486 Best Friend Tag Questions to Elevate Your Friendship

Use best friend tag questions with your closest friends who claim to know you well. Were you aware that bff tag questions can be used as a fun game as a way to strengthen bonds with your friends?

Do you realize who your best friends are? Folks who are not related by blood but feel exactly like home!

The people you can tell your deepest secrets to without feeling embarrassed. Only these people are likely to answer all best friend tag questions.

If you’re going to call them your best friend, you should probably get to know each other pretty well. But how are you so convincing?

Get this variety of exciting closest friend tag questions, gather your best friend, and play the best friend tag quiz game to see how much you both know about each other.

Best Friend Tag Questions to Challenge Your BFF

Childhood friends known for at least seven or more years can usually answer best friend tag questions correctly. Consider asking. What is the one thing I would try to save if my house was on fire and everyone in it was safe?

1. How much time does it take me to get ready?

2. What is my dream job?

3. Have I ever smoked?

4. Do I prefer chocolatey or fruity candy?

5. Tell the name of my first crush?

6. Highlight the thing of which I have the biggest fear?

7. What is the one compliment, best describes me?

8. What are those three things, without which I can’t live on a deserted island?

9. Who do I miss most?

10. So, which is the one insect that I am afraid of the most?

11. If I could go anywhere in the world with you, where would it be? And why?

12. Who was the last person I kissed?

13. Which favorite memory do we both share commonly?

14. What is that one thing about you that annoys me the most?

15. If we go to a carnival, what ride would I go on over and over?

16. Who was my first kiss?

17. Name those three movies that I love the most?

18. Which movie genre I watch the most? Horror, romantic, tragedy or comedy?

19. What part of your body is my favorite?

20. What are those two secrets no one knows about me?

21. What was my first car?

22. If I could drive any color car, what would it be?

23. Between us both, who takes more time to get ready?

24. If I could meet anyone right now, then who would it be?

25. Would I choose roller blades or roller skates at a skating rink rental counter?

26. When it’s snowing, would I choose to go skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or sledding?

27. Do I steal the shampoo and soap from hotels?

28. Do I usually listen to loud music that is relatively loud as compared to normal sound?

29. What day is our friendiversary?

30. How many years have we been friends?

31. What is that one thing I would want as a gift for my birthday?

32. What is my greatest achievement in life?

33. Do I like ketchup, mustard, or both?

34. Have I ever had surgery?

35. How long does it take for me to get dressed?

36. What is my secret weapon when it comes to attracting the opposite s#x?

37. If I could wish for anything, what would it be?

Deep Best Friend Tag Questions

When a person notices every little detail, deep best friend tag questions arise. Do you remember the first time we said the same thing at the same time? Most of your friends are unlikely to be able to give a response.

1. If my house was on fire and all of my family was safe, what would be the one thing I would try to save?

2. Do I believe in ghosts and paranormal things?

3. What is my favorite outfit on daily basis?

4. What is my dream wedding outfit?

5. What is the best reply I have ever said to my haters?

6. Do I love to do charity work?

7. Which movie title describes my life perfectly?

8. Is there any movie that I have watched with my parents for the past two months?

9. Have I ever compromised with truth?

10. Am I insecure about anything?

11. What is the thing that motivates me?

12. Which motivational quote have I written on my study table?

13. We go to the zoo, what exhibit am I most excited for?

14. Am I a morning or a night person?

15. Whether Lyrics or composition – which mesmerizes me the most in a song?

16. Which Web series I love so much that I haven’t missed a single episode?

17. Which channels have I subscribed on YouTube?

18. What is the outfit I wear usually at night?

19. What is the one thing I can do always even if I don’t have my eyes?

20. Would I be more likely to go to a theme park or water park?

Funny Best Friend Tag Questions

When you and your best friend keep doing things that make no sense, funny best friend tag questions are asked. For example, if I could only yell one word or term for the rest of my life, what would it be?

1. Would I rather be attacked by a dog or a bunch of spiders?

2. What is the funniest thing I’ve ever said to you?

3. Am I more likely to snort, fart, or spit out a drink when I laugh?

4. How many Oreos could I fit in my mouth at once?

5. If my personality were a viral meme, which one would it be?

6. What is that recipe that we both made out and the taste was like hell?”

7. Has a group of spiders ever attacked me?

8. What is the smallest creature that I am most afraid of?

9. Which household appliance am I most likely to say I’m in a relationship with?

10. If Facebook created a new reaction just for me, what would it look like?

11. What is the funniest thing I’ve ever done in your presence?

12. Which viral challenge is most likely to kill me?

13. What song makes me dance no matter where I am when I hear it?

14. Which cartoon character is my doppelganger?

15. If I were on a reality TV show, what would my intro tagline be?

16. How long would I survive in the Hunger Games?

17. If life were a horror movie, which stereotypical character would I be?

18. Where’s the weirdest place I’ve ever hidden in my house?

19. How many days without a message from me would it take before you called the police?

20. Which type of dog do I resemble most?

21. Which boxed or canned meal am I most likely to mess up cooking?

Cute Best Friend Tag Questions

Cute best friend tag questions are asked when you have done things with or for each other that people say aww and that you are the perfect pair of best friends. Which of us, if we were a classic pairing like PB&J, would we be?

1. Who is my hero?

2. What are my strengths and weaknesses?

3. Do I ever dance without music playing?

4. What are my fears or biggest phobia’s?

5. Do I chew on my pens and pencils?

6. Have I ever been in love?

7. What do I do that always makes you smile?

8. Do I still watch cartoons?

9. Have I ever broken a bone?

10. Was I named after anyone? If so, who?

11. What was the weirdest dream I ever had?

12. Have we ever done stupid things together?

13. Have you ever hidden the truth from me?

14. Between the two of us, which one is a better learner?

15. Who am I in love with?

16. Do I need anything to help me sleep?

17. Do I prefer swimming in a pool or the lake/ocean?

18. Who is more annoying between the both of us?

19. When was the last time I told someone, I love them?

20. Do I like to collect anything?

21. Do we have the same favorite singer? If yes, who is he/she?

22. What is our favorite memory that we share?

23. What’s our favorite movie we have seen together?

24. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does our friendship mean to me?

25. Do I miss anyone at this moment?

26. Is it easy for me to fall in love?

27. What’s a funny story from my childhood?

28. Who is more reliable between the both of us?

29. Who’s better at talking to people?

30. Do I like to use post-it notes?

31. What is your nickname for me?

32. Who is more optimistic? Pessimistic?

33. Do you remember when we first met each other?

34. What was your first opinion about me and why?

35. What did I want to be when I was a child?

36. Do I smile for pictures or make a silly face?

37. Do I want to have kids? If yes, how many?

General Best Friend Tag Questions

You must have attempted to make a YouTube video about a best friend tag quiz once in your life. For bff tag quiz, ask questions like, “If we were trapped in a quarantine house, would you want anyone else there besides me?”

1. Where was I born?

2. What is my full name?

3. What state was I born in?

4. Would I rather wear shoes or be barefoot?

5. What is my astrological sign?

6. What is my nationality?

7. What is one food I couldn’t live without?

8. Did I ever have the chicken pox?

9. What was one of my most embarrassing moments?

10. What is the name of my favorite childhood pet?

11. What are my parents’ first names?

12. When and where did we meet?

13. What is something I always keep in my purse/pockets/wallet?

14. What creepy crawly am I most scared of?

15. What is name of the street I live on?

16. What food do I hate?

17. What was the last mall I went to?

18. What is my phone number?

19. Do I go by any nicknames?

20. If we play Mario Kart, what character do I pick?

21. Did I ever get written up in school? What for?

22. What was a big hobby of mine growing up?

23. What is my hobby now?

24. (Close your eyes for this one) What color are my eyes?

25. What is my weakest subject in school?

26. What kind of wedding do I want someday?

27. What is my religion?

28. What is one insecurity I have?

29. Where do I like to go to unwind?

30. Have I ever been fired?

31. What is my Netflix binge show?

32. Have I ever failed a test?

33. Which gummy bear is my favorite?

34. Which Starburst is my favorite?

35. How much do I weigh?

36. What is my greatest fear?

37. If I could go anywhere, where would I go?

38. Am I a cat person or a dog person?

39. Who was my first boyfriend/girlfriend?

Interesting Best Friend Tag Questions

When the game is routine, asking interesting best friend tag questions can be a game-changer. Consider asking. Which toppings would you choose if you were ordering a pizza for your best friend? Your best friend should be aware of this.

1. What’s my go-to song?

2. Who was my high school crush?

3. Without looking, what does my last text to you say?

4. Have I ever been in a car accident?

5. What kind of sub do I order at Subway?

6. What do I like in my DQ blizzard?

7. Do I focus on the future or the past?

8. Do I have any weird talents or skills?

9. If I have a scar at any place on my body, then from where did I get it?

10. Am I afraid of the dark?

11. What is my usual breakfast?

12. What app do I use most often?

13. What are the three items I usually carry with me?

14. Do I have a birth mark?

15. My favorite dessert for which I crave the most.

16. What is my weakness?

17. Which food can literally take off all my tensions?

18. Where did I meet my crush for the first time?

19. What is the surname of my first ever dance partner?

20. Which is my favorite dance track that makes me completely crazy?

21. Do you think I would die for you?

22. Have I ever broken the law?

23. Am I a flip flop or tennis shoe person?

24. Do I have any musical talent?

25. Do I prefer to eat Fritos or Cheetos?

26. What was the worst job I ever had?

27. If I chose to master one skill, which one would it be?

28. What is something unique about me that only a few people know?

29. If I wanted to make the perfect ice cream sundae, what would be in it?

30. Do I drink my soda from a straw?

Easy Best Friend Tag Questions

How about some bff tag challenge questions? It’s a fantastic game to play when old friends return after a long absence. Please notify me of three items on my wish list. It is an example from the friendship tag questions category.

1. When was the last time I went out of town? And where was it?

2. Which book is the last one I read from start to finish?

3. Do I sing in the car?

4. Am I a fitness freak?

5. Is there any exercise that I never could do?

6. What is my current weight?

7. What was my reaction when I tasted a bad food?

8. What was my first job?

9. KFC or McDonald’s?

10. Am I a Starbucks person?

11. How many dishes have I ever cooked for you altogether?

12. Which shampoo brand suits me the best?

13. Have I ever voted in a general presidential election?

14. Do you think I have any secrets that I haven’t told you yet?

15. We go to taco bell, what do I order?

16. Do I sing in the shower?

17. Does your best friend “borrow” your clothes?

18. What is my Starbucks order?

19. Would I bail you out of jail or be would I be sitting there next to you in jail?

20. What was I doing last night at midnight?

21. What am I currently listening to on Spotify?

22. Which restaurant do I like to visit more often?

23. Which song I often sing when no one is in the room?

24. What is the brand of my sunglass that I am currently wearing?

25. Do I want to get married to any sportsperson?

26. So, Spiderman or Superman – on whom do I have a crush?

27. So, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – where do I have the maximum number of friends?

28. Am I serious about my skincare routine?

29. How do I celebrate my success?

30. Which comic book is my favorite?

31. So, is there any cosmetics that I can’t live without?

32. Do I wash my car or leave it dirty and let the rain wash it?

33. So, what is my favorite texting game?

34. Which mobile app do I use on a daily basis?

Hard Best Friend Tag Questions

There are hard best friend tag questions for long-distance friendship. The reason for this is that even though you aren’t together, you are still in contact with each other. As an example, can you sum up your personality in five words?

1. Can you tell me that whether I am an optimistic person or just the opposite?

2. What is the one thing I have never been able to express properly?

3. What is the nickname my mother has given me?

4. What is the first slang I learned?

5. How long was the longest snapchat streak with your BFF?

6. What would your best friend call their first child?

7. Have I ever done anything romantic for my partner?

8. How many scores did I get on my driving test?

9. What is the one thing I often see in my dreams?

10. Is there any language that I want to learn very soon?

11. Which movie dialogue is always on my lips?

12. What is the most badass habit I have?

13. What is the common thing between us?

14. So, have I ever dated anyone online?

15. What is the one food I am almost addicted to?

16. What are my religious views?

17. What is my favorite website is all about?

18. Is there any brand I follow and buy particularly?

19. Is there any luxury car that I want to buy within the next few years?

20. What is my usual expression after seeing a beautiful rainbow?

21. Tell me whether I am a believer in God or not?

22. When was the first time I bargained like a pro?

23. Have I ever experienced any supernatural things ever?

24. What is the one thing I do, when I become angry?

25. Is there any liquor brand that I love the most?

27. Which teacher has motivated me the most?

28. How much I scored on my last exam?

29. Which color literally rules my cupboard?

30. So, have I ever become aggressive in a social gathering?

31. Which celebrity of the opposite s#x is most like me?

Dirty Best Friend Tag Questions

When you have friends who interpret most things in a double meaning, dirty best friend tag questions can be a lot of fun. For example, can you walk into the streets naked from head to toe for a million dollars?

1. Have I ever been in a relationship with someone of the same s#x?

2. Have I had s#x on the rooftop of the house?

3. What is my favourite s#x position?

4. What is my worst personal experience?

5. What is the nastiest thing I have ever eaten?

6. What is my darkest secret?

7. What was the middle name of the person with whom I had s#x for the first time?

8. Do I ever have dirty dreams?

9. What is my ultimate fantasy?

10. Have I ever done something naughty at school?

Juicy Best Friend Tag Questions

Try taking the best friend tag challenge quiz, where each correct answer contains a monetary value. For example, have you ever said something embarrassing that made people laugh unexpectedly? Make sure you and your best friends have enough money for this challenge.

1. Have I ever wept like insane?

2. So, what are the pictures I have on my bedroom walls?

3. Which festivals usually I love to visit?

4. What is the one thing that we have hidden from our parents?

5. Would I look good with a bald head?

6. Which of us is more generous?

7. If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be?

8. What are the three things I need to have in my locker at all times?

9. Which of us is most likely to help an old lady cross the street?

10. Which of us is most likely to rescue a kitten stuck in a tree?

11. What insect will I be reincarnated into?

12. Do I love myself?

13. What am I going to be when I grow up?

14. Name three things on my bucket list.

15. Which of us will win more awards/trophies in life?

16. Describe a time when I made you cry tears of happiness.

17. Do you know how much I care about you?

18. What childhood nickname do my family members still call me?

19. How am I most likely to die IRL while playing VR?

20. Which app on my phone would I be most embarrassed for people to see?

21. Am I more like my dad or my mom?

22. Which fictional character to I secretly wish I could become?

23. Where did we click our best picture?

24. So, what is the dish your mom prepares for me often?

Best Friend Tag Questions to Test How Well You Know about Each Other

The point of best friend tag challenge questions is to determine whether you know each other well or not at all. Have you ever fantasized about eloping with your love interest someday? It is the only way to find out.

1. If you had a time machine, would you take me with you?

2. What do you admire most about me?

3. When is my birthday?

4. Describe me in one word.

5. Have we ever gotten into a fight?

6. On a free day, I generally: a) Sleeps late b) Gets up at a normal time c) Gets up earlier

7. List three items that I always have with me?

8. Would I ever tell anyone one of your secrets?

9. Which celebrity am I in love with?

10. Am I allergic to anything?

11. Have we always got along well?

12. Where did we meet for the first time?

13. Is there anything weird that I eat?

14. What’s our favorite inside joke?

15. When was the last time I got pulled over by the police?

16. Have I ever eaten a crayon?

17. Would I give a homeless person CPR if they were in need?

18. How many brothers and sisters do I have?

19. What would I do if I said you never wanted to talk to me again?

20. Would I rather be hurt by the person I trust the most or the one I love the most?

21. Do I have any strange phobias?

22. If I was ordering a pizza, which toppings would I order?

23. Do I want to get married?

24. What am I really bad at? Good at?

25. Where is our next vacation together going to be?

26. What would be our craziest and best memory together?

27. Do I say any phrase or expression a lot?

28. What’s my shoe size?

29. Do I have a closest friend beside you?

30. How and when did we meet?

31. How would you describe my ideal wife/husband?

32. What am I really bad at?

33. What is the unkindest thing someone has ever said to me?

34. What was your first impression of me?

35. What you love about me the most?

36. Have you regretted being my best friend because of my behavior?

37. What’s our favorite memory together?

38. Have we ever loved the same person?

39. What’s my middle name?

Best Friend Tag Questions to Bring Friendship to a New Level

You messed up in a friendship, and now you’re afraid the two of you will fall apart? Friendship tag game questions come in handy. It can aid your comprehension. For example, what impact could a lie from me have on you?

1. Except you, is there any person who makes me happy almost instantly?

2. What is the last meme we have read together?

3. Am I cute like a baby animal or cute like a person you’d have a crush on?

4. If we were in a classic high school movie, which clique would I be the leader of?

5. What movie title best describes my life?

6. Am I a big spoon or a little spoon?

7. Am I living up to my potential?

8. What is the cutest thing we’ve ever done together?

9. Were we destined to be best friends?

10. Is it better to have one best friend or a few best friends?

11. What would our celebrity BFF couple name be?

12. Which of us is more likely to make someone say, “Awww?”

13. What is the thing I usually do on my birthday?

14. What famous quote best sums up who I am?

15. If I were a superhero, who would I be?

16. If we were babies and we couldn’t talk, what would we do together?

17. What is my favorite gift that I got on one of my birthdays and still has kept that intact?

18. Do I have any career plan?

19. If I were dying and could be partially replaced by AI, would you let them, do it?

20. If I couldn’t drive, would you take me everywhere I want to go?

21. What is one thing you would change to make our friendship stronger?

22. If I went missing for years, would you get a new best friend?

23. If we could get away with a crime, which would we commit together?

24. Where will our friendship be in ten years?

25. Tell me something you’ve lied to me about.

27. Do you like all my other friends?

28. Am I a good friend?

29. If I were in Jumanji, which game character would I be?

30. Can I solve a Rubic’s Cube?

31. Have I ever finished a video game without using cheats?

32. Do I like taking selfies?

33. What is my biggest nightmare?

34. So, what is the dish that none can cook like me?

35. What do I love to do on a rainy day?

36. Which is the one ice cream flavor that I am almost inseparable?

37. How much do you miss me when we’re apart?

38. What would be the one thing that could destroy our friendship?

39. Would we still be best friends in a boundless virtual world?

40. Would you wear matching shirts with me every day for a year?

Best Friend Tag Questions to Make the Game Fun

The best friend tag questions quiz is only entertaining when your best friend is unable to answer any of the questions, and you force them to do the most embarrassing thing imaginable. For example, what is your best friend’s usual morning routine? Every single detail.

1. How many scores did I get on my last math’s exam?

2. What is the usual thing I do when someone tries to flirt with me?

3. What would your life be like if I wasn’t your BFF?

4. If we were a classic pairing, like PB & J, which would we be?

5. Which is the music that we often dance together?

6. So, what is the nickname I have given to you?

7. Which music I often play in my car?

8. Am I date worthy?

9. What kind of smart am I?

10. If I invented a social media site, what would it be called?

11. What would my prison nickname be?

12. If a guy/girl broke up with me, what would you tell them they’ll be missing out on most?

13. What is your ideal BFF date with me?

14. What is my current relationship status on Facebook?

15. Am I a goal-oriented person?

16. If I were a cell phone, which one would I be?

17. If I had no internet access for a week, what would my days look like?

18. How often do I visit orphanages?

19. Which of us used the phrase “best friend” to describe the other first?

20. Do you think you could live without me?

21. If we were trapped in a quarantine house, would you want anyone else there besides me?

22. Do I take vitamin supplements?

23. If I moved away, would we still be best friends?

24. Is there anyone in the world you love more than me?

25. If I had to choose, would I pick an all-girls/all boys private school or homeschooling?

26. If I were a contestant on The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, how would I introduce myself for the first time?

27. What’s something I say wrong all the time and don’t realize I say it wrong?

28. What is my ideal Saturday like?

29. Which costume did I wear on this Halloween’s Day?

30. Have I ever been in a depressive situation?

31. Could I ever be a vegan?

32. Which is the last movie I watched on Netflix?

33. What is the brand of my mobile?

34. Which gift of yours have I still kept with me?

35. How long does it take for me to forgive a wrong-doer?

36. When was I last time, I told you to take care of your health?

37. Which number is not on my contact list, but I still have memorized it?

38. By which name, have I saved your name on my mobile?

39. With whom did I fight for you?

40. Which emoji I mostly use?

Best Friend Tag Questions about Favorite Things

Consider including a question about asking your favorites in the best friend tag questions quiz. It could be a food item, a color, the weather, or something else entirely. They are your true best friend if they keep track of the changing ones.

1. What’s my favorite food?

2. What is my favorite inside joke?

3. What was my favorite cartoon as a child?

4. What is my favorite pet animal?

5. What is my favorite ice-cream flavor?

6. What is my favorite type of sandwich?

7. Which is my favorite music track?

8. What is my favorite would you rather questions?

9. What is my favorite beverage in parties?

10. What is my favorite board game?

11. What are my favorite movies of all time?

12. Which is my favorite cuisine?

13. What is my favorite subject?

14. Who is my favorite YouTuber?

15. What is my favorite veggie?

16. Which is my favorite autograph till date?

17. What is my favorite evening snack?

18. What is my favorite clothing brand?

19. What is my favorite texting game?

20. What is my favorite breakfast?

21. What is my favorite romantic quote?

22. What is my favorite season?

23. Which is my favorite fragrance brand ever?

24. What is my favorite color?

25. What is my favorite restaurant?

26. What is my favorite soda?

27. What is my favorite band/music artist?

28. What is my favorite seasonal holiday?

29. What is my favorite sports team?

30. Who is my favorite superhero?

31. What is my favorite snack?

32. What is my favorite juice?

33. What is my favorite sport?

34. Who is my favorite Disney princess?

35. Where is my favorite place to shop?

36. What is my favorite shirt?

37. What is my favorite class?

38. Which is my favorite makeup brand?

39. What is my favorite Netflix series?

40. What is my favorite Jelly Belly jellybean?

41. What is my favorite holiday?

42. What is my favorite TV show? (Drama, season)

List of Best Friend Tag Questions

Before the slumber party, make the best friend tag questions list. Being prepared won’t take away from the fun, and you don’t have to search the internet for every round you play.

1. What do I do to relax?

2. Is there any program, of which I have watched over 1000 episodes?

3. Have I ever bought any attire that is totally inspired by a movie?

4. When it’s bedtime, do I wear pajamas, regular clothes, or less than that?

5. Woody, fruity or citrusy – what is my kind of fragrance?

6. So, have I ever spoken with a criminal?

7. So, is there anyone who looks exactly like me?

8. If I wake up in the middle of the night, then which food I usually take?

9. Is there anything illegal substance that we have ever tried together?

10. What’s my favorite personal tech?

11. What is the outfit I gifted you on our first meet?

12. If I tell you to share few things from my secret diary, then what would you say?

13. So, where do I want to go after retirement?

14. Given a choice between traveling overseas by airline or by cruise ship, which would I choose?

15. Name someone on whom I had a crush sometime between puberty and now.

16. What is the most liked picture on my Instagram profile?

17. Tell me that whether I am a Twiteratti or an Instagrammer?

18. Am I close to any of my grandparents?

19. How did we celebrate our first ever Christmas?

20. Has any animal ever bitten me?

21. What is a perfect holiday plan for us?

22. What do I do for fun when I’m alone?

23. Do I use four-letter words as stress relief? If not, what do I do to let off steam?

24. Name a favorite clothing item of mine – and when did you first notice it?

25. How do I love to eat an egg?

26. Which thing we often do together?

27. What is the name of the poetry I wrote for the first time?

28. Am I an introvert, an extrovert, or an ambivert?

29. Do I love to smoke?

30. What is the food item, you always find in my bag?

31. In which subject, I always scored well during my school days?

32. What is the nickname of my pet, that I adopted last?

33. Whom do I love the most between my mom and dad?

34. So, is there any person who often tries to scare me?

35. Have I ever been hospitalized (other than when I was born)?

36. Which accessory is my all-time favorite?

37. How many pairs of shoes I have right now?

38. So, do I like to buy clothes on discount or buy them usually at the exact price?

39. Is there anything that I possess the most in number?

40. What are the things I have learned from you?

5 Tips for Playing Best Friend Tag Game

You notice that the way you had planned for the bff quiz is not working out. Here are some pointers to help you turn the tables.

It’s a Game, Not a Race

Remember even if you got a low score the first time in the bff tag questions doesn’t mean you’re not a good friend — or that you don’t deserve to be called the best friend. It is a game not a contest.

Dares to Answer Incorrectly

Your best friend must complete a dare for every incorrect answer. Make a dare jar and whenever one of your friends is unable to respond, simply ask her to choose one of the dares and complete it at any cost.

Misunderstandings Must Be Clarified

As you beat the best friend tag questions, take advantage of the opportunity to clarify any misconceptions and fill in knowledge gaps. We’ve all got that one buddy in the gang who always has a negative attitude. Discuss the issues with them and find a solution.

Drinking Is Not Allowed

Please resist the temptation to begin making this into a drinking competition. With 50 questions, that would quickly become dangerous. We have another option for you. Instead of vodka, each incorrect answer receives a shot of pure lime.

Every Correct Answer Earns a Prize

Collect money from everyone and purchase a few gifts for the friendship tag questions game. Whoever gets the correct answer wins a cute prize. It can be an excellent way for friends to provide constant correct answers.

These tips can assure you to have the best bff tag questions game with your girlfriends.

Final Thoughts on Best Friend Tag Questions

You and your buddies will be able to comprehend much better with these best friend tag questions. You also get to have a great deal of fun and lime shots for every incorrect answer.

We’re sure you can think of some more bff tag questions on your own, but this is the place to start! It is a phenomenal game when close mates rejoin after a long nonappearance.

Consider best friend tag quiz questions game to be a fun way for you and your best friend to spend time together and learn more about each other — as much as it is a way for you to show your best friend that you’ve been paying attention.

Maybe You’ve been paying attention to the things that are most important to your BFF. Why else would you be playing the game “best friend tag questions”?

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