What to Do if Your Pet Falls Ill

It can be easy to panic when your beloved pet falls ill, even if they have relatively minor symptoms, and you might not know what to do. To make sure that you are prepared for the next time your pet gets injured or is feeling under the weather, here are some of the actions that you should take at the first sign that they are sick.

Contact a Vet

You might be able to find out a lot of information on the internet, but not all of it will be true, and none of it will be tailored to your specific situation. Instead of worrying that there might be something seriously wrong with your pet, you should consider contacting a vet about your pet’s illness. They will be able to diagnose their condition and offer a range of treatment options that you can only get from a vet’s clinic.

They will also be able to refer them to a specialist if necessary or keep them overnight if they need to be monitored. To make sure that your pet can be in the right place and that they are looked after, you should consider heading to saltwateranimalhospital.com to see what services they offer.

Keep an Eye on Them

It is also important that you keep an eye on them, especially if you are not able to visit a vet instantly or if they have minor or non-urgent symptoms. You should monitor their symptoms so that you will know if they have worsened and try not to leave them by themselves if you can.

You should also try to determine what has caused them to fall ill, such as if they have eaten any toxic substances or injured themselves. By doing this, you will be able to make informed decisions and your vet will be able to have all the information they need to care for the animal.

Make Them Comfortable

You should also try to make your pet as comfortable as you possibly can. For instance, you should offer them a quiet and safe place for them to relax and rest in, and prop them up with blankets and cushions. You should also try and get them to eat and drink, if possible. Some pets might prefer a bland diet when they are ill and this can also prevent them from having an upset stomach.

Administer First Aid

As a pet owner, it is vital that you know some of the basics of animal first aid, and that you can administer this when they fall ill. For instance, you should be able to remove any substances that have got stuck at the back of their throat, cool them down if they have heatstroke, and use a towel to stem bleeding. You should also know what to do if your pet collapses or if they are not breathing. This can enable you to do what you can for your pet and improve their condition while you are waiting for a veterinary professional to arrive. You should consider having a first aid kit for your pet in your house so that you always have access to the products that you need to treat them.

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