Gordon Stryph


Not Rated


BushTracker is a simple tracker that uses the SoundBlaster AWE MIDI output for generating sound. It also works with any windows compatible MIDI out device, but unless it is a SoundBlaster Synth, you will not have access to SoundFonts and the EMU-8000 chip features found on the SoundBlaster.


  • Simple "tab interface"
  • Standard tracker-style pattern editor
  • Realtime edit of patterns and song
  • Graphical song creation (pattern arranger)
  • Full control over the SoundBlaster EMU-8000 chip
  • SoundFont support
  • MIDI channel mute and solo


  • Windows 95/98
  • 486 or better
  • SoundBlaster AWE/SB32 sound card (will not work with SBLive, etc.)
  • AWEMAN32.DLL file must be installed


This program is freeware and has no trial limitations.

bushtracker2awe.exe 1.9 MB