105 Best Pokemon Trivia Questions (with Answers)

Embark on an exciting journey into the kingdom of Pokémon trivia with our curated compilation of over 100 Pokemon trivia questions and answers.

These Pokemon trivia questions are designed to challenge and delight fans of all ages.

From the iconic Pikachu to legendary battles, these questions encompass various aspects of the Pokémon universe.

Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or a casual enthusiast, these trivia questions offer a chance to showcase your knowledge.

These will help you reminisce about classic moments, and discover new tidbits about the beloved franchise.

General Pokemon Trivia Questions

Explore a range of Pokémon-related topics as you dive into our collection of trivia questions. From origin stories to evolutions, these questions touch on various aspects of the Pokémon world, offering a captivating experience for fans of all backgrounds.

1. Lucario is what dual type of Pokemon?

Answer: Fighting/Steel.

2. Chimchar evolves into what?

Answer: Monferno.

3. Who’s the main character in Pokémon?

Answer: Ash.

4. How many evolutions does Eevee have?

Answer: 8.

5. What is the strongest Pokémon?

Answer: Arceus.

6. Which Pokémon is Misty’s main Pokémon?

Answer: Staryu.

7. What is Piplup’s final evolution?

Answer: Empoleon.

8. What type of Pokémon is Pikachu?

Answer: Electric.

9. What colour is Ash’s hat?

Answer: Red.

10. Fill in the blank. “I want to be _____”

Answer: The very best.

11. The Pokémon type Fire is weakest against what type of Pokémon?

Answer: Water.

12. What colour is pollywag?

Answer: Blue.

13. What is squirtle’s final evolution?

Answer: Blastoise.

14. How old is Ash in the beginning of the series?

Answer: 10.

15. What is Gyarados’ best attack?

Answer: Hydro Pump.

16. What was the first Pokémon ash caught?

Answer: Caterpie.

Easy Pokemon Trivia Questions

Embark on a journey of nostalgia and enjoyment with our easy Pokemon trivia quiz. Whether you’re introducing the world of Pokémon to newcomers or simply seeking a lighthearted challenge, these questions offer a delightful exploration of the franchise’s rich history.

1. Who worked with Gary at the Sayda Lab?

Answer: Dora.

2. An arm thrust is what kind of move?

Answer: Fighting.

3. What Pokedex number is Pikachu?

Answer: 25.

4. Which team first appeared in Gen. LV?

Answer: Galactic.

5. Zigzagoon evolves into what?

Answer: Linoone.

6. The leader of Team Galactic is…?

Answer: Cyrus.

7. What type of move is the move “Tough”?

Answer: Condition.

8. Name the most famous yellow Pokemon?

Answer: Pikachu.

9. Pokemon is short for what?

Answer: Pocket Monsters.

10. Which type of Pokemon can beat Lorelei?

Answer: Fire.

11. Professor Elm comes from which region?

Answer: Johto.

12. What color is the Rock/Ground Golem?

Answer: Brown.

13. Professor Burnet has what color eyes?

Answer: Yellow.

Hard Pokemon Trivia Questions

Test the limits of your Pokémon expertise with our hard Pokemon quiz. These questions delve into obscure facts, legendary battles, and the intricate details that make the Pokémon universe so captivating.

1. What animal is Turtwig?

Answer: Turtle.

2. How many members are in the Squirtle Squad?

Answer: 5.

3. Who is Brock’s main Pokémon?

Answer: Forretress.

4. How many types of Pokémon are there?

Answer: 18.

5. Who is number 1 in the Pokédex?

Answer: Bulbasaur.

6. How many Pokémon are there?

Answer: 913.

7. How many types of Pokéballs are there?

Answer: 27.

8. Who is Ash’s rival?

Answer: Gary.

9. What are the three types of starter Pokémon?

Answer: Grass Fire Water.

10. What type of Pokémon is Magmar?

Answer: Fire.

11. What is Pollywag’s final evolution?

Answer: Poliwrath.

12. What animal is Growlithe?

Answer: Dog.

13. What colour is Arbok?

Answer: Purple.

14. What type of Pokémon is Accelgor?

Answer: Bug.

15. Vulpix is what type of Pokemon?

Answer: Fire.

16. Phanpy is what type of Pokemon?

Answer: Ground.

17. What type of Pokemon is Pachirisu?

Answer: Electric.

Pokemon Trivia Questions for Kids

Ignite the imagination of young Pokémon enthusiasts with our collection of trivia questions tailored for kids. These questions provide an engaging and educational experience, fostering a love for learning and the vibrant world of Pokémon.

1. What does Pokémon mean?

Answer: Pocket monsters.

2. What color is Team Rocket’s hair?

Answer: Blue.

3. What is the newest type of Pokemon?

Answer: Fairy.

4. Blastoise is what generation Pokemon?

Answer: 1st.

5. Who was Ash’s starter Pokemon?

Answer: Pikachu.

6. Who does Charmander evolve into?

Answer: Charmeleon.

7. What Pokémon doesn’t have eyes?

Answer: Zubat.

8. What animal is Spoink?

Answer: Pig.

9. Who was the first Pokémon ever designed?

Answer: Rhydon.

10. How many orbs are there in total?

Answer: 6.

11. How many contest conditions are there?

Answer: 5.

12. Who is #1 in the Pokedex?

Answer: Bulbasaur.

13. Which Pokemon has a burning tail?

Answer: Charmander.

14. What is the English motto of Pokemon?

Answer: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

15. Who is the only Pokemon able to speak?

Answer: Meowth.

16. Who has a Psyduck that’s a real nuisance?

Answer: Misty.

17. Mankey is what type of Pokemon?

Answer: Fighting.

Pokemon Trivia Questions for Adults

Delve into the nostalgia and complexity of the Pokémon universe with our trivia questions catered to adults. Explore the evolution of the franchise, and deepen your appreciation for the world of Pokémon.

1. Togepi is a Fairy from what generation?

Answer: 2nd.

2. What type of Pokemon is Pikachu?

Answer: Electric.

3. Plusle is what type of Pokemon?

Answer: Electric.

4. Totodile is what type?

Answer: Water.

5. Caterpie is what type of Pokemon?

Answer: Bug.

6. Fennekin is a pure what?

Answer: Fire.

7. Poochyeena is what type of Pokemon?

Answer: Dark.

8. Whismur is what type of Pokemon?

Answer: Normal.

9. Turtwig is what type of Pokemon?

Answer: Grass.

10. Ivysaur evolves into which Pokemon?

Answer: Venusaur.

11. Charmander is what type of Pokemon?

Answer: Fire.

12. What type of Pokemon is Tyrogue?

Answer: Fighting.

13. Drowzee is what type of Pokemon?

Answer: Psychic.

14. What type of Pokemon is Happiny?

Answer: Normal.

15. Slugma is what type of Pokemon?

Answer: Fire.

16. What type of Pokemon is Venonat?

Answer: Bug/Poison.

Pokemon Trivia Questions Multiple Choice

Engage in an interactive trivia experience with our multiple-choice questions. Put your quick thinking to the test as you select the correct answers and enhance your Pokémon knowledge in an engaging format.

1. What is the colour of Raichu’s cheeks?

A. Yellow

B. Red

C. Blue

Answer: A.

2. What is the first version of Pokemon video games released in 1996?

A. Pokemon Red and Green

B. Pokemon Red and Blue

C. Pokemon Gold and Silver

Answer: A.

3. What is the latest version of Pokemon video games released in 2019?

A. Pokemon Sun and Moon

B. Pokemon Black and White

C. Pokemon Sword and Shield

Answer: C.

4. How many types of Pokemon are there?

A. 15 types

B. 18 types

C. 21 types

Answer: B.

5. What is the most common type of Pokemon?

A. Water

B. Grass

C. Fire

Answer: A.

6. Which Pokemon researcher in the series is considered to be the best scientist about Pokemon?

A. Professor Agatha

B. Professor Oak

C. Professor Elm

Answer: B.

7. Which is the oldest Pokemon in the game universe?

A. Arceus

B. Rhydon

C. Meowth

Answer: A.

8. Which electronic device is used to record and provide information about different species of Pokemon?

A. Pokemon encyclopedia

B. Poke ball

C. Pokedex

Answer: C.

9. Which type of Pokemon is Gyarados?

A. Water and flying

B. Water and dark

C. Water and grass

Answer: A.

10. Which of the following Pokemon is able to control time?

A. Palkia

B. Dialga

C. Darkrai

Answer: B.

11. Which Pokemon will Puputar evolve into?

A. Larvitar

B. Jubitar

C. Tyranitar

Answer: C.

12. What is the only Pokemon that could change its gender?

A. Drowzee

B. Rhydon

C. Azurill

Answer: C.

13. Which Pokemon would devolve into its previous version?

A. Slowbro

B. Xatu

C. Splash

Answer: A.

14. Where does the skull of Cubone come from?

A. From its murdered victim

B. From its dead mother

C. From its dead father

Answer: B.

15. Which of the following attacks can be effective against Squirtle?

A. Thunderbolt

B. Hydro pump

C. Hyper beam

Answer: A.

16. What does a critical hit in the Pokemon game?

A. An attack that stuns a Pokemon in a single shot

B. An attack that leaves more damage than usual

C. An attack with a second free attack

Answer: B.

17. Weezing belongs to which type of Pokemon?

A. Poison

B. Flying

C. Normal

Answer: A.

18. In its highest evolved form, how many heads will Diglett have?

A. Two heads

B. Three heads

C. Four heads

Answer: B.

19. What is the number of Pokemon in the original Pokedex?

A. 141

B. 151

C. 161

Answer: B.

20. Which Pokemon mobile game was released in 2016 that combines the real world and gaming based on augmented reality?

A. Pokemon Sapphire

B. Pokemon GO

C. Pokemon Special

Answer: B.

21. What is the slogan of the Pokemon franchise?

A. Catch ‘em if you can

B. Catch ‘em all

C. Gotta catch ‘em all

Answer: C.

22. The name Hitmonlee is based on which famous figure in real life?

A. Bruce Lee

B. Tommy Lee

C. Tyler Lee

Answer: A.

Final Thoughts

We hope you immersed yourself in the enchanting aura of nostalgia, the thrill of discovery, and the sense of camaraderie that defines the Pokémon community.

These Pokemon trivia questions have united fans across the world for generations.

Join the conversation by sharing your insights, personal encounters, and even your own intriguing Pokemon quiz questions in the comments section.

Let us together relish the joy that comes from exploring the diverse and fascinating universe of Pokémon.

Thank you so much.

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