79 Kite Poems to Comprehend the Real Meaning of Freedom

Kite flying is an activity that has been enjoyed by people all over the world for centuries.

It represents a sense of freedom, joy, and adventure. Many poets have been inspired by the beauty of kites and the emotions they evoke.

Kite poems come in different styles and themes, and they offer unique perspectives on life, freedom, and happiness.

In this article, we will explore various categories of poems about kite, including famous kite poems, funny kite poems, inspirational kite poems, short kite poems, long kite poems, and many more.

Each category offers a different way of understanding the beauty and significance of kite flying.

Famous Kite Poems

These famous poems about kite capture the essence of what kite flying means to different cultures and how it connects us to nature and the world around us.

1. Kites

       by Miss Kay

Kites in the sky
Flying high,
Multicoloured, different kinds,
Fun in the sun,
Children jumped cheering.

Blue horizon
Merged with hues
Red, green, yellow
Men flocked to witness,
Singing melodious songs

Show spectrum of colours,
Eyes kept seeing endlessly,
Unique sporting event,
Light of friendship shines.

2. Late Autumn Days

       by Stina Lu

It is late autumn now.
The leaves keep silent
to the endless teasing of sun and wind.
Occasionally they tumble and rumble in response.

The red kite is kidnapped
by the cherry branches in the name of love.
He’s not depressed.
Since the blue sky is only for dreams
It’s better to break the wings
and forget flying.
You see the water of the East lake
Tranquil and gentle in the wind of the four seasons.

It’s late autumn now.
Days are trembling in your north.
In my south
They look like flowery ladies
waiting for someone to come back.

3. Kites

       by James George

This morning is like no other,
the sun is shining,
except up the road
snow clouds await
and the March wind will blow
to slow my travel.

I will navigate right through
to pay a visit to our nephew
and his family, grandnephews
Fin and Sam, whom we have not seen
for a year or more.
We’ll surprise them with kites.

4. March Wind

       by Eleanor Dennis

We made a brand-new kite today,
And soon as we were through
We came out here to fly it,
And the wind just blew and blew.
And now the kite’s a tiny speck;
We’ve used up all the string;
I’d like to go and get some more.
Anne’s such a tiny thing
To hold the kite all by herself;
I wouldn’t let her try,
For fear I might look back and see
Anne sailing through the sky.

5. Mysterious Magic

       by Thomas Burson

The moon struck the trees
silver shimmers dancing with shadows.
The winter snows
traced in the knolls
argent needles sewing memories
spring will savor with rain’s pelt.
Folded to fit
turned to catch the taste of night’s
long fingered light, I hear the whispers
breath makes to carry dreams. You
hold me in the shadows of the room.
I move like a ghost
letting memory guide me in darkness.

As I feel the breath of sheets relaxing
following my form, I hear a sigh.
You fold up tighter
then I feel you stretch
accept my presence
deepen your sigh so I am swirled up
into the wind like a kite on a string.

Moon light magic
mysteries of breath
the silence after the good night
before dreams hold us.
I know it will be an eternity
against the stars above you
before you reel in the string
take me home.

6. Flying

       by Tao Joannes

Lay the pieces out for inspection,
neatly arranged by type and size.

Select matching parts.
Assemble supports.
Gently stretch delicate skin
across the framework
we have constructed together.

Secure the string.
Connecting heaven and earth
And soar on the ocean breeze at twilight.

While our hearts ride the wind with the kites
we carve our joy in granite
and write our regrets in the sand.

The moment will expire
but we can examine the corpse for evidence
to gather some cold comfort
some lonely day when wonder
seems like every other lie we save for children.

But right now it doesn’t take work
Light, unrestrained
Yearns through the void
To kiss your face
And die in my eyes

And the string pulls
And sometimes it burns.

The kite will do what the kite will do
and it will fall when it falls
despite our desire and karma.

We just hold tight
enjoying the night,

7. Lost Windy Weather

       by Anaisnais

Who knows where the wind blows
where it comes from
where it goes
where ballons and kites will drift ‘till gone
Planes will fly as it passes on
while sun burns ground
and resevoirs dry
and scarves and papers float on by
On windy days
leaves rustle in trees
and boats drift on crest wind misbehaves
This mighty force uncontrolled
does as it please’s not as it’s told
Where does it begin
Where does it cease
What is its purpose
What direction it’s peace

8. Sky & Sand, Laughter & Tears

       by Aztlanquill

I remember those times, so long ago
when to the beach we all would go,
to the Butterfeild’s house by the sea
and fly our colorful shaped kites merrilly,

And they would serve their famous root beer
with a smile on their face, they were so dear,
we would shed our shoes, run in the sand
with the roll of string tightly in our hand,

We would have such wonderful fun in the sun
now all those good memories are finally gone,
for we buried that nice old couple just today
may their blessed souls, like our kites, fly away.

9. The Boy and His Kite

       by Ronnie Ng

He wasn’t very confident about himself
as he had lost a kite before. The kite was
playful and frolicked with the winds. She
wanted to fly as high as she could to touch
the clouds and reach for the sun. The winds
were too strong for the boy, and he lost his grip.
The kite wandered off and joined the winds;
She was lost in sight, and the boy lost his trust.

This time, the boy tightened the knots to his new
kite and made sure that the string wasn’t too long.
He gripped as hard as he could and kept his eyes
on the kite. There weren’t many clouds and the winds
weren’t too strong this time. He ought to feel safe
this time, but to his surprise, the kite got stuck between
the branches of a tree, and the string got cut off;
He learned that some things just weren’t meant to be.

10. Red Kite

       by Pagan Paul

The string trails away down
I tug it with all of my might,
I am the hue of setting suns,
I am a sporting red kite.

I wanted someone with scissors
to so deftly cut the strings,
transform into a real Red Kite
with eyes and feathers and wings.

Floating free upon the winds,
and marvelling at all that I spy,
swooping and diving at high play,
the flying master of the sky.

But now something has changed,
a strange and different feeling,
I think I’d like to be grounded,
for someone to start in-reeling.

I would like to feel so treasured,
a possession of the hearts cry.
Wishing to be the real Red Kite,
the pleasure in someone else’s sky.

Funny Kite Poems

Funny kite poems offer a lighthearted and humorous take on the experience of flying a kite. These interesting poems about kite use playful language and funny scenarios to make readers smile and laugh.

1. Let’s Fly a Kite

       by Kenn Nesbitt

Come with me.
Let’s fly a kite.
We’ll fly it left.
We’ll fly it right.

We’ll fly it up.
We’ll fly it down.
We’ll fly our kite
all over town.

We’ll fly all day
Until it’s night.
Come with me.
Let’s fly a kite.

2. Paper Dragons

       by Susan Alton Schmeltz

In March, kites bite the wind
and shake their paper scales.
They strain against their fiber chains
to free their dragon tail

3. June

       by Marius Alexandru

No more school, I sleep till noon,
Oh, how much I love you, June!
In the garden, I smell roses perfume
Oh, how much I love you, June!
Butterflies and a small bee,
everywhere are following me.
I play hide and seek with the sun,
Everything I do is fun.
I can fly my kite so high,
Next to airplanes in the sky,
I’ll go fishing, ride my bike,
I will do all that I like.
I’ll go to the pool, a lot
June is perfect, not too hot.
Oh, and the ice cream…chocolate, fudge,
June’s the best! You be the judge,
I will meet with cousins, friends,
I hope the summer never ends.

4. Butterflies

       by Blake Holland

a butterfly flies so high
in the sky
like a kite
but you were just flying by
and you found me
in your kingdom by the sea
I will love you forever
will you love me?

Inspirational Kite Poems

Inspirational poems about kite inspire readers to take flight and pursue their dreams. These poems encourage us to embrace the freedom and potential that kite flying represents and to soar to new heights in our personal and professional lives.

1. How the Little Kite Learned to Fly

       by Anonymous

“I never can do it,” the little kite said,
As he looked at the others high over his head;
“I know I should fall if I tried to fly.”
“Try,” said the big kite; “only try!
Or I fear you never will learn at all.”
But the little kite said, “I’m afraid I’ll fall.”
The big kite nodded: “Ah well, goodby;
I’m off;” and he rose toward the tranquil sky.
Then the little kite’s paper stirred at the sight,
And trembling he shook himself free for flight.
First whirling and frightened, then braver grown,
Up, up he rose through the air alone,
Till the big kite looking down could see
The little one rising steadily.
Then how the little kite thrilled with pride,
As he sailed with the big kite side by side!
While far below he could see the ground,
And the boys like small spots moving round.
They rested high in the quiet air,
And only the birds and the clouds were there.
“Oh, how happy I am!” the little kite cried,
“And all because I was brave, and tried.”

2. Kites and Life’s Struggles

       by Anonymous

Kites usually fly higher with the wind.
However, life too is a kite,
Our wind currents are our beliefs and
Unbelief is the struggle of facing our fears
As we chase our dreams.
Its struggles are the counter wind currents
That make kites harder to fly therein.
Yet, we need both types of wind in ife…
Beliefs and tears of unbelief give us
Choices to win or lose in life’s struggles.

3. My Kite

       by Discoveria

Now warmer winds blow through the green
And grassy fields where I have seen
A flock of kites that grace the heights
With gaudy wings and tails;
They flutter under joyful clouds
And draw attention from the crowds
Who gaze up high into a sky
That’s trimmed with vapour trails.

Up there are kites of every hue,
In red and gold and pink and blue;
The colours there up in the air
Bring children much delight;
Against the chalky cliffside crags
The distant forms of tiny flags
Impart a splash of shades that clash
Like rainbows knowing flight.

Although those kites are slowly thinned
By tired hands and breathless wind
A playful love keeps them above
Where they were made to be;
For when the springtime breezes cease,
When sky and kite must be at peace,
I hold the line of one that’s mine
Which soars in memory.

4. A Bright Kite

       by Hikaru Etanaru

On an hilltop, the sun shone bright
There flew a purple kite
Like a bird in mid flight
It flew and flew till the night

The next day a milk man came
He saw the kite and thought how lame
Then he wrote a rap and gained fame
The kite still flew all the same

As the rapper grew old
His son was after gold
He found the kite flying bold
There lied a treasure he was told

He became rich beyond thought
Then he went and bought
The biggest and well-furnished lot
The kite still flew caring not

Now the son lost all his money
He had nothing to feed his sunny
His desperation soon turned funny
As he saw the kite entangle a bunny

The kite had finally come down
He looked upon it and frowns
The kite had given his family many crowns
The one that flew across many towns

With that though he hoisted the kite
Wind took it like fish bite
It flew in the sky so bright
Hope and dreams did it light

5. The Kite

       by Liz Brownlee

I am the emperor of wind
my world is sky and sun

air surrounds me, guides me
moves me so we are one

my red skin glows like fire
I am kite; part silk, part light

my tail patterns in circles
in loops and swoops of flight

watch me become the wind
and the wind take shape in me

it is my soul, my life, my all
it sets my spirit free

6. Colorful Kite

       by Kelly Reiger

In a lonely park I sit upon a bench waiting for your meeting to end.
For duty to once again be satisfied.

While there I happen to notice a beautiful kite flying upon the wind.
Within its brightly colored patterns I see myself… bobbing and
weaving… caught up in a comforting embrace it danced in a joyous freedom.

Entranced I watched… soon I became aware of a small figure in control
of the kite. His blue eyes lit up in the joy he felt… his small fists
clutched tightly upon his beautiful treasure.

Suddenly out of nowhere a burst of wind came and the kite found his
freedom dancing away seemingly unaware of the pain its sudden departure
would cause…

Startled I felt your warm hand upon my arm.  My lifeline… so solid
and true.  Tying me firmly with love.

7. Imagine a Kite Today

       by Alin

imagine a kite today
that becomes visible
only because
you’ve imagined it

imagine a kite today
that will be seen
in all colors
made of
the rainbows
of the eyes
of the loving

Short Kite Poems

Short poetries about kite capture the essence of kite flying in just a few lines. These poems are perfect for sharing on social media, in greeting cards, or as part of a larger collection of poetry.

1. From Every Breeze

       by Gregory Golden

Young seagulls are
Kites, gliding in thin air
Gaining sustenance
From every breeze
Uplifted by stiff winds
Achieving buoyancy,
Once again

2. Wind-Blown

       by MLee Dickens’son

scarves of silken vapor
multicolored kites
fly in azure April sky
daring rain clouds to appear

3. Kites Dance in Joy

       by Tamal

kites dance in joy
against a depressed sky
warmth of ma’s baking.

4. Kites

       by Anonymous

A kaleidoscope
is spinning on high

commotions of colour
ride rising currents


Dynamic dancers
are surfing the sky.

5. Kites Swoop from the Sky

       by Mohsin Maqbool E

kites swoop from the sky
for fish dropped by schoolboy
one beats the rest
flies off with his prize
where hungry chicks wait

6. Fly a Kite

       by Katie Lazette

Let’s go fly a kite
Send it away up high
Oh, I forgot to add the tail

7. A Simple Irony

       by J Schilling

They worship a god
We worship the dollar.

They need a dictator
We need a leader.

They fly kites now
We on the ground die young.

8. My Kite

       by Regina Albert

My kite is like a dancing leaf,
Painted with colors fair;
It floats and dives, then rises high,
And seems to swim in air.
It looks so high above the earth,
So glad and gay and free,
But at my lightest guiding touch,
It turns and comes to me.

Long Kite Poems

Long poetries about kite offer a more in-depth exploration of the themes and emotions surrounding kite flying. These poems use vivid imagery, symbolism, and metaphor to create a rich and meaningful reading experience.

1. Kite Man at Dusk

       by Carole Dwinell  

I see you, wide-stanced, braced and
Arrogant on the windblown ocean’s edge.
Waves sweep foam-frothed reinforcements
From the sea to flank you, to join battle,
To join forces with the wind and dark.
You defy them and the smoldered setting sun
With shineful, fighting kites held savage
In your cut and bleeding hands.
Fierce dancing silver foils, these mylar blades,
Made to cut the wind, to slice it, carve it
Extend those hands with bitter tensioned wires.

Who are you, solitary man, warring with
The wind on such a lonely shore?
With double flashing kites, an engineering
Marvel built to hold, then split the wind.
No crossed sticks with newsprint, paste,
and kitchen string around the edge —
Homemade to catch a child’s bit of sky.
No. You pack wicked fighting kites, braced
Shivering to blaze your questions and
Your nerve across the sky. A soldier’s pose,
You try to cut the ocean’s unmapped space.

But why? You have not sufficient blood to splatter
From your kite-torn wounds for sand and earth
To even notice that you’re here, demanding
That the sun should faint into the coming dark.
Consider this, spent gladiator. Shadows mostly
Fade beneath the night. You, air puppet, are but
A toy hanging on the timeful, sea-clean winds.
Winds that whisper they do not care, or even notice
The stand you take, the fierceness of your game,
You are a brief soon absent player pulled to defeat
By wind’s inconstant mood. There will be no victory here.

2. The Lost Kite

       by Hannah Flagg Gould

“My kite! my kite! I’ve lost my kite!
Oh! when I saw the steady flight,
With which she gained her lofty height,
How could I know, that letting go
That naughty string, would bring so low
My pretty, buoyant, darling kite,
To pass for ever out of sight?
“A purple cloud was sailing by,
With silver fringes, o’er the sky;
And then, I thought, it seemed so nigh,
I’d make my kite go up and light
Upon its edge, so soft and bright;
To see how noble, high and proud
She’d look, while riding on a cloud!
“As near her shining mark she drew,
I clapped my hands; the line slipped through
My silly fingers; and she flew,
Away! away! in airy play,
Right over where the water lay!
She veered and fluttered, swung and gave
A plunge, then vanished with the wave!
“I never more shall want to look
On that false cloud, or babbling brook;
Nor e’er to feel the breeze that took
My dearest joy, to thus destroy
The pastime of your happy boy.
My kite! my kite! how sad to think
She flew so high, so soon to sink!”
“Be this,” the mother said, and smiled,
“A lesson to thee, simple child!
And when by fancies vain and wild,
As that which cost the kite that’s lost,
Thy busy brain again is crossed,
Of shining vapor then beware,
Nor trust thy joys to fickle air!
“I have a darling treasure, too,
That sometimes would, by slipping through
My guardian hands, the way pursue,
From which, more tight than thou thy kite,
I hold my jewel, new and bright,
Lest he should stray without a guide,
To drown my hopes in sorrow’s tide!”

3. The Final Piece

       by Julia Mainwaring-Berry

It took quite an effort to set this last piece,
We tugged and we pulled but it wouldn’t release,
So up on the ladder, our mate had to climb,
Fixing the jigsaw while we held the line.

The wind blew a gale and conditions were rough,
But that one small thing would not fast deter us,
For we were informed when this piece is in place
We may find the answers that drift out in space.

He bent and he twisted, but it wouldn’t move,
He’d just set it in and it slipped in the groove,
The wind was still blowing the clouds very fast,
We must get it solved or we’ve had our last chance.

The ladder was rocking and bending in sway,
A hurricane surely was coming our way,
Poor Jack lost his balance and fell to the ground,
But still in his hand was that piece he had found.

So we said “Don’t worry, it’s not meant to be,”
But Jack was determined as ever you see.
So back up the ladder, he climbed with intent,
His mind on completion he wouldn’t relent.

The wind died quite suddenly, all was quite still,
As Jack calmed the tempest with his mighty will,
We held the ropes fast as he tightened his grip,
But still we were worried he may again slip.

A loud crash of thunder was rent through the air,
Descending the ladder, Jack said a small prayer,
“Please show us a sign that our work is complete,
For we have been brave in achieving this feat.”

A voice from above in a voice loud and clear
Said we were quite safe and had nothing to fear,
For we had stopped terrorists dead in their tracks,
As we had sealed up all these dreadful attacks.

The world called us heroes, yet we are still boys,
But wonders can happen when kids play with toys,
And kite flying’s fun as they soar through the skies
Igniting the sparkle of hope in our eyes.

4. The Kite; Or, Pride Must Have a Fall

       by John Newton

My waking dreams are best conceal’d,
Much folly, little good, they yield;
But now and then I gain, when sleeping,
A friendly hint that’s worth the keeping.
Lately I dreamt of ope who cried,
“Beware of self, beware of pride;
When you are prone to build a Babel,
Recall to mind this little fable.”
Once on a time a paper kite
Was mounted to a wond’rous height,
Where, giddy with its elevation,
It thus express’d self-admiration;
“See how yon crowds of gazing people
Admire my flight above the steeple;
How would they wonder if they knew
All that a kite like me can do!
Where I but free, I’d take a flight,
And pierce the clouds beyond their sight;
But, ah! like a poor pris’ner bound,
My string confines me near the ground:
I’d brave the eagle’s towering wing,
Might I but fly without a string.”
It tugg’d and pull’d, while thus it spoke,
To break the string:—at last it broke.
Depriv’d at once of all its stay,
In vain it tried to soar away;
Unable its own weight to bear,
It flutter’d downward through the air;
Unable its own course to guide,
The winds soon plung’d it in the tide.
Ah! foolish kite, thou hadst no wing,
How couldst thou fly without a string?
My heart replied, “O Lord, I see
How much this kite resembles me!
Forgetful that by thee I stand,
Impatient of thy ruling hand;
How oft I’ve wish’d to break the lines
Thy wisdom for my lot assigns?
How oft indulg da vain desire,
For something more or something higher?
And, but for grace and love divine,
A fall thus dreadful had been mine.”

5. My Father’s Kites

       by Allison Joseph

were crude assemblages of paper sacks and twine,
amalgams of pilfered string and whittled sticks,
twigs pulled straight from his garden, dry patch

of stony land before our house only he
could tend into beauty, thorny roses goaded
into color. How did he make those makeshift

diamonds rise, grab ahold of the wind to sail
into sky like nothing in our neighborhood
of dented cars and stolid brick houses could?

It wasn’t through faith or belief in otherworldly
grace, but rather a metaphor from moving
on a street where cars rusted up on blocks,

monstrously immobile, and planes, bound
for that world we could not see, roared
above our heads, our houses pawns

in a bigger flight path. How tricky the launch
into air, the wait for the right eddy to lift
our homemade contraption into the sullen

blue sky above us, our eyes stinging
with the glut of the sun. And the sad tangle
after flight, collapse of grocery bags

and broken branches, snaggle of string
I still cannot unfurl. Father, you left me
with this unsated need to find the most

delicately useful of breezes, to send
myself into the untenable, balance my weight
as if on paper wings, a flutter then fall,

a stutter back to earth, an elastic sense
of being and becoming forged in our front
yard, your hand over mine over balled string.

6. The Girl with the Kite

       by Nicki Tilston

The girl with the kite
Didn’t have a care
She’d run on the beach
With the wind in her hair
She’d run up hills
Lie in fields of wild flowers
Gazing at the ever changing sky
She would dream for hours

The girl with the kite
Saw faces in the sky
Angels looking down on her
From clouds floating by
She’d hold on so tight
As her kite took flight
She said she’d never let go
Of her beautiful kite

The girl with the kite
Would make daisy chains
She’d pick clover and butter cups
As she walked country lanes
Life was simple
Or it seemed that way
The sun was always shining
When she went out to play

The girl with the kite
Started to grow
She felt under pressure
To let her kite go
Demands were made
For her to achieve and perform
Make her way in the world
Please other people and conform

The girl with the kite
Felt things were going wrong
It was hard growing up
Then a man came along
He played his guitar
He brought a bouquet
As he sang his sweet song
Her kite drifted away

The girl with the kite
Heard his sweet song turn sour
His true colours were shown
As the man used his power,
Manipulation and aggression
To clip her wings
To crush her spirit
To pull her strings

The girl with the kite
Felt she was to blame
For her bad choices
She hid her shame
Kept her sadness a secret
Tried to make things right
Trapped in her world
She lost her self in the fight

The girl with the kite
Wanted to die
She couldn’t live any more
She had no kite to fly
She went to the Doctor
Who gave her some pills
They just made her numb
Didn’t cure her ills

The girl with the kite
Slept for a decade, or more
Life went on around her
Each day was a chore
She had to wake from the inertia
She had become bereft
When she woke from the dark sleep
She had nothing left

The girl with the kite
Had to start anew
Like a Phoenix from the ashes
She knew she’d pull through
She’s found her kite
Found a beach for it to blow
Up to the angels on their clouds
This time, she won’t let go

The girl with the kite
Is now a woman, strong and proud
Content to live her life alone
Independent and unbowed
She flies her kite sedately
Life is not a race
She’s free to fly it when she wants to
It flies at her own pace

7. The Kite

       by Sabrine

It was nice outside
A warm afternoon
The sun was shining
During the month of June

It was fairly windy
So we went to the park
My father and I
We would stay until dark

He brought a kite
“My favorite,” he said
As he tugged the kite
And loosened the thread

“I found this baby
Before you were born
And it’s the only one
I’ve ever adored”

I smiled at him
He looked very proud
Looking at his favorite kite
Flying among the clouds

It was the first time in a while
To have a smile from ear to ear
Because not long before
My mother disappeared

I tried to keep my mind off her
I had to think of something else
Other than the way she laughed
Or how she dressed or smelled

So I stared at the kite
And I laid back
I kept my eye on it
To help me relax

I tried not to think, but
The kite reminded me of her
So I kept my eye on the kite
And everything else was a blur

The way the kite fought
Against the wind
Reminded me of my mother
And the way she grinned

Metaphorically, I thought
The kite was my mother
Because of the way it carried itself
Reminded me of her

The kite was just like my mom
It had the same skin
I could have sworn that this kite
Was my mother’s twin

The way the kite flew
Thought it was better than the rest
It’s as if this flight
Was for all to test

If my mother was a kite
This kite would be her
Because often times my mother
Had delusions of grandeur

This kite was my mother
I could have sworn
Because where my mom had scars
The kite was torn

Then I saw something on that kite
That frightened me a tad
That kite had the same tattoo
As the one my mother had

8. String

       by Park Warne

My string is tangled, balled and mangled
Tied in knots from every angle
No spool to use and hard to tie
So long ago it used to fly
My kite my kite
My kite so high

I used to run against the moon
With kites above a lake of loons
We made a schooner in the sky
Their bills the keel, my kite the sail
My string the rope, the mast their tail
And as I watched, my bird ship fly
Into the sun above the sky

I lost it blinded, by the light
Through water eyes into the night
The loons came back, a thousand wings
Their music song a lake in spring
The bird ship gone, my kite ablaze
My string had vanished in the haze.

I see a wisp in the moonlit sky
Like first sight from a morning eye
The clouds came closer thin and slack
And at my feet in tangled black
My string My string
My string came back.

I threw my tangled ball of string
At crescent moon in early spring
With loons it flew toward new dawn light
A magic hand was formed in flight
Caught by the loons in feather hands
The knots untied on desert sands
And at my feet, my string did land

My thread was tangled, balled and mangled
Tied in knots from every angle
Unfurled above by feather hands
Above the foggy desert sands
I took my feathered string and ran
Ran toward the dawn
New kite new kite new kite in hand

Kite Poems That Rhyme

Poems about kite with rhyming words use the power of rhyme and rhythm to make their messages memorable and enjoyable to read aloud. These poems are perfect for children and adults who appreciate the musicality of language.

1. Kites Are Scary

       by Black Narcissus

I really didn’t like my kite
I’d built the thing by candlelight,
the oblong shape just wasn’t right
an awful sight, an awful sight.
I wanted red, it turned out blue,
it snapped each time a strong wind blew
I’d fix it when it broke in two,
with super glue, with super glue.

I hoped that it would fly away
so flew it each and every day
in skies of blue and skies of grey,
begone I pray, begone I pray.

And then one day I just let go,
but here’s the thing I didn’t know
the string was wrapped around my toe,
oh no no no, oh no no no.

I’m 8 miles up and really scared
for things like this I’m not prepared
I wondered, would my life be spared,
as down I stared, as down I stared.

We flew so high we reached the moon
quite late one Friday afternoon,
it’s like a Loony Tunes cartoon,
I’ll be back soon, I’ll be back soon.

2. The Philosopher with His Kite

       by Hannah Flagg Gould

Flying a kite! at a childish play!
Is FRANKLIN mad? Have his noble powers
Of mind been crushed? Is this the way
A wise Philosopher spends his hours?
‘I am not mad,’ he calmly said,
And gave the line to his silken kite,
As into the regions of air she sped,
And pulled for more, in upward flight.
‘I’m going to do what none has done,
Since man has breathed, or the spheres have whirled;
To show the lightning where to run,
And to turn its point for the rising world!
‘The secret sparks, that the vapors wrap
In their dusky folds, I’m going to bring
Across my kite with her iron cap,
And down to me on a hempen string.
‘Ere yonder threatening cloud shall wink,
I’ll make her carry her head so nigh
To its sable face, she shall reach and drink
At the fiery stream from its awful eye.
‘In truth and soberness now I aim,
Though none before may have aimed so far,
To lead the electric wildfire tame
Out of the clouds, to fill my jar!
‘I’ll bring a debt on the world, and such
As the richest and greatest ne’er can pay,
Till they for posterity do as much
As, flying my kite, I do to-day!’

3. Lavender Gardens

       by Line Gauthier

O’er feathery clouds adrift a kite
‘Neath sway lavender gardens that invite
Embracing warm rays of spring sunlight
Pining for sweet afternoon delight
With glass of wine lovers reunite

O’er dreamlike blissfully scented sight
The moon tiptoes up the sky so sprite
Till she gains apex above in height
Whilst I close my eyes to say goodnight
I tender my love dulcet good night
Spring lavender garden dreams take flight

4. Flames do Leap

       by Audrey Haick

One glance and flames set ablaze
His fluttering heart in a daze
Like a spinning kite caught in the wind
It has no fear of fall nor singe
Consumed by love’s eternal flame
He seems a man somewhat insane
His smiles once rare, make no retreat
Constant and fierce as desert heat
Now broaden as hot flames do leap

5. Conversation with a Kite

       by Bobbi Katz

Come back, come back, my runaway kite!
Come back and play with me!

I’m riding and gliding on whirl-away winds.
I’m going somewhere. Can’t you see?

Where are you going my beautiful kite,
flying so high in the sky?

I’m going to visit the lost balloons
that made little children cry.

When I hold your string, oh my magical kite,
why do I feel the wind in my hand?

The wind is a taste of the sky, my young friend,
that I gave to a child of the land.

6. Kites

       by Anonymous

The March wind is calling,
“Come fly your kite!”
The wind is blowing
With all its might.

The kites are tossing
In the sky.
The wind is calling,
“Come fly up high.”

7. Kite Days

       by Mark Sawyer

A kite, a sky, and a good firm breeze,
And acres of ground away from trees,
And one hundred yards of clean, strong string –
O boy, o boy! I call that spring!

Kite Poems for Children

Kite poems for children use simple language and relatable themes to introduce young readers to the joy and wonder of kite flying. These kite poems for kids are really fun!

1. Colors Floating in the Sky

       by Kimmers

colors floating in the blue
as laughing children pull on string
rising and falling and billowing and swaying
to the rhythms of the wind…

what a joyous sight to see
families running and playing together
kites getting smaller as they rise higher
Chuckles growing louder at the sight…

kites rising and falling
ebbing and flowing
through the azure sky
how fun to see them fly!

2. Kite Day

       by Mikala Sisson

The sky is speckled with flying colors
Diamond shapes of all hues litter the sky
Attached to joyful children by a string

Many kites jump off of the ground
Only to nose dive back down
Children run as fast as they can
Excited to get the kite in the air

It’s as if the kites are reaching for the clouds
Only to be yanked back to the earth

3. Up

       by John D

Up to the skies with our cries and our hollers!
Mom bought us kites -and for only four dollars!
Drive out to the fields, under blue skies and sun.
A crisp breeze is blowing; we’re here to have fun!

Sailing our kites over houses and trees…
Leaping and chasing the afternoon breeze!

Feet churn up mud as the kite string un-spools,
Surging free in the sky where there aren’t any rules
but a wind in the sail and a hand on the string.
There is no better way here to welcome the Spring.

Sailing our kites over houses and trees…
Leaping and chasing the afternoon breeze!

4. Kites! Look at the Kites!

       by Manan Sheel

Kites! Look at the Kites!
Red, yellow, orange, green, blue Kites!!
Listen when it takes a long frilling breath through its body – Frrrrrrrrrrrrr
And moves up in the air, to meet the clouds, it talks to the clouds,
it amazes the birds, it pleasures the onlookers…
The human longing to fly, to reach the birdie neighbourhood,
gave birth to kites,
A kitemaker’s creation, his own child, reaches where his dreams are,
where he himself cannot reach in waking hours,
India’s sky is blessed with kites! These non-living yet most lively kites!!!

5. Kites

       by Nudershada Cabanes

Summer time is here
sky is blue sun is shining
kites dance in the wind

6. To Fly

       by M. Shamaun Pasha

The birds can fly
the butterflies can fly
the kites can fly
the aero planes can fly
why can’t I fly.

7. Summer Day

       by Steve Meadows

Children playing
Kites flying high
Children laughing
Kites blowing in the wind
A storm is coming
Children are crying
Kites aren’t flying

8. Kite

       by Pea

If I ever talk to the cloud again
and ask where my kite went —

But the cloud would not speak
for it has no tongue nor teeth

Maybe my kite heard the wind singing
Or the sweet, sweet voice of Siren luring

Sun floats still
Couldn’t run away

Sun stole, stole
Stole my kite away

If I ever talk to Ra again —
I had no time explaining

Such sensitive teeth my kite has
Don’t let it bite the Siren’s voice

Sweet, sweet haze

Sun floats still
Earth on routine

What did my kite say
when it reached your core?

It reached your core,
didn’t it? It reached your core,
didn’t it? It reached y–

Tell me what my kite said,
would you?

Kite Poems about Life

Kite poems about life use kite flying as a metaphor for the ups and downs of life. These poems offer insights into the challenges we all face and the resilience and strength we need to overcome them.

1. Life is a Kite

       by Sathve Vg

Life is a kite
Wind is the confidence
If wind doesn’t blow
The kite will fall down

The more the wind blows
higher the kite will fly
Even fallen kites will rise
If they trust the wind

A galaxy of a kite flying competition
Each trying to cut the others thread
vengence and jealousy is the glass on the thread to cut
wind is the perfect shield to fly high

The other kites will try to pull you down
Pull the wind to your side
Even if the thread is cut
Wind is the trampoline to success

A wish that kites were deaf
Deaf to other kites criticism
Open hears to the voice of the wind
Life would be so peaceful then

If the thread breaks
It will have a free ride
hovering through clouds
admiring citylights

If the kite falls on a tree
Enjoy the well deserved break
second last chance to rise
Trust the wind

When the kite falls down
U must rise mightier than before
Having the wind by your side
Will make you soar higher and higher
If and only way you have the wind

2. Life Is a Kite

       by Daniel Y.

sometimes caught
in strong winds
so that our anchor’s hands
give way.
But loose hands and a long cord
will help us soar in the heavens
– on sunny days.

3. Middle Aged Orphans

       by Leslie Albright

When tomorrow’s door is knocked upon.
To make you face that dreaded dawn.
Where can you turn to face the day.
When the love you’ve known has gone away.

Morning shadows cast new found light.
Leave you drifting like a cut loose kite.
To pick up the pieces all caught up in the wires.
The weary child chasing the wind till he tires.

Give me the potion to help calm my fears.
In life’s after math of childhood years.
Now that all the fantasies have died.
Soaking wet from the tears that you’ve cried.

We sojourn on till our day comes.
With beating heart’s and turned up thumb’s.
To breath in all life’s air that’s left.
To appease the past that’s now bereft.

4. Walking Around in a Daze

       by Jack Ellison

Most days my moods are high as a kite
But today is not one of those days
The love of my life is under the weather
So I’m walking around in a daze

No rhyme or no reason to continue on
Will call it quits for today
No incentive no drive to keep me going
For her love I’m pining away

Hope tomorrow she feels much better
To help me get back on track
The love of my life, my heart and soul
Can’t wait to get her back

When she feels down I feel down too
Our lives are bound at the heart
I’ve told her nearly ten thousand times
I’ve loved her from the very start

5. The Kite of Life

       by Zaira Khalid

My life is in darkness,
I want some happiness.
I need a reason,
Why I am in loneliness?
Need something bright,
To cast away the night,
But have one fright
What if the light cuts my Kite?

6. Beautiful Animal Kingdom

       by Funom Makama

Oh, no star, no fan, no fame, no nerd
how they see, hear or feel is how they treat
no cash nor need to be rich, life is red
low in rank but same with man as meat
each pair form from the need not to wed
a cat’s a cat, no rank, all in one seat
ants to lion, all be the same when dead
fend for kids like with the rope of a kite
that’s all it is when duty is on site
more than a type can mix with no bite
a dog and a bird can play and marvel
lie the tiny head on a big navel
love in a show to give a good novel.

Kite Poems about Strength

Poems about kite and strength celebrate the inner strength and courage it takes to face adversity and overcome obstacles. These poems inspire readers to tap into their own inner power and soar to new heights.

1. Kite

       by Phil Lindsey

Dad made a kite
Out of paper and wood
And a white, ripped up sheet for a tail.
We all watched with wonder when without any wind
He could make his kite rise up and sail!
The trick, he would tell us
Is to run just a bit, then let the string play out just so.
There is wind up above us that you cannot see
It will make the kite rise up and go.

Up went his kite
High up over the trees
And soon it was up with clouds.
It dipped, skipped and twirled as he tightened his rein
“It’s DANCING!” we shouted out loud!
The kite, he would tell us
Responds to your touch, don’t hold it too loose or too tight.
Be forgiving, yet firm, let it fly by itself
And most times it will turn out all right.

Dad gave the kite
To the youngest child there,
And the rest of us waited our turn.
The kite soared, then collapsed; our confidence too
Dad taught; we attempted to learn.
Life, he would tell us
Is like flying a kite, you hold on but you cannot control.
Don’t let a failure or lack of success
Stop you from reaching your goal.

Be like the kite
Reach as high as you can
Set your goals high, and dance with the clouds!
Respect and remember the wind you can’t see.
It’s your Faith that will make others proud.
Faith, he would tell us
Is the courage to fly, and belief in a Presence unseen.
But most of all Faith is the strength to go on
When your kite gets stuck high in a tree.

2. The Kite and the String

       by Rebekah Walker

A kite with faded colors
and unwoven threads,
once made with care,
now not much more than shreds.

It hovered with sorrow
longing to fly free,
but found it was held fast
by an unwavering string.

The cord was not much to look at,
most people would say.
But it was charming to the kite
in its own humble way.

It was vulnerable in places
and had a knot here and there,
but it never once faltered.
In its task, it took care.
It held the kite tightly
and made sure it stayed.
Otherwise, the high aiming kite
would surely float away.

Although the twine was secure,
gripping the helpless kite,
without the kite’s grasp,
the string would never take flight.
The able piece of rope would’ve
spent all its days
lying dormant on the dust,
never to be raised.
The kite helped it dream,
to see the sky and clouds,
and the string made sure
they both stayed near the ground.

The kite had seen other ropes,
crafted more tasteful and long.
They were appealing on the surface,
but never as strong.
They always broke off,
not steady enough to stay,
but this plain, simple cord
was there day after day.

The kite learned to love it,
saw beauty out and inside.
They weren’t sure if they’d make it,
but they’d undoubtedly try
to hold each other in place
until the end of their time.

A simple, sound string
and a half-broken kite.

3. Kite

       by Elvira Marchan

Let us play flying kite
Till the sun hides at night;
Let us know where the wind
While we hold the string.

Hold on the string
Grasp it tightly;
Use the fullest strength
But… don’t let the kite
Goes with the wind.

Life is such a flying kite
As we soar high…..
The more winds confront
The more strength to hold.

4. Kite

       by Jessica Fowler

The pull is strong,
heavy. The dense weight
of a kite tugging at its string.

The pearl of the moon swung
over the sea. Easily. Here, there. Wherever it might want,
yet the pull is strong.

Held in place, it’s carefully strung
up and cold. I thought of you and wrote
daily; a kite tugging at its string.

Be free, shine in the white
pull that is strong.

Sharp as it stung
me, the ache of this wait;
a kite tugging at its string.

On my back you will be slung
close, yet wherever we are is right.
The pull is strong;
a kite tugging at its string.

5. My Kite

       by Erin Camp Worland

I went outside to fly my kite
One breezy day in spring.
I wondered just how high it would go,
So let out all the string.
With the end held firmly in my grasp,
My thoughts began to flow:
Oh, how much higher could it fly
If I’d just let it go?
With that, my hand released the string,
And much to my surprise,
It fell straight down
Instead of soaring through the skies.
What went wrong, I asked myself,
This made no sense at all.
I tried and tried again, but each time
All it did was fall.
So, one last time I ran
To let the breeze lift up the kite.
I let the string out to the end
But this time held on tight.
I smiled as I gazed upon
Those colors way up high.
I realized that, like my kite,
We too need string to fly.
Our string is called the gospel,
And its purpose now is sure.
Temptation’s wind may tug and pull,
But our string can help us soar.
I’ll hold on tight to what I know,
And like my kite I’ll be.
The gospel doesn’t hold us back,
Instead it makes us free!

6. Like a Kite

       by Anonymous

Soar high and higher still
Ecstatic and bouncy with delight
Walk dreamily on clouds
Enthrall viewers on the ground
Probe uncertain realms
Be coaxed by gentle wind
To never give up half-way through
Find your strength, have faith
That your string is in reliable hands
Of that fond player, who made you fly
Who carefully tuned your first leap forth
Till you found your own balance
Fly high like a kite
Just don’t fall like one
Onlookers can be very unforgiving

Kite Poems about Yourself

Poems about kite and yourself use kite flying as a way to explore our own identity and personal journey. These poems offer insights into the human experience and the different paths we take in life.

1. I Am a Kite

       by Anil Kumar Panda

My soul is the kite
Tagged to the string of the body
Wind of life plays with me
Takes me to the sky
Drops me low
I am free
But not free
I meet strangers on my way
Some become friends
And we move together
Hand in hand
Some behave as enemies
With plans to pull me down
To fall flat on the ground
Tattered and bruised
I move on up and up
Till evening comes
And I am dragged down
With the spool of age

2. My Magical Kite

       by Gary Smith

I’d love to build a magical kite
Then find myself a steep hill,
Strap myself in, wait for a gust,
Oh just imagine the thrill.

Off I would soar, into the blue,
To mingle high with the clouds,
Free as a bird, no worries or cares,
Away from mind numbing crowds.

I’d fly high, over the briney
And glide like a lone albatross,
I’d steer towards the horizon,
Then over the ocean I’d cross.

In joyful abandon, up there in the sky
Soaring in rapturous mood,
But that I could, just for a day,
Be lost, in such blessed solitude.

3. Blue Kite Fall

       by Peter Lewis Holmes

I didn’t see the blue kite fall,
And kiss the tepid sand, as ran
With spool of yarn in hand,
As wind from sea to land

And now long years have passed
Me by and blue kite lies in shed,
I kiss the thought of blue kite
Fall…and how my heart has bled

4. Dream Kite

       by John Gilman

like a large summer kite
my dreams lift and soar
high into the heavens
wandering and meandering
surging forward
with all my strength

unabashed joy rising high
adventure above the trees
flying among the birds
and cruising with clouds

soon the string jerks hard
my dream kite knowing
it can’t break free

but like the other
wanderers in the sky
it celebrates the moment
by dancing with the wind….

5. I Am a Kite

       by Daniel Human

I am a kite
In splendid display
Of bobbingly weaving flight
Yet never to stray
As I’m anchored to earth
To a smiling child’s arm
To a gleeful hand
Way way down there
A child will stand
As I whish to left     
And I whish to right
In this frenzied thrilling flight
Love the kid
Love the joy
Love being her pride and joy
I am a kite
In splendid display
And up here
In the wind
I wish to stay

6. My Love of Friends

       by Jack Ellison

Every day is a gift, I fly high as a kite
Love of my friends shining ever so bright
The small things in life
Cost a very small price
They raise my spirits as my soul takes flight

7. Being a Kite

       by Jacqueline Sweeney

If I were a kite
I’d kneel,
stretch my skinny arms
out wide,
and wait for wind.

My yellow shirt would
fill up like a sail
and flap,
tugging my criss-crossed
wooden bones and me
towards seas of cloud.

My rippling paper skin
would rustle like applause
as I inhaled,
gulping one last gust
to swoop me giddy-quick
above the trees.

My red rag tail
would drift
toward everything green
to balance me

so all day
I could
loop and climb
loop and climb
into pure sky.

Flying a Kite Poems

Flying a Kite Poems capture the magic and wonder of the kite flying experience. These poems use vivid descriptions and sensory language to transport readers to a world of freedom and joy.

1. Flying Kites

       by Alice Thorn Frost

Up and Up, then down and down,
On a breezy day,
Jolly kites in colors fine
Proudly sail away.
Each is held, how wonderful!
By a slender string.
Children’s laughter, darting kites,
Make a day of spring.

2. Get It Flying

       by Carol Sunshine Brown

Try try with all our might
This time may we get it right

Another day does come
Still we are all thumbs

Is getting this done right
Really going to be our blight

Another chance is all we ask
Leave other tries in the past

Stop wait are we going to fast
Another let down have we cast

Oh my what a beautiful sight
Finally we learn to fly a kite

3. Happiness

       by Roger Horsch

Happiness is when we fall in love
with that one you know is right
Happiness is that feeling we had
when we learned to fly a kite

Happiness is a cool, cool breeze
on a warm and sunny day
Happiness is when the kid next door
always asks us out to play

Happiness is when you’re by yourself
and there’s no one else around
Happiness is when you played hide and seek
and you were never, ever found

Happiness is that moment in time
when we start to fall asleep
Happiness is an amazing feeling
That you’ll do anything to keep

I love to be within this realm
of cheerful happiness
‘Cause it’s full of delight, exuberance and joy
mixed with pleasure, rapture and bliss

4. Kite Flying

       by Anonymous

On many spring days I wish that I
Could be a kite flying in the sky.
I would climb high toward the sun
And chase the clouds. Oh, what fun!
Whichever way the wind chanced to blow
Is the way that I would go.
I’d fly up, up, up. I’d fly down, down, down.
Then I’d spin round and round and round.
Finally I’d float softly to the ground.

5. The Kite

       by Sam Lawrence

when I’m walking my dog,
I pretend
I’m flying
an upside down
The kite pulls me.
The kite gets stuck in a tree.
I pull the kite.
The kite gets tangled
with another kite.
The kite stops;
scared of shadows?
Eventually, I find an open space
and I set the kite free.

6. The Kite and the Anchor

       by Astounding

I drift alone on this sea of life
Searching the skies for an answer
I search the stars and endless blue
Though I rarely find the answer I’m after
I know what you’re thinking
If you’re tired of drifting just put down your anchor
But my boat starts sinking
It doesn’t work in my favor

What is an anchor?
It’s something that lies on the sea’s ground
Something that will hold you down
The reason why I almost drown
But I need it.
I need to have the depression
I crave the tears
I’ve been living with the tragedy of me for all these years
I crave the kite
The manic episodes of my existence
My ideas are vast
I show persistence
I fly high above people and I feel my spirit soar
I grab on to the strings when I can’t take anymore
But the landing is always rough
It’s unpredictable and fast
Aha! I found my answer alas!
I hold on to my kite while I drag my anchor
So my boat can float comfortably on the sea
I love my kite and my anchor
They are the two most extreme parts of me

7. Tales of Three Kites

       by Hannah Christina

I bought myself a kite to fly
I tossed it up and ran around
I tried to pull it through the sky
But found it just dragged on the ground.

It landed in the mud, it was mangled, it was done
And thus concludes the tragic tale of the kite I numbered one.

My second kite was different.
It caught a mighty gale
I flew it well, then let it go
And in the end I failed.

It joined released balloons and leaves, whatever else is there
In the *****, lonely cloudland in the out-of-picture air.

I still had hope and so I bought
My final silken bird
I told myself that I would soon
Unleash it to the word.

The kite’s debut date got pushed back and further back until
It found a final resting place untested in its skill.

I bought myself three kites to fly
The first two meet ill fates
The third one has a dusty shelf
Where it keeps very safe.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, kite poems offer a unique way to connect with the beauty and meaning of kite flying.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, humor, or a deeper understanding of life, there is a kite poem out there for you.

We hope this article has given you a taste of the different categories of kite poems and inspired you to explore them further.

We would love it if you to share your own favorite poems for kite in the comments below and to keep the conversation going.

Let’s celebrate the joy and freedom of kite flying together!

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