Pristine Sounds 2000

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Pristine Sounds 2000 is a digital audio editor and restoration tool. It can handle files of a maximum size of 2GB that lies directly on 1 or 2 hard drives. All functions are specifically and individually optimized for the Pentium, Pentium with MMX, Pentium II or Pentium III Pentium Pro.

The software comes in two versions: Lite and Pro. The Pro version adds batch processing, real-time previewing and can automatically split and save files to audio CD format.

Supported file formats include: AU, MPG, MP2, PCM, RAW, SND, TXT (save only), WAV


  • Audio Restoration
  • 3-Stage Noise Reduction
  • Realtime Editing
  • DirectX Plug-in Support
  • 3D EQ
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • More Advanced Features

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  • Windows 95/98/NT 4
  • 100% Intel compatible processor
  • Sound card


The demo version disables batch processing, audio-CD splitter, realtime previewing and limits processing to a maximum of 30 seconds.

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