207 Truth or Dare Questions for Girls (Fun and Flirty)

If you’re looking for interesting truth or dare questions specifically designed for girls, look no further!

Whether you’re playing a game of truth or dare with your female friends, or just looking for some fun questions to ask them, this article has got you covered!

Because here we’ve compiled 200+ truth or dare questions for girls.

From funny dares to embarrassing truths, you’ll be sure to find something perfect for any group of female friends So, let’s get started!

Best Truth Questions for Girls

If you’re looking for some good truth questions specifically for girls, you’ve come to the right place. Simple find them below:

1. Do you think you’ll marry your current boyfriend?

2. What was your most embarrassing moment in public?

3. Have you ever farted loudly in class?

4. Do you ever talk to yourself in the mirror?

5. You’re in a public restroom and just went #2, then you realized your stall has no toilet paper. What do you do?

6. What would be in your web history that you’d be embarrassed if someone saw?

7. Have you ever tried to take a sexy picture of yourself?

8. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

9. Do you drool in your sleep?

10. Do you talk in your sleep?

11. Who is your secret crush?

12. Do you think [fill in the name] is cute?

13. Has anyone ever walked in on you when going #2 in the bathroom?

14. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

15. Have you ever walked into a wall?

16. Do you pick your nose?

17. Do you sing in the shower?

18. Have you ever peed yourself?

19. Who do you like the least in this room, and why?

20. What does your dream boy or girl look like?

21. What is your go-to song for the shower?

22. Who is the sexiest person in this room?

23. How often do you wash your undergarments?

24. Have you ever tasted ear wax?

25. Have you ever farted and then blamed someone else?

26. Have you ever tasted your sweat?

27. What is the most illegal thing you have ever done?

28. Who is your favorite: Mom or Dad?

29. How would you rate your looks on a scale of 1 to 10?

30. Would you rather have sex with [insert name] in secret or not have sex with that person, but everyone thinks you did?

31. What don’t you like about me?

32. What color underwear are you wearing right now?

33. What was the last thing you texted?

34. If you were rescuing people from a burning building and you had to leave one person behind from this room, who would it be?

35. Would you trade your sibling in for a million dollars?

Funny Truth Questions for Girls

If you’re looking for unique and zany questions to ask your female friends, look no further! These fun and lighthearted queries will surely bring out any girl’s silly side.

1. What size is your bra?

2. Do you wear tighty-whities or granny panties?

3. Do you ever admire yourself in the mirror?

4. Has a crush ever found out you liked them and turned you down?

5. Have you ever been stood up on a date?

6. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done regarding your crush?

7. Do you secretly love Twilight?

8. Have you ever wanted to be a cheerleader?

9. Who is the hottest: Hagrid, Dumbledore, or Dobby?

10. If you could marry any celebrity, who would it be?

11. What do you do to get yourself “sexy”?

12. Who is your current crush?

13. What hairstyle have you always wanted but never been willing to try?

14. Has anyone ever walked in on you when you were peeing or pooping in the toilet?

15. Would you rather go for a day without wearing a bra or a month without washing your hair?

16. Have you ever experienced a wardrobe malfunction?

17. Have you ever absent-mindedly walked into a wall?

18. Do you sing or dance in the shower?

19. Have you ever peed yourself while laughing?

20. What is the worst date you’ve ever been on?

21. Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend?

22. If you had to make out with a boy at school, who would it be?

23. Would you rather go for a month without washing your hair or go for a day without wearing a bra?

24. Have you ever asked someone out?

25. Have you ever had a crush on a person at least 10 years older than you?

26. Who is the worst kisser you’ve kissed?

27. Do you ever talk to yourself?

28. You are in a public restroom and just peed. Then, you notice your stall has no water/ toilet paper. What would you do?

29. What is that one thing in your web history that you would be embarrassed about if someone saw it?

30. Have you ever tried to take a hot and sexy picture of yourself, but failed?

31. Who do you like the least in this group, and why? (Drama!!)

32. What would your dream partner look like?

33. What is your preferred song for the shower?

34. Who is the hottest person in this room?

Flirty Truth Questions for Girls

Flirting is a fun and exciting way to get to know someone better. To get the conversation going with a girl, here are some flirty truth questions:

1. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done when you were drunk?

2. When was the first time you ever watched porn?

3. When was the last time you watched porn?

4. Do you have any fetishes?

5. Where do you fantasize about having sex the most?

6. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve imagined doing to someone?

7. What is the most attractive feature you consider in the opposite sex?

8. Have you ever sent nudes?

9. What turns you on the most?

10. Have you ever flashed someone?

11. Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender?

12. How many women have you slept with?

13. Who was your last kiss?

14. Who was your best kiss and who was the worst?

15. Who was your last crush?

16. What was your first impression of me?

17. Have you ever stalked my Instagram? When was the last time you did?

18. Who are you crushing on at the moment?

19. What makes you feel jealous?

20. What’s the one thing you wouldn’t want your crush to find out about you?

21. Are you into role-playing? Have you done it before?

22. Have you ever had a threesome?

23. How old were you when you had your first kiss?

24. When was the last time you cried and why?

25. When was the last time you took a shower?

26. Tell me something nobody knows about you.

27. Have you ever been in love?

28. If you could make out with three people right now, who would they be? Name them in order.

29. What is one thing you look for in a partner?

30. Who’s the last person you stalked on social media?

31. What’s the most romantic thing you ever did for someone?

32. How would you ask someone out?

33. If you were a stripper, what would be your stripper name?

34. Name three things on your bedside table right now.

35. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told your significant other without getting caught?

36. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Best Dare Questions for Girls

Coming up with the perfect dare questions for girls can be tricky. Plenty of questions will have your female friends squirming in their seats. Here are some of the best dare questions for girls:

1. Give a foot massage.

2. Wear your pants backward for the rest of the game.

3. Exchange clothes with the person to your left.

4. Eat a huge spoonful of peanut butter and sing the ABCs.

5. Don’t make ANY sound for one minute.

6. Do a belly dance for the group.

7. Repeat “SHE SELLS SEASHELLS BY THE SEASHORE” ten times quickly.

8. Go outside and shout at the top of your lungs, “I am [your name]! Hear me roar!”

9. Jog in place in slow motion for two minutes.

10. Do the cha cha until your next turn.

11. Make every person in the group laugh. You can’t stop til they all laugh.

12. Take a screenshot of your browsing history and send it to your mom.

13. Slow dance with an imaginary person to a heavy metal song.

14. Do jumping jacks until your next turn.

15. Run around the neighborhood singing the Barney I love You Song.

16. Try not to laugh as everyone does their best to make YOU laugh for one minute.

17. Write a really long, really detailed Facebook post about the process of buying your last pair of shoes.

18. Have someone apply your makeup blindfolded.

19. Make a headdress out of toilet paper and post a photo online.

20. Go outside and shout the name of your crush.

21. Pretend and act to be someone’s pet dog and sit on their lap.

22. Apply lipstick without using a mirror.

23. Hold hands with the person to your right for 60 seconds.

24. Write the name of your crush on your forehead.

25. Take a bite out of a stick of butter.

26. Sing instead of speaking for the next two rounds of the game.

27. Text the fifth person on your contact list that you peed your pants.

28. Give someone a bear hug.

29. Try to guess the favorite color of everyone in the room.

30. Say the alphabet backward in a British accent.

31. Imitate someone that you are playing with right now.

32. Put your leg behind your head.

33. Pinch yourself until it turns to red.

34. Find something to wear as a cape and act like a superhero.

Funny Dare Questions for Girls

Do you want to take your girls’ night to the next level? With funny dare questions for girls, you can bring more laughter, fun, and excitement into the evening.

1. Make up a funny rap.

2. Do an impression of birthing a baby.

3. Belly dance right on the face of a reserved person in your group.

4. Put 5 ice cubes down your bra.

5. Bend and lick the floor.

6. Wash off your make up.

7. Draw a face with a permanent marker around your belly button.

8. Let X write a word on your forehead in permanent marker.

9. Post a real embarrassing picture of yourself online.

10. Act like an old lady.

11. Spin around 20 times, and when you are done, try to walk in a straight line.

12. Go a minute without blinking your peepers.

13. Say “yumm banana” after each and every sentence you say until it is your turn again.

14. Act like a hippo until it is your turn again.

15. Bite the person to your right.

16. Talk in a country accent for the next two rounds.

17. Kiss the person to your left.

18. Show us a magic trick.

19. Do two cartwheels in a row.

20. Dance without music for two minutes.

21. Try to drink a glass of water while standing on a leg.

22. Pose in an embarrassing position and let the group take a picture.

23. Play song beats by slapping your butt cheeks. Keep doing it until someone correctly guesses the song.

24. Give someone your cell phone and let them send a text to anyone in your contacts.

25. Depict human life through interpretive dance moves.

26. Let someone shave or wax a part of your body right now.

27. Eat a spoonful of any spice of your choice.

28. Be someone’s pet for the next 10 minutes.

29. Try to breakdance for one whole minute.

30. Let one of us give you a new hairstyle.

31. Crawl like a worm.

32. Switch clothes with a boy in the group.

33. Imitate the other person every time you talk to them.

Flirty Dare Questions for Girls

Whether you’re at a party or just hanging out at home, flirty dares for girls can spice up any occasion with a lighthearted twist and you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience!

1. Tag one of your crushes in a post on Facebook.

2. Call the 25th person in your contacts list.

3. Do 10 pushups and shout my name after each one.

4. You have one minute to write a long song/poem for your crush.

5. Curse in another language and upload it as your Instagram/Facebook story.

6. Do a belly dance on FaceTime.

7. Prank call your best friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend.

8. Send a video of yourself pole dancing an imaginary pole to your top five contacts.

9. Take an ugly selfie and upload it on Instagram.

10. Call a random person in your contacts and sing to them.

11. Send an embarrassing video of yourself to your top 30 contacts.

12. Send me a video of you caressing yourself all over.

13. You have one minute to change into your sexiest outfit and FaceTime me.

14. Send a screenshot of your search history on Instagram/Facebook.

15. Take off your shirt using one hand on FaceTime.

16. Cover one of your bare body parts in food.

17. Call your mom and start singing a song to her.

18. Go live on Instagram/Facebook and do a striptease.

19. Call a pizza place and order Indian food.

20. Tell your current crush that you have a crush on them.

21. Close your eyes and scroll through your contacts and pick one. Now text them and tell them to come outside.

22. Make out with a stuffed toy and send the video to five people.

23. Text your best friend of the same gender something dirty.

24. Fake an orgasm on FaceTime.

25. Hit on me like we’re in a bar.

26. Update your Facebook status to looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend.

27. Send me a screenshot of the latest conversation you had with your mother.

28. Remove one piece of clothing that you’re wearing right now on FaceTime.

29. Call a random number and try and get them to have phonesex with you.

30. Eat a piece of fruit in the most sexual way possible on FaceTime.

31. Put whipped cream all over your naked body on FaceTime.

32. Send me the last picture that you took of yourself.

33. Go outside on your street, blast a sexy song, and start dancing in front of everyone.

34. Make a seductive face and send it to your first 20 contacts.

35. Text ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?” to your last three exes.

Final Thoughts

This article has provided a comprehensive list of 200+ truth or dare questions specifically for girls.

It includes fun, challenging, and daring questions that will make any game night memorable.

With this list of truth or dare questions for girls of all ages you are sure to have an entertaining night.

Even if you choose not to play a game of truth or dare, these questions can still be used as conversation starters to get the party going.

We will be grateful if you share your thoughts in the below comment box. Thank you so much for reading our article.

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