562 Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner to Strengthen Your Bond

Intimate questions to ask your partner can help you explore new things about your partner. Sharing personal information with your spouse may aid in the development of a strong and trustworthy connection.

Every connection is built on a firm foundation of mutual understanding. Intimate questions to ask your partner can help you better know your companion.

In a relationship, it’s not just about sex but also commitment, time together, and general trust. Developing emotional intimacy can be essential for the well-being of both partners because it makes them feel safe.

Sex may be the lovemaking of choice at one stage in a relationship. At the same time, emotional intimacy is more critical at another stage.

When you play the intimate couple questions game with your spouse, you will learn about their values, life objectives, and hidden secrets. It might also assist you in determining if your companion is an introvert or an extrovert.

According to the experts, a low level of emotional intimacy can lead to dissatisfaction and uncertainty among couples. So, intimacy questions for your partner are purely crafted to enhance emotional closeness and sexual intimacy.

So, if you’re planning to play this game with your love, check out our list of must-read questions below category wise.

Best Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

Everyone has a distinct vision and opinion on the same subject. A solid and long-lasting relationship requires mutual respect for one another’s differences. As a result, the best intimate questions to ask your partner are those that allow you to understand those differences better. Please take a look at them!

1. What emotions were you feeling before we physically met for the first time?

2. What were you hoping for when we first met?

3. What were your first impressions of me?

4. What personal quality were you most attracted to?

5. How did you know that you wanted to be with me?

6. What’s your favorite memory of me?

7. What’s your biggest concern about our relationship?

8. What’s the best thing we’ve got going for us as a couple?

9. What dreams do you have for us as a couple?

10. Whose relationship do you most admire and why?

11. If you made our 5 most challenging moments where we succeeded together into a highlight reel, what would those moments be?

12. How could we improve how we handle conflict?

13. If our relationship was a book or movie, which one would it be?

14. What’s something you’ve wanted to tell me but never felt able to?

15. What kind of things make it hard for you to sleep at night?

16. What’s one thing you wouldn’t tolerate from me?

17. What could I do to make you feel really listened to?

18. What do you need from me when you feel upset?

19. What do you need from me when you feel stressed or overwhelmed?

20. How can we handle it if we’re both having a bad day?

21. What do you need from me that you’re not getting?

22. How should we handle it if our families cause issues in our relationship?

23. What makes you feel at peace?

24. Who comforted you as a child?

25. Who has seriously hurt you in your life?

26. When do you feel most secure?

27. How happy are you with our finances right now?

28. How happy are you with how we manage our finances?

29. How would you like me to break bad news?

30. What would be the best way to tell you great news?

31. What are you most grateful for in our lives together?

32. What did you learn from past relationships that make you a better partner now?

33. What experiences do you wish had never happened in your life?

34. What past mistakes do you struggle to forgive yourself for?

35. What things in your life have made you feel most proud?

36. To whom do you feel you belong?

37. How do you feel about your relationship with your family?

38. How could we reconnect if we started feeling isolated from each other?

39. Who would you go to for help if you needed it?

40. What’s something that didn’t work out that crushed you at the time but now you’re grateful for?

41. What’s been the best “happy accident” of your life?

42. What has been the biggest failure in your life to date and has it affected your life?

43. How do you like to celebrate success?

44. What has been the biggest success in your life to date?

45. What would scare you the most to lose?

46. If you didn’t have to work, how would you spend your time?

47. What are the three most important things in your life?

48. What dreams for your life have you still yet to realize?

49. What could we do (even if it was hard or risky) to make some of our life dreams come true?

Fun Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

Shed your egoistic veneer, which can widen the gap between you and your partner. The following is the best collection of fun intimate questions to ask your partner on a date night.

1. Which car could you drive for the rest of your life?

2. What would you give up? Coffee or carbs?

3. Who was your first celebrity crush?

4. What was the dumbest thing you ever did?

5. How many selfies do you take during the day?

6. Have you been kissed by the same sex?

7. If you won one million dollars, what would you do with that money?

8. What is the strangest thing you ever ate and felt horrible about?

9. What’s the wildest thing you have ever done?

10. Which is harder to give up – coffee or alcohol?

11. If you had to eat at KFC for one week straight, what would you eat there?

12. If you knew you wouldn’t get caught, would you become a thief?

13. If today were your last day, what do you want as your last meal?

14. If you are stranded on an island, what three things and which three people would you get along?

15. What is the ugly scar you have and how did you get?

16. How many pizza slices can you eat in one sitting?

17. If you had the power to bring a fictional character to life, who would it be?

18. If you can get back in time, which year would you visit?

19. If you could kill any character from a television soap, which character would it be?

20. What is the craziest dream you have ever had?

21. Would you strip for hundred dollars?

22. Did you ever chase anyone in a car? If yes, why?

23. If you could go on a cross-country road trip with a famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?

24. Were you ever so scared that you wet your pants?

25. If you had the power to choose your age, what age would you choose and why?

26. Would you like to live beyond a hundred years? If yes, why?

27. If you could be a star for a day, who would you choose to be?

28. What is the weirdest thing you googled about in the last one week?

29. What is the funniest dream you have had?

30. Would you rather give up coffee or sweets?

31. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

32. How often do you take selfies?

33. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?

34. What would you do if you won a million dollars?

35. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

36. What would you eat if you could only eat meals from Wendy’s for a whole week?

37. If today were your last day to live, what would you eat?

38. If you were going to be stranded on an island for a month, what three things would you take with you?

39. If you could choose to bring one fictional character to life, who would you choose and why?

40. What is the craziest dream you can remember?

41. Would you strip for $100?

42. If you could be any age you wanted for the rest of your life, what age would you choose?

43. Do you want to live to be 100 or older? Why or why not?

44. What is the strangest thing you have searched on Google in the past week?

45. What car would you choose if you could only drive one type of vehicle for the rest of your life?

Deep Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

“Deeper the understanding, deeper will be the relationship.” Intimate questions are a great way to get a comprehensive picture of your spouse, so let’s get started with some deep intimate questions to ask your partner. Have a look at our fantastic and well-crafted questions list below:

1. What did you first notice about me?

2. How important is physical attraction to you in a relationship?

3. Is there anything about me you hope and wish never changes?

4. What do you find most attractive about my personality?

5. Would our relationship still work if we found out that one of us couldn’t have children?

6. Do you think we should travel more before we settle down?

7. Do you think I show you enough care and affection when we’re together?

8. Is there anything I could do for you that I don’t already?

9. Are there any new things you want to try/experience together?

10. How do you feel when you see me again after time apart?

11. Do you think we give each other enough alone time?

12. To you, is it more important to have a solid physical attraction or have true companionship in a relationship?

13. Do you think we spend enough quality time together?

14. How would you react if I wholly and drastically changed my appearance?

15. Are special occasions like Valentine’s Day important to you?

16. At what moment did you realize that you loved me?

17. Do you think it’s important to be vulnerable in a relationship?

18. What qualities do I have that you love the most?

19. What activities do you enjoy doing most with me?

20. What do you think about using candles for our next date night?

21. What’s something you miss that we used to do more of?

22. What costume would you like me to wear next time we are being intimate together?

23. If you had to change one thing about yourself to better this relationship, what would it be and why?

24. What part of your body do you enjoy being kissed the most?

25. What’s more important to you, physical intimacy or deep conversations?

26. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt while being with me?

27. What’s your most cherished memory of our relationship so far?

28. Would you prefer me to be loving and caring when you get upset or leave you to take some time?

29. Do you see us growing old together? What would our life look like?

30. What weaknesses in our relationship do we need to work on?

31. Do you feel like we handle conflict in the right way?

32. What’s something you admire about me?

33. What personal accomplishment makes you most proud?

34. Do you have any fantasies you want to explore with me?

35. What three words would your parents use to describe you?

36. Do you feel like I listen to you when you’re concerned about something?

37. Do you see children in our future? What would they be like?

38. Have I ever done something that inspired you?

39. What’s something you would never change about yourself?

40. What memories of our time together do you cherish?

41. Are you someone that nurtures or protects people around them?

42. Is there anything you wish you could do, but you’re embarrassed to try?

43. Have your priorities changed over time, or have they always remained the same?

44. Do you have any recurring dreams about me?

45. Has being with me taught you anything you didn’t know about yourself?

Sexually Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

In addition to emotional closeness, sexual intimacy is essential for physically satisfying your spouse. If you want to sexually attract your spouse, sexually intimate questions to ask your partner are perfect. So, don’t skip the great questions mentioned below:

1. Is there anything sexual we have not tried that you would like to try?

2. What are your views on s#x toys?

3. Where and how do you like to be touched?

4. Are you satisfied with the physical aspects of our relationship?

5. What would make our sexual relationship better for you?

6. In a perfect world, how often would you like to have sex?

7. What color lingerie do you like me to wear?

8. Is our physical relationship good enough for you? Do you feel anything is missing?

9. Are there any new positions you would like to try?

10. How often would you want us to be intimate?

11. Do you have any sexual fantasies you think about often?

12. How can I keep the physical intimacy between us strong throughout the day, outside of the bedroom?

13. Do you enjoy role play?

14. What is your G-spot?

15. What kind of foreplay do you enjoy?

16. What can I do outside the bedroom to keep you enticed throughout the day?

17. Do you like to take a shower with me?

18. Do you enjoy blue films and dirty magazines?

19. Have you ever skinny dipped with a group?

20. What’s your favorite part of my body?

21. What kind of outfit would look best on me?

22. Do you think you’re a good kisser?​

23. Where you like being touched the most?

24. How often do you touch yourself in a week? What’s on your mind during solo time?

25. How old were you when you lost your virginity?​

26. Where is the strangest place you’ve ever had s#x?

27. Where would you love to have s#x?

28. What’s the ultimate role play for you?

29. What turns you on almost instantly?​

30. What celebrity do you think would be the best in bed?

31. How do you feel about bringing toys into the bedroom?

32. Have you ever bragged to your friends about me?​

33. Have you ever been to a strip club?

34. What kind of talk do you like, if any, in bed?

35. Have you ever had a dream about me?

36. Have you ever explored tantric s#x?​

37. Have you ever kissed me in public just to make someone jealous?

38. Hickes: major yes or no way?

39. What is a fantasy you’ve never shared with anyone?

40. What would you like to try sexually if there were no consequences or guilt?

41. What’s one thing you’ve never done that you’d like to try?

42. An article stumbled across my feed about [a want, need or desire], and it got me thinking. How would you feel about trying that?

43. How and what did you learn about s#x growing up?

44. How do you feel most comfortable telling me what you want?

45. Where do you like and not like to be touched?

46. What have you learned about your body in the last three years that could make our s#x life more fun?

47. In what context do you feel the sexiest?

48. What’s a fantasy you would like to try with me?

49. What’s one thing you love that I do when we’re intimate and why?

Emotionally Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

Vulnerability in a relationship is critical and can be risky. It can hurt you when you reveal your big insecurities and fears. Be the safeguard of the secrets, and do not exploits your partner by taking advantage of them. Must-Read all emotionally intimate questions to ask your partner:

1. What do you remember thinking to yourself the first time you saw me?

2. When did you know you were in love with me?

3. What are three qualities about me that you were first attracted to?

4. What are three of your happiest memories of our early days together?

5. Is there a smell or a sound that you remember from those early days that still makes you smile?

6. If our love story was a movie, what movie does it most closely resemble?

7. What was your favorite date that we ever had? What made it so special for you?

8. Do you have a favorite adventure that we took together? What made it your favorite?

9. How and when did you know we’d make it as a couple?

10. What are three strengths you see between us that we possess as a team?

11. What’s your very favorite memory of me?

12. How did you know you wanted to be with me? Did it happen in a moment or over time?

13. How do I make you feel especially loved in our relationship?

14. What are some of the little things I do that kind of drive you nuts but also that you secretly like about me?

15. What’s your favorite sexual memory of us? Or top three memories?

16. What do you think your younger self would think of our relationship?

17. What have you learned about relationships from your parents?

18. When was the last time you cried?

19. Have your friendships taught you anything about romantic relationships?

20. What does ‘work-life balance’ mean to you?

21. What was the most surprising thing you learned about me?

22. When was the last time you laughed so much you cried?

23. Has your relationship taught you anything about yourself?

24. In what ways do you think we’re similar?

25. In what ways do you think we’re different?

26. What did you want to be when you were a child?

27. In what ways do you think we’ve evolved as a couple?

28. When have you felt most proud of me?

29. What have I taught you?

30. What makes you feel confident?

31. Have there been any challenges in our relationship?

32. If we could travel anywhere together, where would we go?

33. What’s your most treasured childhood memory?

34. What book, film, or TV show has had the greatest impact on you?

35. What is your biggest fear?

36. How do you think you express love for me?

37. What was your favorite toy growing up?

38. What excites you the most about life?

39. What is your favorite characteristic about yourself?

40. How important is a physical connection to you?

41. What do you think is the most interesting fact about me?

42. How would you define ‘successes?

43. Where do you see yourself in five years?

44. What’s your favorite way to relax?

45. How often do you reflect on the past?

46. What do you think are the signs of a healthy relationship?

47. Do you think we have the same values? How do we differ?

Physically Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

Kissing, hugging and touching your partner are great ways to establish a romantic relationship. Physically intimate questions to ask your partner can reveal shocking things about your beloved one. Be courageous to know them! Check our list that will be fruitful for you.

1. What’s your favorite thing for me to do to you in bed?

2. What’s something you’d like to try that we’ve never done?

3. What’s your ideal amount of times per week to be intimate?

4. What is your favorite thing to do to get in the mood?

5. What would you be happy to physically never do again?

6. Are there any fantasies you have that you’d like us to try?

7. How could I touch you more?

8. Do you like just cuddling up with me?

9. Do you have any fantasies?

10. What do you feel about a late-night swim with me?

11. Does close dancing turn you on?   

12. Do I touch you enough out of the bedroom?

13. Do I touch you enough in the bedroom?

14. What’s the most sensitive (not ticklish!) part of your body?

15. What’s one thing we could do to improve our love life?

16. Where do you most like to be kissed?

17. What part of my body do you like the best?

18. What’s your favorite position?

19. How do you feel about touching and kissing in public?

20. Where’s your favorite place to get busy?

21. What time of day do you prefer to be intimate?

22. Do we kiss enough in our marriage?

23. What’s your favorite memory of us in bed (or not in bed!) together?

24. What’s your vision of a perfect night in bed together?

25. What role does physical attraction play in whether or not you pursue a relationship?

26. How would you respond if my appearance drastically changed, either overnight (new haircut and different hair color, for example) or over time (more/less muscle, weight gain/loss)?

Experientially Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

Knowing about your partner’s experience may be wonderful if it’s positive, but it can be heartbreaking if it’s unpleasant. If it’s not intentional, it could be a tragedy, so be brave and go with experientially questions to ask your partner. Check our best-compiled list below:

1. What fun things did we do in our dating days you’d like to bring back?

2. What’s the most fun time we’ve ever had together?

3. What’s the most rewarding time we’ve ever had together?

4. What small, shared activities do you enjoy doing together?

5. What’s the worst date experience we’ve ever had?

6. How could we improve our date nights?

7. What would our perfect date involve?

8. What kind of activities are a no-no for you?

9. What’s an activity you’d like to try together?

10. Out of the vacations we’ve had, which one did you enjoy the most and why?

11. Do you prefer more frequent weekend getaways or longer overseas trips?

12. Where would you like to travel to as a couple?

13. What place holds your fondest memories of us?

14. What kind of things do you imagine us doing as we move through each stage of our lives?

15. What does our perfect day look like to you?

16. If you made our 10 best experiences into a highlight reel, what would those experiences be?

17. What traditions would you like us to start as a couple?

18. What rhythms of our day to day life do you enjoy the most?

19. What activities make you feel the most connected to me?

20. How would you like us to celebrate our next anniversary?

21. How would you like to celebrate our 50th anniversary?

22. How could we get more involved in community activities?

23. What’s an activity that makes you feel alive?

24. What would you like to spend more time doing?

25. What food do you enjoy eating the most?

26. What new skill would you like to master before you die?

27. What’s your ideal Friday night?

28. What’s your ideal Sunday morning?

29. What was your favorite birthday celebration?

30. How would you like to celebrate your next milestone birthday?

Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner about the Past

You can ask your partner intimate questions about the past to learn about childhood love, memories, desires, and personal goals of your partner. Knowing about history will be fruitful for you to have a complete image of your partner’s personality.

1. Have you ever cheated on someone in a past relationship?

2. Has there ever been a time you were close to cheating but decided against it?

3. How many serious relationships have you had in the past?

4. Have you been in love in the past?

5. What was going through your mind on our first date?

6. Were you looking for a relationship when we found each other?

7. Did you debate asking me on a date? What would have made you not ask me?

8. When did you realize you were in love with me?

9. Would you feel safe talking about an embarrassing secret from your past?

10. Do you have anything in your past that you find difficult to face or work through?

11. How many girlfriends have you had in the past?

12. Were you ever madly in love before?

13. What did you think about me when we met first?

14. Were you looking for a relationship when we met?

15. Have you ever cheated on a partner?

16. Did you ponder on asking me out?

17. Were you on a rebound when we met but eventually fell in love with me?

18. Who is your role model in love?

19. Which celebrity were you in love with when you were in school/college?

20. Did you imagine me as your wife after the first couple of dates?

21. Have you been cheated on or ditched in the past?

22. Have you ever had a one-night stand? How many?

23. What’s your biggest regret?

24. What was your most embarrassing moment?

Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner about Future

If you want to stay in a relationship for a long time, gauge your partner’s compatibility by asking intimate questions about the future. You’ll also find out whether your lover is happy with you or not.

1. Would you want to have kids soon? If yes, how many?

2. Where and how do you see us five years from now?

3. What are your retirement plans?

4. Would you like our parents to live with us when they are too old to take care of themselves?

5. Would you still be with me if I cannot bear children?

6. What are your occupational goals, and would they affect our future together?

7. If I got a job elsewhere, would you mind if I went? Would you shift with me?

8. What do you think of long-distance relationships? Like if you were in the Army.

9. Where would you want to live when you retire?

10. What do you expect from me as your lover?

11. How would you like to spend your weekends when we have kids?

12. Once we have kids, would you still want to go out on dates with me and spend alone-time with me?

13. Will you help out with the kids?

14. What kind of a mother do you think I will be? What kind of a father will you be?

15. Do you want to book our graves next to each other?

16. Would you ever do an extreme sport?

17. If you won a lottery, what would you do with the money?

18. Where do you think this relationship will go in the next year?

19. Where do you see us five years from now?

20. Is marriage important to you?

21. What is your opinion on having children?

22. How would you feel if we were unable to have children?

23. What are your goals for your career?

24. Where would you like to live during retirement?

25. How do you think a day would look for us when we are married with kids?

26. What would your plans be for our elderly parents if they could no longer live on their own?

27. What are your goals for saving for retirement?

Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner about Love

Some people feel shy to express their love. Asking intimate questions about love can help you know your partner’s thoughts about love, whether they prefer spiritual love or demands physicality.

1. Do you think true soul mates exist?

2. What do you think about love at first sight?

3. What can I do for you that shows my love for you?

4. Do you have any doubts about our love lasting?

5. Would you rather receive a gift or have someone do something nice for you to show their love?

6. Do you prefer thoughtful gifts or something more practical?

7. How do you like to be complimented?

8. How do you personally express your love for your partner?

9. Has there been a time in the past when you were so hurt you doubted the existence of true love?

10. How do you want me to show you how much I love you?

11. Was it love-at-first-sight with me?

12. Do you believe in soulmates and destiny?

13. Do you believe in happily-ever-after?

14. When was the first time you realized you were in love with me?

15. If I am upset or angry, how would you pacify me?

16. Will you let your ego come in the way if we had a massive fight?

17. Do you ever doubt our relationship won’t last forever?

18. Would you get into a fight or walk away if someone teased me?

19. Do you like when I compliment you?

20. Do you like useful, practical gifts or gifts with some emotional value?

21. If you cheated on me, would you tell me?

22. Would you forgive me if I had a drunken one-night stand?

23. If I died early, would you remarry?

24. What do you think I look most beautiful in?

Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner for Deeper Connection

Do you want a long-lasting and deep relationship? Start sharing everything about yourself with your partner. Our well-crafted intimacy questions for your partner will help you get close to each other.

1. I am so deep into you because…

2. Let’s say you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?

3. Has your heart ever been broken before?

4. Of all your all accomplishments in life, which one are you most proud of?

5. If it were possible, what life advice would you give to your teenage self?

6. Is there any way I can better be there for you?

7. Which do you prefer — practical gifts or luxury gifts?

8. One thing that I love most about you is…

9. Is there anything that I’ve done recently that made you particularly happy?

10. I need more… in our relationship!

11. Is there anything I can do to support and encourage you?

12. Is there anything you would truly like to change about our relationship?

13. Was there anything that messed you up during your childhood?

14. In what ways do you feel I can better express my love for you?

15. As an adult, what is your biggest fear?

16. What are most grateful for about our relationship?

17. Honestly, what do you think my major insecurities are?

18. What are the things you feel I do right in our relationship?

19. Between true friendship and sexual attraction, which is more important in a relationship?

20. At what point did you realize that I was the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?

21. Do you feel spouses should care more about themselves than their children?

22. Do you feel our relationship has helped you develop your emotional skills?

23. Within you, do you truly feel that we’re soulmates?

24. What would be the nicest compliment someone has ever given you?

25. What areas of our relationship do you think are the weakest and that we need to develop?

26. What three words would you use in describing yourself.

27. Tell me something that you particularly admire about me?

28. If you had only one year to live, what are the things you would want to do?

29. How often would you like to go out on a date with me?

30. Thinking about our relationship, what aspect of it makes you happiest?

31. What do you value most about me?

32. Do you feel satisfied with the amount of time we spend together?

33. In what ways have your priorities changed in the last 5 years?

34. What would be something unforgivable to do in our relationship?

35. In general, do you think you’re more extroverted or introverted?

36. What are the three things you think we have most in common?

37. How much do you think your personality resists or is open to change?

38. What takes your breath away about me?

39. How could I be a better partner to you?

40. What would be the best thing about growing old together?

41. What relationship lessons have your learned since we became partners?

42. Are there any beliefs you grew up with that you’ve now rejected?

43. Is there any profound thing you’ve learned from me since we’ve been together?

44. In what ways can I show that I respect, appreciate, and truly listen to you?

45. How safe do you feel being around me?

46. What is one big disappointment you’ve experienced and can’t forget?

47. How much of your needs does our marriage meet?

48. If you could change anything, what would you change about yourself?

49. I hate it whenever you…

50. Is there something about me you hope never changes?

51. What are some of the things we’ve done together that are special to you?

52. I wish we could do… once again!

53. What are the things you would want me to do to make our relationship more interesting and exciting?

54. If you could alter one big decision you’ve made in your life, what would that be?

55. What brings you joy the most?

56. Whenever you’re upset, would you prefer me to talk to you or give your some space?

57. Is there any way I have helped you learned something about who you are?

58. What aspect of your appearance are you most sensitive about?

59. Are you truly content with the way our relationship is going?

Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner to Build Intimacy

Most couples reach one stage where their intimacy level starts declining might be due to some misunderstanding, busy routine and greater financial responsibility. Please go through our list of questions to ask your partner to build intimacy again, which is necessary for you to stay connected.

1. Is there a song which you think could be ’our song?’

2. If you met an attractive woman, would you tell her you are married?

3. What do you feel about doing something together, like play a sport or join a salsa class or painting class? What would you like to do together?

4. What kind of house would you like to have with me? An apartment complex or a stand-alone bungalow with a garden?

5. When do you feel the closest to me?

6. Do you think I am a good wife? Are you proud of me?

7. If you were having trouble at work, would you share it with me?

8. Do you like to go for long walks or drives with me?

9. Would you lick the same ice-cream with me?

10. How would you like to help with the housework?

11. Do you think it is important to tell each other how much we love them or miss them? Do these words matter to you?

12. Will you continue saying I love you till our last breath together?

13. Would you like to renew our vows in a church with family and friends when we hit our 25th anniversary?

14. Would you like our kids to look like you or me?

15. Do you remember birthdays and anniversaries (including ours), or do you wait for social media to remind you?

16. Do you enjoy getting flowers from me?

17. What did you notice about me first?

18. Is physical attraction an important part of whether you pursue a romantic relationship with someone?

19. Do you usually have a type? How did I fit with this type?

20. When you tell other people about me, what do you say?

21. What would you want me to tell other people about you?

22. What traits about me are special to you?

23. When you see me, what is the first thought that generally comes to your mind?

24. Do you ever look at people of the opposite sex?

25. How would you react if my appearance changed considerably overnight, such as if I dyed my hair a new color?

26. How would you feel if my appearance changed over time, such as if I put on weight?

Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner Over Text

Some people feel embarrassed while asking intimate questions face-to-face. If you don’t have the courage, then personal questions to ask your partner over text are a great communication source.

1. Are you missing me?

2. If I walked into your office and shut the door, what would you do with me?

3. Is there something you would like me to do when you come back home?

4. Where would you kiss me after coming back home?

5. How would you describe our relationship in one word?

6. Have you eaten your lunch?

7. What is one thing you have been wanting to tell me but have not yet?

8. What would you prefer right now – tea, coffee, or me?

9. What is something you have always wanted to tell me but couldn’t?

10. What is the biggest thing you miss about me now?

11. Where do you like me to kiss you?

12. When was the time you’ve felt the closest to me?

13. The next time we are together, what is one thing you’d like me to do to you?

14. What is one thing I can do to be a better boyfriend/girlfriend to you?

15. What is the first thing you noticed about me?

16. What type of scent do you like on a woman?

17. Would you say you have a “type”? Do I fit what you thought you were looking for?

18. How do you describe me to other people?

19. How do you think I should describe you to other people?

20. What could I do for you that I don’t do now?

21. What is the first thing you think when you see me?

22. What qualities make me special to you?

23. Do you look at other men (women)?

24. If you could have three wishes from me, what would they be?

25. What goals do you have for us?

26. What was the first thing you thought when you met me?

27. What is something you think is true about me, but you’ve never asked to confirm?

28. How big of a deal are special occasions for you?

Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner in Person

If you’re hesitant to speak to someone face to face, don’t worry! Check out our selection of intimate questions to ask your partner in person:

1. What is the first thing that you can still remember about me?

2. What bad habits do I have that bothers you?

3. What exactly is it that you worry most about but know you have no control over?

4. Is there anything I’ve ever done that inspired you?

5. What are some of the ways you truly feel heard?

6. What do you when you’re trying to show me how much you love me?

7. What’s the greatest thing we should be trying to achieve together in our relationship?

8. Which of these is most important to you and why: financial security or personal happiness?

9. Is there anything you’re finding difficult to accept despite knowing that it’s true?

10. What was in your mind when we first met?

11. What’s the worst insult someone has ever directed at you?

12. Do I ever act hypocritically?

13. Do you think there’s any hobby we could take up together in the nearest future?

14. If we could live anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?

15. Do you feel that I’m truly supportive of your dreams?

16. What was your first impression about me?

17. What moral value is the most important to you?

18. In what ways can I make you feel more special?

19. Do you have any resentment towards me for something I have done?

20. Do you truly feel loved?

21. I feel very proud of you when…

22. What particular dream would you want me to assist you realize?

23. If I had an incredible career offer, would you quit your job and move with me?

24. Is there anything that you feel intimated about?

25. In what kind of situation would you want me to lie for you?

26. What do you think, do we go out more or stay at home more?

27. What movie or book has influenced your life the most?

28. Are there good memories you still relish from your childhood?

29. If you could unwind the hands of times, what would you like to witness firsthand?

30. What is it that you like most about me?

31. What is one thing that you can’t do and that you’re embarrassed about?

32. What is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen me do?

33. What specifically do I do that makes you feel truly loved?

34. Do you feel truly respected in our relationship?

35. Is there anything happening currently that you’d like my advice on?

36. Is there anything romantic I could for you?

37. What are the things you don’t like about me or that irritates you about me?

38. Do you feel I appreciate you enough in our relationship?

39. How best can you describe my love for you?

40. What are your biggest dreams?

41. Do you feel like I’m proud of you as my partner?

42. Do you ever wish you could read my mind like Superman?

43. What’s your favorite memory since we’ve been together?

44. Do I give you enough alone time or am I too unavailable?

45. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever been through that you’ve not told me about yet?

46. You know it hurts when you…

47. Is there anything you consider bad that happened to you this month?

48. In your definition, what would a perfect day look like?

49. How often do you prioritize my needs above yours?

50. What are your top favorite five things that we do in bed?

51. Using our relationship as a yardstick, what kind of advice would you give to those who are dating?

52. What aspect of our relationship do you think is the strongest?

53. When you are around me, do you ever feel vulnerable?

54. When was the last time you cried and why?

Personal Questions to Ask Your Partner to Spice Things Up

You can create a romantic atmosphere around you and your lover. It is an excellent way to catch your partner’s attention about what sensual curiosity you have for your partner. Here is the list of best intimate questions to spice things up.

1. What would you do if I kissed you?

2. What can a guy do to always make you feel loved and wanted by him?

3. What are the craziest things you’ve ever dreamt of doing but haven’t got the chance to do them?

4. If we were locked in a room for a day, what would you do to/with me?

5. What’s your opinion on love at first sight?

6. What do you look for in a guy/lady?

7. Do you like to give massages or receive massages?

8. Can you tell me any funny story about you that you’ve told no one?

9. What is one word that describes how you’re feeling right now?

10. What do you normally do when you’re cold?

11. What is your definition of a perfect girl/boy?

12. What is the first place you’ll look if you ever get to see me naked?

13. What was your first impression of me?

14. Do I look like someone who could sweep you off your feet?

15. What’s your wildest imagination?

16. If there’s one thing you could change about yourself what would it be? And Why?

17. Are you a relationship kind of person or friends with benefits kind of person?

18. Which 3 things are the most important in a relationship for you?

19. If I was at your door right now, would you let me in?

20. What do you wear when you go to bed at night? Or do you sleep putting nothing on?

21. Name a few books you really enjoyed

22. Are there any books you would like to read?

23. If you had a superpower for one day what would you want to do?

24. If you had a choice to invite anyone in the world as your guest, who would it be?

25. What’s your favorite place that we should go to together, and why?

26. What is that one thing you don’t want to share with me?

27. Who is your favorite relative?

28. Who are you more close to – your mom or dad?

29. Were you ever pulled over by a cop?

5 Tips for How to Ask Your Partner Intimate Questions

Finding suitable place

A peaceful place is necessary to have a meaningful and transparent cut conversation. Interruption can spoil communication; hence the goal of asking intimate couple questions will not be attained. You may go to the park or a restaurant where the distraction is minimum.

Please refrain from asking personal questions if your spouse is uncomfortable in the atmosphere. Instead, move to any other topic and arrange your date with your partner in a suitable place next time.

Be patient for your turn

Allow your companion to speak freely. Do not interrupt each other while talking. Always be patient and wait your turn. In this way, both parties will have adequate time to ask and answer questions.

Maintain eye contact

Look into your partner’s eyes romantically, and start the conversation by using intimate questions to ask your partner those valuable things that are very important to discuss before or after marriage.

Maintaining eye contact during conversation will be a sign of great affection. Doing this demonstrates you are interested in developing emotional intimacy and winning your partner’s love.

Don’t Be Judgmental

Intimacy questions for your partner can be hard to answer. You may be shocked after listening surprising answer, so do not react harsh or start judging your partner. Keep in mind that it’s a game of knowing each other better. Reacting with anger can destroy your relationship.

Comfortable mode of communication

If your spouse is uncomfortable with face-to-face interactions, ask questions over text. Start with simple questions and move to more in-depth ones to get a complete picture of your companion.

Intimate questions to ask your partner should be written in simple, straightforward language so that your partner understands what you’re saying and responds to your queries.

Final Thoughts on Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

Intimate questions to ask your partner are an excellent way to share your deep feeling and thoughts. Asking intimate couple questions might help you rekindle your enthusiasm for deepening your closeness with your spouse.

Indeed! Every healthy relationship demands closeness. Intimate questions to ask your partner may help you learn more about your partner’s childhood, views on love and life, likes and dislikes, dreams, goals, wishes, and plans, among other things. Knowing all these will help you build a strong connection with your partner.

Accepting differences, tolerating one another, and trusting one another are essential components of a healthy relationship. Self-disclosure is not anything to be afraid of. Remember that you must be vulnerable to achieve emotional intimacy and gain your partner’s confidence.

So you are advised to read all above mentioned intimate questions to ask your partner. Do not pass judgement, be willing to accept the unpleasant reality, and accept your partner’s response even if it is foreboding and contrary to your convictions.

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