215 AustraliaTrivia Questions (withAnswers)

We created a fantastic quiz that contains Australia trivia questions on geography, history, animals and much more!

Australia is an enthralling nation.

It is home to several gorgeous sites, beaches, and islands, among other things.

These Australian quiz questions and answers are for you if you are an Australian or an outsider who likes the Aussies!

Let’s dive into them right now!

General Australia Trivia Questions

First let us take a look at some Australia general knowledge trivia questions. This extensive list includes everything from famous sights to Aussie lingo and even Australia’s history.

1. Which constellation is depicted on the Australian flag?

Answer: The Southern Cross.

2. Which Australian Island is the largest sand island in the world?

Answer: Fraser Island (and stretches over 120km!).

3. What two animals are featured on the Australian coat of arms?

Answer: Kangaroo & Emu.

4. Where was the first Australian Lifesaving Club founded?

Answer: Bondi Beach (in 1906).

5. There are 5 Countries larger than Australia – name one of them.

Answer: Brazil, Canada, China, Russia and the USA.

6. What is the name of Australia’s largest cattle station?

Answer: Anna Creek Station.

7. What is the traditional name of the natural landmark known as The Olgas?

Answer: Kata Tjuta (Meaning ‘many heads’ the site is a sacred site to the Aboriginal people).

8. If you visited a different Australian beach every day, how long would it take to visit them all?

Answer: 29 years – there are 10,685 registered beaches.

9. Which iconic Australian landmark is the world’s largest war memorial?

Answer: The Great Ocean Road.

11. Which line of latitude runs through Australia?

Answer: Tropic of Capricorn.

12. What percentage of Australia is classified as a desert?

Answer: 35%.

13. What type of Mine can you find in Coober Pedy?

Answer: Opal Mine.

14. The most unique of Australian sports, how many professional Australian Rules League teams play in the AFL (Australian Football League)?

Answer: 18.

15. Who is Australia’s head of state?

Answer: Queen Elizabeth II.

16. How many Australia States and Territories are there?

Answer: 8 (6 States and 2 Territories).

17. How many time zones are there in Australia?

Answer: 3.

18. When is Australia Day?

Answer: 26th January.

Easy Australia Trivia Questions

To warm up, let’s start with an easy Australia quiz. You should have no difficulty answering most of them, if not all.

1. What is the name of the largest monocline in Australia (and the world?)

Answer: Mount Augustus in WA (NOT Uluru).

2. Who was the first woman to win the Melbourne Cup?

Answer: Michelle Payne.

3. Which former Australian prime minister set a beer-drinking world record?

Answer: Bob Hawke – 2.5 pints in 11 seconds.

4. Australia as a country is the 6th largest wine producer in the world – but which Australian State produces the most?

Answer: South Australia.

5. What is the collective noun for a group of Kangaroos?

Answer: A Mob.

6. What is the world’s oldest wind instrument?

Answer: The Digeridoo.

7. What are the name of Australia’s most prestigious literary prize and art prize? (2 points)

Answer: The Miles Franklin + The Archibald.

8. In the Australian lexicon, if I’ve done a Harold Holt, what did I do?

Answer: Disappeared quickly.

9. Which is the smallest trophy in sport?

Answer: The Ashes.

10. What was the name of Heath Ledger’s character in ’10 Things I Hate About You’?

Answer: Patrick Verona.

11. What is the name of the train that runs between Sydney and Perth?

Answer: The Indian Pacific.

12. What was the first Australian movie ever made?

Answer: The Story of the Kelly Gang.

13. In which State is ‘Red Dog’ set?

Answer: Western Australia.

14. What is the name of the true-crime Australian TV drama series that looks at Australia’s gangland past?

Answer: Underbelly.

15. Which rank outsider won Gold in the speed skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics?  

Answer: Steven Bradbury.

16. The Bathurst 1000 is known as ‘The Great Race’ by motorsport fans, but where is it held?  

Answer: Mount Panorama.

17. In which Australian city was Hugh Jackman born?

Answer: Sydney.

Hard Australia Trivia Questions

Are you certain you know everything about Australia? You can never know everything about everything, remember that. These Australian trivia questions are gonna give you a good challenge.

1. Which is the largest lake in Australia?

Answer: Lake Eyre.

2. How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are in Australia?

Answer: 20.

3. Where in Australia can you find Quokkas?   

Answer: Rottnest Island (WA).

4. In which film would you hear the line: ‘That’ll do pig, that’ll do”?

Answer: Babe.

5. Tue or False: Camels are native to Australia.

Answer: False.

6. What is a baby kangaroo called?

Answer: A Joey.

7. Dubbed ‘The Master Sportscaster,’ who is considered to be the most iconic sports reporter / sports commentator in modern Australia?  

Answer: Bruce McAveney.

8. White bread, butter and hundreds of thousands make up what iconic party dish?

Answer: Fairy Bread.

9. Where would you find the Big Pineapple?

Answer: Sunshine Coast, QLD.

10. Who was Australia’s first female Prime Minister?

Answer: Julia Gillard.

11. What is the most popular fast-food restaurant in Australia?   

Answer: Maccas.

12. What is the smallest national park in Australia?

Answer: Pulu Keeling National Park – on the Cocos (Keeling) Island.

13. What is the highest point of Kangaroo Island?

Answer: Mount McDonnell.

14. In ‘Swooping Season’ what should you be on the lookout for?

Answer: Magpies.

15. Who sang the 2013 Indie hit, ‘Riptide’?

Answer: Vance Joy.

16. What are the names of the 2 World Heritage Sites that meet in Queensland?

Answer: Daintree Rainforest & The Great Barrier Reef.

17. What is the most populated state in Australia?

Answer: New South Wales.

18. In what year was the first Crocodile Dundee film released?

Answer: 1986.

19. Which famed Australian singer was born Helen Porter Mitchell?

Answer: Dame Nellie Melba.

20. Which Australian band won 10 ARIAs in 1997?

Answer: Savage Garden.

21. Who designed the Sydney Opera House?

Answer: Joern Utzon.

22. What was the name of Captain Cook’s ship?

Answer: HMS Endeavour.

23. In which year was ‘Advance Australia Fair’ declared the National Anthem?

Answer: 1984.

24. Where is Australia’s largest eco-system?

Answer: Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef.

25. Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?

Answer: Sir Edmund Barton.

26. In Australian slang, what is a bushman’s clock?

Answer: A laughing kookaburra.

27. In which archipelago can you find Whitehaven Beach?

Answer: The Whitsunday Islands.

Funny Australia Trivia Questions

These Australia funny trivia questions and answers are ideal for Sunday barbecues, family get-togethers, and lengthy car rides. Have a look!

1. What is a bushman’s clock?

Answer: A kookaburra laughing  

2. Are there more kangaroos or humans in Australia?

Answer: Kangaroos. There are over 40 million of them.   

3. Does Australia have a cattle station larger than the entire nation of Israel?

Answer: Yes.   

4. Which former Australian Prime Minister set a beer drinking world record?

Answer: Bob Hawke—drinking 2.5 pints in 11 seconds.   

5. Of the 25 deadliest snakes in the world, how many are found in Australia?

Answer: 21.   

6. Which alcoholic beverage holder was invented in Australia?

Answer: Goon—the wine cask.   

7. What is the more common slang term for Fish frighteners?

Answer: Budgie smugglers.  

8. Before being named Melbourne, what was the city known as?

Answer: Batmania—named after John Batman who built a settlement on the Yarra River.

9. Has Australia ever been the world’s richest city?

Answer: Yes, in 1980.   

10. What’s the ratio of sheep per person in Australia?

Answer: 6 to 1. There are over 150 million sheep in Australia.   

11. What Australian animal did England scientists think was a prank?

Answer: The platypus. They believed us Aussies had stitched a duck’s bill onto a rat.   

12. Which Aussie promised to “Go all the way with LBJ”?

Answer: Prime Minister Harold Holt.   

13. What is Aussie slang for a 4WD that has never been driven off-road and is typically driven in the inner-city?

Answer: Toorak tractor.   

14. When an Aussie tried selling New Zealand on eBay, what was the starting price?

Answer: 1 cent.   

15. With the 5,000 km long Dingo Fence, Australia has the longest fence in the world. What else does it have the longest of?

Answer: We have the longest golf course in the world.     

16. Australia was the second country in the world to give women the vote. Who was the first?

Answer: New Zealand.   

17. What is a triantiwontigongolope?

Answer: A mythical insect.   

18. How long would it take to visit every beach in Australia if you could only visit one per day?

Answer: 29 years. Australia has 10, 685 beaches.   

19. Why was Australian Football invented?

Answer: To keep cricketers fit in the off season.   

20. Does Australia’s or Switzerland’s alps receive more snow?

Answer: Australia.

21. What is the highest grossing Australian movie?

Answer: Crocodile Dundee.   

22. Who is the longest serving presenter of Playschool?

Answer: Benita.   

23. What was the design of the Sydney Opera House inspired by?

Answer: An orange.   

24. What unexpected animal does Australia export to Saudi Arabia?

Answer: Camels.  

25. What natural Australian landmark has its own mailbox?

Answer: The Great Barrier Reef. You can send it a postcard.   

Australia Trivia Questions about Geography

Do you know geographical facts about Australia? These Australia geography trivia questions will put your knowledge of the country and its boundaries to the test.

1. What is the capital of Australia?

Answer: Canberra.

2. On which famous road are the Twelve Apostles located?

Answer: Great Ocean Road.

3. In which Australian state is Sydney located?

Answer: New South Wales.

4. Which major Australian city is located in Port Phillip Bay?

Answer: Melbourne.

5. In which sea is the Great Barrier Reef?

Answer: Coral Sea.

6. What is the largest city in Australia?

Answer: Sydney.

7. What ocean lies to the west of Australia?

Answer: Indian Ocean.

8. Which range of mountains is located on either side of Alice Springs?

Answer: MacDonnell Ranges.

9. What is the longest river in Australia?

Answer: River Murray.

10. What is the tallest mountain in Australia?

Answer: Mount Kosciuszko.

11. The Australian Alps are a segment of which range of mountains?

Answer: Great Dividing Range.

12. Which two cities does the Indian Pacific train goes from and to?

Answer: Perth and Sydney.

13. In which national park can you find the figure 8 pools?

Answer: Royal National Park.

14. In which national park is Wineglass Bay located?

Answer: Freycinet National Park.

15. Which Australian state has the most designated wine region?

Answer: Victoria.

16. In which Australian state can you find the Southern Highlands?

Answer: New South Wales.

Australia Trivia Questions about History

Do you know about the establishment of Australia as a British colony? You might know that. Let’s test your knowledge with some more such Australian history quiz questions.

1. In what year was the Aboriginal issues referendum?

Answer: 1967.

2. In what year were the first Australian combat troops sent to Vietnam?

Answer: 1965.

3. In what year was the 50th anniversary of Federation celebrated?

Answer: 1951.

4. Which Australian prime minister declared Australia’s involvement in World War II in 1939?

Answer: Robert Menzies.

5. When did colonial self-government commence?

Answer: 1856.

6. Which three events occurred on November 11?

Answer: Armistice signed ending World War 1 (1918); the dismissal of Gough Whitlam as prime minister (1975), execution of Ned Kelly (1880).

7. When did the Sydney Harbour Bridge open?

Answer: March 1932.

8. In September 1943 two women became the first to be elected to federal Parliament. Who were they?

Answer: Dame Enid Lyons and Dorothy Tangney.

9. Who was Australia’s second prime minister?

Answer: Alfred Deakin.

10. In what year was the first conscription referendum?

Answer: 1916.

Australia Trivia Questions about Movies

Movies are an excellent way to learn more about Australia. Whether you’re a movie enthusiast or just looking for a good time, here are some Australia movie trivia questions for you.

1. Which ‘biased’ sport provides the ‘drive’ for the Australian movie ‘Crackerjack’?

Answer: Lawn Bowls.

2. Which Australian film featured a pig that enjoyed singing Christmas carols?

Answer: Babe.

3. Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce and Terence Stamp portray drag queens in which Australian road trip movie with a difference?

Answer: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

4. Rob Sitch, from the “D-Generation” comedy show, was the producer of this very successful movie released in 1999. What movie features the Kerrigan family?

Answer: The Castle.

5. Three years after her death, Joan Lindsay’s final chapter was released in 1987, ending the mystery to her novel about the disappearance of two students and one teacher on Valentine’s Day 1900, on an outing from Appleyard College (Victoria) for girls. The book was immortalized by Peter Weir into which mysterious and haunting Australian film in 1975?

Answer: Picnic at Hanging Rock.

6. Until World War I, Australia had a strong and innovative film industry, which was finally overtaken by the dominance of American films in the 1920s. “The Story of the Kelly Gang” was produced in 1906, and marked the beginning of Australia’s love affair with the movies. What was so unusual about this film?

Answer: All of these.

7. Just three words should give you the answer to this Australian comedy movie: toilets, mockumentary and plumber. What movie is this?

Answer: Kenny.

8. The Australian movie ‘The Dish’ was released in 2000 and stars New Zealand actor Sam Neill. What or who is ‘The Dish’?

Answer: A radio telescope.

9. The movie “The Man Who Sued God” is an Australian movie, but the main actor was an overseas person. Who is he?

Answer: Billy Connolly.

10. “Tomorrow When The War Began” (2010) is an Australian movie based on a book of the same name by John Marsden. Its plot revolved around eight teenagers fighting an unknown invading force. In the movie, the eight central teenage characters are played by relatively unknown actors with the few adult roles been played by more well-known Australian actors. Which actor, who had previously won two Australian Film Industry awards, (one notably for “Malcolm”(1986)) and is fellow Australian actress Judy Davis’ husband, played the town dentist?

Answer: Colin Friels.

11. In 1955 Australia’s first colour feature film was released. Following the life of a young Aboriginal girl growing up in a closed white community, it featured a cast of non-professional Aboriginal actors. This movie was the first Australian film to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival. What was its name?

Answer: Jedda.

12. In which Australian film were the lines, “Tell ‘im he’s dreamin'” and “How’s the serenity?” spoken by Darryl Kerrigan to members of his family?

Answer: The Castle.

13. “Mad Max” (1979) was the first of a series of dystopian road movies (“Mad Max 2″(1982) was known as “The Road Warrior” in the US). In this movie a very well known actor was starring in only his second movie. Who was he?

Answer: Mel Gibson.

14. Despite a promising start, the Australian film industry languished in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Most of the major films produced were American ventures, with American casts and only a few Australians in supporting roles. Set in an Australia facing destruction in the shadow of an advancing radiation cloud, which powerful 1959 film traced the lives of nuclear holocaust survivors?

Answer: On the Beach.

15. The Swedish band ABBA have always been popular in Australia. Which Australian movie, starring Toni Collette, heavily features the songs of ABBA?

Answer: Muriel’s Wedding.

16. Toni Colette plays the lead in an Australian comedy movie where she wants nothing more than getting married. What film is this?

Answer: Muriel’s Wedding.

17. Which 1981 film, starring Mark Lee and Mel Gibson, focused on the human cost of the fateful decision to attack the Dardanelles in 1915?

Answer: Gallipoli.

Australia Trivia Questions about Music

With its strong melodic origins, Australia has produced some of the world’s biggest musical performers. So try your luck at these Australia music trivia questions.

1. Name the Australian Country Music artist who sings “Little Bit Crazy ” and “Keep Breathing”.

Answer: Dianna Corcoran.

2. Which Country Music Artist celebrated 40 years in the Country Music industry in 2010?

Answer: John Williamson.

3. Which Australian Country Music artist released her debut (full length) CD titled “Tailwind” in 2009?

Answer: Harmony James.

4. Which Australian Country Music artist released a duets CD of well known cover versions in 2009?

Answer: Adam Harvey.

5. Which Australian Country Music had their song selected as the theme song for a charity’s national awareness day in 2009?

Answer: Melinda Schneider – “Courageous”.

6. In 2009, an Australian Country Music artist not only appeared on the TV series “Dancing With The Stars”, but also won the series. What is this artist’s name?

Answer: Adam Brand.

7. Tamworth, N.S.W. is renowned for being the Australian Capital of Country Music. In what year was the first official Country Music Festival?

Answer: 1973.

8. Which Country Music Festival had to be cancelled in 2009 because of the surrounding fires?

Answer: Whittlesea Country Music Festival.

9. Which Australian Country Music performers were affected by the tragic fires on Feb 7th 2009, in Kinglake, Victoria, because they lived there?

Answer: Carter and Carter (David and Merelyn Carter).

10. What country town does Troy Cassar Daley originally come from?

Answer: Grafton, N.S.W.

Australia Trivia Questions about Sports

Australia is a worldwide powerhouse in a variety of sports. Whether you enjoy cricket, hockey, rugby, or any other sport, you are gonna enjoy these Australia sport trivia questions as well.

1. The first cricket test match was played between Australia and what other country?

Answer: England.

2. Cathy Freeman won a gold medal in which athletic event of the Sydney Olympics in 2000?

Answer: 400m.

3. How many times has Australia hosted the Olympics?

Answer: 2.

4. Who is the first Australian to win the US Masters?

Answer: Adam Scott.

5. Which tennis Grand Slam tournament did Pat Rafter win twice during his career?

Answer: US Open.

6. Where is the largest sports stadium in Australia?

Answer: Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

7. Which famous (former) Australian cricketer went out to bat with an aluminium bat?

Answer: Dennis Lillee.

8. Who was the first Australian to win the Tour de France?

Answer: Cadel Evans.

9. Who was the first aboriginal woman to be selected to represent Australia in any sport?

Answer: Faith Thomas.

10. Rugby league halfback Johnathan Thurston began his first-grade career at which club?

Answer: Souths Sunnybank RLFC.

11. What was Don Bradman’s test batting average?

Answer: 99.94.

12. Which Australian duo won a Gold Medal in Beach Volleyball at the 2000 Summer Olympics?

Answer: Kerri Pottharst and Natalie Cook.

13. Which NBL team is from Cairns?

Answer: Cairns Taipans.

14. What is the nickname of the Australian Women’s Netball team?

Answer: Diamonds.

15. What sport did Anna Meares represent Australia in?

Answer: Cycling.

16. What is the most popular sport in NSW and Queensland?  

Answer: Rugby.

18. Which insurance company sponsors the elite-level netball league in Australia?  

Answer: Suncorp (Suncorp Super Netball League).

19. Australian professional rules footballer Lance Franklin shares a nickname with a former first pet. What is it?  

Answer: Buddy.

20. Patty Mills is only the third indigenous basketball player to play for Australia’s national team, but which NBA team is he currently point guard (since 2021)?  

Answer: Brooklyn Nets.

21. Born in Beaudesert, Queensland in 1987, Jason Day is an accomplished Australian athlete in what sport?  

Answer: Golf.

22. Which Australian Golfer won The Open in 2022, shortly before announcing his switch to the LIV tournament?  

Answer: Cameron Smith.

23. Nicola Olyslagers (nee McDermott) is an Australian Olympic athlete known for which event?  

Answer: High Jump.

24. How many gold medals did the Australian team win at the 2022 Commonwealth Games?  

Answer: 67.

25. Where is the Australian Grand Prix held?

Answer: Albert Park.  

Australia Trivia Questions about Animals

Do you understand the distinction between a kangaroo and a wallaby? Let’s take you through a number of such interesting things in these Australia animal quiz questions.

1. Which animal is Rottnest Island in WA famous for?

Answer: The Quokka.

2. Where do marsupials carry their young?

Answer: In their pouch.

3. What animal is the animated cartoon character ‘Taz’?

Answer: Tasmanian Devil.

4. What type of bird is the Rainbow Lorikeet?

Answer: A parrot.

5. What colour is the Ulysses Butterfly?

Answer: Blue.

6. Which Australian bird is mainly black, with a red collar, blue neck and is the second-heaviest bird in the world?

Answer: Cassowary.

7. What are baby koalas called?

Answer: Joeys.

8. What are the biggest carnivorous mammals in Australia?

Answer: Dingos.

9. What Australian snakes are also the two most venomous snakes in the world (1 point each)?

Answer: Eastern Brown Snake and Inland Taipan.

10. Which Australian animal is a mammal with the bill of a duck?

Answer: The Platypus.

11. What do koalas eat?

Answer: Eucalyptus.

12. When were the camels first introduced into Australia?

Answer: 1840.

13. Which Australian animal’s scientific name is ‘Tachyglossus aculeatus’?

Answer: Echidna.

14. Which percentage of the world’s marsupial species are found in Australia?

Answer: 70%.

15. Which continent do Cane Toads originally come from?

Answer: The Americas.

16. How many kangaroos are there in Victoria (as of 2020)?

Answer: 1.9 million.

17. Which of the following is not an Amphibian?

Answer: Barramundi.

18. What type of animal is a redback?

Answer: A spider.

19. What animal can be hairy-nosed?

Answer: Wombat.

20. What animal is a Yabby?

Answer: A crayfish.

Australia Trivia Questions about Food

Whether you’re an expert in Australian cuisine or just want to learn more, this quiz is for you! These Australia food quiz questions will put your culinary knowledge to the test.

1. What are Rice Bubbles?

Answer: A breakfast cereal.

2. A meat gravy or pastry always served with tomato sauce. What is it?

Answer: A Meat Pie.

3. What meat is the most popular in Aussie diets?

Answer: Chicken.

4. A Protein: Battered, crumbed or grilled usually eaten with a starchy accompaniment!?

Answer: Fish.

5. Mince patty, bread roll, sauce, onions, tomato, lettuce, beetroot. Very famous dish of Australia, especially loved by kids. What is it?

Answer: Hamburger.

6. What is a Pie Floater?

Answer: A meat pie floating in green pea soup.

7. What are Anzac biscuits?

Answer: A sweet traditional biscuit made of rolled oats, butter, golden syrup, and coconut (optional).

8. Sliced potato fingers, deep fried. Universal accompaniment to all take-away food. What is it?

Answer: Chips.

9. Cylindrical pastry tube, filled with vegetables, mainly cabbage, deep fried. What is it?

Answer: Chico Roll.

10. What do you call the Aussie favourite sponge cake cubes dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut?

Answer: Lamingtons.

11. Aussies love cooking snags on their Barbie. What is a snag?

Answer: Sausages.

12. Can you name the chocolate bar that has air bubbles in it?

Answer: Aero.

13. Do you know the name of Australian drink that’s made with chocolate powder that turns milk into chocolate malt and also sprinkled on ice creams?

Answer: Milo.

14. What is the name of the cracker snack found in Australia?

Answer: Shapes.

15. If you were offered a yabby should you eat it?

Answer: Yes, it is a fresh water Cray Fish.

16. In Australia, bread plus butter plus sprinkles equals what?

Answer: Fairy Bread.

17. What is Vegemite?

Answer: A food spread made of yeast and vegetable extract.

Australia Trivia Questions Multiple Choice

Are you seeking for interesting Australia trivia questions for your upcoming quiz night. If so, then this section has a range of multiple-choice questions for you.

1. What name was given to Australian bandits who raided its remoter settlements until the late 19th century?

A. Outbackers

B. Bushrangers

C. Swagmen

D. Billabongs

Answer: D.

2. Great Barrier Reef of Australia is located parallel to _____.

A. East coast

B. West coast

C. North coast

D. South coast

Answer: A.

3. On 6 February 1840, what document was signed by Captain William Hobson (on be­half of Queen Victoria) and a number of Maori chiefs as the basis for New Zealand to become part of the British Empire?

A. Treaty of London

B. Treaty of Waitangi

C. Kapa Haka

D. Pokarekareana

Answer: B.

4. The Australian city of Adelaide is on which river?

A. Swan

B. Torrens

C. Yarra

D. Derwent

Answer: B.

5. What was the name given to the largest alluvial gold nugget discovered by John Deason and Richard Oates at Moliagul, Victoria, Australia on 5 February 1869?

A. Digger’s Friend

B. Welcome Stranger

C. Victoria’s Secret

D. The KohiNoor

Answer: B.

6. How many islands greater than 1,500 sq.km are shown in a map of New Zealand?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 15

D. 25

Answer: B.

7. This is how you get Cheeto fingers in Australia. What are these snacks called?

A. Cheezels

B. Feelos

C. Pretzies

D. Cheetos

Answer: D.

8. What would you find inside a lamington?

A. Custard

B. Caramel

C. Coconut

D. Jam

Answer: D.

9. What colour would you associate with a Monte Carlo?

A. Pink

B. Red

C. Green

D. Brown

Answer: A.

10. If you wanted an ice cream, where would you go?

A. Michel’s

B. Wendy’s

C. Brumby’s

D. Gloria Jeans

Answer: B.

11. Where did Australia rank in the OECD list of top meat-eating countries?

A. Fourth

B. Third

C. Second

D. First

Answer: D.

12. What is the most popular fast food restaurant in Australia?


B. Hungry Jacks

C. McDonald’s

D. Red Rooster

Answer: C.

Final Thoughts

Our Australia trivia questions and answers spanned a wide range of topics to test your knowledge thoroughly.

Apart from history and geography, we had questions on Australian music and movies, as well as notable Australians, animals, and natural marvels!

That’s all there is to it!

We hope you liked our quiz questions about Australia and that they would offer you some enjoyment for your next trivia night or Australia Day celebration.

Do you have more questions to add to our list? Please give us your feedback in the comment section below.

Thank You!

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