53 Buffalo Wild Wings Trivia Questions (and Answers)

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Here, we have put together 50+ Buffalo Wild Wings trivia questions and answers to help you demonstrate your expertise in the popular restaurant chain.

From its founding in 1982 to its current-day success, see how much you know about the iconic buffalo-style chicken wings and other menu items that have kept people coming back for more.

Whether you’re looking Buffalo Wild Wings quiz for your friends or just brushing up on some facts, this article has everything you need!

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Most Intriguing Buffalo Wild Wings Trivia Questions

Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular restaurant chain known for their delicious wings and unique sauces. But there’s more. Test your knowledge with these interesting and funny Buffalo Wild Wings trivia questions:

1. In UAE, they opened a restaurant in?

Answer: Dubai.

2. The deal was completed on?

Answer: February 5, 2018.

3. August 2014, BW3 had purchased?

Answer: A majority stake in the Rusty Taco chain.

4. This chain purchased in the amount of about?

Answer: $2.4 billion-plus debt.

5. On September 5, 2018, Inspire Brands subsidiary R Taco announced it was changing its name back to?

Answer: Rusty Taco.

6. November 7, 2019, a Buffalo Wild Wings general manager died after becoming exposed to?

Answer: The volatile mix of a cleaning agent and another acidic cleanser.

7. In 2015, BW3 changed its name to?

Answer: R Taco.

8. Who plans to purchase the chain, in November 2017?

Answer: Roark Capital Group and The Wendy’s Company, co-owners of Arby’s Restaurant Group.

9. How many other people in the Burlington, Massachusetts restaurant had symptoms of discomfort in this “serious hazmat material incident”?

Answer: 10 people.

10. Name the areas served by this restaurant?

Answer: United States, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Panama, Oman, India, Vietnam.

11. The website of this restaurant is?

Answer: www.buffalowildwings.com

12. Name the co-founders that were huge in the figure skating world?

Answer: Jim Disbrow.

Easy Buffalo Wild Wings Trivia Questions

Are you a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings and their delicious menu items? Put your knowledge to the test with these simple Buffalo Wild Wings trivia questions

that anyone should be able to answer:

1. What did the winner receive?

Answer: A free T-shirt.

2. Who was promoted to president and CEO in August 1996?

Answer: Smith.

3. Restaurants feature an open layout with a bar area and patio seating flanked by over how many screens and televisions?

Answer: 50 televisions and media screens.

4. During 1995, the company did how many millions in revenue with a loss of $1.6 million?

Answer: $12 million.

5. Who became chairman of the board?

Answer: Disbrow.

6. At the end of 1996, how many new locations were opened?

Answer: 35.

7. In 2016, the new restaurants being built follow a new type of layout that gives the guests the feeling as they were in?

Answer: Sports stadium.

8. In 2019, a new uniform was introduced that only includes?

Answer: Company’s logo.

10. Smith was unable to determine the firm’s net income/loss prior to?

Answer: 1995.

11. An initial public stock offering was considered in the year?

Answer: 1998.

12. What names given in different markets, in its first national ad campaign market?

Answer: Bw-3 and Buffalo wild wings.

13. Server uniforms consisted of?

Answer: Gray shorts and jerseys with the number 82.

Medium Buffalo Wild Wings Trivia Questions

Think you know everything there is to know about Buffalo Wild Wings? Test your knowledge with these medium Buffalo Wild Wings trivia questions:

1. What is Buffalo wild wings and weck?

Answer: American casual dining restaurant.

2. The chain is best known for?

Answer: Buffalo-style chicken wings along with many sauces.

3. Chain’s menu also included?

Answer: Different appetizers, burgers, tacos, salads, and desserts. Moreover, beer, wine, and other beverages are also there, in this menu.

4. Buffalo wild wings and weck is also known as?

Answer: BW3.

5. Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck was founded in?

Answer: 1982.

6. How many employees working at this restaurant?

Answer: 76,000.

7. Restaurants are known for their famous?

Answer: Blazin Wing Challenge.

8. It was founded by?

Answer: Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery.

9. What is the number of countries, who have these restaurants?

Answer: 10 countries.

10. What is the challenge, given by restaurants, to the costumers?

Answer: To eat 12 of their hottest wings under six minutes.

11. What is the headquarters of it?

Answer: Sandy Springs, Georgia, U.S.

12. The first time, it was located at?

Answer: Columbus, Ohio, U.S.

13. According to 2019, the number of Wild Wings restaurants is?

Answer: 1,300.

Hard Buffalo Wild Wings Trivia Questions

For those who consider themselves true Buffalo Wild Wings lovers, we’ve compiled a set of difficult Buffalo Wild Wings trivia questions that will test even the most devoted fans of the restaurant chain:

1. 100th location opened in October 1999 in?

Answer: Apple Valley.

2. In late 2001, the company signed on which do to plans for branded potato chips to the retail market?

Answer: Frito lay.

3. Disbrow died in?

Answer: October 2002.

4. After the death of Disbrow, Smith continued as?

Answer: Company executive.

5. Lowery continued as?

Answer: Vice president of franchise construction.

6. In the year of 1999, how many company-owned restaurants?

Answer: 23.

7. Funding was planned to fund expansion with the expectation to have how many sites by late 2003?

Answer: 260 sites.

8. At the end of 2000, the chain, was in how many states?

Answer: 19 states.

9. And the number of locations was?

Answer: 140.

10. System-wide revenue was how many million in 2001?

Answer: $150 million.

11. At the end of the third quarter of 2003, how many locations are there?

Answer: 211.

12. These 211 locations found in how many states?

Answer: 27 states.

13. In 2010, the company announced an expansion into which country?

Answer: Canada.

14. In 2015, Buffalo Wild Wings expanded in?

Answer: The United Arab Emirates.

Final Thoughts

Buffalo Wild Wings has become a household name for its delicious wings and unique sauces, but there’s much more to this popular restaurant chain than meets the eye.

From its founding story to its official partnerships, there’s plenty of intriguing trivia to keep even the most devoted wing enthusiasts on their toes.

Whether you aced the easy questions, struggled with the medium ones, or were stumped by the hard ones, we hope you enjoyed this Buffalo Wild Wings quiz.

Let us know how many answers you guessed correctly in the comments below, and feel free to share your own favorite Buffalo Wild Wings trivia questions!

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