60 Poems about Conflict to Learn to Cherish the Peace in Life

Conflict is an inevitable part of human life, whether it be in relationships, society, or within oneself.

It can be painful, divisive, and destructive but can also lead to growth, understanding, and positive change.

Through poetry, writers have expressed their experiences and emotions surrounding conflict and provided insight and wisdom on overcoming it.

In this collection of poems about conflict, we will explore a variety of styles and themes, from humorous to heart-wrenching, from war to self-reflection, all with the goal of reminding us to cherish the peace in our lives.

So let’s read these conflict poems!

Famous Poems about Conflict

These famous conflict poems provide a glimpse into the harsh realities of war, injustice, and oppression, as well as the resilience and bravery of those who fight against them.

1. Spill

       by Mlewy

she pours out syllables
like gumballs from a jar,
and they recklessly spill
in their bawdy excess,
unheard, indigestible, untidy, unfettered,
he stares— first at her left eyebrow,
studying its high arch
and slight quiver when her volume rises,
Then, her dancing bottom lip,
the strobe light flash of white teeth,
and the mysterious hollow of her neck
then, finally at his own folded hands…
resolute in their unity,
resting heavily on the table.
and when she is finally sated,
she turns to him,
and in her silence
feels exposed, found out, vulnerable, and small,
excruciating silence, broken by an accusation,
“but you didn’t say, when!”

2. Blessings in Conflict and Chaos

       by Sherry Anne

born of fire and ice
my astrology chart
one of opposites
a blessing or curse?

hissing white smoke
as lava reaches the bay
molten rock transforming
’til surging water is still

inner self erupts
in conflict and chaos
nobody sees pain
behind soft brown eyes

decades to confront
demons of fire and ice
nobody’s a winner
left only a sinner

irony of struggle
is to grow stronger
to overcome the earth
and fly much further

when fire meets ice
hell freezes solid
scarlet flowers blossom
singing sweetly in the wind

3. In Plain Sight

       by Anonymous

Teaming with life
The agency the powers that are within
The secret sauce the flaws
And contradictions
That appear
Only everywhere

It is this thing
That we all see
Within us
Splitting ourselves into
Dubious sectors of love and hate
And all the while prancing about in this year’s premiere whatever

4. Tiger and Elephant

       by James McIntyre

On Ganges banks roams the tiger,
And lion rules by the Niger,
Hunter heard shrill cry of peacocks,
In Indian jungles go in flocks.
And he saw tiger crouch and spring,
To crush a bird with beauteous wing,
But the tiger missed his aim,
And he hung his head with shame.
Then there came a mighty crush,
Of elephants rush through the bush,
The tiger cat-like crouched on ground,
And elephants rushed in with bound.
In front was baby elephant,
To crush its bones did tiger want,
But mother saw fierce forest ranger,
And she gave a cry of danger.
Leader of herd he madly rushed,
Resolved the tiger should be crushed,
But tiger strove to run away,
Willing to relinquish prey.
But when he found that he must fight,
On elephant’s back he strove to light,
But elephant struck him with his foot,
And then with tusks he did him root.
So now once more must praise be sung;
To beasts who nobly fight for young,
And grateful feelings were now stirred,
Towards the leader of the herd.

5. Dilemmas & Melancholy

       by Kiesha Noviss

To be giddy and brittle
To be completely dull within
To feel as though you’re belittled
To be unsure about your kins

I thought I was certain that we would remain
So dense and mindless with nothing in vain
But now we have such heavy hearts
We fight with anger, no longer in art

To have thoughts so shrill
To have the wounds cutting deeper
Day by day we wilt
The previous road paved grows steeper

I thought I was certain that we would be fine
Perhaps they’d be punished for all their crimes
Though nothing awaits but a future unclear
A regression of hope is all that is linear

6. Estranged

       by Freeman E. Miller

Though far apart, my darling, side by side
We wander still and our fond yearnings meet,
As when our hearts with highest raptures beat
Before our footsteps trod the paths of pride;
Our close companionship hath never died;
True love and trust are always fair and sweet,
And time from life’s best hopes can never hide
A kindred soul that made its own complete!
So thou, dear one, shalt come once more to me,
The sweeter grown for all thy years of pain;
My longing arms shall open wide for thee,
And thou shalt nestle on my breast again;
Then perfect love shall richly crown the years,
And both be better for our griefs and tears.

7. At Her Prime

       by Anonymous

She lifts her sorrowful hand.
Slow clouds rise and cover,
Slightly shadowing her light.
Fingers separate.
A light above seeps in through the gaps.
They creep onto her skin,
and are shifted through her hair.
Eyelashes dance on closed eyelids.
Inside this head,
The clouds have now entered,
Decisions broken and intertwined.
Who is she,
That bends at the knees at charming eyes,
And claims she knows her worth.
At her prime, yet always on edge,
Waiting for something that is yet to come.
Fingers close.
This deceiving light is blocked.
The light flees,
And her hand lowers.

Modern Poems about Conflict

These poems offer a fresh take on familiar topics, such as political divisions and personal turmoil, and showcase the power of language to express complex emotions and ideas.

1. Dear Friend on the Other Side

       by Evangeline Faith

Dear friend on the other side,
I’ve pondered what You crave;
You seek the fuel of a poised purpose,
Even if You have to adjoin the shrubs.
Though the dirt doesn’t flatter your snobbish guise.
Perhaps You should drown in your tub of snot.

Dear friend on the other side,
Glass sits squished between our faces.
I wonder how long until a fist abuts it:
Offering condolences to your spite.

Dear friend on the other side,
What a powdery shell You are wearing.
I wonder how long until a tear pollutes it:
Defiling, as it was ordained to do.

Dear friend on the other side,
Molten canteens burn our throat and brain,
I wonder if the rainbow shined on our glass is real,
Refuting all of our hands’ assumptions.

Dear friend on the other side,
Why do I have to be You?

2. Cessation of Galvanic Response

       by Anonymous

Friend of mine-
Face, mask, bone, cartilage,
Network of soft tissue and muscle memory,
Electrical impulses, ancestral instincts,
I see you, bathed in my own shadows, writhing.

Haven of mine-
How I’ve hurt, and fought, to see you,
The pocket dimension of my own consciousness,
Flirting with hallucinations, coy suggestions of delusion,
A vivid dream within Mobius strip reality and recollection.

I feel so much, yet so little.
Frostbite, hot air balloon, clinical assessment,
The tingling of circulation in my fingertips,
Vision in the fog, television snow, radio hiss,
Fingerprints smeared over a camera lens.

I feel, therefore I am,
Viscera in knots, electrification of the nerve,
Primordial communication, faulty data storage,
When’s the last time you trusted your own eyes?
What makes your memories yours?

Oh, my friend, my defibrillator,
Morse code through the blizzard,
If I could only trust with confidence,
Because when I claim to, I’m actually showing you
The cessation of galvanic response.

3. Lies that Make Us Hate the World

       by Michael Wright

Surrounded by media that tells us lies,
Confused, we do not know what to believe.
From different sources these lies arise.

So, we argue with anger in our eyes,
Spouting off the falsehoods that we receive,
Surrounded by media that tells us lies.

In our opinion we think we are wise,
From the propaganda to which we cleave.
From different sources these lies arise.

With disgust, we ask what’s wrong with you guys,
To former friends, who look at us and grieve.
Surrounded by media that tells us lies.

Now, it may come to you as a surprise,
That you can find honest news to retrieve.
From trustworthy sources, true facts arise.

So, wake up. We should now all realize,
Much of what we hear is meant to deceive.
Surrounded by media that tells us lies,
From trustworthy sources, true facts arise.

4. Acid Rain

       by Mlewy

You words fall on me like acid rain,
caustic, unfettered, prolific,
They fall and fall and fall,
seeping into my belly—now corrosive,
rendering me speechless—
my personal silent spring,
This songbird throat
has been made mute

It’s only after you turn away,
Leave in a cloud
of adrenaline and cortisol
that my tears fall and fall and fall,
stinging my cheeks,
blurring my vision,
thunder echoing in my ears,
lightning flashing behind my eyes,
this acid rain
could take down the Acropolis

5. House of Many Mirrors

       by Anonymous

I grew up in a house with many mirrors.
So how could my reflection be so unclear?

Rare it was to enter a room
without many faces staring back.
Catching each angle and every move,
yet my perception is full of cracks.

They say there’s more to what I see,
and why I feel the way I do.
That the flesh is deceiving-
dig deeper for your truth.

Your conscience is actually strings pulled
by something all-knowing and divine.
Your desires are whispers of temptation
from someone deep below.

Don’t worry yourself by wondering
if any thoughts are truly your own.

Why do you feel so sour,
why clash with the blades coming ’round?
Don’t be so defensive,
and second-guess your intentions;
the problem is probably you,
deep down.

Be weary of tricks from the light,
scour for specs of dust.
Don’t worry that all of this scrubbing
can leave behind more rust.

But maybe, just maybe,
there are no evil layers buried deep inside.
Perhaps an occasional glance and smile,
and gentle cleanse can suffice.

Funny Poems about Conflict

These interesting poems about conflict offer a playful reminder that conflict can be resolved through laughter and understanding and that sometimes, the best way to defuse a tense situation is to find humor in it.

1. Why People Lie

       by PJ Gongora

Some people lie for no reason at all
While many lie with a great reasoning
Most lie to safeguard and be saved from fall
Others let themselves be blamed for speaking.

Few lie for a good acceptable cause
And many just construct a cause to lie
Its not always the flip side of truth’s pause
Sometimes a lie stands on its own clean tie.

For lying is a complex social act
More than a habit but a human trait
To be a well functional artefact
Protecting expectations truth can’t wait.

Lies cover up another truth to suit
Or made to create a new set of truth.

2. Not Relishing Cake

       by Jan Allison

My baker’s commissioned to bake
A huge cow shaped iced wedding cake
The groom is a farmer
He sure is a charmer
Its design could lead to heartbreak

When the bride saw the cake how she cried
Her traditional cake was denied
She screamed at the groom
Get out of this room
Then she plunged the knife in the cow’s side

3. My Bedroom

       by Jan Allison

Daddy look at this place
Mommy said it’s a disgrace
cos nothing’s in the right place
the floor’s an obstacle race
and my best book on space
isn’t in the book case

BUT my kid sister Grace
is lurking on the staircase
she’s got a grin on her face –
That smile I’d like to erase!

Daddy I can only assume
she’s been in my bedroom
As she can now reach the door
Daddy I’ve warned her before
One day there’s gonna be war!

Daddy just hear my plea
Please please give me a key
Then I can lock my sister out
And then mommy won’t shout…
At me!

4. The Valley of Indecision

       by Michael Wise

Lost in the valley of indecision
Forever caught between here and there
My mind is divided, my soul is torn
And monstrous phantoms are everywhere

There’s neither light, nor is there darkness
Here in this barren oasis of grey
Trapped somewhere in between questions and answers
Groping and grasping to find my way

I’ll lose my mind if I go on performing
This balancing act between madness and death
A stand is needed for yea or for nay
Or else very soon I may draw my last breath

Deciding that I cannot make a decision
Embracing the madness instead of this yoke
The phantoms encroaching, I suddenly jumped up
And out of this horrible nightmare I woke

5. Bully Me Sure

       by Jerry T Curtis

If you want to bully me, you’d better stand in line
And I’ll warn you right up front, it’s gonna to take some time
It’s really not my fault, cause it’s nothing that I do
The way that I attract every loser just like you

6. Big-frowned Scarecrow

       by Isaiah Zerbst

Amid Hopping mad, Billy glares through a port
at what foes seem to think is such sport.
Frown for frown, glare for glare,
scarecrow raises his hair.
He laughed yet while his foes took the fort!

Short Poems about Conflict

These short poetries about conflict demonstrate that brevity can be just as effective as length when it comes to capturing the essence of conflict and its aftermath.

1. From Rocket to Little Town

       by Abdulhafeez Oyewole

There once was a knight from Rocket town
Who lured and let his amour men down
But on a night not too young
Nemesis caught up with Doung
When his archers incursed Little town.

2. A Live Wire

       by Anonymous

I did not know—so awkward I,
So fumbling in my speech—
That I had touched a quivering nerve
No man might safely reach.
A burst, a flash, a deadly blow,
A friendship numb for aye,
What other end may one expect,
If one with lightnings play?

3. This is no Fairytale

       by Lightning McQueen

This is No Fairytale
This is No Fairytale
Night has befallen,
The dark, our friend.
No one can stop me,
I’ll thrive ’till the end.
Pulling triggers,
waving swords,
No melody out here
has harmonious chords.

4. The Discourse

       by Anonymous

He “cleared the way” remorselessly,
This conscientious bore,
Removing misconceptions—
Which were not there before,
He met objections skilfully—
That no one ever made;
He waged a war with men of straw,
And did not seem afraid.
And thus he led, by crafty steps,
To one triumphant burst,
Convincingly demonstrating—
What all believed at first.

5. The Cost of Freedom

       by Anonymous

The cost of freedom is incalculable.
The loss of life and limb,
the fatherless, motherless, and childless families,
the mental injury that never heals.
And included in the price we pay:
the double-speak of politicians,
the obscene profits of arms dealers,
the fabricated gloss of history books
and the knowledge that our freedom
will be gambled with, and prostituted, again and again.

Long Poems about Conflict

These long poetries about conflict offer a more in-depth exploration of the emotional and psychological toll of conflict and remind us of the importance of perseverance and empathy.

1. The Issue

       by Kathryn Madlinger

There is a girl
She was friends with someone
That someone became friends with my friend
And then we were linked

I didn’t know what to think
She seemed a bit off
But my friends were friends with her
So she couldn’t be that bad

She was that bad

At first we bonded, and she shared experiences
And I shared with her my sadness
And we empathized for each other
But she wasn’t that nice

After that experience, we found the truth
She was a liar
A cheater
And worst of all, demanded attention

She lied to my friend about something serious
And then pretended to cry when she was confronted

She copies my friend’s homework,
And all of her clothes style.

She demands respect, but won’t respect anyone
She demands attention but won’t pay attention to anyone
She’ll slap you if you tap her
She’ll cry if you walk behind her

She becomes super nosy and doesn’t know when to quit
And doesn’t understand boundaries
But there’s another half
That makes it all worse

She doesn’t seem to realize
How horrible she is
And we only don’t abandon her
Because everyone else has

She’d be all alone without us
And we wouldn’t do that to anyone
But she is so frustrating
And horrible of a person

She bigs up a bruise
And insists on going to the nurse for a cast
She talks about inappropriate things she shouldn’t know
And laughs.

She once accidentally touched me inappropriately
And out of shock I said she did
And she looked at me with disgust and anger, and said,
“God, I didn’t mean to, no need to be so sensitive”

I sort of feel like I can be sensitive when she accidentally gropes me

How do I deal with her
There’s no good way
I leave this year, but my other friend doesn’t
And then they’ll be stuck all alone together.

I realize though
She’s changing
She is sometimes bad,
But sometimes better

We don’t just keep her out of pity
We hope that she’ll get better
Sometimes she is amazing
Sometimes she’s bad though

It’s quite an issue.

2. The Nightingale and the Glow-worm

       by William Cowper

A Nightingale, that all day long
Had cheer’d the village with his song,
Nor yet at eve his note suspended,
Nor yet when eventide was ended,
Began to feel, as well he might,
The keen demands of appetite;
When, looking eagerly around,
He spied far off, upon the ground,
A something shining in the dark,
And knew the glow-worm by his spark;
So stooping down from hawthorn top,
He thought to put him in his crop.
The worm, aware of his intent,
Harangu’d him thus, right eloquent —
Did you admire my lamp, quoth he,
As much as I your minstrelsy,
You would abhor to do me wrong,
As much as I to spoil your song;
For ’twas the self-same pow’r divine
Taught you to sing, and me to shine;
That you with music, I with light,
Might beautify and cheer the night.
The songster heard his short oration,
And, warbling out his approbation,
Releas’d him, as my story tells,
And found a supper somewhere else.

Hence jarring sectaries may learn
Their real int’rest to discern;
That brother should not war with brother,
And worry and devour each other;
But sing and shine by sweet consent,
Till life’s poor transient night is spent,
Respecting in each other’s case
The gifts of nature and of grace.

Those Christians best deserve the name
Who studiously make peace their aim;
Peace, both the duty and the prize
Of him that creeps and him that flies.

3. Transition

       by King Suspire

I’m hurting so much inside, that if a knife, pierced
my heart, it would fail to reach the depths of my pain.
Wet in the rays of the sun, dry in the copiousness
of rain.
The disdain, suffering third degree, though there are
no flames.
Ghostly figure, in the realm of no names.
Imperceptible someone else is going through the same.
Nightly nightmares, now tell me, what are dreams?
Once the devil told me, in hell everybody screams.
Disfunction, abuses, and evil deeds.
Within the womb, he planted a seed.
From which i grew, i couldn’t blossom, so i had to
grow dried with thorns.
The DNA of a tail and two horns.
What ills will my progeny inherit when their born?
The calm before the storm, the judgement after the horn.
Caterpillar to butterfly, if i could only transform.
Beauty, something all can adorn,
Forgiveness, an ability not all can perform.
From dusk til dawn, birth to mourn, right or left turn.
The sum of action equals what its earned.
Value, less than most deserve, so take heed to
the words.
All days are coming, just wait your turn.
Until then, the lesson learned.
No matter who we are, all suffer from some type of scar.
Unseen, to the world thus far.
Hidden, within the jar, with the lid screwed tight.
Eventually the glass will break, under such weight, the
beast will escape.
The thin line between love and hate.
Let it pillage, and degregate.
Revenge on the world, for not aiding an escape.
From the trauma intertwined with so many mistakes.
Rather, keep it close with a collar as you ambulate.
There’s a chance, i heard for change it’s never to late.
Arrive early and get your plate.
Nourish the mind and body to a different state.
Abate, and realize there is no fate.
Get on hands and knees, looking up, and have faith.

Poems about Conflict That Rhyme

These rhyming poems about conflict demonstrate the versatility of rhyme in capturing both the harshness and the beauty of conflict.

1. Mistake after Mistake

       by Caren Krutsinger

While the brisket was slow cooking we went to the pub
Their brisket was already done, that was the rub.
I said to my woman, can I have a bit of this grub?
That was my biggest mistake, it was a giant flub.

Although she said yes, she was pouting in a bit.
I recognized the sign of her bad side, she can be a chit.
grabbed the biggest beer I could find, and she threw a fit.
Knew now that the rest of my night was going to be full of grit.

2. I’m So Sorry

       by Bingo

Tangled emotions stir within me
As I read your message once more
A ghost from the past, wont leave me be
And yet again, my heart is unsure

You tell me you’re sorry
For the pain that you caused
A week ago, a different story
My mind won’t forget, or pause

The wound you left has cut too deep
Like the scars i carved to my skin
I fell in love, far too deep
And was finally ready to re-begin

So now I stand here, conflicted
It feels like my heart will begin to bleed
My heart is aching, torn and twisted
And I’m unsure how to proceed

I simply ask you how you are
Any response is yet to come
Your apology hit close, but from afar
But this time I will not be undone

So I thank you for the kind words
I hope that you are doing well.
But we are now in separate worlds
Rising out of love as fast as I fell

3. Sour Grapes

       by Michael Wegman

The teen’s face beamed with pride in his new car,
But Bestie exploded in jealous rage.
His reluctant congrats, a lame sidebar;
“I’d simply rather walk”— framed his outrage.

On Friday she failed the entrance exam,
Going to college, now holds no desire,
Higher education—a real flimflam,
she declared, all she’d felt now a fool’s pyre.

Excuses shirk blame—we can all decry,
Winning is fun, but losing kills yearning;
Life isn’t perfect—things do go awry,
But disparagement isn’t good learning!

Be strong and just—suck it up when you lose.
Raisins are just sour grapes—with a bruise.

4. Victory is Defeat

       by Echo Of Pretend

Would you rather resist surrender,
or surrender resistance?
Stay in the cycle; repeat offender,
ask for assistance in subsistence,

or aid of the maid, that you’ve made,
clean your filthy soul, will you evade?
Or fade, wade, or let you be displayed?
Are you afraid; can I dissuade?

Which would you prefer?
Incur a stop, or can I deter?
Where would you like to go?
Still or move, forth or back to before,
to peace or war, to the open door.

Will you close the open door,
and open a door that’s closed?
The old once-more, or simply more?
Defeat is victory, victory defeat, war.

Death is the end; a peace.
A piece of nothing; decease.
Defeated, you are victorious.
Bogged down; happy; glorious.

5. When I Close My Eyes

       by James Cottrell

When I close my eyes I see your face
Shining beautiful like summer’s grace
I see sweetness in the curve of your smile
Which lingers in my mind for a while
Yet in your eyes I see a lonely dove
Who yearns for man’s honest love
Majority of your years you’ve had so much strife
Yet you still deserve a man in your life
So break the bonds and mould the pain
For there is still much more to gain

Poems about Conflict for Children

These poems about conflict for kids are designed to help children understand and cope with conflict in a healthy and constructive way.

1. We Must Fight for Our Own

       by Hebert Logerie

We must love our own
We must fight for our own
We must love and fight for the victims
Because they’re part of our teams
We simply cannot let them suffer
We must respect their pride and candor
Under the bridge where they seek sanity
Freedom, decency, hope and better opportunities
Over the dangerous waves where they seek liberty
Men, women and children face death and controversies
All God’s children merit living in peace
All God’s children are created equal
It is the same red blood seeking justice
We all have one body, one heart and one soul
We must stand for the rights of everybody
Regardless of the color that we all see
The Sea is tired of drowning so many
The sharks are sick of devouring so many
The bombs no longer want to kill so many
The bullets are tired of piercing so many
And the flowers no longer want to be part
Of so many funerals
And it’s shameful that so many heads have no heart
Oh! Brave soldiers and poor generals
We must not love our own
We must not fight for our own

2. Please Come to My House

       by John OZEMKO

please come to my house
I have a pretty blue pool
bicycles and rabbits
there’s a lot that we can do
we can climb in the high trees
we can run round in the yard
fly kites up in heaven
past the eyes of god

we can chase squirrels and blackbirds
watch for dear and quail
taste the sunshine breezes
and race out for the mail
I know that you can’t hear me
but still I have to pray
my tears wont last forever
at least that’s what they say

please call me tomorrow
I know I will be home
my folks went to the desert
and left me all alone
I know that you can’t hear me
but still I have to pray
my tears wont last forever
at least that’s what they say

please come to my house
I have a pretty blue pool
bicycles and rabbits
there’s a lot that we can do
please call me tomorrow
I know I will be home
my folks are dead in the desert
and now I’m all alone

3. Dinner

       by Ann Foster

Dinner at the Ritz,
is too far away.
So we will have to settle,
for the kettle on the stove,
full of the fish we caught in the river nearby.

They will feed us and we will be happy.
God made that happen.

Every day the kitchen offers something new.
It is a bounty of the Lord’s grace…
and the pace
He sets for us,
is important to face.
As any day,
without Him,
is empty and tasteless.
There is no reason at all…
to move forward.

He is the salt of flavor.
He is the bread.

Poems about Conflict and War

In this section, we will explore war and conflict poems about conflict and war that capture the horrors, heroism, and futility of armed conflict.

1. Assault Weapons are for War

       by Dr. Robert Ippaso

Why this inhumane suffering
A constant tale of slaughtering
Innocents who die
Forever in the earth to lie.

Do we need to see far more
All that suffering and gore
Lives of children cut so short
Simple targets used for sport.

Voices shout that guns don’t kill
But every day the headlines shrill
Another victim and far more
So many names we can’t keep score.

Assault weapons are for war
Inflicting wounds that burst with gore
When will we all say ‘enough’
A word too many find so tough.

If there’s one thing we need to grasp
The burning question we must ask
Is our indifference complicit
With so much misery explicit.

While we posture and debate
Lifeless bodies lie prostrate
Have they truly died in vain
For a freedom quite insane?

2. Hush

       by Emile Pinet

Artillery shells explode outside my door,
hush; get on the floor.

Soldiers are shooting at people on my street,
hush; till they retreat.

My traumatized children are told not to cry,
hush; or we will die.

Russia turned Ukraine into a killing zone,
hush; we’re not alone.

Artillery shells explode outside my door
like they’ve done before,
hush; we’ll win this war.

3. Conflict Is All Kids Know

       by Lawrence S. Pertillar

There is something about protecting to keep,
A child innocent and away from reality…
Eventually makes not one bit of sense.

‘We must keep them protected.’

From what and until when?

‘We must keep them protected from…
Realities of life.’

To then do what?
Medicate them on delusion?
Or kept realities that do not exist?

‘Whose to say mental illness,
Has not become…
One of the most profitable industries?
And besides…
Who lives today without relying on myths?
Who do you know that lives ‘mythless’? ‘

Then what is it we protect the children from?
To then blame them for being misfits.
And to do from a point of view,
Too few can identity as ‘not’ being normal.
And today…
Confusion and conflict is all kids know.

‘That’s not true.
Some know love.’

They all should know it.
Not just ‘some’.

4. Siege of Jerusalem

       by David Hyatt-Bickle

As the last twinkle
In the brown eyes of Jesus
Faded to heaven
The morning star left Jesus
Darkness covered all
The sun of the archons set
The binding veil torn
Those ones in the sleep of death
Were awakened hence
For the sun of Christ rose up
Envy and dumbness
Were left in the empty tombs
Now they are children
Of the sweet infinite light
Of the sweet white lamb
Though the cup of bitterness
Was always given
To the sons of shining light
By Jerusalem
Yaldabaoth and his archons
In the pride of night
Refused to admit the truth
That they killed Jesus
Allowing Christ to succeed
Which destined their fall
Jews did not deserve their wrath
A wrathful sentence
From the sword of Yaldabaoth
With no foreign aid
The city was encircled
By an iron ring
Cutting them off from the world
Leaving the ash wolf
To burn in their sliced stomachs
The ash to the ash
Men ate the ash of their young
The dust to the dust
Young at the dust of the old
But both lost their soul
The city burned in fury
Turning all to ash
The temple of gold and white
Glory of Saklas
Met flames of orange and red
From his blind fury
Three towers of soot gazed down
At those ones enslaved
At Hades’s consuming flames
And stood with the sky
As a last testimony
Of heaven’s glory
By the order of Titus
The glorious gold
Of the second day’s temple
Was ripped out proudly
By the gold feathered eagle
With a purple tongue
The temple’s gold was taken
To his cage named Rome
Hundreds of thousands of Jews
And many Gentiles
Of innocents lost their breathe
Jews were crucified
Nailed by Yaldabaoth’s anger
And nailed on despair
To mock the nailed lamb of white
The eagle of gold
Was too useful for Saklas
To tear apart yet
For he hunted and slaughterd
Sheep of shining light
In bunches of dripping red
With his claws of white
But this wrath tore the red veil
From the third temple
Veil of Mosaic patterns
Was torn from Christ’s Bride
Showing her face of beauty
Showing her soft lips
Skin glittered with gold and white
And eyes of twinkling gnosis

Poems about Conflict Resolution

These poems emphasize the importance of empathy, compromise, and forgiveness in finding common ground and achieving a resolution. Let’s give them a read!

1. Conflict Resolution

       by Clephane Roberts

Conflicts, Conflicts, Conflicts
Squabbles, struggles, quarrels
Misunderstandings, disagreements
Sounds familiar?
Ever been there?
Need a solution?
The answer:
Conflict resolution.
The major goal of conflict resolution –
Living in peace and harmony.
What do you do when you’re teased?
When you’re picked on?
When others attempt to embarrass you because you are different?
Do you get mad?
Do you choose to be sad?
Do you get on bad?
Well, the next time you find yourself in a struggle
In a squabble, in a conflict
Take three deep breaths and remain calm –
Real calm
Then stand up, speak up and speak out to settle your arguments.
Say what you think
What you want
And how you feel in the situation.
Discuss what you want to change,
What you want to improve.
Then let the other person
Tell what she thinks, what she wants and how she feels.
What she wants to change
And what she wants to improve.
Then together decide on possible solutions
To put an end to the problematic situations.
Choose the best solution that suits you both
Then thereafter you may experience the peace and harmony that is your birthright
In the home, at school, in the classroom, on the play field, on the streets.
you can, you will, you must

2. Two Creatures

       by Liliana Kohann

Oh, I am so talented,
And so many things I know
I can do this, I can do that
But the problem is – I don’t!

But it is not my fault, really.
This I swear. It is them!
Those two creatures that live here,
They’re the ones that bring this shame.

And I always struggle with them,
As one makes me work a lot.
Everything must be perfect,
And it is a waste if not.

Yet the other wicked creature,
Tells me how deprived she feels
Of all fun things, friends and laughter,
And how we waste all her skills.

So I argued, and I quarreled
Tried to get them out of sight,
But it never worked until I
Really listened to my heart.

And I finally understood
That they are a part of me
And since one must live with creatures,
Learn to live with them must he.

So instead of fighting with them
I began to learn their ways,
And I listened to their needs,
And what they both had to say.

Suddenly there was no quarrel
And I heard this nice, fair chat,
And I was so shocked how easily,
All my problems were worked out:

“Oh, I am so overwhelmed
With all the things that I must do.
Can you help me just a little?”
Said one creature. “Please, can you?”

“Yes, I can,” said the other,
“But when all the things are done,
Will you help me?” “Help with what?”
“With just having lots of fun.”

So when you have too much to do
And you don’t know where to start
Just sit down, and really listen,
To the creatures in your heart.

3. Conflict Resolution

       by Anonymous

when both sides
are one and on each others
and one is with both

there may be harmonics activated
condusive to settlement

until that bell tolls
ye ring off each others different hymn sheets
has no rite of passage

and that’s on a personal level

Poems about Conflict and Peace

These peace and conflict poems highlight the beauty and fragility of peace, and the constant struggle to maintain it in a world filled with conflict and division. They offer hope and inspiration for those who seek to build a more peaceful and harmonious world.

1. Peace and Conflict

       by Sasha Julia

Peace is laughter ike a musical bell,
Conflict is people crying,
Peace is everything being well,
Conflict is people dieing,
Peace is a very wonderful thing,
Conflict can be used to pursue peace,
Peace is a sound that makes you sing,
Conflict is the least luxurious thing,
Peace is sought after
And sometimes found,
Confit is punishment,
Paying the price,
Peace is being on safe ground,
Conflict makes people with heart of ice,
Peace you find in your heart,
Conflict tears our minds apart,
So remember these words and you’ll live well,
Peace is laughter like a musical bell…

2. Community Peace

       by Anonymous

When there’s harmony, there is peace,
Joy on earth does increase.
For peace to grow in your community,
The first step is social unity.

We all know that healthy relations,
Are the keys to peaceful nations.
War and conflicts, we must avoid,
So that beauty of life, may be enjoyed.

We just need to open our hearts,
That’s where peace clearly starts.
It’s not that difficult to embrace and find,
With a caring and open mind.

3. World Peace

       by Anonymous

When wars and conflicts totally cease,
In our world, there shall be peace.
People must learn to get along,
Not blame others, for being wrong.

They fight for control, fight for land,
Some just need a helping hand.
We must rid ourselves of vanity,
And embrace peace, through humanity.

Wars make children so much tougher,
Lose their innocence, while they suffer.
We should fight for peace instead,
Love not war, we should spread.

4. Peace by Kids

       by Anonymous

Peace will make the world free,
Open our eyes, and help us see.
Wars and conflicts make people sad,
Hurting others is really bad.

Many kids live, through an awful war,
Their family ends up very poor.
During war, they often lose,
Sometimes even, their own shoes.

Let’s speak up, tell a friend,
All these wars, need to end.
Peace begins when we care,
Let’s make this world, truly fair.

5. Break Your Peace

       by CayCay Jennings

Your breathing is even and bears no concern, no fear or resentment
squeaks to rust your dreams’ churn. All my wishes wish it would:
I want it to rob you, break your peace to pieces,
rough up all your pleases and scatter your calm.

Poems about Conflict in Relationships

These poems offer insights into the complexities of human relationships and provide guidance on how to navigate them with empathy and understanding.

1. Saying Goodbye

       by Line Gauthier

How do you say goodbye
To someone who has shared
So many days so many hopes
So many nights so many dreams

How do you say goodbye
When the love has dwindled
Explanations all been heard
All the tears been shed

How do you go separate ways
Without looking back
Without easing back into one more try

How do you turn and go
How do you start anew
How do you say goodbye

2. Lover’s Quarrel

       by Sandra Haight

As they walked the moonlit beach
in silence, their aching hearts
split worlds apart, they were joined
by their shadowed silhouettes,
which, connected, danced along…
Forms united clear and strong,
Gave them counsel in their night.

3. Small the Bud

       by Gene Bourne

Love is of itself an entity,
Never knowing when it’s touch will be.
Hate appears, a sentiment as well.
Predators of love in consort dwell.
Cunning with intentions unrevealed.
Spiteful in its malice to conceal.
Speak the truth to know a friendship’s birth,
Legacy of trust, proclaims your worth.
Time for all who live is all too brief.
Shun beguiling paths that lead to grief.
Look beyond impressions you assume.
Small the bud, so beautiful the bloom.

4. Fortunes of My Tears

       by Susan Ashley

I see the future
in the constellation of my crystal tears
as you siphon the sparkle off what’s left of my joy.

Heavy is my heart where you spread your composting ego
sacrificing my fire.

Your unwillingness
to ascend from darkness
on wings of breath and light
is not lost on me..

as you strut your fan of peacock plumes
snuffing out any hope
for my flickery flame.

5. Stay Strong

       by Whitney-Renee Johnson

Don’t do it.
Don’t fall back into that dark hole.
Not again.
You’re strong.
You’re very strong.
You’ve come far and you are able to go further.
Don’t give up.
You got this.
I promise.
Mom is watching.
She’s proud of you.
Just because you made
A few bad decisions
Doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.
She loves you.
But you have to learn
How to love yourself.
You’re not that person who’s trying to take over your body.
Fight against her.
That’s not you.
You’re stronger than your enemy.
Don’t do it.
Don’t fall back into that dark hole.
Not again.
You ARE strong.
Now look in the mirror
And tell that reflection
That she is beautiful.
Because you are.

6. One Must Remain

       by White Wolf

Like a thunderbolt through the heart,
She was beauty, a work of art,
A snowfield on a summer’s day,
She was an angel here to stay.

Such loving eyes to gaze upon,
How could I ever do her wrong,
The moment of truth did come then,
As I wrote with paper and pen.

Was she truly the love for me?
This is something that I must see,
Plainly my love for her was torn,
To walk in two worlds I was sworn.

One of love the other duty,
Neither shall wane but one must be.

7. Road Kill

       by Thresha Reese

Ok, this is where I was
A few miles since you last saw me.
A little before sun up,
Before I became road kill.

Stay closer and I’ll tell you more.
May I ask, before,
When will I see you again?
Your pure and unnatural thing,
Your nut house?

It’s never so easy
When you are road kill like me
Not even hurried
No one checking If I’m here.

Who are you anyway,
To have ever looked this way?
A love letter to road kill,
That spirited, wounded animal
With unfinished business.

Ok, so where were you?
Did you think it wasn’t spelled out
Clearly a few miles since I last saw you?
Before you became road kill?

Poems about Conflict with Self

These poems about inner conflict offer a poignant reminder of the importance of self-reflection, self-compassion, and self-acceptance in finding peace within oneself.

1. Sea Idyll

       by Leo Larry Amadore

In a world of conflict and scheming,
may I never awaken from dreaming
of someday being able to float
out — out in my own little boat —
out on a moon-lit bay
where tropical waters play
and a cooling breeze drifts by.
The salt sea air would be bracing —
would set my weary heart racing —
there on that moon-bright bay.
Only gulls overhead, as they fly, and I,
would hear, from the sandy shore,
the palms as they rustle.  I sigh —
oh — I never would ask for more
than to float on the nurturing sea —
only you, and the moon, there with me.

2. All I Am

       by CayCay Jennings

With trust in my eyes
I offer my soft side
Where you safely abide.

With honesty in my voice
I share my naked truth
Where you freely run loose.

With a focused brain
I grant my best logic
Where you filter conflict.

With gentleness in my touch
I give my tender care
Where you shatter despair.

With anticipation on my skin
I surrender my body
Where you make grand glory.

With everything I am
I promise you my heart
Where you are the best part.

3. Lord, I’ve Been Hurting

       by Jim Pemberton

Lord., I’ve Been Hurting!

This one thing I am
most certain…
Lately I’ve been really hurtin’.

I trying to do right, but it
turns out “wrong.”
Where, in life,
do I really belong?

So many people
pass me by.
Sometimes, someone
may say;  “hi!”

I don’t know if this message is
getting across?
I feel so confused and
completely lost.

A message of “help” has my
prayer and plea…
For God to reach out to me!

He reached down and
made me whole!
HIS love and compassion
filled my soul!

Spending time with Jesus
is time well spent!
It was for you and me that
Jesus was sent!

4. Human Race

       by Steven T Wellman

Looking through the glass
My ugliness reveals
an enemy I fight daily
Vincent has seen
the darkness in my soul

He painted his palette blue and gray
He painted lines of love
and luminescent light
Why conceal a flaw
when it enhances who I am

It’s okay not to be okay
We live in a world telling us otherwise
We paint on broken smiles
Hiding our pain in the strangest places

Put me in a desert
On a horse with no name
Out of the cold rain

Allow me to bake in the sweltering sun
While the desert heat burns away the facade
My eyes are blinded by what I see—
We kill the real and accept the steal of kindness

Always moments slipping through my hands—I drop the baton
I’m a tired runner in this human race
So many running—they just don’t what from
As long as there is air in my lungs
I will forever cheer them on…

5. Addiction

       by D.A Hopkins

I want you gone
so why are you still holding on
I don’t need you anymore!
so let me go, go on
I’ve shown you the door
I’ve found peace, within the grace of God
this love is so much more
than you could ever try to endure
My freedom is awaiting me
please…. I beg you, set me free
I don’t ever want you any more
do you not see I’m no longer yours…?
I have been set free redeemed, by my God

6. I Jumped

       by Jenny Dillon

I am the ghost of my past life.
I feel hollow, empty, incomplete,
No one can hear me speak.
I jumped
From a rooftop in budding May,
A beautiful time of year.
I jumped,
Then I changed my mind.

Nothing hurts as much
As seeing the lives
I could have been a part of
Playing out before my eyes.

I jumped
From a glass tower
Shimmering in the summer’s sun.
I jumped
And then I changed my mind.

7. My Inner Invader

       by Rickeys Rhymes

My worst inner foe
tis oft’ steps ahead
awaiting to throw
something that I’ll dread.

My unseen quest lurks
beneath my hard shell
whispering with smirks
and casts a hex spell.

Invisible spy
doubles as my friend
but utters a lie
that I will defend.

Who is my villain?
And, what’s his motive?
Shame’s my prison guard;
shapely erosive.

My traitor is wrong
for it is baseless
and doesn’t belong
for I am shameless.

Final Thoughts

The poems for conflict we have explored in this overview are a testament to the human experience of struggle, disagreement, and pain.

Through the medium of poetry, we can gain insight into the physical, emotional, and psychological toll of the conflict, and learn to cherish the peace and harmony that we so often take for granted.

Whether it be through funny poems that offer levity in the midst of conflict, or through profound reflections on the nature of peace and resolution, these poems about conflict remind us of the beauty and fragility of the human spirit.

They offer hope, inspiration, and guidance in navigating the complexities of human relationships and the world we inhabit.

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