153 Clean Would You Rather Questions to Keep Everyone Entertained

In this article, we are going to share with you some clean would you rather questions that aren’t insulting but are still fun.

Would you rather questions are excellent for learning more about individuals in a fun and engaging manner.

They are suitable for groups as well as for two persons.

You are free to use them as they are.

You can also modify the questions and qualifications to meet the needs of your gathering.

Let’s now go over these questions.

Best Clean Would You Rather Questions

In our honest opinion, these are some of the most appropriate would you rather questions we have to offer. So go ahead and choose a couple and start learning more about your friends or family.

1. Would you rather stay true to your beliefs or embrace the values of others?

2. Would you rather express gratitude for what you have, or have an attitude of entitlement toward life?

3. Would you rather communicate openly and authentically or keep thoughts and feelings hidden away?

4. Would you rather watch a movie at home or at the movie theater?

5. Would you rather live in a world of abundance and generosity or fight each other for resources?

6. Would you rather always have to wear shorts or always have to wear pants?

7. Would you rather seek joy in everyday moments or strive for greater success?

8. Would you rather time travel or teleport?

9. Would you rather live without the internet or live without AC and heating?

10. Would you rather invest energy to make the world a better place, or work towards personal fulfillment?

11. Would you rather live under a sky with no stars at night or live under a sky with no clouds during the day?

12. Would you rather be unable to use search engines or unable to use social media?

13. Would you rather sing or dance in a show?

14. Would you rather be a famous director or a famous actor?

15. Would you rather go on vacation to the mountains or the beach?

16. Would you rather never be able to eat meat or never be able to eat vegetables?

17. Would you rather read minds or be able to fly?

18. Would you rather have a horrible short-term memory or a horrible long-term memory?

19. Would you rather always be late or always be early?

20. Would you rather live the next 10 years of your life in China or Russia?

21. Would you rather be famous but ridiculed or be just a normal person?

22. Would you rather time travel to the past or the future?

23. Would you rather give up bathing for a month or give up the internet for a month?

24. Would you rather be lost in a bad part of town or lost in the forest?

25. Would you rather be able to fly or to predict the future?

26. Would you rather be rich and lonely or poor with lots of friends?

Funny Clean Would You Rather Questions

One of the most effective methods to connect with a new person is via humor. Life is all about having fun with your pals. These fun questions to ask should have you and everyone else laughing in no time.

1. Would you rather be a mad genius or popular but dim?

2. Would you rather have three eyes or two noses?

3. Would you rather always have an annoying song stuck in your head or always have an itch that you can’t reach?

4. Would you rather have to wear the same clothes for forever, or eat the same food for forever?

5. Would you rather be hairy all over or bald all over?

6. Would you rather have smelly feet or smelly breath?

7. Would you rather be tall and fat or short and skinny?

8. Would you rather be rich or famous?

9. Would you rather have feet the size of an elephant’s or a neck the length of a giraffe’s?

10. Would you rather drink water that fish have been swimming in or drink pool water?

11. Would you rather eat a piece of rotten fruit or drink sour milk?

12. Would you rather shed your skin like a snake or have your hair turn color with the season like a rabbit?

13. Would you rather everything you touch turn to gold or dust?

14. Would you rather eat a worm or a spider?

15. Would you rather wash out your mouth with soap or eat something that is clearly rotten?

16. Would you rather swim in a pool filled with syrup or Nutella?

17. Would you rather be on Instagram or Twitter?

18. Would you rather your dog be the size of an elephant or have an elephant the size of a dog?

19. Would you rather sleep in your dogs’ bed or let your dog sleep in your bed when they are all muddy?

20. Would you rather your only mode of transportation be a donkey or a giraffe?

21. Would you rather have to spell everything you say or have to write down everything you say?

22. Would you rather have to read aloud every word you read or sing everything you say out loud?

23. Would you rather have to talk with a silly accent all the time or not be able to speak at all?

24. Would you rather have an extra finder or an extra toe?

Clean Would You Rather Questions for Adults

Let us now go through some clean would you rather questions for adults. With these clean, put your adult friends’ judgement, wit, and ingenuity to the test!

1. Would you rather do something daring and adventurous or stay safe and secure?

2. Would you rather travel around the world or stay close to home and explore your local area more fully?

3. Would you rather have an undisturbed night’s rest or an extra hour in the day to get things done?

4. Would you rather spend more time in nature or technology-driven activities?

5. Would you rather be surrounded by people who question everything they know or those who think they know it all?

6. Would you rather have a long-term job you don’t enjoy or make less money doing something you love?

7. Would you rather live a life of no regrets or make mistakes and learn from them?

8. Would you rather search for the greatest adventure of your life or explore the depths of your soul?

9. Would you rather take a break from technology to reconnect with nature, or use technology to unlock new possibilities?

10. Would you rather learn something new every day, no matter how small, or relearn something old every week, no matter how familiar?

11. Would you rather spend quality time with close friends and family, or go after new experiences with strangers?

12. Would you rather explore the unknown or stay in your comfort zone?

13. Would you rather receive wisdom from someone older than you, or a bribe from someone younger than you?

14. Would you rather share a kind word with someone in need or offer them tangible help?

15. Would you rather dedicate yourself to helping others in need or donate to organizations that support them?

16. Would you rather do charity work for those in need or build something that will last generations?

17. Would you rather spend time being creative or challenge yourself to solve difficult problems?

18. Would you rather have true friends who are always honest with you or acquaintances who complement every step and decision you make?

19. Would you rather help someone out of kindness or wait for them to ask you for help?

20. Would you rather take the high road or take the path of least resistance?

21. Would you rather think positively about yourself or be more accepting of your flaws?

22. Would you rather find contentment with who you are now, or keep striving for a better version of yourself?

23. Would you rather practice self-care and nourish yourself, or put the needs of others first?

24. Would you rather take time off to reflect on your successes, or use that time to plan future goals?

25. Would you rather enjoy the simple pleasures of life or strive for greatness?

26. Would you rather spread kindness wherever you go, or focus on those closest to you?

Clean Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Playing the game of would you rather questions with is really exciting but it has its challenges. The questions for such a game should be kid-friendly. Here are some questions for kids.

1. Would you rather eat ice cream or cake?

2. Would you rather hang out with a panda or a koala bear?

3. Would you rather go to the museum or an amusement park?

4. Would you rather have a snow day or a day where there is a party in school?

5. Would you rather swing at the park or go down the slide?

6. Would you rather live in a haunted house or have to live with your parents forever?

7. Would you rather play the piano or the guitar?

8. Would you rather eat an apple or a banana?

9. Would you rather live in a treehouse or a cave?

10. Would you rather spend time with your cousins or your brothers and sisters?

11. Would you rather only be able to watch Christmas movies or only be able to watch Halloween movies?

12. Would you rather go to the beach or Disneyland?

13. Would you rather spend your whole life alone or always be surrounded by annoying brothers and sisters?

14. Would you rather have a horse you couldn’t ride, or have to ride your horse everywhere?

15. Would you rather ride in a boat or on a plane?

16. Would you rather eat pizza or a burger?

17. Would you rather eat a donut or a cake?

18. Would you rather live in a house shaped like a triangle or a house that is up in a tree?

19. Would you rather play a board game or watch TV?

20. Would you rather be the size of a bug or the size of a house?

21. Would you rather go skiing or swimming?

22. Would you rather have to carry your brother everywhere or have him need to carry you everywhere?

23. Would you rather be a pilot or a police officer?

24. Would you rather have chocolate or vanilla cake for your birthday?

25. Would you rather live in the movie Frozen or the movie Moana?

Clean Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Are you ready to spice up your chats with your significant other? Then check out these clean yet amusing would you rather questions for couples! These questions are likely to stimulate engaging and exciting discussions between you two.

1. Would you rather do something daring together or cuddle up and watch a movie?

2. Would you rather go on a shopping spree with your partner or take a walk in nature?

3. Would you rather learn new facts about each other or share funny stories from the past?

4. Would you rather be spontaneous and surprise each other, or plan every activity for both of you?

5. Would you rather plan a romantic date night for your partner or have them plan one for you?

6. Would you rather dine with your partner at an elegant restaurant or cook an intimate dinner at home?

7. Would you rather write love poems to each other or exchange heartfelt compliments every day?

8. Would you rather travel with your partner to an exotic destination or stay home and make memories together?

9. Would you rather take a road trip to explore new places, or escape to the beach together?

10. Would you rather take a stroll through an art gallery together or go for a bike ride around town?

11. Would you rather watch a sunset together or get up early and watch the sunrise?

12. Would you rather learn about each other’s dreams and goals, or share your deepest thoughts and feelings?

13. Would you rather go horseback riding with your partner or relax on a spa day?

14. Would you rather spend quality time in the park or plan dinner at home?

15. Would you rather cook dinner together or order takeout and watch a movie?

16. Would you rather stay home and play board games together or try something new as a couple?

17. Would you rather have a romantic picnic on the beach or go hiking and explore nature together?

18. Would you rather do something adventurous with your partner or stay home and snuggle all day?

19. Would you rather cuddle on the couch with your partner or watch the starry sky?

20. Would you rather rely on each other for support in difficult times or share your unconditional love and happiness?

21. Would you rather take a dance class or learn an instrument together?

22. Would you rather spend time picking out meaningful gifts for each other, or take a weekend getaway together?

23. Would you rather take a romantic walk or plan a day full of fun activities?

24. Would you rather get dressed up for a night out on the town with your partner or have a cozy night at home?

25. Would you rather write down your dreams and goals and share them, or try something daring together?

26. Would you rather show your appreciation for each other with kind gestures or plan a weekend getaway as a surprise?

Clean Would You Rather Questions for Work

We offer a large collection of thought-provoking questions that are appropriate for use in the workplace. These questions will push you to think imaginatively while also allowing you to connect with your coworkers.

1. Would you rather have the freedom to make your own decisions or prefer some guidance?

2. Would you rather take the lead and create something new or work with others to improve existing projects?

3. Would you rather have access to the latest technology, tools, and resources or a larger budget to hire more team members?

4. Would you rather work in a competitive environment or a supportive one?

5. Would you rather work on a project that excites you or a job that pays better?

6. Would you rather work on challenging problems with uncertain outcomes or repeatable tasks with guaranteed results?

7. Would you rather receive supportive feedback from your colleagues or constructive criticism from management?

8. Would you rather develop innovative ideas and solutions or complete mundane tasks quickly?

9. Would you rather have flexible hours or work remotely?

10. Would you rather get recognition from your peers or your boss?

11. Would you rather attend daily meetings or skip them when needed?

12. Would you rather develop creative concepts and ideas or make sure existing products and services run smoothly?

13. Would you rather receive public or private recognition for your accomplishments?

14. Would you rather work on a high-payoff project or a more reliable and consistent project?

15. Would you rather take risks and reap potential benefits, or opt for more conservative approaches to ensure success?

16. Would you rather perfect one task at a time and then move on, or learn multiple skills simultaneously?

17. Would you rather be assigned tasks and complete them or propose projects and take ownership?

18. Would you rather work on something creative or something practical?

19. Would you rather be openly praised for your work or quietly pass on compliments to your colleagues?

20. Would you rather have autonomy and freedom in how you complete your tasks, or would you strictly follow company protocols?

21. Would you rather communicate directly with customers or focus on internal collaboration?

22. Would you rather lead a team of experts or pitch new ideas to the company?

23. Would you rather take on responsibility and lead projects or assist when needed?

24. Would you rather build relationships with colleagues or develop your own skills?

25. Would you rather work fixed hours each day or shift hours based on the workload?

26. Would you rather be flexible in developing unique solutions or adhere closely to company standards?

Final Thoughts

Clean would you rather questions are a terrific way to start a fun and fascinating conversation.

You’ll receive some fascinating responses and probably learn a lot more about the person you’re speaking with.

It might be difficult to come up with interesting questions to ask, so that’s the reason we came with the list we shared with you.

Feel free to use these questions as you please.

And if you know some interesting questions yourself, please drop them in the comment section below. Thanks!

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