Holistic Healing for Cancer Survivors

When you have finished chemotherapy and your cancer is in remission, you will likely feel on top of the world. Emotionally, anyway!

Many people who have undertaken chemotherapy and have now received the ‘all-clear’ are surprised that, even after the treatment has been completed, they are still experiencing lingering effects of the medication.

It has been found that long-term use of some chemotherapy medications can cause secondary issues, meaning that your body may need to go through a recovery period after the recovery.

Luckily, there are a lot of options to help you feel better, and some of the best holistic options that are available will be discussed here.


It’s not just associated with having lower back pain.

When you have acupuncture after undertaking cancer treatments, it can help you to better manage the side effects of the medications, such as discomfort, fatigue, and even dry mouth.

Indeed, websites like moffitt.org and other cancer treatment websites and charities have found that acupuncture can also help to produce a feeling of generally improved well-being, as it helps patients to feel energized and also helps with sleep issues, which can make cancer treatments so difficult.

Of course, make sure that the person who is performing the acupuncture is qualified and has worked with people who are recovering from cancer in the past.

Develop Healthy Eating Habits

OK, so most people who have received a cancer diagnosis will have probably changed their eating habits during the treatment phase of the illness.

However, if you are feeling run down once the treatment has finished, then it is well worth keeping up those healthy habits or talking to your doctor or nurse about the best foods to help your body recover.

Ideally, you will want to reduce sugar and salt in your diet while also aiming to eat fruit and vegetables, as well as healthy proteins. Try to eat nuts and pulses, and increase your water intake too. If you find you are feeling nauseated and thus eating is difficult, then please seek medical advice.

Meditation and Well-being

Having cancer is stressful, to say the least, and even if you are given the all-clear, you will still need to look after your mental health and well-being. So, aim to engage in meditation (you can download an app for your phone!) at least once a day to help clear your mind of all the stress and worry.

This can help to improve your sleeping routine and has also been linked to lower instances of depression and anxiety in those who are recovering from cancer.


You knew yoga was going to be on this list! Yoga is ideal for people who have cancer and for those who are in recovery, as you can do it in your own home (ideal if you are looking for ways to reduce colds and flu), and you can take it at your own pace.

Of course, no one is suggesting that you tie yourself into knots; just do some gentle stretches and poses a few times a day to help improve your mindset and keep yourself flexible.

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