Nailcare Tips Every Nail Tech Will Tell You

As a professional nail technician, it can be intensely frustrating when, after using your skills and expertise to create a beautiful, polished, and flawless manicure or pedicure, you spend the time explaining to the client everything there is to know about aftercare, only for them to ignore it.

So, to do your professional nail tech a favor and ensure you look after your nails, whether sporting a manicure or not, continue reading to learn the top five nailcare tips every nail tech will tell you.

1. Use Cuticle Oil Every Day

The most inexpensive product for you to invest in that can not only help preserve a flawless manicure or pedicure for the long term, but also help maintain strong and healthy nails in general, is cuticle oil. You can buy stocks from a supplier like iGel Beauty, and see a full range of professional nailcare products to suit your price range and your intended purpose, with just a few splashes of oil a day to improve your nails considerably.

2. Look Out for Signs of Unhealthy Nails

Next, everyone knows that even, pink fingernails with a whiter edge are a sign of healthy and well-kempt nails, but nail technicians also want their clients to stay alert to signs of unhealthy nails too, with the primary factors being as follows:

  • Splitting or peeling across the nail plate
  • Horizontal lines and grooves
  • Spoon-shaped nail plates
  • Small white spots or blemishes
  • Swollen and red skin around the cuticles

3. Keep a Nail File in Your Purse

Everyone experiences a random rip or tear in one or more of their nails at some point; usually, it can be difficult to pinpoint when the rip occurred. If you are busy at work and find the torn nail catches on your computer’s keyboard, for example, the temptation to simply rip it off and carry on typing is hard to resist.

Unfortunately, this can have much more of a negative impact on this particular nail’s health and overall quality than you may think, so ensuring you always have a nail file to hand instead is strongly advisable.

4. Always Use a Base Coat

If, instead of visiting a professional technician every month, you instead choose to go for the more affordable option of painting your nails at home, then every tech would always advise that you never apply the varnish directly onto the surface of the nail plate.

Instead, invest in a thick, high-quality base coat in clear polish to cover the nail and allow it to dry before painting them.

5. Wash Your Hands More

Finally, there are many reasons you should always clean your hands before eating and after touching public property, but keeping your hands as clean as possible will also keep your nails healthy.

What is more, every couple of weeks or so, make the effort to apply a small amount of sensitive soap to the tips of a toothbrush and gently scrub underneath the tip of the nail, too.

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