111 Cricket Quiz Questions (with Answers)

While the roots of cricket are a little murky, it is now popular all over the world.

It is played from Australia’s outback to the alleyways of practically every Indian and Pakistani city.

Many people are passionate about hitting a scarlet-colored ball with a bat, making it an ideal category for a trivia.

Test your friends, family, or coworkers’ cricket expertise with these cricket quiz questions.

Their answers will reveal if they can identify their Warne from their Waugh, or their Kumble from their Kallis.

Let’s have a look at these questions now.

Random Cricket Quiz questions

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, these random cricket questions will undoubtedly help you learn more about cricket and grow as a fan.

1. Who was the player of the IPL 2017 season?

Answer: Ben Stokes.

2. On which ground did Jim Laker take 19 wickets in a Test?

Answer: Old Trafford, Manchester, 1956.

3. Which cricketing law classifies throwing to be illegal?

Answer: Law 24.

4. The Ashes – Who scored the highest individual score for each side in 2019?

Answer: Australia – Steve Smith 211, England – Ben Stokes 135.

5. Name the first captain of the West Indies team:

Answer: Karl Nunes.

6. Name the player who was called “Harmy”?

Answer: Steve Harmison.

7. The Ashes – Who bowled the first ball of the 2019 series?

Answer: James Anderson.

8. How many minutes before play should the umpires take the field?

Answer: Five.

9. What is New Zealand cricketer Brendon McCullum’ nickname?

Answer: Bazz.

10. Name the captains of the first Women’s Test match in 1934-35:

Answer: Margaret Peden (Australia) and Betty Archdale (England)

11. What town are the Surrey County Cricket Club based in?

Answer: London.

12. The name of the Triangular Tournament played in Australia every year is the:

Answer: Benson & Hedges World Cup Series.

13. Who is “Two metre Peter”?

Answer: Peter Fulton.

14. The first Asia Cup was held at:

Answer: Sharjah, 1984.

15. When was the Mumbai Indians club founded?

Answer: 2008.

16. Who has the credit of captaining India to her first overseas victory?

Answer: Mansoor Ali Khan Pataud against New Zealand.

17. India achieved its first Test victory against Australia in:

Answer: Kanpur, 1959-60.

18. Who was the Man of the Match in the first One-Day International?

Answer: John Edrich of England.

19. Which Indian player was ‘rusticated’ and sent back during the 1936 English tour?

Answer: Lala Amarnath.

20. Bangladesh – Who was their top run scorer?

Answer: Shakib Al Hasan – 606.

21. What is Australia’s highest score against India?

Answer: 674 at Adelaide.

22. What town are the Essex County Cricket Club based in?

Answer: Chelmsford.

23. The first Caribbean cricketer to be knighted was:

Answer: Frank Worrell.

24. Who was known as “Bumble”?

Answer: David Loyd.

25. The trophy awarded to the winner of England – New Zealand Test series is:

Answer: W.J. Jordan Trophy.

26. How many times Chennai Super Kings won the IPL?

Answer: 3.

27. Who is the first Indian to cross 6000 runs mark in one day Internationals?

Answer: Mohammad Azharuddin.

28. The Ashes – Who were the captains of each side in 2010-2011 series?

Answer: Australia – Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke, England – Andrew Strauss.

29. Who is the first batsman to cross 10000 runs in Tests?

Answer: Sunil Gavaskar.

Easy Cricket Quiz questions

Our basic cricket questions and answers are a wonderful way to test your knowledge of the game while also learning some fascinating facts about it.

1. The distance between the popping crease and the bowling crease is:

Answer: 4 feet.

2. Name the only Indian player to have won a ‘Man of the Match’ award in three consecutive matches against England, West Indies and Pakistan:

Answer: Mohinder Amarnath.

3. What was the unique thing about India’s victory at Old Trafford, Manchester (1983)?

Answer: It was West Indies’ first ever defeat in World Cup matches.

4. West Indian cricketer Fidel Edwards is better known as?

Answer: Castro.

5. What is the distance of the inner circle for the purposes of field restrictions in One Day Limited overs matches?

Answer: 30 yards.

6. Name the Australian batsman whose great-grandfather also represented his country.

Answer: Paul Shehan. His great-grandfather, W. H. Cooper.

7. Name the oldest player in One Day Internationals:

Answer: Norman Gifford (44 years 360 days. played against Pakistan at Sharjah during 1984-85).

8. The West Indies hit 421 batting first in their warm up match versus who?

Answer: New Zealand.

9. Define a ‘wide ball’ in Limited overs matches:

Answer: A ball moving two feet wide either side of the wicket is adjusted a “Wide Bail”.

10. India first played against the West Indies in a One Day International at:

Answer: Edgbaston, Birmingham in 1979.

11. What was the official name of the first World Cup?

Answer: Prudential World Cup.

12. What town are the Derbyshire County Cricket club based in?

Answer: Derby.

13. Who is called “Noffers”?

Answer: Ashley Noffke.

14. What was the score of Gary Sobers in his only One Day International?

Answer: Zero runs at Headingley Leeds (1974).

15. The prize money of Prudential World Cup for the winner amounted to:

Answer: 4000 dollars.

16. Who won the maximum sixes award for the IPL 2008 season?

Answer: Sanath Jayasuriya.

17. In first class Indian matches, the maximum distance allowed from pitch to the boundary/ line is:

Answer: 75 yards.

18. The Ashes – Who were the head coaches of each side in 2019?

Answer: Australia – Justin Langer, England – Trevor Bayliss.

19. Who was ‘the Man of the match’ in the 1975 World Cup final?

Answer: Clive Lloyd.

20. Which national team are called “Baggy Greens”?

Answer: Australia.

21. The 1975 World Cup, the first of its kind was played at:

Answer: Lord’s London.

22. When was overarm bowling accepted as legal?

Answer: 1864.

23. What was total number of matches played in the 1975 World Cup?

Answer: Fifteen.

24. Australia – Who registered their highest individual score?

Answer: David Warner – 166 v Bangladesh.

25. Who won the first World Cup, 1975? ‘

Answer: West Indies.

26. When was the Durham County Cricket Club founded?

Answer: 1882.

27. What was the margin of West Indies victory over Australia in the first (1975. World Cup final?

Answer: 17 runs.

Hard Cricket Quiz questions

Cricket is a tremendously popular sport all around the world, so it’s no wonder that it makes a good quiz game. If you’re searching for a challenge, these difficult cricket questions will definitely get your mind working!

1. Which national team is nicknamed “The Proteas” or “The Springboks”?

Answer: South Africa.

2. What players nickname is SOS (Son of Swampy)?

Answer: Shaun Marsh.

3. When and where did India play her first one day International?

Answer: In 1974 at Leeds, England.

4. With which championship did the ‘Official’ one day cricket begin?

Answer: The Gillette Cup, 1963, in U.K.

5. At which place did Sunil Gavaskar Score his 10000th run?

Answer: Ahmedabad, 1986-87.

6. New Zealand – What was their highest team score?

Answer: 291/8 v West Indies.

7. Name the ground in England where only one Test has been played?

Answer: Bramall Lane, Sheffield.

8. England – Who was their top run scorer?

Answer: Joe Root – 556.

9. Both father and son scored centuries for India, Who are they?

Answer: Lala and Surinder Amarnath.

10. Who were the Mohammed brothers playing Test Cricket for Pakistan?

Answer: Wazir, Hanif, Mushtaq and Sadiq.

11. How many Championship wins has the Glamorgan County Cricket Club had?

Answer: 3.

12. Name the Test Cricket centres of West Indies:

Answer: Kensington Oval, Bridgetown; Bourda, Georgetown; Queens Park Oval, Port of Spain; National Cricket Stadium, St. Georges.

13. What was the Kolkata Knight Riders highest total for 2017 season?

Answer: 187/5.

14. Name the Test cricket centres of New Zealand:

Answer: Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin and Napier.

15. The Ashes – Who did Pat Cummins claim as his 100th test match wicket during the 2019 series?

Answer: Jonny Bairstow.

16. Which country has played the maximum number of one day matches?

Answer: Australia.

17. What Indian cricketer is called “Zak” or “Zippy Zakky”?

Answer: Zaheer Khan.

18. Name the cities in India where Test cricket has been played on more than one ground:

Answer: Mumbai and Chennai.

Funny Cricket Quiz questions

Cricket can provide a lot of fun too and so can the cricket trivia questions. Here are some funny cricket quiz questions and answers for you to have unlimited fun.

1. When did England last win the Ashes before 2005 – was it 1967, 1977 or 1987?

Answer: 1987.

2. Which term describes a ball bowled out of the striker’s reach?

Answer: Wide.

3. Which specialist position does Adam Gilchrist take when fielding?

Answer: Wicket keeper.

4. How many stumps are there on a set of wickets?

Answer: Three.

5. The Oval is the home of which county?

Answer: Surrey.

6. Which former England all-rounder earned the nickname “Beefy”?

Answer: Ian Botham.

7. Which Aussie player is known – among other things – as Shanie?

Answer: Shane Warne.

8. What bird is linked to a score of nought?

Answer: Duck.

9. Which 1990s English Test pace bowler has the same first name as an English county?

Answer: Devon Malcolm.

10. At most, how many wickets can fall in a two-innings game?

Answer: 40.

11. What term describes fielders positioned closely behind the batsmen?

Answer: Slips.

12. Grace Road is the ground of which country?

Answer: Leicestershire.

13. Which county has been captained by Mike Atherton?

Answer: Lancashire.

14. Which Donald became the first Australian to score 300 test runs in a day?

Answer: Bradman.

15. What must an umpire raise to show that a player is out?

Answer: A finger.

16. Where was the first Test played in the 2006-7 Ashes?

Answer: Brisbane.

17. Who was Geraint Jones’s main rival as keeper in the 2006-7 Ashes?

Answer: Chris Read.

Cricket Quiz Questions | True or False

True or false cricket trivia questions can be difficult to answer owing to their unique nature, but they frequently make up some of the most entertaining quiz rounds in any tournament. Let’s put yourself to the test.

1. The innings ends with ‘s’ in both singular and plural form.

Answer: True.

2. Melbourne Cricket Ground is the largest cricket stadium in the world.

Answer: False, it’s Narendra Modi Stadium.

3. Test cricket is the traditional form of the game.

Answer: True.

4. Sir Garfield Sobers was an all-rounder.

Answer: True.

5. Charlie Bannerman scored the first century in a Test match.

Answer: True.

6. Sir Ian Botham is a cricket commentator and a member of the House of Lords.

Answer: True.

7. No cricketers played for England past the age of 50.

Answer: False.

8. Sachin Tendulkar never served as the captain of the Indian national team.

Answer: False.

9. Debbie Hockley is a female cricketer from Australia.

Answer: False, she is from New Zealand.

10. The longest innings ever played in test match cricket was 335.2 overs long.

Answer: True.

Cricket Quiz Questions Multiple Choice

With these multiple-choice cricket GK quiz questions, you can put your knowledge of everything from players and teams to tournaments and laws to the test.

1. Which part of England is popularly known as the cradle of cricket?

A. Broad Half-penny Down where Ansley Club played

B. Wide Full-penny Down where Hambledon Club played

C. Wide Half-penny Down where Hambledon Club played

Answer: A.

2. Who is the famous Australian test batsman that died at a young age of 48 in 2004?

A. Rod Marsh

B. David Hookes

C. Steve Smith

Answer: B.

3. Which field dimension in cricket has not changed since 1744?

A. Width of the pitch

B. Position of Slips

C. Length of the pitch

Answer: C.

4. Where is the sight screen placed?

A. Across the 3 stumps

B. At the boundary

C. At the batsman square

Answer: B.

5. Till which year did 1 over had 4 balls bowled?

A. 1956

B. 1889

C. 1923

Answer: B.

6. What is the name for two shorter pieces of wood across the stumps?

A. Bails

B. Creases

C. Stumps

Answer: A.

7. What is the number 111 in cricket also known as?

A. One-on-One

B. Nelson

C. Hitch

Answer: B.

8. What is the name of the famous cricket ground Bellerive Oval?

A. Blundstone Arena

B. Eden Gardens

C. Bellerive Oval

Answer: A.

9. What does “leg stump” refer to?

A. The batsman square

B. The part of the wicket farthest from the batsman

C. Part of wicket nearest to batsman

Answer: C.

10. Raising both hands above the head is used to signal what by the empire?

A. Foul

B. 6 runs

C. Four Runs

Answer: B.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a die-hard cricket fan or simply want to learn more about the game, these cricket quiz questions and answers are the right fit for you.

You’ll have fun and learn something new whether you play a game with friends or challenge yourself with these cricket trivia questions!

So, put your cricket knowledge to the test and see how much you truly understand the game!

And if we have missed any important question, please let us know about it in the comment section below.

Have fun playing!

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