153 Couples Challenge Questions to Increase Intimacy

It’s no secret that relationships require effort to stay strong and healthy. Communication is key, but it can be difficult to find meaningful conversation topics.

That’s why we’ve compiled 150+ couples challenge questions designed to increase intimacy in your relationship.

These questions will spark deep conversations, provide insight into each other’s feelings, and bring you closer as a couple.

With so many options, you can pick and choose the ones that are most relevant for your relationship. The possibilities are endless!

Funny Couples Challenge Questions

This list of couples challenge questions is designed to bring out the silly side of relationships while engaging both partners in conversations that ultimately bring them closer together.

1. Who spends more time in the bathroom?

2. Who is the funny one?

3. Who is smellier?

4. Who gets more hangry? (angry when hungry)

5. Who wins at tickle wars more often?

6. Who’s the better eavesdropper?

7. Who takes longer to get ready?

8. Who is most likely to get caught doing something naked?

9. Who’s the bigger flirt?

10. Who is more likely to say “but it was a good deal!”

11. Who spends more time watching cat videos?

Embarrassing Couples Challenge Questions

Looking for a night of fun should try out the embarrassing couples challenge questions! This couples challenge questions list is a great way to break the ice and create an intimate evening.

1. Who would make a better ninja?

2. Who is more easily embarrassed?

3. Who has the weirder taste in music?

4. Who would die first in a Zombie apocalypse?

5. Who snores?

6. Who has the crazier family?

7. Who would handle it better if they gave up coffee?

8. Who is more likely to fall asleep during a movie?

9. Who has crazier friends?

10. Who finds it hardest to admit when they’re wrong?

11. Who is more likely to fall out of bed?

12. Who would make a better superhero?

13. Who is more likely to embarrass the other person?

14. Who is more likely to freak out during a storm?

15. Who’s better at singing karaoke?

16. In a fight, who is the fiery one?

17. Who is more likely to wear something they probably shouldn’t be wearing?

18. Who is more likely to tell dumb jokes?

19. Who would be less scared on a haunted house tour?

20. Who would be more likely to seek vengeance when wronged?

21. Who would be more likely to haunt the other person as a ghost?

Couples Challenge Questions for Instagram

A couples challenge is the perfect way to spice up your relationship. With the ever-growing trend of Instagram challenges, we’ve decided to put together some best questions for couples challenge.

1. Who has the last say in an argument?

2. Who is the bigger baby when sick?

3. Who apologizes first after a fight?

4. Who is stubborn?

5. Who is the social butterfly?

6. Who initiated the first kiss?

7. Who is grumpier in the morning?

8. Who is the messy one?

9. Who takes care of the other when drunk?

10. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

11. Who spends the most money?

12. Who is the most patient?

13. Who said I love you first?

14. Who made the first move?

15. Who has better hygiene?

16. Who is the better cook?

17. Who’s more patient?

18. Who fell in love first?

19. Who’s the better driver?

20. Who is always right?

21. Who’s more annoying when they’re hungry?

22. Who has the cuter smile?

23. Who’s the strictest parent?

24. Who has the craziest family?

25. Who calls or texts more?

26. Who can’t wait for marriage and kids?

27. Who’s the homebody in the relationship?

28. Who’s the messier eater?

29. Who is the most stubborn?

30. Who’s more spoiled?

31. Who’s the alpha in the relationship?

32. Who loves the other person more?

33. Who’s the better dancer?

34. Who’s the biggest spender?

35. Who’s more grumpy?

36. Who lies more?

37. Who’s better at giving directions?

Couples Challenge Questions for Tiktok

Are you looking for a fun way to spice up your relationship? If so, then why not try the Tiktok couples challenge questions? This popular challenge is an excellent way to connect with your partner and enjoy quality time together.

1. Who finds it harder to admit they’re wrong?

2. Who is grumpier?

3. Who has the better date ideas?

4. Who has more friends?

5. Who takes longer to get ready for work?

6. Who out of us both fell in love first?

7. Who asked who out first on a date?

8. Who is the funniest?

9. Who would last longer in a zombie apocalypse?

10. Who has the best jokes?

11. Who is more of a wimp when it comes to being ill?

12. Who’s the boss in the relationship?

13. Who buys the better gifts?

14. Who has had the most ex-partners?

15. Who has more patience?

16. Who gets angry when they’re hungry?

17. Who is the messiest out of us both?

18. Who had the better dating profile?

19. Who is the messier eater out of us both?

20. Who always apologizes first after a fight?

21. Who thinks they’re always right?  

22. Who has a better sense of direction?

23. Who is the better driver?

24. Who was the one that initiated the first kiss?

25. Who is the better singer?

26. Who would everyone say is the funny one?

27. Who’s more patient with the kids?

28. Who has the better dance moves?

29. Who has the better dress sense?

30. Who is most likely to injure themselves doing something stupid?

31. Who is more spoiled by their parents?

32. Who tells more lies?

33. Who showers more?

34. Who has the worst hygiene?

Couples Challenge Questions | Who Is More

‘Who Is More’ couples challenge questions is an exciting game of discovery that reveals the inner workings of each other’s minds and hearts? Not only is this game fun, but it also helps couples strengthen their bond by learning more about each other.

1. Who is more dramatic?

2. Who is more trusting?

3. Who is more competitive?

4. Who is more likely to medically diagnose after being online?

5. Who is more likely to burn something while cooking?

6. Who is more likely to pick up a stray pet?

7. Who is more tech-savvy?

8. Who is messier?

9. Who is more expressive? (Which one of you shows their thoughts more on their face)

10. Who is more likely to injure themselves?

11. Who is more likely to lose something?

12. Who is more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger?

13. Who is more generous?

14. Who is more likely to be on Broadway?

15. Who is more likely to eat something strange?

16. Who is more of a risk taker?

17. Who is more jealous?

18. Who is more likely to solve an unsolved mystery?

19. Who is more likely to get lost?

20. Who is more of a hoarder?

21. Who gets grumpier?

22. Who is more of a baby when sick?

23. Who is more outspoken?

24. Who is more likely to run a marathon?

25. Who is more scared of spiders?

26. Who is more likely to become famous?

27. Who is more carefree?

28. Who is more scared of snakes?

29. Who is more likely to hold a grudge?

30. Who is more gullible?

31. Who is more romantic?

32. Who has a bigger sweet tooth?

33. Who is more fashionable?

34. Who is more possessive?

35. Who is more likely to get arrested?

36. Who is more of an optimist?

37. Who is more likely to talk about your private life in public?

38. Who is more likely to get a tattoo?

39. Who is more likely to be in the Olympics?

40. Who is more of a homebody?

41. Who is more likely to laugh when they’re supposed to be serious?

42. Who is more likely to have a secret spy life?

43. Who is more stubborn?

44. Who is more likely to travel the world?

45. Who is more likely to lose it on their boss?

46. Who is more likely to walk out during a fight?

47. Who is more likely to get sucked into a conspiracy theory?

48. Who is more likely to stuff their feelings downs (which may or may not emerge later…)?

49. Who is more likely to become a pilot or race car driver?

50. Who is more likely to do something spontaneous?

Tips for Playing Couples Challenge Questions Game

Couples challenge questions game can be a fun and engaging way to strengthen your relationship and test your knowledge of each other. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the experience:

Set the tone: Make sure both partners are comfortable and in the right mood to play.

Take turns asking questions: Ensure that each partner has an equal opportunity to ask questions.

Be honest: Answer questions truthfully, even if they are difficult or embarrassing.

Show empathy: Try to understand your partner’s perspective and avoid being critical or judgmental.

Mix it up: Ask a variety of questions, including personal, silly, and thoughtful ones.

Avoid sensitive topics: If a question is likely to cause arguments or hurt feelings, skip it.

Keep it light-hearted: Remember that the goal is to have fun and strengthen your relationship, not to create tension.

Celebrate each other: Be sure to compliment and celebrate each other’s answers, no matter how small.

Have patience: If a question is taking too long to answer, move on to the next one.

End on a positive note: Wrap up the game by discussing what you learned about each other and how you can use that knowledge to improve your relationship.

Final Thoughts

Our listed 150 couples challenge questions to increase intimacy can positively affect relationships when used correctly.

They can help reveal areas of growth in relationships, increase communication, and provide a deeper understanding of each other.

These couples challenge questions quiz goal is to create an environment where both partners feel comfortable sharing their innermost thoughts, feelings, and beliefs– essential ingredients of a healthy relationship.

Taking the time to ask and answer these questions can effectively bring couples closer together in a meaningful and lasting way.

You can also write your thoughts to us by commenting below.

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