103 Funny Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh

Whether you’re trying to break the ice on a first date or just want to add some humor to your conversation, having a list of witty questions to ask a girl to make her laugh can be a game changer.

In this article, we’ve compiled over 100 funny questions to ask a girl, guaranteed to get her laughing and having a good time.

So, sit back, relax, and let the giggles begin!

What Questions Can I Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh?

Making a girl laugh can be a great way to break the ice and create a fun and memorable moment.

To get her giggling, try using humor and playfulness in your conversations. You can share silly jokes, tell funny stories, or make lighthearted observations about everyday situations.

Poking fun at yourself or doing silly impressions can also be a great way to get her laughing.

The key is to not take yourself too seriously, so she feels comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the moment with you.

It’s important to be respectful and avoid making jokes at someone else’s expense.

By making her smile, you can create a bond and build a connection with her.

Funny Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh

If you’re looking to make a girl laugh, these fun questions are sure to do the trick. From silly jokes to absurd hypotheticals, these questions will get her giggling.

1. If you can date an animal who do you pick?

2. Who do you hate the most and want to kill him/her?

3. If you can feed someone animal shit who do you prank?

4. Is it true animals do not eat clowns because they are too funny?

5. If a book of failure gets success so its a success or failure?

6. What kind of cult would you like to start?

7. Why Blueberries are not blue?

8. If drinking milk makes you white then why the buffalo is not white?

9. What is the opposite of word opposite?

10. What word that starts with f and ends with k?

11. Which is the most funnies moment in your life?

12. Why does a round pizza come in square box?

13. Can a kangaroo jump higher than a house?

14. What is the difference between a snowman and a snow woman?

15. I go in hard. I come out soft. You blow me hard what am I?

16. What is the funniest face you can ever make?

17. What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?

18. If animals can talk who would be the most rude to talk?

19. If you make me an animal what you will make me?

20. What’s the weirdest smell you have ever smelled?

21. What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

22. What was your most embarrassing moment?

23. What would you do if you wake up and you became monkey?

24. Why fish does not drowns in water?

25. What would be the creepiest thing you could say while passing a stranger on the street?

26. Does fish ever feel thirsty?

Romantic Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh

With these romantic questions, you can create a happy, warm and memorable moment that she’ll treasure for a long time.

1. Do you wish I would be more affectionate? How can I be more loving?

2. How can I better support your career goals?

3. What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day?

4. What’s your idea of a romantic date?

5. What is your favorite flower?

6. What’s your favorite date night movie?

7. What’s something you love to do but rarely get a chance to do it?

8. What makes you feel sexy?

9. What do you believe love is?

10. Do you believe love can last forever?

11. Do you like big displays of affection?

12. How do you feel about PDA?

13. What’s your love language?

14. Are roses and teddy bears romantic to you?

15. What are your personal, cultural, or religious beliefs about physical intimacy?

16. How can I know if you want more or less physical intimacy?

17. I want to make sure you are always comfortable and in control of your own body. Will you tell me if I’m moving too quickly?

18. How can I show you love?

19. Do you think public proposals are romantic? What would be your ideal proposal?

20. What would be your ideal birthday celebration?

21. What would make you feel loved and cared for by me?

22. Do you keep in touch with your exes?

23. Do you feel heard by me?

24. Do we spend enough time together?

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh

If you’re looking to make her laugh and show your interest, try asking these flirty questions. These questions will help you get to know her better and let her see your charming and confident side.

1. What is your favorite compliment to receive?

2. What compliment would you give me?

3. Do you like my smile?

4. Aside from looking pretty all day, what do you do for a living?

5. How would you react if I told you I love your smile?

6. What’s the one thing that attracts you the most?

7. Did you have an imaginary friend in childhood?

8. Do you think my flirting style is good, or do I need to learn something new?

9. Has anyone ever told you that you are the most gorgeous person in this world?

10. Did you just see me falling head over heels in love with you?

11. Who needs an angel if there’s such a beautiful fairy like you by their side?

12. Your hands look heavy. Can I hold them for you?

13. I know these chocolates are not as sweet as your smile, but would you like to share them with me?

14. Did angels cry when they dropped you to Earth?

15. If we could time travel, where would you take us first?

16. What is the best pick-up line you have ever heard of? Did it work?

17. May I know what your love language is?

18. What’s your go-to romantic move?

19. Do you like the idea of a romantic candlelit dinner date?

20. How many stars out of 5 would you give me?

21. Are you a hug or a kiss person?

22. Do you like cuddling?

23. Do you enjoy dancing with a partner? what’s your favorite style?

24. Tell me about your ideal date night.

25. What makes you blush?

26. What three qualities does your ideal man have?

27. Have you ever gone on a blind date?

Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh Over Text

These questions will help you keep the conversation light and fun, and let her see your sense of humor. The key is to be creative and not take yourself too seriously.

1. If president is gay would is husband be the “first man”?

2. What is the funniest nickname you ever had?

3. Can army of chicken kill elephant?

4. If you save time can you get it back?

5. If swimming is healthy why wales are fat?

6. Which ice cream flavor you want to be?

7. Your house is on fire, and you can save 1 of 3 things. Your favorite book, your good tweezers, or your favorite mug. Which would you choose and why?

8. Have you ever been out of the country? If yes, tell me about your favorite trip. If not, where would you like to go?

9. What is your favorite State? What do you love about it?

10. Have you ever been caught nose picking?

11. How does nose picking taste?

12. Why is hot dog a sandwich?

13. What’s the weirdest thing a guest has done at your house?

14. What’s invisible but you wish people could see?

15. Which of the 7 wonders of the world have you always wanted to see? Have you seen any of them already?

16. What’s your middle name? Who gave you your middle name, and what’s the story behind it?

17. What’s your favorite music station?

18. What’s your favorite action movie? What did you love about it?

19. What’s your favorite dessert?

20. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

21. What does your ideal weekend look like?

22. Have you ever taken a fake sick day? What did you do?

23. Tell me about your friends. What are they like? Do you have a BFF?

24. What do you like to do with your friends?

25. Do you like your friends? Do you think they’ll like me?

26. What’s your favorite thing to relax in the evenings?

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, humor is an essential tool in creating a light and comfortable atmosphere when getting to know someone.

By asking a girl the right questions, you can break the ice and make her feel relaxed and entertained.

The above-mentioned questions to ask a girl to make her laugh are a great starting point and can lead to a more meaningful and enjoyable conversation.

We hope you found these funny questions to ask a girl helpful in your quest to make a girl laugh.

If you have any other questions or tips that have worked for you, please feel free to share in the comments section below.

Your input and feedback are valuable to us and other readers looking to improve their communication skills.

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