110 Stranger Things Trivia Questions (with Answers)

Welcome to the electrifying realm of Stranger Things trivia, where mysteries and memories converge in a world both strange and familiar.

Our collection of over 100 Stranger Things quiz questions with answers, complete with answers, invites you to embark on a journey through Hawkins and beyond.

From the easygoing to the enigmatic, this quiz extravaganza spans the seasons, inviting you to relive the magic of your favorite show.

As you explore the depths of the Upside Down and the joys of camaraderie, let each question and answer serve as a portal to the captivating universe of Stranger Things.

Easy Stranger Things Trivia

Kickstart your adventure with tailored easy Stranger Things quiz for those seeking a lighthearted stroll through the Stranger Things universe. These questions serve as a welcoming gateway, inviting fans to explore the show’s world.

1. What is the name of Will Byers’s older brother?

Answer: Jonathan Byers. 

2. What is the cause of Eleven’s supernatural powers?

Answer: Scientific experiments. 

3. What is the name of the room that the children being experimented on play in at Hawkins National Laboratory?

Answer: The Rainbow Room. 

4. Who plays the character by the name of Dustin Henderson?

Answer: Gaten Matarazzo. 

5. What nickname does Eleven give Dr. Martin Brenner?

Answer: Papa. 

6 What specific food did Dr. Alexei need before he revealed important information?

Answer: An ice-cold Slurpee. 

7. What Basketball team did Lucas lead to a championship win?

Answer: The Hawkins Tigers. 

8. What does Dr. Brenner’s organization do?

Answer: They investigate supernatural events. 

9. What state is the fictional town of Hawkins located?

Answer: Indiana. 

10. What is Eleven’s favorite food?

Answer: Eggo Waffles. 

11. What did Joyce Byers use to set up an alphabetic board on her wall?

Answer: Christmas Lights. 

12. What actor plays Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things?

Answer: Charlie Heaton.

13. What is the name of the girl that Robin has a crush on in Season 4 of Stranger Things?

Answer: Vicky. 

Hard Stranger Things Trivia

Relive the beginnings of the saga with questions that transport you back to the iconic moments of the first season. This hard Stranger Things quiz is like time machines, whisking you away to the show’s early days.

1. Who created Stranger Things?

Answer: The Duffer Brothers. 

2. What well-known actress plays Will Byers’s mother, Joyce Byers, in Stranger Things?

Answer: Winona Ryder. 

3. The stranger things theme tune was composed by two members of which band?

Answer: SURVIVE.

4. What are the monsters called with the flower-like heads?

Answer: Demo gorgons.

5. What was the Stranger Things series originally going to be called?

Answer: Montauk. 

6. What book did Jim Hopper read to his daughter while she was on her deathbed?

Answer: Anne of Green Gables. 

7. Who is the main character of Stranger Things?

Answer: Will Byers.

8. What classic horror movie, made by Tim Burton, did Winona Ryder star in before her days of Stranger Things fame?

Answer: Edward Scissor hands. 

9. What is the name of the actress who plays eleven in Stranger Things?

Answer: Millie Bobby Brown.

10. What is the name of the experimental band that makes the soundtrack to the movie?

Answer: Survive. 

11. What did Will Byers name his hideout? 

Answer Castle Byers. 

12. What country was Millie Bobby Brown born in?

Answer: Spain. 

13. What actor, popularized by The Lord of the Rings franchise, briefly served as a regular in Stranger Things?

Answer: Sean Astin. 

Stranger Things Trivia Season 1

Relive the beginnings of the saga with questions that transport you back to the iconic moments of the first season. This Stranger Things quiz season 1 capture the essence of the show’s debut, allowing you to relive the suspense.

1. What happens at the very end of the season?

Answer: Will Byers coughs up a slug-like creature into a sink. 

2. What actor plays Dr. Brenner?

Answer: Mathew Modine. 

3. Who is the director of Halloween, on which much of Stranger Things is based?

Answer: John Carpenter. 

4. What movie series, starring Harrison Ford, was a major inspiration for Stranger Things?

Answer: Indiana Jones. 

5. What is the name of the missing boy who they try to find?

Answer: Will Byers. 

6. What tool did Will’s mum use to communicate with him when he was trapped in the Upside Down?

Answer: Christmas Lights. 

7. What is the name of the actor who plays police Chief Jim Hopper?

Answer: Billy Hargove. 

8. When did the first episode of stranger things air?

Answer: July 15, 2016. 

9. Who is the first character of the main cast that we see in the Stranger Things tv show?

Answer: Mike Wheeler.  

10. What is the name of the mysterious girl that Mike and Will befriend?

Answer: Eleven. 

Stranger Things Trivia Season 2

Journey deeper into the enigma with questions that unravel the tapestry of the second season’s thrilling narrative. This Stranger Things quiz season 2 is like puzzle pieces, fitting together to reveal the complexities of Season 2’s storyline and characters.

1. What is the name of Joyce’s boyfriend in season 2?

Answer: Bob Newby.

2. The soundtrack to this series was produced by which electronic band?

Answer: Survive.

3. Who has a turtle called Yertle?

Answer: Dustin.

4. What did Steve turn up with at Nancy’s home to win her back?

Answer: A dozen red roses.

5. Who dressed up as Venkman for Halloween?

Answer: Mike.

6. What was the clown’s name that gave Bob nightmares?

Answer: Mr. Baldo.

7. What tattoo does gang member Kali have on her wrist?

Answer: 008.

8. What was this season recognized for by Parrot Analytics?

Answer: The most in-demand digital original series in the world in 2017.

Stranger Things Trivia Season 3

Embark on a quest of nostalgia and suspense with questions that immerse you in the heart-pounding drama of the third season. This Stranger Things quiz season 3 takes you on a roller-coaster ride through the show’s electrifying moments, invoking memories and excitement from Season 3.

1. Who was forced to open a new gate to the Upside Down?

Answer: Soviet Scientists.

2. When the third season of Stranger Things was released?

Answer: On July 4, 2019.

3. What Nancy and Jonathan found when they reached Mrs. Driscoll’s home?

Answer: They found her eating fertilizers herself.

4. Who decodes Russian communication?

Answer: Robin.

5. The season started in which year?

Answer: In summers of 1985.

6. Which Mall gets so much popularity in Hawkins?

Answer: Star court Mall.

7. Who used her power to spy on Mike and Billy?

Answer: Eleven.

8. Who attacked Hopper while he was investigating at the lab?

Answer: Grigori, a Russian soldier.

9. What was hit by an unseen creature?

Answer: Billy’s car.

10. Where Nancy and Jonathan started working as an intern?

Answer: At the Hawkins Posts.

11. With whom Steve started working at an ice cream parlor at Star court Mall?

Answer: With his former classmate Robin Buckley.

12. Why Nancy and Jonathan were fired?

Answer: For harassing Mrs. Driscoll.

13. Hopper and Joyce forced Kline to reveal what?

Answer: That Grigori works for the owners of Star court.

14. What was the suggestion of Joyce?

Answer: To have a heart-to-heart conversation with Mike and Eleven.

15. Why Dustin sets up an improvised radio tower?

Answer: To contact his camp girlfriend Suzie.

Stranger Things Trivia Season 4

Peek into the future as you encounter questions that tease the mysteries and excitement of the fourth season. This Stranger Things season 4 trivia is like glimpses into the Upside Down, hinting at the adventures and challenges.

1. What is the name of the club that the boys join?

Answer: The Hellfire Club. 

2. Victor Creel is played by an actor which starred in what other classic horror movie?

Answer: A Nightmare on Elm Street.

3. Who is the leader of the Hellfire Club?

Answer: Eddie Munson. 

4. What happens to Eddie Munson at the end of the season?

Answer: He dies.

5. How does Venca attack his victims?

Answer: By exploiting their guilt and tearing their bodies apart. 

6. What episode of the season did Max get saved by Running up the Hill?

Answer: Episode 4. 

7. What happens to Chief Hopper this season?

Answer: He gets trapped in a Russian prison. 

8. What is Jim Hopper’s nickname when he is in the Russian prison?

Answer: American”.

9. What is the name of the young girl who gets killed by Vecna in her trailer home?

Answer: Chrissy Cunningham.

10. What is the name of the stoner who quickly becomes a favorite character of many Stranger Things fans?

Answer: Argyle.

11. Who sang the hit song “Running up the Hill” from the fourth season?

Answer: Kate Bush.  

12. What tools were used to defeat the baby Demo gorgon?

Answer: Flamethrowers. 

13. What is the name of the strange boy, who later becomes Venca that eleven crushes with her powers?

Answer: Henry Creel. 

14. What is the mythical place in San Diego, California where part of the season is set?

Answer: Leonora Hills.

15. What was the name of the villain of season 4 of Stranger Things?

Answer: Vecna. 

Stranger Things Trivia for True Fans

Prove your allegiance to the Stranger Things universe with questions designed to challenge even the most dedicated enthusiasts. These true Stranger Things fan quiz questions are like quests for true aficionados.

1. Which fast food restaurant chain served special ‘upside down’ burgers for a limited period to reference the show?

Answer: Burger King.

2. What is Barilla?

Answer: Tree.

3. Baltimore and Potomac Railroad is now Defunct, once operated in which US city?

Answer: Washington, D.C.

4. Finger knife is a premodern combat weapon in which country?

Answer: Africa.

5. Mis Ainak Region is a popular first-class cricket team in which country?

Answer: Afghanistan.

6. Which actor was born in Spain and raised in the UK?

Answer: Millie Bobby Brown.

7. How many people watched the first episode of season 3 the day it was released?

Answer: 19.17 million People.

8. Which clothing brand offered a collection that included pieces worn on-screen by some of the show’s actors?

Answer: H&M.

9. Ambrosia the food of the Gods from the Greek Ambroata means?

Answer: Immortal.

10. What is Asi in epic Mahabharata?

Answer: Mythological sword.

11. What is the home ground of Western Australia, a popular first-class cricket team in Australia?

Answer: WACA Ground, Perth.

Stranger Things Trivia for Friends

These Stranger Things questions to ask friends transform trivia into a social adventure, allowing friends to bond over their mutual love for Stranger Things.

1. In order to find will who helped Joyce?

Answer: Jim Hopper.

2. Which power does Eleven Have?

Answer: Telekinesis.

3. Which transport did Dustin asked Eleven to move with the help of her power?

Answer: Train.

4. In order to stop Billy from attacking Steve what did max used?

Answer: Syringe.

5. What costume did Max wear for Halloween?

Answer: Michael Myers’ dress.

6. What gift does Nancy and Johnathan received from Murray?

Answer: Vodka.

7. Who dressed as The Three Blind Mice on Halloween?

Answer: Party.

8. Name the U.S state in which the show is set.

Answer: Indiana.

9. When eleven uses her power what happens to her?

Answer: Her Nose/Ears Bleed.

10. When boys found eleven what color shirt was she wearing?

Answer: Yellow Shirt.

11. Name the thing that Eleven Steal from the Store.

Answer: Eggo Waffles.

12. Name the fictional town where the show is set.

Answer: Hawkins.

13. Mornings are for coffee and contemplation” is saying of which character?

Answer: Police Chief Hopper.

14. When Mike’s father tried to fix the TV aerial which TV show was playing at that time?

Answer: Knight Rider.

15. Which 1982 horror movie’s poster was hanging in the Wheeler’s basement?

Answer: The Thing.

Stranger Things Trivia Multiple Choice

These Stranger Things multiple choice questions add an interactive element, guiding you through the show’s twists and turns while keeping you engaged and entertained.

1. What is the first episode of the first season called?

The weirdo on Maple Street

The vanishing of Will Byers

The Pollywog

Suzie, do you copy?

Answer: The vanishing of Will Byers.

2. In Season 1, on what day does Will Byers go missing?

September 6, 1983

October 6, 1983

November 6 1983

December 6, 1983

Answer: November 6 1983.

3. In Season 3, where does Steve work?

Frozen Scoop

Scoops Ahoy

Frozen Things 

Scary Dairy

Answer: Scoops Ahoy.

4. What is the facility called, where Hopper is held prisoner in Season 4?





Answer: Kamchatka.

5. What is the name of the Dungeons and Dragons society of Hawkins High?

The Waffle Club

The Hellcats Club

The Hell Dragons Club

The Hellfire Club

Answer: The Hellfire Club.

6. What is Yuri’s helicopter called, which he uses to rescue Jim Hopper, Joyce and ________?





Answer: Katinka.

7. What fake name does Eleven use in Season 1 episode 4, when she goes to school with the boys?





Answer: Eleanor.

8. How many boys auditioned for Stranger Things?





Answer: 906.

9. When was the first season released worldwide?

November 2015

March 2016 

July 2016

November 2016

Answer: July 2016.

10. In what year does the third season take place?





Answer: 1985.

Final Thoughts

As you unravel the layers of Stranger Things trivia questions, remember that every question and answer is a thread that weaves the narrative of this extraordinary show.

Whether you’re a casual viewer or a true fan, there’s a realm of intrigue waiting for you with in this Stranger Things quiz with answers.

Share your triumphs, memories, and insights in the comments below, building a community of fellow adventurers in the Upside Down.

Let the spirit of curiosity and camaraderie guide you, and may your journey through the world of Stranger Things continue to be a thrilling odyssey.

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