510 Best Drinking Game Questions to Make Things Exciting

Now that we’re all adults, it’s time for a new edition of everyone’s favorite game of mischief: drinking game questions. The most important thing to remember while playing a truth or drink game is that it is exclusively for adults.

It’s a half-drinking game, half chance to solve puzzles and get to know the people you’re playing with. The best approach to playing the game is to write drinking game questions on notecards and mix them around.

Everyone at the party can pick cards from the deck and ask questions in the drinking game. You may pose the question to everyone in the group or the person who drew the card. Take a drink!

The truth or drink questions grow increasingly tough as you progress. Is it possible for you to respond? Or will you be plastered in your own home? Drink with caution!

Best Drinking Game Questions

Do you wish to liven up a dull gathering? Perhaps a date that seemed to be going well at first, but then the conversation came to a halt? Then, to lighten the atmosphere, try some of the best drinking game questions.

1. What’s your guilty pleasure movie, TV show, or book?

2. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

3. What was the last thing you Googled?

4. Who is the last person you stalked on Instagram?

5. What’s something you like about yourself?

6. If you could pick anyone to play you in a movie about your life, who would it be?

7. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever gotten away with?

8. Who is your celebrity crush?

9. What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?

10. Who is your favorite musician, author, actor, etc.?

11. What’s your go-to date outfit?

12. What are you most proud of?

13. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

14. When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?

15. If you had to get a tattoo, what would you get?

16. What’s your dream job?

17. If you could only keep 5 apps on your phone, what would they be?

18. What was your nickname growing up?

19. If you could switch places with anyone in the world for a day, who would it be?

20. What’s the craziest dream you’ve ever had?

Funny Drinking Game Questions

Funny drinking game questions are common among adult party games. If played correctly, this drinking game will make your night exceptional and keep everyone on their toes as you sip your drink. ‎

1. What would you like people to think of you when they hear your name?

2. What do you think was the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten?

3. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

4. Is there a person in this room that first gave you a bad impression, but turns out they’re cool?

5. What’s the biggest lie you have ever told?

6. What’s one thing you hope your parents will never find out?

7. Do you ever fart in public?

8. Have you ever been stuck in a public bathroom?

9. What’s the most illegal thing you’ve ever done & did anyone find out?

10. What’s something you’d wish you could do for your entire life, continuously?

11. Have you ever bought something, wore it, then returned it?

12. What’s a thing you like, and other people judge you for that?

13. Have you ever watched a movie that was higher that you age range?

14. Were you a spoiled child?

15. What do you think it’s your worst habit?

16. Have you ever lied on your resume to get a job, if yes, what was it?

17. What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?

18. What are your favorite pizza toppings?

19. What do you usually like to get from a vending machine?

20. Does it happen to you to forget your special people’s birthdays?

21. What’s the stupidest reason he/she told you in order to break up?

22. Have you ever shared chewing gum with anyone?

23. Did you ever break up with someone right before holiday, just because you didn’t want to spend money buying them a gift?

24. What would your stripper name be?

25. Have you ever peed your pants while you were a kid?

26. How old were you when you found out how babies are made & have you ever had the TALK?

27. What’s the first thing you would do If you woke up as the opposite gender?

28. Did you ever taste your pet’s food?

Good Drinking Game Questions

Truth or Drink is a fresh spin on the addictive good drinking game questions we’ve all come to love and dread. Consider it an opportunity to unwind and indulge in some scandalous secrets while attempting to get to know your pals.

1. Have you ever lied at a restaurant to get out of paying the bill?

2. What movie always makes you cry?

3. Who was your first crush?

4. What’s your biggest fear in life?

5. What’s the worst date you have ever been on?

6. What is something you have never told anyone playing this game?

7. Have you ever had a work-crush?

8. What restaurant is your guilty pleasure?

9. Is there a food you love that most people dislike?

10. What polarizing comedy movie is your favorite?

11. If you could sleep with any historical figure, who would you choose?

12. Have you ever relieved yourself in the shower?

13. If you had to be stuck on a desert island with one person, would you choose the person to your left or your right?

Dirty Drinking Game Questions

If you’re worried about your friends’, family’, or loved ones’ filthy secrets, don’t be. Simply engage them in a round of dirty drinking game questions and watch them confess the beans. ‎

1. Who was the best person you’ve ever hooked up with?

2. How often do you watch porn?

3. What’s the dirtiest text you’ve ever sent?

4. Have you ever s#xted with someone you didn’t know at all?

5. What is the most unusual place you’ve ever made love?

6. What panties are you wearing?

7. Are second round exciting or exhausting for you?

8. What’s the most embarrassing moment you were turned on?

9. What’s your favorite fantasy & who’s the partner?

10. What’s the dirtiest photo you have in your phone?

11. What is your favourite between angry s#x and makeup s#x?

12. Which is your favorite outfit you usually use on special ‘occasions’?

13. How often do you do yourself?

14. What’s one s#xual adventure you’d like to try?

15. Do you prefer it with lights on or off?

16. Did you ever have feelings for the same gender?

17. Have you ever heard your parents doing it?

18. Which part of your body gets complimented most?

19. Have you ever done it with 2 different people within 24 hours?

20. Have you ever made love just because you wanted a favor in return?

21. Have you ever fantasized about your boss/ teacher?

22. What’s the dirtiest thing someone caught you doing while you were young?

23. Was your first experience a good one & what did you think back then?

24. What’s one s#xual act you hoe you never ever try it again?

25. Have you ever made out with someone in this room?

26. What’s one sentence that turns you on?

27. Have you ever tried recreating a porn scene?

28. What’s the most embarrassing story that happened in the bedroom?

29. What is your strongest & weakest point?

30. Did you ever make out in a public library?

31. Would you like to visit a strip club?

32. Do you like giving or receiving a lap dance?

33. What’s one food that turns you on?

34. Did you ever accidentally send an inappropriate message to any of your colleagues?

Sexual Drinking Game Questions

You’ve come to celebrate, and if you can’t get s#x tonight, you can at least talk about it by asking sexual questions for drinking games. And you’ll need sexual drinking game questions for that.

1. What is your favorite body part for me to suck on?

2. Have you had a toxic s#x memory?

3. What do you prefer: being nibbled on or light bites? Where?

4. Do you want to be handcuffed? Have you been so?

5. What’s your favorite s#x toy to use on me?

6. Have you ever been blindfolded? How was the experience?

7. What was the hottest s#x dream that you’ve ever had?

8. Do you prefer s#x with lights on or off?

9. One thing that would make you immediately feel the orgasm.

10. Since how long have you been s#xually active?

11. What do you prefer: s#x in-home or a 5 star?

12. What do you prefer: “rough” or “romantic” s#x?

13. What is your least favorite s#x position and why?

14. What according to you is the safest contraception?

15. Have you been s#xual with someone of your same s#x?

16. Do you prefer moaning loud or whispering?

17. Have you tasted flavored condoms?

18. Do you have a high or low s#x drive?

19. From which part of my body do you want to lick off whipped cream?

20. Describe your best orgasm. How long did it last?

21. Do you watch videos before actually having s#x?

22. Have you made a s#x tape?

23. Who is your favorite porn star?

24. Have you ever tried edible underwear?

25. Can you stimulate two parts of my body at once?

26. Weirdest place you’ve had s#x?

27. Do you prefer to be the “giver” or “receiver”?

28. What is one of your fetishes?

29. Do you enjoy shower s#x?

30. Would you/have you ever tried using food during foreplay?

31. Do you prefer to be “dominant” or “submissive” in bed?

32. Do you enjoy car s#x?

33. Are you loud or quiet during s#x?

34. Name a s#x position you’d like to try?

35. Have you ever been caught masturbating?

36. What is the last “dirty” dream you had?

37. Do you enjoy experimenting with different positions in bed?

38. Have you named your “naughty part”?

39. Where on your body do you like to be touched?

40. What’s your dirtiest s#xual fantasy?

41. Have you ever received a “naughty” picture?

42. Have you ever sent a “naughty” picture?

43. Ever given someone a lap dance?

44. Would you ever strip for someone in this room?

45. Do you prefer the “top” or “bottom” position in bed?

46. Did you ever partake in drugs?

47. Ever had s#xual intercourse with a co-worker?

48. Have you ever been pleasured while driving?

49. Would you ever let your partner dominate you in bed?

50. Are you a part of the “mile-high” club?

51. Do you prefer s#x with the lights on or off?

52. First thing that s#xually attracts you to a person?

53. Your favorite place to be kissed on your body?

54. What is the farthest you’ve gone on a first date?

Juicy Drinking Game Questions

The juicy truth or drink questions are a clever take on the classic game of Truth or Dare. Because everyone in Truth and Dare got too proficient at keeping the secrets hidden, this version only got better with you.

1. What’s something we’d be surprised to know about you?

2. What’s the #1 thing you would never want your parents to find out about you?

3. What’s the biggest secret that you’re keeping from everyone in this room?

4. What’s the biggest misconception about you?

5. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done at work?

6. What is your biggest fear in life?

7. When was the last time you cried, and why?

8. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever given?

9. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

10. What is your greatest strength?

11. What is your greatest weakness?

12. What words of advice would you give to your younger self?

13. How would your therapist describe you?

14. Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?

15. What were you like when you were a little kid?

16. What’s one thing you love about yourself, and one thing you would change?

17. If you had 24 hours left on earth, what would you do?

18. If you had to choose between friendship or money for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

19. What’s something you’d change about your life right now?

Never Have I ever Drinking Game Questions

The good news is that this game does not require a huge number of players to participate. It is sufficient to have two people. It will never disappoint you if you have a list of humorous never have I ever drinking game questions prepared. ‎

1. Never have I ever gone more than a week without showering.

2. Never have I ever used the bathroom and not washed my hands.

3. Never have I ever trimmed my toenails with my teeth.

4. Never have I ever hummed a himesh reshammiya’s song.

5. Never have I ever faked a sick voice to get a leave from office.

6. Never have I ever pretended to be on a call to ignore someone.

7. Never have I ever eaten food that fell on the floor.

8. Never have I ever used my phone in the bathroom.

9. Never have I ever dozed off on a stranger’s shoulder.

10. Never have I ever prank-called someone i hated.

11. Never have I ever had s#x on a first date.

12. Never have I ever been infatuated with my teacher.

13. Never have I ever been caught masturbating at home.

14. Never have I ever s#xted my crush/partner.

15. Never have I ever sent nude selfies to someone.

16. Never have I ever flirted with someone quite older than me.

17. Never have I ever watched porn and deleted my history.

18. Never have I ever been attracted to someone other than my partner.

19. Never have I ever had a naughty dream about my ex.

20. Never have I ever doubted my s#xual orientation.

23. Never have I ever used chits to cheat on an exam.

24. Never have I ever been a mean bully to someone.

25. Never have I ever played ghar – ghar with my siblings.

26. Never have I ever played the role of an animal in school.

27. Never have I ever believed my toys had feelings.

28. Never have I ever been sent to the principal’s office.

29. Never have I ever named my stuffed animals.

30. Never have I ever lied about being related to someone famous.

31. Never have I ever thrown my milk in a sink.

32. Never have I ever tasted mud, cement or chalk.

33. Never have I ever had s#x in a shower.

34. Never have I ever made out in a car.

35. Never have I ever had a one night stand.

36. Never have I ever been a ‘friend with benefits’.

37. Never have I ever lied to get laid.

38. Never have I ever kissed someone from the same s#x.

39. Never have I ever given someone a love bite.

40. Never have I ever had break-up s#x with my ex.

41. Never have I ever had s#x in a public bathroom.

42. Never have I ever licked food off someone.

43. Never have I ever farted & thought it smelled good.

44. Never have I ever peed in a swimming pool.

45. Never have I ever spat on someone’s face while talking.

46. Never have I ever had bad breath while kissing.

47. Never have I ever walked around with food in my teeth.

48. Never have I ever had someone walk in on me in the bathroom.

49. Never have I ever blown my nose and looked at what came out.

50. Never have I ever been caught picking my nose.

51. Never have I ever worn an outfit inside-out.

52. Never have I ever smelled my clothes to see if they were dirty.

Would You Rather Drinking Game Questions

Someone you’ve just met maybe also playing this game. You don’t want to become too personal with them; instead, keep things professional. In these times, having a library of would you rather drinking game questions might come in helpful.

1. Would you rather have a family and no money, or no family, and three million dollars?

2. Would you rather forget your password every weekend or forget your name every time you meet someone for the first time?

3. Would you rather be stuck on a broken ski lift or in a broken elevator?

4. Would you rather have eyes the size of a baseball or have eyes the size of a pea?

5. Would you rather always have to ride a unicycle to get to work/school or always have to use a pogo stick to get to work/school?

6. Would you rather have an abortion or give your baby away for adoption?

7. Would you rather want to live in a world full of Scientologists or live in a world full of Flat Earthers?

8. Would you rather be an average person in the present or a king of a large country 2500 years ago?

9. Would you rather always feel like you’re about to sneeze or always feel like you’re about to poop?

10. Would you rather be a carrot or be a pickle?

11. Would you rather fart loudly in an elevator or fart loudly in a public restroom with an occupant the next stall over?

12. Would you rather be covered in fur or be covered in scales?

13. Would you rather be immortal or have 9 lives?

14. Would you rather wear adult diapers or change an adult’s diaper?

15. Would you rather poop bricks or puke snakes for the rest of your life?

16. Would you rather have eyebrows that never stop growing or eyelashes that never stop growing?

17. Would you rather be stuck on an island with a Flat Earther or a Scientologist?

18. Would you rather have a horse’s tail or unicorn horn?

19. Would you rather never wear underwear again or never wear socks again?

20. Would you rather win the lottery or live twice as long?

21. Would you rather be allergic to babies or be allergic to elderly people?

22. Would you rather be a chicken or a pig?

23. Would you rather lock eyes with a stranger through the bathroom stall or accidentally walk in on your boss on the toilet?

24. Would you rather be able to talk to pigeons or read babies’ minds?

25. Would you rather be naked all the time or never leave your home again?

26. Would you rather get away with lying every time or always know that someone is lying?

27. Would you rather wear the same socks for a month or the same underwear for two weeks?

28. Would you rather live without coffee or without chocolate?

29. Would you rather be able to fly everywhere you want or be invisible?

30. Would you rather have the nose of a dog or the eyes of a dog?

31. Would you rather have a rewind button or a pause button in your life?

32. Would you rather clog the toilet at your workplace or at your crush’s house?

33. Would you rather sniff a dog’s butt or sniff a stranger’s butt?

34. Would you rather be a dragon or a unicorn?

35. Would you rather laugh uncontrollably when you’re sad or cry like a baby when you’re happy?

36. Would you rather go into the past and meet your ancestors or go into the future and meet your great-great-grandchildren?

37. Would you rather have to shake hands with everyone you walk past on the street or bow to everyone you walk past?

38. Would you rather have a dog with a cat’s personality or a cat with a dog’s personality?

39. Would you rather all traffic lights you approach be green or never have to queue again?

40. Would you rather only be able to speak in rhyme or only be able to speak using alliteration?

Couples Drinking Game Questions

You may find out the answers to all the couples drinking game questions you haven’t asked yet if you play this truth or drink game. You may find out what couples think of you by asking them funny, romantic, or passionate drinking game questions for couples.

1. What was your first impression of me?

2. What’s the first thing you found attractive about me?

3. When did you know you wanted to be with me?

4. Which one of my features do you love the most?

5. If you had to describe our relationship in one word, what would it be?

6. What’s a hobby you’d never give up for me?

7. What kind of parent do you think you’re going to be?

8. Do you have any fears about our future together?

9. If we could visit anywhere in the world together, where would you choose?

10. Did you ever stalk your ex?

11. What was one lie you told me in the beginning or our relationship?

12. What is one thing about our physical intimacy you miss when I’m not around?

13. How far did you go on your first date ever?

14. What’s the worst gift you ever received from me?

15. What would you like to change in our relationship?

16. What did you first think of me when you saw me?

17. Who’s your favorite in-law (member of your partner’s family)?

18. Have you ever had a tinder profile?

19. What’s one animal that comes to your mind when you think of me?

20. Is there something you really loved but gave up just because of me?

21. Does the smell of my perfume turn you on?

22. When did you know that I’m the one?

23. Do you have any fear about our relationship?

24. What would you say is my most annoying habit?

25. Can you spend an entire month without me?

26. What would you do if you found out you were cheated on?

27. On a scale from one to ten, how good am I in bed?

28. What part of my body attracts you the most & why?

29. Who’s the one that snores louder between the two of us?

30. What are some red flags for you, when it comes to relationships?

31. How did you first learn how to make love?

32. Do you like skinny dipping?

33. Would it drive you crazy if I use your toothbrush?

34. Have you ever like two people at once?

35. If someone ever offered you 1 million dollars to break up with me, would you do it?

Deep Drinking Game Questions

You either deliberately or unconsciously participate in meaningful conversation while you are among your friends or lovers. The deep drinking game questions can let you learn more about your friends.

1. What do you think it’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made?

2. Do you remember the last time you’ve cried?

3. What’s your biggest insecurity?

4. What’s something that’s eating you inside lately?

5. Who’s one person who’s made your life way better?

6. Who do you mist right now?

7. What’s the worst thing someone has ever done to you?

8. Would you say your kinky?

9. Do you watch porn?

10. What kind of porn turns you on?

11. What kind of porn turns you off?

12. How frequently do you masturbate?

13. Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever masturbated?

14. Do you own s#x toys?

15. What’s your favorite s#x toy?

16. Would you/have you ever participated in group s#x?

17. Have you ever made a s#x tap? Would you?

18. If you could be visible, what’s the first thing you’d immediately do?

19. What’s one thing you’re most afraid of?

20. What’s the biggest dream you’re trying to achieve?

21. Is there anything that makes you feel uncomfortable?

22. Do you have any phobia in life?

23. Who would you like to meet, if you went back to the past?

24. Do you think it’s better to regret what you’ve done or what you haven’t?

25. What’s your favorite book character, and what’s the connection with you?

26. What’s something you always look for when dating?

27. Which animal you’d like to have a conversation with, and why?

Flirty Drinking Game Questions

There is no rule prohibiting you from flirting while playing in a group. These games are great for implying that you’re interested in someone. Try some flirty drinking game questions if you want to show your crush that you’re interested in them. ‎

1. If you could have s#x in public, where would it be?

2. Do you prefer “rough” or “romantic” s#x?

3. Have you ever fantasized about someone else while having s#x?

4. What is your favorite part of foreplay?

5. Have you ever sneaked at a couple having their private time moments?

6. Do you check out other girls while being with your partner?

7. Have you ever had a guilty pleasure for cheating on your partner?

8. Would you rather catch your partner cheating you or get caught while cheating them?

9. How did you feel after the first breakup?

10. Have you ever had anal s#x?

11. Is there anything you’re afraid of in the bedroom?

12. What is your favorite time of day to have s#x?

13. Would you rather keep your relationship secret from all or tell your friends about your partner?

14. What was the worst drinking experience?

15. What’s the biggest lie in your relationship?

16. Have you ever gone to your partner’s home in the middle of the night?

17. Do you think your partner is hot enough to turn on anyone?

18. What do you think about when “pleasuring” yourself?

19. Have you ever had s#x with more than one person in a day?

20. What’s the most number of times you’ve had s#x in a row?

Drinking Game Questions for Friends

You know your pals like the back of your hand. If they’ve been withholding anything from you all along, you must take advantage of this opportunity. You may ask them some humorous drinking game questions for friends.

1. Did you ever wear your friend’s underwear?

2. Have you ever kissed your friend as a dare?

3. Did you ever borrow money from your friend?

4. Have you ever fantasized about your friend’s parent or parents?

5. Did you ever let a friend cheat on one of your tests?

6. Did you ever cheat in school?

7. Did you ever skip your taxes?

8. What was your last first date like?

9. Did you ever try to steal your best friends crush?

10. What’s one thing you have ever done that makes you seem like a bad person?

11. What is a nickname your family used to call you?

12. What’s one thing you wish you could do for the rest of your life?

13. What’s your strangest off-limit crush?

14. Have you ever had a s#xting conversation?

15. Has anyone ever caught you masturbating?

16. Would you consider yourself more of a dominant or submissive person?

17. What’s a pet name that your mom/dad always calls you?

18. What’s a pet peeve of someone in this room?

19. Have you ever been to an adult club?

20. Did you ever visit adult websites?

21. Would you ever steal your friend’s ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?

22. Have you ever flirted with a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend?

23. Have you ever got into a fist fight with another person?

24. Did you ever decide to listen to a song just because your friend liked it?

25. What’s the last lie you told your best friend?

26. If you could change one thing about your friend, what would it be?

27. If you could eliminate one friend from the group, who would it be?

28. When did you know that you had a best friend?

29. Did you ever have a best friend who wasn’t your best friend in return?

30. Did you ever have a friend get upset at you for something you didn’t know you did wrong?

31. What’s one ex of me, you hated with all your heart?

32. What’s the last thing you googled?

33. Have you ever had a crush on my sibling?

34. Do you believe in soul-mates?

35. Did you ever imagine we would become this close when we first meet?

36. What was the first impression of me you created?

37. Do your family consider me as an extra child?

38. Did you ever had an imaginary friend?

39. What are you most thankful about when it comes to me?

40. Did you ever think of flirting with my girlfriend/boyfriend?

41. What part of your body would you like to exchange with me?

42. Were you ever jealous of me?

43. Would it be okay if I asked you to share your social media passwords with me?

44. What’s the biggest lie you ever told me?

45. Who was your worst kid ever?

46. If you could have the chance of saying three wishes in the Aladdin’s lamp, what would they be?

47. What would you like to change in me & our friendship?

48. What’s one secret you never told me, because you thought it was never the right time?

49. What’s the grossest place you’ve ever grown your hair?

50. How did you feel inside the school washroom?

51. When do you want us to be with you?

Drinking Game Questions for Adults

Only adults are allowed to play the game “Truth or Drink.” As a result, there may be no danger in drinking game questions for adults. And, if you don’t ask personal questions, what’s the point of playing this game?

1. What’s the most illegal thing you’ve ever done?

2. Have you ever kissed someone who is in this room?

3. What’s one thing you wish you could hire someone to do?

4. Would you let someone in this room read text messages on your phone?

5. Did you ever throw up at the end of a party?

6. What’s the most among of trouble you got into as a kid?

7. What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done?

8. What habit did you have as a kid that was gross?

9. Did you ever fail a class or grade in school?

10. When did you lose your virginity?

11. How often do you go to the bathroom?

12. What’s the most embarrassing thing your mom caught you doing?

13. What’s the most embarrassing thing your dad caught you doing?

14. What’s one thing as a kid that you used to get ridiculed for doing?

15. When did you last fart?

16. When did you last have a bowel movement?

17. Did you ever get diarrhea in public?

18. What’s the worst food you’ve ever ate?

19. Did you ever kiss someone of your own gender?

20. How often do you think about having s#x?

21. Did you ever get fired from a job for doing something bad?

22. When’s the last time you got in trouble at work?

23. Did you ever cut class in high school?

24. Have you ever went to a concert completely drunk?

25. Did you ever get intimate at a concert or sporting event?

26. Have you ever thrown up at a concert or sporting event?

27. Did you ever secretly learn the password to your partners phone?

28. Would you ever consider doing role play in the bedroom?

29. Have you ever asked someone to take a dirty picture for you?

30. What’s one thing that really turns you on about another gender?

Drinking Game Questions to Ask a Guy

Whether you’re playing alone with a guy or in a group, the truth or drink questions to ask a guy is applicable. Some of these may look unnecessarily intimate, but you may use the list of these questions based on your relationship.

1. Which is more important, truth or happiness?

2. Do you find food places online and read reviews, or do you walk around until you find something?

3. What makes you the angriest?

4. Clubbing or candlelight dinner?

5. What is the best thing I can do for you in bed?

6. What is the length of your longest romantic relationship?

7. Have you ever hit the person you have been involved with?

8. What do you think an orgy would be like?

9. What does your ideal one-night stand look like?

10. What is the silliest pick-up line or a phrase someone used on you to win your attention?

11. What was your worst first date?

12. In your opinion, what does it mean to be good in bed?

13. What is one habit that you find completely disgusting?

14. Is there anything you won’t do in bed?

15. When and how did you find out that Santa isn’t real?

16. What attracts you to people?

17. What are your feelings towards open relationships?

18. What would your perfect day look like?

19. Would you rather go on a fancy date or Netflix and chill?

20. What are you most grateful for?

21. What is your dream job, and why?

22. Have you ever peed in the swimming pool?

23. What was the worst haircut that you had? Show us.

24. Who do you think is the worst-behaved person in this room?

25. Did you have an imaginary friend growing up? Do you still have one?

26. Who is your secret crush?

27. Have you ever practiced proposing in a mirror?

28. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Do you imagine it to be your spouse?

29. Have you ever tried to take a super hot picture of yourself without a shirt?

30. What is your guilty pleasure?

31. What does your dream girl look like?

32. Have you taken the name of your crush in your sleep?

33. What was your most embarrassing moment in front of your crush?

34. What is the one thing you don’t like about me?

35. What would you do if your parents do not approve of your girlfriend?

36. Have you worn unwashed undergarments?

37. Have you ever tasted your sweat?

38. What type of dress do you want a girl to wear?

39. What on your web history can embarrass you?

40. Have you ever slapped a girl? Who?

41. Have you ever been caught checking someone out?

42. Would you wear your shirt inside out for a whole day if your crush asks you to do so?

43. Who is one person you pretend to like, but actually don’t?

44. Have you ever been embarrassed by your girlfriend?

45. If you could be with just one person for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Drinking Game Questions to Ask a Girl

Girls are more interested in gossip and personal information than boys. So, if you want to get a female to tell you a funny story, start with the truth or drink questions to ask a girl.

1. Which song reminds you the most of your life?

2. Would you rather be rich or famous?

3. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?

4. What’s a naughty fantasy you have about me?

5. If you could choose one celebrity to be the mother of your child who would it be?

6. You only get 3 words to describe yourself – what are they?

7. What is your favorite joke?

8. What is the dirtiest text you’ve ever sent or received?

9. What is your morning ritual like?

10. What do you think of threesomes?

11. If you found a briefcase of money on the street, would you keep it?

12. Has anything ever screwed up your birthday party?

13. What is your favorite oral s#x technique?

14. What makes you special and unique?

15. Would you rather be a famous director or a famous actress?

16. What is the best decision you’ve ever made?

17. What is the worst advice someone has given you?

18. Would you rather be Spongebob or be Patrick?

19. What do you think about marriage?

20. Which fictional character would you marry if you had the chance?

21. What are five things that you cannot live without?

22. Have you ever proposed to someone?

23. Have you ever thought of kissing the person to your left?

24. Would you rather go for a month without wearing your panty or go for a day without wearing a bra?

25. Who is the man of your dreams?

26. Have you ever had a crush on a not-so-good-looking man, because of his behavior?

27. What’s the silliest thing you have done to impress someone?

28. What hairstyle have you always wanted, but you failed with each attempt?

29. Which type of men do you hate the most?

30. What is the size of your bra?

31. How did your first kiss make you feel?

32. What is the maximum time that you have spent admiring yourself in the mirror?

33. What do you prefer: wear tighty-whities or granny panties?

34. What do you prefer: Shaving, trimming, waxing, epilating, cream?

35. What makes you feel s#xy instantly?

36. Have you ever been dumped without a reason?

37. Would you change your gender?

38. Do you stay confused most of the time?

39. Who would be your first choice for prom?

40. Describe your dream career.

41. What’s the s#xiest thing about a guy?

42. Have you ever flirted with your best friend’s brother?

5 Tips for Playing Truth or Drink Game

You may add your twist to the game if you want to make it more interesting. While a few well-known variations are available, you may also create your own. Here are five ways to improve your enjoyment of this game.

It’s a basic truth or drink game

You just have to answer the questions or drink one shot of bourbon for each one you don’t. As a result, one player asks a highly personal question, and the rest of the players must either answer or swallow a spoonful of the drink. ‎

Write down the questions

Write down the drinking game questions on pieces of paper or even notecards before you start. You may put them in a dish or shuffle them in a deck. It is permissible for everyone to take turns asking and answering questions. You don’t want to reveal your response? To remedy the situation, simply take a drink! ‎‎

Ask only one person

Another variation of the game is to ask only one person the question, and then the player chooses who will answer the next question. You never know what questions you’ll be asked or when it’ll be your turn this way. Make it a rule not to respond to questions with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ Things will remain fascinating as a result of this. ‎

Take two Shots

Take two shots if you don’t answer! If a player does not want to respond, they can pass the question to the next player. This other person is now required to answer the passed-over question. They must take a double shot of the drink if they refuse it.

Good Time

While the goal of this game is to have a good time and let loose, bear in mind that these truth or drink questions are intended for adults to respond to. The more time you spend playing, the more personal the questions get. Please remember to have fun and drink responsibly!

Final Thoughts on Drinking Game Questions

If another round of PowerPoint night isn’t cutting it, getting to know new people in your dorm, or missing the themed party this weekend, drinking game questions might be a wonderful way to connect.

The idea behind it is simple. Simply gather a bunch of friends, take turns asking truth or drink questions, and take a sip if you don’t want to answer. ‎To get you started, we’ve put up a list of some of the hilarious drinking game questions to ask when you’re ready to learn a lot about the people you’re drinking with.

Whether you’re grilling your best friend about her new relationship or learning the story behind your girlfriend’s first kiss, these truth or drink questions may help couples and friends get up close and personal.

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