106 Royal Family Quiz Questions (with Answers)

Are you a fan of the British Royal Family?

Test your knowledge with our 100+ royal family quiz questions with answers – from Kate Middleton to Queen Elizabeth.

Each question is accompanied by an answer, so even if you don’t know the right answer you can still learn something!

It’s not just fun and games though; knowing details about the royal family, their past, and traditions is actually quite fascinating.

As legendary writer Mark Twain once said: “Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air” – this could even apply to taking on this quiz about the royal family!

So why not take ten minutes out of your day for some fun facts on one of history’s most notable families?

Fun Royal Family Quiz Questions

Whether you’re gathering with friends or hosting a virtual trivia night, these questions will surely entertain and educate you. So go ahead and be ready to dive into the fascinating world of British monarchy trivia.

1. According to legend, how many ravens must live at the Tower of London?

Answer: Six.

2. What common food ingredient is banned for royal occasions?

Answer: Garlic.

3. What gift did the Queen give her staff every Christmas?

Answer: A Christmas pudding.

4. On average how many Christmas cards would the Queen send out each year?

Answer: 750 cards.

5. Where does the Royal Family tend to celebrate Christmas?

Answer: Sandringham, Norfolk.

6. In which month does the monarch open Parliament each year?

Answer: May or June.

7. What board game did The Queen reportedly ban the family from playing?

Answer: Monopoly.

8. What outfit must each member of the family always pack with them when travelling?

Answer: A black outfit.

9. At what age is Prince George not allowed to fly in a plane with his father, Prince William?

Answer: After the age of 12 to follow the rules in which two heirs cannot travel on a plane together.

10. What flower is always present in royal bridal bouquets?

Answer: Myrtle.

11. High grove house is surrounded by how many acres of organic land?

Answer: 900 acres.

12. Who lived at Clarence House for nearly five decades?

Answer: Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

13. How many planes will take place in the Coronation flypast?

Answer: More than 60 aircraft (closest answer wins).

14. Which royal residence was famously known as the Queen’s ‘happy place’?

Answer: Balmoral Castle.

15. What does King Charles do after he has planted a tree?

Answer: He gives the branch a friendly shake to wish it well.

16. What three instruments did King Charles play at school?

Answer: The piano, trumpet and cello.

17. Who first built Westminster Abbey?

Answer: Edward the Confessor.

Easy Royal Family Quiz Questions

Are you a fan of the British royal family and their fascinating history? Well, this easy royal family quiz will surely test your knowledge and impress your friends. So, get ready to put your crowns on and let’s delve into the world of British royalty!

1. Who was the Queen’s sister?

Answer: Princess Margaret.

2. Who was king before Elizabeth II?

Answer: George VI.

3. What is the family name of the current Royal Family?

Answer: Windsor.

4. Who is the Duchess of Cambridge?

Answer: Catherine, Princess of Wales.

5. What time is the Queen’s speech on Christmas day?

Answer: 3 PM.

6. What is the name of Prince Harry’s first child?

Answer: Archie Harrison.

7. Which jubilee is Queen Elizabeth II celebrating in 2022?

Answer: Platinum jubilee.

8. Which month is the Queen’s official birthday?

Answer: Sat, Jun 8, 2024.

9. Which Netflix show is about the Royal family?

Answer: The Crown.

10. How many children has the Queen?

Answer: 4.

11. What is Prince Charles’ official title?

Answer: His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Edinburgh.

12. Who is Princes William and Harry’s mother?

Answer: Princess Diana.

13. Which breed of dog does the Queen famously love?

Answer: Corgis.

14. Who was the Duke of Edinburgh?

Answer: Prince Philip.

15. Where do coronations take place?

Answer: Westminster Abbey.

Funny Royal Family Quiz Questions

If you’re looking for some royal fun, look no further than these funny royal quiz questions. From quirky Queen Elizabeth facts to unexpected Prince Harry trivia, this collection has everything you need to test your knowledge and have a good laugh.

1. How many rooms are in Buckingham Palace?

Answer: 775 rooms.

2. Which Scottish location did Queen Elizabeth II famously retreat to during the summer?

Answer: Balmoral Castle.

3. What is King Charles III’s favourite flower?

Answer: Delphiniums.

4. Which member of the royal family purchased Frogmore House in 1790?

Answer: Queen Charlotte.

5. How many garden parties were held at Buckingham Palace during the Queen’s reign?

Answer: Three Garden Parties.

6. Before George IV ascended the throne in 1820, what was Buckingham Palace formally known as?

Answer: Buckingham House.

7. How many dogs did the Queen own during her reign?

Answer: More than 30 dogs.

8. What year did the Queen and Prince Philip celebrate their Platinum Wedding Anniversary?

Answer: 2017.

9. What year did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married?

Answer: May 2018.

10. What two crowns did the Queen wear on her Coronation in 1953?

Answer: St Edward’s Crown and the Imperial State Crown.

11. What is the oldest and largest occupied palace in the world?

Answer: Windsor Castle.

12. Who is the longest-reigning monarch in British history?

Answer: Queen Elizabeth II.

13. Which famous king lived at Hampton Court Palace?

Answer: Home of Henry VIII.

14. What was the Queen’s favourite flower?

Answer: Lily-of-the-valley.

15. The Queen received a miniature two-storey thatched cottage for her sixth birthday. Where is it located?

Answer: Close to Royal Lodge within Windsor Great Park.

British Royal Family Quiz Questions

Get your thinking caps on and prepare to test your knowledge about the British royal family with these British royal family quiz questions and answers! These questions are sure to entertain and educate. So grab a cup of tea and let’s get quizzing!

1. Where did William and Kate spend their honeymoon?

Answer: Seychelles.

2. Which Royal was the first to have their wedding broadcast on TV?

Answer: Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones.

3. Where are the Scottish Crown Jewels displayed?

Answer: Edinburgh Castle.

4. At which royal fortress were Lady Jane Grey and Anne Boleyn imprisoned?

Answer: Tower of London.

5. How many cups of tea are served at a Palace garden party?

Answer: 27,000.

6. From which country did the gold come that made the Queen’s wedding ring?

Answer: Welsh gold.

7. Where state banquets generally held?

Answer: Buckingham Palace.

8. What was the Queen Mother’s maiden name?

Answer: Bowes-Lyon.

9. As used by the Queen, what became an unlikely Latin catchphrase in the 1990s?

Answer: Annus horribilis.

10. How did the Queen’s cousin, Lord Louis Mountbatten die in 1979?

Answer: Died by IRA bomb.

11. Where the present Queen when she learned her father had died?

Answer: Kenya.

12. Who was the British Prime Minister when Charles and Diana separated?

Answer: John Major.

13. How many different charities did Princess Diana support?

Answer: over 100 charities.

14. What was the name of the woman who married Edward VIII?

Answer: Wallis Simpson.

Current Royal Family Quiz Questions

With these current royal family quiz questions, you can test your knowledge and also challenge your friends to see who the ultimate royal expert is. So, gather your group, pour some tea, and let the royal games begin!

1. In which county is the Balmorals Castle?

Answer: Aberdeen shire, Scotland.

2. In which city can you find Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia?

Answer: Edinburgh, Scotland.

3. Why does the Queen always wear bright colours?

Answer: To be seen in the crowds.

4. What boarding school did Prince Charles attend?

Answer: Gordonstoun.

5. What is the name of the Queen’s Norfolk residence?

Answer: Sandringham house.

6. What is the Queen’s full name?

Answer: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.

7. Who will conduct the Coronation?

Answer: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welly.

8. What nail color does the Queen use?

Answer: a pale pink.

9. Who is the eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip?

Answer: Peter Mark Andrew Phillips.

10. Who interviewed Meghan and Harry on a 2021 television special hosted?

Answer: Oprah Winfrey.

True or False Royal Family Quiz Questions

Have you ever wondered how well you really know the British royal family? Put your royal knowledge to the test with these true or false questions about the royal family. Grab a friend or family member and see who reigns supreme in royal trivia.

1. You can’t get to the throne by marrying a royal.

Answer: True.

2. The Queen doesn’t have a passport.

Answer: True.

3. Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning British monarch of all time.

Answer: True.

4. Prince Edward is the Duke of Wessex.

Answer: False, he is the Earl of Wessex.

5. Sarah Ferguson is the Duchess of York.

Answer: True.

6. Prince Harry was the first member of the royal family to enlist in the army.

Answer: False, it was Queen Elizabeth II.

7. Kate Middleton was the first royal bride with a college degree.

Answer: True.

8. Princess Diana used to be a nanny.

Answer: True.

9. The royal family isn’t supposed to sign autographs.

Answer: True.

10. Prince Charles and Prince William never travelled in the same plane.

Answer: True.

Royal Family History Quiz Questions

Are you a history buff with a fascination for royal families? Then do we have a treat for you – this royal family history quiz that will put your knowledge of royal family history to the test! So, gather your fellow history fanatics and see who comes out on top in a rumble of royal knowledge.

1. How old was King Charles when he became Prince of Wales?

Answer: 9 years.

2. How old was Princess Elizabeth when she became Queen of England?

Answer: 25 (she was 27 when she was crowned, on 2 June 1953).

3. Which member of the British royal family was pulled into the scandal when army officer Sir William Gordon-Cumming sued five people for slander?

Answer: Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (later Edward VII).

4. In which country was the Queen’s husband, Prince Phillip, born?

Answer: Corfu, Greece.

5. Where did the Queen and Prince Philip live as newlyweds?

Answer: Clarence House.

6. Which monarch started the tradition of delivering a speech on Christmas Day?

Answer: King George V.

7. Which royal consort told the media that she aspired not to be queen of England, but “a queen of people’s hearts”?

Answer: Princess Diana.

8. Prince Edward, the Queen’s youngest son, left the marines in January 1987 to pursue a career in what field?

Answer: Theatre production assistant.

9. Which royal infamously said “whatever ‘in love’ means”, when asked if he was in love with his fiancée?

Answer: Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales.

10. When does Trooping of the Colour traditionally take place?

Answer: In June.

11. At which castle was Prince Charles invested as the Prince of Wales – an event that was dramatized in the third season of The Crown?

Answer: Caernarfon Castle.

12. How old was the Queen when she first met her husband, Prince Philip?

Answer: 13-year-old.

13. Which royal was stopped for speeding through central London on the day of his wedding rehearsal dinner?

Answer: Philip.

14. In which country did the Queen and Prince Philip live from 1949–51?

Answer: Malta.

Royal Family Pub Quiz Questions

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed royalty expert or just a casual follower, these royal family pub quiz questions and answers are sure to keep you on your toes. So grab a pint, assemble your team, and let the trivia battle commence! You might just become the pub quiz champion.

1. How many great-grandchildren does the Queen have?

Answer: Eight great-grandchildren.

2. What country was Prince Philip born in?

Answer: Greece.

3. What year did the Queen famously describe as an “Annus horribilis”?

Answer: 1992.

4. How old was the Queen at the time of her coronation?

Answer: 27 years-old.

5. What did the Queen work as while enlisted in the military during World War Two?

Answer: Mechanic, the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS).

6. The Queen’s official birthday is in June – but when is her actual birthday?

Answer: 21 April.

7. Princess Anne and Zara Tindal have both competed in the Olympics in which sport?

Answer: Equestrian.

8. Zara’s husband Mike Tindal played which sport professionally?

Answer: Rugby Player.

9 Who is the Queen’s youngest son?

Answer: Prince Edward.

10. Including staff bedrooms, bedrooms are there in Buckingham Palace?

Answer: 775 rooms.

11. How old was the Queen when she met Prince Philip?

Answer: 13 years old.

12. Where was Prince Harry deployed to during his two tours in the army?

Answer: Afghanistan.

13. What are Charles and Camilla’s nicknames for each other?

Answer: darling’ and ‘mehbooba.

14. At what university did Prince William meet Kate Middleton?

Answer: University of St. Andrews.

15. At what castle did the investiture of Prince Charles take place?

Answer: Caernarfon Castle, north Wales.

Final Thoughts

Who could have predicted that this much knowledge of the Royal Family would come in such a small package?

We hope this royal family quiz with answers has broadened your understanding and appreciation for the Royals!

It’s incredible how much the royals have done over the many centuries of their existence.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed learning more about them with us and had fun testing out your Royal Family knowledge!

If you enjoyed taking our 100+ royal family quiz questions with Answers, please comment in the comments section below about this post.

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