17. Who did Zinedine Zidane headbutt in the 2006 final?

Answer: Marco Materazzi.

18. In what year did Spain win their first World Cup?

Answer: 2010.

19. What is the USA’s highest finishing position at a World Cup?

Answer: 3rd (in 1930).

20. Who is the all-time leading World Cup goalscorer?

Answer: Miroslav Klose.

21. Which nation is the only one to participate in every tournament?

Answer: Brazil.

22. Which is the only team that participated in each FIFA WC so far?

Answer: Brazil.

23. Till now how many teams in total appeared in FIFA World Cup?

Answer: 76 Countries.

24. In total how many teams played World Cup final?

Answer: 12.

Medium Soccer Trivia Questions

Advance your soccer expertise with our medium-level soccer quiz questions. From international tournaments to club histories, these questions strike a balance between accessibility and challenge, catering to fans seeking to broaden their soccer knowledge.

1. How old was the youngest professional soccer player?

Answer: 16 years and 30 days old.

2. Who became the highest-paid Premier League player upon signing a 2008 contract with Chelsea?

Answer: Frank Lampard.

3. Frank Lampard scored how many goals for Chelsea?

Answer: 209.

4. Which country made Brazuca?

Answer: Pakistan.

5. Association football is governed internationally by what organization?

Answer: The International Federation of Association Football.

6. In the Summer Olympics, most of the soccer players must be under ..years old.

Answer: 23.

7. Which is the only country who won FIFA WC from 4 different continents?

Answer: Brazil.

8. Who is the only player to win the Champions League with three different clubs?

Answer: Clarence Seedorf.

10. The Gunners is a nickname of which team?

Answer: Premier League club Arsenal.

11. In 2001 who was the “European footballer of the year”?

Answer: Michael Owen was the footballer of the year in 2001.

12. The 1990 world cup hosted by Italy. Which team was the champion of that tournament?

Answer: Germany.

14. Which player won Chelsea player of the year for both 2012 and 2013?

Answer: Juan Mata.

Hard Soccer Trivia Questions

Challenge your soccer savvy with our selection of hard trivia questions about football. Delve into the intricate details of the sport, from obscure records to legendary rivalries, and discover new dimensions of the game that will intrigue even the most devoted enthusiasts.

1. What superstar won the FIFA World Player of the Year in both 2004 and 2005?

Answer: Ronaldinho.

2. Who won the men’s soccer gold medal in the 2020 Olympics?

Answer: Brazil.

3. How many teams participated in the women’s World Cup?

Answer: 16.

4. How tall is a soccer goal according to FIFA Rules and Regulations (in feet)?

Answer: 8 feet.

5. Which player scored the “Hand of God” goal in a match of the 1986 World Cup?

Answer: Diego Maradona.

6. Where did the word soccer come from?

Answer: It was an abbreviation of the term association football.

7. What happens when the defense kicks the ball behind their goal?

Answer: Corner Kick.

8. Who has scored the most international goals in soccer?

Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo.

9. Which football player appeared in the world cup at the age of 43?

Answer: Faryd Mondragón.

10. Which French football team is known as PSG?

Answer: Paris Saint-Germain.

11. When the defending team kicks the ball out over their own goal line (not in the goal), what is the call?

Answer: A corner kick is awarded to the attacking team if the ball crossed the goal line.

12. Who won the women’s soccer gold medal in the 2000 Olympics?


13. True or false: Scottish football association is considered to be the second oldest football association in the world?

Answer: True.

14. What is the maximum length of a soccer pitch (in yards)?

Answer: 130 yards.

15. Who won the UEFA European soccer championship in 2021, beating England in the final after a penalty shootout?

Answer: Italy.

16. What Major League Soccer (MLS) club did David Beckham join in 2007?

Answer: LA Galaxy.

17. How much does a soccer ball weigh according to official FIFA regulations?

Answer: Between 420 g and 450 g.

18. In what year did Cristiano Ronaldo make his full international debut for Portugal?

Answer: 2003.

19. How many games does each team play in an English Premier League (EPL) season?

Answer: 38 games.

20. With which soccer team did Lionel Messi make his professional club debut?

Answer: FC Barcelona.

21. What is the official soccer ball size of the MLS?

Answer: Size 5.

23. Which Brazilian player was leading scorer at the 2002 World Cup?

Answer: Ronaldo, with 8 goals.

Fun Soccer Trivia Questions

Explore the lighter side of soccer trivia with fun soccer trivia questions with answers designed to entertain and amuse. These questions offer a playful yet informative experience, allowing you to engage with the sport’s quirks and trivia while having a blast.

1. How long is a half in soccer?

Answer: 45 minutes.

2. What does VAR stand for in soccer?

Answer: Video Assistant Referee.

3. What is the most common soccer score where the game ends in a draw?

Answer: 1-1.

4. What does GD stand for in soccer?

Answer: Goal difference.

5. How long is extra time in soccer?

Answer: 30 minutes (2 halves of 15 minutes each).

6. What is a nutmeg in soccer?

Answer: A nutmeg is when a player plays the ball through the legs of an opponent and collects it on the other side.

7. How long is half time in soccer?

Answer: 15 minutes.

8. What does FIFA stand for?

Answer: Fédération Internationale de Football Association.

10. What is a hat trick in soccer?

Answer: When one player scores 3 goals in a game.

11. How many soccer players are on the field at the start of a game?

Answer: 22 players, 11 on each side.

12. Which color card means that a player is cautioned?

Answer: Yellow card.

13. How many penalty kicks does each side take in a penalty shootout before it becomes sudden death?

Answer: 5 penalties.

14. What is a clean sheet in soccer?

Answer: When a team finishes a game without conceding a goal.

15. What does a red card mean in soccer?

Answer: It means the player who is shown the card has to leave the field of play immediately.

16. In what country was soccer first played?

Answer: England.

Soccer Trivia Questions for Kids

Introduce young soccer fans to the exciting world of soccer trivia with questions tailored for kids. Foster a love for learning and the sport as children embark on a delightful journey of discovery and knowledge.

1. What shape is a soccer ball?

Answer: Spherical.

2. What is the area called where the goalkeeper protects?

Answer: The goal area or penalty box.

3. Who can use their hands during a soccer game?

Answer: Only the goalkeeper.

4. What is the term for when a player kicks the ball into the opponent’s goal?

Answer: Scoring a goal.

5. What color card does the referee give for serious fouls?

Answer: Red card.

6. What are the mini games called during practice that mimic real games?

Answer: Scrimmages.

7. What is the halfway line for?

Answer: It divides the field into two halves.

8. What is the kick called that starts the game or restarts it after a goal is scored?

Answer: Kick-off.

9. What does a striker do?

Answer: A striker’s main job is to score goals.

10. What is a header in soccer?

Answer: When a player hits the ball with their head.

11. What are shin guards used for?

Answer: To protect players’ legs from injury.

12. What happens when the ball goes out over the side of the field?

Answer: A throw-in is awarded to the opposite team of the player who last touched the ball.

13. What color jerseys did the United States have the Women’s National team wear in 2007?

Answer: Their jerseys were the color gold.

14. What does this hand signal mean: ‘The referee raises his/her arm in the air until the kick has been taken and has touched another player’?

Answer: Indirect free-kick.

15. How would you restart the game if a dog or some other animal runs onto the field and infringes on the game?

Answer: Drop Ball.

16. Which player is allowed to use their hands during the game?

Answer: The goalie is allowed to use their hands during the game.

17. What is soccer?

Answer: Soccer is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball.

18. To most places in the world, soccer is known as what?

Answer: Soccer is known as football in most of the world.

19. What is it called when a player without the ball on the offensive team is behind the last defender or fullback?

Answer: It is called offside.

20. At a kick-off, how many times is the kicker allowed to kick the ball before it has touched another player?

Answer: You’re allowed to kick the ball once.

21. A designated seating area off the field of play where the coach(es) and non-fielded players must sit or stand. What is this area called?

Answer: The area is known as the technical area.

Soccer Trivia Questions about World Cup

Delve into the pinnacle of soccer competition with World Cup trivia questions and answers. From historic moments to legendary players, these questions capture the essence of the global event that unites nations through soccer.

1. How many World Cups did Pele win?

Answer: 3 (in 1958, 1962 & 1970).

2. Which country won the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy?

Answer: Germany.

3. How many World Cups has Megan Rapinoe won?

Answer: A cockerel.

4. Question: Which country hosted the 1958 FIFA World Cup?

Answer: Sweden.

5. What was the lowest recorded attendance at a World Cup match?

Answer: 300 People.

6. Which African footballer is the oldest person ever to score in a World Cup?

Answer: Panini.

7. What was the first World Cup trophy renamed to be?

Answer: World Cup, renamed as Jules Rimet Trophy.

8. Which country won the first-ever FIFA World Cup in 1930?

Answer: Uruguay.

9. Which country has won the most FIFA World Cups as of 2022?

Answer: Brazil.

10. How many times have Italy won the World Cup so far?

Answer: Alberto Suppici.

11. Where was the very first World Cup held?

Answer: Uruguay.

12. What was the fastest goal in World Cup history?

Answer: 10.8 seconds.

13. Who was the first player to score at five World Cup editions?

Answer: Marta.

14. What did the Iranian national team lose a week before their 2018 World Cup match?

Answer: Their Shoes.

15. What was the longest wait between FIFA World Cup tournaments?

Answer: 16 years.

16. What was the first host country to be eliminated in the first round of World Cup play?

Answer: South Africa in 2010.

17. What does the FIFA World Cup Trophy depict?

Answer: Two human figures holding up the earth.

18. Who was the oldest player to score a World Cup goal?

Answer: Roger Milla.

Soccer Trivia Questions about Rules

Navigate the intricacies of soccer regulations with trivia questions about soccer rules. Discover the nuances that shape gameplay, strategy, and fair competition, enhancing your understanding of the sport’s core principles.

1. Which player can use their hands during the game?

Answer: Goalie or goalkeeper. 

2. What is given to a player for a very serious personal foul on an opponent?

Answer: Red Card.

3. How many players are on the field for each team in an adult league in a professional soccer game?

Answer: 11.

4. What should be the circumference of a Size 5 (adult) football?

Answer: 27″ to 28″.

5. Question: If the defending team kicks the ball out on their goal line, what kind of kick brings the ball back in the game?

Answer: Corner kick.

6. If a player is offside, what action does the referee take?

Answer: Awards an indirect free kick to the opposing team

7. Is the slide tackle considered a legal move?

Answer: Yes.

8. How many laws of association football are there?

Answer: 17.

9. What is the common term for the extra time of play that may be offered to the teams at the end of 90 minutes?

Answer: Stoppage time or injury time.

10. Excluding the goalkeeper, what part of the body cannot touch the ball?

Answer: Arm.

11. What is it called when a player of the offensive team moves to the opponent’s side of the field without the ball and is beyond the last defender or fullback?

Answer: Offside.

12. The circumference of the ball should not be greater than what?

Answer: 70 cm.

13. the most significant event for every soccer fan is the World Cup. How often is it played?

Answer: Once every four years.

14. How long is an official professionally sanctioned game?

Answer: 90 mins.

15. How long is an official soccer game played for, without considering extra time?

Answer: 90 minutes.

16. What statement describes a proper throw-in?

Answer: Both hands must be on the ball behind the head, both feet must be on the ground.

17. What does the hand signal signify when the referee raises his/her arm vertically in the air signaling a free kick for a minor offense?

Answer: Indirect free kick.

18. How would you restart the game if a dog or some other animal runs onto the field and the referee stops the game?

Answer: Dropped ball.

19. Exactly how far away from the goal line is the penalty spot?

Answer: 12 yards.

20. What is the hand signal for an indirect free kick?

Answer: The referee raises his/her arm in the air until the kick has been taken and has touched another player.

21. What does a referee signal for when any member of the attacking team is fouled inside the penalty box?

Answer: Penalty kick.

22. How big is a regulation official soccer goal?

Answer: 2.44m high, 7.32m wide.

Soccer Trivia Questions about Players

Explore the world of soccer players with soccer player trivia that highlights their achievements, records, and impact on the game. Celebrate the individuals who have shaped the sport’s history and left an indelible mark on fans around the world.

1. Which player scored the fastest hat trick in the Premier League as of 2022?

Answer: Sadio Mane.

2. With 260 goals, who is the Premier League’s all-time top scorer, as of 2022?

Answer: Alan Shearer.

3. With 202 clean sheets, which goalkeeper has the best record in the Premier League as of 2022?

Answer: Petr Cech.

3. As of 2022, the record number of most goals in the men’s World Cup tournaments is 16, scored by who?

Answer: Miroslav Klose.

4. The infamous ‘Hand Of God’ goal was scored by Diego Maradona in which World Cup?

Answer: 1986 FIFA World Cup, in Mexico.

5. Two English players have won the World Cup Golden Boot as of 2022. Who are they?

Answer: Gary Lineker (1986) and Harry Kane (2018).

6. By what nickname is the Italian National soccer team known?

Answer: Azzurri.

7. Name the Portuguese soccer player whose name inspired the naming of a galaxy in 2015.

Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo.

8. Name the soccer player with the highest number of Ballon d’Ors as of 2022.

Answer: Lionel Messi.

9. Name the top goalscorer of all time in the Champions League, as of 2022.

Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo.

10. Name a player who has been named Chelsea’s Player of the Year three different times.

Answer: Frank Lampard.

11. Who is the only player to play international soccer in four decades, as of 2022?

Answer: Jari Litmanen.

12. Name the soccer legend who was popularly known as the ‘The King’ of soccer.

Answer: Pele.

13. How many FIFA World Cup tournaments had Diego Maradona played in?

Answer: Four.

14. Who won Chelsea Player of the Year in both 2012 and 2013?

Answer: Juan Mata.

15. Who was the first English player to win league titles in four countries?

Answer: David Beckham.

16. What soccer player holds the world record for most career goals by a keeper?

Answer: Rogério Ceni.

17. Which player was nicknamed “Psycho”?

Answer: Pearce.

18. Who won the first two FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year Awards?

Answer: Mia Hamm.

19. How old was the youngest professional soccer player?

Answer: Twelve.

20. Who is the only soccer player in history to win five FIFA Ballons d’Or?

Answer: Lionel Messi.

21. Who was named Danish Player of the Year four times during his career?

Answer: Brian Laudrup.

22. Who was the youngest player ever named to the Canada National Women’s Team?

Answer: Kara Lang.

23. Who was the goalkeeper in the film Escape to Victory?

Answer: Sylvester Stallone.

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