88 Poems about Respect to Show Consideration and Thoughtfulness

Respect is a fundamental value that is essential for building relationships, fostering understanding, and promoting peace.

It is the cornerstone of all healthy human interactions, from the workplace to the family, to society as a whole.

Respectful behavior shows consideration, thoughtfulness, and care for oneself and others.

Poetry is an excellent way to express these values, and many beautiful poems about respect inspire us to be better human beings.

In this article, we have compiled a diverse collection of respect poems that explores different aspects of this essential value.

Famous Poems about Respect

Many famous poets have written powerful poems about respect. Their famous respect poems inspire us to be more considerate, empathetic, and kind towards ourselves and others.

1. Respect Is

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Respect is appreciating other people
Especially those outside your circle.
No one is better than you
We all have unique gifts, that is true.

So no matter what your status in life
Do not treat others with strife
Respect the role they play
What they do each and every day.

When you hold others in high esteem
The world will be brighter than it seems
We were all created with a purpose in mind
Respect and love and always be kind.

2. Everyone Is Worthwhile

       by Julie Hebert

Life is for the go-getters,
The ones who change the world.
But never forget the few of us,
That work till the tides are hurled.

We are not known across the globe,
Or have a hefty pay.
We may not even have a car,
But we do our part each day.

We make a contribution,
To the world and all who live.
And although our jobs may not seem significant,
We still work hard and smile and give.

We are the people who serve you,
The gas attendant, gardener or cashier,
We are also hidden behind the scenes,
Wishing that we could appear.

We are often overlooked,
Not even given a smile.
Next time you run a quick errand,
Remember, respect and everyone is worthwhile.

3. Respect Each and Every One

       by Gajanan Mishra

Respect each and every one
You are for all in this procession.

The procession is for peace
And you are to present with information.

No need of information act
You are to chalk out your program and react.

Action and reactions are necessary
They are both sides of the same coin.

Accept them all
They are yours as you call.

4. What Respect Is

       by Eric Cockrell

have we forgotten
what respect is?
did we ever really know?

every human being deserves
the respect of every other human being,
and should respect every other

human being as well!
it has nothing to do with
color, religion, political views,

or financial status!
respect is a God given right,
and responsibility!

respect is about being human.
treat people the way you wish to
be treated… treat people like people!

5. Respect Time

       by Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Respect! Respect!
Time I respect you

Time is of great essence
Respect time
Before it imposes on you a sentence
As if you have committed a crime

Time is precious like a diamond
Time must come first never second
Respect time
For time itself is the sublime

Time never waits
Time decides fates
In time itself you create
The food you eat off your plate
In time itself you love and hate
And find a partner or some mates
Respect time, underrate it not
Don’t say ‘time passed, I forgot’

There is a time to be late
There is a time to debate
There is a time to wait for someone
Before time decides to shorten the fun
Remember time waits for no one
Time also catches up with those on the run

Respect time
The essence of time
Is its continuous presence
And its everlasting absence
And denial of the past tense

6. Where Is the Respect

       by Ronell Warren Alman

I am sitting in the back of the bus
Observing the children play
With the weather just gorgeous
On a very lovely day
A mother of two
Tries to discipline her son
He just would not listen
He just wanted to have fun
As the mother told him to sit down
He raised his foot at her
I couldn’t believe what I saw
I was left in a stare
Where is the respect
Has this boy lost his mind
The situation is looking bleak
As the boy’s behavior is so unkind

7. The Death of Respect

       by Gordon Whittaker

The youth of today but not all I may say,
have no integrity or moral principles.

They have no qualms about who they insult
whether it be their parents or another adult.

Respect has gone out of the window
it is no longer here. It meant something
in our lifetime we held it very dear.

No-one gives up their seat to elderly
people anymore, what does it matter
old woman if your feet are sore.

They shun and ignore the older generation
as though they were not there.
they don’t give a damn they really don’t care.

They won’t be so belligerent and bold,
When they too eventually grow old.

Maybe they too will look back with sadness
by their actions, and their disgrace.
for making the world a poorer place.

And respect will stay a spectre of the past,
my god, what a pity it did not last.

8. Women Respect Women

       by Shelomith Noarbe

I am a woman
some women
I need to respect
few women
are not respectable
I am respecting them
a golden rule
I am respected for i am a woman
I am ought to respect other women
no matter what they do
they act
they pose
they say
I have to respect them
that is their rights
to be respected
for a woman like me
and a woman like them
is essential.

9. No Respect

       by Hasmukh Amathalal

People stay
And pay
Scant respect

To beggars
Who stay not near?
But far from civilized world
To have their own fold

They know
And blow
With wind
And not mind

Someday some change
May come in with time edge
Who knows what may be swept away?
The fortune, wealth or greedy way

No world for beggars
No words for poor
But look backward
And then think forward

Patience they have
And silently behave too
With insult
And deep restraint

10. Love and Respect

       by Hasmukh Amathalal

Love and respect
Each face with fact
That it has been blessed
By almighty and shaped

Let the white color be liked
Let the black color be disliked
God has made no difference
It has shown equal presence

If day is bright with sun
It has challenges to run
White means sacrifice and peace
Life is full of danger and not at all at ease

If nights are totally dark
They have so much to spark
Offer peace and calm
To offer you rest with no harm

See the purpose and motives
He has always remained selective
Provided us with two options
Either go for it or disown

If you love both with same eyes
You need not think more and try
The heavenly bodies are there to look after
You finish the mission and depart thereafter

Funny Poems about Respect

Interesting poems about respect can offer a lighthearted way to convey the importance of treating others with consideration and kindness.

1. Mad Respect – What Kind of Funny Old Whirled

       by Anonymous

Sometimes one can gets so
That it can’t be mistaked
Sometimes get so lazy
To drive one’s self crazy
It sounds kinda odd to you
IT sure duz to me too
And what do you need to do
To seeing things, turn blue
And wonder can you hear
Gently touching your heart
You who will always deliver
Well versed in your art
1 could pray for you
Then curse you all day
What kind of funny old
Is this old world anyway?
Though lost and confused
Dazed and abused
I Know. There was no one
YOU Ever Used

2. Respect

       by Anonymous

My mom does not respect my toys
No matter what I do.
I’m upset that my lessons are
Failing to get through.

She stepped on all my dinosaurs.
She kicked my poor t-rex.
My pterodactyl’s muddy and
I worry ‘bout their necks.

She promised to pick up my bear
From the school bus stop,
But then she left him in the cold
So that she could go shop.

She lost my purple elephant.
She mangled my stuffed hawk.
And when we had a tea-party
She never let us talk.

I don’t think that she’d like it
If I kicked her phone
Or trampled all her flowers and
And buried her trombone.

She’s impolite. She breaks the rules.
She thinks she has to shout.
Oh I wish there was a way
To put Mom in time-out.

3. Brotherhood

       by Anonymous

a limited brotherhood is a limited respect
limit is limit of a brotherhood
limit is limit of respect
respect is a limited energy of respect
respect is a limited energy of a brotherhood
respect is a limited energy of an energy
respect is an energy of respect

a limited energy, a limited respect
a sister is an energy of a sister
a sister is an energy of respect
a sister limit the energy of a sister
a sister limit the energy of a brotherhood
a sister is a brotherhood sister
a sisterhood is a limited respect of a sisterhood

a limited respect is a limited sisterhood
respect is a limited respect of a sisterhood
energy is a sisterhood energy
energy is a sisterhood respect
a sisterhood and brotherhood is a limited energy
a sisterhood and brotherhood is a limited energy of an energy
a sisterhood and brotherhood is a limited energy of respect

4. Respect to Another

       by Anonymous

Respect to another
Because it makes us stronger,
Not to hurt them or what ever
Just love them up high over.
Respect human being
Because god is always seeing,
You and others doing
Be good to other whatever the way they’re taking.

5. Respect to Each Other

       by Anonymous

If we cannot respect another
How can we expect them to respect us
If we cannot respect someone’s beliefs
How can we expect them to respect ours
If we cannot respect another’s race
How can we expect that race to respect us
If we cannot respect others
How can we expect respect in return
Everyone expects respect
No matter who they are
The only way to gain it
Is to start treating everyone
As a friend, a brother, a sister
As part of our extended family
No matter what colour or creed they are
Only then you will start to get
The respect you so dearly crave

Short Poems about Respect

Short poetries about respect can convey the importance of this value in a concise and impactful way. These poems are perfect for sharing on social media or in a quick message to a friend.

1. Respect My Muse

       by Edward Kofi Louis

Eat what you requested for and,
Respect my muse;
Sleep on the bed you requested for and,
Respect my muse;
For this love is all about you and I! !
And like the land of sweet bananas and apples;
But, I will meet you whenever you are ready.

2. Let Us Respect Each Other

       by Edward Kofi Louis

A black girl,
A white girl,
A black boy,
A white boy,
And all in the name of creation to crown the world with colours!
So, let us respect each other and live in peace.

3. Pay Respect

       by Gajanan Mishra

Pay respect to
Your Father
Your Mother
To your guide
And philosopher
Remember all
Is one and one
And He is all pervading
Omniscient and within all
Pay respect pay respect
If you fail
No one is there as
Your well-wisher
Remember, the Truth, my dear.

4. Fear No, Respect Yes

       by Ace Of Black Hearts

Fear no, respect yes.
For no one has the power over death.
For no one has the power change it all.
Even if you answer a million phone calls.
So to ignoring it is not to explore,
the unknown wilderness we both live in.
Even though it seems tedious and monotonous
Greatness can found in the mediocrity of all opinions and beliefs.
I’m tugging my boat along like a little chief.
I only hope I can bring some relief.

5. Possession

       by Emily Dickinson

Did the harebell loose her girdle
To the lover bee,
Would the bee the harebell hallow
Much as formerly?

Did the paradise, persuaded,
Yield her moat of pearl,
Would the Eden be an Eden,
Or the earl an earl?

6. Respect Women

       by Christina Sunrise

Respect women for they bring a lot into this world
they are just more than procreators bringing in girl or a little boy.
They are the caregivers, the nurturers, and have a gentle touch
do respect feminine touch and honor it more than a bunch.
Don’t abuse women no longer on this time so dear
It shows the person who does it has no respect or integrity.

7. Matter of Respect

       by Nyakisa Beth

matter of respect
boss at me!
I will respect you
***** my rights!
I will respect you
disturb my peace!
I will respect you
trash my cause!
I will respect you
deny me speech!
I will respect you
teach me to lament!
I will respect you

think yourself big
That is respect
Pure deception
That is respect
fool me
That is respect
destroy me
That is respect
exploit me
That is respect
you are righteous
That is respect

Take it upon my word!
In the near future, fate
will bring you to my
hands! familiar hands
And you will face the

Long Poems about Respect

Long poetries about respect can explore the complexities of respect in greater detail. They can delve into the nuances of different types of respect, such as self-respect or respect for nature.

1. Respect

       by Anonymous

Respect has no face, no color, no race,
It should be given to everyone by everyone.
Respect should not require one to divert from their own morals and values,
It should not depend on your amount of income or the type of job that you have.
Respect should not depend on the amount of friends you have,
Respect should not depend on your social status.
It should not depend on your appearance.

Respect should not depend on the amount of shortcomings in your life, for we all have fallen short at some point.
Respect should not depend on whether or not you have a significant other,
Respect should not depend on whether you are talented or not.

Respect is accepting people for who they are;
It is treating everyone fairly, regardless of who they are.
Respect is loving everyone as you would want to be loved,
Respect is making sure that people always know how special they are, for we are all special in our own way.
Respect is lifting people up and celebrating each and every life,
It is saying “thank you”, “excuse me”, and “your welcome”,
Respect is being the shoulder for someone to cry on as you would want a shoulder in your time of need.

Respect is what the world needs in order to survive in these hard times:

Respect is the key.
Respect each other, respect each other, respect each other.

2. The Nightingale and the Glow-Worm

       by William Cowper

A Nightingale, that all day long
Had cheer’d the village with his song,
Nor yet at eve his note suspended,
Nor yet when eventide was ended,
Began to feel, as well he might,
The keen demands of appetite;
When, looking eagerly around,
He spied far off, upon the ground,
A something shining in the dark,
And knew the glow-worm by his spark;
So stooping down from hawthorn top,
He thought to put him in his crop.
The worm, aware of his intent,
Harangu’d him thus, right eloquent —
Did you admire my lamp, quoth he,
As much as I your minstrelsy,
You would abhor to do me wrong,
As much as I to spoil your song;
For ’twas the self-same pow’r divine
Taught you to sing, and me to shine;
That you with music, I with light,
Might beautify and cheer the night.
The songster heard his short oration,
And, warbling out his approbation,
Releas’d him, as my story tells,
And found a supper somewhere else.

Hence jarring sectaries may learn
Their real int’rest to discern;
That brother should not war with brother,
And worry and devour each other;
But sing and shine by sweet consent,
Till life’s poor transient night is spent,
Respecting in each other’s case
The gifts of nature and of grace.

Those Christians best deserve the name
Who studiously make peace their aim;
Peace, both the duty and the prize
Of him that creeps and him that flies.

3. The Code of Honor

       by Anonymous

Honor and respect, a code to live by,
Guiding us towards truth and never a lie,
A way of life, a moral compass true,
A path of integrity to follow through.

Honor is the foundation of all we do,
Built on the pillars of integrity too,
To stand for what’s right and never to stray,
To live our lives with purpose every day.

Respect is the cornerstone of our code,
Showing kindness and empathy on the road,
Valuing others for who they truly are,
Treating everyone with dignity, near or far.

Integrity is the core of our belief,
Staying true to ourselves, beyond belief,
Never breaking our word or telling a lie,
Being honest and forthright till the day we die.

To honor and respect is more than just a word,
It’s a way of life, a mindset to be heard,
A path that leads us to our best selves,
A way of being, better than anything else.

For when we live with honor and respect,
We create a world that we can all connect,
A world of kindness, empathy, and trust,
Where people stand together, not just for the lust.

So let us live our lives with honor and respect,
Guided by our moral compass and intellect,
For in doing so, we can make a better place,
A world where love, peace, and kindness we embrace.

4. Disposable Wisdom

       by Carolyn Devonshire

Each day Annie Lesley opened a can
Her eighty-six-year-old hands trembling
As she sat with her cat and ate pet food
What is wrong with this elder’s rendering?

Pride swallowed to remain independent
Large, sunken eyes peered from her weathered face
Her late spouse a decorated hero
Annie’s lifestyle a national disgrace

More enlightened cultures all over the world
Have revered their seniors throughout history
Asians and Native Americans
Are just two who honor their ancestry

Polynesians, other Pacific tribes
Respect the wisdom that comes with age
Seniors are welcome in family homes
But here in the states they’re placed in a cage

Bone-thin Annie Lesley chose to be free
Amazing neighbors with her endurance
When social services tried to intervene
She fought with remarkable resilience

Old photos on walls told many great tales
But only purring Tibby was listening
Each morning she rose to care for her cat
Until the day that Tibby went missing

In tears she claimed he must have been poisoned
Though in cat years he was older than she
Each day she sat by the window, staring
Awaiting the homecoming of Tibby

She’d been abandoned by society
Lost in the world’s most “progressive” nation
For sacrificing her spouse in World War II   
Annie received little compensation

This widowed war bride never had children
Her mate had met his fate in Normandy
Posthumous awards she dusted each day
Annie’s life was defined by loyalty

To a man and a cat who never came home
And the vigil she kept all alone
Ended quietly one warm summer night
When an angel came to take Annie home

With a can of cat food in hand when found
Annie had nothing else to eat in her house
This is the way a veteran’s wife died
And tear stains had blemished her faded blouse

Although seniors’ wisdom is heeded
In societies that grow from history
Too many like Annie lead lonely lives
Wisdom untapped, they die in poverty

5. Respect to Families

       by Hasmukh Amathalal

Some people die unsung
Even with heroic record nothing is sung
People forget their sacrifice
Even state fails to honor the promise

Dependent families run door to door
They helplessly watch and think about neighbor
They look at far distant sky
With only one questioning mind, why?

What drives people to sacrifice?
For motherland with simple advice
“Die for honorable cause and attain heaven”
Does this sentence make sense even?

The state suffers attitude
It looses the magnitude
The cause is lost in wilderness
People resent sacrifice and painfully face

All talks of honor becomes joke
The valor is lost behind thick smoke
No youth now prefers defense job
As their fair name is deliberately robbed

Give some respect to families
They want no mercy
Give them due share
Do not give them frightening stare

6. Portrait of Nature

       by Carrie Richards

Each element of who she is, is scattered on the grass,
with the scent of earth, the drop of rain,
where dew reflects a sky of blue.
Her senses are illuminated to harmonize within,
with a howling wolf, a roaring bear, the song of evening wind

She walks within a dreamlike world, which cannot be defined.
This puzzle we have come to know has no border, nor an end.
When life begins, a tiny seed, is strewn, tossed from the vine,
and picks up speed on feathered wing and touches the divine.

She is daughter of the autumn, and mother of the spring.
Her euphonious legend, an extraordinary thing.
It passes through the blossomed branch of all the sprouted trees.
She is young at heart, and old with drought,
she is strong, and bold, without a doubt, is stalwart through the night.
Standing proud against the darkness, and the sins of those who mar,
her spirit is unbroken, by the scars of bitter blight.

She honors creatures with respect, where unison is found,
with all things wild, whether large or small, …for every life is gold.
Her songs are as a journey, and frolic in the breeze.
There is prowess and a valor in her lavished synchronies.
Her flute will share her story, in the sound of lonely larks,
of loss, rebirth, of drifting sands, and sweet hours after dark

For yesterday creates today, with a promise for tomorrow.
When songs are played, it can bring us hope, in the laughter of the birds.
Each whisper of a clearer sky, will gently cleanse the smoke,
and buffalo will graze again, the tall green grass will wave again.
The golden sun will rise again, to warm her every word

7. Shakespeare Could Have Cast You

       by Juliet Ligon

You had me oblivious to your antics,
as you hushed me tenderly by the creek
into your hide and seekable
soul-surrendering secret relief.
There, you cottled me into softness
with a simple chin caress,
which continued to smooth
the entire twisting course
of my delicate remorse.
My garments shifted
from their skin,
slipped into the witnessing wind.
You convinced me to sin
so remarkably, so recklessly,
for one worshipped glide
of feigned intimacy.
I bemoan my mixed senses
behind the curtain of uncertainty.
Oh, Romeo, if only I’d known you.
If only I knew that 
your prestigious people-pleasing smile
was practice for the play.
That those granny pleasing manners
and Band-Aid banter
would soothe my soul to sleep.
That those jovial jokes
and caramel coated coaxing
would lead me quietly to the creek
where your meaty man hands would span
the length of my virginity and beyond. 
That your chivalrous, chiseled chest
and incandescent camper’s scent
would be compressed
against my gentleness.
By this indulgence
I had relinquished your respect
and you had tossed my trust.
So dissolved the blending of lust,
and with it the end of us.
Your camouflaged fibs
of forever love
would continue deep
through the space in my ribs,
into the closing scene.
Romeo, so applause-worthy were you
on your secret stage that
Shakespeare could have cast you
just as you had cast me.

8. A Poet with a Priceless Pen

       by Adeleke Adeite

I am poet with a priceless pen
born to burnish the beauty of men.
I wonder what mortal mirrors reflect…
For me, all races deserve respect.

I often hear the splashing of rain,
and flood rushing down the drain.
I see the petals of the morning bloom
and dawn peeping into my dusky room.

I strive to forget the tales of ages long gone
when dreams died as deeds undone.
I am a poet with a priceless pen
born to burnish the beauty of men.

I pretend to be a terrific tree
sapping the tears that betide me.
I feel old scars opening each time
my heart tends to commit new crime.

I touch the heart of the gentle moon
and worry if the Sun will shine at noon.
I cry for the youth and aged in need
and for gluttons in the grave of greed.

I hear the whispers of wealth and wisdom
flowing freely from the field of freedom…
I am a poet with a priceless pen
born to burnish the beauty of men.

I understand the chains of our choices;
frailties of our fate; our darn differences.
I say let us not preen on what is not ours,
we will leave them in the six-feat towers.

I crave a world without woes and worries;
the mortal mall of matchless memories
where everyone trades a lasting legacy…
and love is shared on the platter of mercy.

I long to see gray skies turn blue
and my sweetest dreams come true.
I am a poet with a priceless pen
born to burnish the beauty of men.

9. At the Golden Dawn of Understanding

       by Evelyn Judy Buehler

It was late in gorgeous springtime, and I was teaching my class,
A lesson in African history, and the events of time’s hourglass.

My fourth graders were very attentive, as I recounted the glory,
Of tales such as Mansa Musa’s, maybe the richest man in history!

Sultan of Mali was Mansa Musa, during the far off Middle Ages,
The world’s largest gold producers maybe, say the history sages.

When Mali consisted of 400 cities, he was a patron of the arts.
Mansa Musa, in advancing science and literature, also took part.

A patron of architecture too, Mali flourished under his reign,
He made a legendary pilgrimage to Mecca, and gained more fame!

The children sat dreamy eyed, their captivation being steadfast,
Like the statues of ancient heroes, which look toward the past!

Then I began the tale of Ezana Axum, an ancient Ethiopian ruler,
Who in the fourth century AD, as a child, succeeded his father.

And he conquered the Kingdom of Kush, in approximately 350AD,
And was first monarch of the Kingdom, to embrace Christianity!

His childhood tutor, a Christian and missionary named Frumentius,
Later became head of the Ethiopian Church, for God is gracious.

‘May this please the people,’ was the motto of Aksumite coinage,
Showing concern for the citizenry, by appearances a royal sage.

From a design with a pagan motif, the coins later bore a cross,
For an absence of of God in kingdoms, creates the greatest loss!

We remember him as being a great builder, of obelisks and stelae,
Ethiopia’s Orthodox Tewahedo Church, regards him as a saint today.

Since my class had grown awful quiet, I looked up from the book,
Where my class once was, now sat two pupils, with heedful looks!

We were in a very different room, smaller with just two windows,
I was teaching two African children, in fine traditional clothes.

The volume that I was holding, was now an entirely different one,
It was a book of children’s stories, and apparently I wasn’t done.

The children asked me eagerly, what happened to the rabbit next,
And since I understood their language, I began to read the text.

Soon I was enjoying myself, and we all discovered many things,
And I got a pristine look at ancient Africa, upon magical wings!

Later the classroom door opened, and in came a most noble figure,
Who was dressed very resplendently, and I welcomed our visitor.

Ezana Axum gives you thanks, he said as I began to understand,
As king of this great nation, its education makes my joy expand!

“I’ve come to see how you’re progressing, my children,” he said.
And he smilingly asked me, what it was that we had this day read.

I told him we had studied Egyptian history, and used the abacus,
Read fairytales, learned geography, and drawn pictures to discuss.

The school day had almost ended, except for a walk on the grounds,
For the pupils’ daily exercise, and to enjoy nature sights and sounds.

I’d found a teacher’s schedule on a table with supplies and books,
And I must have looked exactly like her, not to have gotten odd looks!

The king himself chose to join us, as he was so enjoying the day,
And we had a lively conversation, as his children began to play.

We talked of history, and of its great significance to the present,
And God’s blessings, Jesus Christ’s teachings, and what they meant!

Then discussed the value, of applying them to our everyday lives,
Like a lifetime spent in planning, for the glad moment He arrives!

“Come children,” said the father, “it is time for us to go home,”
And taking my hand he thanked me, for the lively chat we’d known.

I bowed my head in respect, in the afternoon lengthening shadows,
And said I’d enjoyed this day as no other, like when the sunset glows.

I stood in the parklike setting, then reluctantly turned to leave,
But in front of me sat my 4th grade class, like butterflies on breeze!

My long school day ended, and I fondly wished the class good evening,
Like beautiful blooming summer, bids a fond farewell to budding spring!

Poems about Respect That Rhyme

Rhyming poems about respect can be fun and engaging, making this essential value more approachable and relatable. These poems can help children and adults alike learn about respect in a more enjoyable way.

1. When You Feel Misunderstood

       by Caren Krutsinger

When you are misunderstood it does not mean it is you.
It very well might be the person who has no way to know
That your face means you are feeling angry, sad or blue.
They might not have any experience to help them so…

Do not take it personally, it might not be your fault.
It could be the person you are speaking too is not aware
Take all comments from another with a bucket of salt.
Not disrespecting yourself or them takes great self-care.

Do not waste a time trying to explain yourself if you don’t want to.
Some people take things “the wrong” way on a regular basis, sadly.
The people who love you and know you will understand what to do.
Surround yourself with these people, and you will feel less badly.

2. Wealth and Want

       by Henry Reed Conant

How often the poor are despised and neglected,
For no other reason except they are poor;
How often the rich are beloved and respected,
Because they have uncounted wealth at their door.

There’s many an honest and virtuous heart,
To-day within poverty’s prison enchained;
While thousands reside amid pleasures of art,
Whose wealth was thro’ vice and dishonesty gained.

Despise not the needy because they are poor,
Nor envy the wealthy because of their gold;
Good or ill fortune may stand at our door,
But true hearts are not to be purchased or sold.

3. A Call for Respect

       by Reem Ehab

Why do you think I am not like you?
I know I can drink and do what you can do.
I need to be a human for once in my life
I’m not the kind of person who always holds a knife.
I want to be naive like much people
I don’t want to be a thief and disagreeable.
I want to be a star that twinkles in the sky
I want to be the truth that people always deny.
I want to be a good evidence in this deceitful world
And make the insensible people know that there’s a lord.
A lord of fairness, kindness and safety
So people go out from from your cavity.
I need an answer for my serious call
To feel at least I am human who have a soul.

4. The Humility of Honor and Respect

       by Anonymous

Honor and respect, noble traits we seek
In those we love and those we meet
For those who carry these virtues true
Are pillars of strength and goodness too

But there’s a quality that often lies
Within those who honor and respect apply
A humble heart, a willingness to see
That they’re not the only one who can be

Humility, the unsung hero of respect
Without it, honor can become a defect
But when combined, they make a force
A power that can alter any course

To honor others, we must first be aware
That they, like us, are precious and rare
We must be willing to listen and learn
And recognize the value that they earn

Respect demands that we be kind
To all who cross our path, in body and mind
No matter who they are or what they do
They deserve the same level of respect from you

But humility reminds us to be meek
To see the world from another’s feet
To take our place among our fellow men
And treat them as equals, now and then

For honor and respect without humility
Can lead to arrogance and cruelty
But with it, they are pure and just
A shining light, a beacon of trust

So let us strive to be humble and kind
And honor and respect will follow in kind
Let us be the example, the shining star
And spread these virtues near and far.

5. Had Hoped to Find

       by James Horn

While searching, seemed so hard to tell,
Which would be our most favorite shell;
Had to constantly, consistently compare,
As they laid on seashore here and there.

Shells were round, oblong and also odd;
Have been prepared by our beloved God,
With bright colors and delicate designs;
Often are spiral or could be curvy lines.

Through shells would separate and strain;
Ocean waves played such a sweet refrain,
Asking why we became such a big creep;
All of God’s precious shells trying to keep.

Each day morning does beautifully break;
We will always respect God and His sake;
Shells which we love must be left behind,
For searchers who them had hoped to find.

6. Advice

       by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I must do as you do? Your own way I own
Is a very good way. And still,
There are sometimes two straight roads to a town,
One over, one under the hill.

You are treading the safe and the well-worn way
That the prudent choose each time;
And you think me reckless and rash to-day
Because I prefer to climb.

Your path is the right one, and so is mine.
We are not like peas in a pod,
Compelled to lie in a certain line,
Or else be scattered abroad.

‘Twere a dull old world, methinks, my friend,
If we all went just one way;
Yet our paths will meet no doubt at the end,
Though they lead apart to-day.

You like the shade, and I like the sun;
You like an even pace,
I like to mix with the crowd and run,
And then rest after the race.

I like danger, and storm and strife,
You like a peaceful time;
I like the passion and surge of life,
You like its gentle rhyme,

You like buttercups, dewy sweet,
And crocuses, framed in snow;
I like roses, born of the heat,
And the red carnation’s glow.

I must live my life, not yours, my friend,
For so it was written down;
We must follow our given paths to the end-
But I trust we shall meet — in town.

7. The Courage of Honor and Respect

       by Anonymous

Honor and respect, virtues we hold dear,
Are fueled by courage, when challenges appear.
It takes strength to stand for what is right,
To hold fast to values, and not give in to fright.

In a world that can be so harsh and unkind,
Honor and respect are the ties that bind.
To treat others with dignity and grace,
And meet hatred and anger with a kinder face.

It takes courage to stand against oppression,
To fight for justice and make a bold impression.
To honor those who have gone before,
And carry on their legacy forevermore.

Respect is more than just a word,
It’s a way of life that should be heard.
To treat all people as equals, with love and care,
And show them the respect that they deserve to share.

Honor is not just about winning the race,
It’s about being true to yourself, and finding your place.
To do what’s right, even when it’s hard,
And have the courage to play a noble card.

Respect for others, for their beliefs and views,
Is the cornerstone of what it means to choose.
To live a life that’s full of empathy and grace,
And put others before ourselves, in every single case.

So let us hold fast to these values so dear,
And show courage in the face of all fear.
For honor and respect will guide us through,
And make our world a brighter place, anew.

8. The Return

       by Mark Koplin

A charlatan returns despite his earlier defeat.
After two years gone, he claims he owns a seat
But there is no throne for the jester who bears
His recycled words without sparks or flares

A costume he wears, but many of us can see
he’s a mean little boy who always turns beastly
He talks of being nicer, but his words aren’t divine
He’s still a bully who flees. He doesn’t have a spine
He called on one he wronged to ignite an old flame
But that man will not return, and he is to blame
Scripture from his mouth is spewed from a bad seed
His ego’s hungry for attention. On innocence he’ll feed

Nasty comments he’ll make and then he will delete
He’s no sugar daddy cuz nothing about him is sweet
He’ll fool some, but not those who know the score
When he preaches from his pulpit, he’s a total bore

He owes apologies to many who dealt with his spite
Poets, be forewarned that he is not a white knight
Sarcasm is his game, and that deserves no respect
Grow up, boy! You always alienate and disaffect

Poems about Respect for Children

Teaching children about respect is crucial for their social and emotional development. Poems about respect for kids can be an excellent tool for parents, teachers, and caregivers to help instill this value in young minds.

1. Lesson in Respect

       by Anonymous

She remembers being a young child
when her lips uttered an inappropriate saying
to a visitor in their home.

When quickly she was taught
the meaning of respect
with that bar of soap
tasting a bit bitter.

No disrespect
ever crossed her lips
with that dire warning
set in stone.

2. Respect Teachers

       by Gajanan Mishra

Respect teachers
Respect elders
Respect the wise.

Be with purity
Be upright
Be with celibacy.

Make non-violence
Your principle
Penance of the body.

3. Respect

       by Anonymous

Regard your elders with honor
Embrace each encounter
Showing gratitude
Polite words in all situations
Empathize while listening
Compliment others
Take no one for granted

4. The Little Things

       by Margaret Lindsey

The little things are most worthwhile
A quiet word, a look, a smile,
A listening ear that’s quick to share
Another’s thoughts, another’s care…
Though sometimes they may seem quite small,
These little things mean most of all.

5. Disrespect

       by Anonymous

Back in the day,
children respected their elders
holding them in high regard.

Today streets are filled
with youngsters who dishonor
each and everyone.

Wisdom is tossed out the window
like a bone to a dog
with no dignity.

Carelessly living life
thinking they have the answers
not caring about the pain they inflict.

6. Please Respect the Elderly!

       by Denis Martindale

Please respect the elderly!
Learn patience day-by-day…
A little love from you and me
Can go a long, long way!
God’s love towards Mankind goes on
For all eternity
And when His children must pass on,
He treats them tenderly…

Please respect the elderly!
No matter, fit or frail…
A soothing word or pleasantry,
Is hardly known to fail.
Lord Jesus died for one and all…
He died for young and old…
While young at heart we may walk tall,
In time, we’re not so bold…

Please respect the elderly!
Is that too much to ask?
Our actions prove our courtesy,
Regardless of the task…
God hears the prayers of everyone,
No matter, rich or poor.
If we do things that must be done,
God couldn’t ask for more…

7. In Kindness

       by Anne Marie Cline

Kindness speaks the words,
Your heart could never speak.
Your wings hold me up,
And give me strength when I am weak.
The warmth of your protection,
Brings music to my heart.
You open up the doors,
You show me where to start.

8. Value of Respect

       by Anonymous

Don’t tarry too long,
nothing comes back twofold,
make each moment count.

Admire the face
in the mirror
holding it in high regard,
it’s important
to success in the long run.

Treat others with dignity
respecting their rights,
for the value of forgiveness
brings glory.

Poems about Respect for Life

Respect extends beyond human relationships; it also includes respect for all living things. Poems about respect for life celebrate the interconnectedness of all living beings and promote a more compassionate approach to the world.

1. Life, Love, Jesus, Faith & Respect

       by Tom Zart

Many of this world face heartbreak and failure
Broken homes, joblessness, loneliness, loss and war.
Even God’s disciples had to battle doubt and depression
As Jesus and Satan shadowed every window and door.

Throughout life we experience regret, fear and longings
While seeking love, fame, sex, revenue, and romance.
Most learn the hard way how to behave and relate
To become all that we are by servitude and chance.

God blesses those who triumph through faithfulness and love
By the way they provide, treasure and protect.
All of us suffer issues, weaknesses and shortcomings
As we celebrate life, love, Jesus, faith and respect.

2. Respect for Life

       by Jack Ellison

What is happening to me
I’m turning into
quite the philosopher
No expert
just traveled life’s road
and have discovered
a few secrets along the way
Glaring and really
quite obvious but everyday life
can make us blind
Firstly, taking care of family
providing for their well being
and at the same time
making sure they know they are
truly and completely loved
Being a male of the species
our role is that of provider
of life’s necessities
but as important, if not more so
is creating a loving environment
To allow them to grow
to face the future with confidence
These things I have written
are certainly no great revelation
Since time began
the story has remained the same…
live, love and be happy
and treat fellow humans with respect!

3. I Respect

       by Joe Fazio

I respect, another mans religion, or color or creed.
I respect, and follow, the will of my maker.
I respect, the truth, no matter how unpopular.

I respect, a good work ethic.
I respect, the values on which this country was founded.
I respect, those who would champion the under privileged.
I respect, those of differences, who seek common ground.

I respect, the concept of monogamy.
I respect, those faithful to principal.
I respect, change, that is for the better.
I respect, an honest days work.

I respect, the great talents of the entertainment world.
I respect, thought provoking works, of the written word.
I respect, the unquenchable thirst of creativity.
I respect, the farmers and workers that toil in the field.

I respect, the good in man.
I respect, the virtue in woman.
I respect, the innocence of children.
I respect, the generosity of mankind.

Most of all…I respect the maker of
life and the love, that each of us
have within us.

4. The Power of Empathy

       by Anonymous

In life, there’s a virtue that’s true,
It’s empathy – a noble virtue.
It’s the ability to sense and share
The feelings of those who cross our path.

Honor and respect are virtues, too,
And they begin with empathy, it’s true.
To treat others as we’d like to be,
Requires understanding and empathy.

Empathy allows us to see
Beyond ourselves, to feel and be
Sensitive to the needs of others,
To lend a helping hand, to offer cover.

When we have empathy in our hearts,
We show honor and respect, and we start
To build trust and rapport, a bond
That strengthens us and makes us sound.

For empathy is the foundation stone
Of relationships that are well-known,
Of friendships that are true and strong,
And of communities that get along.

It’s the power of empathy that fuels
The compassion that inspires and rules
The actions of those who honor and respect,
And who bring to others the love we all expect.

So let’s cultivate empathy in our lives,
And strive to honor and respect, to thrive,
In a world that’s kind and fair, and true,
Where empathy is the golden rule.

5. Definition of Life

       by Chandan Chatterjee

Life is an equation,
The two sides of it needs to be equal.
Life is a poem,
There must be a rhythm from beginning to end.
Life is a history,
There needs to be a truce between wars.
Life is a novel
Various accidents & events need to appear frequently.
Life is a music,
There needs to be a melody.
Life is a game,
Players need to behave with a sportsman spirit.

Life is a fair,
Where all races, religions, castes, needs to be present.

Life is a religion,
That needs to show respect to the people of other religions.
Life is a sunset,
That Needs to wait for new sunrise.
Life is an expectation,
It takes strong morale to meet.
Life is a dream,
It takes hard work to implement.
Life is an open letter,
Every word needs to have the right meaning.
Life is a secret,
That should be kept in to heart.
Life is a truth,
For which everything needs to be given up.
Life is a difficult reality,
That Needs to stand straight in front.
Life is a self-respect
For the spine needs to be stiff.

Life is a mistake,
We need to learn from it for the future.
Life is a road,
That Needs to run non-stop.
Life is a sorrow,
For which you just need to consume the suffering.
Life is a happiness,
Which needs to be shared with everyone.
Life is a promise,
The partner needs to be kept with you at all times.

Therefore, human life is rare,
Dedicate this life to the service of living beings.

6. Respect

       by William Worthless

if we have respect then we have our pride
happy and content with our self inside
have respect for life in everything you do
life will do the same give respect to you.

have respect for others of each and every race
each and everywhere respect it has its place
something we can give something we can share
show respect for others each and everywhere

7. Respect the Territory

       by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

We are not the same human,
as we get experienced,
day by day nonstop,
and we are not stagnant,
but flowing with the current,
holding hand to hand,
collecting memories of,
new relationship,
forgetting the old,
hurt and be hurt,
happy and let others to be happy.

at certain part of our life,
our sweet presence,
may become unnecessary,
to the loved ones,
so we have to pick up,
the courage and wisdom,
to draw the gentle demarcation,
where everyone will be the king and queen,
in their own territory.

8. The Prophet Speak about Respect People of the World

       by Dennis Gunsteen

when one love he give respect
to other.
walk with peace in your heart,
help people in life showing respect.
caring for all your brother and sister,
of this world.is respecting them for
who they are in life.
caring for the children of this world.
is showing respect.
stop the hate in our hearts is showing
is show respect that we care.
give a woman the tool to educate is showing
respect to help her family in life.
share the love peace to the world
is true respect in life.

Poems about Respect and Loyalty

Respect and loyalty go hand in hand. Poems about respect and loyalty explore the importance of being considerate and supportive towards those we care about and the benefits of such behaviors in building strong relationships.

1. Respect and Loyalty

       by Aston Marley

One love will keep us together, but loyalty will keep us united forever. The journey out of the pit of hell is hot and painful, only the strong will make it through, respect nature and preserve her beauty; always remember that the love of mother nature nourish humanity.

Humility is a virtue that open the atmosphere of love and friendship, money may make the world go round, but the humble ones always find their way around tough situations. Respect wisdom with the spirit of serenity, and remain loyal to those who stay with you during tough time.

The world is not a crazy place, but injustice and crime are the evil tormenting humanity, honour those who deserve to be honour and don’t bite the hand that feed you. Don’t be too proud of your accomplishments, never let success get into your head. Shower those that motivate you to the podium of success with respect and loyalty.

2. Trust, Loyalty and Respect

       by Anonymous

Trust, loyalty and respect
To get one, you have to be lucky enough
Just be real, inspiring and worth it
You will get it now matter, how much it’s tough!

Always remember my words
Trust is always gained
Respect is always earned
Loyalty is always returned!

Loyalty is built on trust
Trust is gained with respect
Life can be beautiful
If in your life you have such setup!

Once respect is lost
Trust remains no more
Loyalty is killed
Life becomes an empty chore!

Value those who show you these colors
Make them important in life
Never let them go away
Let their presence matter, make them stay!

Loyal people are pearls
You may not find them everywhere
Trustworthy people are less
They will take you out the life’s mess!

People who respect you
Won’t let you down
They will make you rise and shine
They will bring back your personal sunshine!

3. Humankind Loyalty

       by Anonymous

humankind is loyal to mankind
humankind is humankind loyalty
loyal is loyalty to mankind
loyalty is a honor of loyalty
loyalty is a honor of mankind
to honor loyalty is to honor mankind
respect is in honor of mankind

respect is in honor of respect
mankind respect is humankind respect
mankind respect is humankind honor
mankind respect is humankind loyalty
glory is glory of honor
glory is glory of humankind
humankind is glory of humankind

mankind glory is humankind glory
mankind is mankind glory
defeat is defeat of humankind
defeat is defeat of glory
glory defeat glory
glory honor the defeat of glory
honor, honor the defeat of honor

4. Respect and Loyalty

       by John Morony

Respect and loyalty is hard to find these days.
So I say stick by your word cause if you don’t
Then you ain’t got nothing
It’s kind of like the rules of being a crim and
Hustling. I remember years ago me and my boys
Got caught.  Instead of taking the ball up
He dobed in all of us. We got locked up for 18 months.
We did our time then stole a car
Done a drive by
Just to let him know we finished
Our time.
Bad news for u
It’s time.

Poems about Respect and Kindness

Kindness is a natural expression of respect. Poems about respect and kindness showcase the positive impact that kind behavior can have on ourselves and others, fostering empathy, compassion, and understanding.

1. With Respect and Kindness

       by Edward Kofi Louis

Be in the dark to watch someone in the light;
Before you make your move.

Lost in the bush of love! !
And, searching your way through;
But the evil one always fight against the truth with lies.

Motivate yourself with the works of peace and,
Express your love to all mankind;
With respect and kindness.

Soft touch,
But, hatred leads to war and the destruction of the earth;
So, do the right thing with your mind.

2. A Lesson in Self Respect

       by Ted Sheridan

Nobody gives a damn about you
Until you pick up a gun or strap on a bomb
And kill someone with your version of kindness
Nobody gives a damn about you
Until you have a couple too many drinks
Get behind the wheel of your SUV
And kill someone with your version of having fun
Nobody gives a damn about you
Until you call someone a Honky or a Nigger
And kill someone with your version of the truth
Nobody gives a damn about you
Until you learn to give a damn about yourself

3. Kindness – The Anaphora

       by Dorian Petersen Potter

Kindness is to show you care in any way
Kindness is giving something unselfishly
Kindness is to show respect to anyone we meet or know
Kindness is showing compassion when someone needs it to
Kindness is giving a sincere smile
Kindness is loving and caring for others
Kindness is saying a kind word or two
Kindness is being nice to each other
Kindness is not being rude to anyone
Kindness is spreading God’s love to all.

4. Respect and Kindness is the Way

       by Constance La France

I look at all people with value and significance and respect,
it does not matter if they are a friend or a beggar on the street:
or a food charity person, no matter what, they are fellow humans,
I never consider them irrelevant, or not important, or a threat;
and would never talk down to them, demean, or belittle,
or be condescending, this is what God wants me to do!

I will never judge others for what has happened in their life,
for my own journey has not been easy so I understand:
there are pitfalls and detours, there is grief, sadness, illness,
fear and worry to overcome, I found the strength and courage;
to move forward and heal my life, I care not about a person’s,
appearance, gender, race, age, this is what Gods wants of me!

I embrace the spirit of God and the human spirit each day,
and follow God’s path of love in daily life, and of kindness:
to each person I interact with on my journey, its simple to do,
just treat each person with respect, it will make you happy;
your own life will be improved, as the old proverb says,
“Respect Begets Respect,” this is what God wants me to do!

My unique way is with tranquility, serenity and calm,
I have taught myself to let go of judgement and anger:
my tools are prayers, meditation, intentions, commitments,
being thankful, mindful, and embracing that things change;
nothing stays the same, there is always hope for better days,
and if my words can change a life, then God has taught me well!

5. Respect

       by Storm Raven

Respect for everyone on here who acts so sweet,
Little acts of kindness everywhere,
Intelligent poetry and clever comments,
Supportive people and sometimes a kind private message.
Being on here restores my faith in humanity.
The people on here are beautiful, all in their own way.
Never I will say without flaws, we are all humans here.
No, we aren’t without flaws, that us the best part, we accept each other’s flaws.
Respect for everyone here who votes on my poetry.
I am happy with people like you.
And the nice comments on here, on my works and on the works of others, I am proud to be part of this community.
And to anyone who send me kind private messages, you are the best.
Respect for everyone on here, first of all for being human beings.
Secondly because you being so wonderful.
Respect and thank you

6. First Friends

       by Tim Smith

Magical memories etched into time
looking at life through innocent eyes
laughter and giggles are reminders to us
to cherish the moments, sit back there’s no rush

Incredible journey’s are about to take place
soon they’ll be off bringing tears to this face
First friendships are molded from what young ones see
God’s little soldiers are about to be set free

Teach them good values, kindness and trust
love and humility of course, respect is a must
show them with actions let feelings shine through
and never forget to say I love you

The roses are blooming, there are geese in the lake
Invite them to nature and special memories make

7. Respect

       by Classy J

Man why is so hard for people to acknowledge me,
why is it so hard to say thank you every now and then.
I don’t want some brass ring and a parade,
I just want two simple words, “thank you”.
Respect is earned not taken, same as anything else,
its the untold law in society.
Why don’t we appreciate other people,
a lot of them had to sacrifice a lot to accomplish something.
Respect is not given easily,
it is not something that is bought,
for the people who say they respect you
really just want your money or something else.
That is not true respect, respect comes from hardships
but sometimes it is not, sometimes
it’s through acts of kindness, sometimes
it’s doing the extra. Respect can be two simple words, “thank you”.

Poems about Respect in a Relationship

Respect is an essential ingredient for healthy and happy relationships. Poems about respect in a relationship explore the role of respect in fostering mutual understanding, trust, and love between partners.

1. Respect in Relationship

       by Djemoi Talbi

Playing with my heart and my dreams
Like the wind plays with a feather
Fake now, that’s the way it seems
All the souvenirs we had together

What do we had summed up; the love of lovers
Trust of friends and the security of a father
We had all what a relationship, between two, could gather
“Respect is the most important ingredient in the recipe of lovers”
An old say from my dear, old mother

Any kind of relation needs it, friendship
Or fraternity; It’s the glue that holds all of them together
Anyone needs it to hold and forge his relationship
With the one whom he wants to call my lover

2. Forever Loved

       by Brenda Meier-Hans

You could never be mad at me
Wise old man whom my heart could see
You were there when I needed you
Just a young child so full of life
Causing many an adult strife
If I lied you could see right through
You could never be mad at me
Wise old man whom my heart could see

Because of you I changed my ways
Have respect till my dying days
You were there when I needed you
If I lied you could see right through
You could never be mad at me
Wise old man whom my heart could see

3. Taming the Tongue

       by Nsikak Andrew

The Book of Proverbs has alighted to us
what the tongue is and what it is capable
of accomplishing if we fail
within our wisdom to tame it down.
Now, if I may ask, who is more vulnerable
with the use of the tongue, the man or woman?

Actually, I am not here to judge
who among the two is but rather would say;
let the thought in you, direct your answers.
And if you are guilty of it,
this is the time to make amend
and bring back the unconditional love
that clears the mind of those little hurts
which the tongue contributed to
and makes the heart feels regret each time
it raises its ugly head in your relationship.

Mutual respect is the bottom word
to make our relationship the best it should be.
To get the best, you must give the best.
Always make it a point of duty within your heart
that you will give the best and be the best
no matter the challenges that come your way.

4. Beautiful Us

       by Monica Jeevan

Sweetheart, have you ever thought about how beautiful our relationship is?

I wonder if it is possible for couples to be like us
So open to each other
Having nothing to hide
No fear but only respect for each other
Accepting unconditionally
Loving without a break
Anger that vanishes in a kiss, sometimes in just a touch
Expressing love even when there is no understanding
Trust to the core
Enjoying the togetherness
Encouraging the uniqueness
Desiring to live long together
So playful
So naughty
So cute
So loving
So caring
So romantic
Never I
Always US.

Maybe it’s because of the path our relationship had taken
Genuine affection drew us to each other
We respected each other
Friendship took over and made our bond stronger
We loved each other’s company,
Had no expectations from each other
Our respect and friendship paved way to trust
Trust made us share our secrets, our real selves
By sharing, we exchanged our hearts, our lives
And our love
And God blessed and approved our love
Because He had made us for each other.

Our love is a mixture of all relationships… which makes us so unique.

Darling, we are so beautiful!

5. Respect, Respect Me

       by Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Respect, respect me, I say
In every single way
Respect me day by day

Don’t put me down
When we are out and about with people around
Playing me like a fool
Portraying me as one who never went to school

Respect me sweet heart
Till life sets us apart

Respect my needs
Listen and take heed

Respect to me is what means love
And not those commonly spoken words,
‘I love you’

To respect me is to publicly and privately honour me
To respect me is to listen attentively while I speak
To respect me is to bread and butter my desire to be free
To respect me is to stand by me when I am weak

Look up! Look up to me!
I may not be perfect
Nor a genius of an intellect
Respect, respect me & our love will stand erect!

6. Choose Your Words

       by Nsikak Andrew

Choose your words and make them pleasant
to the ear that hears them.
The bottom line is to converse in a mature way.
People will take you seriously
when you talk to them with respect.
Nobody wants to be treated like a fool.

To talk as if such a person has no value.
Everyone puts value on his/her person.
We all carried our egos with pride.
And our emotional feeling,
we seek to protect with awesome pride.

The best way you can make anyone bow
and follow your leading to treat
such a person with tender loving care.

7. Outcome of Wrong Words

       by Nsikak Andrew

What actually brings about envy
and strife is our boastful nature.
The product of this is nothing but our tongue.
Guide your tongue in every step of life you find yourself.

Please do yourself this favour,
never allow your tongue to control your thoughts.
And please do not look down on anyone.
Whatever position you are in,
remember you are not the first to get there.

Treat everyone around you with respect
that is the only way you will gain their trust.
Brave up for the challenges of life.
And do not let any slightest provocation,
makes you become uncontrollable
with the words that come out of your mouth.

Poems about Respect and Appreciation

Appreciation is the natural result of respectful behavior. Poems about respect and appreciation celebrate the positive impact that respectful actions can have on others, inspiring gratitude, joy, and connection.

1. Respect and Appreciation

       by Bida

Both these actions
Hand in hand go
Of joy and sadness
Add to the flow

One who does
Earn respect
Human is the
One to select

Respect is driven
By the love
Feeling that is
Everything above

Love and respect
Makes on appreciate
One and the qualities
To evert time state

For these both
All do desire
And to eliminate
All insulting satire

2. Respect – Appreciation

       by Anonymous

The clip on my folder has finally cracked
From all the paper that’s been stacked

All the paper piling up on top
My mind has unwaveringly become an emotional shop
A pivotal moment of a significant heart beat that can’t stop.

An influential mind of days’ nights and time

Running free of feeling and thought
Of integrity and dignity that can’t be bought

Not a cheap bargain that’s for sale
There’s no price tag on these tall tales


As you scan




The screen reads decline
I’m sorry sir, madam if I sound out of line
They say that’s okay its fine

We understand
We have a mind that can comprehend
It’s just that we have a strong love for your written hand

I say here then take a copy for nothing
You have given me more than something

Your respect I take willingly

Far more worth than money.

3. We Are Borrowed

       by Caren Krutsinger

Death usually brings her own rewards.
More hugging and clutching,
More appreciation,
More reverence,
More laughter.
More respect.
In some ways,
It is the best
Time to love,
A reminder
That we
Are all
But we
Have to
Be returned.

4. Everything You Do

       by Anonymous

I appreciate everything that you do,
Very helpful and thoughtful too.
From the beginning, you’ve been there for me,
When I was down, you were strong like a tree.

You offer so much, a heart that is kind,
Thinking to help others, in your beautiful mind.
Your qualities combined, are extremely rare,
You wake up each morning, with a smile and care.

Everything you do, I respect and praise,
You’re a wonderful person, you always amaze.
Wish to say thank you, deep in my heart,
For so many lives, you’re a big part.

5. Gratefulness in Honor and Respect

       by Anonymous

Gratitude is a powerful force
In honor and respect, it’s the source
For recognizing those who make us whole
And the value of each living soul

Honor is a badge we wear
To show our reverence and care
For those who have gone before
And paved the way to something more

Respect is a gift we give
To all who live and let live
It’s the way we treat each other
As sisters and brothers

Gratitude is the key
To unlocking honor and respect, you see
For when we’re grateful for each other
We show respect and honor like no other

We honor those who have passed on
Their legacy lives forever on
Their lessons we carry in our hearts
And from them, we will never part

We respect those who stand tall
Who bravely answer the call
To make the world a better place
And strive to live with honor and grace

We show gratitude for those who love
Who support us when push comes to shove
For those who help us in our time of need
And teach us how to live, love, and succeed

Gratefulness is at the core
Of honor and respect, we cannot ignore
For when we’re grateful, we show our love
To all those around and above

So let us practice gratitude each day
And honor and respect will be our way
To show the world what love can do
And make the world a brighter hue.

6. Thank You

       by Anonymous

You have been there from the very start,
Took care of me, gave me your heart.
Thank you so much, for believing in me,
You gave me everything, the sky and the sea.

I have been blessed with parent(s) so kind,
When I made mistakes, you didn’t mind.
What I’m trying to really express,
Without you, I would have been less.

Thank you for teaching me how to live,
How to love others, and to forgive.
Thank you so much for being my light,
Because of you, my future is bright.

Poems about Respect for Yourself

Respect for oneself is the foundation of all other forms of respect. Self-respect poetry for yourself explores the importance of self-love, self-care, and self-compassion in promoting well-being and personal growth.

1. Respect Yourself

       by Eric Cockrell

respect yourself!
don’t sell your time
too cheaply.
don’t live for possessions.
don’t give yourself
to anyone you don’t love.
don’t try to be
like everyone else.
don’t settle!

don’t always follow…
ask questions!
feel free to doubt!
don’t blame your life
on anyone else.
take responsibility
for yourself.

2. Self-Respect

       by Ananya Pandey

Self-respect is ours
And ours alone
But, when weakened
It can, easily, be undone
Self-respect is a quality
We should all cherish
It should be nurtured and made to flourish
Self-respect is one of life’s basic, human needs
It’s what drives us and helps us to succeed
Self-respect creates ambition, motivation, and drive
It’s a key ingredient in making us thrive
Self-respect inspires us to achieve our goals
It gives us strength and feeds our very souls
Self-respect is a chief factor in a successful life
It stregthens us when faced with pain and strife
Self-respect sharpens our judgement
It builds our confidence and is, often, apparent
Self-respect can, often, inspire the same in others
It’s the reason we may all, have our druthers
Self-respect can, sometimes, be misunderstood
It should reflect, in us, all that is good
Self-respect should always be admired
For, it is a trait, not easily aquired.

3. Address Unknown

       by Cindy Thompson

Still searching for my permanent address,
seeking where I really live, fit in.
Suspended between life’s already-happened
and soon-to-be-memories moments.
Longing for a white-picket-fenced home,
landscaped in self-trust, self-respect,
with room for a full-of-love heart.
Instead, I discover a crumbling castle,
mossy, dank dungeon of the mind
imprisons me.
The jagged nettles of cruel abuse
doled out by my dark thoughts
pierce my soul.
Spirit sapped, barely staying alive.
Hope, in one tiny sliver of daylight
in the cracked castle wall,
penetrates the darkness.
When push comes to shove,
will there be enough shove left in me
to rise above,
to finally reside in happily-ever-after?
My choice.

4. Self Respect

       by J James McLain

In the depths of the soul, a precious treasure lies,
A beacon of light that never truly dies.
It’s the essence of strength, a flame burning bright,
A testament to one’s worth, an unwavering might.

Self-respect, a virtue held dear,
A cornerstone of life, crystal clear.
With every step taken, head held high,
The heart whispers a resolute sigh.

No longer defined by others’ cruel gaze,
No longer entrapped in society’s maze,
For within, a knowing, a sacred flame,
A self-assured spirit, forever untamed.

In the face of adversity, a resilient stance,
A dignified bearing, a confident dance.
Boundaries set, firmly etched in stone,
No compromise on values, one’s truest tone.

For self-respect demands a gentle care,
Nurturing the soul, tending with love and flair.
Embracing flaws, accepting imperfection,
Forging a path to authentic reflection.

It’s finding solace in one’s own embrace,
Celebrating uniqueness, no need to chase
The approval of others, for deep inside,
Lies a treasure trove, a wellspring of pride.

Self-respect is the armor, a shield in strife,
Empowering the spirit to embrace life.
With reverence for self, we learn to believe,
That we’re deserving of love, and yes, we can achieve.

So let self-respect be our guiding light,
A beacon that shines through darkest night.
In its gentle embrace, we find our way,
To a life of purpose, each and every day.

5. Forgive Yourself

       by Jenny

Its easy to forgive the faults and failings of our friends
For love makes it so simple -if some word or deed offends
We try to understand them- for we know the inside out
And if we love them very much we cannot blame or doubt …
Its just a little harder to forgive an enemy, or someone who has censured us or done an injury
Its hard to overlook it and be loving, sweet and kind, although we know we’ve got to, to preserve our peace of mind…..
But to forgive yourself!
why, that’s the hardest thing of all
We all do things that we regret, the strongest sometimes fall
We call ourselves all sorts of names, how angry we can get with self-reproach and worrying and useless, vain regret….
Yet when we whip ourselves like this, we break our forces down, it robs us of our self-respect, turns smiles into a frown …..
If God forgives us surely there is nothing we can do
We’ve seen our fault and paid the price and learnt the lesson too….
So banish it this very day and cast it from your heart
Forgive yourself, forgive yourself and make another start.

6. Self Respect

       by Nengovhela Murendeni

Self respect is self love
Self respect provoke love for others

Self respect is GOD respect
Self respect is self norishing
Self respect is self control

Respect and love
Respect and praise
Respect and join
Respect and rejoyce
Respect and cellebrate
Respect and enjoy
For the love of god is respect.

7. Revolve

       by Shahanaz M Meera

I revolve
around the dreams I see
every morning, when my eyes are open,
when the chances are fading,
still, I revolve.

For this is destiny,
or fate, both of which
I face with no regret,
the stars above the sky
the volcano in the core
I revolve, still my aim won’t spin.

I revolve
with conversations entangling,
suffocations retreating
self-respect armed with weapons
somewhere down the lane
I fear no more,
I revolve,
I revolve.

8. Unconditional Self-Regard

       by Gerald Dillenbeck

Opportunities to rest
in unconditional self-regard
also present risks
of unmitigated narcissism.

While self-respect
is my prerequisite
for pursuing resonant win/win integrity’s
full bodied potential savor

MeWe co-passion
for EgoSelf
as also part of
sacred EcoOther
co-arises global
regard for healthy life
over harmful death
and all conscious
curious creatures
in-between Alpha
and Omega
great transitions.

Ego wealth of self/other compassion
values love
above all else,
although perhaps more could be said
for an unconditionally regarded
sense of humor,

Ego/EcoSystemic joyful
resilient compassion
remains cooperatively therapeutic
powering through competitive
narcissistic trauma histories

Of win/lose closeted
what was originally intended
to express warm unconditional regard
for oneself
as part of cherished Other

(not bipolar)
co-arising regard
co-gravitating toward
a shared sense of healthy humor

Which is a loving fruit
of the Holy Spirit
the serious narcissist lacks
in his dominating patriarchal

Of unconditional
LeftBrain prominently learned
for empowering cooperatively curious
and warm
and enlightened joyful
bipartisan caring co-relationships

means compassionate
unconditional Me-and-We
integrally cooperative regard

For opportunities to rest
in unconditional self-regard
despite past
and present
and future risks
of unmitigated
LeftBrain monopolizing
snarky narcissism.

9. Dash

       by Emanuel

Here’s the interpretation of gospel rap
Sent through the lens of this lad’s perspective
Not as fast as the next kid, but not slow either
I find myself balanced but I have my flaws

Most geniuses have motivation, you hit the head on the head
I think my problem is self-respect
Always trying to prove, always trying to get
The realization is, the present is
What more do we need than this

Final Thoughts

Respect is an essential aspect of human relationships and life in general.

Through the power of poetry, we can explore and express the depth of our understanding and appreciation for this important virtue.

Whether it’s through famous works or our own personal creations, poems about respect can inspire us to be more considerate, thoughtful, and compassionate towards others and ourselves.

We hope this collection of poems for respect has provided insight into the different ways that respect can be celebrated through poetry.

We would love it if you share your thoughts and favorite poems about respect in the comments section below.

Let’s continue to spread the message of respect through the beauty of language and poetry.

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