85 Long Distance Love Poems to Show How Much I Miss You

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but love has a way of bridging even the greatest distances.

When you’re missing someone special, expressing your feelings through poetry can be a powerful way to connect and remind them of how much you care.

In this article, we explore the world of long distance love poems, featuring a range of styles and sentiments to help you find the perfect words to express your emotions.

Whether you’re looking for famous poems about long-distance love or original pieces, humorous or heartfelt, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s dive in and celebrate the power of love to overcome any obstacle.

Famous Long Distance Love Poems

Great poets have captured the pain and longing of separation in their famous poems about long-distance love. In this section, we’ll explore some of the most famous long-distance love poems of all time.

1. A Long Distance Love!

       by Jessica Andress

A thousand kisses will never be,
Enough to satisfy my craving heart’s plea,
Tomorrow will be the day I love you more,
Than today or yesterday or ever before,
Words and phrases will never do,
What my heart feels so deeply for you,
The deeper and deeper my feelings go,
My head is spinning to and fro,
I want you here forever and more,
For our hearts to join and explore,
Our hearts beat and beat as one,
Feel what I am feeling, as it has only begun,
Yet, slowly my desire turns to rage,
My heart feels as though it is within a cage,
You are so close, yet so far,
At times like this, I wish upon a star,
I wish you were here and not over there,
Yet life is hard as well as unfair,
All I can do is wish and wait,
Until we meet again, as that is our fate,
I love you more than my words can say,
And forever, my love will grow with each passing day,
Until the day I gently hold your face,
Kiss your lips in a candle-lit place,
Hold you close and feel you near,
Kiss your cheek and whisper in your ear,
Feel your soft skin beneath my hand,
Feel your energy inside expand,
I will wish for that moment as I always do,
And I have wished upon a star, so my wish will come true.

2. Thinking about You

       by Gary R.Hess

When I ate today at noon
All I could think about was you
I wish you were here to do what you do
I wish I could feed you with my spoon
Hoping someday I will see your smile again
I do not know if I can take all this pain
Knowing that I am here and you are there
Thinking about the times we had and will not have
You are the best there ever was and will be
There is nothing to explain to you but lovely
Even when I was sad, you made me happy
I do not know what to do
I can only hope that one day I will get to see you!

3. My Dearest Love

       by Sherri Brown

I see you in my thoughts and dreams,
When I awake, how real it seems.
You aren’t here to comfort me,
But soon I hope you will be.
No one truly knows or understands;
You have my heart in your hands.
My love is what you truly own.
Come soon and make our house a home.

Inside those walls you are doing your time,
Not being here with me is your only true crime.
Others in your life will come and go,
But my love is true, and I’m sure you know.

I may not be rich or the prettiest one,
But I love you so much; you are my sun.
You light up my life every time you call.
When the time is up, I begin to fall.
You are my stars, you are my moon,
Being with you will come very soon.
So when you sleep, take this to heart,
No one or nothing will keep us apart.

4. Far Away Lover

       by Janna Rutty

I lay in my bed and think about you
I love you so much I don’t know what to do
I feel your warmth at my side
The pain in my heart moves to my eyes
So far away yet always so near
You are the reason I am still here.

I await the times when we can talk
I await the times we can finally hold hands and walk
To feel you for real… so close to me
The happiest person in the world is what you would make me.

Your eyes shine like a million suns
You shine more brightly than anyone
Your smile so sweet can’t help but make me smile
It stops my world even for a little while
I await the time when my hand is in yours
To hear you say those 3 little words.

There are still no words I can say to describe
My heart it aches and my eyes they cry
But when we talk my heart flies
you always wipe away the tears I cry.

Even though you aren’t here
And I miss you so much my dear
I’ll love you forever and ever
I’ll always love you my far away lover.

5. Long Distance Love

       by Brittany

So many miles between us
But yet you seem so near
It’s like every time I close my eyes
You’re not so far you’re here

So close enough to touch
So close enough to feel
So close enough to kiss
So close it doesn’t seem real

I can look into your eyes
I can feel your warm embrace
I can feel you touch my skin
And my heart beginning to race

I can smell your mesmerizing scent
I can hear you whisper in my ear
Your voice so deep and tantalizing
So understanding and so clear

I can feel your lips touch mine
I can feel you in my arms
I can feel your radiating love
I can see me falling for your charm

But yet you’re so far away
And it doesn’t seem like we’re apart
I guess it’s not a long distance love
Because you’re always here in my heart

6. In the Night

       by Sai Thanmae

I watch you
Behind the slow dances
Of the infinite stars.
I feel you
Through the gentle kisses
Of the swirling winds.
I smell you
Amongst the fragrances
Of the blooming flowers.
I hear you
Over the chirping noises
Of the mating birds.
And I miss you
As the moon escapes
Into the darkening clouds.

7. Every Moment

       by Anonymous

As each star comes out to shine
As the wind rustles across the land
As the moonlight sweeps across the room
I’m thinking of you.

When the sun burns its morning greeting
When the birds chirp and swoop through the sky
When the leaves of the trees dance through the air
I’m thinking of you.

During the haze of late afternoon sun
During the smooth swirl and flow of the clouds across the sky
During the fade of the bustling day
I’m thinking of you.

While the twilight shadows begin to fall
While the evening air begins to chill
While the crickets begin their sweet evening chorus
I’m thinking of you.

Just as the darkest hour of the night falls
Just as the world is hushed and silent
Just as dreamland beckons,
I’m thinking of you

Every day
Every hour
Every moment
I’m thinking of you through the miles
and loving you.

8. My One, My Only, My Everything

       by D. Lancaster

For so long, I wished for the day.
The day that our love would find its way.
From my heart and into your soul,
The feeling so strong, I had no control.

When then that day came, when I found you again,
I vowed never to make the same mistake.
I knew I would never let you go,
For my life is now complete in a way I cannot show.

For eternity I will spend making you believe,
You are the sole reason that I breathe.
My life is yours, my hopes and desires too.
Until my dying day, my heart is reserved just for you.

You are everything I could ever need and more,
More than I deserve or would dare wish for.
You are my baby, my angel, my dream girl
I’m thankful every day that you are my whole world.

For the time I spend with you, my heart truly sings
My one, My only, My EVERYTHING.

9. Our One Star

       by Colby Barker

Look at the stars tonight
As we see the same light
And in that moment
It will be all right

If you miss a falling star
I’ll catch it for you
Keep it in my heart
And we can share it too

Keep holding on
As life goes along
Pain is short-lived
As you are so strong

I will hold your hand
And look in your eyes
But it is only then
That our star will shine

Inspirational Long Distance Love Poems

Here, we’ll explore some uplifting inspirational poems about long-distance love that inspire strength, courage, and perseverance in the face of separation.

1. Forever Connected

       by Silke Wettergren

Every moment we spent together
Has touched our lives, our souls forever.
The things that we shared and learned
Is permanent growth that we’ve earned.

The person that I have grown into today
Did not get there by chance, no way.
I am who I am partly because of you,
And you are YOU because of me, too.

The changes I see
And what I have learned about me
Are a response to how we affected our lives
And what we discover in each other’s eyes.

It is uncertain if we have to part or one day live together.
Either way, we have touched our lives forever!
No matter what the future will show,
No matter what we are told.

We are connected on such a deep level
That no one can remove that, not even the devil.
Our feelings might be different a year from now,
But you are part of me forever somehow.

A part of me will always be you,
And a part of you will always be me.
No matter what happens, that much is certain.
Our souls are one until life closes the curtain.

I will love your forever,
For worse or for better.

You are tattooed in my heart,
And nothing can tear our souls apart.

I will never forget you,
For my love is honest and true.

2. There Will Be a Time for Us

       by Anonymous

Just like the sun goes down at night
Just like the moon and stars come out
To light up the sky

Just like every spring has gloomy days
Full of thunderous rain
Before new flowers bloom

Just like the river travels long rough
Miles through cities and towns just to
Flow into the sea for eternity
There will be a time for us.

3. Fire of Our Love

       by Anonymous

The connection between us
Is perfectly forged
and is so strong
I feel it always
No matter how far apart we are.
The deep spark of our love
It is brighter than ever
And every thought I have about you
Seems to make the distance
Appear smaller
And smaller.
Until –
One day soon
That distance will disappear
And we will be free to let our love which is bright as a spark
Burn into a wildfire.

4. Patiently Waiting

       by James Richmond Jr.

My heart is set, on that glorious day.
When your work is done, and you’re home to stay.
I’ll be waiting right here, with open arms.
To hold you close, and keep you warm.
I’ll squeeze you gentle, but hold you tight.
And kiss you all over, when the time is right.
I’ll express my love, so you know it’s true.
There’s nothing on earth, I would not do for you.
Because you’re the one, you’re one-of a kind.
I’m proud to be able, to call you mine.
What a expression, on your face,
when I pulled the ring, out of the case.
And I took your hand, then dropped to my knees.
And said honey please, will you marry me.
Like wind in wildfire , my love is spreading fast,
Growing stronger and stronger, as each day pass.
I’ve waited very patiently, but now you’re home.
Let’s make up the time, that you were gone.

5. I’m Always with You

       by Blair

I light up when you’re here
and when you’re gone
my heart disappears
so I lose myself in our songs

I listen to the words that are us
and I float to your arms
and it’s there that I trust
I will never know any harm

we have ups and downs
but we have something rare
we fight off each other’s frowns
and no one has what we share

at times I cry so much
needing you next to me
needing your touch
it hurts so much it kills me

you shine brighter than any star
and your heart is what I love most
and I hate that you’re too far
because I need you in my arms so

to take your heart and heal it
to hold you and kiss you
my love, I want you to feel it
until then, I’m always with you

6. I Wish for All Those Beautiful Moments

       by Anonymous

We shared to remain in my heart and my head forever,
A moment of truth and laughter,
A moment of giving and sharing,
A moment of compassion and love, and
A moment of cuddling and romance.
I will always wait for you, my love.

7. My Gorgeous Handsome Soldier

       by Beki Coxon

Today my heart is aching
For a man that’s far away
I would give anything to hold him
And any ransom I would pay
I find my mind just wanders
To a sandy barren hell
And pray that my loving thoughts
Find my soldier safe and well
Each night before I go to bed
I look up to the skies
And the moon brings me comfort
As my tears brim in my eyes
Despite the miles between us
We still share the stars and sun
So I gaze upon them often
It helps me know we are still one
So as I lie down on my pillow
I close my eyes and think of you
Not only in my waking moments
But you are in all my dreams too
My gorgeous handsome soldier
I love you with all my heart
And the hardest thing I’ve ever done
Is have to accept we had to part
But our love is so much stronger
Than any force I’ve ever known
In the short time we’ve been together
It’s amazing how much it’s grown
So until we are reunited
Please stay safe and strong
My heart is yours forever
With you is where it belongs
Think about me often
My gorgeous handsome man
To wait for you forever
Is my battle plan

8. Love Online

       by Jeremy

How did this happen I continue to ask?
As I get online waiting for time to pass
You are now fast asleep half a world away
This distance is nothing, I mumble away
I never loved another who was so very sweet
God I look forward to rubbing your feet
The smell of your skin; the warmth of your touch
Is all I want and so very much
As I ask permission to view your cam
My heart beats heavy; there is sweat in my hand
To be with you is my only dream
As the time passes I can’t help but scream
Pulling my hair and stomping the ground
Please turn on your cam to see my frown
My frown turns around as I see you smile
Yes, I know baby, you leave in a while
Long distance love is hard to grasp
But our love for each other will surely last!

Deep Meaningful Long Distance Love Poems

For those moments when you want to express your deepest emotions and thoughts, poetry can be a powerful tool. We’ll share some deeply meaningful long-distance love poems that delve into the complexities of love and longing.

1. Long Distance Love

       by Panda

When it hurts so bad,
why does it feel so good?
I wish this all made sense,
I wish I understood.
Not having you here with me is tearing me up inside,
but I can’t stop thinking about you no matter how hard I try.

You know how I feel about you,
and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you,
but it’s so hard to do when I can’t even be next to you.
Why does it gotta be so complicated?

Loving you feels so right,
but at the same time,
knowing I can’t have you keeps me awake at night.
I just want this to be simple,
I just want you here with me,
to look into your eyes,
be held in your arms…then I’d truly be happy.

Right now this distance between us is out of our control,
but I’m still hoping one day soon,
I’ll get what I’m wishing for.

2. A Birthday

       by Christina Rossetti

My heart is like a singing bird
Whose nest is in a watered shoot;
My heart is like an apple-tree
Whose boughs are bent with thick-set fruit;
My heart is like a rainbow shell
That paddles in a halcyon sea;
My heart is gladder than all these
Because my love is come to me.
Raise me a dais of silk and down;
Hang it with vair and purple dyes;
Carve it in doves and pomegranates,
And peacocks with a hundred eyes;
Work it in gold and silver grapes,
In leaves and silver fleurs-de-lys;
Because the birthday of my life
Is come, my love is come to me.

3. Thinking about the Distance

       by Mina Milad

As I think about the distance,
I start to crave your brilliance.
I dream to see you for an instant.
Without you I question my existence.

When I look at the sky,
I think about the time.
How fast will it fly?
How much will I cry?

Why are you so unique?
How are you so complete?
You’re someone I cannot critique,
As you always bring me relief.

To you, I can write a gig
About how your heart’s so big
And how my soul you rigged,
How our hearts just clicked.

Unlike my future profession,
Your love I do not question.
I forbid you to be another lesson.
You and I are destined to be caressing.

Sadness is the feeling I get
When I think of leaving you again.
Know that you’re not just another friend;
You’re someone to whom my poems I send.

4. Each and Every Moment

       by William Lindenmuth

For each and every moment
Every second I exist
I live and breathe for you
Your love, I cannot resist
To live and love this lifetime
You are in my daily prayer
For times when you are not with me
When I close my eyes, you are there
For every dance together
For every star above
The light that burns within us
The passion of your love
With dreams so never-ending
For every sparkling sea
For each sunrise and sunset
I feel your love in me
For every breath worth taking
More than the air I breathe
The love that lives within me
Forever I believe
For each and every moment
And every heartfelt kiss
I am always thinking of you
And of the things, I would miss
For every hug that we have shared
And every soft embrace
For every smile turned to laughter
No other could take your place
For each and every moment
This heart is so warm and pure
Gently caresses each heartbeat
And I could not ask for more.

5. That Special Moment!

       by David Yearwood

My love, how much I want to be there with you,
To feel your touch and see your smile.
To hear you say, I love you so,
For all the ways you’ll show me how.

O my love, I long to be with you,
O my love, words will never express,
The feelings I have for you inside,
I’ll give my all, just to be with you,

being in your arms, safe and sound,
to see your tender smile again.
Holding me softly, with your tender touch,
being ever so close and never apart.

O my Love I need You so,
my soul is on fire.
My passion and emotion is here for you,
with much desire, I just can’t explain.
My heart is ready to surrender all.

Come to me, I’m ready for love,
I want it to be, that special time!

6. When I’m with You

       by Blakelee

In your arms,
I’m in my safe haven.
With you holding me tight,
I have no other craving.

All I need
is that one look
that says you’re always there,
just like in a fairy tale book.

Your eyes talk to me
as the world stands still.
My once empty heart
now with love does fill.

Your eyes tell me
that you’ll love me every day.
No matter what may come,
you’ll be there to stay.

I tell you everything
and never with a lie:
all my worldly secrets
and everything that once made me cry.

Everything in my past,
with you I can forget it all.
I know I can trust you
to catch me if I fall.

If only I could explain
how much love I have for you.
Then maybe, just maybe,
you’d feel it too.

7. His Letter

       by Ruby Archer

Down in the grass I found her,
Above a letter bent;
The autumn leaves around her
Their soft mosaic blent.
She read the letter slowly,
As one that sips a joy.
I felt intruder wholly,
And certain to annoy.
She gave me loving greeting,
And drew me to her side,
While up her cheek went fleeting
A flow of rosy tide.
“I am so happy, Dearie,”
I heard her softly say,
“So happy, happy, Dearie,—
His letter came to-day!”
And all she told me of it
I have in mind so well;
She whispered me above it—
“—”—I promised not to tell!

8. Long- Distance Love

       by Practicing Poetess

Will I have to be content
To love you from afar?
With knowing that at night, we see
The same sky, moon, and stars?

When my heart does overflow
With loving thoughts toward you,
Will praying for you be enough
If that’s all I can do?

How long will I be content
To simply hear your voice
And not reach out to touch you, if
I never have that choice?

All I have, is knowing God
Is watching over you
And loving you a million times
Much more than I could do

Short Long Distance Love Poems

We’ll feature some short poetries about long-distance love that take their time to explore the nuances of separation and connection.

1. Long Distance Relationship

       by Dean Ward

loving you fills my heart with gladness,
however every day we’re apart
is mixed with heartache and sadness,
however, to you
I’ll always be True,
and someday soon we’ll be together,
living in sweet harmony and blitz,
forever and ever

2. Sun and the Moon

       by Sierra S.

Oh, what a sweet love story, the sun and the moon.
The sun lights up the earth, searching for her love,
Only to recede into the soft ocean tides.
Just as her love, the moon, does the same shortly after she’s gone,
Drawn by her light.
He shines small beacons up in the night,
That the sun sees and races to dawn,
Only to see that her love is gone.
Oh, what a sweet love story, the sun and the moon.

3. Every Thought of You

       by Joanna Fuchs

Each thought of you fills me with sweet emotion;
I give to you my deepest devotion.
My fondest wishes you completely fulfill;
I love you totally, and I always will.

4. I Blow You a Kiss

       by William Stanley Braithwaite

I blow you a kiss on the evening wind
My dear, wherever you be;
Up in the north or down in the south,
Or over the rolling sea.
I blow you a kiss, but after the kiss
Do you know what follows, my dear?
Something the wind cannot bring to you—
Only a little tear.

5. Taken from “Tie Your Heart at Night to Mine, Love”

       by Pablo Neruda

Tie your heart at night to mine, love,
and both will defeat the darkness
like twin drums beating in the forest
against the heavy wall of wet leaves.

6. I Miss You

       by Francis Iyke

Like the death of a loved one,
I miss you.
Like freedom to a slave,
I miss you.
Like rain during the drought,
I miss you.
Like the sight of a blind man,
I miss you.
Like the thought of home to a traveler,
I miss you.
Dearly I miss you because you’re a part of me.
So please come and complete me
and end this cravings of mine because daily I miss you.

7. Boat-Song

       by Ruby Archer

One thought comes ever hauntingly
Across my path of day,
Awaits not any summoning,
Nor needs a prayer to stay;
And if I flee, ’tis only that
It ever may pursue.
The thought, my love?—Is you.
The thought is you.
A haven beckons luringly,—
A haven safe and wide,—
My little bark of life to moor,
And in its heart abide.
How free my bark! No other shore
Could tempt it from the blue.
The haven, love?—Is you.
The haven is you.

8. Riding Mountains

       by Julie Hebert

My love for you rides mountains,
So many ups and downs, emotions soar.
But one thing never changes,
My love for you, I cannot ignore. There are days I feel this is too much,
And I don’t know what to do.
But let’s face it, who are we kidding,
I want nothing else but you!

Long Long Distance Love Poems

Rhyming poetry has a way of capturing our attention and sticking to our memories. We’ll share some long poetries about long-distance love that use rhyme to create a musical, memorable quality.

1. Long Distance Relationship

       by Utkarsh Yadav

“It’s our last night together.. ”
our bodies lay together
and we stay this way
all through the night
sleeping in each other’s arms
waiting for the sun to wake
as it starts a new day
we knew in our hearts
this was our way
to say our last goodbye
for once and for all.

The love we once shared
Will survive
But this last night together
was want we wanted to do.
but I know as I walk out the door
this will be a goodbye
maybe we’re crazy .
maybe people wouldn’t agree
but this was the way
we both wanted it to be
You will be move miles away and,

I will miss the way you stare
I will miss the way you share.
How will i kiss you in the midnight
How will i shift you a side.

I think about the distance,
I start to find you in the dark nights.
I dream to see you for an instant.
Without you I question my existence.

When I look at the sky,
I think about the time.
How fast will it fly?
How much will I cry?

Every night …
My arms are holding blankets
Imagining you are in the arms

My heart is set, on that day.
When your work is done,
and you’re home to stay.

I’ll be waiting right here,
with open arms.
To hold you close,
and keep you warm.
I’ll squeeze you gentle,
but hold you tight.
And kiss you all over,
When the time is right.
I’ll express my love,
so you know it’s true.
There’s nothing on earth,
I would not do for you.

I’m proud to be able,
to call you mine.
What a expression,
on your face,

when I pulled the ring,
out of the case.
And I took your hand,
then dropped to my knees.
And said honey please,
will you marry me ?

Growing stronger and stronger,
as each day pass.

Sadness is the feeling I get
When I think of leaving you again.
Know that you’re not just another friend;
You’re someone to whom
My poems I send. ?

Even though we are miles apart
You are never far from my heart
I loved you then
I love you now
It’s always when and
Never how
Take me back to yesterday
All the wonderful things you had to say
I loved you then
I love you now
It’s always when
And never how
I see your eyes
I feel you near
Although you’re not
Really here?

2. Scared of not Missing You

       by Jay Jones

I’m scared of not missing you anymore, I’m scared to live that day.
I’m scared my mind will erase the memory of the day you went away.
I put a lot of trust in you, you said that you were different.
Your intellect was beyond the hood, but I guess not far enough to miss it.

I guess I should’ve told you that I’m really sensitive, though I try to act like I don’t mind, that night I still relive.
I’m ashamed because I know I love you way more than you like me,
and that I cry for you when you’re not here so much that I can’t see.

This headache just won’t go away its been here since you left.
Though loud yet meek, though screaming yet bleak, this loss truly feels like death.
I pray you don’t feel these words are a stretch because we’ve shared limited time,
or that I’m completely insane for tatting your name, assuring I’ve lost my mind.

Well, the truth is that you are for me, and I’ve known it since we met.
Yeah, we fought, loved, broken up, but there’s something you just have to get.
I don’t want anyone else baby doll, I don’t want another man.
I’ll build you up and give you my heart to cradle in your hand.

I admit I am attached baby, and dangerously its true.
That I want to offer my body and soul as a sacrifice to you.
I pray you never leave my side though physical I can take,
but mentally please stay awhile and never leave this place.

365 days is the longest fight I feel I’ve already been beat.
That waiting is indeed the hardest game and I’ve just succumbed to defeat.
Terell aka my babe that definitely is what you are.
Though unspoken yet chanted, and rough yet romantic, this love was written in the stars.

I don’t know what you feel inside, or if this load you can carry.
If once you’re out you’ll go buck wild or settle down and marry.
I feel we’ll be getting to know each other more so here than before,
so open and let me in because it’s you that I adore.

The fate of this relationship is exclusively up to you, ill be holding down my end until my biggest dream comes true-
I love you!

3. I Promise

       by Shae F.

I am giving you this ring as a promise to you
That no matter what, I will always be here and I will always be true.

I promise that I will lie with you and hold you at night
When things throughout your day just don’t seem to be going right.

For you, I would walk a thousand miles and more
Just to see your beautiful smile that I absolutely adore.

I promise that I will make you smile when you feel like crying.
I promise that I will comfort you if you feel like dying.

I promise to steal away your every sorrow and fear.
I promise to wipe away your every tear.

I promise to cherish every minute I spend with you
Until the daylight sky is no longer the color of blue.

Without your love, I do not know what I would do.
I will not have a future unless it involves you.

You’ve changed me for the better, and I have never been so happy.
Now, with you in my life, I can’t picture a world without you and me.

Fate decided it was time for us to be together,
And though our time here on Earth is short, I promise I want you always and forever.

I promise that no matter what may happen, we will make it through.
Please take this ring as a symbol of the love I will always have for you.

4. The Sobs of a Goodbye

       by Erica

In the calmness. In the stillness. In the silence I awake,
Waiting in great patience for the egg of dawn to break.

For hair is golden thread woven from my golden harp.
Be careful touching things if you don’t know if they are sharp.

In the calmness. In the stillness. In the silence my thoughts stream,
Waiting in great patience for the arrival a dream.

Far away I know you thrive in golden heaps and piles.
Far away you live each day for miles and for miles.

Away from me you sleep each night content in your own mind.
Away from you I dream broken dreams of memories unrefined.

I wish before I sleep that I might see your long lost face,
For I’ll never see you out of dreams. This is the only place.

So your fingers pull my heartstrings, and I wait for it to end.
In the calmness, stillness I await for any friend.

Fragments of my memories. I dream them, unrefined.
Far away you sleep in Finland, content in your own mind.

In the calmness. In the stillness. In the silence my thoughts stream,
Waiting in great patience for the arrival of a dream.

Each night I lay alone, hoping that I might find a way to you.
After the fragments of my memories that I am forced to suffer through.

Each night I lie awake, longing for something to light my way.
When I see a light, I open my eyes to see it’s only the light of day.

I lay my head down soundly on my pillow; I start to cry.
Muffled in the linens are the sobs of a goodbye.

I know I’ll never dream of you. I try so hard. I try.
Muffled in the linens are the sobs of a goodbye…

Hair is but golden thread. All is not what it may seem
While waiting in great patience for the arrival of a dream.

In the calmness. In the stillness. In the silence my thoughts stream
Waiting in great patience…for the arrival of a dream.

Long Distance Love Poems That Rhyme

Now, we’ll explore some poems about long-distance love with rhyming words that celebrate the unique bond of soulmates, and offer comfort and hope during periods of separation.

1. Someone

       by Owain L. Derbyshire

Words simply can’t describe
My feelings for you,
For my feelings are so many
But words, they are so few.

Encouragement you give me
And a connection that is true.
I’m glad while reaching out
I found someone like you.

You give your love so sweetly.
I am lost if you are away.
You have me so completely.
I cherish you night and day.

You make me laugh
When I want to cry.
You make me happy
When you don’t even try.

Your laugh makes me smile.
You make my life a better place.
I love everything about you.
You’re someone I could never replace.

It’s you that keeps me up all night.
The one getting me through the day,
And so it seems to me that there
Is only one thing left to say.

I don’t know how to say it
To make it sound so true,
So I’ll say it how I feel it.
I’m in love with you.

No distance can keep us apart.
You are someone I can’t forget.
You will always be in my heart.
I know I’ll be with you yet.

I will tell you from my heart
We will never drift apart.
You keep me from being blue,
And I love you for being you…

2. You

       by Jessica Phelps

There is something in your voice that makes it all alright,
Something in your smile that gets me through the night.
A comfort in your grin that helps my day pass by.
A twinkle in your eyes that lights my darkened sky.
Your posture says, do not worry and your laugh says, I care.
That kiss you blow when we say goodbye says, I am always there.
It is all these things about you I could not live without.
It is you that makes me happy. It is you, without a doubt!

3. Something

       by Constantine

I wish I could capture this moment forever
not with a camera but something far better

something that would enable me to remember how you taste
without my lips going near your face

something that would let me gaze at your eyes
even if we were below different skies

something that reminded me of the beauty of your scent
even if it was a place we never went

something that would make this fantasy true
something that connected me back to you

4. The Sea of Silence

       by Florence May Alt

When between us two there rolled
Wide Atlantic’s sea,
Ships too frail thy love to hold
Brought thy words to me.
Though thy letters few and far
Crost a burning zone,
Yet thy love rose like a star—
I was not alone.
When the white sails westward flew,
“What are seas?” I cried;
“What but ribbons broad and blue,
That the gods have tied.”
Though across Pacific’s sea,
Drifted wrecks were blown,
Still thy letters came to me—
I was not alone.
But today we met—behold,
In the narrow street;
And the Sea of Silence rolled
To our ver feet.
Not a smile to cross the space,
Not a tender tone;
I, while looking in thy face,
Knew I was alone.

5. Love as One

       by Angela Fernatt

Sleepin’ in your arms
Feelin’ safe from harm
Impatiently I wait for the day
That I don’t have to see you go away
Years have come and gone
Yet our love has held on strong
The time has come
For us to finally be one
You are my true lover and best friend,
My soul mate and companion to the end
I hope to keep you happy
Never getting too serious or sappy
Your eyes that sparkle and shine,
That excites me knowing your love is mine
We both have hurt and cried
The love for each other never died
I promise with my heart to be true
Keeping my love, only giving it to you
From today forward, I promise this . . .
Our vows, our life as one, will be
Forever sealed with a kiss.

6. Secret Garden

       by JTH

You have planted a seed in the secret garden of my soul,
that I will water everyday and give it love to grow.

I will nurture it and take care to give it all that it needs,
and grow a symbol of our love from this sacred seed.

As I watch it blossom I think of you here with me,
and dream of the blessed day when together we shall be.

If you are ever lonely or sad and blue,
step into our secret garden where I wait for you.

Come share in the splendor that our love has grown,
and in my arms by this rose let our secret be known.

7. Long Distance Love

       by Alan W. Jankowski

Long distance love, how are you?
Are you thinking of me too?
I thought about you again today,
Just hoping that you are okay,
Can’t you please pick up the phone?
As I sit here all alone.

Long distance love, do you recall?
The times it seemed we had it all,
The times we thought would never end,
But now I need more than a friend,
Everything could be so right,
If you would just come home tonight.

Long distance love, can’t you see?
How much you really mean to me,
Sometimes it seems to be my fate,
To have to sit at home and wait,
But if this is what I have to do,
I will always be here for you.

8. For the First Time in My Life

       by Moheem

For the first time in my Life
Silence crept like Darkness
Hours felt like Weeks and seconds like Days
Music, movies and crowds had no meaning
Speed, Cars and Bikes found no place in me
Technology did not matter like before
Life did not feel lively anymore

For the first time in my Life
There arouse a feeling of being dead even when alive
Distance felt proportional to time
And Sleep was no where to be found
I was losing the silver lining up the sky
Life was not life anymore

But then,
For the first time in my Life
This Separation made a meaning to my life
Distance felt proportional to Love
The Silver lining grew sharper up the sky
Power of the bond we share built up
And that no barrier is ever to strong
Life felt as a challenge,
A Challenge I knew I have to fight
For things between you and me to get right!

For the first time in my Life
A Realization felt arousing
That for the beautiful life ahead of us
It’s not about me or you, it’s about us
It’s not about just sharing the feeling of togetherness
Trust, Support, Understanding and True Love is what makes us so Special
A Specialty that very few like us are gifted!

For the first time in my Life
Prayers to God felt even Stronger and Powerful
For the Price of separation
God has gifted Guardian Angels to look upon us!

For the first time in my Life
I’ve fallen in Love
A Love so Special and Strong
That falling in love with someone else
Stands no chance in this life or the next!

For the first time in my Life
It feels like this is just the beginning
That this same time would not be the first time
But the next time I don’t have to look for answers
Because for the first time in my Life
Life is worth living for, because
I know the person who loves me as much as I do
From the deepest part of my heart Chidambra, I Love You!

Together Forever.

Long Distance Love Poems for Soulmate

If you’re missing your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife, expressing your feelings through poetry can be a beautiful way to show her how much you care. Now, we’ll share some long-distance love poems that are perfect for the women in your life.

1. Just One Word – If

       by Yvonne Roberts

If wishing were reality, then back in time we’d be,
To when we were children: happy and carefree.
If life could be that simple, how happy I would be.
You always were my special friend.
I thought you’d be there till the end.
For me you were the best, and that is why I loved you.

If I could have one wish come true, I know I’d use it up on you.
It was enough for me back then just to have you as my friend,
But I can’t turn the clock back to when you were just mine.
If I could, I’d keep you there and show to you how much I care.
I’d tell you of the many things I’d like to share with you.
All my days, for starters, and then my night times, too.

You’ve given me a reason for smiling once again.
You’ve filled my life with peaceful dreams.
You’ve made me want to feel again, to laugh, and love, and see.
You are the life within my soul,
The other half that makes me whole.
You are my dearest friend.

You are the friend I’ve longed for my soul mate from the past.
You are the ray of sunshine that brings a rainbow from the storm.
The one to watch the stars with as they twinkle in nights sky,
The one to watch the sun come up from its sleeping bed,
To see the birds awaken and listen to their song.
The journey could be beautiful if you came along.

True happiness is hard to find; it’s given to so few.
If you could only feel the same, it’d make my wish come true.
More life we have behind us than we have to come.
What time we have together could be so much fun.
If I had to cross an ocean, that is what I’d do
If it means that I could spend my time left with you.

2. Happy Birthday My Soul Mate

       by Manisha Shejwal

Though at the moment
we are poles apart
in my thoughts, in my actions
you are in my heart…

Each moment I think of you
though you are not near
Here come my wishes
to pray for you, my dear…

In your life ahead
may all your dreams come true
And you learn something
special and new…

May your worries
all fade away
And every happiness
embrace you each day…

May you always get
love and peace of mind
and togetherness with
the one of your kind…

May your each day ahead
end with a bliss
And what’s more,
with a good night kiss…

Yet another year,
now has passed
Giving you the wisdom
little and vast…

Forty-three years
have fallen behind
Next many and more
in a row are aligned…

Wishing you a Very
Happy Birthday my soul mate,
To count the years ahead
May the God forget !

3. Long Distance Love

       by Brandon

How do you wait
At least 3 years
For a possible soul mate
But have no fears

For you, I open my gate
And wish that you were here
But you live in another state
Yet another reason to fear

But I fear because I care
And I care because I love you
It’s a kind of love that is rare
And shared by very few

My love, in every form, is undying
And to lose you in anyway, would mean I’m dying
You are a gift greater than everything
And for you, I’ll do anything

I’ll wait for you, over these next few years
And together we’ll overcome our greatest fears

4. If I Could

       by Lydia C. Dunne

If I could catch a rainbow,
I’d do so just for you
So you could share its beauty
On the days you’re feeling blue.

If I could, I’d buy an island
You could call it your very own,
A place to find serenity,
Where you could be alone.

If I could take your troubles
I’d throw them in the sea,
But all these things I’m finding
Are impossible for me.

‘Cause I can’t buy an island
Nor catch a rainbow fair,
So I’ll just do what I do best:
Be someone who’s always there.

5. Light of My Life

       by Barbara Harkrader

The light is shining oh so bright
The light you brought into my life
I have searched so high and low
for my special glow
Before I sleep, I will pray
The Lord will give me that special day
I will let my spirit enjoy the night
To envision my special light
You have given me the gift I seek
To keep my spirit from being oh so weak
I thank the Lord for the shine in you
For helping me understand the gift from you
Unto you, I will say
I thank the Lord for bringing you my way

6. If You Only Knew

       by Tina Shondrick

IF you only knew that falling for you was the last
thing on my mind….

IF you only knew how sexy you are
and how I thought that body of yours was so fine..

IF you only knew that when you put on your sweet charm;
I feel myself melting right into your arms…..

IF you only knew when you whisper baby talk to me
I try so hard to hold back my laughter unsuccessfully……

IF you only knew how happy I felt when I opened up my eyes
and there you still were right by my side….

IF you only knew that sometimes I thought
maybe I should leave and just be on my way…..

IF you only knew how my heart would ache
at the thought of not seeing you each day…..

IF you only knew that from the start
your magic touch had captured my heart…..

If you only knew that I want all Haters to know, there”s no chance of breaking us up;
our love is a solid, strong unbreakable bond…….

IF you only knew how time stands still for me
when were laying in each others arms…..
my legs are tangled up with yours
and no one can do me any harm……

IF you only knew how much I love you now….
IF you only knew how much I care…..
IF you only knew you’re in my blood…..
then you would realize that only you
are my everlasting love…

7. The Miles That Separate

       by Sarah McColl

Miles that separate
Friends that discriminate
Circumstances that kept us apart
And those people who broke our hearts
The feelings that I was scared to show
The ones that you always made known
The good times and the bad,
The happy and the sad
You never gave up even when I would
You never let go even though I said you should
You said you love me and I believe it’s true
And now I just need to say,
Baby, I love you too
As the days went by, I began to find
That this feeling inside was one I could no longer deny
You amaze me in every way
You continuously take my breath away
You know me better than I know myself
It’s as if I’m a book
That you have read inside and out
You know when I’m happy, and when I’m sad
You even know when the little things make me mad
You’ve won my heart, proved yourself true
Babe, I don’t know how you did it,
But you made me fall head over heals for you

Long Distance Love Poems for Her

In this category, we’ll feature some love poems for long-distance girlfriend that speak directly to the men you love. So let’s read.

1. When I See You Again

       by Sterling Seitz

When I see you again, it will be like seeing the most beautiful sunrise and the brightest star on the clearest of nights.

When I see you again, my heart will be full of love as It was the day you left, never missing a beat and growing stronger every passing day.

When I see you again, time will seem to stop, thinking only of the future and what it holds.

When I see you again, it cannot end soon enough, for it seems like forever.

When I see you again, I will spend the rest of my life making you happier than you have ever been, so I never have to not see you again!

2. True Love Brings Always Brings Us Back

       by Kelly Roper

Does absence truly make the heart grow fonder?
I believe that it does because
Each time we must go our separate ways,
Our hearts reach out to each other
And grasp more firmly than ever.
The things that divide us at these times only.
Serve to pull us back together and make our love stronger.
They make us more determined than ever
To live every moment we can together,
Truly and madly in love.

3. I Can’t Stop Thinking of You!

       by Jennifer

I look at the clock,
It says 1:41
I know thinking of you, I will never be done.
You run through my mind,
and occupy all my time,
Wondering why you are gone and why you are not mine,
I think of you constantly,
For some reason, I cannot stop,
Knowing that for always,
You will forever have my heart,
My days go by so slowly because you run through my head.
I said I love you forever,
Is that not enough to say,
You also haunt my dreams, if you know what I mean,
I wake up often with sweets and creams.
Why do I sleep by myself,
I am alone in my bed,
I know I will be thinking of you,
Till the day I am dead,
Now, still all this thought,
Just run through my brain,
I cannot stop thinking of blank.
I think I am going to be insane!

4. Until I Arrive

       by S. Marie

Whenever you feel
Lost in time,
Place your hand
Over your heart,
Imagine it is mine,
And with every beat
I hope you feel
More alive.
Just think of me
Until I arrive.

5. 4000 Miles

       by Lang Leav

The lines stitched into highways;
The never-ending seams,
On roads that are less traveled,
Dividing you and me.
I wish I could unravel,
The fabric in between,
And tear away the distance,
To bring you close to me.

6. Forever Stay with Me

       by Anonymous

Do not let the miles between us
Keep our love apart.
Just listen close, and you will hear
The beating of my heart.
No distance will ever keep
My heart from loving you
There are no more tears for it to weep
For a love that runs so true,
I will be there with you one day soon
To love you every day
And then my heart will sing a tune
And you will hear it say.
I have finally found my one true love
As real as one can be.
And now you are all I am thinking of
Forever stay with me.

7. Ache of Longing

       by John Mark Green

These times apart
Do not weaken our love.
The ache of longing
Makes each joyful reunion
A fresh revelation of passion.
We fall into each other’s arms,
And I fall for you all over again.

8. My Only Love

       by Sheri Medina

Since the first day we met,
I knew you were the one.
God answered my prayers;
You came down from above.

You gave me your heart,
You gave me your trust.
From that very moment,
It was more than just lust.

Your sweet, loving words
Can never be compared.
I am your forever partner;
My soul I have bared.

Never put into question
Any of my feelings being true.
I have found my one and only.
Baby, that is You!

Long Distance Love Poems for Him

Poetry can be a powerful way to express your emotions. We’ll explore some love poems for boyfriend far away that come straight from the heart, and celebrate the beauty and power of love.

1. Everything Is So Confusing

       by Kirstie

Everything is so confusing
not being able to be with you.
It’s making me crazy,
and I don’t know what to do.
You mean everything to me.
I hope we never break apart,
because I’m in love with you
and you have a special place in my heart.
Not a day goes by
that I don’t think about you.
I want to be with you forever.
It’s crazy, but I do.
You took away my pain.
You’re always in my dreams.
I’ll love you forever.
At least that’s how it seems.

2. Time and Distance

       by Catrina Heart

Destiny’s hands shows the right chosen way
When to let go, when to cut loose in its rhyme
He has the final say to our paths in time

To what so ever draws in our soft palms
My love will perpetually be true to your heart
Time is passing by, something we can’t undermine
Time travels without a pause to croon its chant

Even distances cuddle us, meddling in our affairs
my love will forever remain to see your smiling face
I’ll be your shining star, your guiding light
Watching you from the distance, day and night

For my love is here, no matter what you do
I shall be here by your side, loving you
We will always be each in others hearts
Even if the oceans divide us apart

Even distance has been a thorn in our lives
Whiles love is the rose that bonded our hearts
our lips pine for each other’s touch
promise, the oceans will not blow away our love

Our hands long to be hand in hand
Our hearts yearn to live entwine
For the rest of our lives
Oh I pray one-day fate delivers you into my arms

3. Miles Away

       by Anonymous

Long distance
1500 miles
44 days to walk
Who cares? If you love me
As I love you
We are not apart
Despite the miles
We are together
Together at heart
Distance matters in minds
But our hearts do not care
We fell in love
Long distance
We will stay in love
Long distance
Our hearts are together
Though we are far apart
Though we fell in love
Long distance.

4. Inhale

       by Anonymous

I woke,
And I buried my nose in your shirt
It still smells like you
In your absence.
It is such a comfort,
To me, your lover,
On the small island.
We are far in miles,
But I have your shirt
To inhale.

5. Heart Song

       by Anonymous

Hearts could fly, long-distance relationship poemSave
Image: IStock

Until our final kiss goodbye
I didn’t know that hearts could fly
But mine flew away
With you that day.

Distance, so few thoughts I gave,
Until you had to leave that day.
But in that moment I could feel
That distance is heavy, hard, and real.

I didn’t know that heartstrings tied
And tangled up so much inside.
Until the last smile you sent my way
When you had to go that day.

I never thought that time could seem
So cold and cruel that I could scream.
Until the long hours after you’d gone,
As my heart cried until the dawn.

Now I am just holding on
For the moment our love’s sweet song
Together loud and true will ring
As so in love our hearts will sing.

6. Stars

       by Niocra Kladsflem

So I might
Count every star
To where you are.
And write you
Metaphors in millions
With all the skies.
But really,
You just need to know
I miss you.
I have still never seen stars
Like the ones in your eyes!

7. Piece of You

       by Amy Finley

When you said you had to go,
I knew I would never make it through.
Unless I had a piece of you
To help me make it through the day
And help me keep the tears at bay.
So, I keep a bit of you
Inside my heart through all I do.
So, when I end up feeling blue,
It is there to brighten up my mood.
A bit of your laughter, your smile, too,
It is there inside my heart, so true.
I keep it close and hold it tight
Because you are my sweetest love and light.

Long Distance Love Poems from the Heart

Poetry can be a powerful way to express your emotions. In this section, we’ll explore some long-distance love poems that come straight from the heart, and celebrate the beauty and power of love.

1. Together Forevermore

       by Vinny Vintila

When I miss you,
I seek solace in my heart and soul
For in its depths, your essence I know.

When you miss me,
Just close your eyes and feel me near,
For in your heart, I’ll always be here.

Together, we’re bound by a love so bright,
Our souls entwined, forever in sight.

2. To Her

       by Charles Badger Clark

Cut loose a hundred rivers,
Roaring across my trail,
Swift as the lightning quivers,
Loud as a mountain gale.
I build me a boat of slivers;
I weave me a sail of fur,
And ducks may founder and die
But I
Cross that river to her!
Bunch the deserts together,
Hang three suns in the vault;
Scorch the lizards to leather,
Strangle the springs with salt.
I fly with a buzzard feather,
I dig me wells with a spur,
And snakes may famish and fry
But I
Cross that desert to her!
Murder my sleep with revel;
Make me ride through the bogs
Knee to knee with the devil,
Just ahead of the dogs.
I harrow the Bad Lands level,
I teach the tiger to purr,
For saints may wallow and lie
But I
Go clean-hearted to her!

3. What Christmas Means to Me

       by Shelagh Bullman

You’re what Christmas means to me
you’re the bright lights that sparkle,
On my Christmas tree,
You’re the soft snowflakes
that floats through the air,
bringing me happiness,
with songs of good cheer.
You’re the loving words on my Christmas card,
You’re my Christmas spirit
when missing you gets hard.
You’re my Christmas joy, and the reasons I’m glad,
But Baby Christmas without you is a little bit sad
You’re the feeling of giving and receiving,
And baby you’re why Christmas is still worth believing
You’re my special Christmas gift wrapped up just for me,
Filled with love only I can see
You’re my joy of the holiday cheer
But I miss so much and wish I was there,
I would need no presents just you in my sight,
Cuddled up warm on a cold winters night.
But for now thought I miss you and love you so dear,
I wish you happiness and lots of good cheer.
Merry Christmas

4. The Love for Sarina

       by Michael Navarro

My love for you runs so deep,
It is hard for me to even sleep.

Every time I see your eyes,
All I want to do is cry.

When I touch your lovely skin,
I get so nervous from within.

Your hug and lips are what I miss,
But what I miss more is your kiss.

Knowing that we will be apart,
How much this is breaking my heart.

You’re all I want, as you can see,
The love from you is all I need.

I so desire not to leave,
I know this is something you need.

I write this poem for my sweetheart,
I love you from the depth of my heart.

5. Not a Day, not a Week

       by Anonymous

Definitely not a fortnight
Even one second is too long
For you to be away from my sight
I just don’t know
What to say or what to do
Baby, come back to me
I am going crazy missing you

6. I Will Wait for You

       by Jerrika Rene Arthur

When the sky turns blue
and when the night sky grows darker,
I will be waiting.

As the sun goes away
and leaves start to fall among us,
I will still be waiting.

When the ocean runs over the sand,
and when the river floods the land,
I will be waiting.

Waiting is the only option to get you back in my arms,
So I must for that day to come.
I will wait for you.

I Miss You Long Distance Love Poems

Now, we’ll share some long-distance love poems that center on that simple but powerful sentiment, and help you express your longing and affection.

1. When I am Missing You

       by Heather Grace Stewart

When I miss you,
I walk to the river’s edge.
Frozen or free-flowing,
it soothes me;
sends me back to our small adventures.
Stargazing. Fireflies.
All-day swimming.
Long goodbyes.
No matter how cold it is outside,
our summers warm me,
and we are together again.

2. Missing You

       by Anonymous

There are a thousand things
that I love about you.
When I’m with you
I want to take in every moment
And when we’re apart
Every moment
feels like forever.

So when missing you
almost becomes too much
And the distance seems
almost too hard to bear
When my longing for you
Threatens to drive me mad
You help me make it through.

I take comfort in thinking of your smile
like a ray of sunlight bursting through the dark clouds.
I take comfort in thinking of your laughter
Which is more beautiful than a thousand songs.
I take comfort in thinking of your arms round me
A blanket of the sweetest solace in the world.

I take comfort in thinking of your love
That brings light to my soul
and joy to my heart.

My only wish
Aside from being in your arms
Is that you take comfort, too,
In thinking of my love for you.

3. You and I

       by Elijah

At the thought of you
my eyes love teary drops
It makes me smile but, at times, weary
How can one love a woman so much
When a memory of you plays in my mind
I know everything about the expression
I know pain with a glass in my hands
I sleep with the radio on because I miss you
I hear your swift sweet sighs of breath
You make anew what grief destroyed
You are the reviver of old departed memories
I am a man, and I got to let a woman go
You are moving forward in another man’s arms
I hope he sees nature does not make one like you
Can you not see it has got to be the Lord
Who makes you so beautiful?
And everything that He done touched
Like your Mind, Body, and soul
Is enough to be my world
It is not a fluke
that I am still here waiting for you
That if you drop a glass
A glass in thousand pieces
Can mirror my heart.

4. Incomplete Without You

       by Anonymous

Have you ever tasted
Tea without sugar
Have you ever tried
Bread without butter
Have you ever eaten
Chips without fish
You should try out this stuff
It is what I really wish
So that you come to know
What my life has become
Without you, I am
Incomplete and lonesome
I miss you!

5. I Know It

       by Misti Green

It was love at first sight,
When I saw you I knew.
Together we would be,
Just me and you.

You’re the only one,
I love you so much.
I’m all alone now,
And I long for your touch.

It seems so long,
Since you have left.
You said you would be back,
I just hope for the best.

It has been three days,
I miss you so…
I wish that I,
Was allowed to go.

You said you would call,
When you arrived.
But when you didn’t,
It made me cry.

I countdown the days,
Until your back in my world.
I still can’t believe,
That you chose me to be your girl.

My love is true,
I know yours is too.
And I can’t wait,
To be back with you.

6. Nothing Without You

       by Anonymous

I do not know how you are coping up
With being hundreds of miles away
But I feel like a star in the sky
Fading away, day after day
It has been too long since
The last time we were together
Without you, life means nothing to me
It feels like everything is over
I miss you.

7. Don’t Be Gone Too Long

       by Anonymous

I never thought I would feel such pain
I need you here to see you again
I never thought I would miss your touch
I realized I need it so much
I never thought I would feel so lost
And need your love at any cost
I never thought I would wake up alone
I need you back, do not be gone too long
Come Back Soon!

8. My Love

       by Anonymous

When I close my eyes
I can hear your voice
I can see your face
I can feel the touch of your lips as we kiss.

When I open my eyes
I see an empty room
Without your beautiful smile lighting it up
And I’m missing you so much it hurts.

I ache to hold you
To be in your arms
To hear your laughter.

Know that even as far apart as we are
My love for you
is as strong as ever.

Final Thoughts

Long-distance love can be challenging, but expressing your feelings through poetry can help bridge the gap between you and your loved one.

Whether you’re missing someone, feeling inspired, or just looking for something to make you laugh, there are many types of long-distance love poems to choose from.

We hope this article has provided some inspiration and helped you find the perfect words to express your love from afar.

We encourage you to share your poems for long-distance love in the comments below and let us know which type of poem resonated with you the most.

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