245 Questions to Ask Your Ex to Sort Things Out Once and for All

Are you looking for questions to ask your ex? In some cases, when relationships fail, there is a clear reason: they cheated on you, you cheated on them, one of you moved away, you drifted apart, you fought constantly, and you wanted different things from one another. 

When a breakup occurs, the person is so afraid of hurting your feelings that they rarely say anything at all, so you do not know what happened. As a result, you need a list of the questions to ask your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. 

There is nothing to worry about because we’ve curated a list of the questions to ask your ex. Moreover, I’ve divided these questions into different categories for your ease. So, let’s started!

Best Questions to Ask Your Ex-Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Meeting or talking to our ex is certainly one of those moments in our lives that make us freeze. Whenever we meet or speak to our ex, our hearts feel overwhelmed and we feel everything at the same time. Try following the best questions to ask ex-boyfriend or girlfriend!

1. What factors led our relationship towards the end?

2. When did you realize that you no longer loved me?

3. What was not enough with me or with our relationship?

4. When you think about our relationship now, do you regret that it ended?

5. Can you explain the worst thing you did to me when we were together?

6. Do you have any regrets about our relationship?

7. Now we have ended. Do you want to share your secrets with me?

8. Were you cheating during our relationship?

9. What habits of mine did you not like when we were together?

10. Did you remember me being drunk?

11. Would you feel anything if you saw me with someone else?

12. What is the thing you hate about me?

13. Do you think we could be friends?

14. How has your life been without me?

15. Was I what you expected?

16. Do you often dream of me?

17. Do you keep memories of our relationship?

18. What advice would you give me to succeed in my next relationship?

19. Why did you break my heart?

20. Will you ever completely get over our relationship?

21. How long did it take you to stop loving me?

22. Are you sorry for hurting me?

23. What about our relationship would you like to erase from your memory?

24. Did the relationship make you a better person?

25. What is your most memorable date with me?

26. What attracted you to me in the first place?

27. Do you still have the gifts I bought for you?

28. What were the things we really had in common?

29. What do you think really led to the breakup?

30. How do you feel about me now?

Deep Questions to Ask Your Ex

Let us guide you on how to communicate with your ex if you are a little unsure of what to say. I’m sure these deep questions to ask your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend will help you a lot!

1. What do you remember from our relationship?

2. If you can describe, do you have any favorite memories of us?

3. At any point when we were together, did you think that we could last forever?

4. Did you miss the things with us or our relationship?

5. Have you ever regretted ending the relationship?

6. Do you think you have changed for better or for worse since our relationship ended?

7. What do you remember most about our intimate life?

8. If you could turn back time, would you have fought for our love?

9. When you hear our favorite song, what do you think?

10. Do you remember our first kiss?

11. Do you think we could have done something to not end the relationship or do you feel it was inevitable?

12. Did you ever cry for me?

13. Do you remember our last conversation before we ended our relationship?

14. Will you love someone with the same intensity that you did with me?

15. Do you remember some of our dreams together?

16. Do you miss my hugs?

17. What is your definition of an ideal relationship?

18. How did you feel in our relationship?

19. What did our relationship teach you?

20. How did you cope with the breakup?

21. What are the good things you take away from our relationship?

22. Were there chances of our relationship surviving?

23. Were you happy in the relationship?

24. What, according to you, were our strengths and weaknesses?

Good Questions to Ask Your Ex

We’ve picked out some good questions to ask your ex that will help you get back to talking with them. You may also want to ask your ex some of the following questions.

1. Describe how you feel about me right now.

2. Do you hold any type of grudges for me which you want to clear?

3. Do you think we did not end up on good terms?

4. Do you think you or I have evolved since our breakup?

5. Have you any regrets?

6. Do you still have conversations about me with your friends?

7. What factors from our separation let you grow and be a better person?

8. Who do you think put the most effort into our relationship?

9. What revolutionary things do you want to have in me?

10. What are the views of your friends about me during and after our relationship?

11. Have you ever wondered keenly that maybe you still have feelings for me?

12. What is the most beautiful memory you have with me?

13. What was the simplest and the most complex part of being with me?

14. What are the things you could say we have in common?

15. Can you explain what can help me to be a better person?

16. What is your opinion about love right now?

17. How many partners have you had since we broke up?

18. What was lacking in me and the relationship?

19. When did you realize we were done with the relationship?

20. Is there anything you haven’t said before and would like to tell me now?

21. Did you ever truly love me or it was just an infatuation?

22. Do you feel like it was wasted years?

23. What’s the one thing you couldn’t stand about me?

Random Questions to Ask Your Ex

In an amicable split or when both parties are mature enough to discuss their disappointments and regrets in a calm manner, “exit interviews” can be helpful. Have a look at the list of random questions to ask your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend!

1. How have you spent these days without me?

2. What has changed in you since we finished?

3. Do you miss our chat conversations?

4. Do you miss me more as a friend or as a partner?

5. Do you think our relationship was a mistake? Why?

6. Was our relationship hopelessly broken?

7. How did you elaborate the mourning of our separation?

8. Have your parents asked about me?

9. Does it hurt to see me with someone else?

10. What do you do most of those things we shared together?

11. Would you be able to work with me?

12. Do you think I’m attractive?

13. Would you never come back to me?

14. What would you feel if I told you that I have a boyfriend and I’m happy with him?

15. What do you think about being friends with your ex?

16. Do you think that the cycle of our relationship has already closed?

17. Do you think I’ve already forgotten you?

18. Are you dating someone else?

19. What do you think was responsible for the failure of our relationship?

20. Do you want to ask me anything?

21. Why do you still like my pictures and view my stories on social media?

22. Are you in another relationship yet?

23. Is there anything you want to confess?

24. Do you compare your current partner with me?

25. Do you think about me when you’re having s#x?

Questions to Ask Your Ex for Closure

A good way to get closure on a relationship is by asking your ex the right questions. We hope our list of questions to ask your ex for closure proves helpful to you.

1. How long did it take you to date someone else?

2. What do you think was the main reason for our conflict?

3. What was your greatest learning being with me?

4. Do you think that something in my character contributed to the breakup of the relationship?

5. Really, are you ready for a new relationship?

6. Can you explain to me the reason for the breakup?

7. What is one thing you definitely don’t miss about the relationship?

8. Do you think you have completely forgotten me?

9. Do you still have any photos of me?

10. Do you think it hurts me to see you with another woman?

11. In other circumstances, would you have fought harder for our relationship?

12. When did you start to feel that our relationship was coming to an end?

13. Do I want you back in my life? If yes, then what is the reason?

14. Do you think you already healed our breakup?

15. What was your first thought when you saw me after the breakup?

16. Do you feel like we could be good friends?

17. When you think of it right now, do you regret the relationship didn’t work?

18. Do you hold a grudge against me?

19. What do you think is the major cause of our breakup?

20. At what point did you feel you had fallen out of love with me?

21. Did you get bored of the relationship?

22. Did you ever dream of a future with me or it was all a fantasy?

23. Have you trash-talked about me with your friends?

24. Do you think you treated me well?

25. Did your friends have anything to do with our breakup?

26. Do you remember me fondly or with contempt?

27. Did you sleep with others to get over me?

28. Have you accepted our breakup or is there still some part of you that hasn’t processed it?

Questions to Ask Your Ex after a Breakup

The end of a relationship is never easy, but asking your ex the right questions after a breakup can make it much easier. Get started with these questions to ask your ex after a breakup!

1. What did you learn from our relationship?

2. What would you do differently in your new relationship?

3. Have you told anyone the real reason we broke up?

4. What did you hate about me or about us?

5. Do you remember how we met?

6. Tell me 3 things that bothered you about me.

7. Did you want to have a future with me?

8. If you can be sincere, you have to tell who do you consider responsible for the cheating?

9. What did you like the most about our relationship?

10. Did you enjoy it with me?

11. Was I a good girlfriend?

12. Do you think of me occasionally?

13. What did you learn from our mistakes?

14. What would you have wanted to be different?

15. Do you remember how long we last?

16. Do you consider me a friend or just your ex?

17. Did you ever think that you would marry me?

18. What were some things you liked about me and the relationship?

19. What’s the worst thing I ever did to you?

20. Was I good to you?

21. Do you stalk me or you think I stalk you?

22. How long did it take you to move on?

23. Is your new partner a better lover than me?

24. Do you think we could ever be amicable with each other?

25. Are you in a rebound relationship?

26. Do you think a few more compromises could have saved the relationship?

Questions to Ask Your Ex to Get Them Back

If you believe there might be a chance of getting back together with your ex, then try the following questions to ask your ex to get them back.

1. Would you give me another chance to see how I improved myself?

2. Can I solve my previous problems to begin as new?

3. Can’t we work on ourselves to make things better between us?

4. Do you still love me?

5. Can we start as a new couple?

6. How do you think we can make our relationship better?

7. Don’t you think we should give ourselves a second chance?

8. Do I make you skip a beat?

9. Do you wish that things could have been better for us?

10. What do you think about me physically?

11. What do you feel at this moment?

12. Do I still make your heart pound?

13. Would you like to go on a second ride with me on this whole thing?

14. Can we start with a new beginning?

15. Are you satisfied with your new relationship or do you think about me?

16. What made you fall in love with me the most at first?

17. What part of my physique do you like the most?

18. What do you miss most about me in bed?

19. Is there a part of you that wants to come back to me?

20. Would you like to get intimate with me again?

21. Have you thought about the possibility of flirting, again, with me?

22. Do you sometimes wish we were still together?

23. Do you think we can still come back together?

24. Do you wish we were still together?

25. Do you actually miss me?

26. Do you imagine what our life would have been like if we were married?

Questions to Ask Your Ex before Getting Back Together 

The internal debate regarding getting back with your ex may not have a single solution, but there are a few crucial questions to ask your ex before getting back togetherto guide you in the right direction. Don’t get back with your ex until you’ve tried them out.

1. Do you think that if we go back, our relationship could be the same or better?

2. Do you think we should work for our relationship?

3. Have you ever thought of trying again with me?

4. Would your family accept me again, after having ended our love bond?

5. What will make us better at relationships?

6. How do you project yourself in the future regarding your love life?

7. Do your friends like me?

8. When you see me, do you feel like kissing me?

9. Do you remember how you first met me?

10. What do you feel for me?

11. Did you really feel that you loved me?

12. What did you find best about me?

13. How long do I have to wait to find out if you want to come back with me?

14. What was it about me that made you fall for me?

15. How good a girlfriend/boyfriend was I?

16. What did you dislike about me?

17. What is your current impression of me?

18. What do you miss most about our relationship?

19. Are you willing to walk the extra mile to resolve our past problems?

20. How compatible do you think we were in bed?

21. Of all things we did together, what do you remember the most?

22. What do you think we may have done differently to make the relationship work?

Questions to Ask Your Ex to Start a Conversation

Having a normal conversation with your ex difficult for you? Are you hoping that you and your ex can continue to be civil towards one another? Try these questions to ask your ex to start a conversation!

1. Do you remember our activities last summer?

2. I just came across a street, and it reminded me of our old times.

3. I have initiated a project which may benefit you. Let’s have a conversation.

4. Do you have any idea what my passion is in life now?

5. You would not believe what place I am in.

6. You have missed me?

7. Do you still watch football?

8. I have just come across our song playlist, and you came back to mind.

9. You cannot believe what I am doing right now?

10. What qualities are you currently looking for in a relationship?

11. Do you remember any prank I played on you?

12. Do you think it is difficult for me to communicate?

13. Would you go out with me on a trip?

14. Do you have any question for me? I promise to give an honest answer.

15. Can you make your coffee by yourself now?

16. Do you think there is any habit I need to change?

17. What is that thing you would ever remember me for?

18. Do you now make your bed by yourself?

19. Do you actually know what you did wrong?

Questions to Ask Your Ex When Chatting

Breakups are heartbreaking, painful, and gruesome. This might feel like the end of love for you, or you may never be able to trust someone again after this kind of experience with these questions to ask your ex when chatting!

1. What were the things that made you fall in love with me in the first place?

2. Do you think you ever cheat on me somehow?

3. Whenever you listen to our jam or watch our favorite movie, do they remind you of me?

4. Do you believe that you can ever love someone like me?

5. Why did you dislike me?

6. Did you ever love me, and do you think we had made a mistake?

7. Did you ever cheat on me? If yes, do you regret it?

8. How many times have you done it with someone else?

9. What do you think is the best about me?

10. Have you ever been in love with me?

11. Do you think about me more than usual?

12. Were you in contact with your ex while we were in relation?

13. Have you ever been jealous of me?

14. Can you name the worst thing you have done to me?

15. Why did you do this to me?

16. Do you still have the things I gave you?

17. What kind of relationship with me would you like to have in the future?

18. Do you and your friends or family still talk about me?

19. Was I romantic enough?

20. Do you know you can sometimes be overbearing?

21. How did your friends feel about our break up?

22. What’s the one thing lacking in your current relationship?

5 Tips for Choosing Questions to Ask Your Ex

If you’re finding difficulty choosing the questions to ask your ex. I hope the below tips might help you to choose the questions to start a conversation with your ex-boyfriend!

Figure Out Why You Need to Talk

It is important to determine why you want to speak with your ex. The two of you just bumped into each other and decided to grab a coffee. Maybe you called them specifically to meet. It doesn’t matter how you approach them, make sure you know why you want to talk with them. Your past relationship may resurface a lot of issues. Unpreparedness leaves you feeling shorthanded, hurt, angry, and bitter.


If you want to forgive your ex then you need to choose the questions to ask your ex. There is a possibility that one of you messed up the relationship. Don’t dredge up the past if forgiveness is your goal. It’s not a good idea to argue about things that have happened. Conflict may result instead of reparation. You should acknowledge your mistakes and apologize for them. Don’t expect your ex to apologize when you talk to them. 

Try to Choose Those Questions that Never Hurt Your Ex

Avoid accusing them or forcing a discussion about their misgivings. Be careful not to anger them or hurt them with abusive words. You must let go of things in order to receive or give forgiveness. Being mature is important.


It is sometimes necessary to talk to your ex to gain closure after a relationship ends abruptly. However, being aggressive or hurtful towards your ex will not lead to closure. Don’t try to force a conversation with them. Make an effort to move forward based on what they have already said.

Discuss Openly 

Reconciling with your partner means making sure you’re both on the same page. Both of you must be willing to work on the areas that need to be fixed in your relationship. You could break up again if you’re not on the same page. If the relationship went wrong, you must discuss it openly with thesequestions to ask your ex!

Final Thoughts on Questions to Ask Your Ex

It is often difficult to deal with the emotional turmoil that comes with a breakup. You should end a relationship if it isn’t working out for you and your partner. In spite of this, if you are trying to get your ex back, you have to ask yourself why you want to rekindle a broken relationship. 

As soon as you have clarity and have decided to give your relationship a second chance, then try these questions to ask your ex-girlfriendor boyfriend. Working together towards a new beginning is a good idea if they seem interested. In any case, these questions to ask your ex will help you find closure, which is essential for mental peace.

We have selected a range of questions that vary in emotional intensity, so you can pick anything that relates to your relationship with your ex. Please let us know if you liked our article “questions to ask your ex” and if you found it useful.

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