162 Impossible Trivia Questions (and Answers)

Prepare to push your intellectual boundaries with our assortment of over 150 impossible trivia questions with answers.

Delve into a realm of mind-boggling enigmas designed to challenge even the savviest of minds.

From the amusingly difficult to the downright confounding, this impossible trivia quiz promises a captivating experience for trivia enthusiasts seeking a true test of their knowledge and wits.

Embark on a journey that will entertain, astound, and perhaps even leave you stumped, proving that the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds.

Nearly Impossible Trivia Questions

Navigate the realm of nearly impossible trivia questions and answers, where the line between challenge and curiosity-blurring riddles tests your cognitive limits. Prepare to embrace the thrill of almost unattainable answers, defying the boundaries of traditional trivia.

1. What is the mascot animal of the US Naval Academy? 

Answer: Goat.

2. What is the most frequently kept item in the junk drawer? 

Answer: Rubber bands.

3. When did Marilyn Monroe die?

Answer: Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 at the age of 36.

4. Whenever a woman is in the company of a male whom she finds attractive, she is likelier to do what? 

Answer: Laugh.

5. Thirty-five percent of husbands claim they never do THIS around the house without consulting their partner first. What is it? 

Answer: touching or adjusting the thermostat.

6. This relaxing morning routine might help you shed 140 calories. What is it? 

Answer: Taking a bath.

7. What is the motto of Motorola? 

Answer: “Hello, Moto” 

8. What is the name of the famous novel created by the Swedish novelist Hanning Mankell?

Answer: The name of the famous novel created by the Swedish novelist Henning Mankell is ‘detective inspector Kurt Wallander.

9. According to a recent survey, which weekday morning is the most productive? 

Answer: Mondays.

10. What is the most often overlooked item when preparing for a road trip? 

Answer: toothbrush.

11. In Sherlock holmes’ book What is the name of the landlady?

Answer: The name of the landlady in the Sherlock Holmes book is Mrs. Martha Hudson.

12. In the United States, what is the most common name for a high school? 

Answer: Lincoln School.

13. Sugar cane naturally produces what acid? 

Answer: Glycolic acid. 

14. How much toothpaste does an average American use in a lifetime?

Answer: An average American uses 10 gallons of toothpaste in their lifetime.

15. What is the most common day of the week for a pregnant woman to give birth? 

Answer: Monday.

16. What do you mean by the term “alewife”? 

Answer: Owner of a pub.

17. How much egg American eats on average per year?

Answer: The American eats an average of 250 eggs per year.

18. What does the epitaph of Frank Sinatra say? 

Answer: “The Best Is Yet to Come”

19. What is the most popular food choice of people around the world?

Answer: Pasta.

20. Most women (around 82%) agree that men over 30 should never wear this. What is it? 

Answer: Earrings.

21. Twenty percent of people identify this spot as their preferred location to hide their money. What is it? 

Answer: Inside their shoes.

22. What is the name of Super girl’s cat? 

Answer: Streaky.

23. What is the most popular name in the Bible? 

Answer: Zachariah.

24. What ancient city was popularly known as the “Rose Red City?” 

Answer: Petra.

25. Which island did George Washington visit where he got infected with smallpox? 

Answer: Barbados.

26. What is the most common name given to female dogs

Answer: Bella.

27. Having dystychiphobia means having a fear of what? 

Answer: Accidents.

28. What is the punishment for masturbating under Indonesian law? 

Answer: Decapitation.

Not-So-Impossible Trivia Questions

Venture into the realm of not-so-impossible questions and answers, where intrigue and solvability intertwine. These queries offer an engaging experience, striking a balance between challenge and enjoyment for those seeking a rewarding and enlightening trivia journey.

1. Almost 1 out of 4 dads say they are better at handling this than moms?

Answer: The “birds and the bees” talk.

2. Women do this handy task better than most men, and are more accurate, too?

Answer: Hitting a nail on the head.

3. 18-29 year olds have half as many of these compared to 20 years ago?

Answer: Callouses.

4. Experts say doing this for at least 60 minutes a day is good for your mental health. What is it?

Answer: Listening to music!

5. Almost 3/4 of men would not date a woman who does this?

Answer: Only Fans.

6. Of the people who use these, two-thirds of them are women. What are they?

Answer: Contact Lenses!

7.  People who do this regularly live 23% longer on average than those that don’t. What is it?

Answer: Read!

8. 1 in 4 adults, over 50, believe they could do this better than someone under 25?

Answer: Be an influencer.

9. Four in ten people will do this every night in bed, at least twice. What is it?

Answer: Flip the pillow to the cool side.

10. 18% of moms have done this to teach their families a lesson?

Answer: Hidden clothes.

11. 30% of us do this chore at home, 65% do it somewhere else, and 5% don’t do it at all. What chore is it?

Answer: Wash our Car!

12. This the 3rd most borrowed item?

Answer: Jumper cables.

13. 4 in 10 people mispronounce this in a restaurant?

Answer: Jalapeno.

14. 36% of people do not want to see a picture posted of this from your vacation?

Answer: You trying to be sexy.

15. The average American employee spends 6 minutes and 32 seconds during the workday, on this?

Answer: Looking for a new job.

16. Around 1900 people go to the ER every year because of this?

Answer: Toothbrushes.

17. One in three adults say they want to exercise but this is the reason they don’t. What is the reason?

Answer: They’re too tired!

18. This is considered the most embarrassing thing people can do?

Answer: Sending a text to the wrong person.

19. Only 10% of families don’t do this common thing?

Answer: Save leftovers.

20. You eat this every day, but eating .001% of your body weight of it will kill you. What is it?

Answer: Salt!

21. Men are 56% more likely to swipe right if a woman is doing this in their profile picture?

Answer: Flipping the bird.

22. What is the #1 cause of arguments between women?

Answer: The last available item at a store.

23. 76% of women want this car add-on, but only 30% of men do?

Answer: Extended warranty.

24. 33% of people have been in an argument because of this?

Answer: Not returning shopping carts.

25. You can earn up to 50% more in tips if you do this?

Answer: Wear pig tails.

26. A decade ago, nearly all high school students did this? This past year, only 32% did.

Answer: Hang out with friends daily.

27. What item conveys the most authority in the workplace?

Answer: Diploma.

28. Your marriage can last 30% longer if you do this?

Answer: Sleep at different times.

29. 40% of concert goers say this is something you should never do at a concert?

Answer: Do not bring a sign.

30. 57% of women who planned to be married next year want their partner to do this?

Answer: Ask their Dad for permission.

Fun Impossible Trivia Questions

Explore the world of impossible trivia questions and answers for fun challenges. These questions blend the joy of exploration with the thrill of the puzzling, promising an entertaining yet challenging experience that sparks curiosity and fosters a sense of accomplishment.

1. What starts with “e,” ends with “e,” and contains only one letter?

Answer: An Envelope.

2. What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?

Answer: The letter “M”.

3. I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with the wind. What am I?

Answer: An Echo.

4. What has keys but can’t open locks?

Answer: A Piano.

5. What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?

Answer: Your Name.

6. What has a ring but no finger?

Answer: A Telephone.

7. I am taken from a mine and shut up in a wooden case, from which I am never released, and yet I am used by almost every person. What am I?

Answer: Pencil Lead.

8. What has a face but can’t smile?

Answer: A Clock.

9. What has hands but can’t clap?

Answer: A Clock.

10. What has a heart that doesn’t beat?

Answer: An Artichoke.

11. I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I?

Answer: A Map.

12. What has an eye but can’t see?

Answer: A Needle.

13. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?

Answer: Footsteps.

14. What has a neck but no head?

Answer: A Bottle.

15. What has many teeth but can’t bite?

Answer: A Comb.

16. What has a head and a tail but no body?

Answer: A Coin.

17. What has one head, one foot, and four legs?

Answer: A Bed.

18. I am always hungry, I must always be fed. The finger I touch will soon turn red. What am I?

Answer: Fire.

19. What has a bottom at the top?

Answer: Your Leg.

20. I am an odd number. Take away a letter, and I become even. What am I?

Answer: Seven.

21. What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it?

Answer: Silence.

22. What goes up but never comes down?

Answer: Your Age.

23. What gets wetter as it dries?

Answer: A Towel.

24. Who is the next-door neighbor to the March girls in Little Women?

Answer: Laurie.

25. What can travel around the world while staying in a corner?

Answer: A Stamp.

26. What has many needles but doesn’t sew?

Answer: A Pineapple.

27. What comes down but never goes up?

Answer: Rain.

28. What has a thumb and four fingers but is not alive?

Answer: A Glove.

29. What is always in front of you but can’t be seen?

The Future.

30. What is the most common reason people visit the emergency room?

Answer: Skin infections.

31. What is the most popular board game in the world?

Answer: Chess.

Daily Radio Impossible Trivia Questions

Embark on a daily mental workout with daily radio trivia questions and answers. Engage in an ongoing challenge that keeps your intellect sharp, offering a daily dose of brain-teasing puzzles designed to captivate and inspire your curiosity.

1. Which island was formerly known as Sandwich Island?

Answer: Hawaii Island.

2. Who gave the name (Sandwich Island)?

Answer: James Cook in 1778.

3. Referring to which drink president Roosevelt said “Good to the last drop”?

Answer: Coffee.

4. In which part of the body uvula located?

Answer: Throat.

5. What is the currency used in South Africa?

Answer: Rand.

6. On average, how much toothpaste do the Americans use in a lifetime?

Answer: 20 gallons.

7. What type of lens makes objects appear smaller?

Answer: Concave.

8. Who wrote the book “The Audacity of Hope”?

Answer: Barack Obama.

9. Which country produces the most blueberries?

Answer: The United States of America.

10. When does the famous rock band “Motley Crue” formed?

Answer: In 198.

11. How much paper is used for receipts printed by retailers per year in the U.S.?

Answer: Nearly 230 million pounds.

12. From which country blueberries originated?

Answer: North America.

13. Which insect can specify the air temperature?

Answer: Cricket.

14. What is the favorite thing to eat for men while watching sports?

Answer: Nachos.

15. What percent of men say that facial hair makes them more attractive?

Answer: 73%.

Dave’s Impossible Trivia Questions

Join the league of trivia enthusiasts who tackle renowned Dave’s impossible trivia. Delve into a world of intellectual stimulation curated by Dave himself, promising a unique and thought-provoking journey through the maze of perplexing queries.

1. What actor played Dave?

Answer: Kevin Kline.

2. When Bob confronted Dave about calling a press conference, which of the following did Bob NOT call Dave?

Answer: slime.

3. When browsing through his scrapbook, Dave suggested that Duane wear something else to blend in better. What specific garment did Dave suggest?

Answer: a sweater.

4. Which former President was depicted in a painting in the President’s bedroom that Dave looked at from the seat at the foot of the bed?

Answer: Washington.

5. What was Dave’s real occupation?

Answer: He owns a Temp Agency where he finds people jobs.

6. In the shower, Dave was singing his own rendition of what song?

Answer: Hail to the Chief.

7. What hand gesture did President Mitchell make frequently, that Dave picked up on?

Answer: thumbs up.

8. To whom does Dave bear an uncanny resemblance?

Answer: The President.

9. When Dave was upset about vetoing the Works Bill, Bob told him he could keep the homeless shelters if he cut how much money from the national budget?

Answer: $650 million.

10. What had been lowered when Dave was medically reviewed as Bill Mitchell?

Answer: blood pressure.

11. When Dave arrived at home on his bicycle there were Secret Service men waiting for him. What song was he singing before he realized he had company?

Answer: ‘Oklahoma’.

12. The night after Dave’s initiative was revealed, Ellen was shown practicing her singing where?

Answer: In bed.

13. What specific food did Dave arrange for because Murray loved it?

Answer: Bratwurst.

14. Randi, the woman with whom President Mitchell was having an affair, worked where?

Answer: White House.

15. How did Dave get to and from his office?

Answer: Bike.

16. Initially, why did the Secret Service want Dave to impersonate the President?

Answer: So the president could stay at the hotel with his secretary.

17. Dave accompanied Ellen to a homeless shelter and did a magic trick for a kid named David. From where did Dave pull the disappeared object?

Answer: David’s nose.

18. When left in the President’s bedroom on his first night, Dave picked up the phone, then tried on something of the President’s. What was it?

Answer: Glasses.

19. The first shot of President Bill Mitchell showed him arriving at the White House. How did he get there?

Answer: Helicopter.

20. During the budget meeting, Dave pointed out that the Department of Commerce was spending $47 million to boost consumer confidence in what product?

Answer: Cars.

Impossible Trivia Questions from 93.3 The Drive

Embark on an exploration of impossible trivia as presented by 93.3 The Drive. Challenge your knowledge with a selection of questions that defy conventional expectations, offering a chance to engage with a diverse range of captivating inquiries.

1. Nearly half of all men. but only 10% of women have done this in their lifetime. What is it?

Answer: Been in a band.

2. Half of us will not travel without doing THIS. What is THIS?

Answer: Bringing our pillow.

3. The average person does this five times a day, according to a new poll. What is it?

Answer: Greets a neighbor.

4. This has only happened 3 times in the history of the United States. What is it?

Answer: The Powerball jackpot has reach $1 billion.

5. There are more than 500 types of these in the world. What are they?

Answer: Carnivorous plants.

6. If you do THIS you’re more likely to have a longer, happier relationship. What is it?

Answer: Consolidate your finances.

7. Three out of four people surveyed say they would like to do this every week. What is it?

Answer: Eat barbecue.

8. 13% of people say they always do this while watching TV.

Answer: Put on subtitles.

9. 85% of people say they do This more today than they did five years ago. What is This?

Answer: Shop for bargains.

10. On average, most people would be willing to travel over 250 miles to do This. What is This?

Answer: Eat their favorite food.

11. Massachusetts and Alaska are the only two states that prohibit THIS. What is THIS?

Answer: Prohibit the sale of alcohol on Election Day while the polls are open.

12. Nearly 40% of people say if someone did this in their home, it would upset them very much. What is it?

Answer: Put their drink down without using a coaster.

13. 55% of couples say they never argue about This. What is This?

Answer: The thermostat.

14. This reportedly happens to most people in their 50’s. What is it?

Answer: They have a noticeable reduction in body hair.

15. Nearly 60% of people say they would do this for their pet, if they could. What is This?

Answer: Donate a kidney to them.

16. A survey found you’re more likely to do THIS by the age of 31. What is This?

Answer: Change careers.

17. 24% of people have one of these right now. What is it?

Answer: A broken screen on our phone.

18. Nearly 25% of Americans do not plan on doing THIS in 2023. What is it?

Answer: Use all of their vacation days.

19. Citizens of Washington State are the most confident about This. What is This?

Answer: Being naked.

20. People are most likely to do THIS between 8:00 am and noon. What is it?

Answer: Hit a drive-thru.

21. It might be hard to believe, but nearly 25% of adults admit they do THIS every night. What is THIS?

Answer: Sleep with a stuffed animal.

22. The longest one of these in the country is over 30 miles long. What is it?

Answer: A Main Street (in Island Park, Idaho).

23. 45% of teenagers surveyed say they’ll probably do THIS in the next year. What is it?

Answer: Use artificial intelligence to do their homework.

24. This year we celebrate the 61st anniversary of THIS. What is THIS?

Answer: The release of The Jetsons tv show.

25. Nearly 40% of parents say they are not planning to spend money on THIS… this year. What is THIS?

Answer: New school supplies.

26. Americans say having two of these is not enough. What is it?

Answer: Two vacations a year are not enough. They want three.

27. Nearly 75% of young adults say THIS has gotten way too expensive. What is it?

Answer: Weddings.

28. The first time this happened in pro sports was in 1964. What is it?

Answer: The first athlete was awarded a million dollar endorsement deal and it was a bowler.

29. On average, people in Tennessee do this more than people in any other state. What is it?

Answer: Shop on Amazon (spend money).

31. Alaska, Indiana and Massachusetts all have THIS in common. What is it?

Answer: They don’t allow “happy hours.”

32. This is a federal crime punishable up to a year in prison. What is it?

Answer: Re-using a stamp.

33. According to Gen Z, THIS is a sign you’re old. What is THIS?

Answer: Scrolling on your phone with your index finger.

34. 21% of Americans say they do this at home every day. What is it?

Display their American flag.

35. There are 28 of these in the United States. What are they?

Answer: Cities named “Franklin.”

Final Thoughts

As you navigate the maze of impossible trivia questions and answers, we invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, and moments of triumph in the comments below.

The pursuit of knowledge, even within the realm of the seemingly impossible, unites us in a common quest for discovery and understanding.

Join the community of daring trivia enthusiasts, celebrating the thrill of pushing boundaries, unraveling mysteries, and unlocking the answers to questions that defy ordinary comprehension.

Your journey doesn’t end here—keep exploring, keep learning, and keep embracing the challenge of the impossible.

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