437 Wedding Shoe Game Questions to Keep Guests Entertained

The wedding shoe game questions are an important element of the marriage ceremony – well, maybe not crucial, but it is a lot of fun.

If you’re having trouble coming up with wedding shoe game questions for yours, we’re here to help.

Though it’s popular to play wedding games at a bridal shower or engagement party, you may not have considered playing a game at your wedding ceremony.

Many couples are adding fun wedding games to their ceremony timetable to help start the conversation and keep attendees amused.

The Wedding Shoe Game these years has been one of the most popular wedding reception games since it is not only enjoyable for the newlyweds and visitors, but it is also simple in concept and suitable for individuals of all ages.

You only need a group of people and some intriguing wedding shoe game questions to get started.

Best Shoe Game Questions

Here is the list of best shoe game questions for wedding reception! This collection of amusing shoe game questions that are sure to elicit a laugh from all of your invited guests.

1. Who is your favorite person?

2. Who hogs most of the bed?

3. Who tips the most?

4. Who passes out first while drinking?

5. Who has the better driving record?

6. Who makes the better breakfast?

7. Who pays the most bills?

8. Who has the most shoes?

9. Who has the better shower singing voice?

10. Who does the laundry more?

11. Who chose the honeymoon location?

12. Who will want kids first?

13. Who’s more likely to burn the house down when they’re cooking dinner?

14. Who’s more likely to fill the house with gear from their favorite college sports team?

15. Who’s the bigger party animal?

16. Who takes up more than their half of the bed?

17. Who was shyer when the relationship started?

18. Who’s an early riser?

19. Who was nervous on the first date?

20. Who was the first to give a present?

21. Who’s more likely to fall asleep in front of the TV?

22. Who makes more calls?

23. Who is a passionate cook?

24. Who’s “the responsible one”?

25. Who is a better mimicker?

26. Who is more lucky to have found the other one?

27. Who remembers to fill up the gas tank before it gets too low?

28. Who is more likely to be on a reality show?

29. Who’s most likely to get a tattoo?

30. Who eats the most chocolate?

31. Who believes life without food is worthless?

32. Who wants to travel the world for adventure?

33. Who is in better shape?

34. Who’s a cuddler?

35. Who has the more good-looking family?

36. Who’s most likely to forget an anniversary?

37. Who always picks the dishes on the table after eating?

38. Who always leaves the towel on the bed?

39. Who has the best ideas for places to visit on vacation?

40. Who did more of the wedding planning?

Wedding Shoe Game Questions

If you intend to play this game, you will need certain questions to ask. Here’s a collection of common wedding shoe game questions to use as samples of what’s suitable or if you’re searching for a few questions to utilize.

1. Who paid on the first date?

2. Who plans more elaborate date nights?

3. Who is better at keeping secrets?

4. Who is the bigger party animal?

5. Who is a better lover?

6. Who was the first to declare their love?

7. Who proposed?

8. Who has the better taste in music?

9. Who is more emotional?

10. Who wears the pants in the relationship?

11. Who is the better kisser?

12. Who snores louder?

13. Who’s better when it comes to directions?

14. Who is more likely to get lost?

15. Who’s more likely to steal all the covers on a cold night?

16. Who’s more likely to start an argument?

17. Who’s the best chef?

18. Who’s a better tipper?

19. Who’s the best driver?

20. Who’s more likely to say something embarrassing in their sleep?

21. Who’s a pickier eater?

22. Who’s more likely to talk their way out of a speeding ticket?

23. Who stays up later?

24. Who’s the better shower singer?

25. Who handles the groceries?

26. Who’s chattier?

27. Who’s more organized?

28. Who is a better partner?

29. Who’s funnier?

30. Who’s clumsier?

31. Who’s more likely to cry during a sad movie?

32. Who’s needier when they’re sick?

33. Who’s the best gift-giver?

34. Who has the best style?

35. Who takes the longest to get ready?

36. Who’s more outgoing?

37. Who has a bigger wardrobe?

38. Who’s more likely to scream at the sight of a spider?

39. Who’s handier?

40. Who would last longer on a deserted island?

Hilarious Shoe Game Questions

Looking for some hilarious shoe game questions to ask during the wedding? This ultimate list of wedding shoe questions is perfect to print off and ask during the reception!

1. Who never forgets to take along their mobile to the washroom?

2. Who skips bathing the most?

3. Who is never wrong?

4. Who dances better?

5. Who falls sick more often?

6. Who uses more toilet paper?

7. Who has bigger feet?

8. Who is a cry baby?

9. Who sneezes more?

10. Who is more self-obsessed?

11. Who is always late?

12. Who stinks up the bathroom more?

13. Who has the nuttier family?

14. Who could eat a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting?

15. Who is more adjusting?

16. Who’s more likely to leave dishes in the sink?

17. Who cracks the lamest jokes?

18. Who is moodier?

19. Who can’t keep a secret?

20. Who has the crazier family?

21. Who’s more likely to get lost?

22. Whose shoes smell the worst?

23. Who believes in aliens?

24. Who is the most likely to wake up grumpy?

25. Who’s always late no matter the situation?

26. Who has the smelliest feet?

27. Who has more exes?

28. Who goes longer without washing their clothes?

29. Who has smellier armpits?

30. Who’s terrified of monsters or has other irrational fears?

Funny Shoe Game Questions

Do you need assistance with the wedding shoe game questions? We’ve got you covered. Here are some funny shoe game questions that will have everyone in stitches.

1. Who farts more?

2. Who has a bigger butt?

3. Who is more likely to do a striptease for their partner?

4. Who’s more likely to make the bedroom floor their personal laundry basket?

5. Who’s more likely to break their phone?

6. Who has better hearing?

7. Who talks more during a movie?

8. Who is more likely to talk to a stranger?

9. Who spends more time in quietude?

10. Who does dishes the most?

11. Who will be taking care of the spiders in the house?

12. Who has two left feet when dancing?

13. Who can hear someone coming down the hallway before they actually show up?

14. Who’s afraid of spiders?

15. Who’s more dramatic?

16. Who will be doing the laundry?

17. Who is more likely to burn water?

18. Who is always right?

19. Who always forgets to put the toilet seat down?

20. Who is more competitive when it comes to games?

21. Who is more likely to be arrested?

22. Who’s the funniest?

23. Who is more likely to lose their keys?

24. Who argues more with their partner?

25. Who has more speeding tickets?

26. Who has the biggest feet?

27. Who has the worst vision?

28. Who is always leaving the toilet seat up/down?

29. Who burps more?

30. Whose farts are louder?

Dirty Shoe Game Questions

Wedding shoe game doesn’t have to be boring. You can also make it a bit spicy by using some dirty wedding shoe game questions into it. Here are some examples for you.

1. Who was the first to ask to make out?

2. Who’s usually the first to initiate things in the bedroom?

3. Who is quieter during s#x?

4. Who is louder during s#x?

5. Who is good at bed?

6. Who gives the better massage?

7. Who dresses more flirtatiously?

8. Which one is kinkier?

9. Who initiated s#x first?

10. Which one is shy about what they like to do in bed?

11. Who always asks for it?

12. Who initiates s#x most of the time?

13. Who’s the better s#xter?

14. Who likes role-playing?

15. Who’s always up for an afternoon delight?

16. Who likes sending nudes?

17. Who likes using toys?

18. Who likes doing it facing each other?

19. Who likes skinny dipping?

20. Who is more likely to try a threesome?

21. Who likes it in the shower?

22. Who likes it in the car?

Bridal Shower Shoe Game Questions

Bridal shower is a fun occasion not just for the bride but for the whole gang of friends too. Here are some bridal shower shoe game questions that will get the ball rolling.

1. Who do you love more than anyone in the world?

2. Who is the most spontaneous?

3. Who loves home-cook food the most?

4. Who wants to travel the world for different cuisines?

5. Who is more pitiful when they are under the weather?

6. Who is the first one to fall asleep while chit chatting?

7. Who is more likely to get lost on a trip?

8. Who doesn’t like organizing the wardrobe?

9. Who likes to give random gifts for no reason?

10. Who has a cuter smile?

11. Who cooks better Noodles?

12. Who always remembers to brush and floss their teeth?

13. Who takes more pictures?

14. Who loves late night talks?

15. Who is more whining?

16. Who has the best taste in music?

17. Who’s more likely to cry during the movie titanic?

18. Who will act crazier after getting drunk?

19. Who is a gossip monger?

20. Whose decision will likely take over the other?

21. Who’s the deeper sleeper?

22. Who is a social butterfly?

23. Who is a bigger liar?

24. Who has the best taste in fashion?

25. Who is good at cracking PJs?

26. Who is the one always deciding which music to play?

27. Who always has the latest gadgets?

28. Who likes having breakfast in bed?

29. Who’s afraid of the dark?

30. Who’s more religious?

Newlywed Shoe Game Questions

Wedding games are a terrific method to congratulate the new marriage while also providing entertainment for the audience. This simple and easy Wedding Shoe Game just requires the bride, husband, and their shoes. Here are some newlywed shoe game questions.

1. Who was the first to bring up marriage?

2. Who remembers important dates more?

3. Who wants the most kids?

4. Who told their family about the relationship first?

5. Who throws maximum tantrums?

6. Who would rather stay in and watch a movie than go out?

7. Who usually remembers to pay bills on time each month?

8. Who is likely to eat the last piece of food?

9. Who is most likely to give their partner a backrub?

10. Who needs more attention?

11. Who does most of the driving when you go on road trips together?

12. Who is more spontaneous?

13. Who has the better in-laws?

14. Who spends more time at the gym/working out?

15. Who loves PDA?

16. Who planned the first date?

17. Who was the first to mention marriage?

18. Who is the most likely to be running late?

19. Who is the loudest?

20. Who loves spicy food?

21. Who does the most household chores?

22. Who spends more time in front of the mirror?

23. Who make better scrambled eggs?

24. Who has the bigger sweet tooth?

25. Who is more likely to get hurt?

26. Who’s most likely to call their parents every week?

27. Who’s looking forward to the honeymoon the most?

28. Who misses the other the most when you spend time away from each other?

29. Who leaned in for the kiss first?

30. Who gets along better with the other’s family?

Bride Groom Shoe Game Questions

The wedding shoe game is an enjoyable wedding reception event in which the bride and groom must demonstrate their understanding of each other. They’ll be asked questions like who the nicest guy is or who the lamest driver is, and they’ll have to decide who it applies to without seeing each other’s answers. Here are some bride groom shoe game questions.

1. Who had a bigger crush on the other one?

2. Who can hold their alcohol the best?

3. Who looks better today?

4. Who would buy a Ferrari if they won the lottery?

5. Who approached the other one first?

6. Who organized your first date?

7. Who’s the boss and the relationship?

8. Who is the most patient?

9. Who’s the crazier out of the two of you?

10. Who is more carefree?

11. Who is closer to their family?

12. Who can drink the most?

13. Who swears the most?

14. Who was the pursuer early on in the relationship?

15. Who will fall asleep first tonight?

16. Who would win in 100 meter race?

17. Who is wiser?

18. Who has the most extravagant style when it comes to clothes?

19. Who is the bigger thrill seeker?

20. Who likes chick flicks more?

21. Who has the better sense of humour? 

22. Who surprises the other the most?

23. Who’s faster at responding to a text?

24. Who’s a pic year eater?

25. Who is good at organizing parties?

26. Who is a brand conscious?

Shoe Game Questions for Couples

Here we have listed couple shoe game questions. You can use all of them or just a few of them as you see fit. These amusing wedding shoe game questions are sure to provide the couple with hours of entertainment at their wedding.

1. Who keeps the room messier?

2. Who is most likely to want kids first?

3. Who is more skeptical or unbelieving or doubting?

4. Who is better at planning surprises?

5. Who is a better bathroom singer?

6. Who never forget anniversary dates?

7. Who was the first to fall in love?

8. Who made the first move?

9. Who always leaves the dishes on the table after eating?

10. Who shops more?

11. Who takes more time to get ready for outings?

12. Who says sorry first?

13. Who is poor with directions?

14. Who cries more at movies?

15. Who despises dealing with kids?

16. Who is a bigger party animal?

17. Who lies the most?

18. Who is more foodie?

19. Who needs more pampering?

20. Who is always confused about what food to order?

21. Who doesn’t believe in organising the wardrobe?

22. Who wakes up earlier?

23. Who’s better at keeping secrets?

24. Who is the crazier one?

25. Who drives better?

26. Who is needier and acts like a baby when they’re sick?

27. Who is the first one to fall asleep?

28. Who is more dominating in the relationship?

29. Who is more romantic?

30. Who is most likely to start a fight?

31. Who’s more stubborn?

32. Who says ‘I Love You’ more often?

33. Who’s more adventurous?

34. Who’s more of a thrill-seeker?

35. Who will do more household chores?

36. Who’s more athletic?

37. Who is always hungry?

38. Who takes care of things around the house better?

Shoe Game Questions for Friends

Including the shoe wedding game will ensure that everyone has a good time at your friend’s wedding. So, with these shoe game questions for friends, make sure you don’t end up leaving any stone unturned in making your friend’s wedding a more fun and elegant event.

1. Who was more studious in school/college?

2. Who has better taste in music?

3. Who do you trust more behind the wheel?

4. Who has been in more car accidents?

5. Who studied the hardest in school?

6. Who spends more time on social media?

7. Who likes reading books?

8. Who is more creative?

9. Who’s more of a daredevil?

10. Who has the better hair?

11. Who is more likely to get injured?

12. Who would be the first to bungee jump?

13. Who was the brains behind the wedding planning?

14. Who is smarter?

15. Who’s most likely to get into trouble with the law?

16. Who is most likely to start their own business?

17. Who is the bigger sports fan?

18. Who got the best grades at school?

19. Who has a better style sense?

20. Who’s the better dresser?

21. Who is more likely to admit they are wrong?

22. Who’s the better tipper?

23. Who will be controlling the TV remote?

24. Who’s the messiest out of the two of you?

25. Who tends to get their own way?

26. Who would win an eating contest?

27. Who loves Disney films the most?

Everyday Life Shoe Game Questions

It’s all about asking the correct questions in the Wedding Shoe Game. Every marriage is unique, and every listener is exceptional. You may ask them everyday life shoe game questions to learn more about their daily lives.

1. Who fixes things in the house when they break?

2. Who’s most likely to take the entire blanket while sleeping?

3. Who’s the bigger clean freak?

4. Who controls the radio when you’re on a long drive together?

5. Who’s most likely to replace the roll of toilet paper?

6. Who is most likely to bring home a stray animal?

7. Who controls the budget in the household?

8. Who decides where to go on dates?

9. Who prefers Netflix and chill to going out?

10. Who’s most likely to say something embarrassing in their sleep?

11. Who complains more?

12. Who takes the longest in the bathroom?

13. Who’s most likely to want to order takeaway instead of cooking?

14. Who exercises the most?

15. Who has the worst hearing?

16. Who is the one always convincing the other to go out?

17. Who’s most likely to decide on the restaurant when you go out for a meal?

18. Who’s more likely to cry laughing during a comedy?

19. Who never keeps shoes on the rack? Or who never misses to keep shoes on the rack?

20. Who is the one always planning trips?

21. Who’s most likely to ruin clothing while doing the laundry?

22. Who spends more time binging on TV shows?

23. Who’s an early riser? Who do you trust more behind the wheel?

24. Who’s most likely to come home late from a night out?

25. Who has the cleanest car?

26. Who can’t go without watching news even for a single day?

27. Who is ready first or always waiting for the other one?

28. Who turns off the lights at night and locks up the house?

29. Who makes the bed?

Relationship Shoe Game Questions

Here are some relationship shoe game questions. It is better to have someone who comprehends the couple, ask the questions so that they can pick which questions are more acceptable and avoid questions that may elicit negative sentiments.

1. Who was the first one to have a crush on the other?

2. Who has to always have the final words in an argument?

3. Who is always the first to say “I love you?”

4. Who plans the best date nights?

5. Who was the one who made the relationship “official?”

6. Who generally picks up the tab at restaurants?

7. Who’s better with children?

8. Who was the first to admit their love?

9. Who is the smarter one?

10. Who’s calmer during a fight?

11. Who is the leader in the relationship?

12. Who was the first to make the relationship official?

13. Who is a control freak?

14. Who is the sappy one?

15. Who’s more likely to get irritated more with the other one?

16. Who has a shorter attention span?

17. Who is more dramatic in public?

Personality Shoe Game Questions

Here are some personality shoe game questions. Remember that the purpose of the game is to have pleasure. There are no victors or losers, thus there is no need to keep score. Concentrate on having fun and getting to know one another.

1. Who’s the fussier eater?

2. Who talks the loudest?

3. Who is more clumsy?

4. Who’s more of a dog person?

5. Who talks the most?

6. Who’s the loudest out of the two of you?

7. Who has the better laugh?

8. Who is the biggest baby when they’re sick?

9. Who is more serious?

10. Who looks in the mirror more?

11. Who has more common sense?

12. Who is more flexible?

13. Who’s more interested in politics?

14. Who gives better presents?

15. Who has more dressy clothes?

16. Who is most the dramatic?

17. Who is more forgetful?

18. Who’s the most decisive?

19. Who has better hair?

20. Who jumps the most while watching horror movies?

21. Who’d rather spend a day at the beach than go hiking?

22. Who gives the most unexpected surprises?

23. Who does the best impressions?

24. Who is the first to apologize after arguing?

25. Who believes in astrological readings the most?

26. Who whines the most?

27. Who’s the worst at time management?

28. Who’s the best at speaking different languages?

29. Who gets more compliments?

30. Who is kinder?

Work and Money Shoe Game Questions

Work and money related questions seem boring but they can also be made interesting if you ask them the right way. You don’t need to burden yourself about that since we are here with some interesting work and money shoe game questions.

1. Who pays the bills?

2. Who makes more money?

3. Who’s more likely to save all their money?

4. Who is more likely to stay at work late?

5. Who works more?

6. Who is shopaholic?

7. Who likes to save money rather than spend it all right away?

8. Who is better at managing finances?

9. Who’s more ambitious & a workaholic?

10. Who is always ready to splurge money on food?

11. Who’s more likely to max out their credit card?

12. Who’s more likely to spend all their money at a Bed Bath & Beyond?

13. Who’s the bigger spender?

14. Who gets home first from work?

15. Who’s more likely to be late for work?

16. Who’s more mindful of the expenses?

17. Who is more likely to order a dish after taking the price into consideration at a restaurant?

Habits and Routines Shoe Game Questions

It is a great idea to get to know about the habits and routine of the couple getting married. Aside from being interesting, these questions are really informative. Here are some shoe game questions about habits and routines that you may like.

1. Who eats the most fast food?

2. Who’s car is the cleanest?

3. Who exercises more?

4. Who does more household chores?

5. Who eats healthier?

6. Who spends the most time on the phone?

7. Who is in better overall shape?

8. Who would rather be outdoors?

9. Who brushes their teeth the most?

10. Who would be the first to lose their keys?

11. Who’s most likely to say ‘we can walk’?

12. Who sings better?

13. Who is quieter?

14. Who holds their liquor better?

15. Who is more punctual or time bound?

16. Who takes longer showers?

17. Who dresses better?

18. Who gets angry the quickest?

19. Who will be the more responsible parent?

20. Who is the cleanest?

21. Who reads the most?

22. Who embarrasses the other the most?

23. Who’s more of a morning person?

24. Who makes the other laugh the most?

25. Who’s more likely to look at their phone during date night?

26. Who likes to stay at home during the holidays?

27. Who gets irritated the quickest?

28. Who’s the quietest out of the two of you?

29. Who is more health conscious?

How to Play the Wedding Shoe Game

In this segment, we are sharing steps of how to play this wedding shoe game and also let you know how to choose wedding shoe game questions.

1. The Setup

Request that a member of your wedding reception position two chairs back to back in the center of the dance floor. You should sit in one seat while your partner sits in the other (you should not be able to see each other).

Both of you then remove your shoes, giving one to your mate and the other to your partner. You should each be holding one of your own shoes and one of your partner’s shoes.

2. The MC

Designate a “caller” who will arrive with a list of shoe game questions to ask you and your future wife (more on that later).

If you don’t want to use any of your attendees, your DJ or musician can serve as the game’s MC. Make sure they’re comfortable talking in front of a throng of people first.

3. The Questions

Each question posed to the couple should begin with “Who…?” for example, “Who is the pretty picky eater?” or “Who has the good shower singing style?”

You can even involve your guests by having them write their own questions for the caller to read during the game.

The caller should begin with simple and funny questions for bride and groom before progressing to more private ones (as long as both you and your partner are comfortable answering them—and allowing your friends and family to hear them).

4. The Shoes

When a question is asked, start raising your partner’s shoe if it explains their inclinations and your own shoe if it describes yours. Your companion should do the same.

The trick is that you can’t see your spouse, so you won’t know if they’re going to answer the same way you are—though you’ll likely be able to tell by the reactions of your guests.

Of course, after a few drinks, your and your partner’s responses may become erratic. But it’s the unexpected moments that make the shoe game so enjoyable.

5. When’s the Best Time to Play?

The shoe game is ideal for getting both you and your guests in the right tune for the party. Play this crowd-pleaser after dinner, right before the dance party begins, and while the performers are still preparing—or use it as a fun filler to keep energy levels up while the performers take a quick break.

Only during dinner, when you and your attendees should focus on eating and listening to hors d’oeuvres, or at the very end of the night, when sleepy guests have left and the alcoholic beverages have been flowing for another few hours, should you play.

Final Thoughts on Shoe Game Questions

The use of shoe game questions at weddings has been a widespread trend in recent years. This simple game sets the atmosphere for a lot of laughing and draws your visitors in!

One of the most popular wedding reception games we see newlyweds playing on their wedding day is the wedding shoe game. It is simple to understand and may appeal to people of all ages.

We’ve included some of the greatest wedding shoe game questions to ask the couple when playing this game at one of their wedding receptions.

These amusing wedding shoe game questions can make the couple laugh and let them understand each other better.

These shoe game questions will not disappoint. Each one has been carefully chosen.

And the good news is that it doesn’t matter what kind of ethnic wedding you’re planning. Have fun answering questions about various sorts of weddings.

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