How and Where to Get a Lot of Money in GTA 5 Online

Despite the passage of 10 years since the release of GTA 5, its online mode continues to be very popular because it significantly expands and continues the capabilities of single player, which many players have already completed more than 10 times and watched many variations of the endings of the storyline.

You need to go through the main storyline at least once in order to understand the entire context of GTA 5 and learn the main mechanics of transport, shooting, robberies and police pursuit, so that you know the whole essence of the game and understand what you will have to face in online mode.

Online you will complete new robberies, accumulate money and engage in GTA 5 boosting to open up new opportunities.

But don’t forget about the storyline – in addition to useful mechanics and getting to know the city, you will learn the whole story and reveal the character of all three heroes, their fate and role throughout the entire storyline.

How and Where to Get a Lot of Money in GTA 5 Online

The role of money in GTA online

Depending on which version of GTA 5 you received, you will begin your adventures with a different number of dollars in your bank account.

The whole essence of GTA online lies in the activities of making money and buying various real estate, leveling up GTA 5, establishing your own business and progress in Los Angeles among other players.

The role of money in GTA online

Ways to get GTA 5 money

You can earn large sums of dollars to convert into real estate, vehicles, weapons and other amenities in several ways.

Organize or join heists

The most profitable part of GTA online is the robberies, because they bring the maximum amount of money, but there is an important nuance.

Money is given for the main phase of the robbery, and all other stages in which you prepare tools, transport and other moments are not rewarded in any way except for GTA 5 boosting.

If you are a cunning gamer, then you can simply find and join groups that have already reached the final stage, or near the final stage, and all that remains is to go through the main part and collect the main amount.

If you are a practical gamer, then you will organize raids yourself.

Yes, you will have to pay to start preparing for the robbery, yes you need to look for people, and they may let you down, but after completing each stage you will save it and can always come back and complete it later and get to the main stage, you can repeat it as much as you like in case of failure and are guaranteed to receive your share.

Do business

In GTA 5, in the best traditions of the series, there are many variations of businesses that you can buy and develop to generate additional income.

This usually happens in two stages, regardless of the form of training.

The first stage is that you extract raw materials that are associated with the business itself. This could be weapons, drugs and other cargo, cars.

When you fill the warehouse at least a little, or completely, you will have the opportunity to sell the cargo and make a profit.

It is advisable, of course, to sell in large quantities – it’s faster and more profitable, you just need to deliver the cargo intact and on time, and then you will receive the money.

It is most profitable to transport cars, because for one elite car, which will have to be obtained first, you can get 100,000 thousand dollars, subject to delivery without damage.

Buy money

Despite some absurdity of the phrase, there is nothing unrealistic here and in GTA online there are really three ways to buy GTA V money.

Buy shark cards

This is the official way to top up your game account, which is offered by the developers themselves from Rockstar Games.

The advantage of this method is that it is completely legal.

The disadvantage of this method is the small amounts that you will receive after paying a large amount of money.

Buy play money from other players

When a popular online project is launched, in which there is a free exchange between players, farmers always appear who are ready to exclusively earn in-game money in order to then sell it for real currency.

You can find services like Fanpay, which hosts many offers from players, from whom you can redeem game currency for real money.

The service acts as an intermediary and records the process of payment and order transfer through booking finances.

The advantage of this method is the ability to find play money at cheaper prices.

The disadvantage of this method is that the service itself does not in any way check the quality of the game currency that you ultimately buy and if in the end it is confiscated by the game administration due to theft, or violation of game rules, or for some other reason related to the character’s dishonesty, then the service will of course ban such a seller, but it’s unlikely that anyone will compensate you for the money.

Buy GTA V game money from a professional service

There are large gaming service providers that provide comprehensive solutions to all key requests from players.

Starting from buying GTA money online and ending with special transport, or services for pumping up your account in order to quickly get to the necessary robberies and tasks.

A Skycoach level service ensures your safety, supplies a large amount of game currency in exchange for a small amount of real money, gives guarantees for all types of its services, and even if you have problems with the game administration, the service will take care of them and compensate you for their check.

To ensure the security of the transaction and reduce the likelihood of intervention by the gaming administration, the Skycoach service uses the method of split payments.

This means that you will receive part of the game money immediately, and the second part will be provided to you in the form of transport, which will become your full property.

Don’t worry – all the cars that will be given to you are in demand and can be sold through game services in a few clicks for the full price, and thus your transaction will be fully completed and delivered up to a dollar of GTA virtual money online.

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