103 Jeopardy Questions for Kids (and Answers)

The trivia game Jeopardy is entertaining for both adults and children to play.

All you require to get going is a list of kid-friendly jeopardy questions.

A wonderful approach to gauging a child’s general knowledge is through trivia games, which entail asking them questions.

It’s also a terrific activity for youngsters to engage in while waiting in line or on long car trips.

We have gathered some jeopardy questions for kids that will jazz up any trivia!

How to Play Jeopardy Game?

Jeopardy is really fun and quite easy too. You must abide by the following guidelines in order to play the game:

1. Group the children into teams.

2. Each team gets a turn to quiz the opposing team using flashcards.

3. The questions that begin with “Who is/was” or “What is/was” must be answered by the children.

4. Each team has ten to fifteen seconds to predict the right response. The team is awarded a point for each right response.

5. The winning team is the one with the most points.

See it’s that simple!

Easy Jeopardy Questions for Kids

Give your child a confidence boost with a list of jeopardy questions for kids that is easy for playful trivia. If they find them too simple, move to the next category that is harder.

1. How many legs does a spider have?

Answer: 8.

2. What do you call a female deer?

Answer: Doe.

3. How many noses does a slug have?

Answer: 4.

4. How many wings do dragonflies have?

Answer: 4.

5. How many humps do Bactrian camels have?

Answer: 2.

6. What group of animals is called a pride?

Answer: Group of lions.

7. Which is the fastest land animal?

Answer: Cheetah.

8. These animals breathe out of their butts.

Answer: Turtles.

9. What do caterpillars turn into?

Answer: Butterflies.

10. What do you call a group of giraffes?

Answer: Tower.

11. This reptile can change its body color to camouflage itself.

Answer: Chameleon.

12. Whose nose grew longer when he lied?

Answer: Pinocchio.

13. What is the largest type of frog?

Answer: Goliath frog.

14. What is the color of a ruby?

Answer: Red.

15. In which movie does a woman dress up as a man to join the army in her father’s place?

Answer: Mulan.

16. This animal can carry up to 5000 times its body weight.

Answer: Ant.

17. What’s the only insect that can turn its head?

Answer: Praying Mantis.

18. What is the name of the dragon who helps Mulan?

Answer: Mushu.

19. How many eyes do caterpillars have?

Answer: 12.

20. What is the name of the fish who helps Marlin cross the ocean to find Nemo?

Answer: Dory.

21. In the movie Beauty and the Beast, what is Gaston’s sidekick’s name?

Answer: Le Fou.

22. What is the name of Rapunzel’s pet chameleon in Tangled?

Answer: Pascal.

23. What is the name of the dachshund in the movie Toy Story?

Answer: Slinky.

24. Which Disney movie has two sisters called Anna and Elsa?

Answer: Frozen.

25. What is the name of Mickey Mouse’s pet dog?

Answer: Pluto.

26. What is the name of the witch who kidnapped baby Rapunzel and raised her?

Answer: Mother Gothel.

27. In the movie Tangled, what is Flynn Rider’s real name?

Answer: Eugene Fitzherbert.

28. What is Donald Duck’s girlfriend’s name?

Answer: Daisy Duck.

29. Where does the President of the United States of America live, when in office?

Answer: White House.

30. What kind of fish are Nemo and his dad?

Answer: Clownfish.

31. Which house does the sorting hat put Harry Potter in?

Answer: Gryffindor.

32. Where is Mount Rushmore?

Answer: South Dakota.

33. What color is Smurfette’s skin?

Answer: Blue.

34. Which platform should Hogwarts students go through to get on the Hogwarts Express?

Answer: Platform 9 ¾.

Hard Jeopardy Questions for Kids

If your child is a little genius then you can further test the limits of your little one by using this hard jeopardy questions for kids list! We’re sure that his brilliant mind would love these!

1. How many planets in our solar system?

Answer: 8.

2. Triceratops dinosaur has how many horns?

Answer: Three horns.

3. What is the capital city of Sweden?

Answer: Stockholm.

4. Hexagon has how many corners?

Answer: Six.

5. Brasilia is the capital city of?

Answer: Brazil

6. Name the primary color?

Answer: Red, Blue, Yellow.

7. Name the largest dessert in Asia?

Answer: The Gobi Desert.

8. Which is the only type of fruit that has seed on the outside?

Answer: Strawberries.

9. A baby hedgehog is said to be?

Answer: Hoglet.

10. Decode the word ‘NADINI’ to reveal the name of the ocean?

Answer: Indian.

11. Caesar was the surname of an ancient Roman leader?

Answer: Julius.

12. Elsa is the snow queen in the Disney, belong from which movie?

Answer: Frozen.

13. Brown color created if we mix which 2 colors?

Answer: Red and Green.

14. The largest island in Asia is?

Answer: Borneo.

15. Who did the original voice for a Cartoon Mickey Mouse?

Answer: Walt Disney.

16. Which punctuation mark would an American call a period?

Answer: Full stop.

17. Name the princess of Aladdin?

Answer: Jasmine.

18. France is the European country that has been ruled by 18 kings’ named?

Answer: Louis.

19. The larva of the frog is said to be?

Answer: Tadpole.

20. Which word defines both a blunt sword and a very thin sheet of metal?

Answer: Foil.

21. In which year World War 1 begin?

Answer: 1914.

22. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

Answer: 26.

23. What makes up 80% of our brain volume?

Answer: Water.

24. Which type of whale is the biggest animal in the world?

Answer: Blue Whale.

25. ‘Ship of the Desert’ in which animal?

Answer: Camel.

26. Which planet in the universe is known as the Red planet?

Answer: Mars.

27. Katherine Hepburn won how many Oscars?

Answer: 4 Oscars and 12 nominations.

28. Which bird’s eye is bigger than its brain?

Answer: An Ostrich.

29. From where Spinach originally comes from?

Answer: Iran.

30. The term Piano means?

Answer: To be played softly.

31. What is the wisdom teeth?

Answer: It is the last set of teeth develop in a human adult.

32. Which is the hottest continent on Earth?

Answer: Africa.

33. Most popular sport throughout the world is?

Answer: Soccer.

34. Which country did the Romans come from?

Answer: Italy.

35. Which is the coldest continent in the world?

Answer: Antarctica.

36. In which year the Second World War end?

Answer: 1945.

37. Penguins eat what type of food?

Answer: Fish.

38. Fromage is the French word for?

Answer: Cheese.

39. Layer skin at the base of a fingernail known as?

Answer: Cuticle.

Fun Jeopardy Questions for Kids

Kids love to have fun. So we have gathered up these kids’ jeopardy questions that are fun and relatable for them. They will definitely giggle, laugh and enjoy while answering these.

1. What do people in the US eat most for Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: Turkey.

2. What are the 7 colors in a rainbow?

Answer: Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

3. What snacks do people leave for Santa on Christmas Eve?

Answer: Cookies and milk.

4. Which U.S state is home to Hollywood?

Answer: California.

5. 71% of the Earth is covered by what?

Answer: Water.

6. What creatures pull Santa’s sleigh to help him deliver gifts?

Answer: Reindeer.

7. What is the one letter in the English alphabet that is not included in the names of any of the 50 states in the U.S?

Answer: The letter Q.

8. What do you get when you freeze water?

Answer: Ice.

9. Which two countries share the longest border?

Answer: Canada and the US.

10. What are the colors on the American flag?

Answer: Red, blue and white.

11. Who is Spongebob Squarepants’ best friend?

Answer: Patrick Star.

12. What do you call the process by which plants make their own food?

Answer: Photosynthesis.

13. Who discovered gravity?

Answer: Newton.

14. Which ocean is off the coast of California?

Answer: Pacific Ocean.

15. Caterpillars have this number of eyes.

Answer: 12.

16. On which holiday do kids wear costumes and go trick-or-treating?

Answer: Halloween.

17. Which festival comes after Lent?

Answer: Easter.

18. Which fairy tale character had really, really long hairs?

Answer: Rapunzel.

19. 1gram=?

Answer: 1gram= 1000mg.

20. What is the size of the butterfly?

Answer: Size ranges from a tiny 1/8 inch to a huge almost 12 inches.

21. A group of lions is known as a?

Answer: Pride.

22. What is the most eaten food in the world?

Answer: Rice.

23. Name the largest land animal?

Answer: African elephant.

24. The yellow part of an egg is called?

Answer: The yolk.

25. Name the instrument that starts with the alphabet X?

Answer: Xylophone.

26. What is the capital city of South Australia?

Answer: Adelaide.

27. How many rings make up the Olympic Games logo?

Answer: 5

28. What is the name of Beauty in the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

Answer: Belle.

29. The water in the ocean is?

Answer: Salty.

Final Thoughts

Kids enjoy trivia as well, and it’s a great method to test their knowledge and develop their cognition and memory.

Trivia is undoubtedly not simply a game for adults. They can learn more about films, wildlife, science, or even geography while having a great time doing it

The options are pretty much limitless!

We hope you loved these jeopardy questions for kids!

To make things extra difficult, alternate between the simple trivia questions and the more difficult ones.

Let’s quiz, let’s be happy!

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