254 Trivia Questions for Kids (and Answers)

Do you know that trivia questions for kids are not only a fun method to test your children’s knowledge but also a wonderful way for them to learn?

Whether you know the answer or not, playing trivia will ultimately lead to you studying geography, history, and other subjects.

Isn’t that thrilling?

Let’s test your kids’ general knowledge and see if they can accurately answer them.

Let’s get started!

Easy Trivia Questions for Kids

Trivia questions for kids are great way to build their self-esteem and knowledge. Here is a list of trivia questions for kids.

1. An insect has six legs. How many legs does a spider have?

Answer: Eight.

2. The red-shelled insect often known as a “ladybug” or “ladybird” is in fact a type of ____.

Answer: Beetle.

3. Other than water, the most-consumed beverage in the world is ____.

Answer: Tea.

4. Although it is acceptable to refer to a peanut as a nut, it is more accurately described as a ____.

Answer: Legume.

5. What unit of measurement is abbreviated as “oz”?

Answer: Pounds.

6. Which fraction is more significant, 6/15 or 6/17?

Answer: 6/15.

7. What do we call the angle less than 90 degrees?

Answer: Acute angle.

8. If a train was supposed to arrive at 3:15 pm and arrived 35 minutes late, what time did it arrive?

Answer: 3.50pm.

9. How many sides does a heptagon have?

Answer: Seven.

10. How many seconds make 1.5 hours?

Answer: 5400.

11. What makes a square a square?

Answer: Four Equal Sides.

12. You collect 48 pieces of Halloween candy. Your parents say you can eat two pieces per day, plus an extra piece on Saturdays and Sundays. How many weeks will it take to finish all of your candy?

Answer: Three weeks.

13. How many days are there in a leap year?

Answer: 366.

14. If I had eight dozen eggs, how many eggs would I have in total?

Answer: 96.

15. What is the primary difference between ocean water and tap water?

Answer: Salt.

16. Which of the Earth’s four layers is liquid?

Answer: The outer core.

17. The most famous fault line in California is the ____.

Answer: San Andreas.

18. A pound cake traditionally contains a pound of which four ingredients?

Answer: Flour, butter, eggs, and sugar.

19.The most important article in a newspaper is usually found above the ____.

Answer: Fold.

20. How many months in the calendar year have exactly 30 days?

Answer: Four.

21. Opposite angles in a parallelogram are called ____.

Answer: Complementary.

22. When an item’s copyright expires, the right to reproduce it passes into the ____.

Answer: Public Domain.

23. The deepest part of the world’s ocean is found in ____.

Answer: The Mariana Trench.

24. a2 + b2 = c2 is known as the ____.

Answer: Pythagorean Theorem.

25. What is the minimum age for a U.S. president?

Answer: 35.

26. What sorts of measurements can be found on a standard American ruler?

Answer: Feet, inches, centimeters, and millimeters.

27. How do you abbreviate pound and pounds?

Answer: lb. and lbs.

Hard Trivia Questions for Kids

Trivia is more than just a fun way to pass the time; it’s an intriguing method to learn about unusual things. Here are some hard kids trivia questions.

1. Which is the largest country in the world?

Answer: Russia.

2. How larger in size is Russia than the United States?

Answer: Twice.

3. What are the three largest countries in North America?

Answer: The United States, Canada and Mexico.

4. Which is the largest international border between two countries?

Answer: The Canada-United States border.

5. What is the Bill of Rights in the context of the United States?

Answer: The first ten amendments to the Constitution.

6. Which writing system is called Hieroglyphics?

Answer: The Ancient Egyptian.

7. What are the four great inventions of ancient China?

Answer: Gunpowder, Papermaking, Printing and the Compass.

8. Which one of these inventions is used to invent Fireworks?

Answer: Gunpowder.

9. Who invents the phonographs?

Answer: Thomas Edison.

10. When the first phonograph was invented?

Answer: In 1877.

11. What does protagonist mean?

Answer: The main character of any story, play, fim etc.

12. Which is the second most populous city in the United States?

Answer: Los Angeles.

13. When the five-ringed symbol of Olympics was designed?

Answer: In 1912.

14. What are the colors of the rings?

Answer: Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Red.

15. Which months in the Georgian calendar have 30 days?

Answer: April, June, September and November.

16. What is the capital of France?

Answer: Paris

17. What are the three most populous countries in Europe?

Answer: Spain, France, Germany.

18. Which is the sixth largest country in the world?

Answer: Australia.

19. Which wonder of the world is located in Egypt?

Answer: The pyramid of Giza.

20. Which is the largest and deepest ocean in the world?

Answer: Pacific Ocean.

21. Which U.S state is located outside North America?

Answer: Hawaii.

22. Which is the smallest and most densely populated state in the U.S?

Answer: Rhode Island.

23. How many states of the United States?

Answer: Fifty.

24. Which is the only continent where spiders don’t exist?

Answer: Antarctica.

25. Why are spiders extremely diverse?

Answer: Because some of the spiders are very dangerous while some are completely harmless.

26. How many legs spiders have?

Answer: Eight.

Fun Trivia Questions for Kids

Do you want to have a wonderful time with your children? Here are some fun quiz questions for kids to brighten up your evening.

1. The species which can live on both land and water are known as what?

Answer: Amphibians.

2. Which animal is mostly found in Australia?

Answer: Kangaroo.

3. Which is the smallest planet in the solar system?

Answer: Mercury.

4. What is the plural of sheep?

Answer: Sheep.

5. Neil Armstrong and Who are the first persons to walk on the moon?

Answer: Buzz Aldrin.

6. Which is the largest human organ?

Answer: Skin.

7. Which gas is necessary for breathing?

Answer: Oxygen.

8. Which is the hardest natural mineral?

Answer: Diamond.

9. Which animals group is known as a murder?

Answer: Crows.

10. What are invertebrates?

Answer: Animals without backbone.

11. What are the human’s five senses?

Answer: Taste, Smell, Hearing, Sight, and Touch.

12. Which is the strongest and biggest bone in the human body?

Answer: Femur/ Thigh bone.

13. What are carnivores?

Answer: These are the organisms that eat meat or flesh of animals.

14. When Thomas Edison invented the bulb?

Answer: In 1879.

15. Which animal’s group is called a pack?

Answer: Wolves.

16. What is plot in a story?

Answer: The main series of events of the story.

17. Which type of story is called fable?

Answer: A story which conveys a moral lesson.

18. Who is the protagonist of a story?

Answer: Main character

19. What are the Articles in English grammar?

Answer: A, an, the.

20. Who is the most famous English play writer?

Answer: William Shakspere.

21. Which ocean is in between New York and London?

Answer: The Atlantic Ocean.

22. Greece is in which continent?

Answer: Europe.

23. Which Great lakes are in the United States?

Answer: Michigan-Huron, Erie, Superior and Ontario.

24. In which continent is the largest desert?

Answer: Africa.

25. Which river separates the United States and Mexico?

Answer: The Rio Grande.

Animal Trivia Questions for Kids

Children are captivated and thrilled by animals; thus, no trivia question collection would be complete without anything about their favorite beasts. Here are some kids quiz questions about animals.

1. What is the horn of a rhinoceros made of?

Answer: Hair.

2. Which animal can lift up to 50 times its body weight?

Answer: Ant.

3. Which is the tallest animal?

Answer: Giraffe.

4. What is a baby dog called?

Answer: A pup.

5. Which is the longest snake?

Answer: Reticulated python.

6. The baby of which animal is called a joey?

Answer: Kangaroo.

7. If a _____ colored cat crosses your path, it is considered bad luck. Which color?

Answer: Black.

8. What is a group of lions called?

Answer: A pride.

9. Which bird lays the largest eggs?

Answer: Ostrich.

10. What kind of cat is considered bad luck?

Answer: Black cats.

11. What does a panda eat?

Answer: Bamboo.

12. Which is the only mammal that can fly?

Answer: Bat.

13. Which animal is known as the man’s best friend?

Answer: A dog

14. Which is the only land animal that cannot jump?

Answer: Elephant.

15. Which is the fastest running bird?

Answer: Ostrich.

16. Which is the bird that can fly backward?

Answer: Hummingbird.

17. Which is the tallest bird in the world?

Answer: Ostrich.

18. Which is the fastest bird?

Answer: Falcon.

19. What year did the Berlin wall fall?

Answer: 1989.

20. Which is the slowest animal?

Answer: Three-toed sloth.

21. How many pairs of wings do bees have?

Answer: Two.

22. What is a doe?

Answer: A female deer.

23. What is a brontosaurus?

Answer: A dinosaur.

24. How many legs does an octopus have?

Answer: Eight.

25. What bird is the symbol of peace?

Answer: Dove.

Science Trivia Questions for Kids

This round of fun general knowledge questions for kids puts your scientific knowledge to the test. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. When a living thing makes more of its own kind, is it called reproducing, reducing, or recycling?

Answer: Reproducing.

2. What phenomenon might be felt on the surface when two tectonic plates rub against each other?

Answer: Earthquake.

3. Which planet is closest to the sun?

Answer: Mercury.

4. What resource covers most of the Earth?

Answer: Water.

5. A landscape where the most prominent features are trees is called:

Answer: Forest.

6. What does NASA stand for?

Answer: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

7. What force pulls objects to Earth and keeps people from floating called?

Answer: Gravity.

8. What are the poles of a magnet called?

Answer: North and South .

9. What is the food pipe in our body called?

Answer: Oesophagus .

10. What is the boiling point of water?

Answer: 100 degrees Celcius

11. What causes tides?

Answer: The moon.

12. A caterpillar changes and grows into a what?

Answer: Butterfly.

13. The sun is a: Planet, star, mystery?

Answer: Star.

14. Moving air is called: wind, tide, hurricane?

Answer: Wind.

15. Snow, rain, and sleet are all examples of what?

Answer: Precipitation.

16. What is H2O also known as?

Answer: Water.

17. The ocean is made of what kind of water?

Answer: Saltwater.

18. These collect energy from the movement of air:

Answer: Windmills.

19. Earth is located in what galaxy?

Answer: The Milky Way.

20. How many legs do arachnids have?

Answer: Eight.

21. What are the three different states of matter?

Answer: Solid, Liquid, and Gas.

22. What are animals without a backbone called?

Answer: Invertebrates .

23. Why does one always see lightning before sound?

Answer: Light travels faster than sound.

24. Who invented the internet or World Wide Web?

Answer: Tim Berners-Lee.

25. How many years is Earth been in existence?

Answer: Four billion years.

26. What planet is nicknamed the “Red Planet?”

Answer: Mars.

Space Trivia Questions for Kids

These space trivia questions for kids will put your knowledge of planets and stars to the test.

1. How many giant planets are there?

Answer: Four.

2. What is the furthest planet from the sun?

Answer: Neptune.

3. Who discovered the laws of planetary motion?

Answer: Johannes Kepler.

4. Where is the largest volcano in the solar system?

Answer: Olympus Mons.

5. What type of star can be formed in a supernova?

Answer: A Neutron star.

6. What is the practice of astronomy?

Answer: Astronomy is the study of objects and phenomena beyond Earth.

7. What number planet is Uranus?

Answer: The 7th planet from the sun.

8. What is our moon called?

Answer: Earth’s moon is called “Luna.”

9. Who was the first astronaut?

Answer: Yuri Gagarin.

10.When was NASA founded?

Answer: July 29th, 1958.

11. What was the first NASA mission called?

Answer: Apollo 1.

12. What is the closest planet to the sun?

Answer: Mercury!

13. Light years measures what type of distance?

Answer: Time.

14. How many “terrestrial planets” exist in the solar system?

Answer: Mecury/Mars.

16. What second space mission was Neil Armstrong part of?

Answer: Gemini 8.

17. What two days out of the year will mercury/venus be closest at dusk in 2021?

Answer: May 28/29.

18. True or false, the astroid belt is found between Jupiter and Saturn?

Answer: True.

Sports Trivia Questions for Kids

Sports are important to children because they demonstrate what the human body is capable of when trained. Here you will find sports trivia questions.

1. What is the only team in the NFL to neither host nor play in the Super Bowl?

Answer: Cleveland Browns.

2. Who won the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019?

Answer: USA.

3. In American Football, a touchdown is worth how many points?

Answer: 6 points.

4. A sporting event is held every year on Memorial Day. What is it?

Answer: Indianapolis 500.

5. What is Australia’s national sport?

Answer: Cricket.

6. Tennis player Novak Djokovic belongs to which country?

Answer: Serbia.

7. Name the only wild card entrant who has won the Wimbledon?

Answer: Goran Ivanišević: 2001.

8. Who was crowned the MVP (the most valuable player) in the 2018 NBA finals?

Answer: Kevin Durant.

9. How many feathers are used to make a shuttlecock?

Answer: 16.

10. In which city were the first modern Olympics held?

Answer: Athens, Greece.

11. Soccer is also known as?

Answer: Association football or Football

12. What is the total number of bases on a baseball field?

Answer: Four.

13. How much is the maximum time allowed to find a lost ball while playing Golf?

Answer: 5 minutes.

14. Which cricketer was offered the throne of Albania?

Answer: C. B. Fry.

15: Which country won the first FIFA World Cup in 1930?

Answer: Uruguay.

16. What sporting event is held every Memorial Day?

Answer: The Indy 500.

17. Which athlete has won the most Olympic medals?

Answer: Michael Phelps (with 28 medals)

18. In sports, what is an MVP?

Answer: Most Valuable Player.

19. How big is a baseball?

Answer: 9 to 9 1/4 inches in circumference.

20. In tennis, what piece of fruit is found at the top of the men’s Wimbledon trophy?

Answer: Pineapple.

21. Who ran the world’s first marathon?

Answer: Pheidippides or Philippides (The Greek is said to have run from Marathon to Athens to deliver the victory news in a war against the Persians).

22. What is the number of players in an ice cricket team?

Answer: 11 on each side.

23. Which is the oldest tennis tournament in the world?

Answer: The Championships, Wimbledon (commonly known as Wimbledon, it was started in 1877).

24. Mariya Abakumova is associated with which sport?

Answer: Javelin.

25. What is the height of a basketball hoop in feet?

Answer: 10 feet.

History Trivia Questions for Kids

This category contains history quiz questions for kids that only the most knowledgeable young historians can answer.

1. Which language is the most widely spoken in South America?

Answer: Spanish.

2. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first two men in the entire world to do what?

Answer: Walk on the moon.

3. Communities are where who lives, works, and plays?

Answer: People.

4. Who were the first people in America?

Answer: Native Americans.

5. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by Native Americans and what other group of people?

Answer: Pilgrims.

6. Which state is Mount Rushmore located in?

Answer: South Dakota.

7. When did Thomas Alva Edison invent the light bulb?

Answer: 1879.

8. Name a famous emperor of the Roman Empire?

Answer: Julius Caeser.

9. Which state is the Grand Canyon located in?

Answer: Arizona.

10. Which is the largest South American country in terms of area?

Answer: Brazil.

11. Who founded the Red Cross?

Answer: Clara Barton.

12. By what name was the modern-day city of Istanbul known in the 13th century?

Answer: Constantinople.

13. What was the name of the last Queen of France?

Answer: Marie Antoinette.

14. In which decade did Hongkong free from British rule?

Answer: 1990’s (1997).

15. Name the 16th President of the United States of America?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

16. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from where?

Answer: France.

17. What country did Mexico gain its independence from in the 1800s?

Answer: Spain.

18. Who invented the light bulb?

Answer: Thomas Edison.

19. What are the two main languages spoken in South America?

Answer: Spanish and Portuguese.

20. Which war was fought between the north and south regions in the United States?

Answer: The Civil War.

21. Who fought in the Revolutionary War?

Answer: Americans and Brits.

22. What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called?

Answer: The Bill of Rights.

23. Who was Jackie Robinson?

Answer: The first African American baseball player.

24. Who was George Washington?

Answer: The First President of the United States.

25. What are the three branches of the United States government?

Answer: Legislative, judicial, and executive.

26. Italy, Japan, and Germany’s alliance was called what during WWII?

Answer: The Axis of Evil.

Geography Trivia Questions for Kids

Do you recall the capital of Australia or the biggest state in the United States? Yes? No? Try to answer these geography questions for kids.

1. Which country does the Prime Meridien pass through?

Answer: England.

2. Which are the two major inland seas in the world?

Answer: Hudson Bay and Baltic Sea.

3. Which country is both an island and a continent?

Answer: Australia.

4. What is the capital of Florida?

Answer: Tallahassee.

5. How many great lakes are there in the United States?

Answer: Four: Michigan-Huron, Superior, Ontario, and Erie.

6. How many oceans are there?

Answer: Five: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern, and Arctic.

7. What is the longest river in the world?

Answer: Amazon.

8. Which country shares its coastline with the Red Sea and Gulf of Persia?

Answer: Saudi Arabia.

9. Which month does the autumnal equinox fall in the Northern Hemisphere?

Answer: September.

10. Which language is spoken in the Canadian province of Quebec?

Answer: French.

11. What continent are the Pyramids of Giza located in?

Answer: Africa.

12. How many continents are there?

Answer: 7.

13. How many states make up the United States of America?

Answer: 50.

14. What country is the capital of Rome located in?

Answer: Italy.

15. What is the Hwang Ho River also called?

Answer: Yellow River.

16. In what state will you find the Windy City?

Answer: Illinois.

17. If you fly from Los Angeles to Australia, what ocean do you cross?

Answer: The Pacific.

18. In what country is the Taj Mahal located?

Answer: India.

19. What continent is the country of Brazil part of?

Answer: South America.

20. What continent is Egypt part of?

Answer: Africa.

21. What is the largest continent?

Answer: Africa.

22. What is the smallest continent?

Answer: Australia.

23. What continent is the country of France located in?

Answer: Europe.

24. Which sea is the city of Venice located in?

Answer: Adriatic Sea.

25. Name the famous mountain range that has Mount Everest?

Answer: Himalayas.

26. Which country is the City of Troy located in?

Answer: Greece.

Disney Trivia Questions for Kids

Disney is well-liked by both adults and children. As a result, we’ve compiled a collection of Disney quiz questions for kids.

1. How many siblings did Walt Disney have?

Answer: Four.

2. Which prominent Disney character makes an appearance as a stuffed animal in ‘Frozen’?

Answer: Mickey Mouse.

3. What facial feature of Pinocchio’s grows when he lies?

Answer: Nose.

4. Which Disney princess has a tattoo?

Answer: Pocahontas.

5. Who is the young man who takes from the rich and gives to the needy?

Answer: Robin Hood.

6. What is the name of Cinderella’s evil mother?

Answer: Lady Tremaine.

7. What color eyes does Cinderella have?

Answer: Blue.

8. What does the enchanted cake in ‘Brave’ turn Merida’s mother into?

Answer: A bear.

9. King Fergus is a character from which Disney movie?

Answer: Brave.

10. What Disney princess was the only one to have siblings before Merida came out in Brave?

Answer: Ariel.

11. Monstropolis is a fictional city from what movie?

Answer: Monsters, Inc.

12. What is the name of Peter Pan’s friend and fairy?

Answer: Tinker Bell.

13. Mickey Mouse’s best friend goes by what name?

Answer: Donald Duck.

14. In the Parent Trap, what does the main character discover she has?

Answer: A twin.

15. True or false, does Aladdin have a mother and a father?

Answer: True.

16. The genie in Aladdin grants him how many wishes?

Answer: 3 wishes.

17. Who is the only Disney villain to never show up during the movie?

Answer: The man in Bambi.

18. What was Mickey Mouse’s original name?

Answer: Mortimer.

19. How many spots on the dogs in 101 Dalmatians?

Answer: 6.4 million spots.

20. What were Aladdin’s three wishes?

Answer: To become a prince, to be rescued from drowning, and to free the Genie.

21. What type of character is Olaf in the movie Frozen?

Answer: A snowman.

22. What is the name of Ariel’s daughter?

Answer: Melody.

23. In the Little Mermaid, what is the name of her best friend?

Answer: Sebastian.

24. What Disney character has long hair that is let down?

Answer: Repunzel.

25. What do Aladdin and his monkey Abu steal from the marketplace when you’re first introduced to them in the movie?

Answer: A loaf of bread.

26. What does Thumper teach Bambi in winter?

Answer: How to ice skate.

27. What is the name of Moana’s grandmother in the movie Moana?

Answer: Gramma Tala.

28. In the movie Moana, what is the name of the stone?

Answer: The Heart.

Final Thoughts

Trivia nights are popular with kids. Parents may prepare fun quiz questions and answers for kids to help them learn something new.

What is the purpose of it all? You’re probably thinking to yourself! It will help students get in-depth knowledge on a number of subjects.

Also, bear in mind! These trivia questions for kids are not only entertaining, but they also boost confidence.

If you have more questions, please let us know. We would appreciate hearing from you.

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